Dream Horse (2020) - full transcript

The film tells the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely race horse bred by small town Welsh bartender Jan Vokes (Academy Award® nominee Toni Collette). With very little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites. The group's investment pays off as Dream rises through the ranks with grit and determination and goes on to race in the Welsh Grand National, showing the heart of a true champion.

And how are we today?

You feeling better?

Be good.

£16.83, please.

£32.28, please.

- Hi, Jan.
- Hi, Jan.

All right, Cath? Anne?


- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, love.

I just knelt down
to try and light the fire.

Couldn't get up again.

As I was here,
I thought I'd have a little sit down.

Oh! Quite comfy,

She looked
a goner to me.

If I'd tried
to get her up,

I'd have ended up
on the floor myself.

So I said,
"Best get Jan."

And I said, "Don't bother her.
She'll be at Tesco's."

Co-op, Mam. I work at the Co-op.

And how many times have I told
you to leave the fire to me?

I hate for you to feel you
have to do everything for us.

All she's got

is that useless lump, Brian,
to look after.

She hasn't even got
the pigeons anymore.

Besides, what's a daughter for if it's
not to look after her mam and dad?

I told you before, son, if you
lived closer I could do it

and you wouldn't need
to pay for a babysitter.

All right. Bye-bye.

State of my parents.

Dad calls,
said Mam's had a fall.

Dashed round
thinking she'd had a stroke.

- She all right?
- Yeah. She's just had another funny turn.

It'd be so much easier
if they moved in here with us.

We got the room now Dennis
and Sasha have flown the nest.

I know you and Dad under the same roof
might not be a bed of roses, but...

Didn't use a glove in my day.
It was just spit, rub and shove.

There was that time I lost
my watch up there, mind.


I've won
the EuroMillions.

I'm having an affair
with John the post.

Absolutely bloody clueless.

- I'm leaving you, Brian.
- I've seen it all now.

What's for tea, love?

I nearly
crashed my car earlier.

Those wild ponies are down
off the mountain again.

Aye. Lured by chips
and curry sauce.

Cheer up, Gerwyn.
Might never happen.

You mean you paying your bar tab?
I'd already drawn that conclusion.

No more credit.

I'm telling you, boys.

Our horse, Sweet Gemma,
was in the race of her life.

And you know what gave her
the edge? Her good breeding.

Bona fide
thoroughbred she was.

Coming round the far
bend, she's still going well.

She's about four lengths
clear of the third horse.

I'm already running
down to the front.

And then I
lose sight of her.

I think she's gone down.
My horse has fallen.

And so I panic, and I'm fighting
my way down to the track.

And there she is, Sweet Gemma,
giving it everything she's got,

and she comes through
on the outside and wins!

- I duck under the rails...
- Totally illegal.

Totally illegal, and I run
across the track to congratulate her.

She was my horse,
and she won!

Haven't seen him
in here before.

You gotta dream big.

Howard Davies,

Used to drink
up the Cross Keys.

Started coming in here
Thursdays after squash.

Owns a racehorse, does he?

Owned. Part of a syndicate.
Till it all went tits up.

- What happened?
- He doesn't like to talk about that bit.

Oh, aye.

Word is, he almost
lost everything:

Pile of cash,
house, missus.

Bitter's gone.

Who's having
one more? Before we go?

Six Stella, please.

- Howard, is it?
- That's right.

Owned a racehorse,
I gather?

Couldn't help overhearing.

- Must be an expensive business.
- What?

To buy one.

Well, let's see,

Sheikh Omari just shelled out
16 million for French Over,

winner of
the Welsh Grand National.

Mind you, that was dollars,
not pounds,

so it's more affordable
than you think.

Bring them over
can you, please? Thanks.

You've got arms,
haven't you?

Gerwyn said
to put it on my slate.

There's a spillage
in aisle six.

It looks like
chicken korma.

- What's for tea, love?
- Just starting on it now.


You are not
gonna believe this.

The goat's
got ringworm.

And now this duck has got
bumblefoot like the others.

Here, this fella's making a complete
balls-up of castrating this alpaca.

It's a two-man job, see.

One to hold him down by the legs and
the other to nip off the squealers.

Could you turn that off?

I want you to help me
buy a mare.

You'll never learn to ride
at your age.

I'm going to breed
a racehorse.

Aye, and I'm gonna play fly-half
for Wales next Saturday.

I bred budgies,
rabbits, whippets.

Won prizes, didn't I?
And pigeons.

First woman to win the
Welsh Open back in the day.

Then let's get you another pigeon.
Or two even.

I'm breeding a racehorse.
I've done my research.

A lot more to learn,
I'm sure.

But there's this fella
that comes in the club.

- What fella?
- Howard. Bit arrogant.

But he's an expert,
and I'm hoping he'll help.

It's absolute madness.

I mean, to even think
of breeding a racehorse,

you're gonna need to buy
a thoroughbred mare.

Where you gonna get
one of those?

"Retired pedigree racehorse
for brood mare."


Oh, Jan, man.


Could have gone
to Benidorm for that.

- Top racehorse, she was.
- No, she wasn't. I checked.

But she got good ancestry,

And her father's father's
father, what a stallion.

His semen has gone
all over the world.

You're lovely.
Yes, you are.

Where the bloody hell
are we gonna keep her?

What the hell is that?


I hope you got planning
permission for that, Daisy.

Sod off, Maldwyn.

According to
council regulations,

a wooden outbuilding
should not exceed

a maximum eaves height
of 2.5 meters.

Oh, what's that racket?

I hope it's got
its emissions certificate.

No business bringing a
vehicle that size down here.

Thanks for the help, Goose.

You're lucky the box
was available, Jan.

Been using it all winter to store Hoovers.
All totally legit, mind.



All right.

Come on, Rewbell.
Come on.

