Dream one (1984) - full transcript

A young boy imagines being in a tale he's about to hear. In this magical world he encounters many famous characters from other tales, aliens and other beings and, of course, a beautiful princess.


NARRATOR: Once upon a time, not too many years ago,

there lived high up in a skyscraper

a young boy called Nemo.

And Nemo was a dreamer of dreams.


Time for bed, sleepyhead.

You look like a beautiful princess, Mama.

Can't I come with you? It's for grownups, Nemo.

But it's only pretend story, isn't it, the theater?

Well, kind of.

So why can't I come?

If you're very nice to Benjamin,

I'm sure he'll tell you a story.

Oh, yeah. Great.



Will you tell me a story, Benjamin, please?

Oh, I've got important business to conclude in the kitchen

before I can devote myself to...

[CLICKS TONGUE] ...entertainment.

Late, late, late.

Late for bed. Late for the opera.

Late, always late.

Go to sleep, Nemo, sweet dreams.

Okay, I shall return

with a story that will make your hair curl.

Is it Zorro again?


Zorro and his...encounter

um...with Alice in Wonderland, no less.

In rocket ships? Why not?

Why not indeed?

I shall return. Do not doubt it.

In a minute. [CLICKS]

I'll be back.


NEMO'S FATHER: Faster, boy.













Mama, Papa.


Gee, it's all in color.





Where am I?

Talking to me? Who are you?

Never mind who I am. Who are you?

And who said you could put this elevator in our beach?


Will you please help me open the gate?

I don't see why I should.

All right, then.

Thank you. Yeah.

What are you doing?

You blind? I'm digging.

Oh, great.

Aah! No! Oh, gosh, hot!

Aah! Oh! Ah! Ah! Oh!

Please! Aah!

Quick, put it out! Help! Ow! Ah!

It's burning! Ah! Put it out!

Where do these flames come from?

It is sand fire, stupid.

What's that funny-looking thing?

What's it look like? Haven't seen a submarine before?


Look. Monkey. Monkey.


He came in a lift. He put out the sand fire.


My name's Nemo. What's yours?

BOY: Apes can't talk, you dolt.

I'm Cunegond.

Cunegond? What a funny name.

Put me down. Put me down.

Please, hey.

Let me out of here.


Stupid ape.


CUNEGOND: You're not my mother. I'll smoke if I want.



Stupid, I'll get you.

And I'll stick a banana right up your nose.

[YELLS] You stupid ape, get off.

Get off!


You put me down, idiot!

Monkey, fetch food.


We've got a guest. The kid's hungry.


Ain't you? I don't know.

Of course, you are.

I will help you clean up. [GIBBERS]


Monkey, the food!


Go on.




"The Nautilus."


"At 3:00 in the morning,

"the Nautilus passed through the Tropic of Cancer.


"We extracted sodium from the seawater,

"and in that way, created electricity.

"Through the porthole, a monstrous sea spider

looked at me directly in my eyes with his crossed ones."



Monkey? Hello?





Go cook it!

[MUTTERING] Stupid...







Are you from outer space, Cunegond?



Hey, what are you eating?

Get off!


NEMO: Monkey, what's a cross-eyed sea spider?

He don't know nothing about sea spiders.

Do you know about them, Cunegond?

No. Enough questions. Eat your dinner.


And what about sea electricity? And the Tropic of Sodium?

Electricity, that's how we make it.

Don't need sodium no more. [GLASS RIM SINGS]

Wow! Wow!




What is it, Monkey? Is it the photo?

Show me.

"Embarkation of the Nautilus."

Hey, look, that must be the famous Captain Nemo.

There's something on his shoulder.


Look, Monkey, it's a baby monkey.


Monkey, how you've grown.

I didn't know monkeys start out so small.

One day, I'll be as big as you too.


[YELPS] What was that?

Oh, cool, look at that.

Give me a look, Cunegond.


CUNEGOND: We could use that to get home.

NEMO: Let me look. It's my turn.

What a nice ship.



NEMO: Help me. Help me.

Cunegond, Monkey, help, help!

I think they're having a firework display in the ship.

Ooh! Ah!

That's gonna end sinking.

