Dream Parlor (1999) - full transcript

Years ago, the burgeoning one-world government announced its intention to implant Identification Chips, IDCs, into the right hand of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Fearing this threat to personal freedoms, the People fought back ... The People Lost ... Two decades later, Citizen 11811, Elijah Barrett, a man torn between destiny and assimilation, rises to challenge the System. He uses his rank and position to sabotage public executions and to feed and shelter the less-fortunate Non-Citizens. When a close friend disappears, Eli's search leads him to the Dream Parlor, a Citizen-exclusive facility, developed by Doctor James Corbit, which induces lucid dreams. Venturing into the darkened corners of his soul, Eli is enticed by the love of a beautiful woman ... and haunted by the image of a mysterious man. But as government violence grows in intensity, Eli is caught tampering with classified documents and tagged as a fugitive. Now, Eli must learn the dark secrets behind the Dream Parlor in order to save countless lives ... even if it risks his own.


[Studio Anthem begins]

[Studio Anthem ends]


[music continues; no other audio]

[music fades]

[voice-over, woman] The biggest mistake the System ever made ...

... was killing Elijah's father ...

... and letting him live to remember it.

It was as though ... Goliath had given the stone to David.

[mechanical murmurs]

Do your workload, Eli.

I'm finished.

Don't rock the boat.

[computer pulses]

[voice-over, Eli] Data request ...

Access current running files within Execution Channel database.

[Cyber-Eli] Accessing ... Running file ...

Non-Citizens to be terminated, and deleted from system.

Now transferring current lists for Execution Channel ...

Document complete.

Enter additional IDC numbers.

[Eli] Receive uploads now.

Warning! Virus introduced into system!

Eminent data loss. Creating backup file--

[Eli] No. Do not create backup file.

Data has been lost. File system damaged.

Do you wish to continue?

[loud buzzer sounds]

[workers leaving their stations]

[subtrain engine grows louder]

[over speakers] Productive Citizens are the Strength of our Union.

[over speakers, indistinct government chatter]

[door unit chimes]

[over speakers, indistinct government chatter]

Hey, slim, you're blockin' the exit.


Everyone's sorry about somethin'.


I know you ... I know you.

[off-screen, someone falls]

... Mom?



[off-screen, grunting]


You let her die! I hate you!

[Nora] Take me with you ...

Don't leave, don't leave!

I tried to save her!

This isn't right! This isn't the way it happened!

You were there! Elijah, remember!

[roar from above]

[Nora screams]

Listen to me, Nora. You can do this, you can beat this thing.

[Nora screams]

[crying out in Spanish]

Keep fighting! Come on, Nora!

[Nora screams]

Look up, Nora! [encouraging in Spanish]


[voice-over] Private Entry, March 21st, Year 18 ...

Subject, Nora Puente, appeared stable, at first.

They always do.

Shortly after the assigned dreamscan slipped into

free fall, subject experienced regressive biofeedback,

triggered by some bittersweet memory, tainted with

suppressed guilt. I increased the pleasure stimulation to

her fantasy early in the process, but this had

little or no bearing on her will to stay in her selected dream.

Guilt ... it's gotta be guilt.

[voice-over] What I need is a strong subject to get anywhere.
If I can break the unbreakable,

I'll be ready to move forward in my research.

However, finding a Citizen whose mind has not been totally molested

by the Sytem, is like finding a virgin whore.

[off-screen coughing]

[over speakers] You have found the Execution Channel!
Due to technical difficulty,

the examples scheduled for this evening's "Death Row Tonight"

have been canceled. "Death Row Tonight" will return tomorrow night

at its regularly scheduled time. Stay tuned for

our basement snuff films, coming right up!

[over speakers] Welcome to the Dream Parlor!

You are now entering a world of pure imagination

-- a realm of lucid dreams.

Live for your dreams here, at the original Dream Parlor

-- or, experience the rest of your life

at one of our convenient worldwide outlets ...

Don't rock the boat.

[over speakers] Here, at the Dream Parlor, you can be

everything you want ... go anywhere, do anything ...

... no questions asked.

[different voice] For Confirmed Citizens only.

[new commercial begins] What are you hungry for when you don't know
what you're hungry for?

[general crowd noises]


How're you doing?

[over speakers, government rhetoric]

[Eli] Dana. Jacob.

[Dana] Hey, Eli.

[Man] You dropped this.

Thank you.

[Man] Yeah, s-sure ...

[Dana] What'd you drop?

[Jacob] What is it?

[dance music]

If the Organizers catch you with that, you're gonna end up
on the Execution Channel.

Relax, all right.

It's something I got from my father. It's a memory, it's a token.

I am sick of hearing about The Great Mencer Barrett

and his little uprising, so give it a rest.

Jacob, I am not my father.

Believe me, I'm not.

But you've got his blood in you, Eli.

That's where you get your rough edges from.

I'm an efficient Citizen -- no one can argue that.

Yeah, you get your workload done, but then you poke around

places you don't belong.

Sit down!

Why do you keep takes chances? You know we're under a microscope.

The scrambler is working, Jacob, and people are getting

to live a little bit longer. No one knows where it's

coming from -- no one's even said anything.


Can't you just live a normal life?

What, to be left alone and live in peace?

To just find someone and settle down into

a safe little bubble?

Okay, yeah, sure, I want that, but I want that

for everyone. And if working in that freezing pit,

and altering certain records is what it takes,

then that is what I have to do!

And since when did you become such a poster-child Citizen?

You used to agree that things needed to change.

Yeah, well, things have changed.

Call me pragmatic, but what your father wanted you to do can't be done.

How did he expect you to change the whole world?

One life at a time.

"One life at a time." Spare me, please.

