Dream High (2011) - full transcript

Dream High tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Go Hye Mi is a student who sings classical music but has to give up her dream by entering Kirin Art High School to pay off her father's debt. However, she needs to get two other students to also come to the school in order for her to enroll in the school conditionally.

Right now, there are two remaining contestants that are still without partners.

JB and Jin Yu Jin hasn't showed up.

Ri An and Sin Hae Seong,

do you want to partner up?

It's really hard for me to say these words,

but I've decided to say it now.

Hae Seong, I like you.


There's no reason.

No matter how I think,

there's still no reason.

Why do I like music?

Why do I want to become a singer?

it's the same, there's no reason.

I just like you.

I just want to sing with you,

I want to stand on same stage as you,

and I just want to sing with you.

Sin Hae Seong, do you accept JB's proposal?

Students, Sin Hae Seong and JB,

have become partners.

Now those remaining are

students Ri An and Jin Yu Jin.

With Jin Yu Jin and Ri An paired up,

the couples have been decided.

Until the performance day,

in order to perform well,

everyone, please work hard.

What I said before about us being friends,

I'm taking it back.


Opposing our Head Director,

it's your first time, right?

Ri An...

Thank you.

You've made me realize that,

I've mistaken this whole time.

Thanks to you and Sin Hae Seong,

I have thought of being serious.

What mistake you have done,

you will know it very soon.

Thank you.

I'm sincere.

I will help you

win this.

We will win this.

So, are you planning to re-audition?

Mom, don't you trust me?

I will be the first.

Hasn't HershE disbanded?

Why must you stay at this company?

You can just go to another company and continue acting.

If you want to sing that much,

then join a girl group in another company.

You want to make me a visual again?

What's wrong with that?

Isn't it because you're very pretty?

Mom, I'm already tired of those words.

Just wait and see.

I will become the best.

I'll use my ability to prove it to everyone.

Ahjumma, get me another bowl of rice.

Doesn't it seem like nothing much has happened?

Yesterday was yesterday.

Seeing her expression, it's like she's forgotten everything.

But there is nothing between them, right?

Yesterday's top search,

was JB's two-timing.

You've already experienced this once,
during the end of month evaluations.

The basics of duet is to understand each other.

Only when you know each other's
strengths and weakness,

can you collaborate.

Collaborate by highlighting each other's strengths,

and cover up each others' weaknesses.

By understanding and collaborating,

will you be in perfect harmony.

Come, next it's time to ask questions.

Ask each other anything you're curious them,

and please answer as truthful as you can.

Phone number, Measurements.

What's your ideal type?

You startled me.

It's best to be a bit honest.

You like Sin Hae Seong.

I can see it clearly with my eyes.

Hey, is this asking? It's forcing.

What do you like?

Who do you like?

How much do you like her?

Didn't she say we need to understand each other?

This is the only way we can be first.

That's enough!

You're angry. You're blushing.

What? What?

I don't need to know anything else.

Jin Yu Jin likes Shin Hae Seong.

The end of understanding Jin Yu Jin.


The end.

What are these for?

Are we shooting today?

Shooting what?

Village kids.

Didn't they say we'd be shooting today?

What was it?


You don't have to look so surprised.

Today's special lesson is very simple.

Each of your partners will dress you up as they wish.

After that, we will begin the shoot.

Appearance that you wish for?

According to what you wish for?

Isn't he a playboy?

If he really likes Na Na,

then wouldn't he only like Na Na.

So, he will be dressed up

in the pure-hearted style of someone
who loves only one woman.

Isn't he really good at singing?

He has everything women likes.

If there is one thing that's missing,

it is self-confidence.

In his heart, he's probably a playboy.

Music is love.

Excuse me, someone has reported you for playing loud music.

I'm here to arrest you.

It is a little bit awkward.

It really suits you.

The Sin Hae Seong I know

has always been a swan.

She thought she was an ugly duckling,

so she was unable to spread her wings and fly.

I want to tell you exactly how high you can fly.

I like the current JB the most.

Like I'm the same as ordinary high school with JB.

How is it, is it pretty?

Because I am a princess.

Change your princess disease.

Don't always act so proud.

Remove those eye lashes.

Doesn't it feel heavy stuck there all day long?

Do you like me?

If you don't wear makeup, I will think about it.

Fine, fine, fine.

Jin Yu Jin, I know..

you're definitely not in B class level.

You're in A class.

A class.

Am I some Korean beef?

1, 2, 3, G Minor.

Get out of the way.

I... I will be doing this with Ailee

Is it all right?

Seul, what's wrong with you?