I hope the captain saves the ship.

Me and Captain Nemo both have the same name.

Isn't that funny?

[WHIMPERING] CUNEGOND: I hope they can swim.

Give me another look, Cunegond.

Go to bed. You're too young to see this.

Give you nightmares.













Oh, my God. It's a girl.

She's alive. She's alive.

Miss? Oh, miss?

Did you come from the ship that caught fire?

Cunegond! Monkey!

Cunegond, wake up! I found a girl.

She's sleeping on the beach.

She's really beautiful.






Monkey, Monkey, wake up!

I found a girl. She's really beautiful.

She may be a mermaid.



You're beautiful.

We gotta take her to the submarine, Cunegond.

We used to have peace and quiet here.

Now people keep turning up at all hours.


NEMO: I can't leave her here. She'll catch a cold.


CUNEGOND: I can't take it anymore.

Monkey, leave her alone.


Cunegond, do you think she's dreaming?

Nothing here. [MONKEY GIBBERING]



Monkey, please, help me, please.

Ah... A-ha.

Hey, this looks nice.

This is strange.



I have been waiting an awful long time

for you to wake up.

I just have to go out and play for a while.

I'll be right back.

Hey, Monkey, I wanna look for Cunegond.

Take good care of her. [GRUNTING]

Tell me if she wakes up.






[WOOD CREAKS] Father, is that you?

Cunegond! Yoo-hoo!

Cunegond! Ssh!


Bring the camera, Pushkin.

And care for it as if your life depended on it.

Which, as a matter of fact, it does.


Take a look at that tent.

Oh, boy, isn't that beautiful?

I think that must belong to an explorer.

I saw one like it in a storybook.

Do you think they came in my elevator?

Don't talk rubbish. That's just a piece of junk now.

But how will I find my way home?

It's kaput, busted, wrecked.

You're stuck here now like the rest of us.


You stop blubbering or I'll belt you.

Steady on. Ain't for me to look after you.


Cunegond, wait for me.

I'm coming with you.

Come on, sissy. Are you sure it's okay?

Come on.


Now I know what an explorer's tent looks like up close.

Come on. Let's grab some of this stuff.

My mom would be real mad

if she could see how messy I look.

That's a pity, right?


I think my mother might be dead.

So maybe she wouldn't care whether I'm messy or not.


Who is there?

I beg of you, answer me.




Cunegond, you look real nice,

but don't you think we'd better go?

We're having fun, aren't we?

[LOUD, DISTANT GROAN] Cunegond, I can hear them.

They're coming back.



Look. It's fake.

Lots of junk.

You can stay. I'm going.

I wanna see if the mermaid's woken up yet.

Go on, then. Go on. Go. [GRUNTS]

BORIS: Really and truly astonishing camp.

Don't you agree, dear sister?

I am astonished that you are astonished.

Nothing impresses you, Duchka.

But you cannot deny

that we have reached the ends of the Earth.

No explorer ever came this far

that has returned to tell the tale.

I see only grains of sand and a few vulgar vegetables.

Do you not feel how passionate this desert is,

Duchka Alexandrova?


Well, at least our friends will be very impressed

by these photographs.


DUCHKA: Yes, they are very pretty. Little dead moments in time.

Flat picture plates of glass.

BORIS: Some savages have got into our tent!

And the idiots have smashed the statue! Search everywhere!

Find them! Vandals!



Sir, sir, excuse me, sir.

Can you please tell me the way to Monkey's boat?

No onion, don't mind.

Please, sir.

I think I'm lost.










Hey, little thief.

One does not take a present

given by Prince Myshkin to his niece, Duchka.


I'm not going to waste another bullet

on a pathetic creature like you.





Monkey, Monkey, where are you?

Monkey, she's not in bed.


Monkey, don't talk in riddles.


Hey! Put me down! Let go.

Let go, Monkey. Where are you taking me?

Calm down.


Let go! Put me down.


Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you.

My name is Nemo.

I found you in the sea. You were asleep.

I brought you here.

And now you're awake.

Are we the ape's prisoners? Oh, no.

He's just a friend. His name's Monkey.

So it was you who saved me?

