Dream Girl (2019) - full transcript

Rom-com Movie, directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa, stars Ayushmann Khurrana who plays a 'dream girl'. In every love story, there is always one trying to win the heart of the other, who could be the 'dream girl'.

- Please.. Please..for my sake..
- No, I won't do it.

Listen.. Just listen to me once..

Bro, I have failed again.

And the teacher has asked to speak with
my mother. Please help me out here.

- I won't.
- You can take my chocolates too.


- Seriously?
- Yes..

Okay, fine.

Hello Sir..
Smiley speaking, sir.

The one
who failed the tests miserably.

Sir please talk to my mother.


Hello, sir.

What? He failed again.

Nothing to worry.
He will do better next year.

He's a Punjabi boy after all.

Even if he fails again,
there is nothing to worry about..

We will sell a plot
and release his music album.

Fine. I'll hang up the phone now.

You're not dressed up yet!

All the other characters
are completely ready!

I am not going to play Sita.

I've told you before..

I can play Hanuman or Ram..

But you are stuck only at Sita.

Make him Sita instead.

Huh.. Punjabi Sita.


You know how to mimic
a girls voice not me.

- Please..
- Stop. Stop..

Please don't say like this.

One last time.


Swear on God.

I am not going to play Sita.
I've been saying it for years now.

Don't say that.
Just one last time play Sita.

Next time we'll manage
Ram Leela without Sita.

- Take it.
- Never.

Jambwant, Neel, Jatayu, I am
willing to do anything. But not Sita.

Brother. Mother Sita
is nowhere to be seen.


People don't come to see you,
but to hear your voice.

And all these rewards that you get..

You will get them
as long as you play Sita.

And not otherwise. Understood?

- Sita.
- Mother..

- Sita!
- Mother..

- Mom, when will mother Sita show up?
- Soon, son.

Here. Ask Jatayu to put
this on and get ready as Sita.

Wait. Bring it here.

Will you do it.

- Only till I get a job.
- Take this.

- Sita!
- Mother..


Mother Sita has arrived.


Lord, you are back!

- Glory to..
- Mother Sita!

Once more! Once more!

Mr. Jagjeet..

Mr. Jagjeet!

Yes tell me, What all do you want?

Incense sticks? Urn? Sandalwood?



How useless can you be?

This is no place
to ask for instalments.

- Instalment of bank loan.
- Which bank loan?

The loan that you
borrowed from the bank.

I've borrowed money from six banks.

The bank where you haven't
paid the last three instalments.

But I haven't paid back three banks.

The bank where you mortgaged
your home as collateral.

So be more specific, Mr. Mithilesh.

How else do you expect me to say it?

Every time when I come here,
you refuse to recognize me.

Why don't you pay
your instalments on time?

You know what, Mithilesh,
come back day-after-tomorrow.

- Day-after-tomorrow?
- Yes.


But the day after tomorrow is a Sunday.

Day-after-tomorrow is Sunday?

How can this happen?

Then come back on Monday.

- Sure?
- Sure.

Can I pack something
for your family?

You are offering as if
you own a sweet shop.

- Brother, Radhe-Shyam.
- Radhe-Radhe..

Hey Karam..how about a selfie?

Thank you bro!

Radhe-Radhe, Karam brother.

Take mother Sita's blessings.

- It's his first day at the school.
- God Bless you.

Greetings, mother Sita.

What an amazing son,
and look at the father.

Mithilesh. Ride your scooter carefully.

Or it may happen that I'll wait
your money and you may never show up.

Finally, you are awake, Mother Sita.

Here are 11,500 rupees.
Go buy yourself a new mobile phone.

Your mother has put in so many
prayers to have you.

But you keep on playing female
characters in your plays.

Portraying the character of Sita
in Ramleela or Radha in Krishnaleela.

I don't care if you dress up as
one of the supporting male characters..

But at least it
will make me very happy.

I wonder what your mother would
have said if she was still alive.

Even she was a female.

But you are a male.

Do you have any idea
how much debt I am under?

This home's mortgaged, the shop's
mortgaged, in fact, even I am mortgaged.

Except the blood bank you've
borrowed money from every bank.

Well, son,
borrowing money is not my hobby.

I don't like to go around
borrowing money for a pastime.

If you find a job, then only
will we be able to clear all the debts.

Yes. I am trying.

