Dream Round (2019) - full transcript

Now to the 18th.

And our leader with
a two shot lead,

he has a difficult 20
footer for a birdie.

That's my boy.

puts the pressure.

Put it in the hole.

Good speed.

Put it in the hole.

lifted, a tap in for par.

Hi, Mr. Bona,
how are you today?

Same as I was yesterday.

And last week and last month.

Why do you keep asking me?

'Cause you sit outside
by yourself all the time.

You look so sad.

I'm fine.

I'm listening to the game.

How about you run along?

You know I'm gonna
check on you later.

Do whatever you want.

Sweet kid.

He missed a four foot

I could have made that
blindfolded in my old days.

Five years in a
row, you won the local cup.


Right on.


Come on in and get
your homework done.

I'm coming.

Sarah, I don't get what
you find so interesting

about that man.

You're over there every
time I turn around.

I don't think he has
any family, Grandma.

He's a grumpy old man

and I just don't see what
see is so fun about him.

I just miss Mommy and Daddy.

Aw, I do too.

Things are gonna get better.

We'll get through this together.

Now, come on in
the house, wash up

and get your homework done.

Okay, Grandma.

I already did my homework.

Oh, that's my girl.



What else.

Another visit
from trailer park security.

You're funny, Mr. Bona.

I have a very interesting
question for you.

Why do you keep bothering
me all the time?

I wouldn't call it that.

Why don't you play some music?

I don't like music.

I like sports.

I prefer golf.

I played golf a long
time ago but not anymore.

But that's a radio.

That's what you're supposed
to do, listen to music.

You ask too many questions.

Time for you to skedaddle.

To what?

What does that mean?

Skedaddle means go.

You must leave now.

You're funny even
when you're not trying.

I'll be seeing you, kid.

It's time for me to
take my middle age nap.

There you go
again, you're funny.

I got to quit.

Eh, nah.

I'm fine.

Take this with me.

Ah, nah, I'm thirsty.

Mr. Bona?

Mr. Bona?

What are you doing here?

You gonna answer me?

What are you doing in my house?

You dropped mail
and I was just-

- What's that in your hand?

It's a golf ball?

It's pink.

Do not ever, ever
touch that ball again!

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

This ball is
never to be touched.

You have no right
being in my home

let alone touching my things.

Now get out of here!

I'm sorry.

The kids and I are going
shopping, you wanna come?

Nah, I can't.

I gotta review these
papers for morning.

Why do you keep slaving
day in and day out

for this company?

You don't need to keep
slaving over this job.

I have an idea.

Kids, please come
here for a minute.

Are we leaving yet?

Come here, I have
an announcement.

This year, I am gonna
give your father

the best Christmas gift ever.

I want you to take a year off

and I want you to
pursue your dreams.

Come on.

If that's write a
book, then write a book.

If it's playing golf
then become a pro.


We're gonna go now.

You ready?

Hey, I'm serious
about what I said.

Yeah, you're so sweet.

I'll catch up later.


Love you, honey.

Yeah, I love you too.

Bye daddy.


Get off of that
couch, wake up!

Joe, hey.

Don't you think it's time?

Who are you?

How'd you get into my trailer?

Oh, how soon we forget.

By the looks of this place we
got a lot of work to do, Joe.

Well, somebody, I don't
even know who you are.

You look a little familiar.

Well I can see why you
don't remember who I am.

My name is Graham Scott.

At one time I was one of the
best golfers in the world.

But like everything
else in this, well,

everything passes, Joe.

Listen, old man, I think
it's time for you to leave.

Can I get the door for you?

Oh, no, get dressed,

It's not gonna be easy

to get you back into shape, Joe.

You, my friend, are
going to compete

in the Arizona Open.

Why would I?

I don't play golf anymore.

Oh, come on now.

Why don't you get your
ass off that couch

and let's go to the
driving range, huh?

Don't worry, I'll
grow on you, Joe.


If I have a few balls,

will you leave me alone?

Oh, Joe.

Once you feel that club
connect with that ball

on a perfect drive,

oh, there's nothing better.

And you know it, Joe.

Come on.

Can we get something
to eat first?


Why don't you pull
something moldy

out of that
refrigerator of yours

and let's go, huh?

Wait a minute, you
need to shave, Joe.

Yeah, it's time you started
looking somewhat presentable.


All right?

I'll wait for you outside.

Come on, chop chop.

I must have been dreaming.


Let's go hit some balls.

I dusted off your
clubs, come on.

Yeah I don't know about this.

Yeah you do.

Here we go.

Ah, little gait issue.

Maybe some posture, weight.

We'll work on the posture.

I bet you we will.

Don't worry.

I got this.

No, I got this.

Here we go.

You remember how to
get there, don't you?


Good ball.

That's the one right there.


Look at the ball.

Put your weight on your heels.

Excuse me, do you mind?