Oh, it was nothing. You're not very heavy.

I thank you kindly, Master Nemo.

I'm Alice, Princess of Yonderland.

Alice of Yonderland? I knew you were a princess.

Didn't I say she was a princess, Monkey?

He brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers.

He's not going to hurt you.

He gets mad sometimes, but I know how to handle him.

So don't worry. Let's go.


Blimey. Not again. He's come to finish me off.

Ah! Sin of rats.


Tell me. Who inflicted that horrible wound upon you?

What wound?

Well, thank me, stupid man.

You wear a crown on your head,

but you keep your brains in your foot.

Without me, you would certainly have parted from this life

before your number was called.




Why are you sad, princess?

I was reminded of my parents and our ship.

All at the bottom of the sea.

I miss my mother too.

And my dad. And Benjamin.

If only we could all go home

and find things just the way they used to be.


That would be great.


NEMO: Poor Monkey.

This I gotta see.

Look. There he is. [MONKEY SCREAMS]

You speak the truth.

I've seen a chef who's a monkey, now a monkey who's a chef.

Here's Cunegond, and that's the man from the mine.

From the mine? Yeah.

I wonder how he got here.


May I present myself.

Mr. Rip, friend of all great souls and forlorn orphans.

Oh, don't cry or look sad, I beg of you, dear children,

for in this land, all of us are alone

and far from home.

And we must comfort each other and make the best of things.

And how can you be unhappy

when these fish--

Mm-mm! --are grilled to perfection?

I know you, sir.

You have bad dreams.

And what do you know of that, subtle child?

I saw you sleeping in a railroad wagon.

I know you too. Nemo.

You lived in the sky before you came down to our level.

And you, sweet lady, are highborn

and have also fallen low.

Why do you talk in riddles?

I am the Princess of Yonderland.

Well, in this country, titles have no value

unless you can eat them.

ALICE: How can you eat a title?

What, did you never hear tell of a baron of beef, Sir Loin?

A king burger.


Ah, this is a strange country.

In the day, it is always twilight.

And in the night,

you can hear the roar of the stars.

Strange land, hidden at the ends of the Earth.

You won't find it on any map.

Only those who are truly lost can find their way here.

NEMO: I would like to hear the stars roar.

Ah, fearless child.

You shall live.

Be patient, and you shall hear them roar.


NEMO: Oh, wow!



Without a doubt,

you are a man of science, Mr. Rip.

Have you seen the whole world, Mr. Rip?

RIP: Every inch of it. Wow!

I've sinned, stolen, pillaged, and then, repented.

Everywhere I went, I tasted the finest dishes.

And I can tell you this.

There is more truth in a leg of mutton

than all the suns of the universe.



I remember the greatest villain of all time.

A son of the devil!

[GASPS] Come closer.

He had but a single arm.

But one arm...




Wake up, stupid fellow, and admire this new day.

Hey, look, the birds.


They're resting in your ears, lazy man.

[GROANS] Oh, ho!

Yuck! Ugh! [LAUGHING]

Blimey, what's that? Oh! Ha-ha-ha!

UH! Aah! Aah!



Come on, stupid fellow. Ah?

[GASPS] Steady. Hey.

You have something to show me, boy?

I think I found the bottom of the Earth.

Bottom of the Earth?

And I've been looking for it for so long.

You've discovered the gates of hell

and said nothing? Where?


Purgatory's corridor.

Do you think it's a secret tunnel to escape this place?

Escape? Where do you want to go, wishful boy?

Same as the others.

I wanna go home.

And where is that?

I don't know. I've...forgotten.

I wanna help you, Cunegond.

And we will solve these riddles together.

Come on. Let's dig.

Ah! A red brick road.

Alice, get up.

I saw Mr. Rip do a magic trick. Get up.

And they're building a red brick road.

Come on, get up, Alice. Get up.

I do not understand a word you're saying.

Get up. Oh...

I was dreaming of a prince,

who came on a white horse and rescued me from this place.

Well, you're still here, Alice.

So get up, and quickly.

I think Mr. Rip is a magician.

A magician?

So Lucifer was a miner.

Are there men down there?


