Dreambuilders (2020) - full transcript

It centers on Minna, a young girl who misuses her newfound ability to create and control other people's dreams to teach her bothersome stepsister a lesson.

You sit there in the night

And listen to me sing

I call you with my singing

Smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can

I sing us both out of our darkness

In which we were,
my child and me

When we were still alone


-No night without you
-Maybe with the king ...

-This song has your name
-No, you can't do that, papa.

I call you with my singing

Smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can

I sing us both
out of our darkness

Dad, what's going on here?




Mina, it's time to get up!

I call you with my singing

Smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can



Good morning, Viggo Mortensen.
You're up early, you little wolverine.

-Did you sleep well?
-Yes Dad.

Oh, watch out, Viggo!

It looks great here. Did you
clean up all morning

Just the terrace and
everything is ready.

Chess. May I?



Hop, hop, hop, hop,
hepp, hepp, hepp, hepp.

No, Viggo.

-Hey, Mina, the leaves.
-Yes / Yes.

What!? I'll show you!

-Take that!


-Say me ...
-This is from Helene.

Look, our first family photo.

Jenny and you,
you already look like sisters.

She always had her cell phone in front of her,

like you now

-Excuse me.


don't you want to have
a real family again?

But we are.

Why do they have to move in here?

It won't be that bad, huh?

Come on, Mina Mouse,
put on your joyful hat - for my sake.

No, for our sake.

-Good night, Mina.
-Good night dad.

Have a nice dream, Viggo.




-What ...
-Oh, oh, now the dream is ruined.

It's burning over there.
Quick, turn off the generator!

You exaggerated her dream again.
We have to wake her up immediately!

Come on quickly Help me!

Oh no, if the inspector sees that ...


Hello Viggo. Did you sleep well?

On ...

Ah, ouch!

Mina, you are here!

Here they come, Viggo.

-Phew, you have enough potted plants.
-Are they too heavy?

No, it's okay, it's okay.
I can do this.

Oh, how beautiful this is.

Hi, Mina, hello!
Nice to see you again.

- Likewise, yes.

Really now, Insta is on strike here !?

How can we
move here from the city?

Jenny, don't you even like to say hello?

Hi, Jenny, nice to see you again.

Oh my God! I just see
how hairy your hand is.

-Jenny ...
-Is she really that hairy?

-No, everything's fine, honey.
- Really, shave, you caveman!

-Jenny, you promised ...
-But he's half a monkey.

Well, my hand is really furry.

Oh my God! Oh my god oh my god

My new stepsister! Come on, selfie!

Oh what are you doing for a
selfie face? So where is my room?

Well, we figured
you could share Mina's room.

-Just temporarily, until ...
-Ey, wow!

Then there's girl talk all night!

Come on, I have to
see your clothes.

-My clothes?
-Uh, yes.

So please, here.

-Where are your clothes?
-These are my clothes.

Yuck! Yellow sweaters, that's disgusting ...

-At least the bed is okay.
-But this is mine.

Obviously not.

-Make them away!
-Is just a spider.

They're creepy,
I get nightmares about them!

Rat! A rat!

-Kill her!
-Stop! This is just my hamster.

-Viggo Mortensen. Is not he cute?
-Take it away, get him out!

-No, no, he lives here.
-Mummy! Mom, come up!

-What is it, honey?
-That there!

-A rat?

A disgusting rat!

What if she bites me?
She must have rabies!

Then I get infected and die.

Viggo has never bitten anyone.
Take it ...

-Go away with him!

-Viggo could sleep in the living room.
-But then he's alone.

-Rats belong in a cage.
-He's not a rat. No cage for him!

The joy hat, Mina.

Come here, Viggo.

Hi, Dad, I just wanted ...

What, did you make a mistake?

Yes, yes, it's okay, papa, I've got work
to do too. We'll talk tomorrow.

-Mommy, I feel like sushi.
-Jenny, at least try it.

Helene, at least try to be

John, I think we'll order sushi.

But please,
just eat your ham casserole.

No, no, no, no, no,
we'll just freeze it.

Okay, Mina?

Okay, Mina?

-A little more, come on.
-Wow, you're really good at that.

-Jenny has over 1,000 followers.
-Yes madness, you are a celebrity.


-Hey !?

-Well great.
-What? What is it?

-Mina, you're ruining the moment.
-The moment?

It was
ruined 888 zillion snapshots ago .

The joy hat.

-Well great,

a hat right on the sushi!