Oh, I knew that
was gonna happen.

What you will,
you shall receive.



Don't worry, Joe.

We'll get you back into shape.


One second.

Nice swing, kid.


Mr. Bona?

Mr. Bona.

What happened to you?

Occupational hazard, I guess.


Well Sarah said you
weren't golfing anymore.

Yeah, short-lived, believe me.

Well, the reason I
came over is because

I wanted to apologize.

I am so sorry.

She had no business
being in your home.

Shouldn't walk into
a stranger's home.

What if I was a crazy guy?

Her parents need to teach her
better than that, you know?

I'm Sarah's grandmother

and her parents passed away a
little more than a year ago.

sorry, I didn't know.

Hasn't been easy.

I cry myself to sleep
almost every night.

I lost my family 15 years ago.

My wife, my son and
daughter in a car crash.

Something I don't
like talking about.

I am truly sorry.

Well, Sarah said you
have a lot of trophies

and golf memorabilia.

She is fascinated.

I do.

If it's all right with you

I'd like to show
her all that stuff.

I think that
would cheer her up.

Great, anytime.

I'll tell her.

Thank you, Mr. Bona.

You're welcome.

Oh, I have one condition.

You both call me Joe.

Thank you, Joe.

You're welcome.

Come in.

Come in.

Sorry about the other day.

I didn't mean to scare you.

It's okay, I shouldn't
have been in here.

Come on, I'll
show you something.

It's been a long time since
I've shown these to anyone.


In this picture
you're kinda fat.

Times like to eat.

Yeah, I won a lot of
tournaments back then.

I got a lot to be grateful for.

If you think that
picture was funny,

I got a lot more to
show you in here.

Come on, let's sit down.

Are you hurting or something?

Let's just say it's old age.

Wow, you were famous.

Yeah not quite.

This is when I won my
third championship.

Boy, it was a big event.

And this right here, oh yeah.

It was a cool invitational.

I could still hear the
crowd like it was yesterday.

Can I ask you a question?


That pink golf ball,
what are the letters?

That was my daughter's ball.

She used it for the first
time she ever played golf.

Her name was Maria.

Initials were MB.



Your grandma told me
about your mom and dad.

I lost my family too.

I hope it wasn't
in a car accident

because that's how
my parents died.

It was.

But you know what, kid?

From now on, you and I are
old friends, best friends.

And you could drive that
little scooter of yours

by here anytime and I won't
tell you to skedaddle.

Just don't ask me a
thousand questions.

Okay, Mr. Bona.

All right, so you know what,

I don't mean to be short or rude

but my back is killing me.

I need to get some rest.

It's okay.

Grandma said I can only be
here for a while anyway.


All right kid, thanks.

I'll see you later, Mr. Bona.

I mean, Joe.


All right, thanks,

Today's a new
day, Joe, all right?

We've got a slight wind

that's gonna push
your ball to the right

so I don't wanna see any has
or rockets from you, okay?


It's been a long time, old man.

Don't jinx me.


Not bad, not bad at all.

I'm racking my brain

trying to figure out
where I know you from.

Oh, why don't you spend some
of that brain racking time

thinking about your game?

Nice hit, man.

Right, we're off.

Somebody put you up to this?

What do you mean?

Why such an interest
in my golf game?

You have the same
problem you've always had.

You don't know how to
count your blessings.

Yeah, there you go again,

it's as if you've
known me my whole life.

One wonderful thing
about being my age, Joe,

is the incredible amount of
wisdom that comes with it.

I know more about you than
you know about yourself.

You're speaking in the
foreign tongues again.

Are you gonna
golf today or what?

You still have a long way to go

to get back to
where you once were.

Just gotta concentrate,
gotta concentrate.

That's what I'm talking about.

That's good, that's good.

Nice and easy.

Okay, that's good, but,

there's still something, okay?

When you're looking this way,

you need to be looking
down at the ball first.

Okay, all right?

Just take a look.

And keep your head
down, don't turn.

Almost, almost.


How's your back, huh?



All right.

Nice and easy, slow.


That felt good.

Good, good.

That's what we need, good.

Oh yeah.

Ho ho!

Hey, can I get an

Here, catch it.

Ah, oh you're dead!

Guys, settle down.

Come on, let me see that.

Hey Mr. Bona.

Grandma said you
were golfing again.

That's great.

Joe, remember?


It's a beautiful
Saturday morning.

What are you gonna do, ride
that thing all day long?

Pretty much.

Nothing really else to do.

Hey I got an idea.

Why don't you come golf with me?

You can pretend to be my caddy.

What's a caddy?

Caddy's a person that
carries the clubs and the bag.

But you,
you can't carry it.

You're about the size of a twig.

Should have fun.

That sounds awesome.

But I need to ask Grandma.

I hear you both.

Sarah, you use your best
manners with Mr. Bona.

And you make sure Joe, that you
have her home before supper.