Come on, Rewbell.

Come on, Rewbell.

Come on.

- Come on, lovely.
- Here, let me.

How many animals
do they think they need?

Hope they're
gonna clean up after it.

Don't worry about
this bloody circus.

They can't
get the bloody thing out.

What about one of these?

You like that?

Wanna come down, yeah?
Down we go.


All right.

Good girl.
Come on. Come on.

There you are.

Not much,
but it's home.

All right,
two pints, please.

So... made a start,
haven't I?


Rewbell, she's called.

Found it working
on the beach

with the other donkeys
down Barry Island.

Keeping it on the bloody
allotment, I heard.

You mean, you've actually gone
and bought a mare?

Gotta find
the right stallion now.

Seen a couple
I like the look of.


You got the ten grand
for the stud fees, have you?

Vet's charges,
stabling, insurance?

And that's all before it starts racing.
If it ever does.

But I read up about it.

There's ways of doing these
things, isn't there?

We set up a syndicate.

'Cause if, say,
20 people in the village

put in a tenner a week
for two years.

I mean, I know
it's complicated, but...

Yeah, it is.
But most people in the village

haven't got two beans
to rub together.

It's normally wealthy, professional
men who go in for this kind of thing.

Bring them over,
would you?

I wasn't asking for
your help, anyway.

And that's what I'm doing.

I'm going to kick you out.

Don't judge me, Jan.
They're my only solace.

Have a look at that.

What do you think?

Sorry, Jan,
no call for it these days.

Not since that scandal
with the lasagne.

Happily take those geese
off your hands, mind.

Dead or alive.

The tax compliance
framework for Sinclair Beatty.

Need that done by 3:00.

And I need this one done
by lunchtime.

It's that fella
from the club.

All right.

I, uh... I thought maybe I
was a bit hasty in the club.

Lucky I've got
thick skin, then.

This is Brian.

But you can
call me Daisy.

Just as I thought. Having to beat
them back at the door, are you?

Very funny, Gerwyn.

Well, Jan, no one can say
you didn't try, love.

One more minute, Brian.

Your missus know
you're doing this, Howard?

No danger of losing your house
with this non-starter.

Evening, all. Gerwyn.

I'm fully briefed and ready to
assess the viability of this venture.

Glad you could make it.

Nothing on the telly.

I just gotta say,

I know absolutely sod all
about racehorses.

That's all right, Maureen.
I've done the research for all of us.

- Well, well.
- Hi, Goose.

- All right.
- Have a seat.

- Goose, is it?
- Yeah.

- Howard.
- Nice to meet you.

- Goose.
- Maldwyn.

I'd have been in sooner,
only I had to de-gunge the mincer.

You can't mix your meats.

Take a seat, Nerys.

Sorry, Howard.
Got totally lost, mate.

Hello. Peter.


Bloody satnav tried to
send us into the lake.

Oh, they will do that, yes.

Peter and Gordon,
mates from work.

And this is Kev,
he's my neighbor.

Welcome, everyone.

Let's crack on.

God's sake.

If you lot are good enough
to own a bloody racehorse,

so am I.

- It's a tenner every week, Kerby, you pillock.
- Oh.

the purpose of this meeting...

Brian, have you got 50p?

Where's the
organization in this place?

There you go, love.

No one touch my tenner.

- Oh, yes.
- There you go. Bob's your uncle.

Not sure
I understood that last point.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I still
don't quite understand.

Jan is the owner
of the mother, yes?

When the foal is born,
then everyone will be the owners.

We'll all have
an equal share.

So, who would take
the critical decisions?

Which critical decisions?

The horse's diet, for example.
Look here.

"Racehorses should be given a
high-energy feed rich in nutrients.

Excess consumption of grass may
lead to colic and flatulence."

We'll have enough of that with Kerby.

But this foal doesn't exist yet.
So who's the daddy?

Bien Bien, he's called.

Ten year old, won 2.3 million
dollars before he retired.

They wanted three grand stud fee,
but I knocked them right down.

- Which we will pay.
- Gonna rob a bank, are you, Daisy?

Which we will pay
out of our retirement fund,

until the syndicate is up and
running and can reimburse us.

One thing
I must stress, above all else.

If you do join, don't do it
expecting to make money.

There's a less than one percent chance
this horse will ever win a race.

So, do it for the "hwyl."
That's what this is all about.

You mean like,
the "craic"?

With respect, the "hwyl" is
not the same as the "craic."

The "craic"
is a Gaelic term,

whereas the "hwyl" comes
from the Brythonic branch

of the Celtic languages
and means "a feeling

of emotional motivation
and energy."


I'll do it
for the "hwyl."

Of course I will.

Yeah, go on.
We'll both do it for the...

- What's it called again?
- The "hwyl."




- Yes.
- Yeah, me too.




if there's gonna be
a circus in town,

may as well have
a ringside seat.

Mrs. Vokes?

- I'm James.
- Sorry we're late.

Oh, that's all right.
This won't take long.

Bien Bien
doesn't mess about.

Oh, God,
he's handsome, though.

And this is Rewbell.

I'm not gonna lie. One of us has
left a present in the corner.

Come on then, girl.

What do you think?

Here we go. Yeah.

Well, Bien Bien is known to
upgrade his mares.

- Go get him, girl.
- Brian.

We should have watched.

Would you like
to be watched?

I'm not a stallion.

You can
say that again.

I've had my moments,
haven't I?

Still, having a bit of fun
now, aren't we?

Never knew how much I missed
messing about with horses.

It's more than "a bit of fun"
and "messing about," Brian.


What do you mean?

I don't know. I mean...

I need something to look forward
to when I get up in the morning.

To remind me
that things can... change.

That was good cover!

I hope he bought her
a drink first!

What are you
looking at?

What do you want,
then? Eh?

What do you want?