Sorry, Viggo.

Oh my god, this bed is so nice!

Well then, good night, rat girl.
Good night, rat.

Can you please
mute that?

I could. But don't do it.

What is she doing there?
No, no, that's not possible.

We'll stop this now!

No damn it!
Now the handle is stuck.

-Hello, little friend.

Will you let me out of here, please?

Thank you.

Mina ... Oh, Mina.

You have to go back to your dream right

- So that I can wake you up.

-Back to my dream?
-Yes, yes, exactly.

Right now you are outside of your dream.

Something like that doesn't work at all,
it's against the regulations.

No no! Mina ...

-That's nice!
-No, Mina, you mustn't be here.

Well, that's right, it's great, yes.

It all seems so real to me.
Am i awake or am i sleeping?

You are lying in your bed right now.

But you are outside of your dream.

Bad moment.

Is this...

-The inspector!
-Who is the inspector?

Quick, hide yourself!


What's going on over there? Why
am I getting error messages from this stage?

We're in control, boss.

Under control?
There's a hole in the backdrop!

-Oh yes, yes.
-What if the dreamer gets through there?

-That would be a disaster!
-Yes, yes, right, it would be, absolutely.

Only yesterday
the whole dream crashed.

It seems to me that
you love the girl too much.

That's why everything crashes here all the time.

I assure you,
this is an isolated incident ...

From now on, stick to the scripts!

Oh no!

Wow, that's crazy!


A dreamer just fell asleep.
We need cacti

Mountains, a desert and clouds.
Let's go to work!

Yeah, that looks great!

Yes, perfect, very nice.

More blue, please.

The presents on here.


That's good, yes.


Oh, finally, there you are.

The dream is about to start.
Hurry up!

So here are the
script changes.

But ... where is the cake?
-What kind of cake?

Tell me, did you even
read the script?

We need a cake right now.
Hurry up, hopp hopp!

"John's children's birthday party.
Mina gives John the cake."

Here, yes, now we are ready.
Grab the cake

and run on the stage.
Come on, hop, hop, hop!

What!? But...

This is the band from Papa's record cover.
-And tone off, please!

And the lighting! Yes, that's good.

Everything ready? Yes.
Three, two, one and ... action!

-Ui, gifts!
-Uh, papa?

Yes what do you have there? Is this for me?

A cupcake maybe?

No, no, no,
this is my lunch.

"M-Mina hands the cake to John."

Uh, I'm getting
anchovies for my birthday?

-Uh ... yeah.
-Oh no, no, no!

This is totally wrong!


Mnjam, mnjam, mnjam. I think, I think.

-Oh, what a delicious feast!


Wait, the dream
seems to be working.

Ui, that's fantastic!

Absolutely brilliant!

Und cut!

Yes! You did well.

And now the stage is clearing.
Come on, come on!

"... first the birthday cake,
then the Mexican band plays."

Sorry, I think
you are wrong here buddy.

I play Mina here, it has
always been like that. Are we clear?

Then try to be
on time next time .

The trip here was a nightmare,
rails are being repaired everywhere.

-How did the dream go?
-What do you think?

-All amateurs here.
-I can't work in this heat

- my creativity suffers.
-Who made that up?

Can we turn the heating down a bit?

There you are.
Finally I found you!

This fall could have ended badly.
Are you okay?

-Yes everything is okay.
-Oh good. Let's go!


Oh dear, if the inspector finds out,
I'll be demoted to caretaker.

-Giraffe, what's this here?
-Giraffe? Gaff, my name is Gaff.

-Where am I, gaff?
-Behind your dream stage.

No dreamer can stay here.

-A dream stage?
-Yes, a dream stage.



This is so beautiful!

Does everyone have a stage
on which you can create their dreams?

I agree.

-Then was I on my father's stage?
-Yes it was.

-And I was in his dream.
-Exactly, yes, that was his dream.

-Great ...
-Which you almost ruined.

This can be disastrous
if you disturb other dreams.

Hey, I sat on that!
Is that a mechanical whale?

-He looked so real.

Yes Yes of course.
Everything looks real on stage.

That's exactly what it's about.

Oh dear sandman!
You should have been awake for five minutes.

Can I get
behind my dream again?

-No, there is no way!
-Gaff! Where are you?

The inspector!

-That was a big mistake.

Viggo, come here.

-Igitt, that's gross!

-What are you doing here?
-Your food must be full of rat germs.

-But no!

