Dream Man (2018) - full transcript

Following the disappearance of his girlfriend, a young man named Phong investigated a mysterious figure online who is believed to cause the deaths of those who 'friend' him on Facebook and his nickname is "Dream Man", including deaths of Phong's friends who is Thao and Thang. Phong and Cuong decided to find out the secret about "Dream Man" and finally realized many horrible truths as well as everything around them.

"The death of Le Thi Huynh Anh"

"exactly 1 year ago"

"was the first of several
bizarre tragedies"

"connected to social media."

"Huynh Anh and the other victims"

"were all highly active online..."

"And all unexpectedly took their own lives"

"After friending an anonymous user online."

"The identity of this mysterious figure"

"Remains unknown today..."

"Prompting many to pore over
their friend lists and wonder:"

"Who will be the next to die?"


"Student livestreams own

"Chesty gal SLITS WRISTS

after Adding Friend?"


Do you remember me?

Nhu Quynh?

You're my biggest idol.

Biggest idol?

Sure. Posting your sex
pictures online for all to see!

You're the kind of person

who would destroy her friends

just to get what she wants

Aren't you?


But in the end...

Everyone still loves me...


THAT'S RIGHT! Amazing!

Thao Nara is truly a star whom we all love,

isn't that right, now?

I know.
I know.

Thao Nara: "But in the end,
everyone still luvs me, right?"

NEWS ANCHOR: "the circumstances
of Pham Thi Mai Thao's death..."

NEWS ANCHOR: remind us of what happened
to Le Thi Huynh Anh one year ago...

Phong! When did you get here?

Does Nhu know you're here?

She's upstairs.

My goodness, why didn't you go inside?

You poor thing.

You know, our home is your home.

Come inside!

Hey Phong, where's your new bike?

New bike?

The one you posted on Facebook.

Hey, is that it over there?

Hey, Phong, can we go for a ride?

Come inside, Bao.

Phong and Nhu have somewhere to go.

Next time, okay?

Pinky shake.

Mommy! Phong promised to
take me on his new bike.

You scared me.

I'll wait for you downstairs.

Ever since she was young,

all Thao wanted was to be famous.

Now, all that's over.

Someone once said that before we die

our whole life flashes before our eyes.

Like the most perfect,
most beautiful dream...

In it, we have everything
we ever wanted in life.

And we'll want to live
in that dream forever.

I bet that's where Thao is now.

But every dream has to an end, Phong.

Sooner or later, we all have to wake up.

Look at you!

Why'd you tie this so tight?

We should go.

I want to get there a little early.

Sad huh? Gone too soon for
such a hot piece of ass.

Hold on a second.

New girlfriend?

Nah. Just added her on Facebook.

Ooh, you're killing me,
you perverted little thing!

Hey, Phong... I still don't get it.

Nhu is your girlfriend.

So why aren't you guys friends on Facebook?

What are you talking about?
I don't have Facebook.

I've seen your Facebook
page with my own eyes!

Then something must be
wrong with your eyes!

A few days before Thao died,

I saw that she'd added
some sicko on Facebook.

How do you know he's a sicko?

- Because I happen to follow him on Facebook.
- What for?

Because his Facebook has
pictures that I, uh...

like to collect.

Punk ass! Sex pics again?!

Here, let me show you this
freak's Facebook picture.

Gives me the heebie jeebies.

You guys know anyone who goes
by 'Dream Man' on Facebook?

Damn it!

Why no signal?

Your phone's just tired, bro.
Bogged down by porn.

Seems you and this 'Dream
Man' have a lot in common.

You should add him on Facebook

You pornholio!

Your driving scares me!

You sure that's really your bike?

What's wrong?


Get some rest. I'm gonna go inside, ok?

This afternoon,

at the funeral,

what were you and Cuong talking about?

Just friends consoling each other.

Why? Are you jealous?

I'm just a bumpkin.

How could I be jealous?

But I gave you that photo.

Do you still have it?

Wow, you really kept your word!