Oh, I know.

I know. It's my mints
you're after, isn't it?

Eh? You only want me
for my mints.


Oh, my God. I said!

Didn't I say it'd be
this week? I'm on my way.


Jan, can I have
a word?



Oh, God, he's gorgeous,
isn't he?


Where's Rewbell?

We've lost her, love.

I come down first thing
and the foal had been born.

There he was,
bright as a button.

But I could see straightaway
that Rewbell wasn't right.

So I called Ron and...

There was nothing we could do,
was there, Ron?

Lovely, isn't he?

Maureen. Goose.

I wasn't sure we should
carry on after Rewbell.

Poor old girl.

But look at him.
He's a real fighter.

Will you look at that.

What about Foal Throttle?

- Butcher's Boy.
- Daisy Chain.

- Lost Youth.
- Colt Leader.

- Don't Tell The Missus.
- Welsh Wind!

Kerby's the expert
on Welsh wind.

What about Colin?

After Colin Jackson.

I used to love seeing him
fly over those hurdles.

What about Dream Alliance?

It's our dream
and we're all in it together,

like an alliance,
so Dream Alliance.

- Very good.
- I like that, Jan. That's good.


Let's have a vote.

"Cefn Rocket,"
three votes.

- "Kerby," one vote.
- Worth a shot.

"Dream Alliance," 12 votes.


So, I am completely chuffed
to the bollocks

to announce the winner
is Dream Alliance!

Dream Alliance!

- Dream Alliance!
- Dream Alliance!

- Go on, Dream.
- Go on, Dreamy boy.

So, you got a name.

Dream Alliance.
What do you think?

One time when I was a girl,

Dad and me took Sammy and Murphy,
our whippets, to a dog show in Pontypridd.

Didn't think we had a hope in hell,
us nobodies from the back of beyond.

But we got first
and second prize.

Dad was so proud of me.

Took me for a milk shake at
Gambarini's café after to celebrate.

Mmm. Seemed like anything
was possible.

Hungry are you, boy?

There you go, boy.

This driveway's
longer than our high street.

Are you sure
about this, love?

Philip Hobbs is the
best trainer in the country.

This is where
Dream should be.


Well, you've missed the turning.
It's a mile back down the road.

No, mate, no. I've come about
the position of trainee jockey.

- Pardon?
- We've made an appointment with Mr. Hobbs.

Uh... I'm afraid the
guv'nor's with an owner.

- Let's get him out, Brian.
- Aye.

- Guv'nor?
- Excuse me.

They say they've
got an appointment?

I'm afraid I know
nothing about this.

Howard arranged an appointment
with your office.

- Who's Howard?
- Howard Davies. Helps me run our syndicate.

Come on, then, boy.
Come on, let's show them.

This is our boy.
Dream Alliance.

You've actually brought
the horse with you?

I'm sorry. I'm busy right now.
If an appointment was made,

it would have only been
for a preliminary chat

so you could view the facilities
and discuss our charges.

I know about your charges and I'm
sorry we didn't come in a helicopter.

We'll take
our custom elsewhere.


Come on, boy.
Back to the valleys for us.

Look, you've obviously
come a long way.

Johnson, get the horse saddled
up and put him in the arena.

I'll give you
an honest opinion.


- What?
- Get him out.

Come on, boy. Come on.

Calm. Come on, boy.
Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

With a bit of work...

be worth giving him a crack at
your local gymkhana. Good luck.

Come on. Walk on.

He's not having it, Jan.

Come on, boy.
Walk on. Come on.

Come on, lad.

Come on.

Come on. Come on, boy.
Walk on.

Come on. That's it.
Come on.

Come on. Good boy.

Good boy.



He's pretty rough
around the edges...

but he's definitely got
something about him.




Like his owners.

We'll take him for a couple
of months, see what we can do.

- No promises.
- Thank you. That's all I wanted.

Johnson will sort you out with a
stable and we'll go from there.

I'll miss you, Dream.

I'll be thinking of you
every day.

This is what
you were born to do.

Be brave and brilliant.


Walk on.


Any news
about your pony, love?

Racehorse, Mam.

- No, nothing.
- Oh, thank you.

Howard calls occasionally and all they
say is they're still assessing him.

A horse
raised on an allotment

has got a cat in hell's chance
of ever racing.

Howard says while they've still got
him, there's hope.

Brian had a horse once, didn't he?
Lovely big teeth it had.

Now, he hasn't got
the horse, or the teeth.

- Let me, Brian. You get off home.
- It's damp.

Well, a fat
lot of use he was.

He can't help
his arthritis.

He could have helped getting our Janet
in the family way when she was only 17.

It's been 30 years, Dad.
Can you just leave it, now?


We're going to the races.

- What?
- Philip Hobbs just e-mailed us.

But he's gonna put Dream in
a bumper race for beginners.

Oh, my God,
he's gonna race?

Our horse is gonna race!

Right, I'm off!

Was Davina okay with you
taking the day off?

Oh, yeah. Not to worry, love.
All taken care of.

How come you're leaving
so early, anyway?

Chepstow's not that far.

Well, Kev and I just wanted
to make a real day of it.

You know,
savor the atmosphere.

Have a couple of bevvies
and a bar snack.

Ta, love.

You still haven't told Angela
about all this?

You know,
I'll let her know in time.

She'll be absolutely fine
with it.

- Good luck, Jan!
- Thanks, lovely!


- Here he comes!
- Fine figure of a man.

Slept in, did we, Kerby?

No, no.
You're not sitting here.

Your flies are undone.

The cage may be open,
but the beast is asleep.

Room for two more?

- Oh, the dynamic duo.
- We are off to the races!

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!

Oh, I haven't been
so excited

since Wales beat England
that day at Wembley!

Shat on them, we did!

Here we go, here we go!

What a sight.
The jockeys are so small.

