Dreamaniac (1986) - full transcript

A heavy-metal musician makes a deal with a satanic succubus to make him successful with women, in return for the succubus being able to feed on the girls.

(menacing electronic music)

(electronic guitar music)

(ominous discordant music)

(thunder cracking)

(thunder cracking)

(thunder clapping)

(thunder cracking)

(thunder clapping)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder cracking)




(bell ringing)


- What the fuck were you doing?

- Well, I fell asleep.

- In the middle of the afternoon?

- I was taking a nap.

- You look like shit.

- Oh, thanks.

I love you too.


- I'm sorry, hey, you know
I didn't mean it like that.

- Yeah, I just had a
nightmare, that's all.

- You know, I got a great
remedy for nightmares.

- Oh?

- It's the same position as sleeping.

- Oh.

- Sometimes.

- I wonder what that could be.

(both laughing)


(serene electronic music)

- Tomorrow night, don't forget.

- Geez, how'd I let you talk me into this?

- 200 bucks is 200 bucks.

Hair cut money to my sister.

You renting out this
place is saving her ass.

(lips smacking)

Hey, take it easy tonight.

Try to get a good night's sleep.



(foreign language chattering)


- [Voiceover] Die!

(foreign language chattering)


(guitar strumming)

(ominous music)


(ominous electronic music)

- Oh my Alou,

by your order let it come forth.

Grant me thy birth on this night,

this holy night of thy great mysteries.

Set aside my unworthiness.

Grant me this one night.

(jaguar roaring)
(eerie electronic humming)


god, I'm going Looney Tunes.

(jaguar growling)

(bugs chirping)


(eerie music)

(panicked exhaling)




I'm dreaming, I'll wake up.


(pained gasping)

(ominous chord rumbling)

- Hi, Adam.

(mysterious electronic music)


(birds chirping)

- This place is kinda neat.

- Adam likes it, says
it's helped his writing,

being so far away from everything.

- Adam is obviously not a social animal.

- Thank god.

(eerie music)



You give everybody a map to get out here?

- Everyone's getting
dropped off here tonight

and picked up in the morning.

- You're planning on this
party to be pretty wild, right?

- As long as it's a success.

- Why you'd want to join a
sorority is anybody's guess.

- Same reason you have a
taco tattooed on your ass.

Where is your idiot boyfriend, anyway?

He ever get up before noon?

- He's had some trouble sleeping lately.

- With this inferior
desecrator, who wouldn't?

- I'll go check on him.

Rise and shine, baby.

- What time is it?

- It's afternoon, we just
dropped off some stuff.

I wanted to make sure you were okay.

- The party.

- That's right, my sister
and her famous checkbook

are just downstairs.

- Pat, maybe we should just
fuck this whole party thing.

- Are you kidding?

You can't back out now.

We need the money.

Hey, what's this?

I didn't know you spoke French.

- I don't, it's for some new lyrics.

Pat, I really don't think this party--

- Miss me?

- Yeah.

You really worked me over yesterday.

- Then you better rest up,

for tonight.

(upbeat rock music)

- Oh, hi Francis.

- Oh, my,

I might've known your sister
would have taste like this.

- Oh, that's not her place.

Her boyfriend housesits here.

- Cute, and so are your decorations.

- Oh, thanks.

Oh, do you like the music?

It's my favorite album.

- It's sweet,

and speaking of sweet,

did you manage to find a date for tonight?

- With Brad.

- I remember Brad.

Big-hearted and it stops there.

Hope you two have a great time.

- What are you helping out for?

- My sister's a jerk,

but if she really wants
to get in this sorority,

I'm going to help her out.

- Look, are you sure you
want to have this party?

- What's wrong with you tonight?

Go hide out in your room if
you can't stand the noise.

My plan to make this
party a little off center.

Hash brownies.

(upbeat pop music)

- Nice outfit.

- Do I know you?

- I doubt it, I've gone to private schools

all my life and I'm rich as shit.

- Oh, that's right, you're Francis.

I thought I recognized those small tits.

- Pat, I saw you talking to Francis.

You were nice, weren't you?

- Sort of.

- Oh, by the way, where's the punch bowl?

- Oh, I'm going to get it right now.


(bugs chirping)

(ominous electronic music)


- What's wrong?

- Did you see that?

- I thought I heard noises last night.

Cat must've gotten in somehow.

- And what?

How did a cat die like that?

