Dream On (2013) - full transcript

The course of true love does not run smoothly for two young lads in Norman's Cozy Welsh campsite in the mid 80s. Paul, an innocent northerner from Rochdale, meets George, a jack the lad, nervy young man from London. Paul has come on holiday with his domineering mum Denise and her attempts to control him, though comic, throw him further into thrall with George. Both teenagers dream of escape but their dreams go through many ups and downs in the course of Dream On. Based on the play by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

(waves crashing)

(gentle music)

- Bloody hellfire, Paul.

Have you seen this?

Well it's not like in the
brochure me mum sent us.

It's like a bloody shit
storm's hit the place.

Oh, give over, Paul,
they're not that heavy.

Christ, I can see why you
make me write your letters

to get out of PE.

It's embarrassing.

- Welcome, welcome!

You must be Denise.

Cor your mother said
that you were beautiful,

but bloody hell, you're a cracker.

- Behave, I've not even
got all me slap on.

- And this must be your son, Paul.

Hello, butt.

- Oh, don't mind him.

He's not a chatty one, our Paul.

Timid little thing.

- Well he won't be once
he's met my Angharad.

She's a real firecracker,
my daughter like.

- Oh, hey up, Paul.

You might have a holiday romance.

That'd be a first, eh?

- Right, shall I take you
to what we like to call

our premier pitch spot?

- Oh, well go on then.

That would be lovely.

Oh, isn't he lovely, Paul?

For Christ's sake,

if you've got a face like
a wet Wednesday all week

you can sod off back to Rochdale!

- Paul, why don't you go
to campsite reception,

meet my Angharad.

She'll show you around.

- Well go on!

I'm sure she don't bloody bite.

(Denise chuckling)

So where's this premier pitch spot?

- [Norman] Well, come with me.

(soft music)

(birds chirping)

- You all right, mate?

- Hiya.

- I'm George, by the way.

- Paul.

- Fuckin' old geezer, speak up!

- My name's Paul.

- What?
- Paul.

- I'm only messing, mate.

You away with the family, then?

- Yeah.

Well, just me mum.

She's into all this self-help
and crystal healing stuff

since me dad walked out.

Seems she needs to reflect
by the sea or some that.

- Oh, right.

Well me and my old man been
coming down since I was four.

It's tradition.

I mean, for fuck's sake, I'm 16, huh?

Do you know what mean?

- Huh, I'm 16 as well, except
I don't really want to be here

but I don't have much choice, though.

- Where abouts is that accent from, then?

- Rochdale, it's up north near Manchester.

- Ah, thought you was a Northerner.

Well I'm from South London.

Ever been to London, mate?

- No.

Never even left the North.

I mean, the furthest south
I've ever been to is Stockport.

- Ah man, you're missing out.

The south is quality.

- Nice one.

Hey listen, I better get going.

Me mum will kick off if I'm gone for ages.

- Well wait up, mate.

Before you go.

I've read this once
already, you can have it.

- Oh no, I can't.

I'd feel proper tight.

- Nah, come inside, mate.

I've got loads of comic books to share.

- Well I shouldn't really.

(soft music)

You've got loads of comics, you.

Have you actually read them all?

- Of course I have!

Me and my mate Gazza
have been grabbing these

every week for about a year now.

- Wait, these are stolen?

- Yeah well, how else am
I supposed to get 'em?

- [Paul] I've never had
a comic book before, me.

- Ah mate, it's spot on, this issue.

He's about to come out and
reveal himself as Spiderman

to everyone.

- Really?

- Yeah, you'll literally be
shitting your kecks mate.

- Sounds dead good.

Hey, so where's your dad, then?

- Oh well he ain't here yet.

Reckon he'll be here tonight now.

So what you doing in Rochdale, anyways?

- What do ya mean?

I live there.

- Yeah I know, but doing what?

- Oh.


I've just finished school, me.

My mum said I should get a
job at the local post office.

Says I could be assistant
manager in a year or so.

- So big dreaming yeah?

- Well what is it you wanna do?

- I'm gonna have my own beach bar.

I reckon Australia!

- Wow.

Eh, I've always wanted to
travel the without, me.

Just imagine if I ever try to leave home

me mum would probably nail me to the door

or something like that.

- Oh she's a fucking bitch, man!

I'm sorry, mate, I'm only messin', yeah?

Where are you off to, anyways?

- The shops.

Do you wanna come?

- Yeah, go on then.


How much money you got?

You beauty!

(George chuckling)

- Oi it's not even mine!

Give those back!

(upbeat music)

♫ She's the girl who's got it

♫ She's the girl I need to find

♫ She's the girl who looks good

♫ She's the girl who should be mine

♫ She's the girl who's got it

- Biscuit winner!

- All right, George.

- Just give those back.

Me mum'll go sick if I
don't bring back for dinner.

Just give those back.

- All right, all right, calm down.

I ain't seen what I want yet.

- I said, all right George.

- Have you got anything better to do

than shag your way around here all summer?

- No I haven't, actually.

You've matured quite nicely
over summer, I will say.

Who's this then?

- Ah, this is my boy Paul.

Paul, meet the local sex bucket Angharad.

(George chuckling)

- I can't believe it's been a year

since the last time you came in here.

I can't wait for some
valley boys to show up.

You know, proper men like.

- You got any beers in this place yet, eh?

- No, we haven't.

Although, there's a cracking
pub just down the road.

- [George] Oh yeah?

- [Angharad] Mmm hmm.

- I don't think there's much
here worth having, Paul.

- I'm not being funny

but this is the best shop in Trecco Bay.

- Isn't this the only shop in Trecco Bay?

- So.

Are you a virgin then or what?

- Bloody hell, Angharad,

you really know how to
knock 'em dead like.

- [Angharad] All right, Dad.

- Paul, pick all them bloody
cans up off the floor!

I'm sorry, Norman.

He's a right clumsy git sometimes.

- Well I wouldn't worry, love.

- Oh.

Hello, young man.

Oh fine, bugger off then.

- We need to get this
beautiful young woman

some more tent hooks.

You know where they are, Angharad?

- You want me to wipe your arse for you

while I'm at it like?

- Turn the radio on as well, love.

Makes it a bit more hip in here like.

- [Man On Radio] Prime
Minister Margaret Thatcher

has been celebrating her
third general election win

after beating Labour by 376 to 229 seats.

- She's like a bloody
steel shit, that women.

Ya can't flush her away.

- Well I think she's marvelous.

- Oh, don't get me started on her, Norman,

'cause I will not stop!

- Would you like to see
inside my office, Denise?

I've got some PG Tips and some
Welsh shortbread in there.

- [Denise] Oh bloody hell, Norman.

That's exciting.

- God, your mum is mental, mate!

- 'Kay, well Where's your mum then?

- [George] Oh, she's at home
waitin' at the window for me.

They ain't together no more.

- Sorry, Paul.

Are you gonna go back to your mum's then

if your dad don't show up?

- Am I, fuck me.

One time he didn't turn up when I was 12.

I just stayed here with
(mumbles) Jugs and Norman.

Don't give a shit anyway.

It's the only time I get away
from everything, you know?

- I wish I could get away from me mum.

- Hey, well stop dreaming
about it and do it.

You ain't a kid, you know.

- I know I'm not.

Hey listen, could you give
us that money back, please?

- Ah mate, that looks proper rank!

- Yeah, well what you gonna eat?

- Going down to pub with my dad.

Takes me every year.

- Nice one.

Hey listen, do you...

Do you wanna do something later?

- Yeah, go on, then.

Well, I mean if my dad don't turn up.

- Nice one.

All right, I'll see you later pal.

- Chock up some money
from your old dear's purse

so we can buy some comics this week.

- Are you kidding?

There's no way.

- You don't half need to
start enjoying yourself.

- It was nice to meet you, George.

- Oi, try and grab that tenner!

(soft music)

- Oh!

Bastard cheap things.

- Hello, do you want some help with that?