Come on, everyone.
Owners' and trainers' bar, here we come.

I suppose
we should put a bet on.

Yeah, 10-to-1
Kerby gets drunk.

Do you know how to make
a small fortune out of horses?

Start with a large fortune.

Sorry, sir.
Owners only.

I am a bloody owner.

- May I look in your bag?
- You haven't asked to look in their bags.

You can't bring alcohol
onto the course.

Who says I've got alcohol?
Cheese sandwiches, that's all.

He's gonna
get us all chucked out.

All right, then.

- Bloody knew it.
- Come on, mate.

Look out.
Welsh champagne.

Be here all day.

You'll be pissing
like a racehorse.

Come on.

Never mind him. Come on.

Classy in here,
ain't it? Nice soft lighting.

All the big knobs are in here.

I seem to have
misplaced mine.

Strictly no admission into the
owners' enclosure without a pass.

Ooh, finger food, is it?

- Some for later?
- Brian.

They're free, love.

Oh, here he is.

Had to get Philip Hobbs
to vouch for me, didn't I?

How about this, eh?

Do you think that Clare Balding
off the telly will be here?

38 quid,
the cheeky buggers!

That'd buy a drink

for the whole
bloody room in my club.

Look, look, look.
It's Lord Avery.

He owns White Knight and Conquering Hero.
And most of Oxfordshire.

Pals, are we?

We're Lord Snooty's
bloody equal today.

- Oh, look out. He's off again.
- Ooh...

I'm sorry.
Have we met?

We have now, butt.
Tempt you to a can?

It's nice to share a drink
with a fellow owner, isn't it?

Ah, you're an owner.

How many?

Well, there's
about 20 of us.

All right!

I mean, how many horses
do you own?

- Just the one.
- Excellent. Enjoy it.

A little tip
before the race.

Ah, go on.

If you're using the gents,

give the first cubicle
a few minutes.

the horses for the bumper race

are making their way
to the paddock.

- Here we go.
- We're up next.

- Everyone got your bets on?
- Yeah.

Wait. We must have a toast.

That's right.

To us.

To us.

To Dream.

To Dream.

Come on.

moving on here at Chepstow.

The conditions are good,
so we should have

quite a tussle
in this race for beginners.

Jockeys are mounting and they're
making their way down to the start.

So, he's there. He's up on
the big screen. There he is.

Oh, look, there he is.

They're all on the racecourse
and should be good to go.

Horses are circling
at the starting line.

Number six, Inarco,
in the purple and orange.

Dream Alliance, number three,
in the red and white.

And Forgive Me Mary,
an impressive winner at Kelso.

A bit reluctant to join the others
at this stage is Dream Alliance.

He's become a bit playful
down at the start.

Oh, God.

Tapes are across.
Starter's getting up there.

Perhaps they'll have to
go around again and walk in.

Hopefully with Dream Alliance.

He doesn't look happy.

His first race.
Bound to be a bit edgy.

Edgy? He's facing
the wrong way.

Let's see if he settles down.

If he keeps going in that direction,
he'll end up back in the village.

- They are under orders.
- Turn around, boy.

Dream Alliance still having
a bit of bother.

- Will he let them go?
- Turn him around!

Turn him around!

He's at the back! Look!

He can't let them go, can he?

Turn around. Come on.

Turn around, man!
They've all gone!

He'll be in front

if he waits for
the next race to start.

Come on!

It's a disastrous start
for Dream Alliance.

He's about ten lengths
behind the pack.

I hope you're gonna
give us a refund, Jan.

Come on, Dream, boy.

- Come on.
- He's miles behind the others.

Then on the inside,
Forgive Me Mary.

And still trailing by six,
possibly eight lengths,

is Dream Alliance looking very
green at the back of the pack.

Even Daisy could run faster.

It was fun
while it lasted.

Come on, Dreamy boy,
you can do it.

Mate, what a waste of money!

Inarco and Forgive Me Mary
in the middle of the field.

Look at him now.
He's found the accelerator.

Clawing back some ground
is Dream Alliance.

He's our boy!

Come on, lad.
Come on, my boy.

He's coming! He's coming!

Dream Alliance pushes forward.
And he's on Inarco's heels now.

And as Cornell goes for broke,
Penelope Star in second.

Inarco slips back.

Go on, Dream.

Dream Alliance battles
his way into fourth.

Go on, Dream!

Come on, Dream!

Dream Alliance
making a real challenge

to get amongst
the top three.

Come on!

Cornell takes it,

second Penelope Star.

High And Clear in third.

And Dream Alliance coming in
a strong fourth place.

Fourth! Fourth! Fourth!

I had him down for fourth!

Yes! I won 20 quid!

No bloody chips!

Well done, my boy.

Your mam would have been
so proud of you.

We're gonna need
a bigger bus!

Hi, love. How's things?


You promised me you'd never,
ever even think of doing it again.

You can't possibly have forgotten
what it was like last time.

Coming this close
to losing the house.

Having to raid the kids' uni fund
to pay off the mortgage arrears.

All for some bloody horse.

And worst of all,
you've lied to me, Howard.

I know.
I shouldn't have lied.

I swore I'd leave you if you
ever got into another syndicate.

And I've learnt my lesson,
and this won't get out of hand, I promise.

I'm gonna have those words
written on your bloody gravestone.

It's completely different
this time.

There's a few of us just
chipping in a tenner a week

to have a bit of fun.
That's all it is.

Nothing is more important
to me than you.

This family.

Well, you have to make
your own choices.

But I don't want
anything to do with it.

And if you dare jeopardize
what we've got again...

And that was when I pinched
Dai Fats' prized cock!

Have a look at this!

We made
the front page of the Argus!

Must be building a
tidy balance in the bank now.

Aye, all that prize money, but no
mention of when we'll see any of it.