Men walked here once,

but I think the tunnel must have caved in.


Lucifer's always at the shoulders

of men who scratch for gold.

Ah! The entrance.

We're getting closer.

I can smell the sulfur.


I'm feeling a little faint.

It's a mild case of gold fever, I fear.

Come on, let's get it. Let's get it started.

What are you doing, Mr. Rip?

[CHUCKLES] A good day to you, Nemo.

Already up, eh?

[GASPS] Be careful!

And my respects to you, princess.

We would love to know what you are doing here, Mr. Rip.

Oh, hi, Cunegond.


Well, uh, imagine that this tunnel

leads to the center of the Earth.

and that the devil is locked up down there in a gold tomb.

So for the sake of science, we must explore it.

But come on down. Great.



Is that the devil, Mr. Rip?

That's a cry from this world.

Not that one.

Better go look.

I'll go with you, Mr. Rip. There is safety in numbers.

So there is, wise child. So there is.

Come on, Alice.

Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!


There. Keep up. Let's stay together.

Come on, I think it came from there.





What have these poor people done

to deserve such cruel punishment.

They're all baddies.

Masked man punches them means they're bad.

Oh, be quiet, Nemo.

Don't you realize they're human beings losing their lives?

Come on, masked man! Come on!

RIP: Look no closer, princess.

They will lose once, but no longer. No longer.


Desert is full of deceit. Riders give us false hope.

These are phantoms of these warriors long since gone.

You mean, they died, and now they're dead again?

I tell you... [HORSE NEIGHS]


Beautiful lady.

Forgive me.

It is nothing.

You soothe my heart.

Sir, uh, I just wanna be, um--

A man's deeds are important, not his name.

I've almost forgotten it myself.

I am Legend. Legend. Wow.

Please get up.

I'm Princess Alice of Yonderland.

Alice of Yonderland.

Such an evocative name.

In this world where people no longer know how to dream.

Ha, ha! He's come to defend us.

We must have enemies we don't even know about.

Princess, I fear this is true.

Terrible dangers await you.

But you need only to speak my name,

and I shall be at your side.

Will you let me ride your horse, Mr. Legend?


Let's see if you have the makings

of a horseman and a warrior.

Thanks. Ah-ha.

Up. Ooh!

Until the sun is set, my friends.

[HORSE NEIGHS] Away, Black Cloud!

On my word, princess.

His tongue is as quick as his sword.

Yes, I...

It was very kind of him to offer to defend us.

And defend us he will, like it or not.

It is all so different from what I'm used to.

I must admit that my soul weighs on me heavily.


My dear parents are at the bottom of the sea.


And I may never see my country again.

Sweet, kind princess, life is painful.

But a handsome face is the best medicine

for a young girl's melancholy.

Oh, look.


This is a stone from which I can mix some wonderful colors.

Yes. Yes.

Are you a painter?

A painter of dreams. An artist.

Oh, princess.








Please, forgive this intrusion.

But I fear I've lost my way.

Lost your way?

We are all lost in this barren and barbaric country.

So you too are far from home.

But one must always try to adapt, I suppose.

Not at all.

I intend to remain myself at all costs.

Countess Duchka Alexandrova.


How do you do?

I'm Princess Alice of Yonderland.

Of Yonderland?

Princess, did you travel here on that decrepit carcass

that has been stranded on the beach.


In another ship that...

That perished in the storm.

Boris, dear, let our princess gather her spirits.

Refresh herself in the cool water.

It is perfect.


Pushkin! Pushkin!

I am a just man, Pushkin.

I like to be fair.

Give me one reason why I should spare your life.


In this land, no slaves, no masters.

I work, you pay.

You give no money, I take necklace.

I have come to the end of the Earth

to escape the Bolsheviks.

And now this.

I'm going to kill you twice. [GRUNTING SOFTLY]

Once for the necklace

and once for being a revolutionary!




And so this child saved your life?

People like us, my dear princess,

live lives so protected and dull,

that to suffer a little discomfort can be amusing.

But to be obliged to share something with such people

is perhaps a little excessive.

Oh, they have been very kind to me.

And I shall always be grateful to them.

Why did you come here, countess?