- No, I can manage, thanks.

- I'm good with me hands.

In fact I've got some better
hooks in the back of the car.

- Well Paul should be here any minute.

- Oh bloody hell, are
from the North like us?

I thought we'd be the only
normal folk on the campsite.

- Listen, I'd love to chat,

but I wanna get this up
before it pisses it down.

- It's not a bother,
I'll give you some help.

Let me get me shoes, hang on.

- Look, I've said I can manage, all right?

- All right, suit yourself.

No need to be so rude.

We don't like rude people, do we, April?

- No, we don't.

- Piss off!

And where the bloody hell have you been?

We're supposed to be on holiday together.

- I was reading, Mum.

- You've been reading?

What's that you got there?

Have you been buying
comics with that money?

- No, George gave it us.

- [Denise] Oh yeah, and who's George?

- Oh he's me new mate, Mum.

I met him today.

He's proper funny, I think you'd like him.

- Oh, him with the face in the shop.

He seemed rude.

- No, he's not rude, he's from London.

Hey, one day he's gonna
open a bar in Australia.

- Paul, I have told you before,
we do not trust southerners.

They're not like normal folk!

- Hey.

I brought us some spaghetti from the shop.

- Oh, great.

Luxury cuisine in that shop, is it?

Well go on, get cookin'.

Oh, hey.

Watcha think of Norman?

He's a bit of a catch.

Potential stepdad, eh?

We're just kidding.

Besides, his daughter's as common as muck.

- I'm just gonna read for a bit, Mum.

- Oh, "I'm just gonna
read for a bit, Mum."

Christ, Paul, it's like you
don't like me or something.

Well I was gonna do me tapes anyway.

You can poke me with a
stick when the food's ready

if you don't want to open
your gob and talk to me.

(birds chirping)

Jesus Christ, Paul!

What's wrong with ya?

- [Paul] You told me to
poke you with a stick!

- Yeah, I didn't mean
literally, you bloody idiot!

I've lost all me calming energy now!

I'm gonna have to go
an destress by the sea.

- I couldn't open the tin can, Mum!

(wind whistling)

- [George] Hey, you all right mate?

- Me Mum was doing me in
in listening to her tapes,

so I thought I'd come see ya
for a bit if that's all right.

- Yeah well I don't blame you.

- I can go if you're busy, though.

- Yeah, I'm well busy mate.

- Oh.

All right, well I'll see
you later then, mate.

- Oi, chill out, yeah?

I'm only messin'.

Here, you want a fag?

- No, I don't smoke, sorry.

- Well fine, suit yourself.

You got that money off your Mum yet?

- No, I can't.

She'll proper kill me.

- Eh, clock's a-ticking, Pauly boy.

- Hey, did you go for
dinner with your dad then?

- Nah, fuck him.

Don't even wanna talk about him.

Hey have you got a girlfriend then?

- No.

Can you imagine me bringing a
girl back to me mum's house?

- You're probably right.

Maybe you should just marry the bird?

She'd make your life a lot easier.

- You're dead weird, you are sometimes.

- Yeah?

Well I think you like weird.

- I really don't, though.

- Well what are you doing
around my tent then?

- I've just never met
anyone like you before.

'Cause we don't get southern
folk in Rochdale like.

- Well Rochdale sounds shit.

- It really is.

I just wanna get out
of there but it's like,

where'd you go?

- Swimming, mate.

- What?

- I'm going for a swim now, you coming?

- Oh yeah, but I ain't got
any swimming stuff with me,

now have I?

- [George] Yeah, and?

- Can't just go about naked.

- [George] Paul, man up and come,

or go home and eat beans with your mum.

(soft music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Well get off me fucking cock, then!

(speaking foreign language)

Get off!

Like not on the try.

(speaking foreign language)

- [Angharad] Ah, it's Nancy boys!

(soft music)

(rooster crowing)

(mechanical whirring)

(birds chirping)

- Larry!

- Shh!

- Larry!

- [Larry] What the bloody
hell you doing, son?

- I wasn't doing anything.

- He had his finger on his
lips and told me not to speak!

Me bloody knickers were down, Larry!

- You've frightened my
April half to death.

- I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

I was honestly just hiding
from my mum, I promise ya.

- All right, this goes no further,

but if I catch you doing out
like this near my April again,

my fist'll go through your face, got it?

- [Paul] Got it, sorry.

- What the hell are you doing

pissing behind the tent, April?

- Well there's a big queue.

I couldn't wait!

- Get in the tent.

Come on.

- [George] Off for a morning shit?

- What?


- It's fine, we all shit mate.

- Well I'm not going for one, am I?

- Paul's having a shit!

- Shut up!

- Ha!

So you enjoy our swim last
night then, Pauly Paul?

- Yeah.

You don't reckon Angharad's

gonna tell me mum that
I went though, do you?

- Ooh, I think I just saw
her telling her at the bogs!

- You what?

- Ah, I'm only messing!

- You were actually messing though, yeah?

- Or was I?

- You're a right bastard you.

- You love it!

Oi, you got that money
off your mum yet then?

- No, I can't.

She's only a dinner lady.

She don't make much money as it is.

- All right, fine.

Well looks like we ain't
going out tonight then.

You enjoy raving with your mum and Norman.

And I'll have that comic back I gave you!

Come get it!

Go and bleed the old witch dry!

(upbeat music)

♫ I'm the girl who's got it

♫ I'm the girl who reads you poems

♫ I'm the girl who look good

♫ And I'm the girl who

- [Denise] Jesus Christ!

What the fuck is that?

- Oh I'm sorry, Mrs. Paul's Mum.

I thought you'd still be
down at mine shagging my dad.

- You rude little mare!

Does your dad know you
about shaking folks' tents?

- Yeah, sorry like.

So is Paul around?

- Oh ey up.

Got your eye on our Paul, have ya?

(Angharad chuckles)

- I ain't got my eye on anyone.

They all got their eyes on me.

- On your tits more like.

- Yep, well then if
you've got it, flaunt it.

- Right, well he's not
here so go on, bugger off.

- Right.

What's all the commotion?

- I get it.

Hanging out in Denise's tent,
are you, you dirty bastard?

- Go on, off you go!

- Don't worry, I already
got sick in my mouth.

- Have you put my tea
in the microwave, love?

(Angharad sighs)

- Might of done.

- Scampi and chips, is it?

- Aye.

- That's my girl.

- [Angharad] Have a nice shag.

(soft music)

(person singing indistinctly)

(upbeat music)

♫ You're so sexy

♫ Oh yeah

♫ So so sexy

♫ Oh yeah

♫ You're so sexy

♫ Oh yeah

♫ You're so sexy

♫ Shake your money, honey

- [George] Are you like proper frustrated?

- Oh, George!

You scared me.

You look lush without no clothes on, mate.

- I wouldn't bother, love.

It's never worked before.

- You must be gay.

Like, I'm irresistible.

So what time's your
boyfriend getting here?

(Angharad laughing)

- Oh hell!

Here she comes now!
(both laughing)

(upbeat music)

- [George] Look at his hair!

- I am not going to the pub
with you dressed like that!

You'll have to get changed.

- [George] Oh Angharad,

meet us at the gates in 10 minutes, yeah?

- 10 minutes, that's a quick shag.

All right, sort him out
good and proper, Nancy boy!

- Mate, you can't wear that.


Let's put this shirt on you inside.

- I look like a dick, do I?

What ya doing?
(soft music)

- I'm restyling you, relax.

Okay, now who dressed you, your mother?

- Yeah.

- All right, you put this shirt on, mate.

It's more your style.

- I look all right, though?

I'm not gonna look like a dick, am I?

- Hey mate, you're on fire.

It's gonna be all eyes
on Pauly boy tonight.

- All right, nice one.

Hey, do we have to go with her, though?

- Hey listen, I know
she's mental and that,

but I really wanna get
out my face tonight, yeah?

Think you need to as well.