- Hey,

take it easy.

I'll take care of it.

Look, Pat, I told you this
party was a shitty idea.

- Don't make fun of me.



- Goodness, I had no idea
you were Betty Crocker, Jodi.

Maybe we'll hire you as the sorority cook.

Do you cook for Brad?

What's his favorite dish?

Breast of chicken?

Coq au vin?

- Francis, I know you
used to go out with him.

- I'm sorry, am I making
you uncomfortable?

Just because I know everything about Brad?

About that football scar on this knee,

and that funny, little mole.

You know what funny, little
mole I'm talking about,

don't you?

That's interesting.

Maybe you don't.

(upbeat rock music)

- Wow, like I didn't realize

we were going to a different state.



- God, what are you doing, dork,

this isn't Halloween.

- Just wanted to scare you.

- That mask you're wearing
now does a good enough job.

- Hey, are you a Kappa Alpha?

- Are you fucking out of your mind?


- Must be a Delta Gamma.

(upbeat pop music)

- [Francis] Guess who?

- I'd know that expensive
cologne anywhere.

- And what type of cologne
does Jodi wear, Brad?

Eau de sandbox?

- I'm not in the mood

for any games tonight, Francis, okay?

- Well, at least I know I can

still get your attention, Brad,

that's something.

- That's your imagination.

- Maybe you shouldn't
be such a pig, Foster.

- Don't worry, there's
plenty for everyone.

Sometimes she seems she
gave the other bus driver

the wrong address.

- Your brownies are a big hit.

You'll have to give me
the recipe sometime.

- Great, just don't make
them for mom and dad.


Hey, nice haircut.

- You hired a punk caterer?

- Oh, no, that's my sister.

- You smell great.

- You're crazy, I smell like onions.

- I love onions.

- Ah, young love.

Like, it makes me want to puke.

- He's a fool.

- He's got a hard-on.

Watch this.


sorry to interrupt kissy face,

but like, where's the phone?

- Oh, uh, there isn't one.

- Like, that's a joke, right?

I mean, what if I have to call my broker?

- Well, I'm sorry.


- Mondo bad planning Jodi.


(doorbell ringing)

- Hi, Ace is the name.

It okay for me to keep my bike over there?

Good, it was acting all
squirrelly on the way out here.

Of course, I might have to get a ride back

into town with somebody else.

But I was lucky enough
to pick up a hitcher.

(eerie chord ringing)

- Hi.

Hope you don't mind me
crashing your party.

(mysterious electronic music)

What a wonderful house.

I'd love a tour.

- [Adam] No, I don't want you here.

- But, Adam, you invited me here.

- No.

- I didn't ask to come here, Adam.

Don't forget that.

- No.

- It's impolite to leave a party,

especially before you've met the guests.

- No.

- And I know you're
anxious to introduce me.

- What happened to Adam?

- He's in a shitty mood,

I was just going to take him another beer.

You know, this party isn't as
lousy as I thought it'd be.

- Well, thanks.



Hey, Adam.

Adam, are you okay?

- Sorry, guess I fell asleep again.

- Maybe you should see a doctor.

- Right.

- I brought you a beer.

- Oh, thanks.

I was thinking of coming
down to join the party.

- Oh, sure, if you want.

- I'll meet you down there?

- Oh,


- Adam, I think we're
about to have a good time.

- Say, that's a very fetching
sweater you're wearing.

- It's from Harrod's,

in England.

Like, very expensive.

- Well, it looks it.

- Say, do you know where the little

girl's room is in this place?

- I think it's upstairs.

Hey, would you--

(upbeat pop music)

(thunder crashing)
- Wow.

Like, this place really
gives me the creeps.

(thunder crashing)
Oh, I'm sure.





- Pretty, nice way to wear your mascara.

- Oh, it's just you, Francis.

- Here, go ahead.

- [Voiceover] I'm a bill man.


- [Voiceover] Jeez, dude,
you really are a loser.

- Bones.

Ladies first.

- Why, Jodi didn't even
know about you and Brad.

- She's going to know,

she's going to wish
she never heard of him.

We are going to get her good.

- I checked my watch, I'll
have her there right at 10.

- Thanks, I am going to have a good time.

- For sure.

(ominous music)
(thunder rumbling)


very funny.

(thunder crashing)

Come on.

I'm not scared.




- What happened to that girl?

- What girl?

- Don't kid me, the gorgeous one.