In fact,
I've given so many interviews..

That if now anyone asks for
directions, I narrate my entire resume.

The results will be declared today.
I know I'll get the job.

I sure wish you do, son.

And listen..

Don't forget to wash your face first.

Doesn't look nice if mother
Sita keeps failing all the time.

Get off at the next stop.

Hey Karam?
Did you go to check your result?

Did you get the job?

Yeah..they want me to replace
Trump in the White House.

- Now take this bus tot he White House.
- Meaning no luck this time either.

Just give me the ticket.

Gokul-Mathura. Gokul-Mathura.

Anybody want ticket.

Give change.

- Please sit.
- No, I am absolutely fine.

All I do is sit at home all day.

- Sit.
- Yes.

Thank you, brother.

How many ticket you want?

'Salary 70,000 per month!'

These people always
litter government buses.

- Driver, stop the bus!
- What happened?


Demoted even before
I started the job.

Brother, where is 39-40?

Hey, ..this way.

Down here. Come down.

Hello. Coming.


Here you go. Now fix it.

- 70,000 rupees for fixing this.
- 70,000?

Fine. Come down and collect the cash.

And listen..

Don't feel embarassed if you
need anything else, Gunjan.

Okay. Okay..

Yes.. Is the inverter fixed?

He wants 70,000 rupees
for fixing the inverter.

I just went to the
washroom for two minutes..

And inflation broke all the barriers.

Sir.. not that.

So you are not the service person?

- I came for the interview.
- Interview?

- Yes sir.
- But we don't have any job for you.

Sir, I have a first class degree
even when I am a middle-class person

I've done my Bachelors
as well as Masters in Arts,

Even Masters in Philosophy.
Take a look.

I even know Croatia work.

I can make a dancing
peacock on a sweater.

Anything except for getting pregnant.

Please give me one chance.

- To get pregnant?
- To work.

Listen brother..we don't
want any peacocks to dance here.

- Please leave. Here you go..
- Please, sir..

- He's so importunate.
- I'll do it, sir.

- I said we don't have a job for you.
- I'll do it, sir.

- I said we don't have a job for you.
- I'll do anything..

- We don't have a job for you.
- I will do anything sir.

I will do it, sir.

Please sir..
I will do it, sir.

Come on.

It's bathroom. What kind of job, sir?

Come, let me show you.

See..See..take a good look.

I don't want a girl, I want a job.

I am not showing you the girl.

- Then?
- Come here.


Listen..Listen very carefully.

Hi, baby..

How are you?
You miss me after a long time.

Sweet talks..friendship..

Love calls.

This is a friendship call centre.

Of course, I love you a lot.

Will you call me back tomorrow?

Of course, sweetheart.
We will meet someday.

Kissing and all is fine,
But don't misbehave with me.


What are you saying sir!

You mean the electric
store is just a front face..

But the real shocker
is the inner side.

- Understood right?
- Yes..

Now get out. Get out.

- Sir..
- What now?

Pooja has not turned up again.

And her phone's been
ringing continuously.

Do you expect me to answer?

Transfer the call to someone else.

But he's her regular customer.

He doesn't talk to me, there's no
chance that he will talk to anyone else.

Spare me please.

We will meet later.

I must find a permanent solution
for Pooja.

- Lately she has been skipping work a lot.
- Hello.

I am Pooja.

What happened?

Did't you like my voice?

You did, right?

Then.. Let's continue talking.

You will like the conversations
even better, lover boy.

Bye, love you.


Yes.. He was!

Bravo, my boy.

You raised the customer's
bill to 3000 rupees.

You are a very talented man.

But have no pride about it.

You sound so convincing as a female.

- How do you do it?
- It comes naturally.

What is this?


You got the job, Pooja baby.

I get the job.. Me? Pooja baby?

Sir..Thank you, sir.

Sir..this will payfor all of my debts.

Read it first.

All I am doing for last 15-17
years is reading but to no avail.

Now I am just going to
write here, sir.

- Radhe-Radhe.
- Radhe-Radhe.

- Go easy on the betel leaf.
- Yes.

- Join the job from tomorrow.
- Of course, sir.

What a nice piece of advice for you?

Shut your mouth.

What do you want..


Come inside.

Hurry up.

Why didn't you come
to the Ramleela yesterday?

Today is a dry day.

I sold so many bottles yesterday..