All I'm asking, Eli, is blend in a little.

You deal with your creative juices at the Dream Parlor,

but not in public, and not at work.

Why do you guys go there so much?


The Dream Parlor. You, Dana,

everyone at work ...

you go there all the time.

Of course we do. Who doesn't?

[subtrain engine]

[subtrain horn blows]

[over speakers] Nonproductive Citizens are a Detriment to themselves,

and to Society. Non-Citizens are Productive

when they Keep their Place ...

[off-screen, baby cries]

[over speakers] Productive Citizens are the Strength of our Union ...

[over speakers, rhetoric continues]

What's your name?


If I wanted your number, I'd ask for your number.

E-Elizabeth Hudson.

Elizabeth ...


And your baby?

Her name is Hannah.

That's a beautiful name.

[baby coos]

Yes, it is.

[chime sounds]

We're coming to my stop.

When you get off the train,

do you have any place to go?

[over speakers, indistinct government chatter]

Sir ...

as a Non-Citizen, I'm required to do whatever you ask ...


But my child--!

Come with me.

Don't catch anything.

[baby cries]

[Eli] I've got some blankets here ...

try to make things more comfortable for you ...

No! No, no, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, no ...

It's not that kind of offer, okay?

I-I didn't want the Organizer to catch on--

[off-screen, large door opens]

This is what I was trying to tell you about.

Hey ...

Hey, Mister Eli.

Hey, Sara.

You've really got to work on your approach.

Give me a break.

I met her in public, what am I supposed to do?


Oh, shut up.

Okay ... there you go ...

Hey, Sara, come here a minute ...

[Eli] Where's Nora?

I don't know. I haven't seen her all week.

The food?

*pfft * Late, as usual.

[off-screen, door opening upstairs]

Eli ...?


You ready?

Credit first!

And hurry up. I-I don't feel too good.



[device beeps]

Got careless at the Food Park today.

[Eli] Uh, yeah, uh ... Sorry about that. Thanks again.

[Eli] See you again next week?

Is it me? Or is he gettin' skimpy on us?

It's better than nothing. Pass it out ...

[Eli] Here you go ...

[Sara] Oh, thank you.


My Guardian Angel gave it to me.

"Guardian Angel"?

[Elizabeth] Don't you believe in Guardian Angels?

Yeah, sure, I guess. I just didn't know they gave out children's books.

Only food and shelter?

[voice-over, echoing] That's okay, son ...

[off-screen, echoing] Don't worry about it.

[off-screen] I'm still proud of you.

You'll get the next one.

Here, try this ...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart;

Lean not on your own understanding.

Acknowledge Him in all your ways,

and He will make your path straight."

[Young Eli] Proverbs Three ... verses Five and Six!


[large door moving]

Okay, Mister Wonderful. Even you have to sleep.

I'll lock up here.

Derby, um ...

What is Nora's IDC number?

I'm so used to calling everybody by name, I can't remember.

Eight-Five ...

[together] Oh-Eight-Oh.

[mumbling] Ah, that's it, all right, thank you ...

[Eli] Eight-Five-Oh-Eight-Oh ... Eight-Five-Oh-Eight-Oh ...

[fading into distance] Eight-Five-Zero-Eight-Zero ...
Eight-Five-Zero-Eight-Zero ...

Who's Nora?

Someone he cares a whole lot about.

She tried to save his mom's life.

Did she raise him?

Well, actually, the System raised him,

back when they had Child Services -- taught him skills

he's been using against them ever since.

But he never forgot Nora.

Treats her like family.

You're late.

I am.

You look beat.

[Eli] Data request ...

Search for any sector notations for Non-Citizen number

Eight-Five-Zero-Eight-Zero within the last eight days.

[Cyber-Eli] Search in progress ... trace signature of subject's

IDC found in Dream Parlor executive mainframe.

[Eli] Are NCs allowed--?

[Cyber-Eli] Note: Subject did not log in to Dream Parlor.

[door opens, footsteps]

[over speakers, channels changing]

[over speakers] --go anywhere ... do anything ...

... no questions asked.

Live for your dreams here at the original Dream Parlor.

Or, experience the rest of your life

at one of our convenient worldwide outlets.

[together] For Confirmed Citizens only.

[music swells]

[over speakers] ... you are now entering a world

of pure imagination ... a realm

of lucid dreams.

Journey to the summit of your greatest hopes ...

... explore the depths of your

most primitive desires.

Discover your passion ...

Hey, Dana. Dana!



Heeey, Eli ...

Are you okay?



Are you okay?

[over speakers] No questions asked.

Live for your dreams here

at the original Dream Parlor.

Or, experience the rest

of your life at one of our ...

[over speakers, indistinct Dream Parlor advertising]

[Eli] I see ... Now, uh,

Corbit ... he's the man who invented this place, right?

I think I saw a documentary on television ...

[Derek] No doubt. It seems the only place you can see

Doctor Corbit these days is on the Dip Chip.

But we're here to talk about you, Eli.

How can I best serve you?

I, uh ... I don't really even know what you do here, it's just ...

[laughing] A little nervous, huh?

I can assure you, Eli, you have absolutely

nothing to fear.

Do Non-Citizens get this privilege?

Only in their dreams!


Now, let's pick a setting, and um ...

you can tell me what it is that you like.

Actually, I have a friend who had this setting that she

really enjoyed, but I can't remember what it was.

My friend's a short woman, a little plump,

Hispanic, looks about fifty.

She was just here last week.

Nora Puente?

Sorry. Doesn't ring any bells.

Can't you just punch up her number?

Confidential. But I'm sure

that we can make your dream

as real as your friend's.

Now, is there anything ...

... specific ...

you would like included in your dream?