Of course.

Don't take your
eyes off of her.

Out on the golf course, haha.

There's the putting range.

Ah, stop right here.

You're a little
too excited today.

I didn't know golfing could
be so much fun, Mr. Joe.

Hey, get my putter.

Ah, never mind, you don't know

what clubs are yet.

Hold on.

How did you know
it was a putter?

It says putter
right on it, duh.

Do you mind?

I'm trying to putt here.


Shh, Sarah.


You can do it!

Good job, Mr. Bona.

You can't yell out here
while I'm trying to play.

You're making it hard on me.

So please, please

be quiet while I try to shoot.

You got it, I promise.

Good job!

Now, you can yell.

Good job, Mr. Bona.

Okay, here we are, first tee.


So put the ball between
the two markers.

And I'm gonna crank it.


I'm gonna put it up there.

A little crooked.

All right I'm gonna do this.

Blowing bubbles?

We just got here.

I gotta concentrate
on this, okay?

Good hit, Mr. Bona.


A little weak.

So we got 18, 17 more to go.

Maybe I'll hit a good one.

Let's go back to the cart.

You drive.

Okay there's the ball,
let me get my club.

And my seven iron.

Here we go, all right.

Okay, so.

I have to put it on the green.

See the white flag over there?

- Yeah.
- That's where we're

going with, okay?


Ah, sh-

Good job, Mr. Bona.

Good job?

I just fricking
put it in the lake.

Well yeah, but nice form.


I'm too stiff to have nice form.

You know what would
make you loosen up?

The floss, try it.

What the heck?

What do you call that?

The floss.

Like dental floss?

No, it's a dance.

Try it.

All right.


Nah, I'm not doing no floss.

Let's go look for
the ball, come on.

Okay, let's go.

Yeah, get in
the car and drive me.


Here we go.

Go that way.

Don't put me in the lake.

Thank God.

They got great pie here.

That sounds good.

I think I'll have one.

Hey Joe, how's it going?

Great Murphy, all right.

What, you working all the time?

Never get a day off, do you?

Not with all these snowbirds.

I really need a vacation.

Maybe someplace far away.

Like the Philippines.

Why the Philippines?

Like you don't know?

Who's this kid?

Hello, I'm Sarah.

I live right next
door to Mr. Bona.

Mr. Bona, who's that?

It's me.

So what are you
doing hanging around

with a bum like this?

I'm just kidding, really.

Let me get your
waitress for you.


Right Murph, thank you.

Thanks a lot.

Always, my friend.

How you doing, guys?

Joe, right?

Do I know you?



Don't you remember me?

Have we met?


Years ago.

You come in, you'd sit at
that same booth everyday.

You'd order coffee.

Cream with two sugars.

The servers used to
call you Two Sugars.

Oh yeah, it's
coming back to me.

That was a long time
ago, 15 years ago.

Man, you got a great memory.

And this must
be your daughter.

No, we're friends.

Well, actually neighbors.

My name's Sarah.

Mr. Bona lives in
the trailer next door

to me and my Grandma.

I wanted to see him golf.

He is a pro.

I'm not a pro.

Let's get this straight.

Let's order.


Sarah, how about
we start with you?

What'll it be?

I'll have, let me see.

I think, a slice
of the apple pie,

chicken tenders and an iced tea.

Can I get my pie first please?

What, are you kidding?

What are you from Europe?

That's silly.

Grandma let's me get
desserts before dinner.

Well I think it's
a great choice.

I'll bring out your pie first.

How about for you, Joe?

I'll take the club
sandwich with French fries

and a cup of coffee.


Anything else?

No, thanks.

All right.

I'll have that out
for you right away.

Thank you.

Hey Mr. Bona, guess
who has the hots for you.

The hots, who?

The waitress.

Hopefully she's not a clinger.

She doesn't
have the hots for me.

And what's with
this clinger stuff,

you're only 10 years old!

Everyone knows
what that means.

You should ask her out on a
date sometime, Mr. Two Sugars.

I don't date.

Nobody my age dates.

It's Joe, remember?

And I don't like
that sugar thing.


Mr. Two Sugars.

Oh, boy, you're a funny kid.

She's perfect for you.

You're both kinda old.

Oh, you're really
on a roll now.

She's really pretty.

I like her.

Yeah, she's all right but

we gotta change the subject.

So how's about school?

Here you go.

Here you go.

I see you're not
wearing a wedding ring.


Yeah no, I'm not married.


I told you.

You told me what?

All right.

What's going on here?

I was telling Joe that
I think you're his type.

Really, mmm.

Well if I remember
correctly, Joe is married.

But I don't see a
ring on that finger.

How's the pie?

I'll go check on that order.

I make a good
wing girl, don't I?

I don't know what you make.

But I'm gonna go back and
talk to your grandmother

as soon as we get home.

Hey Murph!

Come on, lemme
ask you something.