That I had to give
my personal bottles in the end.

Before going to bed
I had to take milk instead.

"Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health."

Delivery's closed. You'll
have to collect it yourself today.

Already here?

That's pretty fast.

What do you..

- What's wrong, uncle?
- Come on, out with it.

No alcohol on a dry day, sir.

I've warned you not to
open your shop on dry days.

- But..
- But you never understand.

- Now pay the fine.
- The shop's closed.

I am with my girlfriend.

What's your girlfriend doing here?

uncle, we can't go to her place..

And I don't have
a mattress at my place.

Now you tell me what should I do.

- Try to understand.
- Who is it, darling?

Police, baby..

First, they used to raid the hotels,
now they are raiding wine shops too.

And I can't even reach
the hook of my blouse.

Yes, I'll help you.

See sir..

I can't see a thing.

Why don't you buy a mattress at home.

I will, at Diwali.

Don't forget. Let's go.

Don't you dare open the shop.

Bro..your voice saved us again.

Stop talking..

Open a beer.

You seem to be in a very good mood.

I got a job in Faridabad.

You shouldn't be lying on a dry day.

Drunkards will curse you.
Don't do it.

Look..25,000 advance.


We're going to drink until we drop.
The party's on me.

Uncle, you're back?

I go out for one day..

And you turn my place into hell.

We were just enjoying, uncle.

This isn't enjoyment... it's debauchery.

Uncle..debauchery would be if you had
found us in the arms of some Russian gals.

We were enjoying because
my friend here, got a job.

If you are still high from last night,
then spray some acid on your face.

He is right, Dad. I got a job.

- Heard that..
- Look..

25,000 advance.

Bless me.

God Bless you, son.

- 25,000 advance.
- Yes.

Which company gives so much advance?

That is the issue,
when people earning 2500..

Get 25000 in their hands,
they tend to loose their mind.

Shut up.

Go away..

Which company?

Call Cent..

Colgate. Colgate Colgate company.

Radhe-Radhe. It's a very good news..

Now I can repay my debts
and also get free toothpaste.

- There are only two problems in your life, dad.
- What?

Loan and Alone!

And we need to decrease your interest
in one and increase in the other.

Let's find you a beautiful
bride and get you married.

Don't be crazy.

You are old enough to get married now.

You are not that old yet.

If we don't count the public
holidays then you'll still be 26.

Bro, you should love
your dad and not mislead him.

Am I right, uncle.

Be quiet.

- Uncle, love you too.
- Mr. Jagjeet.

- Yes.
- There is someone at the shop.

Go take a look.
Must be from the Thakur family.

What will it take to
get a cup of tea around here?

Shut up, you stupid.

You made me forget the count..


Here is all your stuff.

2250 rupees.

I forgot my wallet at home.

We take PayTm as well.

What is PayTm?

So naive.

Do you know that there's a new 2000
currency note in the market?

I am not that naive.

Hello. I am on my way back.

Did you pack camphor (KAPOOR)?


20 rupees.

So cheap.

Not every Kapoor is Ranbir Kapoor.

Total 2270 rupees.

Take it.

It's too much for one man to carry.

Help me deliver this stuff
and collect your money as well.


- Slowdown!
- Mourning again

I am just the delivery guy.

- I see..
- Hello.






Pay his bill.

Hari. This isn't spicy enough.

Bring some more chilly.

Who is the old lady?

She is the Thakur's wife, do you know?


Does she know her
husband has passed away?

Yes, she does.

But grandpa had turned 95.

Which is why she
isn't wailing or crying?

No! I will go..

I don't believe in such nonsense.

Grandma..what is she talking about?

I am going to the crematorium,
and that's it.

I don't want to listen.
I am coming downstairs.

Mahi.. Stop!

What's the name?


Doesn't that sound too
manly to be a girl's name?

No. My name is Mahinder.

Her name is Mahi.



No. Celibate..

A female who is a celibate.

Not the girl, I am a celibate.

She is still in college.

You don't know what's PayTm
but you keep a tab on every women.

That's because she is my granny
and that's my younger sister Mahi.


Yes..where did Deepak get stuck?

- Give me a minute, let me check.
- Okay.

This isn't right.

Grandpa has always been with me.

From school to college,
he accompanied me everywhere.

Why can't I accompany
him on his final journey?

This isn't right, dear.

Women have always followed men.