Um ...

... a man, a woman ...

... someone who eludes you in real life?

Fantasies ... obsessions ... anything at all?


I would assume that you would want her to have a face?

This one's not finished. I know what she looks like.

I don't want you to generate anything, just ...

... put her there?

It's your dream. Now, let's pick a setting.

That's it?

We just point you in the right direction,

and your own mind takes it from there.

After all, you are a Citizen -- why not take advantage

of the gratification that you are rightly entitled to?

Here at the Dream Parlor,

you can be ... every ... thing ... you ... want.

Go anywhere ... do anything ...

No Questions Asked.

[music swells]

[music continues]

[energy pulse]

[echoes of subtrain on tracks]

[echoes of subtrain speakers' government rhetoric]

[music swells]

[romantic music]

[music turns ominous]

[energy pulse]

[voice-over, echoing] Elijah ...

Elijah, you don't belong here ...

There is danger ...

Elijah ...

Listen to the voice ...

Elijah ...

[voice-over, Corbit] The government's use of my Dream Parlor ...

... has left Citizens without cerebral fortitude

[off-screen] to make crucial decisions for themselves.

[off-screen, woman] We're getting tired of your excuses, Corbit.

We want to move forward on this project, and frankly it looks like
you're dragging your feet.

[off-screen, Corbit] I'm busy.

I've brought you the dailies, sir.

[Corbit] Fine.

You asked me to let you know if there was anything interesting.

The usual, mostly.

A few climbers.

There's one in here that's especially note-worthy.

He's a real spiker, off the grid at times.

He has some odd readings that I've never seen before.

"Spikers" are good, right?

I'll get to it when I have time.

Corbit ...!

I said I'll look into it.

You'd better. We don't any fringe lunatics to oppose us

as we finalize the global contract.

[Corbit] Stages One and Two are rock solid.

I'm testing Stage Three's effects

on Citizen Five-Five-Six-One-Seven.

Soon you can play your pipe for the rats,

and Rome will never fall.

We're not interested in the details, Corbit.

We don't want excuses, or any more of your pointless metaphors.

Get it done.

If we haven't started admitting Non-Citizens by the end of the month,

you lose your funding and you're off the project.

[growls] The Dream Parlor is mine!

Only so long as we say it is.

You've got a spiker there -- use him.

[dramatic music]

Same as before, please ...

[Corbit grumbles in approval]

[early morning crickets]

[late night crickets]

[music grows ominous]

[voice-over, man from dream] Elijah ...

Elijah ...

[Jacob] Elijah ...

Elijah ...

Eli ...

[chuckles] Eli!

Thought you were mad at me.

[Jacob] I was.

But you've been so out of it all week ...

[Jacob] You gonna eat your lunch?

[Eli] Not really hungry ...

[Dana] You're not missin' anything ...

[Jacob] Mmm ...

You've been to the Parlor.

[Jacob] I knew it!

One-One-Eight-One-One, Elijah Barrett, converted at last!

[Jacob chuckles]

[Jacob] This is great, man, this is great!

You know, I didn't know if was gonna like the Parlor at first, either.

But that look ... I remember that look, man,

I would sell my nuts to get that first rush back.
[Dana laughs]

Maybe we can go together some time, you know, maybe they can do
some sort of dream link--

[Dana laughs louder]

After you went to the Parlor the first time,
the first couple of times ...

... did you feel ... apathetic?

Hell, no! I felt great. Still do!

But is it the same for you, every time?

[Jacob] It's whatever you want it to be.

[Eli] But sometimes it isn't.

Okay, sometimes it's like any dream I have outside the Parlor ...

... and other times, there's ...

... more. It-it's too real.

And it's like it's not even my dream--

No one's dickin' with your head, Eli.

Okay, there's no conspiracy, no hidden agendas,

no little demons running the Dream Parlor.

It's a joyride, that's all, nothing more.

It's a funhouse.

[Dana laughs very loud]

What the hell's the matter with you?

[Dana continues laughing, out of breath]

Jacob, don't-- don't touch her.

What's wrong with you?

[Dana screams]

[Jacob's head hits table]

[Dana] Don't you touch me!

Don't you ever touch me!
[Eli] Dana!

[Dana] You're evil!
[Eli] Dana!

[off-screen] You're all evil!


Get an Organizer.

He's right. You were there.

I remember, I saw you. I saw you go into the pit ...

The Devil -- he took my soul ...

[Eli shushes]

[Dana, off-screen] Have you seen the Devil, have you seen him?

[Dana] He knows your name.

The Devil, he knows your name.

[Eli] Dana ... who?

[Dana] He knows my name, too ...

Who? Tell me who "the Devil" is.

[organic squeeling]

[Dana shrieks in horror]

[booted footsteps]

Down! Stay down!

[shock-rods zapping Dana]

[Dana continues screaming]

[scene audio fades as music swells]

[music fades]

[computer sounds rise]

[over intercom] Dr. Corbit?

I'm busy.

[over intercom] He's here again.


Go prep him in Room Two-Twenty-Two.

I'll be there shortly.

You're James Corbit.

You're Eli Barrett.

You look like hell.

I hear you're a busy man.

How do I rate?

[Corbit] Lucky, I guess.

I was reading your preference file ...

Who's the dame with no face?

Look, I just wanna dream, all right?

Suit yourself.

I suppose you know the routine by now

:Pick a dream, any dream ...

Where do you wanna go?

I don't care ... A funhouse.

It doesn't matter to me as long as she's there.


[Corbit grunts]

I used to love amusement parks.

Had a favorite one, you know.

Went there all the time.

Went to that park so often, it lost its magic,

and I never wanted to go back.