My dad took this with his
Polaroid back in the day,

so it really is one-of-a-kind.

They didn't have selfies
or 360° back then...

That's why this one's special.

Here you are.

It's yours and yours alone, got that?

In love, we give our true
hearts to one another, right?

Oh god, so cheesy!

Cheesy but sincere, okay?

Piece of crap!

"RIP lover girl"

"The dream has been achieved!"

"Posted: Just now"

"Friend Request"



My brutha, my brutha...

Look at all them melons, bro!


That's the girl who messaged me today.

Thuy Trinh...


Hello? Hello?


Uh, yeah. Who's this?

It's me. Trinh.


Uh... how did you get this number?

You just friended 'Dream Man'.

Yeah, but... Uh, what's up?

I'm just feeling so... so sad.

Can you come over here with me?

Uh... where are you at?

I'm at the motel on Su Van Hanh.

The one you mentioned on Facebook.

Uh... I did?

Uh... ok, sure. I'll be there.

Excuse me.

Have you seen the guard anywhere?

Excuse me.

Can you open the gate so I get to my house?

We'll pause right there,
and hit it when I get back.

Where's that guy who was just here?

What are you talking about?

Haven't seen anyone all night.

You're making plans to see
other girls, aren't you?

Ah... no, I'm not.

What's so funny?

You. You're lying.

No. I told you already.

From now on, there's only you.


Of course!

Do you swear?

I swear.

Then kiss me.

Wait a second...

You've posted pictures of
other girls on Facebook

but none of me.

Are you ashamed to show me off?

You really want me to post
your picture on Facebook?

Smile, ok?


Son! My son!

Don't take my son!

At least let me put some pants on him!

Let me put some pants on him!

Don't take my son!

Son! My son!

Taking him all naked like that!

Did Thang go anywhere before you found him?

No. He was with you guys,
and then he came home...

After that, he was in
his room the whole time.

He didn't go anywhere!

Dammit. It's blocked.

Check your friend list again.

See if there's anyone
named 'Dream Man' in there.

There isn't.

You know there's hardly
anyone in my friend list.

How about you?

You guys know I don't use Facebook.

What is wrong with you?


I'm okay.

Auntie, I'm going home...

Are you okay, Phong?

I don't know why...

somehow I feel like
this is all my fault.

You're thinking too much.

We're all just really stressed out.

Why are you home so late?

I, uh...

Next time you go off like that,

let me know, okay?

So if anything happens,

I'll know where you are.

Is something wrong?

No, nothing, Mom...

I feel so sorry for Thao.

So who went there today?

Was Cuong there?

For some reason, I really love that kid.

What are you making, mom?

I couldn't sleep...

so I heated up some 'bánh ít'...

for you to bring to school tomorrow

and share with your friends.

Mom, no one does that here.

But you love my 'bánh ít.'

Now who would call at this hour?


Here, eat one.

I just took Nhu home a little while ago...

Yes, just now.

Did something happen to Nhu?

Yes, ok... ok... I know...

I... I'll be right over.

- What wrong?
- Mom, I have to go.

She left without saying a word.

Where would she go
without taking her phone?

Hey, Phong!

I told you to go to bed.

Is sis back yet?

Not yet.

NHU: You guys know I don't use Facebook.


'Friend Requests'



What's up, man?



I know where to find 'Dream Man.'

What? Where?

Hey, hey, hey...!

What's wrong with you?

Get down. I'm driving.

So... where we going?

Well, the 'Location' on Facebook...

was somewhere around...

Are you kidding me?

How are we going to find the
right house in this mess?

There he is!

Where'd you go?

The Neighbor here and I
looked for you all over.

He says two people used to live here

but they've since gone
back to the countryside.

Gone all the way back
to where they came from.

But what do you boys want with them anyway?

Ms. Ian and her son, Vu...

holed themselves in here the whole time.

No one ever saw them.

Do you know where they came from?

Of course I know!

They came from...

Now where was it again?

- Binh Phuoc.
- What?

They came from Binh Phuoc.

How do you know?