- Yeah.

Fuck it.

- All right, one more thing, yeah.

Yeah, wicked.

Shit, I almost forgot.

You got that money then?

- I feel proper tight doing this.

You sure it's all right?

- Hey don't feel tight.

You deserve it!

I mean for fuck's sakes, she
has you going on coastal walks.

- Hey, I also got this as well.

I don't know if it's any good or not.

- Oh you absolute legend!

I trained you well young Jedi!

- What?

- Sorry, mate.

Forget you don't leave the
house or watch TV or nothing.

- Yeah I do leave the house.

That burns me throat!

- Shit, I guess you never
drunk nothing before, have ya?

- Yeah, I have had a drink.

- You expect me to believe
that old witch lets you drink?

- Yeah, well I do it when
she's not in, don't I?

- Oh right, yeah, of course.

- Hey.

Let's have a photo together.

- All right then.

Tell you what.

(mechanical whirring)

You take a photo and I'll
pour this in your mouth, yeah?

- What?

No, I was thinking like a proper photo.

- Oh like a boring one then?

- Yeah.

- [George] Taxed mate.

I'm keeping that one.

- Have you heard from your dad yet then?

- Nah.

I tried phoning before

but he's probably down
at the pub or something.

- Sorry pal.

- Don't be.

They're all shits, my family.

The lot of them.

I can't rely on anyone, me.

- You can rely on me if you like.

- Right, down it.

- What?

- Down the rest of the whiskey.

- What planet are you on?

- [George] Come on.

(upbeat music)

- Yeah well you can tell
Gethin I'll see him later.

I'm with these boys.

Same again please, Gwyn.

See you later, boys.

♫ That's a contradiction
to the way I live my day

♫ I spend my nights

Oh what time's karaoke on tonight then?

- It's not on tonight, love.

Read the sign.

- What sign?

Well it's no good putting
down there, is it?

How am I supposed to read that?

(speaking foreign language)

- Are you sure you lot are 18, now?

- When was the last
time you saw a teenager

with tits like these?

(barmaid laughing)

- Jesus.

You need your head sorted.

I had bigger tits than
that in primary school.

- Look, we all know you're jealous,

so just pour the pint, all right?

- Oh really?

And where do you want it?

Over your fucking head?

- Oh for fuck's sake!

You got beautiful tits.

They're much better than mine.

- That's more like it.

- Oi, fairy factory!

Which one of youse is gonna
help me out with these pints?

- Why do you keep calling
me and George fairies?

- Because that's what
you are now, isn't it?

It bloody is.

Anyone who can resist these is.

Oh, George, can we have a photo?

- Yes, Angh.

- Right everyone smile!

- [George] Everyone give the Vs!

(George laughing)

- Oh, let's play a game.

Shoot, shag, or marry.

I'll go first.

Paul, who would you rather
shoot, shag, or marry?

Me, the barmaid, and George.

- I don't get it.

- Which one of us would
you shoot, shag, or marry?

- Oh this is gonna be crackin'!

- No, I don't wanna play.

- Do you wanna bet?

You're playing, otherwise I'm
coming around your tent later

and believe me, you don't want that.

- No, I don't wanna.

- [George] Mate, it's only a game.

- All right, well I'd shoot Angharad.

- You cheeky bastard!

- And I'd...

No, I'm not playing this shite.

- Come on, Paul.

Would you shag George or marry him?

- Marry him, I guess.

- Well looks like your
shagging her tonight.

(both laughing)

- Hey, that's enough!

Told you, play nice, okay?

- Chill out, love!

- Hey, I'll knock your
block off in a minute, love!

- What did I do now?

It's all right, Paul.

We all know you'd rather
shag Georgey boy over here.

- Yeah well who wouldn't, eh?

- Me.

I don't do boys with fairy wings.

- More booze then.

- Slow it down.

- I'm gonna go, I feel a bit sick.

- What's up with him?

- [George] Ah he can't hack it.

I'll drink his.

- No, slow it down!

You're a right piss head tonight.

♫ Down in one super warrior

- [Angharad] Don't you dare,

I only just bloody bought those!

- Right, okay.

I'm sick of you bloody kids!

Down now!

Don't make me have to go for Trish.

Right you want to play rough?

That's fine.

- Oh George, just get down!

You're such a bloody knob sometimes!

I'm sorry, Gwyn.
- Who even cares?

There's no one here to bloody stop me.

- [Gwyn] Right, I'm going
to stop you in a minute.

Oh get out the way, love!

- Fucking hell she's had her spinach!

- Right!

Any more trouble from you lot
and you're barred, all right?

- I really see what he
likes about all this.

- What are you on about?

George, if you sit for a second

maybe you'll feel a bit better.

- No, mate.

I'm going to back to the campsite, yeah.

See you in a bit, mate.

- Maybe later if you're all right?

- Just fucking give me a minute, yeah?

- He's a big boy, he
can look after himself.

- And this is all to do with his dad?

- I expect so.

This isn't the first time
his dad's not shown up.

He had to stay with us
last time it happened.

- Why doesn't he just show?

- He's pissed up somewhere, I expect.

He's as dirty as they come, his dad is.

- [Paul] Gonna go see if he's all right.

- Paul, you need to be careful.

He's a messed up one, our George.

- Have you met me mum?

Think I'll be all right.

- Well don't go crying to
me when it all goes tits up.

(door closing)

(soft music)

(crickets chirping)

- I read in The Green Lantern once

the closest star to the Earth's the sun.

All them other stars out there,

they're already dead.

I used to think they were
like dead celebrities

when I was a kid.

And that one there,

that's Elvis Presley that is.

- No, that one's the North Star that is.

- I know that, you knob.

I meant when I was a kid.

- I never got a look at the stars, me.

It's proper moggy around where I live.

- I like looking at the stars out here.

It reminds me of how big everything is.

I mean, there's so much
more to see out there mate.

One day I'm gonna get away and see it all.

- It'd be impossible to see everything.

You haven't got enough years.

I ain't even seen most of England.

- Hey, I can do whatever I want yeah!

- Sorry.

- Which one do you wanna be?

- What do you mean?

- Which star do you wanna be?

- I dunno.

Most of them are dead
anyways, aren't they?

- Yeah but how can something
that burns that bright

already be dead?

I don't get it.

- Well I reckon you're that
one, Elvis can have another.

- Yeah, you're fucking too right
I burn brighter than Elvis.

Apparently he ain't even dead.

He's like some alien living
in Las Vegas or something.

You're that one.

- Can't even see anything.

- I know, you need to
burn a bit brighter, mate!

- Thanks, by the way.

- Well for what?

- Sounds proper stupid,

but when I with you I fell
like I can do anything.

I never imagined I'd be robbing
money or alcohol off me mum.

- You can do anything
you want whenever, yeah?

You just start standing up to your mum.

Grow yourself some balls.

- Not as easy as that.

She's proper up and down.

I never know if she's
gonna kick off or not.

- You're probably best off
catching her after sex.

She seems more relaxed then.

- You're dead weird, you are.

- You love it!

- I finished that comic book you gave us.

Never did find out

if he revealed himself
to his mates or not.

- I think he will.

He's pretty brave as Spiderman.

- Can't believe I've been out drinkin'.

It's proper mental.

- I'm going out tomorrow, Paul.

- Yeah I know.

We're off an all.

Back home like none of this ever happened.

I just wish I could get away from her

but I'm proper trapped.

- Fucking hell, just get a voice, mate!

- I've got a voice.

- What?

- I said I've got a voice!

- That's more like it.

- So what you gonna do now?

- Gotta start saving
for my bar in Australia.

Don't come cheap, you know.

- How about I save up and come with ya?

- You know what?

Fuck it.

We'll just save up all
year, just get out of here,

and no one can find us.

Just me and you.

- Yeah, you know what, I'll
take that post office job then

and when me mum's not
looking I'll just run away.

- Or you can do it when she is
looking and give her the Vs.