When practicing, communicate your emotions with each other.

Tango is very effective.

Teacher Yang!

Your eyes must meet.

An Tae Yeon. Why are you standing here like a fool?

How come your foolish stand?


One look and you'll know that

Teacher Yang isn't your type.

Why are you obsessed with Teacher Yang?

You are crazy, crazy.

Not bad.

Your dance isn't too bad.

Students... you all can dance well, right?

To the left, left.

You two are really... do it properly.

Come a little closer...

The basic of couple dance is the eye contact.

Look at each other with eyes full of love.


Hold hands!

Stick your waist together.


I messed up again, right?

No, Tango isn't so easy to learn.

Right now, you're already doing it very well.

Shall we try it again?

The basics of Tango is self-restraint.

Even if your expressions show how much you want each other,

you cannot let loose of those intense feelings.

Let's try it again.

Hey, you should look at each other when you dance.

If you don't look at each other, it's completely wrong.

Watch it with carefully.

Here, turn it over.

Like this. Watch as you dance, watch as you dance.

Do you understand?


Now do you fully understand the feeling?

Yup, I understand it now.

He lives up to the reputation of a Super Idol.

Yu Jin is very promising.

If he's in this level,

it seems that he'll be able to compete with JB.

Then the winning or losing will depend on Ri An and Hae Seong.

Hae Seong has also improved quite a bit,

and she hasn't made too many mistakes as well.

Yes, she's not a black hole.

It must be the power of love, right?

Let's start.

1, 2, 3, 4...

The basics of couple dancing is to look into each others' eyes.

- First, just practice the turning and stepping.
- Okay.

I've already warned you,

yet you made matters even more troublesome.

I will prove to you

that I have the right to become the Super Idol.

I'll prove it to you through the duet mission.

No matter how far I fall, I'll still be
able to climb up again.

I will prove it to you!

Even if your partner is Sin Hae Seong,

are you confident?

I am confident.

Hae Seong and I can do it well.

Will you be responsible for everything you say right now?

Yes. I'll take responsibility.

You have to think it over carefully before you say it.

Just believe in me.

Could it be that you think you're already at
the bottom of the valley so you can't fall any further?

What are you thinking?

Hae Seong, let's skip class.


Let's rest before we practice again.

We don't have time right now.

Just for a while.

We're not even machines.

It's good to be serious,

but what if something happens
because we're too tired.

If we don't do it like this, we won't be
able to catch up to them.

You seem to have forgotten,

I am Super Idol.

I don't do something seriously
because I want to chase someone.

Why did they choose you to be the Super Idol?

That's because I'm qualified to be one.

From the start, why did they choose Jin Yu Jin

and not JB?

Where should we go?

Oh, wait a minute.

I don't have money.

That wouldn't be enough.

This is enough.

These would be enough.

How is it? Does it suit me?

With this you look ordinary.

Let's go!

What do you mean by that?

The results of the audition have already been decided.

There's no need to be surprised.

Our Head Director is a very powerful person.

He can create scandals which are even better than publicizing.

Fixing the results are nothing to him.

You said, it is JB?

Then what about us? What am I?

I am JB's bridesmaid. You are JB's pacemaker.


Have you heard of a pacemaker?

If you're a pacemaker, what would you do?

I'm sorry Jin Yu Jin.

You can't be out of sorts like this,

we have to work hard.

We must certainly win this mission.

The swindler who's good at telling lies!

Hey, Jin Yu Jin. Talking without thinking, who would be understand?

So speak clearly.

The result of the audition has already been decided.

To let JB win.

Who said I wanted to be the pacemaker?

This kid's words are shorter

Answer me!

The result of this audition has been settled.

Is it true?

There is no decided outcome.

How can I believe you?

But you, being the pacemaker is true.

Up until now you have been great, and that's true too.

Whether you're only a pacemaker or a winner,

it is for you to decide.

What is this?

This is OZ Entertainment's formal contract book.

Including your parents' written consent.

We won't ask about your activites.

That's very good.

Choose, choose. Let's buy this one.

Exactly the same.

How is it the same?

Really delicious.


Wow, daebak

Here you go.

Thank you.

May you have more sales!

Thank you.

Here, for you.

Why are you giving me a spoon and a pair of chopsticks?

It's a gift.

I've received a lot of gifts in the past,

but it's the first time I have received a spoon and a pair of chopsticks.

The other time, when you drew the spoon-shaped me

and drew me into a pair of chopsticks, I'm really grateful for that.

Ah... that...

I'm kidding.

You like to eat. I don't want you to be hungry

that's why I gave that to you.