Oh, I heard they added some great new rides

just before the plug got pulled, but uh,

I'll never know.

Anyway, my point is ...

I'm working on my own ride,

and you're turning into a great new client.

I wouldn't want you to miss out ...

[Corbit grunts]

[singing] Turn out the lights, boys and girls ...

[Corbit chuckles]

... here comes the Sandman.

[weird tone]

[loud click]

[forest sounds]

[eerie music begins]

Help me ...

[Eli] What is this?

[Dream Woman] They're dead.

They're all dead.

[Eli] Jacob?

Jacob? Jacob, wake up.

Come on, Jacob, wake up.


[growing heartbeats]

[off-screen, echoing] Elijah ...

Elijah, you must wake them ...

You must free them ...

They don't hear me.

[off-screen, echoing] You don't belong here, Elijah ...

You must find the truth ...

What is it?

What are you trying to show me?

[music swells]

[thunder echoes]

[voice-over, indistinct] ... the mainframe neural net ...

... it may be possible to control people's dreams ...

[Eli] Listen.

[Voice-over, indistinct] ... even their conscious thoughts ...

[Eli] Do you hear that?

[voice-over, clearer] ... Year Sixteen ...

[Eli] Do you hear that? Do you see it?

[indistinct voices]

[Eli] I ... I-I can hear them ...

... all of them ...

[voice-over, clearer] ... I'm having trouble establishing biofeedback ...

[Eli] And there's something else ...

[voice-over, Corbit] It may be possible to control people's dreams ...

... or even their conscious thoughts ...

[Eli] Corbit.

[off-screen] Doctor Corbit--!

Look at this kid! He's generating two waveforms--

Doctor Corbit, something's happening to the mainframe.

What kind of "something"?

It's sustaining power surges and fluctuations across the board.

We've never seen anything like it!

And now it's starting to affect the other systems,

all the way out to the outer-compumatrix!

What parts?

All of them!

[Dream Woman] It's stopped. I don't hear it anymore.

[Eli] What does "biofeedback" have to do with the Dream Parlor?

And what the hell is a "neural net"?

"Lucid dreams" my ass.

[Dream Woman] You're real.

I don't understand this.

What's happening to me?

What do you want from me?!

Out there, outside the Parlor,

I can't think straight ...

[Eli] Nothing matters anymore?

It's like you're fading away?

I don't want to fade away.

I can't.

The children need me.

And I like who I am ...

... and I like being their Guardian Angel.


Tell me who you are.

I need to know who you are.

Tell me!

[Dream Woman gasps]

[voice-over, echoing] Elijah ...

Find her ...

Find her ...

Find her ...


[work bells sounds]

[voice-over, Eli] Citizen data request. IDC number unknown.

Name: Dana Levy.

Subject of Organizer containment in local food park.

[Cyber-Eli] Identification chip authorization inadequate.

Request denied.

[Eli] Data request

:[computer reacts to scrambler]

Background check. Frequency of Dream Parlor log-ins for Dana Levy.

[Cyber-Eli] Proceed.

[Eli] Request monthly report from subject's first entry.

Searching ...

Log-in frequency for Five-Five-Six-One-Seven

:First month: Seven log-ins.

Second month: Seventeen log-ins.


:First sixteen days, thirty-five log-ins.

Note: There are no log-ins for subject within last eight days.

Subject restricted from Dream Parlor for remainder of month.

[Eli] Reason for subject's restriction from Dream Parlor?

Decline in work performance.

[Eli] Business data request:
All information on Dream Parlor mainframe.

Special search parameter:
"Biofeedback" and "neural net."

"Biofeedback" -- Regarding Dream Parlor mainframe,

designed by James Edward Corbit, IDC code restricted.

Biofeedback: A synaptic loop generated between dreamer and mainframe.

Loop creates an interactive bio-link

between Dream Parlor patron and--


[tense music builds]

[over speakers] One-One-Eight-One-One, report to Citizen Processing.

One-One-Eight-One-One, report to Citizen Processing.

Excuse me.

[Kirk] How long has One-One-Eight-One-One been away
from his work station?

I-I don't know. It hasn't been very long.

He went to Citizen Processing.

You're a good boy.

You go ahead. I'll catch up.

[sighs] This is Kirk, reporting from DPC.

One-One-Eight-One-One isn't here, and he didn't show up
at Citizen Processing.

[Corbit] I told you he isn't stupid.

Not a problem, Corbit. It just means we have to do it the hard way.

[voice-over] No head injuries, Kirk. Do you understand me.

[voice-over] What if he resists--?

[voice-over] I said - no - head - injuries. I mean it.

[Eli snoring]

[Door opening]

What're you, nuts?!

I locked this door!

Derby went out to patrol the area.

And he left the door open? Now I feel safe.

There's an Organizer lookin' for you.

I know a better place you can hide.

Did you know you snore?

[Sara] It's not much further now ...

What'd you do? Kill someone?

I rocked the boat.

You are nuts.

It's there, up ahead ...

[woman's voice] "... and deep from within Galgoth's lair,
they could hear a sound ..."

"... but twas not the sound of the monster's heavy footsteps,
which they had become so terribly used to ..."

"... no, this time it was something different ... someone different ..."

" 'Finally, my prince has come for me,' the Princess whispered
with fear and hope."

"Nimbus quickly replied, 'It's probably nothing more than a field worker.' "

" 'Nothing more!' "


Okay, children, story time's over, and I'll see you all back here tomorrow.

[Eli] Hey, hold on! I want to talk to you!

Leave me alone!

What the hell's wrong with you?

I said, leave me alone!

I won't leave you alone. I want answers!

I don't know you, and I don't want to know you ...

Get out of here ...

What about the dream?