No, not Binh Phuoc.

Now, where was it again?

Anyway, listen...

That Vu was one strange kid.

Would lock himself all day in that room.

Never letting anyone in.

When they left

we had to bring in a Buddhist master

to drive away the evil spirits.

The charms are still untouched. See?

So much dark energy in that room.

Who'd ever want to go in?

Um, okay... we'd better get going.

Thanks for your help.

When you couldn't find me earlier...

I was in Vu's room.


That Neighbor guy's room of magical charms?

Here. I found this.

The Binh Phuoc Newspaper?

"After the death of Le Thi
Huynh Anh last November..."

Why would Vu keep something like this?

Huynh Anh was his first victim.

But look at the photo.

That's pretty sick.

Who would paste Nhu's picture here?

There's only one copy of that photo

And it belongs to me.

Now do you see why we need to go?

Come on, dude...

Nhu is always pulling these tricks.

What's she thinking

trying to get us to go to Binh Phuoc?

If you don't want to
go, then I'll go alone.

You're really gonna look
for that woman and her son?

Binh Phuoc's really far.

The highway's gonna be crawling with cops.

Check please!

That'll be 30,000.

Thank you.

Binh Phuoc's really far, man.

Take care driving out there.

You won't find them.

Hurry up, I've gotta go.

Move over. I'm driving.

What are you looking at?

With you driving to Binh Phuoc,

we'd both die for sure.

Wait here.

Excuse me, sir.

Do you know where Ms. Ian's house is?

Excuse me,

can you tell me where Ms. Ian's house is?

Ms. Ian and Vu...?

You shouldn't go there.

It's a bad place.




Ian and Vu's house is over there. Get on.

Is there anyone home?

Is anyone home?



Why is his face scratched
out in all the photos?

Here too.

I'll give you one guess
as to which one is Vu.

"Mai Tuan Vu"


Ma'am, we'd like to see your son.

Is he home?

Ma'am, you're Ms. Ian, right?

Is Vu home?


Are you his friends?

Uh... yes. We know Vu online.

Oh, that's right.

My son has a lot of friends online.

People here don't understand him

but online, he has a lot of admirers.

I even saw a picture of
his girlfriend online...


So pretty...

Vu's girlfriend's name is Huynh Anh, right?


Huynh Anh is the old one.

What was the new girl's name again?

Oh, I remember!

The new girl's name is...


Where is Vu?

You know the answer to that.

But he'll only meet real friends.

Are you his real friend?


This one stays here.

He's not a real friend.

You go on alone.

You're the 'Dream Man'?

What have you done to my girlfriend?

We loved each other.

How could I have known...

that a photograph could kill?

I don't know what you're talking about!

I want to know what you've done to Nhu.

Not me...

but HIM.

We know HIM...


In photos,

we have everything we could ever want.

Life is as beautiful as a dream.

Huynh Anh?

A dream from which HE
will never let us wake.

HE's here with us right now.

HE's taken Nhu?

What will HE do to her?

Don't let HIM kill her.

What do I have to do to save Nhu?

HE killed Huynh Anh...

She died because of me.

What do I have to do to save Nhu?!!

Tell me!!!

Destroy all the photographs.

It's through them that he exists.

The images we use to get ATTENTION...



These all belong to HIM.

From behind the screen...

HE's always there... watching.

It's done. What now?

See your friends for who they truly are.

I don't understand.


What have you done to Nhu?!!

You bastard!

What have you done to my girlfriend?!!

Only when the dream ends...

does the REAL WORLD begin.

"Your photos are being uploaded..."

"Your photos have been
successfully uploaded"

I'm so humiliated.

My parent's reputation... My family's...

All of it ruined.

NEWS REPORTER: Pham Thi Mai Thao is
the latest victim of 'Phong Do Mo Mong',

the anonymous Facebook
user who, one year ago,

posted sensitive photos of Le
Thi Huynh Anh on social media

leading Huynh Anh to
tragically end her life.

I don't know why he's doing this to me.