You must be a witch, Jan Vokes.
Gotta be some reason you got so lucky.

We'll win the Cheltenham Gold Cup, one day.
I swear we will.

Come on.
Let's go play some dominos.

No, let's have
a game of darts.

Hello, gorgeous.
How are you doing?

You're looking lovely.

The other day at work I spent two
hours stacking tinned sweet corn.

And all I could
think about was...


All my life...

I've never been me.

I've been Elsie's daughter,

Dennis and Sasha's mother...

or Daisy's wife.

But watching you race...

I'm Jan.

Mrs. Vokes.

Don't wanna disturb you.

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what? He's your horse.

Anyway, glad you dropped by.
Got some news for you.

Really? Newbury?

- Where's the owners' bar, then?
- There, boy.

My God, Howard.

You weren't wrong.
This really is something else.

Have any of you spotted Clare Balding?
She must be around somewhere.

- There's a rumor Mick Jagger's here.
- Ooh.

Not that I'm
bothered, mind.

I suppose
you're used to this,

hanging out
with the big knobs.

- How do you mean?
- That's what you do all day, isn't it?

Telling them rich buggers
how they can avoid paying tax.

Bit more complicated
than that, Kerby.

I call it legalized
robbery, myself.

I've just had a pee next to
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I told him I thought Evita was a far
superior work to Phantom of the Opera.

Right, so look here.

Dream's still way out
at 16-to-1.

Fearless Pursuit is massive odds-on.
He's one of His Lordship's horses.

He's won the last
nine out of ten races.

This time he really is
up against the big boys.

And she bred the damn horse
on an allotment!

An allotment!

It's almost time
for the main event here

at Newbury Festival,

the King Edward Challenge
over two miles.

Lord Avery's horse, Fearless
Pursuit, is the bookies' favorite,

hoping for
yet another victory.

He's shaping up to be
a true legend of the track.

- You all right, girl?
- It's a big race, Brian.

Hurdles and everything. He's never
done that on a course this size.

Out next is My Heaven, in the light
blue, followed by reigning champion,

Fearless Pursuit, number four,
in yellow and lilac.

Owned, of course,
by Lord Avery.

And the horse raised on
an allotment, Dream Alliance,

number three, in the
red and white striped cap.

The horses taking a look
at the first hurdle

in the King Edward Challenge.

A wide range of experience
amongst our runners today.

For some of them, this is
their first time over jumps.

- They're being called back now.
- Come on, then, boy.

And they'll soon
be good to go.

- There we go.
- Come on, hurry up.

Dream Alliance
yet to win a race.

Fearless Pursuit looking
every inch the aristocrat.

Trained at
the Berkshire court stables,

let's see if Fearless Pursuit
can reign victorious again.

I think we're good to go for this
famous race. The flag is raised.

I've got sweaty palms. Feel.

Bunched nearly together.
It's a pretty good start.

Chauncey Lad taking
the early lead at the front.

A certain amount of jockeying
for position in behind.

Now muscling
past Spring Morning

is Lord Avery's
Fearless Pursuit, number four,

asserting his dominance early as
they approach the first hurdle.

My Heaven in third, then Kelly's
Nan, then Justice Jones

and Dream Alliance right
in the middle of the pack.

First jump,
always a challenge.

The leaders are over,
followed by the rest of the pack.

Good job!

Fearless Pursuit and Spring
Morning, neck and neck

as they come over the next hurdle.

That's a nasty fall.
Jeanguin, out of the race.

Both rider and horse up on their feet.
That's good to see.

Dream Alliance takes it pretty smoothly.

Setting a fast pace
is Fearless Pursuit,

who won this race in
commanding fashion last year.

They approach the next jump.

Dream Alliance inching his way
up the pack.

Come on.
You can do this, boy.

Come on, my boy!

Dream Alliance muscles past
and finds his way into fourth

as they round the far bend.

Oh, my God, he's doing it!

Heading round
to the final straight.

Dream Alliance
giving all he's got.

Come on, Dream!
Come on, my boy!

Dream Alliance
showing real spirit.

The boy from the valleys scrapping his
way past My Heaven and Spring Morning,

letting Fearless Pursuit know he's
got a real fight on his hands.

Dream Alliance threatening the
reigning champion, Fearless Pursuit.

This is now a two-horse race
as they take the second last.

Come on, Dream!

They're safely
over the last hurdle.

It's a titanic battle.

He's gonna do it!

Dream Alliance pulls ahead
of Fearless Pursuit.

- He's gonna do it!
- This rank outsider

digging deep
and showing his class.

We did not see this coming!

Fight back! Come on, boy!

Could we be witnessing
the arrival of a new champion?

The young novice is powering ahead,
a length clear. Now two lengths!

Dream Alliance, he smells victory.
Untouchable now as he pulls ahead.

And wins!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Dream Alliance stealing the
crown from Fearless Pursuit

in a remarkable turnaround
here at Newbury.

They'll be dancing
in the Welsh valleys tonight.

Please welcome
to the winner's enclosure

the King Edward Challenge
champion, Dream Alliance!

Not on my hat!

We are so proud of you.
So proud.

And now it's time to present
the Challenge Cup to Janet Vokes

and the Alliance Partnership.

Is that real gold?

And not forgetting, of
course, the check for £26,250!

Split evenly.
Of course.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Bad luck about your
Fearless Pursuit, butt.

Has it occurred to you this might
be time to take a tidy profit?

How do you mean?

I'm prepared to make
a substantial offer.

Oh, God.
I'd never sell him. Never.

You haven't
heard the offer yet.

I wouldn't sell him
for 500 million.

Well, if you change
your mind.

Hang on a minute.
That's not right.

What, the idea
of selling Dream?

No, it's bloody

No, I mean him offering
to buy him off Jan.

The horse belongs
to all of us.