I have to go.

Not this time.

You know me.

[Dream Woman grunts]

[children gasp]

[music swells]

[children giggle]

[Sara] What're you, the media? Break it up.

Take a hike. There ain't nothin' to see here. Come on, move it.

Let's go, everybody -- back upstairs.

Come on, let's go ...

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

[Eli] I thought I lost you.

You almost did.

I wasn't going back there.

I don't think you could've stayed away.

You weren't so cocky in my dream.

I suppose your name isn't "Elijah," either?

My friends call me "Eli."

I think we passed "friends" in our first fantasy.

I prefer "Elijah." It's a good name.

I've always referred to you as my "Dream Woman."

[Dream Woman snorts]

I'm flattered.

Now you can refer to me as "Susan."

[sighs] Private Entry

:March Twenty-Eighth, Year Eighteen ...

Another wasted day in the secret life of Doctor Corbit ...

... watched another fry in the pan.

Every one of these feeble-minded lab rats ...

... either wakes up dead ... or at best, severely lobotomized ...

... which is never a good thing.

My boy, Eli, is the only bright spot in my research.

His inbred resilience to external forces

kind of turns me on ...

... in a professional way, of course.

And now that his social status makes him eligible
for my personal draft list,

I can go as far as to say: I have faith.

[Eli] ... there's a lot more to the Dream Parlor than just lucid dreams.

There's a lot more to the Parlor than you even realize.

Follow me.

I have to show you something ...

[Susan] I would prepare you, but I don't have the words ...

[Eli gasping]

[Susan] I discovered this one ... not long before my last visit
to the Parlor.

[Eli gags]

[Susan] Are you okay?

[sighing] No surprise this crept into my dream ...

I don't know what drew you to the Dream Parlor,

but what you see here was my lure.

This is why I took the job.

What do you mean?

I've been teaching down here a while,

but I had to find a place of safety for the children

in case the Organizers raided us.

So I familiarized myself with all the tunnels ...

... and that's when I discovered my first bodies.

I've done the best I can to find them a better resting place, but ...

How'd you connect them to the Dream Parlor--?

I didn't, at first.

And then I found another one in the same place, and so ...

... I stayed down here a couple of nights,

and that's when I witnessed my first dumping.


They drop the body through a drainage pipe just outside this room.

I traced the geography of the tunnels.

This spot is right beneath--

[together] The Dream Parlor.


But I've checked everything at work, and nothing leads back here ...

... but still the bodies come!

This is the most curious one.

She has blisters like no burn I've ever seen before.

[Eli gasping, moaning]

[Eli muttering] Uh ... no ...

[Susan] What is it?!

[Eli gasping]

[Eli] Nora ...

[Susan] Who?

[Eli] A friend.

[Susan sighs]

Family, really.

She was my reason for coming to the Dream Parlor.

[whispered] I'm sorry ...

Someone's gonna pay for this.

What can I do to help?

[Susan] You work here?

[Eli] Used to.

Eli] Never thought I'd have to do this without the gel-interface.

Are you watching this?


Good. I want you to know how to run the scrambler if we get into trouble.

It's like I showed you -- it's all a matter of combination and frequency.

If "one" and "two" are up, then "five" and "six" are down.

If "four" is up--

Eight is down.

Right ...

[harsh zap]

[Eli grunts in pain]

Are you okay?!

Bad combination.

Look, maybe we should do this later. You need to sleep.

I'm fine!

Sorry ...

[Eli sighs]

I don't think rest would do me any good, anyway.

I haven't been sleeping well.

I know the feeling.

Okay. Here we go ...

Good combination?

Good frequency.

[terminal activates]

[voice-over, Eli sighing] I plugged into the wrong terminal ...

[voice-over, Eli] Data request:
All information on Dream Parlor mainframe.

Rotate search level priorities.

Cyber-Jacob: Affirmative.

[Eli] Special search parameter:
"Biofeedback" and "neural net."

Searching ...

"Biofeedback," regarding Dream Parlor mainframe ...

[footsteps overhead]

"... Dream Parlor induces a passive mentality in its clients ..."

"... it feeds signals through the IDC into the nervous system ..."

So, they sting people when they visit the Parlor.

Not just when they visit the Parlor.

The pacifying signals are reinforced every time you use your IDC

in any public outlet ...

[sigh] That's insane.

But it doesn't explain why--

Wait, wait, hold it ...


Great ...

Everything I just described was "Phase One" ...

[Cyber-Jacob] Phase Two increases government control of the populace.

Once seventy-five percent of all Citizens

are attending the Dream Parlor consistently,

an advanced endorphin stimulant/suppressant will be introduced.

Phase Three ...

"... will provide total assurance against any opposition or uprising

when the World Order solidifies its 'One World' power."

As soon as we're thoroughly addicted,

the Dream Parlor will be officially opened to everyone ...

... and users of the Parlor will "lose the ability

to enter REM sleep without Parlor assistance."

That's dream deprivation.

Can they do that?

[Eli] There's no safe release from this addiction.

According to Corbit's charts, it would take a person's nervous system

"four-to-six months" to readjust without the IDC signals ...

... and without the ability to dream,

it's only a matter of weeks, maybe days,

before the person begins suffering from

"intense hallucinations, paranoia, disorientation" ...

... the person's expected to either commit suicide

or become "hopelessly insane."

When does Phase Three begin?

[whispered] Dana.


It's already begun.

[off-screen, Kirk] Nothin'. Not one damn lead.

I can't find him anywhere.

I follow his chip to where he oughta be, and he ain't there!

He's learned how to jam his IDC signal.

Yeah, well, if I get close enough to tag him, I'll jam his signal.