My brother is a romantic adventurer.

And I shall always follow him.

Maybe one day, he will surprise me.

What does he hope to find?


The answer to the mystery of life.

But I'm sure any mystery will do.


NEMO: Wow, a really amazing horse.

We were all alone in the desert.

ALICE: Were you not a little frightened?

Nemo was a very brave boy.

NEMO: One day, I shall be a masked avenger too.

Princess, would you care to ride with me?

I would like that very much.

Alice, can you please tell me where I can find Mr. Rip?

ALICE: But isn't it too dark?

LEGEND: The light of the moon is all we need.

Alice, please let me come with you.

I don't wanna be left by myself--

Oh, that's enough, Nemo. Don't be a baby.

We shan't be long.

There, there, Black Cloud.

Please! Oh, you infernal child!


Alice, it was me who found you in the sea!



Home! Home!


Oh, it's only a joke.

RIP: At last, melancholy child.

Come on up.

It's just a beautiful model, Mr. Rip.

RIP: Well, the original was even more beautiful.

Tell me, Nemo, do you think I've made a good copy?

Well, it doesn't look like a desert.

It looks like where I live with my parents.


Have you been there, Mr. Rip?

I just saw it in your mind.

And...I went ahead and I built it.

It's only a model.

Why did you have to make it so big?

Because in your head, it is big.

Mr. Rip, I'd love to be big.

Will you make me big, Mr. Rip?


And how, may I ask, do you expect me to do that?

Well, I know you're a magician because I saw you do magic.

I guess if you believe I can do it,

well, maybe I can.

I do believe it, Mr. Rip. I do.

Do you believe I can make you fly?

I think so.

Oh, good.

Just jump off the building and fly around a while.

Still earthbound, child?

Can you really do it, Mr. Rip?


Have you lost faith in my power so soon?

If you have faith, jump!

Fly! Take wing! Believe!




Oh! Oof!

[GRUNTS] Hey, Nemo.

Let me help you. Are you okay?

Mr. Rip, you did it.

I knew you could do it. I just knew it.

I'm not sure everything fits quite right, but--

You'll get used to it.

What will Alice think?

Look up there in the sky.

Look at the light above us.

It's headed for the dunes.

It's nothing but a shooting star.

Believe me, that is not a shooting star.


What is it, Mr. Rip?

A dead star, returning to the sea.

I can hear it roaring, Mr. Rip.

Well, in that case, it might just be a rocket ship.

A rocket ship? [RIP CHUCKLES]

It is prophesized

the attack will come from the sky.

And it is my destiny to fight against it.

Why would anyone want to attack us, Mr. Legend?

Why? Why?

It is still a secret.

But I shall soon find out.

But do not worry.

I shall protect you, princess.

Sir, I believed you to be my friend.

You have betrayed the confidences I had in you.


And as well as that...

you are disgusting!

Forgive. It is so lonely to be a legend.

I too am an orphan.

Like you, I have no home to call my own.

All right!

You'll see.

That I need no one but my sword.


It's cold.

Nobody's gonna believe me.

Oh, boy.


Alice, I just saw the most beautiful rocket ship.

And a really strange person came out of it.

It's in the ruins. Come see it.

I certainly will not. I don't even know who you are.

It's me, Nemo.

Don't you believe me? No, I don't.

I swear it. I wanted to grow up. Just for you, Alice.

How can I believe you?

If you are Nemo, how is it possible

that you changed so quickly?

Mr. Rip. I told you.

He's a magician. He did it.

You do look like him. I suppose.

You have his hair, his eyes.

I didn't mean to push you, but you were a naughty child.

It doesn't matter. That seems like years ago.

You did it for me?


I love you so much.


NEMO: Monkey. Monkey.

It's me, Nemo.






What is it, Monkey?






You're tired?

Monkey. What--?

[SNORES] Cunegond is in a sleep.

You mean, he didn't come back all night from the mine?

Come on, Alice.




ALICE: Cunegond.

Cunegond. Are you all right?

Cunegond. Are you hurt?

Who the hell are you?

But, Cunegond, it's me, Nemo. I'm big now.

Little Nemo big?