Correct. Any financial offer
should be put formally

to the syndicate
for consideration.

We're not selling him
and that's that.

With respect, Jan,
that's not for you to say.

Are you deaf,
Gerwyn, or what?

She's just bloody said it.

Legally she has
no right to.

But morally
she has every right.

Surely we can
all agree about that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on, boys.
Let's just celebrate our win.

Oi, Rossi,
feet off the chairs.

It's absolute pandemonium in here.
I don't recognize half this lot.

I know. Once upon a time,

people didn't even want to admit
they came from this village.

Now half the valleys
reckon they live here.

How much do you reckon Lord Snooty
would have offered us for Dream?

Tens, maybe hundreds
of thousands.

Thanks for standing up
for me before.

That's okay.

We both know
this has always been about

something much more
important than money.

...e-mail you sent yesterday
to Sinclair Beatty.

Care to read it?

"Just quit moaning
and pay up, you bastards."

They had a tax bill. I'm a tax advisor.
I advised them to pay it.

You know, Howard, I've started to wonder
lately why you came into this profession.

Oh, you're not
the only one.

'Cause I have no idea why I
sit behind this desk all day,

helping rich bastards,
who can well afford to pay their share,

save millions in tax

while people out there can barely
afford to put food on their tables.

You know, it's...

legalized robbery.

Howard, mate.

Has to be something better
I can do with my life.

He's taking the lamp.
Why is he taking the lamp?

What were you thinking?

I wasn't thinking.
That's the whole point. I was just...

It's what I feel.

It's what I felt for years.
I can't do that job anymore.

This is that bloody horse
again, isn't it?

Being involved with Jan and
the syndicate has made me feel

like I'm part of something important
for the first time in years.

And it's bloody fabulous.

It's selfish!
And it's reckless!

I can work it out.
We'll manage.

Oh, how exactly?
On my wages?

So, I've been talking to Philip,

and he reckons Dream's bouncing,
in the form of his life.

Howard reckons it's partly that
new probiotic food they got him on.

And they've got him in that
new equine swimming pool.

Dream absolutely loves it,

Howard says swimming is brilliant
for building up muscle strength

in the hindquarters.


What's the matter?


Come on, spit it out.

I miss him, is all... Dream.

It's stupid, isn't it? Missing
something I didn't even know I wanted.

No, it's not stupid.

But still...

that's the way life is.

I shouldn't grumble.

But life's not like that, Brian.
That's the whole point.

There's a whole world
out there you don't see

because you're just sat
watching the telly.

You what?

Look, when Dream arrived...

I saw you light up.

Look, I know you miss him.
But don't just...

settle back into
your old ways again.

I shouldn't have said

I don't mind really.
I'm happy enough.

No, Brian, you're always "happy
enough." You lost your job,

you said, "Never mind, another one
will come along." And it never did.

You got arthritis, you said, "Oh, well,
we all get old and ill sooner or later."

I mean, when I first met you,
you were a fighter.

And now
you just accept things.

You don't fight anymore.

So, what your dad said
was right.

You could have done
a lot better for yourself.

So I can evade tax,
but I can't avoid it.

Other way around, Nerys.
Avoid, not evade.

- Evasion they don't like.
- Got it. Um...

things are a little tight
cash-wise these days, so...

best sirloin.

- Cheers, Nerys.
- Enjoy.

- Oh. Hello, Nerys.
- Jan.

It's looking very smart,

Well, the refurbishment
is, um, ongoing.

How come, though?
You had a good job in Cardiff, didn't you?

Uh, well, I realized
I couldn't do it anymore.

And I wasn't gonna live a life
of lost chances like my dad.

- What happened to him?
- Uh...

ran away from home at 14 with a
dream of being a famous jockey.

Lied about his age,
got a job at a racing stables.

The coppers tracked him
down, bought him home.

Became a lifer
at the steelworks and...

that was that.

"Don't let them crush your
dreams," he used to say.

And at least I've had plenty of time to
keep on top of the syndicate finances.

Believe it or not, we're showing an
overall profit of about a hundred grand.

Good God.

I never in
a million years thought

we'd make
this kind of money.

That's not
the only good news.

Philip Hobbs wants to race
Dream at Aintree on Saturday.

- Oh, my God.
- I know, I know.

- A wedding, is it?
- No, Mam.

It's two of
the yellow ones, Dad.

- I've taken two.
- No, you've only taken the white.

Is our Sasha getting married?

No, Mam. I told you.

I'm off to Aintree
'cause Dream's racing there.

Bert, did you hear that?

We'll watch it on the telly, Jan.
We love doing that.

I need you to pick up my
prescription from the chemist.

Is that all
you can say, Dad?

- What?
- The horse I bred

is racing in the biggest
meet in the calendar,

and that's all
you can say?

I'll see you later.

Welcome to Aintree,

where we've got a record-breaking
attendance on the course

of 75,000 people

here to celebrate the very
best of British racing.

The going is good as the horses gather
at the starting line for the next race.

A three-mile, half-a-furlong
handicap over hurdles.

There he is!
Looking good.

All right, Daisy?

Tidy enough, thanks.

Horses coming out onto the
course led by Real Charmer,

very much on his toes,
keen to get on with things,

alongside Aurora's Encore,
a winner here just two days ago.

Dream Alliance,
in his now-familiar red and white colors,

is number three on your card,
and number one is According To Pete.

Come on, then, boy.
Hey, he's looking good.

Over there, look.
Come on, Dreamy!

Starter is
calling them forward.

I've got a good feeling
about this one.

Come on, Dream!

Flag is up.

And they're off and racing.

So, the field leave the tapes
bunched together.

Buena Vista,
the first one to show...

Take it easy.
Good start.

Dream Alliance challenging
According To Pete,

racing in
the blue and white colors,

currently in
the middle of the field.

