Dream Man (1995) - full transcript

Kris is a homicide cop with psychic abilities. She works to prove that the prime suspect in her latest case (the much younger husband of the millionaire victim) is innocent. But are her visions true, or planned by someone who knows what she can see?

Hey guys.

Hey, Anderson,
you know the rules.

Last one in does the paperwork.

That was me until you came in.

If I'd have known that
I'd have called in sick.

You come late,
you get leftovers.

You come early,
you get love handles.

Hey! You better
watch it, Anderson.

That comes pretty close
to libel here, you know.

You mean slander.
Libel's when they print it in the paper.

Yeah, well I can still sue.

Yeah, you'd have to
prove she's lying.

Is that what they teach you
in night school, Cavanaugh?

Hey it's law school,
Mancuso, law school.

Law school.

That's right, and at least
I'm trying to improve myself.

Okay. So I see here in
the paper that, uh...

Oh, hey, hey, they're putting
her case before the grand jury.

Who's that?
Oh, uh, that would be,

the Garcia case,
page 2 column four,

"District Attorney Van Horn
put forth new evidence..."

Don't you forget anything? No.

Cavanaugh, one week with my
progressive memory techniques

and I guarantee that
you'll not forget anything.

Hey, I got the tickets
to the game tonight,

Sonics and the Blazers,
you wanna go?

Okay, we can get dinner first.

I don't think so.

Hey. Hello, Kris.
What, are you avoiding me?

I don't feel like
talking right now.

Why not?

You got a big mouth, Cavanaugh.

Is that what this is about?
I'm sorry.

I didn't... I didn't mean to.

What was I? Hmm?

A big joke in the locker room?

No, no, no, they...
They guessed and I...

You know, I had to...
I had to try to put them off.

Oh, you tried to put them off,

so you told them that
I like to dress up as a nun

and tie you up
with my rosary beads.

Oh, that's very funny.

Well, I had to say something.

I'm sorry.

I'm... Look, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.

You bet it won't.


Hey, we got officers
in pursuit of suspects

from last Saturday's
New Liberty Bank robbery.

Ah, File number 00757483.

Three gunmen killed a security
guard, execution style.

Eyewitness descriptions
are as follows.

You know the routine, people. By the
book, no surprises, you work as a team.

I don't want any dead heroes.
Let's do it.


Oh, come on!

Come on! Hurry!

Okay, you go around that way.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Let's do it!

All right, I want four teams,
two in front, two in back.

I want shooters on the
roof up there and up there.

You see something you sing out.

No one fires without my say so.

Foreman, you and Anderson
follow the K-9.

Mancuso and I are gonna
take the waterfront.

Hey, call the marine squad and get
them to send some police folks.

I want paramedics standing by.

(Come on! TIN)

Get back.

Anderson, come in,
it's Cavanaugh. What's...

Anderson, come in.
What's your 10-20?

Drop your weapon!

Hey. Anderson,
what the hell were you doing?

The book says
stay with your partner.

Yeah, well the book doesn't
cover everything, okay?

What are you talking about?

What the ♪♪♪♪ is that
supposed to mean?

Oh, don't tell me.
You had another vision.

God damn it, Kris.
Listen, you should have waited for back up.

Leave it alone.

She could have been killed, Abe.

Get out of here!

Don't sweat it, Kris.

Hi. Hey.

What happened to him?

Lead poisoning.

What happened to you?

Oh, I'm having a bad hair day.


Yeah, so I heard.

Because of me there's a
cop in the intensive care.

Hey, Kris, the only stiffs
in my fridge are bad guys.

Go easy on yourself.

Yeah, but you know,
I can't keep jeopardizing my partners

because I think I know
more than they do, you know?

Look, the way I see it,

if it wasn't for you that guy's
wife would be a widow right now.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe you need to slow down.
Have you been sleeping?

That tape that you gave me,

it's enough to put anyone under.

What is that stuff?

Works for me!

So, you going with me tonight
or are you in mourning?

Oh, Barbara, you know, I...
I don't know if I really wanna go.

I'm not gonna know
any of these people...

Come on. Put on your best
dress and let's go out tonight.

Come on, it'll do you some good.

Yeah, you're right.

Okay. Um, I'll be ready at 8:00.

Fine. Pick you up at 9:00.

I'll see you later.

Fine... Pick me up...

Hey, Anderson.

Hey, Anderson,
are you alone in here?

Will you get lost, Cavanaugh?

See this?

I've, uh... I've been
chewing on it all day.

I, uh...

Oh, come on, give me a break.
I'm getting a cramp here.

Come on.

Whoa! Now, listen to me.
It's over between us.

What we did was a mistake and
it will never happen again.

Now, I don't want you
calling me.

I don't want to see you
outside of the station house.

You know, you're a two-faced,
story-telling pinhead

and we are not romantically
involved, you got that?