There's lot of monkey business going on around here.

No. Mr. Rip, he-- Look. There's a secret tunnel.

Might be the way home.

Hey, where's Alice?

Nemo, this way.

We're coming, Alice.

Don't touch it. It's mine!

Get out of here! It's mine!


Why don't you ask him? He must know the way out here.

Hey, guv, how do we get out of here?

Blimey, I only asked you a question.

Calm down, mate.


Can you show us the way out?

How do we get out? See nothing.

There is nothing.

Where are you going with my gold?

He's worse off than we are.

He doesn't know the way out of here.

We should take him to the Nautilus.


So you were buried alive, goldminer, you and your men.

Yes, buried for so long.

Are we in the Nautilus?

Is it the Captain Nemo who has come back?

I am Nemo.

But not Captain Nemo.

GOLDMINER: Who are the others?

I can't see you.

Because I am blind.

Goldminer... what happened to your men?

I wanted to see the day.

The light.

Live and enjoy my gold.

By what miracle did you manage to survive?

They wanted the gold for themselves.

We fought.

I killed.

I had to eat.

So you ate the flesh of men, goldminer?

You ate them all? I had to live.

Must be strong to survive.

Human flesh...

So they're all dead!

I want to die! Die! Die!

We just can't let him stay like this.

Mr. Rip, you must give him back his sight.

RIP: Return to him his sight?

This is harder than making a boy fly.


You must, Mr. Rip, you must.

Goldminer, there can be no miracle for you.

The Earth is angry at the crimes

you've committed deep in its heart.

It roars and it trembles.

And you must repent alone!

Be off with you!

Sir, you better do what he says.

I'm sure Mr. Rip knows what's best for you.


here's something to help overcome

the snares of the Earth's surface.

You who have already conquered its depths.



Maybe a rocket ship will finally impress my sister.

Now, Pushkin, the camera. We go closer.

Come on. You want me to kill you?

What do you think you are doing, sir, in the middle of my frame.

Sir, that object is a diabolical omen of plague.

Pestilence of moral decay.

What? How does this animal put up with a madman like you?

And would you stop flinging that blade about?

Shut up, you stupid fool!

And open your eyes.

Don't you know who you're talking to?

Now, let's forget your insolence,

because I really don't wanna have to cut your throat.



Take it all back to the Oasis.

Black Cloud.

Black Cloud?

You will pay.

I have a price for this.

Come on, Alice. Come in.

It's not cold.

Look. Look what I found.




Offer your soul to your god.

ALICE: No. The ocean will be red with your blood.

Listen to me. You don't understand.

What have I done?

Let me be, Alice. I know enough.

I shall start with his neck. Stop. Please.

Cut just up your throat.

ALICE: Oh, don't. Please stop. Stop.

Please stop. Stop.

Alice, he's running. ALICE: No...


No. Don't. Don't. No.

The enemy is everywhere.

He has taken the appearance of an iron monster at the arena,

now he has become this young man.

It's just a rocket ship. And I'm just Nemo.


The young Nemo? Yes.

There is no longer time for happiness.

The evil thing has come out of the sky to destroy us.

We must fight.

I'm not afraid. You know that.

Come. Show me how brave you really are.

What about my clothes?


Where did this come from? Mr. Rip. He made it.

I think he copies the things he sees in my head.

He sees in your head? I don't understand.

I live with my parents in a place like this.

It's not very beautiful.

I don't think I would like to live there.

But Alice, if we're together, it doesn't where we live.

But if there's place somewhere beautiful like Yonderland,

why should we live in such an ugly place?

It's not ugly!

It just looks ugly.

When you see it in the middle of a whole ugly city,

you don't notice that it's ugly.

You're not such a hurry to find out what I've seen.

Come on.

Didn't I tell you how beautiful it was?

Or do you find that ugly too?

Is that the iron monster?

Seems to me to be totally inoffensive.

Mock. While there's still time.

I shall protect you in spite of yourselves if I must.

Now, conceal yourselves here and keep watch

while I recover my horse.

Look. That must be the pilot of that vessel.

But that looks to me like Count Danilov.

LEGEND: What? You know him?

You seem to know a lot of men, princess.