Come on, Dreamy boy.

Deep Focus
edges past Buena Vista now,

while Dream Alliance
tries to make ground

on the outside
of According To Pete.

Deep Focus is out of the race.

Takes a pretty hefty fall.
Horse and jockey look okay...

- Is he up?
- ...and quickly on their feet.

Come on, Dream!

...as they approach
the next flight of hurdles.

Dream Alliance is jumping
with real confidence now.

- Come on, Dream. Come on, boy!
- He's up into third place,

chased hard
by both Superior Wisdom,

- and then comes Aurora's Encore.
- Come on, Dream!

Come on, Dream!

Dream Alliance now just
a length and a half behind.

Dream Alliance and According
to Pete neck and neck.

Nothing between these two
as they take the next.

And the field
head round the final bend.

Buena Vista continues
to lead the way.

According To Pete
on his outside.

Superior Wisdom in third and
behind them Aurora's Encore.

Where's Dream?

I can't see him, either.

Howard, can you
see anything?

He's not there.

- Can you see him?
- Oh, Jesus.

Oh, what's happening?
Let me see.

They're putting screens
around him.

Means they're gonna
shoot him, don't it?

Stay calm, everyone.

The vet's arrived.

They can't shoot him.

If his leg's broken
they'd have to, Jan.

Okay, I'm calling Philip.

What are they saying?

Pick up, Philip, pick up.


Put him on speaker.

- Philip, what's happening?
- They can't tell how bad it is,

but it looks like
he's severed a tendon.

That's serious, isn't it?

If confirmed,
then he'd never run again.

- Philip?
- Yeah. Hold on.

Oh, please, God, we can't lose him.
We can't lose him. We can't.

It's kinder to put
a horse down immediately

in these circumstances,
you know.

Whoa! Stand clear!

Hello, Howard?
Vet thinks the tendon

may not be
completely severed

and there's a chance
it could be repaired.

Then try, for God's sake! If there's
the faintest chance of saving him!

I have to warn you,
if the tendon can't be repaired,

he'd still have to be

- Right, Philip.
- And if we remove him from the course

and the operation
does fail,

you'd lose
the insurance money

and, of course,
face substantial bills.

Philip, we don't have time.
I really need an answer.

Well, how much
is he insured for?

120 thousand pound.

Maybe we need
to discuss this.

No, there's nothing to discuss.
What's there to discuss?

Well, 120 grand, to start with.
That's a hell of a lot of money.

Look, he belongs
to all of us,

and any decision about
what happens to him

should be taken

- It's a fair point.
- Yeah, but...

Like it should have been that day
Lord Avery offered to buy him.

You're not still on
about that, Gerwyn?

- Wait. Listen.
- This is a syndicate, isn't it?

He's suffering and all alone!

Everybody be quiet
and just listen to Janet!

Look, before Dream...

who were we?



We lost our jobs,
our community.

Even lost our pride.

And then Dream came along

and reminded us all what life
is like when you have hope.

Dream's out on that course
in agony,

his life hanging by a thread,

and you're talking about
putting a gun to his head

so you can have a couple
of grand in your pockets.

Too bloody right.

Dream's never asked us
for anything before.

- He's just given us his all.
- Yeah.

Dream has given me
a second chance.

He's given us all
a second chance.

And now...

I think we need to
give him one.

- Fair enough.
- Yeah.



Tell them they gotta do whatever
they can to try and save him.

Steady! Steady, Dream.


Brian, I...

It's all right, girl.

Dream's had an accident.

They've been operating on him
through the night.

Philip? What's the news?

I see.


Okay, thanks.


We hope he'll be able
to walk again.

But you do understand,
the chances of him racing again

are virtually nonexistent.

All I care about
is he gets well.

And if the tendon
won't heal and he's lame,

well, then we'll have to
consider his quality of life.


God, Dream.

You had me worried.

Thank you.

Mrs. Davies?


I'm Jan.
From the syndicate.

Oh, right.


How's Howard?
Haven't seen him in a while.

Not since what happened
with Dream.

Yes, I heard.

I was, um, so sorry
about his accident.

Thanks. He's alive.
That's the main thing.


Well, I...

I just, um...

wanted to say I think
it's brilliant...

supporting Howard the way you did
with the syndicate and everything.

I mean, after the last time,
a lot of wives wouldn't have done that.

It wasn't until he told me that
story about his dad running away

and becoming a jockey

that I really understood why
this mattered to him so much.

But I guess
you knew that all along.


Well, thanks.

That's £18.90, please.


- Brian?
- Listen, Jan. It's your dad.

I'm sorry. I've called
an ambulance, but...

I'm two minutes away.

Well, there he is.

Oh, good God.

You said he could walk.
But is he really up to being ridden?

Oh, he's going
pretty well, isn't he?

Well done, boy.


My God.

- I swear he winked at me.
- It's miraculous.

The stem cell treatment
was a complete success.

The vet thinks
the tendon's stronger now

than before the injury.
He's running faster than ever.

How come you never mentioned
he was coming on so well?

Didn't want to raise any false
hopes until we were sure.

Of what?

We think he's ready
to race again.

- You're joking.
- We're thinking The Welsh National.

- That would be incredible.
- But after all he's been through...

I need to be sure
it's what you want.

I can't bear the thought
of him risking his life again!

I just don't think we can take the risk.
Not after all that's happened.

But it'd be the comeback
of all comebacks!

That's rich. You were ready
to write him off.

- We'd all written him off.
- You saw him on the gallops.

And you heard what Philip Hobbs said.
It's miraculous.

I mean, surely it's a sign.
Dream wants to keep going.

- He lives to race.
- It's in his blood, innit?

Out on that track,
when he was hurt,

you said we owed him a chance
because of what he'd done for us.

What was that chance for if
not to let him race again?