What did I ever do to him?

Time to go!

You're gonna be late again!

Did you hear what I said?

Why do you always lock the door?


I told you not to go online again.

Do you hear me?


Vu! Are you deaf?

Are you deaf, Vu?!!


Have you seen my bike?

No, the 600.

600? What are you, dreaming, kid?


'Phong Do Mo Mong' just
posted pictures of Thao again.

Just this morning.

- And they still don't know who he is?
- Nope.

How are you doing?

Doesn't matter. There's nothing we can do.

It'll be okay.

Try not to think about it too much.

What are you laughing at?

Uh... sorry.

It's just that my friend here...

has something to say to Nhu.

Uh... I wrote a new poem...

Read it when you get a chance, okay?

Um... thank you.

Uh... what else?

That's all. Come on, let's go.

Bye, Nhu. We'll be leaving now.

There's another admirer.

Stop making fun of me, dork.

Shall we go in?

And then I invited her to... UHH!

One shot. And it was on!


This is how she liked it.

Come on, how about a smile?

- Cuong
- What?

Oh no, what now?

His mom's here.

It's okay. They're fine.


My mom brought you guys some 'banh ít.'


Cuong's Mom's 'bánh ít' are the best!

You know, people like 'Phong
Do Mo Mong' are delusional...

Remember when he actually believed
Le Thi Huynh Anh was in love with him?

I do remember.

And they'd only known
each other online, right?

Didn't Huynh Anh even have
a boyfriend at the time?

Well, 'Phong Do Mo Mong'
posted those pictures of her

In an attempt to break them up.

But then why is he now
posting pictures of you?

To tell you the truth...

I don't understand it either.

It's been a really tough month for me.

I went online today...

and he'd posted more pictures of me.

These past few days...

Oh, you poor thing!

It's often said

we should be grateful for our
hardships and difficulties

because they help us become stronger,

more confident.

That's why today

I'd like to thank 'Phong Do Mo Mong'

for making me a stronger,

more confident person.

And thanks to him,

I get to be on your show, right?

You are so courageous!

Even without 'Phong Do Mo Mong, '

it's an honor to have
you on our show today.

Thank you.

Now, you want to be a
model, isn't that right?

Actually, I'm a model...

an actress, a singer...

as well as an MC.

Oh, that's right.

My apologies.

As a token of our appreciation,

"Fresh New Faces" has a
very special gift for you:

That would be, an epic photoshoot

with a world famous photographer.

And you will appear

in the upcoming issue of Vogue.

- What do you say?
- Oh, thank you!

Our photos are beautiful.

We have to own them.

We can't let just anyone do
what they want with them.

Isn't that right, everyone?

NHU BABY: "sorry u always
have 2 b the bad guy"

"its okay, im used to it"

"and I luv u"

NHU BABY: "hehe hav u ever ben in luv b4?"


NHU BABY: "do u still c her?"

"Only in my dreams"

Someone's here for you again.

You hear me?!!

I know what you're doing
when you lock the door.

What do you want?

Nhu needs you to post
another batch of photos.

Again? I'm chatting with her right now.

She didn't said anything.

She's probably shy. You know... women.

The cops are looking for me.

It's dangerous to post anything right now.

This'll be the last time.

You can ask Nhu yourself
if you don't believe me.

I stopped doing this stuff a long time ago.

I'm only doing it now because of Nhu.

Post them up as soon as you can, huh?

Who is that? Why does he
keep coming to see you?

He's my friend.

You don't have friends.

A real friend, or someone online?

What do you mean by that?

What do I mean?

Why did I have to leave my home

to come to this place
where I don't know anyone.

Whose fault is that? Vu!

Go ahead, go back online.

I thought coming here you'd be different.

But you haven't changed one bit.

Always locking yourself in that room.


Sure, go ahead and kill
someone else, you hear?

You goddamn wretch!

I thought if we came here you'd have friends,
that you'd go out like a normal kid.


"Why didn't u tell me
there were more pics?"