How is everything, my friend?

Everything's great.

I think the best food in town.

And best pies too.

Let me ask you something.


So that waitress Jennifer.

Is that the same Jennifer
from 15 years ago

that had that
restaurant on Power?

It is.

She made her chops
from working here

about 15 years
ago, 16 years ago.

She went out on her own,
made a lot of money.

Word is that her partner
was robbing her for years.

Lost everything.

Too bad.

Great worker.

She's a great gal.

This is for you, sweety.

Thank you.

Oh that's nice.

You two have a good one.

And Joe, great seeing
you around here again.

Thanks, buddy.

This is too big.

Here, have it, Two Sugars.

It's a nice hat.

All right.

Just checked in on your orders.

Be up in a couple minutes.

Hey Joe, it's really
great seeing you again.

It's been too long.

I like seeing you as well.

Be right back.

Cool hat, huh?

Hey I got one for you.

How much does it cost a pirate
to get his ears pierced?

How much?

A buck an ear!

Pretty funny.

How's the pie?

So good.

Hey, wanna go
golfing next week?


All right, cool.

Come on, eat up.

Come on, let's go.

All right.

And this time, I'm
driving the cart.

Oh darn.

I'll still caddy for you.

Hey, I had a great time.

Thanks for bringing me with you.

Of course.

I can't believe they didn't
take your scooter from you.

It's still here, huh?

Yeah we do live
in a trailer park.

Joe, I like you better
when you're not dead.

You need more friends.

I know Jennifer would
keep you company.

Beside, you can't
always count on me.

I'm a kid.

I do have a life, you know.


The kid's something else.


See that guy over there?

That's the guy you gotta
put your sights on.

He's the course pro.

When you beat him,

then you're gonna be ready

for the Jani King Arizona Open.

I've not played in that open.

Look, Joe.

The best way for you to get out

from under this cloud
you've been living under

is for you to play in that game

and we both know
that, all right?

Turning pro is your dream, Joe.

And now you've got
another chance at it.

And to heal.

It's what your family wanted.

And quite frankly, it's
the key to your salvation.

You're one persuasive person.

Yes I am.

Now I want you to go over
there and tell that guy

you want to play a round
or two with him, okay?

Go do it.

Excuse me.

You Sean McLaw?

Um, yeah.

Course pro?


What's a guy
like me have to do

to get an opportunity to play
golf with a guy like you?

Oh wow.

I get little things
all the time.

But I've seen you here before.

You know what I'll do?

I got a spot, seven
a.m. tomorrow.

I will give you 13
strokes, 18 holes

for 500 bucks.

500 bucks cash, cash.

Yeah, look, I live
in a trailer park.

Yeah it's not my
problem you live

in a trailer park, brother.


If I lose, I'll
give you 10 grand.

10 grand?

10 grand.

I'll get the 500 bucks.

I'll give you 13 strokes.

Okay, I'll get
the 500 dollars.

We got a deal?



Yeah, it's a deal.


All right, sure.

All right, thank
you, thank you.

Nice swing.

Hey, Joe.

Sitting at your booth.

How you doing?

I'm doing great, thanks.

Where's Sarah today?

Sarah has a life, so she says.

Oh, I can imagine.

What I wouldn't give
to be that age again.

You and me both.

So what'll it be?

Just coffee.

Cream with two sugars.

Are you sure you don't
want anything else?


Okay, no problem.

There she is.

Hey you.


How you doin'?

Thank you so much
for swinging by.

I have your book in the back.

Oh, Margo, this is Joe.

Joe, this is my very
best friend Margo.

Nice to meet you.

The pleasure's all mine.

Okay, I'm gonna
go grab your book.

I'll be right back.

So, how did you meet Jennifer?

We go back about 15 years.


Me and Jennifer grew up
together since we were six.

She's an absolute doll.

Oh, you can say that again.

There you go, Mr. Two Sugars.

How'd you like it?

Oh, I loved it.

I know you would.

So what are you ladies
reading these days?

Oh, it's a Dorothy
Lynn romance novel.

You should read that.

Well, I'll let you
get back to work.

All right, sweety.

Thanks for coming in.

Okay, I gotta say
goodbye to Murphy

before I leave.

You know I like that
big Italian guy.

- Okay, I know you do.
- Bye.

- Bye, sweety.
- Mhmm.

So, how'd you like your coffee?


Your friend, she's kinda sweet.

Oh, she is one in a million.

Are you sure you don't
want anything else?

Nah, coffee's fine.

All right.

Listen, I don't wanna sound
too forward or anything, but,

would you maybe wanna go out
and grab dinner sometime?

Are you asking me out?

Just two old acquaintances

getting to know
each other again?

Sarah says I should get
out and meet more people.

Well, Sarah is
a very smart girl.

You know what, I'ma
take you up on your offer.


I am off all day tomorrow.

Call me when you're done?