- Are we really going
to do this next year?

Me and you are going to
get out of here, George!

- Sounds like a plan, Batman.

But you're definitely Robin, not Batman.

- You're a right twat, you.

- Night, Pauly Paul.

- Sorry, I can be a proper
fidget at night sometimes, me.

- It's all right, mate.

Um, watcha think you're doing, mate?

- [Paul] Nothing, sorry!

- Well I never!

Fairies at the bottom of the field.

I think that's proper dirty, that.

You wanna be careful
you don't get beaten up

doing stuff like that around here, boys.

- Piss off, Angharad.

- Your old witch is looking for you.

Shall I tell her you're
busy shagging or what?

- We weren't shagging, I fell asleep here.

Where is she?

- Oh hell, what's going on now?

You perving again, son?

- I just caught these two in bed together.

- You never!
- Mmm hmm.

- Disgusting!

Me and April once wondered
into the gay part of Majorca,

saw one man on a lead.

We were disgusted, me and April.

- Piss off!

- Hey!

Your mother's gonna hear
about this, all right?

Right, where's my April?

- Paul?

- Here we go.

- Where the bloody hell have you been?

Do you know how long I've
been looking for you?

- [Paul] I went to the pub
with George and Angharad, Mum.

- I've already told her this.

- Button it you.

Piss of back to the shop, Angharad.

Did you sleep here last night?

- Yeah, I thought you might
be in your tent with Norman.

- Oh God, you reek of fags and booze!

Have you been smoking?

Oi, put that out!

Listen sunshine, your mother
might let you run around town

like a stray mutt, but I've
got bigger plans for our Paul.

- What, the local post office?

Whoa, mental!

- What have you been telling him?

I do nothing but look after you!

- I haven't said anything, Mum.

- Yeah, we'll have words later.

Come on.

Pack up your clothes
and take down the tent.

Holiday's over.

We're on the next bus in an hour.

- Chin up, Pauly Paul.

We've got Australia.

- I've got nothing, me.

Just some name card in
some bloody post office.

- Paul, this time next year

me and you are going to be out of here.

You've never got to take
that shit again, yeah?

(soft music)

- Is this really going to happen at all?

It's not just some drunken dream?

- It don't have to be a drunken dream.

We just save up all year, get out of here!

No looking back.

You game?

- I'm game.

So is this actually happening?

We're getting out of here?

- I'll be waitin' for ya, mate.

- Take care, George.

- [Denise] Paul?

- Can I use me coupon, lad?

I got a paper for the two-for-one on milk.

And can I use me discount card as well?

- Well yeah, but not on the
discounted milk, though.

- Well why not?

It doesn't say that on
the back of it, this card,

on the terms and conditions.

- Well if you took the time to read

the letter that we sent out,
I think you'll find it does.

- Eh!

Don't play smart arse with me, young man.

- Do you want the discount or not?

- No, I don't think.

I want the manager.

Very good friend of mine, is Graham.

Just go and tell him
Betty wants to see him.

(Betty clicking tongue)

- [Denise] Paul, you still here?

Make us that cuppa tea, love.

- Yeah.

In a minute, Mum.

(soft music)

♫ A blanket of diamonds
asleep on the pillow of clouds

♫ Freedom baby

♫ With his hopes and your
dreams slowly twinkling

♫ Twinkling

- I thought I told you to
go and clean those toilets.

- I'm gonna clean the toilets, Dad.

I'm just having five minutes.

- I know, it just needs
a little bit of bleach.

- Oh!

- All right, butt!

- Angharad!

- Ah Paul!

Oi, Paul Jacobs, Assistant Manager.

Bloody hell!

So what brings you back here then?

- Got the night bus straight from work.

I'm here to see George.

- Aye?

Is your mother with you?

- No, she's at home I suppose.

(Angharad laughing)

What you go and do that for?

She's gonna be worried sick!

- Oh this is gonna be cracking.

- Right, you're going to
ring her today or I will.

- We don't have a phone in our house,

and besides, I've left her a note.

- Right.

- So what time's the other
fairy flying in, then?

- Is George not here yet?

He should be here by now.

- I ain't seen him, no, love.

- Yeah well he'll be here.

- If I'm honest love, I
wouldn't expect him to show up

from a promise he made a year ago.

You're crackers.

- You don't understand, 'cause
we're getting out of here.

- Just like that, is it?

(soft music)

(Denise snoring)

- Paul?

Oh, bloody hell.

Why didn't ya wake me?

I'll never get back to sleep tonight now.

Paul, are you here?

- [Paul Voiceover] Mum,
I've written this down,

as I somehow I lose me voice around ya.

To be honest you bloody scare me.

Last summer I felt so alive,
I began to find my own voice.

I felt like I could do anything.

I've gone to find me own
voice again and finally be me.

Look after yourself.

I'll come visit you, I promise.

Love you, Mum.

Your Paul.

- I don't bloody think so!

- Well I reckon the last
bus'll be here in a minute.

He'll be here soon.

- Can we just go inside now?

You must be shattered.

- I just wanna be here when he arrives.

- Okay then.

We'll wait a little bit.

- How about if I walked
down to the bus stop

and see if he's there?

- What good's that gonna do?

- I could check around the campsite.

He might already be here and--

- Come off it, Paul.

We'd know if here, all right?

He's not exactly quiet, is he?

- Yeah.

I'm sorry, I'm just proper nervous.

My heart's racing.

- And I'm freezing my nips off out.

Oh come on, Paul, let's go inside.

- Just two more minutes, yeah?

- Look Paul, I gotta be honest with you.

That bus you got here, it was the last.

There's not gonna be another
one now till morning.

- He's not coming, is he?

- No Paul, I don't think he is.

- But I said I wouldn't let him down.

- Oh, don't you be crying.

You haven't let him down, you're here.

He's a bloody sod, that boy.

- But I can't go back to
Rochdale now, I just can't.

- Oh, I got it!

You can come and work on
the campsite here with me!

Oh, we'll have a great time!

- But she'll be here in the
morning and that'll be it.

- Oh I'll sort it out,
don't you bloody worry.


- Wait.

Have you got his address in the books?

- I think we got it somewhere, why?

- I need it.

- Would do you want with that, Paul?

- I've waited all year for him, Angharad.

The longest bloody year of me life

and I ain't waitin' for him any longer.

- But Paul, he lives in England.

There's nothing in England.

There's nothing in England, Paul!

- [Paul] No one's asking ya to come!

- Oh, for fuck's sake,
do we have to though?

It's England!


He might still come.


(upbeat music)

♫ London town where the boys are pretty

♫ Let them sin for life

Shall we just get a taxi?

- We've been walking hours.

We must be nearly there now.

- So watcha gonna say when
he opens the door like?

- Dunno, what would you say?

- I'd say, "What the fuck do
you think you're playing at,


And clock him right around the ear.

- I'm just proper nervous.

What if something's
happened to him, Angharad?

- Do they shortbread in England, Paul?

- Are you even listening to me?

- All right, we'll just see
what happens when we get there!

All right!

- Yeah, we do have shortbread in England.

- Fucking starving!

(singing in foreign language)

- And what are you doing now?

- That's the Welsh national anthem, Paul.

I gotta do something to
keep my mind off England.

- Yeah, well can you just
not for five minutes?

(soft music)

- George?

- Who the fuck's gonna hear that?

Watch out.


- What you doing here?

- [Angharad] Well what
the fuck do you think?

- What happened to you last night, George?

I waited all night for you
and you just never came.

- Listen, you need to piss off
back to the campsite, yeah?

I'm cooking for my dad.

- Are you pissed?

Oh, you reek of it!

You're just like your father then, I see.

- Look, I said piss off back to Wales!

I'm busy, all right?

- Yeah, fine.

No problem, we're going.

- What about running away together?

I left Rochdale, I actually did it.

- It's all daydreams, mate.

- It doesn't have to be.

I mean, I've saved enough money for us.