Why did you have to
tell everybody?

I didn't. Look, I didn't tell.

Besides, what do you think this place is?
Fort Knox?

Hi, come on in. It's okay.

That reminds me actually. The Loot
wants to see you in his office ASAP.

Okay. Get out of here.

There's a reason why we have
procedures, detective.

When lives are on the line the last
thing we can afford is recklessness.

Yes, I know, but I really...

Just listen.

Now, I don't know why it seemed
like you were the only one

that knew what was going on out
there and I don't really care.

But in the future,

I want your leads to come
through normal channels.

Is that clear, Anderson?

Yes, sir.

You will be doing us no good if your
instincts put you in the line of fire.

You endangered your own life

and the lives of
your fellow officers.

Fortunately, Officer Daggart is
expected to make full recovery.

But if you need a refresher course
in standard operating procedure,

I'd be happy to ship your butt
back to the Academy for six months.

That won't be necessary, sir.

All right, that's what
I wanted to hear.

Now get the hell outta here.



I'm putting you in
for a commendation.

Oh, thank you, sir.

Oh, these shoes are killing me.

I can't remember the last
time that I wore them.

Well, you look fabulous. Really?

And there are men everywhere.

Oh, great.

Just what I need, more men.

Oh, loosen up for Christ's sake.

I know what you need.

Thanks. Drink up.

Cheers. Cheers.

Hello there.

Hello yourself.

I'll escort you to the gallery.

Thank you.

So what do I say
to these people?

"Hi, my name is Kris.
I killed two people today."

Well, it's the little things
that make you special.

Oh, look,
it's the guest of honor.

She certainly draws a crowd.

Soon to be the honorable Senator
if the polls are correct.

It's terrible how money
and power attract people.

Unfortunately, I'm one of them.

Barbara, darling. Hello.

Gotta go.

Hmm. Feel like
you're being watched?

I feel like
I'm being hypnotized.

Really? Mmm-hmm.

Mmm, maybe you are.

What do you think?

Well, I don't know
anything about art, okay?

Mmm. But I know what I like.

Mmm-hmm. And...

This ain't it? Nope.

I'm sorry.

Kris Anderson. David Mander.

Nice to meet you. Same to you.

So, what do you do?

I'm an artist.

Well, this... This isn't
one of yours, is it?

Oh... No.

No, I do very intimate art.

Only one person
would ever see it.

Really? Yeah. What do you do?

I'm a... I'm a cop.


I'm sorry.
Did that make you uncomfortable?

No. No, I'm sorry.

I just get... I do get
uncomfortable around cops,

even when I haven't done anything
wrong I start feeling guilty.

Oh. I'm the same way
around beautiful women.

What do you think that
says about my character?

I don't know.

We could get together a little
later, if you know what I mean.

Excuse me.

It's nice meeting you.

You, too. Excuse me.


My, oh, my.

Who is that?

That was David Mander,

the Senator's husband.

Oh... Too bad all the
good ones are taken.

I know.

Oh, it looks like
another happy couple.

I feel like I'm watching
a soap opera.

Oh... You know,
Barbara, I'm really tired.

It's... It's been
a hell of a day.

Do you mind if I go home?

No, but I'm staying.

Okay. Well,
you have a good time.

Thanks. Here.

May I? Hmm, for you.

A memory. Bye.

I'll see you later.
See you tomorrow.

Have fun.

So what'd you do last night?

You just don't get it, do you?

Yeah, I get it.

You got what you wanted,
now you're finished with me,

and you get a commendation
and I get the boot.

I don't know, I...

You know, I thought we had something.
Yeah, well...

Whatever it was
I managed to get over it.


Oh, so that's it.

So we just pretend like
it never happened,

like you and me never happened?

I think that that's best,
don't you?


Well, I don't know,
maybe I'm an idiot,

but, what is it?

Was it just me,
or don't you ever wanna settle down

and make a family and have somebody
be there when you get home at night?

You know, if I want that,
I'll get a dog.

I know you
better than that, Kris.

Yeah, I know where this is
going, Cavanaugh,

and you can just
forget it, because I'm...

I'm not interested in you.
Hey, look it, how can I forget it?

You're my partner,
you're part of my life

and you know, whenever I think about
you, I think of you... naked and...

Oh, ♪♪♪♪♪, do you wanna make
me sick here or something?

No. No. Don't be sick.

Cavanaugh, what's up?

Cavanaugh, you and Anderson get
over to 1237, Anchor Street.

Okay. We gotta go.

We'll pick this up later.

Uh... I don't think so.

Hurry it up, Cavanaugh.

Sure, I just gotta
get your coffee, honey.

Oh, hey, Anderson,
check this out.

Dispatch says this is the Janice
Reynolds that's running for Senator.

Name, please.
Detective Anderson.