But not at The Welsh Grand National.
It's too dangerous.

Tell him, Brian.
It's just too big a risk.

I would, Jan.

But I can see
what they're saying.

How could you?

That's why I'm single, see?


- I thought you cared about Dream.
- I do.

Of course I care about him.

When Dream come along,
took me right back to when I was young.

Wanting to be a farmer.

All those hopes
I'd given up on.

And it hurt like hell when he
went to live at the stables.

Almost as much as it hurt
when he fell at Aintree.

You spoke for him then,
when he couldn't.

But if Dream was here now
and he could speak...

...he'd tell you
he wants to race.

It's in his blood.

You know I'm right.

Let him run, Jan.

I just can't bear the thought
of him getting hurt again.

I know.

But you were right.

We can't stop ourselves from
dreaming of bigger things.

Come on, love.

Come on.

There you go.

See ya.

Hey, Kerby.
Where's your glad rags?

You better get a shift on,
mate, or you'll miss the coach.

I'm not going.
Can't afford it, butt.

You gotta come.
Come, we'll have a whip-round.

Bugger off. I'll put the money
I'm saving by not going on Dream.

Twenty quid,
Dream Alliance to win.

I'll watch it in the club
with a pint in my hand.

Now, you tell our boy
to run the race of his life.

Right, I'm off.

Why are you all...

We thought we might come along, too.

What the hell is that?

What do you reckon?

Angela and the kids in there.
Howard, you're lying down in the hearse.

I couldn't fit you all in the coach!
We had to think laterally!

- Come on. Follow me.
- In you go, love.

It's gonna be all right,
isn't it?

- Good luck, Jan.
- Cheers, John.

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!

Is it starting?

Yeah, it's starting now.

- Excuse me...
- Let us watch this!

I should never have said yes to putting
these bets on for the boys in the club.

You start down that end.
Tenner each on Dream Alliance to win.

We can't miss the anthem.

Welcome, everyone, to Chepstow

to the greatest day
in the Welsh race calendar,

the day of the Welsh Grand National!

And welcome back to the course
from a serious injury,

from the valleys,
Dream Alliance!

And to his breeder,
Janet Vokes.

And now please join with that great
voice of Wales, Katherine Jenkins,

in the singing of
the Welsh National Anthem.

Go on, my boy!

Oh, my God,
is that Rod Stewart?

Oh, he never misses the Welsh.

The horses circling
now, raring to race.

There they are.
This year's runners and riders

in the Welsh Grand National.

Dream Alliance there. First race
back after a long convalescence.

a little bit unsettled.

Oh, God, there he is.

His ruptured tendon the cause
of his nerves, perhaps.


Le Beau Bai, number nine,

is the bookies' favorite
after a great year for him.

Tapes go across and we'll be
under starter's orders.

Anxious wait while
the starter raises his flag.

Under starter's orders!

Come on, Dream.

Come on, man.

The flag drops and we're
off on this Welsh Grand National!

A grueling race that has seen
plenty of drama in its time.

Come on, Dream. Go on, boy.

Leading now is Operation
Houdini, in the yellow and black.

Get around safely, eh?
Just get around safely.

Having work to do at the rear of the
pack is Dream Alliance, number three.

Come on, boy!

As they head
into the first bend,

Operation Houdini still holds
his position in the lead.

- He's coming over the rise down there.
- Come on, man.

The pack are now climbing
steeply on this punishing course.

Ahead of them looms the
challenge of the first fence.

Coming to the first now.
Here we are.

Come on, Dream!

Dream Alliance still the back
marker approaching the second fence.

He's got it!

And they're all over clear.

Approaching the far bend,
Operation Houdini slipping away.

Come on, lad.

Come on, my boy.

Dream Alliance looks like
he's making a move!

Muscling through, pushing Cornish
Chef then Nositch out of the way.

- He's away!
- Go, Dream!

The pack rounding the far bend

and Dream Alliance sneaks past
Hello Bud and Old Benny.

Go on, boy!

Look, Jan!

Dream Alliance battling his
way past Operation Houdini

as he barges
into second place!

This is incredible!

Silver By Nature has got a
real scrap on his hands now!

Dream Alliance and Silver
By Nature locked in a duel

as they approach
the second to last.

Come on, boy! Come on!

Dream Alliance tightening every
sinew as they take the final jump.

A slip by Silver By Nature,
and Dream Alliance lands ahead

and steals the lead for the
very first time in the race!

- Yes, yes!
- Come on!

Dream Alliance in first place,

but Silver By Nature
is fighting back!

He's pulling away
from Dream Alliance!

Go, my boy!

Both horses giving it
everything they've got.

- My boy!
- Dream Alliance pulling ahead!

- Go on!
- The boy from the valleys

proving he's up there
with the best in the world!

Go, Dream!


First place, Dream Alliance.

A fairy-tale return from injury to
conquer this Welsh Grand National!

Oh, lovely!

Dream, Dream, Dream!


I bloody knew he was a
champion right from the start!

You did it.

Hey, well done, girl.

Well done.

Please give a rapturous welcome
to the horse born on an allotment

and now the Welsh Grand National
champion, Dream Alliance!

Come on, Dreamy boy!

You gorgeous, clever,
lion-hearted boy, you.

Well done!

Well done.

I told you
he's got spirit.

Who'd have thought, eh?
Well done.

- Oh, thank you.
- Bloody well done.


- Oh, Maldwyn's crying.
- No, I'm not.

Where's Howard?


All right?



Just needed a moment.

Quiet word with Dad...

about how this win
was for him.

He'd be very proud.

Dream's a beauty, isn't he?

Proper valleys boy.

Hey, best day of my life!

Oh, what a day!

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!

- Oggy!
- Oi!

- Oggy!
- Oi!

- Oggy, oggy, oggy!
- Oi, oi, oi!