We could actually go.

- Let's just fly away
like in a fucking comic?

Grow up, Paul.

- What about me and you getting away,

what about Australia, yeah?

I've saved enough money, we could go now.

- And then what, Paul?

My dad finally wants me to
spend some time with me.

He proper needs me now.

You don't get it.

- Paul, just leave him.

Let's just go.

- [George] Do you know what?

That might be the best
thing that slag's ever said,

Pauly boy.

- Don't fucking start with me.

You're know you're not worth this.

Come on, Paul, we're going right now.

- No, because me and you,
we're getting out of here.

I made the promise that I'd keep you safe.

He's not well enough to keep you safe!

Look, this isn't you.

- Just go live the fucking
dream on your own, Paul, yeah?

(soft music)

- You don't mean that.

- Don't touch me!

- I will hit you so hard in the face,

your teeth will hit me back!

- Listen, get it in your
thick fucking heads.

I don't wanna see either
of youse ever again.

So get out of here

before my dad brings his
fucking boys around, yeah?

(George crying)

- Norman?

Where is he?

- Oh hello, Denise.

Lovely to see you.

- Is my son here or what?

- Oh hell, I did say
this was going to happen.

Look, he was here last night like.

Just hang on, let me have a look to this.

- What do ya mean, "was here?"

- It seems they've gone to London.

- London?

Jesus Christ, what's in.

Oh, bloody George, I bet!

- Oh, why would you want to leave Wales?

We've beautiful valleys for miles around--

- Just get the register book out now!

- Don't think there's
anything worth reading

in there, love.

Why don't I make us a nice pot of Welsh?

Where are you going?

- [Denise] London!

(soft music)

- I hope our Jean's all
right back at the campsite

on her own.

Truth be told I'm worried, Denise.

She was always a bit of
a slow one, was our Jean.

- Is this even the right block?

- I'll have a look.

Fuck, 108.

There it is over there!

- Right.

I hope no one's still in bed

'cause this is about to get very loud.

- I always find the best thing
to do in these situations

is to remain calm.

- Hello?



- I don't think anyone's here, love.

- Just wait outside, Norman.

- No way, I'm not leaving
you in here on your own.

- Paul, are you in here?

- [Man] Who the fuck are you?

- Who the fuck am I?

Who the fuck are you?

Is my Paul here?

- Get out my house, now!

- Oh God, Norman, he stinks of booze!

- Calm down, Mark, we're
just here to find the kids.

- What the fuck are you doing here?

- [Norman] Come on Denise,
they're obviously not here.

- Get out or I'm calling
the fucking police around!

- Good, get 'em 'round here!

I'd love to see

what they think of the
pissed up state you're in.

George, are you here?

- Is she fucking deaf?

- Get your hands off me

or I swear to god I will
knock your bloody head off!

- Get the fuck out of here.

I'm calling my boys around!

- You are not getting anyone 'round!

Now tell us what you've
done with the kids!

- I don't know, I kicked him out.

He's a little shit.

Get off me!

(Mark grunting)

- Where are you, Paul?

You're disgusting!

Come on, Norman.

They're not here.

- Come on, denise, he's no worth it!

- I swear to God, if
he has touched my Paul!

- [Angharad] Bloody hell, Jean.

Tinned fruit with baked beans?

- Eh?

Don't start.

I've left Garry at home with
the kids for three bloody days.

When get back baby Dafydd

will have wiped his
shit all over the place,

and Carys will have my
makeup all over her face

and Garry will be sat in the
middle of it all rocking,

so don't you start with me, all right?

- She's a right bloody cock, that woman.

- Dunno what I feel like.

I don't even know what
I feel like anymore.

- Yeah, well that's a good
job 'cause you're gonna get

a right mouthful when
that dragon gets here.

- Do ya think your dad would be all right

with sortin' out a job, you know?

While I sort myself out?

- I can't see why not love.

You've got that assistant
manager badge now.

We don't get many people
wanting to work here

with those mind.

- Nice one.

- I can't see your mum
liking it much, though.

- Who cares, sod her

- Oh hell.

I made up the spare room for you, love.

You can even put a poster up if you like.

- Do you reckon he's all right?

George, I mean.

I just feel proper tight
leaving him there like that.

- At the end of the day he's a twat, Paul.

He wants to drink himself
into an early grave

just like his father.

- You!

Outside now!

Well are you deaf or just bloody stupid?

I said now!

- Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me

or just shouting at me, Mum?

- Don't play smart arse with me, sunshine!

I've been to bloody London
and back to find you!

- London?

Did you see George?

- Yeah I might of done.

- Did you see him?

- I'll tell you on the way back!

- Oh just bloody tell him, Denise!

- For Christ's sake, he wasn't even there.

Though I did have the pleasure

of meeting his disgusting father!

You had a lucky escape, believe me.

- Oh, you're just going to
make things 100 times worse!

Why couldn't you have
just stay in Rochdale

where you belong?

- Shut up and get outside!

We need to leave now to
get that last coach home.

- Well you best get going

'cause I wouldn't want ya to miss it.

- Oh for Christ's sake,
Paul, what you gonna do?

Stay in Wales and play
caravan park with her?

- And what's wrong with that?

Oh piss off, Denise,
he's staying, all right?

- Oh, do you know, if
you were my daughter--

- I'd have been out the
womb and the bloody door

at the same time!

- Look Mum, I'm done fighting with you.

You're just making it harder for yourself.

- Just get your stuff.

I have had enough of your bloody cheek!

Do you know what you've put
me through this weekend?

- Oh I'm sorry if I've been hurting you.

Do you know what?

I'll just ring you a taxi
to the coach station.

- Give over, Paul!

I'm tired.

(soft music)

We need to leave now!

Come on, Norman's holding
the last coach for us.

There's a storm on the way.

- Mum.

I've filled the fridge for you back home.

It's gonna last you a
good couple of weeks.

Have a safe trip back, yeah?

- Paul!

Come back!


Stop messing about!

- You all right, love?

- Oh God!

- Shh, it's all right.

- Everything all right?

- No it's not.

Your mum has been snotting
in my hair for the past hour.

- She's still not gone home yet?

- Aye, she's back on the coach now.

- [Paul] Really?

- No.

- Yeah, well she will be tomorrow

even if we have to tie her
to the back of a coach.


Can I ask you something?

- [Angharad] Yeah.

- why are all the walls black?

- Well my dad did it when my mum died.

I don't really like it much.

He's better now, so.

What's that you got there?

- It's that Polaroid
of me, you, and George

from last summer.

- Oh, that's lovely, that is!

We should put this up on the counter!

- No.

I know it sounds funny

but it's the only photo of him I've got.

- You need to get over him, boyo.

I don't see what you see in him.

I mean, there's got to be

some nice Welsh fairy
valley boys somewhere.

Maybe in Cardiff?

- Don't want fairy valley
boys, I want George.

- You've gotta take your mind things.

Got it!

Let's got out and get pissed!

Oh we'll have a great time!

- Not tonight.

- I know, sleepover!

Girly night in, me and you!

- [Paul] No, I'm really tired, Angharad.

- No, come on, Paul!
(upbeat music)

Let your hair down!

♫ I wanna be your boy toy
funk your hunky river baby

♫ I wanna be your boy toy
and funk your hunky river

♫ I'm gonna be

Oh, the bloody power cuts!

(thunder rumbling)

I swear, one bit of rain
and this place goes to shit,

I tell you!

All right, come on.

We're going to have to go

and find the fuse box or something.

- Angharad, I'm really scared of storms.

Me mum used to say when I was a kid

that monsters usually hide in them.

(Angharad laughing)

- She's bloody mother
of the year, that one!

- Can't we just get norman to do it?

- Right Paul, if you're going
to stay around and be Welsh,

you need to grow a pair, all right?

- I don't wanna be Welsh.

- I can't see a fuckin'.

Do you know when I find out
who's been leaving piles of shit

around the place.