Ooh, wait, wait. I'm getting a vision.
It wasn't robbery.

Okay, I'm finished over here.

Yeah, I'm done.

Stay behind the lines, all right?

The husband's David Mander.
He found the body.

Mr. Mander, did you call 911?

Mr. Mander?

Oh, yeah. I did.

You got some
blood on your shirt there.

What? Uh, it... It's hers.

How's your head?
Is it all right?

Fine, thank you.
Oh, I've cut myself worse than that shaving.

Listen, you wanna...
You wanna tell us what happened?

Yeah, uh...

I drove... I drove Sarah to school.
What time?

I got back uh, around
9:00, I guess, and um...

Janice's car
was still in the driveway.

She was supposed to be
at a breakfast fundraiser

and I came in and I...

I found...

And he must've been hiding
behind the door because

he hit me before I could get a
good look at him and we fought.

I hit my head. I fell.

When I woke up, that's when I, uh...
I called the police.

Is there anything
missing from your house?

I don't know, I haven't looked.

Where's your housekeeper?

Maria. Today uh...

Today is her day off.

Is Sarah your kid?

Oh, I wish. Uh, her father was.

Janice's first husband.

You often drive her
to school yourself?

Yeah, every chance I get.

Can anyone at the school
verify that you were there?

Uh, Jan... Uh, Sarah can.

Anyone else?

I better call my attorney, huh?

That might not be
such a bad idea.



This morning?

Yeah, it's been busy.
It's my third call today.

Did you get the DA's office?

Some place, huh? Mmm-hmm.

You notice anything?

What? The knives.

It's a set, Anderson.
It's a set of seven.

Three are missing.

What do you got?

There's something in here.

Over here.


I don't know. Maybe...

You know, maybe...
Maybe the jaw shouldn't be so square.

This is crazy. I'd love to
try and get a warrant on this.

"Uh, yep. Yeah, Your Honor.
My partner had this vision and..."

- What? Well...
- Cavanaugh?


If you're not too busy,
you wanna bring me up to speed here?

The security company
never received the call.

Mander claims there was
an intruder in the house.

There was no sign
of forced entry.

The witness only said there
was somebody in the house.

I can't keep
the DA waiting all day.

Yeah, if there's
a camera rolling

you can be sure
Van Horn's on the case.

Well, he's in
the interrogation room now

and I gotta give him
something fast.

If you've got a theory,
I wanna hear it.

I've got a theory. He did it.

But he's got an alibi.

The school confirmed
that Mander was there.

Hey, he could have been
there in plenty of time to...

No way! The M.E.'s preliminary report
shows... Well, what do you care?

I want this case, Lieutenant.

Hey! Here, take a look at this.

this is Detective Anderson.

She will be in charge
of the investigation.

Aaron Wingate for the defense.

I'm very pleased to make
your acquaintance, detective.

I've heard of you, Mr. Wingate.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Mr. Mander, I'd like to remind
you, you're under oath

and that we are recording
this on videotape.

Oh, I... I have nothing to hide.

For the record,
my client reserves all of his rights.

Mr. Mander, to the best
of your knowledge,

has your wife ever received
any threats?

No. Janice would've told me.

What is the value
of your wife's estate?

I have no idea.
Janice handled all that.

It's about 40 million,
I believe.

What do you do for a living?

I'm an artist.

Do people buy this art?

Money isn't the point, sir.

In other words, you were one
of your wife's worthy causes.

You don't have to answer that.

Your wife's 45. How old are you?


Describe your relationship.

I didn't kill my wife.

No problems at all?

I did not kill my wife.

Were you and your wife
together last night?

Yes, we had an argument
at a gallery opening.

Really? What about?

I didn't like the company
she was keeping.

One last question, Mr. Mander.

Have you decided how you're
going to spend all that money?

Everything goes to Sarah
in trust.

I get to live in the house and $75,000
a year for the rest of my life,

unless I remarry.

So unless there's anything
else, I would like to go.

Uh, the little girl's here.

I guess, uh, nobody's told her.

I don't believe it.

You send men with guns
to school.

Lovely. May I go, gentlemen?

Gentlemen... Lady...

A real pleasure.

Aaron Wingate.

He's been busting my balls
for 10 years now.

Mander must really be worried
if he can afford his fees.

Hello, sweetie.

Daddy, what's wrong?


Did Mommy say something
to make you upset?

Hi, you Sarah? Hi. Yep.

I'm Kris.

That's a cute doll.

Um, you know, there may be an
empty office if you'd like to...

Great. Thank you. Okay.

Come on, sweetie.

Yeah. This way.

Yeah, go ahead. Thank you.

You're not eating.
What's the matter?

Uh, I'm not very hungry.

You look like hell.

Thank you.

Is this case
keeping you up at night?

Well, it's uh...
It's funny you should ask,

but I... I had a dream
about that.