I don't know who this guy is, but he sure as hell knows
how to dig a hole.

Ever hear of Mencer Barrett?

... sure.

The lunatic who tried to stop the New World Order.

I've been doing some digging myself.

Seems that Eli has quite a lineage.

What idiot gave him a job handling classified documents?

Regardless ... some yahoo accessed my computer a few hours ago.

I doubt it's what it seems to be ... but he did work with Eli.

[clock chimes]

Here's the stats. Go chat with him, will you?

[approaching footsteps]

I brought you something to eat.

[Susan] What's this?

[mumbled] Neural net.

A what?

Dream Parlor neural net.

I got the image while I was plugged into the system ...

And this?



See, the "net" is fairly localized.

Turns out that the Parlor's surface and shape
aren't just aesthetic design ...

... the place is a huge satellite link.

All the neural patterns are stored, monitored, and managed
from one central computer.

All the other Parlor outlets,

all the IDC ports that zap us answer to this one location.

The whole damn building's like part of the mainframe.

Yeah, but if we can penetrate this system ...


I want to plant a virus into the core.

But you said it would take months for the victims to detox ...

I used to create time-delay viruses

that would delete people's IDC numbers from the Execution Channel.

Now if I can replicate that virus in my mind,

and design it so that it mutates so quickly they can't get a fix on it,

then it can hide in the peripheral links

while it weans people off of their addiction.

And you think you can achieve this through a lucid dream.

I'm not sure.

[Eli] I have to get a closer look inside the mainframe itself.

I have to get back into the Dream Parlor--

[off-screen, Sara] Mister Eli! Mister Eli!

[Susan] What is it?

You gotta help him! He's in trouble!

Who's in trouble?

The guy who used to hang out with you!

"The guy who--?"

From your work!


[Sara] An Organizer dragged him to your place lookin' for ya.

They're gonna kill 'im!

[Susan] Don't do it!

I'm going with you!

No! You're staying right here!

But what if he needs me?

[off-screen punch and moan]

[Jacob moaning and whimpering]

Don't know why you're holdin' out, friend.

You're in deep enough as it is.

[Jacob crying out]

You go to the Dream Parlor, right?

There was a security breach there earlier.

And guess whose work station it got traced back to?

Too late, friend.

[Eli grunts]

[Eli] Jacob, get out of here!

[Eli grunting with impacts]

[elbow breaks, Kirk screams in pain]

[Eli grunts in pain]

[Kirk] "No head injuries." That's the deal.

But I'd crack your skull if I could!

[Eli panting]

How's the arm?

Screw Corbit!

[shock rod buzzes, Kirk gasps]

[off-screen, Sara] Mister Eli!

[Kirk] You're making a mistake, friend.

I've made 'em before.

[Derby] You're on the wrong side of town, "friend."

[Eli cries out]

Believe me ...

...you can't handle a trained Organizer by yourself.

[shock rod buzzes, Kirk grunts]

[snorts] I believe you.

[Sara] Come on, let's go!

[freight elevator door closes]

Got tagged, huh?

That sucks.

You're in big trouble now.

I thought you were supposed to be smart.

I'm glad you're okay.

Where's Susan?

Right after you bailed, another stiff came through the chute.

Miss Susan went to check it out.

We gotta get you back down to the tunnels.

It'll make it harder for the Organizers to track you ...

No ... no place will be safe for very long.

[Rookie Organizer] You got that right! [laughs]

[Organizer] Hey, what's up?

[SWAT Officer] There's a situation. Organizer's involved.

[off-screen, Organizer Commander] ... the Organizer involved is not assigned to this area.

I want to know why he's here.

[freight elevator door opens]

[tumbling crash]

[Kirk's tracker beeping]

[rifle fires]

[rifle fire hits Sara]

You, call for backup! The rest of you, fall in!

No, no, no ... Sara? Sara?! No ...!

Organizer down! Organizer down!

[breaking glass]

[tracker static]

[tracker beeping]

[boots crunching on glass]

[tracker beeping]

[loud footsteps]

[weapons firing]

Cease fire! Cease fire!

[Susan] It's not your fault.

I should've watched her closer.

[Eli] It doesn't matter.

It really doesn't.

Don't do this to yourself.

She's gone, and this won't bring her back.

I'm tired.

[Susan sighs]

Elijah ...

I need you to be strong.

I can't fight ... the Parlor on my own.

That man in your dreams ...

... the one that's telling you to "wake the people" ...

... and "find the truth" ...

What ... what is that truth?

When he said that you "don't belong here," what did he mean?

That I never should have gone to the Parlor!

Or did he mean here -- now -- in this world, the way it is?

Trust that voice, Elijah!

Listen to that voice, and trust it with all your heart!

[voice-over, Mencer] "This is your hour, when Darkness reigns."

You have questions.

Come here, son ...

It will be difficult, Elijah,

to grow up and try to fit into the world as it is,

as it's going to be.

You may find it easy to forget who you are.

You can't let that happen.

You must not forget who you are,

who God made you to be.

And there will come a time

when you will have to remind others of who they are as well.

When people lose faith, and hope ...

they'll accept ... anything to make them feel good,

even when it's wrong.

But if you do what's right and true,

you will give them hope.

[thoughtful grunt]

You will be a light in the darkness ...

I've tried to help them ...

... but I'm not ... you.

I never meant for you to neglect yourself, Elijah.

I wanted you to serve God while living the human experience.

But that is something that you and everyone else risk losing forever.

There is a greater purpose.

Your faith will be your strength.

Go now, son.

Water the seeds you have planted.

Stay with me.

[echoing] Now that you've found me,

I will always be with you.

[heavy sigh]

What is it, Elijah?

What's wrong?

It's Phase Three, isn't it?