I will.

Thank you.

You keep beating
me, you got honors.

Yeah, I think it's
my honors right here.

Yeah, I think so.

You know what?

This is about one,

about 155, 160.

Think it's an undulated green.

You don't want to go
too close to the pin

so you can fall back.

Nice shot.

Every single time.

Can you give me a break?

Ah, shit.

Ah, shit.

Good job.

Yeah, I missed
the green again.

Yeah, just relax into it.

You're rushing
every single hole.

Make sure you line it up.

I can do this.

I know you can.

I don't think you
talking to your shoulder

is gonna help you
much with that putt.

You're not lining up.

I am and I'm doing it.

Okay, do it.

Do you need a putter
or a three wood?

I don't have it.

Let's see here.

In the hole!

That's how it's done.

18th hole,
you got honors again.

Yeah we do.

It's a tough hole.

Tough hole.

Actually I'm gonna
hit a iron here

you know, to draw it back.

But hit it soft.

You're the
course pro, I don't know.

Five wood to draw it in.

Great shot.

It just went straight.

Well you can putt
like nobody else.

Need help
with that, old man?

- No.
- No?

I got it.

You got it, okay.


You know, quick like, I
just wanna line it up.

Here it comes.

- Oh.
- Ah.

Want me to tap it
in or you wanna go?

Go ahead.

Finish it up.

Can't even finish it up.

Three putt.

Four putt.

Four putt.

the way the day's been

all day today.


Nice game.

- All right.
- You're good.

I owe you some money.

You're good.

I have it in the
car, thank you.

You think I got a
shot at a comeback?

Actually, I
really think you do.


Thank you.

Get the fuck out of here.

Hi, Jen.

Well, how did
your round with Shane go?

Exactly how I planned it.

I let him win.

I'm sure you did.

Hey, I wanna ask you.

Have you ever tried yoga?

Hey, go on.

I'm so glad you're up for this.

It's a good way for us to
get reacquainted, right?

Yeah, I don't know about this.

You're fine, you're fine.

Get on your mat there.

I don't think it's my thing.

Just do what I
do, you're fine.


It could be
really good for your golf game.

So you say.

This is really painful.

Okay, let's switch it up.

Sit on your tush,
come on, let's go.

There you go.

- You good?
- Yeah.

You all right, okay.

That's fine.

So tell me about
your game with Shane.

It's what I was expecting.

He really loves himself.


I could say that for sure.

Yeah, he is not one
of my favorite people.

I can see why.

Hello class, and
welcome new student.

Let's get started.

This is a class?

Not the kind of date
you were expecting, huh?


I had no idea.

Are you sure about that?

Let's get started.

Oh my god.

I hope my insurance is paid up.


- Look at her, not me.
- Oh.

I gotta watch her?


This is for the birds.

Some workout.

You do this all the time?

When I can afford it.

Oh my god.

Thank you so much for
coming to class today.

It was so nice having you.

Hope you liked our class

and hope to see you back
at our next session.

Yeah, maybe, but,

I'm not wearing ballet pants
like that guy over there.

Although he'd make a good caddy.

Well, students come
in all shapes and sizes.

Jennifer, I almost forgot.

Thought I'd give you your
invoice for last month

and this month.

Other than mailing it.

Oh, wow.

Thank you.

I must have overlooked it.

I will have that check to you

as soon as possible.

- Of course.
- Yeah, okay.

Until I see you
both again, namaste.

Namasake to you too.



Do you wanna go
grab a bite to eat?

Boy, that sounds good.

I better soak my body
in ice for a few weeks.


All right.

No, seriously, I got a
early tee time tomorrow and

I need to run a few errands.

Oh, all right.

Well, can I call you later,

make sure you
haven't frozen stiff

from your ice bath?

Yeah, sure.

I can't move right now.

I'ma cool down a little bit.


All right, Mr. Two Sugars.

I'll talk to you later.

I hope so.

Jeez, I'm never coming back
to this fricking place.

I must be kidding myself.

Without my family,

it's not worth it.

It's time
to stop feeling sorry

for yourself, Joe.

You're not the one
that died that day.


I must be losing my mind.

Rise and shine, let's go.

I know you're in there, come on.


What the hell is your problem?

I feel like I've been out here

banging on your door for years.

Now get dressed.

We got a few things
to work on today.

I'm not sure
what this is about.

I have to admit, you're
very persuasive, but,


You hit the course today,

if you still feel the
same way by tomorrow,

I'll leave you be, hmm?

I'll be right out.


Make sure you wear
your best golf clothes.

If they still fit.

Just consider this
a dress rehearsal.

We'll see.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

No, you don't have all
your weight on your heels.

Give me a minute, will you?



You know, you've
come a long way

in a short period of time, Joe.

And that is just
a true testament

to how good you once were.

But the question you gotta
ask yourself right now is

do I really want this?