Well, actually, uh,
about the prime suspect.

Who, Mander? How was he?

Oh, God.

Well, I guess you do
in your dreams

what you won't let yourself
do while you're awake.

You know, I didn't know
you were a psychiatrist.

I thought you just
cut up stiffs.

The problem is, they're never
stiff when they're breathing.


- How's your paperwork?
- Peter, where's lunch?

Blood on the jacket is hers.

We also found some synthetic
hair, like... a wig.

There were matching
traces on the body, too.

What about prints?

Clean, like someone meant it.

Just let me...
Let me just get something straight here.

Are we ignoring this
because it's obvious?

The guy planted it to
back up his ♪♪♪♪♪ story.

Okay. Okay.

So we still have to assume
there's some connection

between the killer
and the victim, right?

Yeah. The lady was
running for office.

She was rubbing noses
with everybody in town.

She have a little
black book, Abie?

Oh, yeah.

I read it. What do you
want to know?

I hear she has a sister.

She does, a well-known
fashion designer.

You got the address?

Uh... 1449 Wilcox Avenue
apartment 10-G.

Okay, so Cavanaugh
and I will start there.

You guys do
the background on Mander.

I wanna know who and what he was
before he became Mr. Janice Reynolds.

Hey. Thank you.

You seem kinda jumpy. What,
are you picking up spooky pictures again?

So... So when did this all
start happening to you?

It started when I was
a kid, okay?

Oh... Oh. I bet you figured out
what your Christmas presents were

before you opened them, huh?

Yeah, well,
it started as a nightmare

and then when my parents
died in the car wreck

I realized it was
more than a dream, okay?

I'm sorry.

Yeah, forget it, Cavanaugh.

I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make fun of you, you know.

You should just forget it.

Hey, look, you know,
no matter what I think,

you're the one the lieutenant
picked to head up this case.


Well, I... You know,
I just wanna say that I'm... Mmm-hmm.

You know, I accept the
fact that you're the boss.

Yep. I'm the boss.

I know you're the boss,
I just said you're the boss. Mmm-hmm.

So... So here.

What's this?

It's a peace offering.
Just open it.

You know, this is embarrassing.

It's a beeper. Yeah.

How romantic.

Hi, could we speak to
Ms. Reynolds, please?

Ms. Reynolds.

Nice place, huh? Mmm-hmm!

You must be the police. Uh-huh.

Do come in.

Thank you.

I'm Detective Anderson and
this is Detective Cavanaugh.

Aaron Wingate called and
said I should expect you.

Please, won't you sit down?
Thank you.

I can guess why you're here.

Um, may I offer you some tea?

Uh... No, thank you.

Now, how may I help you?

Um, we're trying to get information
about your sister, Ms. Reynolds.

I wish there were some
insight I could give you,

but the truth is we saw
each other so rarely.

We didn't get along.

Oh... Well, um...

What can you tell us
about David Mander?

I don't suspect him,
if that's what you mean.

David is a kind and gentle man.

I don't believe he's
capable of killing anybody.

How did they get along?

In public they were
the perfect couple,

but privately it was
another matter.

She was cheating on him.

The only reason I knew was because
David would bring Sarah over here.

He didn't want her
to see them bickering.

Well, it happened so often,
I finally gave him a key to the apartment.

You understand,
I think the world of David.

I hope I haven't said anything

that would get him into
any kind of trouble.



I have a picture here I'd
like you to take a look at.

Do you recognize this man?


I don't think so.

It was nice to have
met you both.

I'm sorry I couldn't be
of more help.

Thank you.

Um, if you think of anything,

would you call me
at the precinct?

Of course.

Great. Thanks.

Okay. Well, we'll let
ourselves out.

Fine. Thank you.

Bye-bye, Ms. Reynolds. Goodbye.

So what do you say now?
Was he jealous enough to stab her to death?

It still doesn't wash.

Why would he do it now?

If she'd been cheating
on him all this time,

what made him snap last night?

No, I still think there's
a third person involved.

Yeah, so Mander hired some
guy to do his dirty work,

he's still guilty. Yeah, maybe.

Maybe not.

Radio call, 4-Bravo-12.

Anderson. Go ahead.

Mander wants to see you and the Captain
wants to see Cavanaugh right away.

Got a problem there?

No, no.

I guess it doesn't look
so good, huh?

A man in mourning taking a dip.

You wanted to see me,
Mr. Mander.

David, please.

All right. David.

Come on inside.

Don't worry, it's safe.
We keep the knives in the kitchen.

Does Aaron Wingate know
you're talking to me?


There are a couple of things
missing from the house.

I didn't get a chance to look
the place over till today.

Janice had a gun in her bedroom.

It's gone.

A handgun? Yeah.

Registered in her name?

I believe.

Anything else?