I can't stand this rat.
Can we take them to a shelter?

-Now calm down, everyone.
-No, only you have to do that.

-Viggo is not going anywhere!
-Listen, girl ...

-Where are they?

-What is the hairy man doing?
-I'm sure ... we had some.

You must be there!

-John, what are you doing there?
-I have cravings for anchovies.

Mina, didn't we have
a can of anchovies?

-You know, I had a dream

there was a mariachi band
and a lot ...

-... gifts?
-Yes exactly!

-I was eating anchovies in the dream.

And now I have absolute
cravings for it. There they are!


Oh yeah! It's just
like in my dream!

From now on I only want
anchovies on my birthday. Wow!

Aha ... dreams can have a really
big impact on us.

What a crazy day huh?
Anchovies ...

Dad, Jenny wants to give Viggo
to an animal shelter.

-You would never let that happen, would you?
-No of course not.

But we have to ... respect
that Jenny ... feels uncomfortable with Viggo.

We'll all sit down tomorrow
and find a good solution.

-But ...
-Mina, let's talk about it tomorrow.

-Good night.
-Good night dad.

Enjoy the last night together,
rat girls .

What does that mean?

My mother will
remove this thing tomorrow .

I beg your pardon?
My father will never allow that!

Wait and see.
I always get my way.

Well finally.

I thought
she wasn't going to sleep anymore.


Go ahead, my little friends.

Oh yeah, that looks good up there.
Yes, yes, wonderful. OK then!

Hang in there. OK!

Lower the blades on the windmill.
Yes, please!

And off we go, yes!

Activates the cornflakes!

Yes! Wow, that looks really great.

Yes. And the music, please.

Yes, a little louder, a little louder.
Well, everything is ready.

Five, four, three, two, one.

And action!

Äh, Gaff. Gaff! Gaff...

Gaff! Gaff where are you
I have to talk to you.

Where is she going? She should be
curious about the windmill

and run towards it.

I understand now,
the dream stages are real.

You can change people through dreams.

-Good where are you?
-There's no gaff here.

Come on!

I have to find Jenny's stage.
Come on gaff!

No i can't help you

Good night.

But gaff, what should I do now?

Gaff, she wants to give my hamster
to the shelter.

I have to make her like

before she wakes up, do you understand?

My dad loves anchovies now,
just because of his dream.

Can we do that with Jenny too?

No, no, no, that's out of
the question.

You can't change dreams just like that.
The whole system would collapse.

Please help me, gaff, just this one time.

No, no, I can't.
T-It's against the rules.


I'm so scared of losing Viggo.

Oh... Mina,

little Mina. I ... I built
all of your dreams.

You have never been so unhappy.

Maybe I can
change your dream a little bit.

But you have to
stay in your dreams from now on . No more running around.

I promise.

-Good, let's do it then.
-For real?

Thank you, gaff.

There is Jenny's stage.


We need a lot of brushes.
That'll look really great.

Yes! Come on.

The head isn't right yet, is it?

Perfect, much better.

He's really cute.

Gaff, are you sure
this will work?

Yes Yes of course. She will love Viggo.

Take a look at that.

-Is that the remote control?
-I agree. It's awesome.

This is how we control larger creatures,
there are no actors involved.

Try it.

Press it. Yes, yes, that's good.


Man, Gaff.


Yes, let's go!

-Push the trigger.
-The lever?

I agree. Come on, yes!

Yes exactly. Oh oh oh.

-Hey look at me!
-Oh no.

We should end the dream now.

-You are a genius!

-Thank you.
-You are welcome.

Hi, Gaff.


-Mina, watch out, don't fall down!
-What's down there?

The dream waste.
All used backdrops end up there.

Oh no! Oh no, come, come, come!

Gaff, look.

Oh dear, I feared that.

You've been away
from your own stage too long .

-Wow, cool.

If you disappear completely,
you won't wake up anymore.

And if you don't wake up, then ...
Oh dear Sandman!

So, we're going to wake you up asap
. OK?

Gaff? Thanks for your help.

Wow, you are a dream couple.

I know. Isn't he wonderful?

Oh my God! Why is
n't he in his cage?

Hmm, I guess
you got him out.


- Honey, what is it?
-That there!

I love him.

Oh he's so cute!

That's wonderful.
So are you not afraid of rats anymore?

He's not a rat ...
and certainly doesn't belong in a cage.

Tonight he sleeps in my bed.

I am really proud of you. This is how
respectful, mindful cooperation works.