- [Paul] Angharad, it just moved!

- [Angharad] What?

- [Paul] The rubbish, I just saw it move.

Do you think it's a rat?

- [Angharad] I dunno, touch it.

- [Paul] , no, you touch it!

- [Angharad] You're such a baby, Paul!

Oh fucking hell!

- [Paul] George?

(somber music)

- Dad?

- George, it's me, it's Paul.

Can you hear me, can you
open your eyes for me?

Please, George?

- Why Paul, he does look so good.

He's probably been out here all night

pissed out of his head.

- No, he's gonna be fine, I know he is.

Eh George?

George it's me, it's Paul.

Can you open your eyes for me, please?

- I'm getting Dad.

- Hey?

You're safe now, you're back here.

You're going to be all right, George.

Come on, me and you,
we're getting out of here.

- [Norman] Out of the way, lad!

- [Paul] Just be careful with him, yeah?

- [Norman] I need to get him to hospital.

You two stay here, all right?

- [Paul] No, I'm coming with you!

- You're in no fit state
to go anywhere, lad!

Angharad, you stay by the phone.


Put your arm around me, boy!

(thunder rumbling)

- It's going to be all right, love.

- Has he rung yet?

- No, love.

It's been about 30 seconds
since you last asked.

- He's been gone ages.

I'll just walk down to the
(mumbles) or something.

- Paul, do you know how
many piss heads they get

down in Trecco Bay Hospital?

They're gonna be a while, all right?

- What on Earth's going on down here?

Why are you two piss wet through?

Where's Norman?

- I dunno, he said he'd
gone out to meet someone.

- At 2:00 a.m.?

Who would he go and meet
this time in the morning?

- I think he said it was Elwyn.

Or was it Gwyn?

I never can quite keep up.

- Oh yeah?

And who the bloody hell is Elwyn?

- Go back to bed, Denise.

- You not talking to me, Paul?

- Right.

If you're staying then
don't go crying again,

'cause I think I've had

about as much shit as I can take today.

- Jesus Christ, I only
came down for some water.

Tell your dad I'm looking for him.

- Paul, I don't think
George is well enough

to go anywhere right now.

In the head, I mean.

- He's fine, he just got
pissed and fell asleep.

He's going to be fine, I know he is.

- Okay.

So let's go to bed

and maybe in the morning he'll be here.

- You can go to bed, I'm waiting here.

- [Angharad] But all
you've done this past year

is wait for him.

- So one more night's
not going to hurt, is it?

- Okay.

(soft music)

We'll wait.

- George?

- [Angharad] Finally!

Thanks for ringing, Dad!

- [Norman] Is the spare
bed made up, Angharad?

- [Angharad] Yeah, but Paul was going to--

- [Norman] I know, let's just
get him to sleep right now.

Paul, you tuck and tear with
Angharad for tonight, okay?

All right.

- Okay!

He's back, hurray!

Come on, let's go to bed.

- I'm just going to go
see if he's all right.

- Oh no, no, no.

Leave him tonight.

He's alive, so it's sorted.

- Sorry, I should have knocked.

- Mate, it's fine.

- Are you all right?

I mean, what happened to you?

- Do we have to do this now?

I'm lacquered, mate.

- I was worried about you, I
mean, I thought you were gonna.

- Well, it was a close one, mate.

Pumped my stomach.

- I'm glad you're okay now.

Did you mean what you
said to me in London?

- Just leave it tonight please.

- Leave it tonight?

I've left it a whole year.

I waited for you, George!

- You waited on a dream, Paul.

- It didn't have to be a dream, did it?

- You've got no idea, mate.

- No idea about what?

- My dad.

He needed me, yeah?

He ain't got anyone to look after him.

His liver's fucked, mate.

- Sorry.

- He kicked me out, Paul.

Said I was just like Mum.

He's gone, mate.

There's nothing left of him no more.

I didn't know where else to go.

- Yeah well I'm glad you came back here.

- I wasn't expecting a warm reception

so I thought the booze might help.

- Do you know what I don't get about you,

is you're one of the most
confident person I have ever met.

I don't get why you have to drink.

- The other day, I wasn't
myself you know that, yeah?

I just completely lost
myself in that house.

I didn't want you to see me like that.

Not ever.

- You're bruised?

- Yeah I must have fallen.

- You're safe now.

That's all that matters.

- I was hoping you wouldn't show.

I thought you'd forget you'd
go without me or something.

- Yeah well I made a promise, didn't I?

- Paul, I don't need you to look after me.

You know that, yeah?

No one looks after me.

- Well you're exactly
not doing a very good job

of looking after yourself, are you George?

I used to look up to that North star,

yeah I sound proper stupid,

but it made me feel like you were there,

when I was back at home
in that shitty place.

So yeah, basically what I'm saying is

I do care about you, George.

- You can stay here if you want.

- I don't mind, it's up to you.

- Well that didn't take
long, did it, boys?

Paul, wake up!

Your mum is on the rampage.

I would get up now if I was you.

- [Denise] Paul?

- [Paul] I can't breathe!

- Just shut up!

- What the bloody hell are you doing?

- I'm doing my bust exercises, ain't I?

- [Denise] Yeah, well you don't
need 'em any bigger, love.

- Yeah, but you've gotta
keep 'em firm, Denise.

I've seen what can happen.

- Have you seen our Paul?

- Nope.

- Well he can't have gone far.

Where's your dad?

Is he back yet?

- How the hell should I know?

- Right, you.

Up, come and help me find Paul.

- I can't.

- Get up now!

- [Angharad] No, I got this
terrible cramp, Denise!

- [Denise] Jesus Christ!

- Mum!

- George?

You dirty bastard!

Have you been hiding here this
whole time, seducing my Paul?

- It was me, Mum!

- Jesus Christ!

You're not even the legal age

to be sticking you-know-what
up bloody you-know-where!

I can't believe you've done
this to me on top of everything!

- Done what to you, Mum?

You know I'm finally happy
for the first time in my life

and yeah, with him.

- Are you telling me you're
one of them homosexuals, Paul?

- I'm telling you that I'm in love.

- In love!

Don't be ridiculous, you're
17 for Christ's sake!

- [Paul] Yeah well you had me at 16!

- Yeah well exactly!

Young and stupid!

You don't know what you're thinking!

- I've been thinking about
him for the past year, Mum.

- Yeah well what about this
gay plague that's going 'round?

Christine from bingo's
brother died of it, you know!

I don't want my son to die!

- I'm not gonna die, Mum.

- Right, that's it.

We are leaving right now!

You're not seeing him
ever again, sunshine!

- No, you are never seeing
me ever again, sunshine!

(soft music)

Goodbye, Mum

- Please don't leave me on me own, son.

You're all I've ever had.

You're my little boy!

- Hello, lovely.

What are your plans now?

- I'm gonna go home.

- Will Paul be joining you?

- No, Norman, he's
staying here with George.

- Shall I make you a nice cup of tea?

- Tea's not gonna fix this one, Norman.

- Right.

I think that Paul will be able
to help George get better.

This is a good thing.

And you never know, he might come home.

- Oh he's helping him
get better, all right.

- It'll be all right, Denise.

I can feel it in my bones.

- You know, you think they'll
stay with you forever,

don't you?

I thought if I keep pushing
down on him he'd stay with me.

God, I'm so bloody stupid sometimes!

He's right though.

I never did let him be himself.

Daft cow, that's what I am.

- Don't be so hard on yourself.

He turned out to be a
proper decent young man.

- Thanks, Norman.

For helping and that.

- You don't have to be
on your own, you know.

Why don't you stay awhile?

Ever since Norma died I could
do with an extra pair of hands

around the place like.

- What about Gwyn and Elwyn?

Get them to help.

- Who the hell are Gwyn and Elwyn?

I want you, Denise.

- Oh bloody hell, Norman.

Oh come here!

Thank you!

- Feeling okay?

- I'm fine.