Yeah. A couple of my shirts

and a watch of mine and a
ring, and a bottle of cologne.

I'd just bought a new bottle.
It was on my dresser.

I think that's all.

You know, there's something I haven't
been able to quite figure out.

What's that?


given what we know about your
relationship with your wife,

why didn't you just leave her?

The first time that Janice cheated on
me, I told her I wanted a divorce.

She promised me that it would
never happen again, and she lied.

And then the second time and...


she told me that I would
lose Sarah if I left her,

which is true.

And she also thought that a divorce
would be bad publicity for her.

So I kept my mouth shut and
I played the happy husband.

That was the deal we made.

And I took her money.

What does that make me?

I'm not here to judge you,
Mr. Mander.

I'm just trying to do my job.

Please do it, Miss Anderson.

I have one more question.

Were you cheating on her?


Thank you.

I won't take up
any more of your time.


Janice used her appointment book as
uh, sort of a scorecard.

It's pretty obvious
to see which, uh,

entries were business
and which weren't.

She rated her lovers
on a Richter scale.

She seems to have cleaned up her act
when she decided to run for uh... office.

That was about six months ago.

Well, the housekeeper
saw them fighting plenty,

but she never saw him hit her.

She's quite loyal
to this Mander guy.

She'll probably give you an ulcer
if you try to put her on the stand.

What about a girlfriend?

What was Mander doing with himself while
his wife was playing around on him?

staying at home with the kid.

There is no evidence that
he was having an affair.

I told you I want this
guy's hide on a hook.

You sound like you're not
working with me here.

I'm only looking for the truth.

I don't give a damn about the truth.
I care about the law.

Well, that fact is, I can't find
any motive for him to kill his wife.

Hell, his attorney had
more reason than he did.

Which puts us right back
where we started.

Which isn't good enough.

Look, we're always open to any
suggestions you might have.

I want this case wrapped up.

And if you can't do it, I'll turn it
over to the state investigator's office.

God, do I hate that ass♪♪♪♪.

You know, I wish
I had something on him.

December 19, Van Horn, Room 412,

on the Richter scale, 2.6.

Ah, yes!

Hey, Anderson, what's going on?

I checked our logs and 911.
Nobody made any call.

There was no call.

Well, then what's going on?
I had a vision.

Well, then what's going on?
I had a vision.

She's dead. Oh,.

Get back. What? What?
What are you doing?

What, are you out of your mind?

You want to fill me in here?

Oh, ♪♪♪♪♪♪.

How is he? I gotta call this in.

It's all clear.

Hey, The Loot is gonna ask you how you knew.
You better think of something.



What do you got? Nothing.
There's something in here.

Got it. Ah!



You are really
starting to scare me.

David Mander's prints
are all over the knife.

And the blood on
the shirt is definitely hers.

All right. Now we're talking.
What else?

Well, she had tissue under her fingernails,
as if she scratched her attacker.

And we found some of those
same synthetic blonde hairs,

just like with Janice Reynolds.

A few on the shirt, too.

I've heard enough.
Let's pick this guy up.

Uh, wait a minute. Don't you think
this is all a bit too obvious?

What's obvious is that we got
there just after he killed her.

I mean, there he is, he's standing
there, he's soaked in blood.

She's ripped the shirt
off during the struggle.

And then he hears the gunshots
blowing in the doors downstairs

and he just takes the shirt and
he hides it in the one place

he thinks we're not gonna look.

But why? Why wouldn't
he just take it with him?

What's with you, lady?
Can't you read the evidence?

His prints were on
the murder weapon.

There's no motive.

Why would he kill Caroline Reynolds?
They were best friends.

Uh, we just spoke
to her lawyers.

Caroline left 20 mil,
not a penny in trust.

Half goes to her niece and uh,
guess where the other half goes.

I've heard enough.

Pick him up!

Come on. You might
as well admit it, Anderson,

your visions are
wrong about this guy.

You know, something's
jamming your signals.

Yeah, we'll see
about that, okay?

Don't listen to him, Kris.
You just keep following your instincts.

They've never failed you before.

Thanks. Let's go.

Barbara, get me DNA on those tissue samples
you found under her fingernails, okay?

I'll try.

Okay. Come on.

I'm coming already! All right.

David Mander. Sir?

You're under arrest for the
murder of Janice Reynolds Mander

and Caroline Reynolds.
Up against the car, please.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You are entitled to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
the State will provide one for you.

Do you understand?

It's okay, Sarah.
Kris will take care of you, sweetie.

Come with me.

Hi, honey. You remember me?

What's gonna happen to my dad?

He's gonna be fine.

They just need to talk
to him for a little while.

So, if you come with me,
maybe we can get an ice cream cone, huh?

How does that sound?
Watch your head.


You get in the back.
That's such a good girl.

Don't worry. You'll be fine.