Then I'll give you a gift too.

When you eat, aren't the spoon and chopsticks always together?

Just like a thread and needle,

I don't want us to part.

Is this weird?

I am flying. I am flying.

This isn't something people do.

We should change it.

Change? Change what?

Na Na, can't I just practice with you?

I will do the mission well.

I can't put in my feelings with him.

Then how about I use a woman's voice to sing for a bit?

Will it get better?

This is the best choice.

Just trust me, okay?

Ready... action!

I am flying. I am flying.

My parents, what did they say?

Did they just seal it?

They said that's the only thing they
can do for you.

They also agreed to not interfere with you

They just want you to succeed.

Jin Yu Jin.

Is something wrong?

I'm not in the mood to talk to you

Do you want to play a game?

Do you want to bet?

A bet?

Just throw and score from here.

What do you want to bet on?

If you win,

I'll give you anything you want.

Oh... really?

But if you lose,

Sin Hae Seong belongs to me.

What are you saying?

Are you that great?

Jang U Jae, do you think you're that great?

Jin Yu Jin!

Who do you think you are?
Who are you to use me?

Pacemaker? Why am I the pacemaker?

You know, don't you?

Answer me!

I knew.

Stop it. Stop it!

You should block when I hit you!

Why you? Who do you think you are?

Why are you staying still?

I know anyway that I can't escape.

I know how you feel.

But don't escape.

Even if you took a beating, you still need to be persistent.

Are you okay?

I have something for you.

For me?

Thank you.

Aren't you going to ask

why Yu Jin did that to me?

I'm very curious,

but I believe you.

It's cold. Shall we go inside?

Let's stay here for a while.

I can't see the stars tonight.

You... do you know?

When I'm with you, it feels like a dream.

A dream that I can't dream anymore.

It's not a dream now.

A star!


Not the...re, but here.

I heard about your dad.

It would've been nice if he could see your debut performance.

He couldn't wait to see it.

Let's break up.

I promised my father,

that I'll be the best.

Because I had to do my debut stage,

I was unable to pay my last respects.

The promise to be the best,

I want to fulfill it.

You're the one who broke the promise.

I'll go on smoothly.

When the time comes, I'll ask you.

Why can't I do

but Sin Hae Seong can?

Yes! We are 5th!

We're 4th.

It's just nice.


This number is neither good nor bad,

What do we have to think about being number 2?

There's no need to look, we're number 3.

What's wrong?

Let's we change our numbers.

What's your number?

Number 1.

No way.

Being the first is so affordable.

Isn't your song lively?

It will easily grab everyone's attention.

Our stage must be in the back.

Just this once.

Just be flexible for this time.

Just this once...

Ui Bong


Perform well!

Thank you

Thank you..


Everyone, what kind of proposal would you like to get?

The content and form may differ,

but to show someone's sincerity

it may not be as sweet and wonderful as this.

However, not all proposals'll be successful.

Who exactly will be the lead that make everyone's heart race?

Who would it be?

I like you.

I-- I like you too.

You gave this to JB, right?

Although there're some reason for it,

but you're right.

Oh, you're look strong.

Giving something I threw away to someone else.

What're you trying to say?

Just like this pendant,

have JB as well.

I have completely abandoned him now.

So, you can have him.

You're not saying the truth, are you?

Compared to everyone,

don't you think about JB the most?

You just don't want him to be hurt.

Didn't you warn me at the other time?

That I shouldn't accept him even if he chose me.

It's already a thing of the past.

Whether you want or not,

in the end, JB will get hurt because of you.

Why do you say that?

It likes if you want him to get hurt.

I will definitely protect him,

so that he won't get hurt.

I hope you said the truth.

I didn't know Hae Seong has this side of her.

Really pretty.

She's shining brightly,

just like a real star.

Hae Seong and JB are dating, right?

They look good together.

But, what happened with Ri An?

Wasn't she dating JB?

I don't know, I don't know!

Is Ri An crying?

I guess she really crying.

It looks like she's been dumped by JB.

Ri An is so pitiful.

Don't you think Ri An intentionally

exchanged numbers with us?

What are you talking 'bout?

It isn't because they want to be the last.

But because they wanted to be

after JB and Shin Hae Seong.

Just now, it feels real.

It became like that in an instance.

Have you thought of a good song?

Proposal. Romantic.

Love doesn't always have to be sweet.

What do you mean?

Just wait and see.

I'll make everyone stand on my side.

Did their proposals touch everyone heart's?

Now, what I have in my hand is the results from all of your votes.

Before..I announce the winner,

I'll announce the worst competitor with the least votes.