I can't
post enough of this cute ball of fur.

Away with you!

I love you.

Incredible, it worked, Viggo.

Okay, let's see
how many likes you already have.


"It doesn't work at all.
I would kill myself with a stepsister like that."

"The ugliest clothes ever."

"This sweater only turns off."

Why are you writing this?

- "Totally disgusting!"

"Every scarecrow is fancier."

She is so mean.

Mission: Change Jenny

-Hi, gaff.
-No, not!

Not again.

-You wanted to stay in your dream.
-But there are big problems.

-My goodness.
-It's about Jenny again,

she is so mean.

Come on look. Look,
look over there!

-I'll see it.
-There, over there.

This is Milo.
He was a dream wizard, just like me.

Then he broke the rules, changed the
script, and everything went terribly wrong.

The inspector found out and
now Milo works as a caretaker.

-Is that so bad?
But of course that's bad!

Come on, go back in there!

But the hamster dream worked.
She loves Viggo now.

-I'm not listening to you at all.
-We don't hurt anyone.

We're just helping her, how can
that be wrong? You're welcome.

No, no, no and for the last time no.

-Good, help me.
-We can't change dreams anymore.


This is the very last time.

The last time.

Come on, let's go.

Mono-mono, mono-mono, mono-mono.


Tell me, did the inspector
really approve these changes?

As if I were
changing something without authorization ...

-Come on, there's a lot to do.
-OK, okay.

If you say so, gaff.

Hi! How can I help you?

-Hi! How can I help you?
-I want the latest on the new.

I have just the thing
for you. There it is,

it doesn't get any more hip or cooler than this.

That screams style, that screams pop.
It's avant-garde, en vogue!

Is that supposed to be a joke?

-Good, it doesn't work.
-Then let's try again.

Hi! How can I help you? Hey

I just want something cool.
Uh, wasn't I just here?

This one. This is the hippest, coolest,
trendiest design in the whole world.

That screams style, that screams pop.
It's avant-garde, en vogue!

Yuck! No thanks.

-Hi! How can I help you?
-Really now?

-And again.
-This is style, pop, avant-garde,

-en vogue!
-Under no circumstance.


This is the hippest ... and coolest design.



Something really cool ... Look, I just want
what's really hot. The newest.

Then you need this. That ... that is
the hippest, coolest, trendiest design.

This could really be the
latest of the new.

And! Uh, and, and ...

The locker room is right here.

Hey, Gaff. Gaff.

-Milo? What is it?
-You better watch out, gaff.

-What do you mean?
-Don't make the same mistake as me.

-Mina, we're breaking up.
-No not yet!

This could really be the
latest of the new.

I'm telling you!

-One more time to be sure.
- Believe me, she swallowed it.

-No leave me!

Who the hell is that?

Hide yourself!

I'll pack the sweater now.
Oh, speaking of great ...

Mina? What are you doing here?

-Who was that?
-Who was who?

-I don't even know what you mean.
-Go away!

- Boss, boss, you can't go in there!

-The dream is still going.
-And who are you?

-Where is the other dreamer, gaff?
- With all due respect, boss, I really don't know ...

-Where is the intruder?

I was constantly ... working here
, I didn't see anyone.

Oh dear, that's it now. I'm done.

-Is anyone hurt?
-Milo, you fool!

You could have crushed us!


I don't know what you're up to, gaff

-but you are under surveillance.
-Believe me, boss,

-everything's OK here.
-And Milo!

I'm really, really sorry, boss.
It slipped away from me.

Do something like that again and I'll let you change
the oil of the dream robots.

-Thank you, Milo, thank you.
-She ran in that direction.

Mina, that was really close.
We're ending this now.

But ... but we did it.
The dream was perfect.

-That was the last time!
-Yes / Yes. Wake me up now!

Good Morning. New style, yes?

That's the way it is. I am a pioneer.
This stands for style, for pop, for ...

you? I am like you!?

This is not the latest of the new.

But it suits you, really.

-You are welcome to borrow it.

No no! All of my followers!

Everyone is laughing at me.
How could I!?

But not, honey ...

These psychos with their funny
hamsters and ugly sweaters!

-I can not stand this anymore!
-But but...

I'll move in with Papa if I
have to stay here any longer!

Now calm down.

And? Does she feel better?


ordered a moving van for tomorrow .

What? N-No ...

II mean no, but ...

K-Can ... can't we talk about this?

Jenny hasn't slept a night
since we got here.