And I already know
what the answer is.

You lose your family,

I'd like to see you get
your head into this game.

I know what's in
your heart, Joe.

We all believed in you.


I still don't know
who the hell you are.

Can we get back to it?

I'm a little sore.

This girl I know
took me to play yoga,

work out yoga or whatever,

I've never sweat
so much in my life.

Yoga, that's a little new age

but I guess that'll help.

All right.

That was brilliant!

That was brilliant.

You're a little
stiff, little stiff

but that's not bad at all.

A lot of stiff.

That was good.

Oh my god, beautiful!

Girl, you know me.

I used to be just like you.

Constantly looking for
the right relationship.

But it seems like all the
good men are already taken.

And I've given up on
that a long time ago.

I'm a free spirit.

And I love a variety of men.

Even age-appropriate
from time to time

but that's mostly boring.

Margo, you worry me sometimes.

So, what about you?

You should go out and date more.

I'm telling you,
it's invigorating.

Well I'm interested
in someone.

Hmm, let me
guess, Mr. Joe Bona?

Well, yeah.

You don't want
that kind of baggage.

What do you mean?

He told me himself.

I thought he was divorced.

Murphy told me
that he lost his wife

and his two kids
in a car accident.

Oh my god.

He just came to a yoga
class with me the other day.

He didn't say anything.

You brought him here?


Are you serious?


I received your
check in the mail.

Thank you so much,
you're paid in full.

Oh, okay, great, sure.

That's strange.

it's to the pin.

It's currently 300 degrees.

This is a very tricky shot.

Hey Joe, did you golf today?

Starting with all
the questions again?

Was it a good game?

Nah, I couldn't
get my groove on.

I got an idea.

What's your favorite
thing to do?

Well, I like dinosaurs.

You can go.

And this time you
buy her dinner.

Your grandmother's
something else.

Let me get my keys.

I always wanted a
brontosaurus burger.

You okay?

Yeah I'm fine.

Do you know why that
dinosaur's holding that egg?

Oh, you're
not gonna start

with all the questions
again, are you?

No, I was quizzing you.

That's an Oviraptor.

How'd you know that?

I'm gonna check that out.

Right, it is an Oviraptor.

Good job, kid.

Let's go check out some more

- over there.
- Yeah.

This is pretty
cool, this place.

Wow, look at all
the different kinds.

So cool.


Imagine if we were
alive back then,

they'd probably
eat me for dinner.

Wow, look at that one.

That's crazy.

Oh, little baby.

Hi baby, how you doin',

Cool, man.

Oh wow.


Pretty colors here too.

- So cool.
- The size of that thing.


It's the skeleton.


Look at that huh, wow.

Cool, man.


This place is phenomenal.

I'm glad you took me here.

Well I took you here.

Oh, I'm gonna quiz you now.


What's the guy
with the long neck?

That's a Diplodocus.

But why does he
have such a long neck?

Eats plants and
so it can reach it

from the very top.

Yeah, let's go look.

What'd you call him again?


Oh yeah, look at that,

it does eat the
leaves off the trees.

Eats trees, branches,
look at all the green.

Wow, you really do
know your dinosaurs.

- Yeah.
- Let's go look at some more.


I like this place.


This is fun.

Oh, look at the little baby!

Oh, wow.


Look at that.

You were great
with those dinosaurs.

I love dinosaurs.

My father did too.

So did my daughter.


I gotta use the restroom.

Promise me you won't disappear.

Pinky promise.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Okay, that went better.

We gotta get going.

It's been a long day today

but tomorrow's gonna
be even longer.

Can I get another
order of fries?

You're still hungry?

I'm growing like
a weed these days.

Forget about it!

Okay but
we gotta make it fast.


So, how's your golf game going?

Ah, pff.

It gets them this way, I
go some slice, some hook,

some go and don't come back.

Sometimes I miss
the ball completely.

I'm working on it, it's coming.

You're doing great though.

Have you ever
toasted a French fry?


Pick up a fry.

Hold it straight up, right?

And like glasses when
they ching glasses,

we're gonna ching French fries,

- ready?
- Okay.


You broke my fry.

What's with the smiles?


What are you up to?


Hopefully you had
a good lunch today.

Well, well, well.

Look who it is.

Uh huh.

Let's go up and check it out.

Let's see why she's here, huh?

Yeah, uh huh.


What's with the smile?

Well we're
gonna find out right now.

Yeah, I know you.

You're beaming.

What a coincidence.

Looky what we have here, hi.

Hi, guys.

- Hi, Joe.
- How you doing?

I'm good.

Okay, what's going on
here, is this a setup?

We were just leaving.

What brings you down here?

Oh, I was just,

I swung by to bring up
some passes for my nephews.

I'm so glad to see you.

I'm happy to see you too.

I'm happy to see both of you.

Listen, I'd love to
see you again sometime.

Maybe dinner?