Namely, the worst player.

In today's Super Idol audition, the worst player

will be eliminated.

Why are there eliminations suddenly?

But, what they have now are all HershE and I:dn members.

This doesn't make sense!

They never mentioned elimination before.

Why does it have to be like this suddenly?

Today's mission was about proposal.

I have said this before, right?

Eveyone's song,

even a love letter is also a way of a proposal.

However, the content of the love letter,

no matter how complicated,

no matter how beautiful it has been written,

to receive a rejection from the other party,

it only can be considered as writing notes without thinking.

The mission this time round did not have any hidden meaning.

It's just saying, proposal.

If your proposal got rejected,

then you won't be able to see each other again.

Just like I said earlier.

For one of them,

today'll most likely be their last performance on stage.

And then, they'll immediately be able to understand what they have once held dearly for.


I'll now announce the one who will be eliminated.

Today, the eliminated person is...

The eliminated person is...


I will hold you tightly.

Always at your side looking at me.

~ You've let the fallen me stand back up again. ~

~ In the flickering rays of light. ~

~ You are the star. ~

~ The world's brightest stars. ~

~ That lights up my darkened heart. ~

~ You are the star. ~

~ The brightest star in the world ~

~ That melts my frozen heart. ~

~ Up till today, I've finally found my other half. ~

~ A heart that is beating so, ~

~ I found it, my love. ~

~ The one I'm looking for, ~

~I want to give you a warm hug.~

~ I must have fallen in love. ~

~ When you look at me, my heart races. ~

~ Since when has my heart been this thrilled. ~

~ Slowly now, the pain is starting. ~

~ I'm falling in love. ~

~ As time passes. ~

~ I'm falling in love. ~

~ My feelings are growing. ~

~ Even without you, I think about you all day long. ~

~ Here I am. What should I do? ~

~ In the silent flickering rays of light ~

~ You are the star. ~

~ The world's brightest star. ~

~ That lights up my darkened heart. ~

~ You are the star. ~

~ The world's brightest star. ~

~ The world's brightest star. ~

~ That melts my frozen heart. ~

~ I know you'll be a super star. ~

~ So don't you worry where you are. ~

~ Someday you may be the one. ~

~ We are the winners. ~

~ I know you'll be a super star. ~

~ So don't you worry where you are. ~

~ Someday you may be the one. ~

~ Summer loving, had me a blast. ~

~ Summer loving, happened so fast. ~

~ I met a girl crazy for me. ~

~ I met a boy cute as can be. ~

~ Summer days drifting away ~

~ to, oh, oh, those summer nights. ~

~ Tell me more, tell me more, ~

~ did you get very far? ~

~ Tell me more, tell me more, ~

~ like does he have a car? ~

~ She swam by me, she got a cramp. ~

~ He ran by me, got my suit damp. ~

~ I saved her life, she nearly drowned. ~

~ He showed off, splashing around. ~

~ Summer fling, don't mean a thing, ~

~ but, oh, oh, those summer nights. ~

~ Tell me more, tell me more, ~

~ Tell me more, tell me more, ~

~ It turned colder, that's where it ends. ~

~ So I told her we'd still be friends. ~

~ Then we made our true love vow. ~

~ Wonder what she's doing now. ~

~ Summer dreams, ripped at the seams, ~

~ but, oh, those summer nights. ~

~ It feels like you are looking at me. ~

~ At the fragrance that you left behind ~

~ Everything else has the same feeling. ~

~ To see everything as long as I open my eyes. ~

~ For the whole of today, ~

~ Even without me, it will still be same, right? ~

~ To make me cry. To abandon you ~

~ Stop saying those sad words. ~

~ In order to let the both of us be beautiful on our own, ~

~ In this world, my day time, your night time, ~

~ Let's look towards the same end. ~

~ Baby lover, always keep your eyes closed. ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ Can you see the light. ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ There ain't no one here. ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ It's our only way. ~

~ Can't you see the light in me? ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ Don't be scared, my love. ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ There'll be a song for you. ~

~ Give it up, give it up. ~

~ Let the flowers rejoice. ~

~ Can't you see the light in me? ~

~ Although my heart has been at a loss. ~

~ Only when I'm in your arms, ~

~ will I be able to find my path. ~

~ Even in the following day, we can still be together. ~

~ To embrace the whole world ~

~ and bring gifts of joy to everyone. ~

~ To make me cry. To abandon you. ~

~ I know you'll be a super star. ~

~ So don't you worry where you are. ~

~ Loudly yell out your name, ~

~ we all know and love. ~

~ I know you'll be a super star. ~