It's for their own good.

That's absurd, Poonam aunty.

Don't forget this is Gokul.

The place where Radha's
name is taken before Krishna's.

And Sita's before Ram's.

Women have always been ahead of men,
history is a proof.

- Who are you?
- Don't bother about me.

Please continue.
You are speaking really well.

In fact..take grandma with you as well.

Even she is a woman.

God forbid if anything happens to her..

Which will...

Will you bury her in your backyard?

And never take her to the crematorium.

- Right, grandma.
- Who the heck are you?

Wanting me to die so early.

I live in front of the Gokul Temple.

House no. 865/1.

Aunty..you must also
go to the crematorium.

Not every woman looks
good on their deathbed.

Where is my money?

Here you are.
Is it all here?


Your mother would
have been so happy today.

That her son is climbing
the ladder of success.


But this is Hema Malini.

That's my dream girl.
This is your mother.

Take her blessings.

She would have been extremely happy.

You are a wonderful boy.

Because boys these days
claim one thing and do another.

- Rascals.
- Dad..I am getting late.

Listen, I have a question.

Why the night shift?

When we make toothpaste all night..

Then only can people brush
their teeth in the morning.

I never thought of that.

Here is 101 rupees as good luck.

Tonight is your first night,
Pooja baby.

All the best, dear.

She will transfer the calls to you.



The call's connected.

I am Pooja.

- Who is this?
- Dev speaking.

Pooja baby..come over.
There's three of us.

Do you want the 4th one to accompany
you for your father's final rights?

Hang up!

What are you doing?

Why are you yelling at the customers?

Customers are God.

Which God calls up a girl at 2 am?

We've to raise their bill,
and not our blood pressure.



Hello. Is this Pooja?

Yes, this is your Pooja.
Who is this?

Gurbachan Singh speaking.


Are you fine?


I said are you fine?

Yes, I am fine.

- Is this Pooja?
- You are right.

And you win a dozen smooches
from me for the right guess.

My girlfriend dumped me.

I am with you. Don't worry.

I have enough money.

But I can't find
a bride to marry.

How old are you?


Stop looking for a bride..

And start looking for
a bus for your final destination.

Who is speaking?

This is your Pooja speaking.

Wow..you have a very sweet voice.

Thank you.

You know, whenever I talk to you,
I want to do things to you.

What things?

You know..

What you're mistaking for Taj Mahal
is actually Qutub Minar.

- Now hang up.
- Oh really?

Hi, I am Pooja.

Hello. Pooja speaking.

I am Pooja speaking.

Hi, Pooja speaking.

Hello. I am Pooja.

You are not Pooja.
Give the phone to Pooja.

Are you drunk?

How do you know?

I can smell it all the way.

I see..you are a smart one.


From today you will be my regular.

Wait..hold on.

Stop calling me over
and over again, mom.

I am busy..

If you call again,
then I'll turn my phone off.


Is there someone
more important than me?

No one. It's just my mom.

She keeps disturbing me all the time.

Maybe it's important.

It's nothing important.
All mothers are like this.

I am sure your mother's like this too.

See, I have lost my mother.

So talk politely to your
mother just like you talk to me.

But my mother doesn't
sound sweet like you.

What to do?

You are crazy.

That I am.

Can I hang up now?


But I will wait for your call.

I see..naughty girl.

You must have enjoyed today, right?

How was your first night?

It wasn't my wedding night.
I was working.

The kind of job you are doing
I don't think there is much difference.

Didn't you get any lewd calls?

A couple of rascals did call.

But the call after
that..really shocked me.

People are very lonely.

They don't have a friend.

And some are so lonely..

That their loneliness
is all they have to cling on to.

It's quiet true.

These cops just
don't leave anyone alone.

Another Police barricade.
Do you have some money?

Let me check.

Out for a midnight drive?

Where are you coming
from Fred and Barney?




We are drunk.

We need a ride.

But three men are
not allowed on a bike.

I see..

Gurpreet..are you comfortable?

Not every Sardar is
a Gurpreet or a Harpreet.

My name's Smiley.

But in case you are not comfortable..

I'll sit on the handlebar instead.

No..why would you sit on the handlebar?

Just a little longer.

We'll get off at the next block.

How about a few lines..

Bravo. Bravo.

Death is inevitable.

And love is filled
with suffering and pain.