Will the court all rise?

All right, Mr. Wingate.
How does your client plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

Your Honor, may I ask why the press has
been excluded from these proceedings?

Well, the press is right outside
the courtroom, Mr. Van Horn,

and I'm sure there'll be plenty
of time for you to get on camera.

Now, can we discuss bail?

Your Honor,
in light of the charges,

we ask the defendant
be held without bail.

Thank you.
That's your cue, Mr. Wingate.

Your Honor, my client has
extensive ties to the community.

He poses no flight risk.

He also has a young child
who depends upon him entirely.

We ask that he be released
on his own recognizance.

Why, I hardly think
that's appropriate.

How does a million dollars
sound to you?

Excessive, Your Honor.

All right.

Bail is set at $750,000.

I'll have you out in an hour.

You really expect
to find a match?

DNA smears are rare.

We better. Or David Mander
is going away for a long time.

Here we go. Here we go.

"Robert Guy,
also known as Robert Tower,."

"Robert Parnell,
Robert Eller Robert Reynolds."

Registered sex offender.

At least we know
for sure it's him.

Yeah, she's right.
DNA don't lie. Gotta go.

Hey, you know, the only reason why
we're able to cross match this stuff

is because in Florida
they started taking DNA smears

on violent sex offenders
and death row prisoners,

you know, just in case they had to
prove culpability after the fact.

I wonder why Caroline Reynolds
didn't recognize her own brother.

Well, maybe she was trying to protect him.
Where the hell is he?

You know.

Well, wherever he is,
he's a one-man crime wave.

What about David Mander?

Let him go.

All right, I want this out in an hour tops.
We gotta catch this bastard.

Okay, well, what do
we tell the press?

The only thing you tell them is that
Mander's out on bail, you got that?

I don't want Reynolds
knowing we're onto him.

Got it.

I'm not even gonna ask.

Robert? You're kidding me.

Janice went to great lengths to
hide the fact that he even existed.

Yeah, and we can't figure
out what it is he's after.


Well, with Robert,
anything is possible.

Caroline said he
was out of his mind.

Well, maybe. Maybe he's
just one smart son of a bitch.

What do you mean?

The name Robert Reynolds doesn't appear
anywhere in Janice Reynolds' will.

Of course not. She didn't
want him to have anything.

Well, exactly.
But in this state, if you want to cut

a blood relative out of your will,
you have to exclude him by name.

Now, she must have been so afraid that
somebody would find out about this guy

that accidentally she
just cut him back in line.

Yeah, but everything
goes to Sarah.

The last knife. Get the boys.

Pick up the kid.
I'll meet you at the house. All right.

From now on, Sarah is
under 24-hour surveillance.

Kris has the night shift, Abe.
You're relieved.

Believe me I won't be relieved till I
get home and take a nice, long crap.

Hi. Look, Daddy, there's Kris.

What? So it is.
Stir that up for me, would you, honey?

Hi, there. Hi.

Everything okay?

Yeah. Just want to get things
back to normal... Sort of.

Yeah, I guess you didn't
spend a lot of time

being woken up in
the middle of the night

dealing with bad dreams, huh?

Well, it's better than
thinking about myself.

My chops are burning.
Come on in.

You sure? Yeah, come on in.

Honey, look who's here. Okay.

You remember Miss Anderson.
It's Kris.

Kris. Hi.


And this is Maria.

Hello. Hello.

How are you? Good.

Well, whatever's cooking
smells delicious.

Lamb chops. Sarah's favorite.
Right, honey?

Oh. And I'm making the dressing.

And Sarah's making the dressing.

May I?

Mmm. It's very good. Thank you.

So if you need me,
I'll be outside.

No, no, no. Somebody's got
to, uh, chop the scallions.

Oh, no, no. Really.
I'm a disaster in the kitchen.

Come on. Here you go.
I never cook.

That's okay. Righty or lefty?
Uh, right... Righty.

There you go. Start chopping.

Here? Right there on the end.
Very fine.

Oh, God.

You know, this feels like the first
peaceful moment that I've had in...

Well, in years.


Yeah, it's nice.

Better go check up on Sarah.
Excuse me.


Buenas noches Maria. Ah, si.
Buenas noches, senorita.

I miss her. I want Mommy back.

Just go to sleep, honey, okay?

Sweet dreams, baby.


It must be hard.

Oh, you get used to it.

No, you don't.

Oh, um, Sarah asked me
to give this to you.

Oh. Sweet.

What's the matter?

Where did you get that music?

This? A music store.
It was playing, I liked it.

Ow! What?

My gun. Oh.

What? He had...

What? He had a gun.

Who? I saw him shoot you.

Me? It was just a dream.


Oh, ♪♪♪♪. I forgot
about Mancuso.

There you go. Thank you.


Cavanaugh. Hey.