You're hallucinating.


We have work to do ...

[clanging along metal pipe]


[grunting in pain]


[gasping and grunting]

[gasping in panic]

[determined grunt]

[over speakers] The Dream Parlor is now closed.

[over speakers] Our normal operating hours are--

[spotlights snapping on]

[over speakers] Hello ... Susan ... working late?

[doors whine open]

[Derek] Hey! You are, um ...?

I, uh, just came by to catch up on some late-night work.

Marvelous. There's no need to lie about it, though.

I'm not lying.

Come ooonn!

We all treat ourselves to the Parlor after-hours -- it's one of the perks!

Here at the Dream Parlor, you can be everything you want--

[hatch opening]

[Eli panting]

[hatch slams shut]

[slow clapping]

[Corbit] Very clever.

Very dramatic.

[clapping stops]

You better cover your chip, Rudolph.

Until you plug in, you're broadcasting live,

and if the Organizers storm this place,

it could be bad for business.

This should diffuse your signal.

Put it on.

Tell me what your business is.

Boy likes hardball -- haven't played that game in years.

Lay down.

Its bark is worse that its bite.

If you want your answers ...

I'm curious, not crazy.

Fine. Then give me the glove,

and wait outside on the front porch for an Organizer.

[Corbit] You're a brave little warrior, coming here like this.

I'm addicted.

[grunt] Bullshit.

You're behind the security breaches of the outer-compumatrix.

You know all about the Establishment's plans for my Parlor.

And I gather from your unconventional entrance ...

... you found my dirty laundry.

So now you're determined to stop "the evil Doctor Corbit" --

so determined that you're willing to risk a trip
to the Execution Channel.

[machinery powering up]

Or maybe a public beating,

like your old man, huh?

You don't know me.

You have no idea why I'm here.

Frankly, I don't give dick why you're here ...

I'm just glad you came.

You see, this is where it all began,

right here in this very basement.

Let me tell you a true story.

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my office ...

[crackling power]

[music peaks]

[A.I. Corbit] Hey, Doc. Working late?


I'd like to access any current dream activity in the mainframe, please.

You sound strange, Doc. Are you sick?

I'm fine.

Access current activity.

Let's try this ...

[scrambler beeps]

Access any personal logs,

specifically those relating to Citizen One-One-Eight-One-One.

Absolutely, Doc. Accessing logs now ...

[Corbit] Smart move,

because once the IDC was perfected,

it wasn't that difficult to find the key signals to affect the brain.

You mix the right endorphin treats,

and the old noddle will sit up, speak, or play dead.

What I've been looking for is a way to reverse the flow --

to get the mind to find its way back into the machine.

Now, I've managed to push a few NCs over the hump,

but getting them in proved a lot simpler than getting them back out.


Then you come along ...

... and I see my ticket to Paradise.

Why do you want to "reverse the flow"?

None of your business.

Does it make a difference?

People have died because of you.

Yeah, I think it makes a difference.

People will continue to die until I have what I want.

You could help me ...

... but it's my guess you've come here to bushwhack the mainframe
in some clever way.

Think of this as an extra hurtle.

You want me to trash your computer?


I want you to pop the cherry, so when I make penetration

it won't shock the system ...

... or me.

[dreamslab builds in power]

I don't trust you, Corbit.

Gee, I wonder why.

It doesn't matter --

you have no other viable option ...

... and neither does your buddy, Jacob.

Yeah, he lost his Citizenship, you know.

It seems he used his work station

to break into my computer.

What a pity ... poor boy.

Hunted fugitive and all.

It's just a matter of time before he ends up on the Execution Channel.

That's assuming, of course,

that his Parlor addiction doesn't kill him first.

Now the moral of the story, Eli,

is that your reputation is only as good as the company you keep.

I think you owe your buddy an apology.

And I think it's your responsibility

to take out the man who reported the security breach,

don't you?

[Eli grunts]

[Corbit roars]

Quick review, son

:I want out of this hell-hole, I want Nirvana,

and I need you to open the door

so that I can walk in and set up shop!

I want to spend the rest of my life joyriding on other people's dreams,

and I want control of it!

No one will ever take anything away from me ever again!

And when I'm on the inside, I'll have 'em all by the balls!

I'll be God -- the Duke --


Now, if you're half the cuss your old man was,

you may be willing to sacrifice your own life to one-up me.

But I promise you

:Jacob will only be the beginning!

I'll hang every Citizen or Non-Citizen

that you ever so much as stood next to,

and I'll make it my mission in life.

Do we have an understanding?

When you finally get the courage to step into my dream ...

... I'll be waiting for you.

[Corbit] Oh, by the way,

there's no guarantee that you'll stay in your prepared dream ...

[Eli screaming]


[Eli grunting]

[Eli cries out]

[whispering] Susan ...?

[louder] Susan?

[voice-over, Corbit] Eager beaver.

The subject reached enhanced REM faster than any before him.

At this accelerated rate of decent,

it'll be interesting to see what the mainframe kicks out

to prevent him from scoring a touchdown.

Watch your step, boy.

Here it comes ...

[monstrous roar]

[Eli gasping and grunting]

[monster growling]

[unsheathing sword]

[A.I. Corbit] ... when previous subjects interfaced with the net,

the mainframe interpreted them as an invading virus and defended itself,

which resulted in their death.

[Susan] How did the dreamers die?

The dreamers translated the computer's resistance as a nightmare --

their dream was torn apart.

When they didn't awaken, the nightmare grew steadily worse,

until it finally ended in brain death ...

... or suicide.

Access current dream path for One-One-Eight-One-One immediately.

Access immediately!

What's your mother's maiden name?


Your mother's maiden name, what is it?