Life is filled with hardships
and this is where we get off.

Stop the bike.

I'll get down here.

But your destination
hasn't arrived yet.

I am so high that I just remembered..

My home's on the route to Noida.

No wonder..
Stop here! Stop!

Shift back.

- Jawahar.
- Yes.

Don't show up on time tomorrow.

Only if I get home safe and sound.

Stop. Stop.

You're a natural poet.

Your poems are filled with pain.

Once you are married son..

The pain and suffering
come out through your words.

And on that note..here's another.

No, we're in a hurry.

Fine Then just say bravo.

Because you know I am good at it.

Bravo. Bravo.

See you then.

'I am searching you everywhere.'

Not at this hour.

Not that. Extra income

Silly girl, I am a poet
and poets only write poems..

And not take bribe.

- Here's a fresh one.
- Shut up.

Mr. Poet..

Your poetry isn't going
to improve our condition.

The constable next door
just bought a used car.

And look at you who has to take
a lift every day to get home.

And you are drunk again.

Have you ever seen me drinking?


Are the children asleep?

Children? We have only one kid.

Then I must be drunk.

Make it hot.


Dinner, what else.

Why do you get romantic all the time?

Of course, because that's
all I am good for anyway.

You come home drunk,
and I serve you your dinner.

What else do you want?

You want to drink instead.

Shut up.

Marrying you was the
biggest mistake of my life.

Here take it.

Tell him.

White hair in the food.

When the cook's got white hair,
then what else do you expect?

I wonder when we'll find
some black hair in the food.

That reminds me..I
have searched for a bride.


But no..

As I said before,
I don't want to get married.

Uncle, he meant for himself.

I see.

But son. Who is she?
Where is she from?

What about her family?

There are only 3 members in the family.

The oldest one is the Grandmother, who
is older than the French Revolution.

- Seriously.
- The other one is Mahinder.

A staunch celibate. Bachelor.

And the only females in his
life is Gita, Sunita, Babita, Lalita..

So many.

Cows and Buffaloes.

And the third one is your
daughter-in-law Mahi.

Beautiful, Talented.

5'4 inches.

She is completing her Home
Science from the University.

And she is such a good cook..
She will cook for you.

Finally, we'll get
some good food around here.

Is this bad?
Keep it down.

No, it's nice. I am eating.

Tell me something more.

It's the Thakur family
that live in the manor.

But they are nobles.

We aren't exactly paupers either.

Get me more stuffed bread, uncle.

We're out of flour, son.

Baby..your birthday's
on the 23rd, right.


I'll gift you a diamond ring.

- Bye, baby.
- Bye.

- I'll miss you.
- Bye. See you.

Thank you.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Hello, ma'am.
- What hello?

What is this?

- When will you finish this work?
- That..


- You?
- Can I have some cash?

- Yeah, sure.
- Cash.

You were just talking about
gifting her a diamond ring.

Are you going to buy
that ring with her money?

Poor guy.


You are new around here.

She's had three breakups.

And she doesn't trust men anymore.

Men are just leeches.

- No, ma'am..
- Am I right?

You guys can only break hearts right.

What breaking hearts?

Then why did she hire us?

So she can humiliate us every day.

I don't carry cash, only cards.

I see..


Like these four visiting
cards and loose change.

She has reached the
pinnacle of success..

She even learnt English..

But still has no class.

Show me your phone.

I said show me your phone.

Ma'am, it's personal.

What are you doing, sister?

What sister?

Do I look like your sister?

- No, you are not..
- Then?

And who are they?

They must be your sisters as well,
aren't they?

Or were you planning to buy
diamond rings for them as well?

Baby, I can explain.

What..are you going to explain, Jatin.

Who are they?

Baby, I love you.

Just shut up. I don't want
to see your face. Get out from here.

- I love you.
- I said get out.

You heard her. Get out!

Don't try to threaten me.
Get lost.

And what are you all watching?

What is so funny?


- Rajpal.
- Yes, sir.

Rajpal..what is this?

Register, sir.

I know that, uncle.

But read this out for me.

Sunil Bhardwaj, son of Om Bharadwaj,
Resident of Faridabad's..

Motorcycle went missing from..

Chetterbata Chowk
on the 25th of the month..

O my crazy heart, what have you done
I feel like I'm neither alive nor dead.

What is wrong with me?

I think someone wrote
an FIR in the poem.