What are you doing here?

There's been a schedule
change and it's my shift.

You look like you
had a rough night.

Yeah, well, I'll see you later.

Very nice. Stretch up.

Arms demi-bras. Nice.

Lift with real tall stretch-ups.

Arms to second. Hold.

Arms down to bras-bas.

Lift that weight a second.
Very nice.

Now, demi-plie and lift
and demi-plie and lift.

Nice. And bras-bas. A demi-bras.

Sarah, think about what you're doing.
Much better. Very good.

And continue.

Very good. Elbows up.
Great. Chin. Chin.

Very nice. Feet out. Good.

Kind of reminds you when you were
young, doesn't it?

Up. Up.

When I was young I ate chocolate
donuts and watched Dobie Gillis.

Oh. Up.

Now, let's practice the positions
we tried earlier this morning.

Hey, Anderson, you in there?

Oh, will you
get lost, Cavanaugh?

What are you doing in here?

Look, uh, no matter how
much you want to avoid me,

we still got a job to do.
Yeah. Do I need this?

Do I really need this?
Okay, okay. Just listen.

I've been thinking
about this shirt.

You know, the one
you found in the fireplace.

Yeah? So?

Well, it was put there
to frame Mander.

That's the whole
point of it, right?

So, I've been asking myself,
why would he do that?

Why would he put it there,
since there's no way

the police were
ever gonna find it?


Unless they have
someone like me. Right?

I'm being used, aren't I?

But I...

I'm sorry, Officer,
we can't allow you to go in there.

The girls are dressing.

Is there another
way out of there?

No. No, she'll be fine.
I'll watch her.


Hello? Hi.

It's me. I was still
thinking about last night.

I thought you were coming over.

David, I can't.

This is a major conflict for me.

What we did last night.
Well, I'm supposed to be protecting you.

What are you saying, Kris?
You don't want to see me anymore?

No. What I'm saying is,
we can't be together now.

Maybe after,
when all this is over.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Of course.

Is there anything else?
Is there something wrong?

No. I just have
to take care of something.

Hey. Hey.

Okay, so, where's the fire?

What do you mean?

Well, on the phone,
you sounded like it was some big emergency.

Yeah. I... I needed
to speak to you.

Can I get a coffee? Oh. Sure.

I thought you were out
watching over lover boy.

You know, Reynolds
knows about me.

He's been setting
me up all along.

What do you mean?

David's cologne.

It was on everything.
The bodies. His shirt.

That's why I picked him up
everywhere I looked.

You know,

it's a bit like giving a
false scent to a bloodhound.

And I realized,

to make his plan work, he'd have to
have me meet David Mander in the flesh.

Wouldn't he?

And he'd have to know about
the other side of me.

The emotional side,

my visions.

That music you gave me was the
strongest connection, wasn't it?

How could you?

It was an awful lot of money.


- Thanks again, Patricia.
- Thanks, Patricia.

We'll see you next week.

There she is. Hi, Sarah.

Hi. Hi.

Your daddy wanted me
to come and get you.

He's waiting for you at home.

That's all right, ma'am.
I'll take it from here.

My, uh... My partner's
just out on another call.

Well, all right.

Okay. Great. Come on.
Good night, Sarah.

Good night, Officer. Good night.

That was great!

Mr. Mander, can you come with
me, please? Sure.

I want to ask you
a few questions.

Who's his back-up?

You have a lot
of explaining to do.

She was working with Reynolds.

Can you prove that?

Not yet.

You're in a world
of trouble, Detective.

Abe is dead.


A patrol found him in his car
over by the Dunhill School.

The little girl's missing.

You disobeyed orders.
You obstructed justice.

Look at me, ♪♪♪damn it.
Look at me!

Your law enforcement
career is over, little lady.

You're gonna be paying for this screw-up
the rest of your worthless life.

That's enough.

If you have anything else to
say to my people, talk to me.

I'll say it to your captain.

That is your right, sir.

But this is my jurisdiction,

and while you're here,
you don't ♪♪♪♪ until I say squat.

Now, I want to talk
to my detective alone.

Sorry. Yeah.

Call off the surveillance
on Mander's house.

I want those cops on the
street looking for Reynolds.


You really screwed this up.

Everything we have on
Reynolds came through you.

Now any lawyer worth his retainer
can blow holes in his case like that.

I want you to go home.

You are suspended pending an
internal affairs investigation.

You are to have no further
contact with David Mander

as long as you
remain a police officer.

Don't even speak to him.

Am I understood?

Yes, sir.

Now give me your weapon
and your shield.

Come on.

What are you doing here?

Well, uh, I called.
And I tried to call and the...

I unplugged the phone.
I didn't want to speak to anybody.

Uh, look, I'm going
over to Barbara's

to see if there's anything there
that might help us, like...