- Me and you are all right,
though, aren't we though?

Like proper together now, yeah?

- Paul, this time next month

me and you are gonna be
on a beach in Australia

looking at the stars together.

I promise.

- I just need to get you
better first though, yeah?

- Hey, I'm sound.

You gonna tell your mum
about us going then?

- Yeah, I'm going to tell her later today.

- Maybe you should leave
it a few days, mate.

She's been through a lot today.

- No, we're getting ourselves sorted now.

Hey, I got these for us from Rochdale.

Look, I've got these
deposit form sorted for us.

All you need to do is sign there.

Even set up some passport forms for us.

- Mate, I ain't got the
money for a passport.

- Don't worry, I've got enough for us.

Hey, I've filled the form out for you.

I'm sending off them deposit forms today.

Me and you are getting out
of here, George, all right?

- Bloody hell, boys.

You don't half put that woman
through some shit, I tell you.

Oh George, you look rough, love.

- I'm fine.

- Are you sure you're all right?

- Yeah I'm sound.

It's just 'cause of the
other day, just leave it.

- Sorry.

Has me mum left yet?

- Be fair, love.

She ain't going anywhere.

- [Paul] Are you taking the piss?

- I don't think you'll
ever be able to escape her

so man up and get used to it.

- She ain't going to move
to Wales, there's no way.

- We'll see.

Anyway, we got some work to do.

Go on then.

Tell me everything.

Did it hurt?

I bet it hurt, that.

- What are you on about?

- Well you know.

Fitting a large carrot
into a tiny acorn hole,

that's got to hurt a bit.

- Do you think he seems okay now?

Like he just doesn't seem right.

- Well what do you expect?

He's been living in shit all year.

God knows what he's been through.

I told you, Paul, he's messed up.

- I just want everything to be okay now.

- Where do you think you
are, fucking Disneyland?

And hurry up with those, the post at five!

(Paul tapping pen)

Right, that's it.

Go into Trecco and get some supplies.

That should take your mind of things.

- Oh come on, Angharad, I
said that I'm not going to--

- No, I said bugger off!

Here's your list.

(Angharad sighs)

- There's just something
I need to do first.

- Oh yeah, well that's a surprise.

You know I'm not paying
you to piss around, Paul!

(people speaking indistinctly)

- You all right?

- Oh it's you, is it?

Well I never forget a face, right?

Anymore shit from you and your
head will be out the window

and then your arse will
hanging out the door.

You got it?

- I just want a drink, love.

No trouble.

- Well that I can do.

But it's your last chance.

What'll it be?

- Double vodka, love.

- Eh, eh, whoa, whoa!

If you want to drink in
here, it's slow, all right?

- Bloody hell, Norman!

We're going to have to get
a better system in here.

Oh yeah?

Come to see me, have ya?

Oh well don't worry about me.

No, love, I'm fine.

Gonna work here for awhile, actually.

So you can't get rid of me that easy.

- Mum, there's something
I need to tell you.

- Oh God, what now?

At least no one's gonna be pregnant, eh?

- Mum I've been planning
this for awhile now.

(mumbles) the right
opportunity to tell you

and I just want--

- [Denise] Spit it out!

- Promise you won't go sick?

- How can I promise that
when I don't know what it is?

- Promise or I'm not going to tell you!

- Christ, yes!

I promise, go on.

- Me and George are moving to Australia.

We saved money and everything.

It looks like it's finally going to happen

so please don't kill us, Mum.

- You little sneaks!

Like hell you are!

- [Paul] Mum, you said
you wouldn't go mad!

- Mad?

I'm bloody fuming!

Jesus Christ, Paul, are
you actually this stupid?

He's just had his stomach
pumped and God knows what else!

- You see I thought if I tried to tell you

you'd try and stop us!

- Too bloody right I would!

Where's George?

I bet he's planned all
this over a few vodkas!

- Mum, I've been planning
all this for the past year.

Sent off the deposit forms and everything.

- You sent off the deposits?

Jesus Christ, Paul,

you're too young to be
making decisions like this!

How's he affording it?

Well do you know what?

I can't take this today.

This conversation stops here.

- I'm not doing this to hurt you, Mum.

Everything is not about you.

I'm not going out of my
way to make you miserable.

I wanna see the world and
I wanna see it with George.

- Yeah well I'll tell you something, son.

It's a nasty place out there.

Folk won't accept you and George,

I can tell you that for nothing!

- Mum, just stop!

(soft music)

- And George, yeah?

He's still not well, lad.

Just running away, what if
something happens again?

Not if, when.

He's a time bomb, Paul.

Just look at him and stop
trying to bloody save him!

- Mum, he's going to be fine.

I'm helping him.

He's never drinking again.

- Look it's not like a
cold or flu, you know.

It doesn't just go away.

He's got some heavy problems, lad.

And we're not his family.

He can't stay here playing
caravan park forever.

And neither can we.

- Mum, it's happening.

Me and him are handling this together.

Just going to have to leave it, yeah?

- What about what you two
do together, in bed I mean?

People abroad aren't gonna like that!

- Mum they love it over there.

The travel agent Judy was telling us

that they have a gay parade in Sydney.

- Well I can give you a gay parade here.

I'll march up and down the campsite

waving rainbow flags and condoms.

- I know that I should
have told you sooner, Mum.

Sometimes you proper scare me.

- Get over yourself, git!

So that's it then?

How long have I got left with me only son

before it's goodbye forever?

- I'm going next month.

- Oh God this is so ridiculous, Paul!

You can't just leave me!

- Norman says it's
going to be a good thing

for me and George to do.

- Norman knows?

Oh great!

Another stab to the chest.

- You've got to let go of me.

I'm not doing it to hurt ya.

There's just so much that
I want to do and see.

I can finally do it.

I'm done dreaming, Mum.

This time we're actually going.

- You're lucky you, do you know that?

Not everyone has the chance

to do whatever the hell they
want in life, believe me.

Oh God you're not thinking straight, son!

Just wait and see how George is, please!

Paul, I'd miss you too much, you know?

Oh God I love you so much, son!

- Love you, too.

Just let me go.


(door closing)

Have you taken some of that
money I've been saving?

- Mate, as if I'd do that to you!

- All right.

Eh, Mum's been making dinner.

She even asked what food you like.

I think she's possessed.

- That sounds fucking banging, mate.

- Are you drunk?

Wait, what's wrong with you?

Just look at your eyes a second.

- Get off me, am I fuck drunk!

Look, I need to go away for a few days.

- What are ya talking about?

Away where?

- Look I just need two
days to sort some stuff.

- You're not going back there, George.

Not after what happened last time.

Look, let's just talk about
this over dinner or something.

- Look, I just need to
check my dad's all right

and I'll be back.

- You're not going there, I won't let ya!

- Listen Paul, nobody
tells me what to do, yeah?

Not you, not Norman, not anybody!

Fuck, you act like I'm your
girlfriend or something!

- Yeah well what are we?

I mean, I thought we were together now.

- Do you think because of
last night we're together now?

I don't do together, Paul.

Trust me.

It don't work.

- Well were you even gonna tell us?

- I was gonna leave a note on the bed.

I knew you'd try and follow me.

I need to do this by myself.

- No, because you won't come back.

I know you won't.

George, he's a piss head!

- Yeah, but that piss head's all I've got!

- No, because you've got me,

and I think you've got me mum as well.

- He's blood, Paul.

I just need to check he's
all right and I'll be back.

- No, because you won't
come back, I know you won't.

George, look, you know
what happened last time

you got this pissed.

You nearly died, George.

He's not well enough to keep
you safe and I need you safe.

I can't lose you, again, I can't.

- You don't get it, Paul.

If I stay here I'll end
up fucked just like him.

I'm not putting that on nobody.

- So you weren't gonna come back?

You were just gonna leave us here

after everything we've been through?

George, me and you, we're
getting out of here together.

- Do you actually still think me and you

are running away together?