Sure, that would be great.


Feel like a busy
week but I'd love to.

He's gonna beat the golf pro.


Well, yeah I gotta
beat the pro, but

we'll see how it goes.

That's wonderful, Joe.

I know you can beat him.

Well I know you think so.

But I'm not so sure.

I know he will too.

You, young lady
and I, we gotta go.


Well, bye.


Bye, Joe.

I know you could do it.

And by the way, I
don't have nephews.

on, kiddo, let's go.

Sarah, come here, quick.

What is it?

Well, look at Mr. Bona.

I mean, do you think
he's all right?

What do you mean?

Well, look, Sarah.

He's arguing and
yelling at someone.

I think.

I mean, I can't see
any other person.

Can you?


Where were you?

You bailed on me!

I saw everything, Joe.

How could you?

I've been watching
from a distance, Joe.

I'm always watching.

Again, speaking in a
language I don't get,

I don't understand.

You're so
close, Joe, so close.

From what?!

Your resurrection.

I'm not the dead one.

My wife and kids are.

They're gone!

And why are you
doing this to me?

I'm not gonna
give up on you, Joe.


Instead of running away
from what once was, Joe,

cherish it, draw
strength from it.

And from that, you
will be strong again.

Come tomorrow, you're gonna
see a brand new Joe Bona.

Keep your eye on
this one, all right?

I'ma launch this.

Go right ahead.

I'ma launch it.

Okay, go right ahead.

All right.

And have a nice
little pigeon wedge

into the green.

Nice launch.

You know, my friend?


It's time to show you
who the real Joe is.


Yeah, yeah.

Not kidding.

I'm back, baby.

You know, mine
went about 330, by the way.

There's no way I
can hit 350 or 400

but I'm gonna try.

Nice shot.

Oh, I got a hold of that one.

Broke my tee.

I think I outdrove you, sir.

I have to admit,
it was a good shot.

Look at that.

You outdrove me there.

Yeah, I certainly did.

Not much but I outdrove you.

Yeah you did.

I don't know what else to say.

- I guess you're up.
- Not bad.

A little bit of dirt, huh?

I'm feeling good.

I'm gonna put it
right over the 150

and shoot right
towards the hole.

Here we go, watch this.

Okay, I'm watching.

It's what I used to
do when I was a kid.

Look at that puppy.

Sailed right to the green.

Holy cow, I'm back.

Joe Bona is back!

Nice shot.

Thank you sir, let's get this.

Nice shot.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, pro.

I don't say it that
much, but nice shot.

Nice drive.

I guess I'm,

You got ups,

I outdrove you again, I'm happy.

You did outdrive me.

It's not all about the drive.


A little too much
dirt, but not bad.

A little too much.

I'm having a good day today.

Playing like I did
when I was a kid.

I'm gonna go over to 150 and
tail it towards the green.

Watch this.

I'm watching.

Nice shot.

Ooh hoo.

Yeah, Joe Bona is back.

How you doin'?

Where's my cigar?

Actually, you
deserve one after that shot.

Oh well.

Must be your shoulder.


All right.

Nice shot.

Good job.


Big shot.

I got a hold of that.

Big shot.

Way to go, Joe.

All right, we get in the cart?

Ah, what a bummer.

You just go ahead
and tap that in.

Or a gimme.


Go ahead.

Even if I miss
it, it's gonna go in.

Are you kidding me?

Good job.

I did it!

You know what?

You are ready.

Through all the crap
I put you through,

you are ready.


Well Joe,
how did that feel?



This is not a dream.

That was all real.

And you really
are a great golfer

like I'd been preaching to you
over the last several weeks.

And now it's time to go
play in the prequalifier

so you can get a number

and play in the tournament.

The Arizona Open, my friend.

You know, I still
don't know who you are,

I don't know where
you came from,

but I appreciate what
you've been doing for me.

And tomorrow, I'm gonna
win that qualifier.

That's what I wanna hear, Joe.

There's one thing I want
you to really think about

when you're out
there tomorrow, okay?

That yes, you're doing
this for your family

but it was part of
their dream as well.

And now it's time
to do it for you.

Do it for Joe.

All right?


luck out there, Joe.

Thank you.

Like I outdrove you
again there, rookie.

What the hell
you talking about?

Come on Joe, you
can outdrive him.

I nailed that baby.

Your turn.

Let's see you do
outdo that, pal.

See, I told you.

See, I told you.

Okay, get
the clubs, let's go.

Yeah, beat that, bubba.

Nice hit, Joe.


Good hit.

I don't know, here you go.

Let's get outta here.

I did it.

I really, really did it, yeah.

I did it, I frickin
actually won.

Hey Joe, congratulations.

Great round.

You've qualified
for the tournament,

first time in 15 years.

Thank you.

I hope you win the tournament.

Sign here?

Good luck to you.

Sign there.

Thank you.