And they're all higher in your estimation than I am.

I met the Count Danilov purely by accident.

And as to our friendship.

You prefer this boy.

ALICE: Nemo is no longer a little boy.

And what I decide to do

has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Let's hope he can protect you, princess.

I wash my hands of you.

Alice, look at the rocket.

Wouldn't you like to go inside like the count did?


We should try to go back to Yonderland.

This place is so upsetting.

All right. We'll go just a little closer.

Come on.


Let's go in.

Mr. Legend says it's evil.

Do you think it is? Oh, I don't know.

But how often do you get a chance

to go in onboard a rocket ship?

Come on.

I am Boris Alexandrovitch. Count Danilov.


You are an unknown being.

Your planet is the Dry Planet.

Unknown being?

I told you that I am the Count Danilov.


Danilov is the master of the Dry Planet?

No. That time is finished.

Are you frightened?


Why did you come?

I have always wanted to meet people from the other stars.

My form is Rals-Akrai.

My planet is Zigourra.

My sun is Knassis.



DANILOV: Why have you landed your ship in this lost desert?


You are also in search of this vulgar metal.


is necessary for my vessel.

From the pureness of this metal,

we can create sounds that make

the crystal galactic stalactites vibrate.

These vibration creates our energy.

And it is in this way

that we travel through space.

Cunegond knows how to make electricity.

He doesn't even need to use gold. Shh.

Don't you have gold in Zigourra?


It is found in very few galaxy.

Ten thousand years ago,

we came to Earth,

and implanted the lust for gold in men,

so they would forever seek it and dig it from the ground.

We come back whenever we need gold.

So this explains our cursed gold fever.




How I love the smell of storm

and the feverous sky that comes with the sunset.

He is rather beautiful. What a beau.

Where was this taken, Pushkin? Here. He is right here.

Certainly not here.

There is strange paraphernalia behind him.

Look, madam, look.

Oh, you are right. How splendid he looks.

Forgive this intrusion. DUCHKA: Please. You're welcome.

Why not rest yourself here for a moment?

As it happens, ma'am, I am very weary.

You are wounded. Your forehead...

It is nothing.

You are right. It's rather slight.

As a matter of fact, it is a very deep wound.

Thank you for your kindness.

But you find me in deep despair.

And you find me extremely bored.

What use is it to fight for the good men.

I also have loved men.

And they disappointed me too.

Perhaps I should introduce myself.

My name is Zo-- Perhaps not.

Can you understand love?

Are you a robot, Rals-Akrai?

I am Rals-Akrai.

My caste are the masses of Zigourra.

Those who possess prudence and of dissent.

Will you take me with you? I want to see Zigourra.

As soon as the gold is transformed, I must leave.

Danilov, return to your Earth.

Yes, I shall be back.

But wait for me, Rals-Akrai.

I will come back to the Oasis and fetch my sister.

I will come back with Duchka.

What do you want with Rals-Akrai, young ones?

Please forgive our rudeness. We are lost.

And we wanna go home.

We so much want to go to Yonderland.

Could you drop us off on your way to Zigourra?

I'm sure it wouldn't take very long in your magnificent ship.

I do not know this planet. Yonderland?

I'm sure Mr. Rip would know.

He knows just about everything. Come on.

KALS-AKRAI: I will leave today.

Before the sun sets on this land for the last time.

You may come if you wish.

We'll come back. We'll bring a map. Thank you.



Stick out your chest, Monkey.

You're supposed to be a bad ape. Bad ape.

Yeah, that's it. Good. Good. [GRUNTING]

Hi there, Mr. Rip.

Why is Monkey on top of the building, Mr. Rip?

That's just what I wanted to ask you, young Nemo.

Maybe he's trying to catch a rocket ship.

Rocket ship?

Yes. A rocket ship will take us to Yonderland

if you can tell us where it is.

A rocket ship? I think it landed way over there.

[GROANS] Not the rocket ship. Yonderland.

Is it far from here?

My child, it is no farther than spring,

no farther than the setting sun,

no farther than the tip of your nose.

ALICE: Must you always speak in riddles, Mr. Rip?