- How should I know?

All those sorority girls look alike to me.

- Adam, are you alright?

- Hey, don't worry about it, baby.

I'm okay.


- What's wrong, Jan?

Didn't you have dinner?

- I'm still hungry.

- Ciao.

- So, I was thinking,

maybe we could round everybody
up and play charades?

You know,


- How's it hanging?

- Hey, hey, Brad, how you doing, bud?

Hey, you see the girl I came here with?

- Not from school, is she?

- Nah, she says she's got a night job.

Still around here somewhere.

Hey but, wish me luck, bud.

- Get out of here.

- Okay, this party is so shitty anyway.

- Oh, movie.

(affirming grunting)

Three words.



- Rambo.

- Rambo?

- I have to talk to you.

- Francis, look, I told you.

- I know, but I miss the old times.


I'm sorry, what can I say?

I'm the one that ruined everything.

If there was only a way I
could make it up to you.

- Francis, you know I don't hate you.

- Couldn't we go somewhere,

and just talk?

Like the old times.

For an old friend.

- Francis, no.

- [Girls] Two words, two words.

- [Voiceover] A movie,
and it's got two words.

- [Voiceover] Okay.

- [Girls] Second word, second word.

- [Voiceover] Second word.

- [Voiceover] Okay, uh.

- [Girls] Circle.
- [Voiceover] Circle.

- [Girl] Bambi.

- [Voiceover] Oh, Foster.

Bambi, oh, it's not Bambi.

- I don't think we've met.

- I'm Lily.

- And I thought you said all
sorority girls looked alike.

- Pat.

- Your little girlfriend has a temper.

- I have to talk to her.

- I guess I'll have to come up

with a way to entertain myself.

- I'm sure you can.

- Purple Rain.


- [Voiceover] Okay, my turn, I got it.

- Purple Rain, Purple Rain.

(thunder rumbling)


- Slow down, Brad.




(rain splattering)
(thunder crackling)

- Hey, are you okay?

- No.

One of your sorority bimbos is after Adam,

and he's not fighting her off.

- She's not in the sorority.

- Oh, I feel better.

- Don't.

- I don't see you and Beaver Cleaver

exactly making sparks.

- He went off with Francis.

(angrily exhaling)

Guess it's not our night.

- I was hoping you'd follow me.

- You left a trail.

- And you're too perceptive
to be a sorority girl.

- And I think that you
are talking too much.

- Care to make it two in a row?


- Funny, I never knew
tequila tasted like this.

- It's the worm in the bottle.


- Maybe they should
put worms in diet soda.


(eerie music)

(thunder crackling)

(thunder clapping)


(discordant uneasy music)

I don't feel so good.

I think I ate too many of your brownies.



(thunder clapping)

(thunder cracking)

- Hey, wait, Pat.

Maybe we should start

our own farm.

- No.

- Oh, wait.

- If it isn't the little punkette.

I've got a message for your sister.

- You.

You make me




- You fucking cunt.


(thunder clapping)

(eerie clattering)

- Don't go away now,

you turn me on.


(painful groaning)

(upbeat pop music)

- Don't worry.

Foster always comes prepared.

There we go.

(funky pop music)

- Gotcha.

Oh, sorry,

I thought it was somebody else.

Anybody else.

- I'm not.

Here, hold this.

- What happened to the lights?

- They went out, didn't you notice?

- I thought it was more party games.

(eerie music)

- Oh, Christ.

- Poor diluted Jodi,

she thinks she wants to be just like you.

- Shut up.

What happened to the god damned lights?

- I don't know,

maybe there was a power failure.

- You'd know about that, wouldn't you?

- Where's the fuse box?

- I don't know.

It's not down here.

- Is there an attic?


- No.

(heavy breathing)

- I thought you were
just a typical frat boy.

- Yeah, and I thought
you were just a hosebag.

I'm hungry.

- Mmm, me too.

- Think there's any chips left?

- Okay, let's go into the kitchen.

Of course, we might have to take a detour.

- Yeah.

I got to piss pretty bad.

(upbeat pop music)

- God, what stinks up here?

- Pigeons.

God, they couldn't hide a fuse box

any harder if they wanted to.

(thunder clapping)

Hey, watch out over there.

- Come on, it's like the old west.

- Really, don't, there's
a dead cat back there

and it's pretty gross.

- Oh, I want to see.

- No, Jamie, come on.