Not someone.

You again wrote a poem
in the FIR register!


How many times have I told you..

Keep your poet in your..

Outside this Police Station.

I'll lock you up without an FIR.

I just thought of two more lines..


Fix this first.

How dare you tease a police officer?

I'll throw you out where
you'll starve to death.

I am not teasing you, uncle.

Since morning I've been observing
that no one's listening to your poems.

Will you?

I won't either. But I can help you.

Give me your phone.

Why do you want my phone?

Give it to me once.

What is this?

This is a special number.

She will listen to everything you say,
and even repond to it.

I see..

- Would you like some tea?
- Liquor would be better.

Don't try to take
advantage of the situation.

No tea for you.


Let's try this number..


Hello, who is this?

This is Pooja.


What a sweet name.

And even a sweeter voice.

Enough about me,
tell me something about yourself.

And a Haryanvi too.

- Are you from Rohtak too?
- No, Panipat.

Panipat. Great!

What do you do?


I am a poetic.

You mean you're a poet.

- Are they different?
- Yes.

Then whatever you said.

Why don't you recite
a few lines for me.

Will you listen to it?

- Really?
- Of course..

I just came up with
this a few hours ago.

My heart says I should meet her.

My heart says I should meet her.

But my mind says that you are on duty.

Bravo... Bravo...


Too good. Superb.

Thank you.

If you don't mind,
can I say something too?

Are you a poet too?


Encore. Encore.

You mean go for it.

- Are they different too?
- Obviously.

Then whatever you said.

- Hear this.
- Yes.. Yes..

- My heart says I should meet her.
- Yeah...

- My heart says I should meet her.
- Yeah...

My mind says meet
her when the duty's over.

My, my, my..

Stop wailing.
We haven't found your bike yet.

Sir, its the guy who lost his bike.
He's been bothering me.

And my mind says meet
her when the duty's over.

There's no sign of electricity,
but the bill is always on time.

Hurry up.

- Here you go.
- The website is pretty slow.

And the office is close to my college.
I'll pay the bill here.

Yes, okay. Bye.

- Pay your bill.
- What are you doing?

Today is the last date?

But I think it's my first date.

I see..

House no. 865/1.

Close to Gokul Temple.

I've been observing for some time now..

That you and your friend
have been following me everywhere.

Be it my home or restaurant.


Don't be under any delusion.

Only I am following you.

When a boy shifts his entire focus
on a girl, do you know what it means?


That he is extremely free.

Maybe he's a busy guy..

And freed up his schedule
for someone special.

Cardamom tea, strong coffee..

- One tea for me.
- It's over already.

Strong coffee, cardamom tea..

Would you prefer tea or coffee?


Waste of money.

- Uncle, you wanted tea.
- Don't want it now.

- Come on.
- I said I don't want it.

- You can pay me half the price.
- I don't want it.

Honestly, first time in my
life I am enjoying a queue this long.

Can I be honest too?

You talk too much.

But you speak well.

Every day's a Rose Day.
Every day's a Rose Day.

- Every day's a Rose Day.
- Give me a Rose.

Come on.

What? Do you want one?

Come, I'll get you one.

Come on.

Give me your..bill.


Actually, you got the hint right.

I want our electricity
bill to be on the same address.


Let's get to know each other first.

♪ I am here so are you.. ♪

♪ ...gazing in each other's eyes. ♪

♪ Love has made my heart go astray. ♪

♪ I am here so are you.. ♪

♪ ...gazing in each other's eyes. ♪

♪ Love has made my heart go astray. ♪

♪ Everyone's been ♪
♪ blessed by your grace.. ♪

♪ ..but I am still ♪
♪ waiting for my luck to shine. ♪

♪ One meeting.. ♪

♪ One meeting was all it took.. ♪

♪ ..and as she smiled. ♪

♪ She always dwelled in my dreams.. ♪

♪ ..but it's hard to believe ♪
♪ she has become my reality. ♪

♪ I wonder when I was ♪
♪ overwhelmed by love. ♪

♪ One meeting was all it took.. ♪

♪ ..and as she smiled. ♪

♪ I am unaware of things around me.. ♪

♪ ..my heart is no ♪
♪ longer in my control. ♪

♪ Why am I losing control ♪
♪ over my desires? ♪

♪ I wonder why my heart's on fire. ♪

♪ My wishes are getting fulfilled. ♪

♪ And giving rise to more desires. ♪

♪ Everyone was blessed by your grace.. ♪

♪ ..but I am still ♪
♪ waiting for luck to shine on me. ♪

♪ One meeting.. ♪

♪ One meeting was all it took.. ♪

♪ ..and as she smiled. ♪

♪ She always dwelled in my dreams.. ♪

♪ ..but it's hard to believe ♪
♪ she has become my reality. ♪

♪ I wonder when I was ♪
♪ overwhelmed by love. ♪

♪ One meeting was all it took.. ♪

♪ ..and as she smiled. ♪

Hello. Pooja speaking.