Just wake up and fucking look at me, Paul!

- No, 'cause you told me to
have a voice and I am using it.

Me and you are getting
out of here, George.

I've been saving all year for you.

Stop it, please!

Go on.

Hit me, go on.

(soft music)

But don't you think for one second

that I will stop caring about you.

- Hey.

Why do you even care, Paul?

I'm just some pissed off freak!

Please just Let me go please!

- [Paul] No, 'cause gonna be (mumbles).

- Just let me go, Paul, please!

Please, Paul!

- [Paul] Look, you're gonna
be fine, I promise you.

I promise you.
- Paul, please let go, please.

Please, Paul, just let me go.

Just let me go, Paul, please.

- Hi there.

- [Woman] Hi.

(people speaking indistinctly)

- I'm glad you could make it.

- [George] Thanks.

- Would you like to start the meeting?

You don't have to speak
today if you don't want to.

It's up to you.

- Nah, it's okay.

I will.

- How did he do in there, Mum?

I wish he'd have let me go in with him.

- Come on, he doesn't want
you seeing him in there

like that.

- He's gonna be all right
now though, isn't he?

- Well it's a start.

- Thanks for doing this for me, Mum.

- Yeah well we have to get him better

if he's gonna be my son-in-law.

Eh, wouldn't that be a
laugh, a gay wedding?

I'm just kidding!

Don't let gays get married.

Oh come on, you.

We haven't had a laugh
in ages, me and you.

- Yeah well today's not
exactly a funny day, is it?

- Hey, I tell you what.

I didn't think I'd be back
in this shit hole again.

Now it looks like I'm bloody living here

on that bloody campsite!

(Denise laughing)

- Hi everyone.

I'm George and.

- Are you okay?

- I'm here today because I'm an alcoholic

and I need your help.

(soft music)

I need your help because
soon I'm getting out of here.

I need to get better for someone
that I really care about,


So please,

I need your help.

- Are you sure you're okay?

(somber music)

- What?

- That you followed me.

But what I mean is, I'm
glad you're here for me now.

- Paul, you're me son.

I will be here with you and
for you until the day I die.

- Don't push it, Mum.

- [Denise] Don't you bloody push it.

(Denise laughing)

God that went bloody quick.

- I don't feel good, Paul.

- Can you get us some help?

- Okay, right!

- George!

Eh, George!

Okay, come on.

You're going to be all right
now, so just get up, yeah?

- I never said thanks.

- [Paul] For what?

- I said I didn't need anybody.

I needed you, Paul.

So thanks.

- (mumbles) stupid.

Don't talk like that.

Come on, in three weeks me and you,

we're gonna be in Australia

and we're gonna be lying on the beach

under the stars somewhere.

We're getting away together, George, yeah?


Oh George!



Mum, do something!

Wake up, George!

George, you made a promise to me.

We're getting out of
here, George, me and you.

We are getting out of here.

George, come on.

George, I love you.

George, George.

George, I love you.

Come with me, please, I need you.

Mum, wake him up for me.


George, please!

I need you.

And I love you.

George, please!

Mum, do something!

George, George!

- [Angharad] You don't smoke.

- For George.

- Fair play.

(birds chirping)

- I just keep thinking about
the bruises on his skin

and that you saw 'em and that
we could have done something--

- Paul, there's nothing
anyone could have done.

You can go around and around with it.

Now his liver hadn't been good for awhile

and with alcohol poisoning
it was bound to do something

eventually, it just--

- Can you stop talking, okay?

- Sorry.

It was a lovely service, mind.

- His mum and dad didn't even show up.

They didn't care, not one cared.

- I don't think that he
would have wanted them there.

I think he'd have wanted do you there.

- Look.

There he is.

Shining bright.

Looking down on us forever now.


- Yeah?

- What am I meant to do now?

- You'll burn bright,

brighter than any of those stars up there.

(soft music)

I bet I wouldn't get a leaving party!

- Oh no, you'd get a parade.

Hurray, she's gone!

Fireworks, marching band, the bloody lot.

- Piss off, Mum.

- Do you know, I can't wait
to be your wicked stepmother.

Bloody hell it's nearly 7:00!

Where is everybody?

Listen, can you finish those balloons?

- I'm going as fast as I can!

- Are you, well not fast enough.

Well don't bloody help!

- Hold on.


Get downstairs now!

(door opening)

- [Trish] Yes, mistress?

- [Gwyn] I take it you've
finished cleaning upstairs then,


- Yes, Mistress.

It took me forever.

I've licked down every surface,
every inch of the bathroom.

- And did I give you permission to speak?

Speak now.

- No, sorry Gwyn!

Am I going to be punished?

- Sorry what?

- Mistress.

I meant Mistress.

Sorry, Mistress.

- Look, people are watching, okay?

- I've been misbehaving all afternoon.

- Now come on, get it together.

(Trish giggles)

Right, what do you want her to do?

- Um, do you know what?

I think we can manage.

- Fair dues.

Okay, upstairs, Trish.


- Thank you, Mistress.

- Okay, crawl off then.

Off you go upstairs.

(Trish barking)

(April laughing)

- Bloody hell, April, he's not three!

- April, I told you that
was a daft bloody gift!

- Well I don't know what gays like, do I?

We saw a couple in
Spain, didn't we, Larry?

Gay they were.

Now they had a pink teddy and
it was all dressed in leather.

We were disgusted, weren't we, Larry?

- [Larry] Terrible that were!

- Not that we mind your Paul.

Mind you he's not gay now, is he?

You know, now the other lad's dead?

- April!
- What?

- [Larry] You can't be
saying things like that!

- Just bloody hide, he'll
be here in a minute!

- Oh no, no, wait, my
Gethins not here yet!

- [Denise] Who the bloody hell's Gethin?

- All right, babe?

They've opened a new
store down the road, like.

Tesco it's called.

Bloody marvelous it is.

Queue for miles, like.

- And why do they wanna open a new store

when they've got a perfectly
good one here like?

- I know but half price shortbread!

I kid you not, Angharad!

- You wanna that one, Gethin.

She's a bad egg, that one.

Riddled with it too, I bet!

- [Denise] And how old's he?

- [Angharad] Oh just bloody hide Denise!

- [In Unison] Surprise!

Bloody hell, Norman!

I told you to take him
around the back way!

- Dirty bastard!

- You didn't have to do all this, Mum!

- Oh it's nothing.

I just wanted to give you
a proper Northern send off,

ya know?

- Right, let's get pissed!

- Oh, all drinks are on
me and Norman tonight!

- Tidy!

- Listen.

It's not much,

but it'll help ya out
for your first few weeks.

- You don't have to do this, Mum.

- I know.

Gone a bit soft of late.

Listen, you don't have to go now.

If you're not ready, I mean.

- I am ready.

I wanna see the world, Mum.

George taught me that.

- Yeah, I know he has.

But you're so young!

You have got all the time in the world.

Okay, okay.

I know you're going,

but I am a phone call away.

You call me if you need anything.

- I promise.

But I need to do this, Mum.

I will come back.

- No, you won't.

But that's okay.

You know when I was younger
I had dreams of flying away.

I always fancied Spain or Greece.

But they were just dreams.

Before I knew it I was cooking
beans and chips every day

in that bloody school canteen.

- Hey, but look at you now.

Living the dream in Wales!

- [Angharad] Where's the music like?

(upbeat music)

- Go on, son.

Have a dance.

Let ya hair down!

- Go live the dream, Paul.

♫ I tried about the quieter times

♫ And leave you feeling cold inside

♫ Till I'm here

♫ Till I'm here with you

♫ Is this the way it's meant to be

♫ As those around us stop to breathe

♫ And catch the beauty in the scene

♫ Right up by you

♫ It's true

♫ You save the last dance for me

♫ And as the music slows down I'm falling

♫ Falling for you

♫ You're here

♫ And you can save the next life for me

♫ And as the dance floor
clears out I'm falling

♫ Falling to you