You're in again.

I can't wait.

Congratulations, see you soon.

Have a great day.

It's Mr.
Joe, get the door.

Hi, Mr. Joe.

Hi, kid, hi, Deedee.

Well good morning, Joe.


I was wondering, you know,

I'm playing in the
Arizona Jani King Open.

That's awesome.

I knew you were a pro.

Would mean the world
to me if you two guys

would come to the event.

Oh Joe, we wouldn't
miss it for the world.

I love you, Mr. Joe.

I love you, kid.

So here's the start time

and the location address.

I'll make sure there's
passes for you guys, okay?

We'll be there.

You've got this.

Okay, see ya.

It's gonna be so fun.



Hey, sorry I missed your call.

I heard the good
news, congratulations.

I thought you might have
dropped by to come celebrate.

I wanted to but
it's been a long time

since I felt this good.

I wanted to be alone to get
in touch with my thoughts.

I hope they were
good thoughts.

Yeah they were.

Can we get together?

I'd like that.

How about dinner at my place?

I'll text you my address.

I'd like that.

Okay, bye.

Hmmm, ahh.

Come in.



Hope you like wine.

I thought we could celebrate.

Oh, oh great.

Excuse my place, it's a mess.

Oh, don't worry about it.

I still have roommates.

I wanted you to look like
the pro that you are.

My god.

That's incredible.

I tried to get all
the wrinkles out.

I'm blown away.

Jen, this must have
cost you a fortune.

Oh, don't worry about that.

I can pick up a
couple extra shifts.

It's no big deal.

Besides, you deserve it.

Oh, that means so much to me.

Let me put this away

and go get a couple glasses.

- Sounds good.
- Have a seat.

So everyone at the
cafe is so proud of you.

Murphy's been talking
about you all day.

Yeah, I may
have had a little help.

You know, being humble is
a very attractive quality.


Well then I'll have to
remember about that.


It was you who paid my bill

to the yoga
instructor, wasn't it?

Just wanted to
help, that's all.

Oh my god, that's
so incredibly sweet

but I'm paying you back.

Don't worry about it.

Thank you.

In that case, a toast.

To the next Arizona
Open champion.



I need to tell
you about my past.


I already know.

And I have to tell you,

I think what you're
doing is incredible.

Joe, I know a healing heart.

I've been there.

I made some mistakes
along the line, but now,

I feel incredible, unbeatable.

It's getting hot in here.

Ow, ow!


Some people sleep
with teddy bears,

I sleep with golf clubs.

Ah, okay.


It's been a long time.


I miss you guys.

I didn't even get
to say goodbye.

I'm gonna follow your dreams.

I'm gonna take my present
and I'm gonna be a golfer.

I'm gonna do it.


♪ Oh nothing's what you got ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Tararara nothing's personal ♪

♪ Nothing's what you got, hey ♪

you don't mind.

Did you smell it first?

Actually, I did.

That's my girl.

Are you hungry?

Oh, hmm, yeah.

I'm starving.

Ooh, I'm impressed.

Yeah, that makes
me happy, you know?

It'd really be
nice if you'd come

to the Open with me today.

I'd really appreciate that.

I was hoping you'd say that.

So what time do you have
to leave for the course?

A couple hours.

Mmm, okay, I better get going.

That doesn't give me
much time to get ready.


Let me feed you then.


Mmm, it's good.

I was hoping you'd say that.


All right.

Get, get ready, come on.

All right, all
right, all right.

Okay then.

♪ Guess the word is gone ♪

Now on
the tee, the golfer

we've been talking about
for the past three days.

The 50 something
year old, a miracle,

can you believe it?

A rookie in his late 50s.

Who knew on Thursday
that Joe Bona,

He's got it.

- I know it.
- You got this,

- Two Sugars.
- Did you ever believe

we'd ever be here?

Who could
possibly win the Arizona Open?

Hit it out of
the ballpark, Joe.

Go Joe!

Go Joe!

You got this, buddy.

You never really needed me.

Yeah, if it wasn't for
you, I wouldn't be here.

You know what, I couldn't
have done it without you.

You know what, you should
thank your Sophia for that.

She only wanted the
best for you, Joe.

Yeah, I loved Sophia.

Without her, I couldn't
have been here.

Please tell her

that I'm here because of her.

You got it, buddy.

Go get 'em.

Hey, buddy, who
you even talking to?

leaving in the pin.

I guess I'll leave in the pin.

there we have it.

If Joe Bona makes this putt,

he is the oldest rookie
to win the Arizona Open.

If he misses it and
makes the next putt,

the par putt, Joe will
force sudden death

here at the Open.

Here's the putt.

You can do this, Two Sugars.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Ladies and gentlemen, he did it.

I can't believe he did it.

Joe Bona, a 50 something
year old rookie

just had his dream
round come true.

He won the Arizona Open!

This is incredible!

This is incredible!