"Nhu Baby is offline"


After today's episode of "Fresh New Faces"

the 'Likes' were burning up Facebook, huh?

Maybe I should post my own hot photos.

See who's hotter.

Who'd want to see your pictures?

Hey! Not true.

I've got some angles
that are pretty damn hot.

Right, Thang?


Thao knows I'm just joking, right?

But seriously,

you know who I
think 'Phong Do Mo Mong' is?

You guys know that weirdo
Vu kid from school?

If you don't like him, just say so.

It's not that.

You remember that bike he
posted on his Facebook?

After that, I noticed him
constantly staring at my bike.

Everyone stares at your bike, not just him.

Just saying, if I were the police,

I'd investigate him immediately.

Good thing you're not the police then, huh?

Why are you always defending him?

Because he likes her.

Of course she has to stand up for him.

I don't need everyone to like me.

Unlike some people.

You might not know it, but...

a lot of guys are nice in person.

On Facebook, they're monsters.

That's why I hate Facebook.

Hate it all you want.

No one's forcing you to like it.

You're way too good for Facebook anyway.

Alright, so what is it?

Are you upset about Vu, or about the photo?

That photo didn't mean
anything to you, did it?

My dad took that picture.
It's the only one there is.

That's why when I let you
have it, it meant something.

I'm cheesy like that.

I told you, I didn't lose it.

I'll find it, okay?

I guess I'm as obsessed with
photos as everyone else.

It's just a picture, right?

Sure. It's just a picture.

You'd better watch out.

Soon you'll be posting clips like:

'I'm gonna be on this show!'

Or 'Look how sad I am in this photo!' Or...

'Look at my poop from this morning!'

Who knows?

Maybe Nhu Quynh will even
invite you onto her show.

You follow Thao's Facebook
pretty closely, huh?

No. Thang shows me all that stuff.

He put some kind of hidden
app on Thao's phone.

It secretly records all
of her Facebook posts.

That's how I know.

A secret app that records Thao's posts?

That's disgusting!

He's just looking. No harm done.

And yet you freak out when
Vu just glances at your bike.

Hey, Vu's not just checking out my bike.

But my girlfriend also. That's the problem!

I didn't know you were so possessive.

Of course.

When your girlfriend's that cheesy,

you have no choice but
to be cheesy yourself.

That line was super cheesy.

Alright, that's about all
the cheese I can stand.

You go inside. I'm gonna go home.

"Why didn't u tell me
there were more pics?"

"Seen, just now"

NHU BABY: "sorry I didn't tell u earlier"

NHU BABY: "just this one last time"

"why do you hate Thao so much?"

NHU BABY: "im just giving
her what she wants"

NHU BABY: "r u mad?"

"No, but I don't like that we
have to keep hiding like this"

"ive been tricked once before"

"how do I know ur for real?"

"Nhu Baby calling..."





It's me.

It's Nhu.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Uh... you don't have a camera?

My camera's broken.

I need to get it fixed.

Isn't this good enough for you?

No. It is.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier

that I needed you to post
another batch of photos.

I didn't think it'd be such a big deal.

It's not a big deal. It's just that...

It's just what?

Well, I know we have to keep 'us' a secret.

But sometimes it seems like...

you and Cuong still have
feelings for each other.

Are you jealous?

I've told you already.

It's complicated between Cuong and me.

But things aren't what
they seem on the outside.

Then how do I know that you're true to me?

Do you still have that picture I gave you?

It never leaves my side.

Then why do you have to
ask if I'm true to you?

What do you mean?

That picture was taken with
a Polaroid instant camera.

There's only one of its kind in the world.

You couldn't even make
a copy if you wanted to.

And I put it in a heart-shaped locket

so you'll know that my heart
belongs to you alone...

Hey, what are you doing?

Uh... nothing.

Do you believe me now?

I believe you.

Just so you know...

In love, we give our true
hearts to one another, right?

That's right.

Okay, I'm going to bed now.

Sleep well. Kisses.


"In luv, u give ur true ♥︎s to one another"


I want to talk to you.