We can give her a
thicker mattress.

That's not the problem, John, is it?

She just doesn't feel at home here.

We tried. But now
I have to focus on Jenny.

We can still
see each other on the weekends.


Helene and Jenny will probably
move back to town tomorrow.

What really?

So we're the two of us again?

Yes. Yes, Mina, that's how it will be.

Are you so nice and
help Jenny with packing?

-Maybe it cheers you up a little.
-Yes, of course, papa.


-Can I help you?
-What do you think?

What!? This is the clothes store.

Hey put that away! That belongs to me.

That's exactly what I dreamed of.

"Mission: Change Jenny"?

How did you do that ...?

-You were that!
-What was I?

This is just my diary.

I don't know how you did it,
but you can really change something now.

-You can stop packing, mom.
-What? Are you sure honey

I feel a lot better now.

That's wonderful!


-You are really good at this, John.


-John, you dance really well.
-Well, I've been practicing for years.

- are you having fun?
-Yes, I love it, dad.

it just slipped out on me.

No, you do
n't have to apologize.

II just don't know
what to say now.

Would it be okay
if I call you daddy?

But yes, of course you can.

That's just ... perfect!

Wow, I finally feel at home!

Hey dad, can you
teach me chess?

-But of course, Jenny Mouse.
- "Jenny Mouse" ...

-But Mina ...
-You are not her papa!

-You are mine!
-How can you say that?

Jenny tries so hard to be
your sister.

No not at all!
She only pretends to be nice to annoy me!

-That's enough now. Hey ...
-Let me!

Stop it now! We two need to
have a serious conversation.


-Mina, please calm down.

I hate you! I hate you all!

That's good.


More spiders, please.

You are way too slow.

-Go faster!
-Oh no.

The dream is about to start.

And you, grab your last legs.
Do you hear?


Mina, listen. Mina, wait.

You ca
n't control so many effects .

-This nightmare doesn't work like this!
-You're just afraid for your job.

I don't care about my job.
I'll get the inspector myself

-if you don't stop there.

This will end badly. Mina!


Please turn on the light!

Three, two, one and ... action!


Is there anyone?

Hey, go away!

No no no!

Go away, go away! Away with you!

That's still not
scary enough. Come on!

More lightning! More thunder!

Volume up! I said louder!

Yes, that's good!

Worth it, Jenny.

You don't belong here!

Get out! Go away!

You are not
taking my father away from me . Get lost!

It's you, Mina. It's just a dream,
you can't do anything to me!

Oh but.


What's going on there? I want to leave!

Get this out of here!

That will not do.

Oh dear sandman!
What did you do, gaff?

I'm sorry boss.
That got out of control!

Yes, I would say that too.

This is exactly what happens when you get
too close to a dreamer.

Yes. Yes I know. I know.




Mina, help me!


You crazy girl!
Do you know what you did there?

And you, you are being
demoted to the janitor.

Jenny? Wake up hey

Jenny, that was just a dream! Wake up!

How do we wake them up?

Can not you Sleep either?

What do you say about it,
we actually quarreled.

We never do that, do we, Mina?

This was my dream.

Just a small, strong family.

It is now too late for that.


it's all my fault.

Of course it's not
your fault, Mina Mouse.

Yes, and I can do it again.

The joy hat.

I smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can

I sing us both out of our darkness

As if the road to farewell would
n't lead home again

To days without you

- Lie down, honey.

-What are you doing here?
-I live here.

No. I was little,
but I remember everything.

You sang to me and kissed me
goodnight, as always.

But then the next morning you were
gone. You left us.

-You left me.
-No, no, no, honey.

-I would never leave you.

You wanted to
realize your dream as a singer.

No. I think the only one who
dreams here is you.

I do not understand that. where is everyone?

Dad is at work.

And where are Helene and Jenny?

-Were you never here?

I think you dreamed

You were in bed with a fever for a few days.

Oh mama I missed you so much

stay in bed and play board games all day today .

Just the two of us.

I knew it! Mama hated board games.

Bloody hell! That was
my best performance ever.

And now everything is ruined.
You know what? I quit!

What else is added here

is this heat on the stage. How
am I supposed to create something creative?

No no no!
That has never happened before!

Nice try.

No stop!

Oh no! Come back immediately!

You won't get away with that.


Gaff, what are you doing here?

We are setting the stage for
a new dreamer.

-Jenny's not here anymore.

Stop! She is not gone.
I can find it.