Monkey, hold up your hair. Cry! That's it.

Alice, Count Danilov, he's a great explorer,

he has hundreds of maps in his tent.

Maybe he can help. Come on.

Yeah, Monkey catches rocket ship.

Yes, I quite like it. Yeah.


Hey, wait!

Well, I guess the light was going anyway.

Hey, it is my necklace. Give it to me.

Go away, fatty.


Have you forgotten?

It belongs to Duchka Alexandrovna.

Can you not understand that?

The last of my vodka.

But you are right. Drink.

Diamonds and vodka can go to the devil.

Tonight we shall be among the stars.

Tomorrow, Pushkin, you shall have no master.

You will be free.

Duchka, my love...

That vain swine.


What is he doing here?

As you can see, he's dancing the tango.

And rather well.

Dear sister, we are leaving this pathetical world.

We are going to another planet.

A noble planet. In a rocket ship.

I am weary of your promise, your romantic dreams...

But this time it is true. I swear!

If you are not out of here in five seconds,

I will kill you!

I bring you the stars, Duchka, but you choose the gutter.



Let the fates decide.




Who are you?

You are covered in hair.

Don't push your luck.

You see, little thief, I belong to the stars.

I am immortal.



Free. I am free.

Who fired that shot?

Run for your life!

My brother!

Forgive me, Boris, my love. Forgive me.

He tried to befriend the enemy

and now he has paid with his life.


The moment has come.

You're wrong!

I'm sure Rals-Akrai didn't kill Count Danilov.


Nemo. Wait! Wait!



Alice, I must warn Rals-Akrai. Wait for me here.

And we'll go to Yonderland together in the rocket ship.

You promise? I promise.


I love you.


Come on, Monkey, I'm gonna need your help.



Die, evil one!

Rals-Akrai, where are you?


Monkey, go get him. Go get him!


I'm sure he has found peace.

It is charming of you to say so.

But I'm afraid he merely looks

like one of his photographs,

a dead moment already trapped in the past.

He searched the world for truth,

but all he found was a watery grave in the desert.


The man of war is gone.

Yes, but Monkey...

This animal was noble.

Dead. Should not have taken him so soon.

Why is there such fury on this planet?

I don't know. But I wish it would stop.

Are you leaving now?

I must.

There is no room for life in here.

My planet is lonely.

But there is peace there.

Do you want to come with me, my child?

Alice is waiting for me. I'll go get her.

It won't take long.



ALICE: Where would you want to go in this terrible storm?

Nemo told us to wait for him.

DUCHKA: Please go back, Dear Alice.

I want to take a walk, alone...

in this enchanting desert.


Duchka Alexandrovna...



Black Cloud!

Black Cloud!

Black Cloud!




Nemo, why didn't you wait for me?

Oh my!

Where is it?

I want my gold!

The goldminer also wants to go home.

Come closer, goldminer. Home is where the heart is.

And you have a heart of gold.

Closer, all right. Yeah, straight ahead.


I can't always be around to help you, goldminer.


My friends have with gold fever.

What happened to them?

Something nefarious.

This is a perplexing planet.

And life on it is full of hate.

And even so...

I'm glad that I'm here again.


Fire. That's fire.

Look. Look. Up. Up.





Grumwald and...

But you are all here.

Thank goodness. You're all right.

Princess Alice, at last we have found you.

We crossed a thousand seas, stars told us of your shipwreck.

And the man in the moon described the way.

GRUMWALD: We must leave quickly. Your people need you.

MAN: Hurry, before the craft ship is destroyed.

ALICE: My friends...


Come, princess, this land is finished.




Look at that. Who's that?




Hey, wait for us.

Get on! Get on!

We're on our way!





I'm here!



Wait. Come back! Come back!

Cunegond, please!





You're alive!




It's no good, Monkey. It's no use.

Yonderland? The map of Yonderland.

It was here all the time.

Monkey. But how are we gonna get there?



Everything's working. I can't believe this.

Monkey, we are going to Yonderland.

To find Alice.


Are you ready for the story? I got the whole thing for you.

I figured it out. Zorro, the rocket ship, Captain Nemo...


What is...?


My, oh my...