(ominous synth music)

- No.

- I thought you said you were hungry.

(upbeat rock music)

- Foster.

- Aw, I get it.

We're killing two birds with one stone.



I think I need a drink for this.


no fucking cups.

Oh well.

(thunder clapping)


(thunder cracking)

- Foster, will you turn
down the ghetto blaster?





(thunder clapping)

(thunder crashing)

- Hello?

Anybody here?

Oh, hi.

Nice party, huh?

(ominous humming)

(thunder crashing)

(thunder clapping)

(thunder crashing)

- Hey, great--

lights you've got in this place.

- Mood lighting.

(thunder rumbling)

- I'm going to go find Jodi
and tell her everything.

- [Francis] And she'll
hate you as much as I do.

Face it, Brad, we belong together.

- Birds of a feather?

- Hey, there's some strange
stuff going on around here.

- Mellow out.

- No, I mean it, I can't
seem to find anybody.

Except your friend.

- I remember her.

- Yeah, she's kind of bizarre.

- No shit.

- Look, maybe I'd better
go fix the lights.

You kids stay here.

- I want to go with you.

- Just stay here.

I'll be right back.

- Hey, you want to play
a game of old maid?

- I've got to fix my face,

meet me downstairs in ten minutes.

- It'll take you longer
than ten minutes, Francis.

Try ten years.

- Lovely party, Adam.

- It has to stop.

- Why?

Aren't you having a good time?

Do you want me to go back?

Tell me to go back.

(thunder rumbling)

- I don't like this at all.

- And where you going to go?

- Look, just keep my sister company.

- Right, and when she wakes up

maybe I can tell her some jokes.

- Don't, she might get sick again.

(mysterious synth music)

- [Voiceover] Spill something?

- Silly me.

- Hi, Brad Smith.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

- What's the matter?

I'm not your type?

- AB positive.

That's my favorite type.

I'm pre med.

- Oh, I've always been afraid

of doctors.

(uneasy music)

(thunder clapping)

Do you like this?

How about this?



(pained gasping)

- Well, our little hostess.

- You've got to get out of here.

- What happened to your manners?

- Really, just listen to me for a minute.

- But maybe I better say
goodnight to your boyfriend first,

so you and your sister will
have something in common.

- No, you can't.

- Jealousy, it's a bitch,

but like, hey, maybe you
just don't give him enough.

- Get out.

- Hey, watch it.

You little bitch.
(pained yelping)

(thunder clapping)

- Oh, god.

What happened to my head?

- I think you had too much to drink.

- I need something to
get rid of this headache.

- You know what they say,

the hair of the dog.

- You really are a dork, aren't you?

- Hey, wait a minute, it's dark out there.

(upbeat pop music)

- So what happened to all the guests?

- I got rid of them.

- So we could be alone?
(affirming grunting)

Aren't you the smart boy?

You play in a band, don't you?

- I write lyrics,

heavy metal.

- I don't know much about heavy metal.

I mean, I'm into Lionel Richie.

You know, your girlfriend is
way too protective of you.

She tried to tell me you were dangerous.

Funny, huh?

Hey, I didn't mean to upset you.

I guess she just wants to
keep you all to herself.


(thunder cracking)

(eerie music)

- I like this music.
(upbeat pop music)

A lot of things you can do to it.

(lips smacking)

It is so nice having somebody
else do all the work for once.

I don't like it there, I'm ticklish.

Hey, I said I don't like it.

(eerie music)

(thunder cracking)







- Shit.

(thunder clapping)

- Get back in Adam's
bedroom and look after Jodi.

Lock the fucking door.

- But--

(menacing drum music)

(lips smacking)


- I think I'm still depressed.

- Were you just in the kitchen?

You didn't notice anything wrong?

- It's a little messy.

You're the only thing that's weird.

- Come on, we've got to get out of here.

- What?

- The party's over.

Where are your keys?

- Uh, Adam's bedroom.

- I'll get them.

Look, you stay down here.

- Okay.


- I'll be right back.

- Wait, shouldn't I say
goodbye to everybody?

- Don't worry about it.

- I can't kill


- If you love me,

your girlfriend

and her sister.

Adam, I put my faith in you.

And you're acting like I
haven't done anything for you.

I've given you a great gift.

Haven't I, Adam?

(thunder clapping)
(mysterious synth music)

(thunder cracking)

(speaking foreign language)

- Female demons who prey on
men while they're asleep.