She's stuck in dream waste now.

Finding someone is like finding a
needle in a haystack.

I think it can work with that.


There she is! Catch them!

Finally! Now i have you!

Not quite, boss.

I'm sorry, Inspector, but ...

What? No no no!

Jenny? Jenny, it's me, Mina.


No. No no...



Help me! Help!


I'm coming Jenny, I'm coming!


Help! Get me out of here!


Do not touch me! You're
just supposed to get me out of this nightmare!

That's why I'm here. Come over!

-You've been gone too long.

We have to get to your stage
before it's too late.

-Why? What else is it?

What else happens?

What kind of place is this here?

-Oh Jenny, I'm really sorry.
-Do not touch me!

-Uh, I ...
-All right.

Just get me out of here.

We have to go up this tower.

Let's take you home, Jenny.

Oh no! Now it's destroyed.

-What is destroyed?
-Our only way home.

-And what are we doing now?
-I dont know.

I don't know, Jenny.


You can still control that spider , right?

No not more.

Run! Run away!


Come over.

... but there is no room for us!

Is there anyone in there?

-Don't you see that, Helene?
-Our family has never been so important to you!

-Now stop ...
-They're arguing.

-That's unfair!
-The work has always been more important to you.

Is that an old dream of yours

I always tried to forget that.

When they argued,
I always sat here.

I shouldn't hear this at all, but when
my father left my mother he said

That I'm the reason

Don't you see that, Helene?
Before Jenny we were happy.

-But now, that's ...
-What do you mean by that?

Hey listen

My mom left me too.

She chose another life.

But that
doesn't mean that your papa and my mom don't love us.

They just love themselves more.

If it's up to me,
I'd love to be your sister.

If you want to be mine

I still don't eat your bad ham casserole.

Don't you see that, Helene?
Before Jenny we were happy.

Work was always more important to you.

Everything revolves around her,
that's it then.

We both no longer appear.

Work was always more important to you.

Before Jenny we were happy.

Work was always more important to you.

Everything revolves around her,
that's it then.

We both no longer appear.

Work was always more important to you.

Before Jenny we were happy. And now?

-The work has always been more important to you.
-Everything revolves around her

that's it then ...

Oh, Jenny.

We're running out of time.

Come on, the air is clear.


Do you see this dream control?
I'll show you something cool.

No, Mina!

-Here, take my hand!
-I am stuck!

Jenny, the dream controller!

Hurry up!

No no!

Path! Push the trigger!

The lever?

Oh no, I can't do it!


Here, n-take my hand!

We will make it.

Okay, let's see if I can do this.
Uh, I think this ...

Yes! It worked!

-We can go now, Jenny!

Oh! No no no no!


Yuck, that's disgusting!

Spring, Jenny.

Come on, Jenny.

Oh! Oh no!

What should we do now, Mina?

-No no no!


I got you!

Mina where are you

Gaff, you know very well that there is
no more escape from dream waste.

-You will never find it.
- You're wrong, boss.

Oh my God! The poor dreamers!

I'm coming, Mina!

It's high time to switch off.


Here! Save yourselves!

Come on, hurry up!

No, that's enough.
We'll finish this!

Fang, Mina!

Cut the blue wire!

The blue wire!

-We made it!
-You goodness ...

We stopped them!

Jenny, we did it!
We escaped, Jenny!

You were lucky.

You can all speak of luck
that you are still alive.

managed to save a dreamer from dream garbage.

What an impressive achievement!

Oh! She has to go to her dream stage immediately.

Hurry up!

Go on, hurry! Gawk, wake her up!



Mina, is that still a dream?

No it is not! You are
definitely not dreaming anymore!

Jenny? Jenny!

It's fine, mom, it's fine.

You look like a lemon.


Hey look, Mina!
Your mom's newest hit.

You sit there in the night

-And listen to me ...
-It doesn't get any better, does it?

What? No!

-No, no, let's go in!

- Go in!
-Viggo, come with me.

I smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can

It's going to be a fantastic dream, Gaff.

Thank you boss. Start the engines, Milo.

Oh ... Yes.

Light please. Yes.

Thanks, and now the tone. Yes, that's good.

Three, two, one and ... action!


I sing us both out of our darkness

In which we were,
my child and me

When we were still alone

Not a night without you

This song has your name

I call you with my singing

Smile at you when you dream

Hold on as tight as I can

I sing us both
out of our darkness

As if the road of farewell would
not lead you home again

To days without you