[alarm sounds]

[voice deepening] What is your mother's maiden name?

Her maiden name --

what - is - it?!

What is your mother's maiden name?!

[small explosion]

[sword and axe clanging]

[thunder rumbles]

[Eli gasping]

[Eli choking]

[Organizer gun fires]

[Eli gasping for breath]

[ominous creaking]

[echoing whisper] Don't rock the boat.

[Eli gasping]

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up! You people aren't dead!

Wake up!

What's the matter with you people?! Wake up!

I'm trying to help you, now help me!

Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake - up!

Wake up!

Wake up, damn it!

I said wake up!

[maniacal scream]

[thunder rumbles]

[maniacal laughter echoes]


[laughter continues]

Susan, I need your help!


[crowd chanting "Susan"]

[Eli, panicking] Susan!

[crowd] Susan ... Susan ...

[Eli] Susan!

[crowd] Susan ... Susan ...

[Eli] Suussaaannn!

[crowd] Susan, Susan, Susan ...

[thunder rumbles]

[Primitive Eli] S ... Sus'n ...

[system powers up]

[Susan, distorted] Eeellliii ...?

[Primitive Eli sniffing]

[Susan, distorted] Eliii ...?

[thunder rumbles]

[Susan, distorted] Elijah, I'm here ...

Elijaaah ...

[Primitive Eli grunting]

[Susan, distorted] Where are you ...?

[Primitive Eli] S ... Sus'n ...

[Susan, distorted] Follow my voooice ...

[thunder rumbles]

Two waveforms!

Clever little bastard is doing it again.

It doesn't make any sense!

Without neuro-synthetics,

it's impossible for one person to do what Eli is doing ...

[Eli, mumbling] Sus'n ... Sus ... Susan ...

... mm ... mm in th' bazement ...

th' basement, Susan ... Sus'n ...

... Sus'n I'm in th' ... basement ...

th' basement, Susan ...

[mechanism rolling open]

[Primitive Eli grunting]

[monster roars]

[Primitive Eli roars back]

[machine pulses]


[thunder rumbles]

[monster roars]
[thunder rumbles]

[Primitive Eli grunts]

[Primitive Eli grunts in anger]

[Primitive Eli bellows]
[thunder rumbles]

[off-screen, Susan] Elijah, stop!

Elijah ... listen to me.

This nightmare is created by the mainframe defense programs.

It's what killed the others.

If you die in this dream ...

... then you die.

[Susan] No!
[Primitive Eli roars]

[portal begins murmuring]

Can you still generate the virus?

[portal murmuring]

Let's do what we came here to do ...

... before Corbit finds out.

[snake-like hissing]

[Susan gasps]

[Susan cries out]

[Susan screams]

[Susan moans in pain]

[door slams into place]

[system beeps]

[portal whine increases]

[rushing surge from comet]

[Corbit] You slippery little prick!

[Eli grunts in pain]

[Corbit] I put my head on the chopping block

to keep you off the Execution Channel.

[Eli panting]

Where's Susan?

[chuckles] Limbo land.

I sucked her brain dry.

[Susan] Elijah ...?!

[Corbit growling]

[Eli] You still ... need me ...

to get ... into your mainframe ...

Not anymore I don't.

I figured out your little trick!

You are useless to me.


[gasping] Basement ...

[over speakers] I'm sorry, there is no "basement" access in my program.

[Susan cries out in frustration]

[Corbit panting]

What a disappointment you must be to your old man.

[portal revving up]

[Eli yells]

[thunder rumbles]

[Eli and Corbit screaming]


[eerie organic whines and rumbles]

[Corbit laughs]

[Corbit, echoing] You did it, boy!

[echoes] ... did it, boy ...

You got me into the mainframe!

[echoes] ... the mainframe ... the mainframe ... the mainframe ...

[eerie organic sounds]

[Corbit] This is it!

[Corbit laughs]

[Corbit] A dreamslab.

It's beautiful!

My link to the world!

[Eli yells]

[Eli and Corbit struggle]

[Eli and Corbit struggle]

[Eli fighting for breath]

[Eli wheezing and choking]

[Susan] Elijah!

[Eli suffocating]

[Susan] I'm here!

I'm coming!

[Elijah suffocating]

I'm coming!

[power surge]

[Corbit grunts in surprise]

Hey, Corbit.

Is it true that if you die in your dreams ...

... you die?

[Eli roars]

[Corbit screaming in pain]

[Corbit struggling and choking]

[Corbit gasping like a fish]

[music builds]

[music climaxes]

[organic mainframe sounds devolve into individual cries
of pain and horror and sorrow]

[Susan] It's damaged.

[dreamslab croaking like a wounded animal]

[Eli] It's dying.

[dreamslab croaking like a wounded animal]

[Eli] There's no time to make the virus.

[dreamslab growling and whimpering]

[Susan] Then everyone will die ...

[Eli] I have to stay ...

Hold me ...

please ...

[dreamslab snarling and growling in fear]

[surrounding cries worsen]

[cries fall silent]

[dreamslab's "breathing" slows to a purr]

[voice-over, Susan] It's been eight months since Elijah left me ...

... left us ...

... to preserve the mainframe and wean the people from their addiction.

Some time passed before we started seeing changes.

People grew restless.

The Dream Parlor attendance began to drop.

Recent civil demonstrations and new followers give me hope ...

[music builds]

[voice-over, Susan] It took a system of absolute power to corrupt --

and it took a man of absolute conviction to restore.

Elijah Barrett had the courage to dream.

He believed in something good,

something more than himself ...

... and his faith set him free.

It set us all free.

[music builds]

[music fades]

[ending credits music score suite begins]

[music score suite concludes]