- This is silly.

I need a lime.

- [Voiceover] Hey!

Come on, let's get the hell out of here.

- Look.

- I don't have time to read anything.

- It's about your boyfriend
and that girl downstairs.

She's not a girl, she's a succubus.

It means she fucks men
and then she kills them.

Not always in that order.

- That's crazy.

- And these ladies, sometimes
they pick these guys

to be like, their slave.

And you know how you kill them?

You chop their heads off

or you put a stake through their heart.

- No time for that shit, let's
get the hell out of here.

I'll get Jodi, you go
out and start the car.

- My sister's acting very weird tonight.

- Yep.

- She's looking for my car keys.

I wanted to say goodbye
to everybody first.

- They're all gone.

- Oh.

Was my party a failure?


- I wouldn't say that.

- Well, that's her coming for me now.

- Want to play a trick on her?


(birds chirping)
(uneasy music)

(thunder cracking)

- Shit.


- She's going to be mad at me.

- Me too.


(wind blowing)
(bugs chirping)

(menacing music)
(pained gasping)

- Jodi?

(thunder crackling)

(thunder clapping)


(pained gasping)

(menacing music)





- You know, I was really wrong about you.



- That's okay.

- Oh, I didn't see all this before.

Oh, I'd love some dope.

- Nah, this isn't
exactly your kinda stuff.

- Everybody thinks I'm such a prude.

You know, this stuff's really interesting.

I mean,

Bewitched was my all
time favorite TV show.

(uneasy music)






(pained grunting)


(panicked gasping)

I'm a bat out of hell.

On the devil's highway.

You might catch me speeding,

you won't get away.


What's this?

Oh, my Alou, by the order of--

- That's not a very good one.

- I kind of liked it.

It sort of ties in with
this witchcraft thing.


- It's okay, shh, it's okay.

(uneasy synth music)

- You're really into this
witchcraft stuff, aren't you?

- Yeah, I guess I am.

Hey, I've got some more
here that you might like.

Don't you want to hear them?




- Pat?

- No,

no, no.

- I'm sorry.

I couldn't.

- You're okay.

I killed her, your friend.

- No.

You couldn't.

- I saw her die.

- No, it's not that easy.

(menacing music)

No, no!

(thunder cracking)

- We've got to kill her.

And Adam too.

Or we'll never get out of here alive.

- And you know how you kill them?

You chop their heads off,

or you put a stake through their heart.

(ominous music)

(thunder rumbling)

- Evil Alou,

turn thy breast into heart.

Oh, inhabitant of the ruins,

get thee to thy ruins.

For the great lord Ya has sent me.

He has made his incantation
fitting for my mouth.

And has given into my hand
the cauldron for the seven,

according to his holy ordinance.

- Well, what about me?

- You just have to hold my hand.

(upbeat rock music)

(pained groaning)


(thunder clapping)

(pained grunting)

(thunder crashing)


(thunder clapping)

(thunder crashing)

(eerie synth music)

(thunder clapping)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder crashing)

(thunder clapping)

(menacing rock music)



(thunder cracking)


(pained gasping)



(guttural laughing)







(exasperated screaming)



I sent Jamie out there a long time ago.

You stay right here.

Don't move.



- Pat?

(bugs chirping)


(menacing music)


- No!

- Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Have you been scaring
these nice, young ladies?

(fingers snapping)

Give me the knife, Lily.

You've been a bad girl, Lily.

Will you apologize?

- I'm sorry.

- She gets out once in a while.

I come after her.

Hope she didn't cause you any trouble.

- And as Lily is led off to the ambulance,

Pat and Jodi exchange a vital look.

Their lives will never be the same again.

The end.

So, what do you think?

Great stuff, huh?

I mean, who ever thought I could write

a pulp novel in a weekend?


I know you love it.

Look, I'll drop it by tomorrow.

Hey, I even have some suggestions
for some working titles.

Yeah, well, uh, how about

Phi Alpha Plasma?

Well, uh, Hemoglobin
House on Sorority Row?


The Sorority That Dripped Blood.

Oh, come on, John,

I thought you had a sense of humor.

Well, there's always the old standby,


It sounds kind of lame to me.


Uh, look, I've got to go.

Yeah, tomorrow.

Uh huh, yeah, talk to you later.


(eerie electronic music)

(birds chirping)

(eerie rock music)

(ominous discordant music)