Did you hear what I just said?

You have something that's
mine, you know that?

I don't know what you're talking about.

What did you post on Facebook last night?

You did post something, didn't you?

I really don't know what
you're talking about.

I think you do know.

I don't care what you do on Facebook.

But you can't take people's
stuff like that, got it?

Get out of my way.

Other people might not know who you are.

But I do...

'Phong Do Mo Mong'.

Now give me that photo or I'll...


That's mine! You liar!


Don't make me do this, Vu. Give it back!

Give it to me!

Let go!


Take my stuff, huh?

I'll fucking kill you! Son of a bitch!

- Stop it! That's enough!
- That picture is mine!

- Leave it. Stop fighting.
- But he took that picture.

I'll give you another one. Leave it.

- But it was mine and he took it!
- No. I'll give you another one.

Any idea how Vu could have gotten
that locket I gave to Cuong?

It's your stuff. Why are you asking me?

Are you using him?

What are you talking about?

You're using Vu, aren't you?

That loser? For what?

I think he'd be useful to someone like you.

What do you mean 'someone like me'?

Someone willing to do
anything to become famous.

Since when do you have the
right to judge me, Nhu?

Since I saw my picture getting
mixed up in your schemes.

How about me getting mixed up with you
my entire life? How about that?

Always having to be your sidekick...

The one who's not as pretty as Nhu,

not as smart as Nhu...

Everything is Nhu, Nhu, Nhu!

But now...

I get to be the person I want to be.

Can't believe it can you?

You're right, Thao. I can't believe it.

Your life is too perfect.

You wouldn't understand, Nhu.


If that's all you're gonna say

then I'll just have to ask Vu myself.

Let's just hope I don't find out something
that could get you in trouble.

"R u there?" / "u home yet?"

"let me know when ur
home" / "im really sad:("

"im really sad:("

"Seen, just now"

NHU BABY: "ur such a bastard!"

NHU BABY: "I cant believe u
would do something like this!"

"What did I do?"


I HATE U!!!"

Who are you looking for?

Um... Is Nhu home, ma'am?

How do you know Nhu?

Um... I'm a friend of hers from school.

- From school?
- Yes, ma'am.

Why haven't I seen you before?

What's your name?

Um... My name's Vu.

- Vu?
- Yes, ma'am.

No, Nhu isn't home.

She went to a friend's house.

She went to her boyfriend's house!

Quiet! Grown-ups are talking.

She isn't home.

I guess you can go then, huh?

Yes, ma'am.

What sort of friend shows up at this hour?

Haha. On a crappy bike too!

I HATE U!!!"

"Delete Account 'Nhu Baby'?"


"Account 'Nhu Baby' has
been successfully deleted!"

What if he goes and talks to the real Nhu?

If they find out 'Nhu
Baby' is actually you,

we're screwed.


Just be careful.

You're not the only one involved in this.

And whose fault is that?

Why didn't you think of that
when you were getting me naked?

You didn't seem so worried then.

You gotta admit,

those pictures I took were pretty hot, huh?

Sucks that someone else got to post them.

Look at you.

Always showing off on Facebook,
this girl and that girl...

But just one little poke,

and you're limp as a gimp.

Hey, I've helped you out a lot.

Oh yeah. You had to give up your phone.

Without me, who would
have stuck his neck out

and delivered those pictures
to Vu to post on Facebook?

And what about Nhu's stupid locket thing?

So goddamn cheesy!

When I gave it to him,

I thought the kid was gonna... ENH!

Right then and there.


But I gotta say, you're really good.

Even the cops couldn't find him,

but you just tap on a few keys,

and bam! There he is. 'Phong Do Mo Mong.'

How'd you do it?

A friend told me.


He's helping me out with a few things.

- For free?
- Oh, please!

You think you're the only guy who
wants to help out a pretty girl?

I have to go.

He's here.

So... do I look pretty?



He likes to look at pretty things.

Don't worry

'Phong Do Mo Mong' will
never speak to Nhu again.