You know, I mean,
I don't even know why I care anymore.

I mean, Reynolds is probably halfway
to Mexico by now. But, hey...

Do you really believe that?

I don't know what
to believe anymore.

I just... feel so useless
sitting here,

not doing anything, I...

You've never been useless.


Just, uh, don't tell me
what you're gonna do.


Well, I better get out of here.

Guess who, Magoo.

How ya doin', Sarah? Good.

Good. Come on, let's go upstairs.
We have to be kinda quiet.

Okay? Open up. Open up.
Creak. Very good.

Are we trying to scare someone?

Okay. Come on.
Let's be really sneaky.


You're right.

Daddy! Oh. How's my girl?

Good. Good.

Sweetie, I need you to have
supper up here tonight, okay?

Can I eat with Maria?

Maria had to go.
So you eat up here.

Be a good girl. Have a bath.

And after that I'll come up
and you can read to me, okay?


That's better.
We'll see you in a little bit.

Bye, sweetie.

You're late, Robert.
I know, David.

Traffic was really, really bad and it
wasn't as easy as you said it was gonna be.

I had to go through a damn cop to
get her out of the that school.

There's cops all over the place,
in case you didn't notice.

What's going on, David?

Nothing we can't handle.
Call Barbara, okay?

Leave a message.

Say, "Done. Taking
the girl to the cabin."

"Done. Taking
the girl to the cabin."


Listen to this.

Done. Taking
the girl to the cabin.

All right, all right,
help me out here.

You remember that property
list we got from Mander?

19945, Lakeside Drive,
parcel A7411.

You're a genius, man.

Subdivided 1922.

What are you doing?

You had to kill the cop,
didn't you, Robert?

Well, I didn't think
you'd mind, David.

Here you go. Take that.

Take the gun.
Put your hands on it.


I had to kill
the housekeeper too.

Janice was right.

You are a psychotic little
child molester, aren't you?

Don't say that. What are you
gonna do about it, Robert, huh?

I don't think
you'll do anything.

You're too chicken ♪♪♪♪ to do
anything, aren't you, you ♪♪♪♪ idiot?


That's great.

Thank you.

Those are blanks.

Why'd you do that, David?

Did you think I would have
given you real bullets, Robert?

No. That's silly.

Now these, on the other hand...

Cavanaugh, I'm on my way to Mander's house.
I think he's been shot.

David, what happened?

He hit me with the gun.
We fought and it went off.

He hid Sarah upstairs.

She's okay, thank God.

He put her in the bedroom
and he came looking for me.

He was going to kill me, Kris.

What? What?

I... I have to call this in.

I did already. They'll know.


So, I'll go get Sarah and...

It's locked. He's got the key.


Got it. Be careful.



Sarah, let's go.

It's Kris. Come on. Huh?

Myra. Come on. Oh.

Now, I need you to be
a very quiet little girl

and stay where I put you, okay?

No. No.

Okay. Okay.
Now, don't come out no matter you hear.

All right? Okay.

Be very quiet. Okay.

Good girl. In you go.

Bye-bye. Bye.


That was silly. That was silly.

Do you remember
when we met, Kris?

You remember when we first met?

Well, I thought you
were so sweet, Kris.

So beautiful and so sweet.

See, I've grown very
fond of you, Kris.

I'll miss you.

Do you know that that power of
yours is absolutely extraordinary?

Tell me, did you get a vision
of what's happening right now?


But I saw you getting shot.

Yeah, I remember that. That's why I had
Robert shoot me with blanks, of course.

I thought that
that was very clever.

All I have to do now, is make it
look like Robert killed you and Sarah

and then tried to kill me.

But I guess that you
would know all that already.

But there's something that
I'll bet that you don't know

that I'd like
to show you right now.

Wait right here.

I owe you a lot, Kris.
I want to share this with you.

Take a look. Look at this.

You're gonna like this.


You remember this, don't you?
It's beautiful, isn't it?

Watch this.


You don't remember
this part. Watch. Watch.



I can't thank you enough for
taking care of Barbara for me.

She was very, very greedy
and very possessive.

You like Sarah?
I'm very fond of her.

I'm gonna go get her now.
Where's the key?

Read my mind.

Sarah? Honey?

It's Daddy. It's safe.
Open up. Okay?


Open the ♪♪♪damn door, Sarah!


Sarah, darling. Honey?

Sarah? Sweetie?


Where's Sarah?

I seem to be the only
one enjoying this.

Wrong, ♪♪♪hole.

Cavanaugh, you okay?

Huh? Yeah?

I don't know.

Here. Get this off of me.


Okay. We have to go now.

There's a good girl.
There's a good girl.

Everything's going
to be okay, Sarah.

You guys all right?
Here you go. Go with George.

There you go.
Go with him, honey.

Okay. All right.
Pete, get inside.

Watch your step.