I promise.

Time's up, son.

Can you pay now?

Is it real?

A picture that hot has gotta be real.

Who'd post something like that?

'Phong Do Mo Mong' again?

Who do you think?

If he has photos of Thao Nara,

he's should have pictures of Nhu too.

Those girls are friends, you know.

That picture was taken with
a Polaroid instant camera.

There's only one of its kind in the world.

You couldn't even make
a copy if you wanted to.

Hey, hey, hey... there's Nhu.

You bastard! Freak! Pervert!

I'm gonna kill you!

Why? Why did you do it?

Nhu always stood up for you.

Why did you do that to her? Huh?

You son of a bitch!
You're a goddamn animal!

Why'd you do it? HUH?!!

Answer me!

"People You May Know: 'Nhu Baby'"

"Account 'Nhu Baby' has been deleted"

Someone once said that before we die

our whole life flashes before our eyes.

Like the most perfect,
most beautiful dream...

In it, we have everything we ever wanted.

And we'll want to live
in that dream forever.

But every dream has to end, Phong.

Sooner or later, we all have to wake up.


NEWS ANCHOR: Police in Ward 13,
Binh Thanh District report that

blogger Mai Tuan Vu,
aka 'Phong Do Mo Mong, '

was found dead in his
home yesterday evening.

Mai Tuan Vu was suspected
of posting sensitive photos

of several young women on social media...

OPERATOR: The account you are calling

cannot be reached at the moment.

Please try your call again later.

Even though I can't deny the evidence,

I still don't believe Vu
would have done that to me.

You probably think I'm silly huh?

Can I take you home?

No, I'll be okay.

How can you be so reckless!

Now there's a dead kid.

The cops are gonna be
all over this for sure!

What are you, the "Lord of the Lo"?

And now you're disappearing off somewhere?

I thought Nhu Quynh wanted
you back on her show.

My friend is putting on a big show for me.

It's gonna be kinda huge.

Wait, I deleted that post...

How do you know about it?

Uh... because...

someone told me. I forgot.

So... is that his car?


Alright, I'm gonna go.

Put away that "Lord of
the Lo" face, will you?

Vu solved his own problem for us.

You should be happy.

Just don't tell anyone
that you got that from me.

I got it. Now get outta here.

NEWS ANCHOR: Just two days
after the death of blogger Mai Tuan Vu,

also known as 'Phong Do Mo Mong, '

we've received startling news that
has shocked the online community.

Pham Thi Mai Thao, aka 'Thao Nara, '

using the fake Facebook account 'Nhu Baby'

took advantage of 'Phong Do
Mo Mong's' online following,

and leaked her own nude
pictures to gain notice online.

An anonymous classmate
turned over this USB drive

containing several chat
sessions between Thao and Vu.

Detailing 'Thao Nara's' manipulation
of 'Phong Do Mo Mong'...

That Thao Nara is really nasty!

We've also learned that a falsified
photo of a fellow female student

was leaked online by Thao, and not
'Phong Do Mo Mong' as previously believed.

Pham Thi Mai Thao is currently
being sought by the authorities...

You gave the reporters that USB didn't you?

What USB?

Come on, I know it was you.

How do you know it wasn't Thang?

He knows more than I do
about all that stuff.

You're joking! Thang would
never do something like that.

The only person into those
cheesy heroics is you.

That's nothing.

Here's cheesy heroics.

That's two pictures to
make up for the one I lost.

Shall we go in?

NEWS ANCHOR: a falsified
photo of a fellow female student

was leaked online by Thao, and not
'Phong Do Mo Mong' as previously believed.

Pham Thi Mai Thao is currently
being sought by the authorities.

Any information relating to her whereabouts
should be directed to the following hotline...


'Friend Requests'



You're the kind of person

who would destroy your friends

just to get what you want.

Aren't you?


But in the end...

Everyone still loves me...


THAT'S RIGHT! Amazing!

"I'm online everyone ^_^"

Thao Nara is truly a star whom we all love,

isn't that right, now?

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