Give the phone to Pooja
and tell her its Roma.

I promise you will
like talking to this Pooja better.

Don't play smart with me, okay.

This is not my first call.

What are you looking at? Get lost?

You don't know who I am.

Edgy on the outside,
still on the inside.

- That's who you are.
- Wow.

You nailed that.

Although it was a fluke,
you have hit the right spot.

I guess your heart and trust
have been shattered more than once.


Long story.

Three boys broke my heart.

Why do you do it with
three boys at a time?

Hey..not like that.

At different times.

Trust me,
I am speaking out of experience.

All men are dogs.

In fact...
If I could have my wish

I would strip them naked
and crush them under a bulldozer.

Cool crush them under a bulldozer..

But what is the
need to strip them naked?

All men are..

Not every guy is same.

Hey, don't address me as sister.

I don't look like a sister.

Trust has no gender.

Women can be just as deceptive.

Not Really.

Girls are..sensitive,
sensible, understanding.

Like you and me.

Finally, I feel better
after talking to you.

Me too.

In fact, you sound a lot
better than the previous Pooja.

Today onwards you are Pooja for me.

It's ringing. It's ringing.

- Hello.
- Hello.

How are you doing, Pooja?

I am doing great.
Did you write anything new?

Of course, I did..just yesterday.

My life's trapped in a cage,
waiting to break free.

To destroy itself..in love.

Let me taste your sweet
voice with my ears..

Be the sweet nectar of my love.

Oh, God.

You've fallen too low.

You write so well, why don't
you work on your pronunciation.

There are also other things
in world other than love.

Why don't you try writing about them?

Yes, of course.

How can I say no to my Pooja?

Look..you're my Pooja.

Only my Pooja.

My Pooja. My foot... My Pooja.
My Pooja.

Just doesn't leave me alone...

No need to come to the
call centre from tomorrow.

My thoughts exactly, sir.

And anyway,
the loans have been almost repaid.

Here are the car keys.

It's right outside. Park it.

And do it properly.

Pooja Darling,
congratulations on the new office.

What is this, sir?

I was not asking you
to quit the call centre.


Starting from today
this car is your new office.

Now Pooja is available
24/7 for her fans.


Open that box.


And I can keep the car too.

Thank you, sir.

By the way, I didn't deserve this car..

Get going or should I take the keys.


Who parked this car
in front of my house?

Is this yours?

No, it's not mine.

It cannot be yours.

Whose car is this?

Papa, this is our car.

- Our car?
- Yes.

Did you take a loan as well?

The company gifted me.




Don't scare me like that.
Why can't you say it directly?

But it's necessary.

Work is worship.

Come here. Sit.

- Come on.
- I see...


Tuck your shirt in.

My life's trapped in a cage,
waiting to break free.

To destroy itself..in love.

Let me taste your sweet
voice with my ears..

Be the sweet nectar of my love.

Nice. Who wrote it?

I... did not.

A friend of mine, who is a poet.

- Nice, isn't it?
- It is.

Take it.

Leave it.

Enjoying the drive.

Pick it up. It can be important.


- Hello Pooja.
- Wrong number.

Hello Pooja, this is Rahul.

There is no Pooja here.
I told you its a wrong number.

But I regularly speak
with Pooja on this number.

I said hang up.

People call all the
time asking for some Pooja.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Radhe-Radhe.
- Radhe-Radhe.


- New car?
- Yes...


Is this Pooja speaking?

If you called on Pooja's number, then
you can't expect Diana Penty to pick up.


You didn't notice I said Diana,
you dog.

Don't call me a dog.

- Hello...
- Deepak, move.

There's enough space.

Your sound like you
are a very handsome guy.

Do you want to meet me?

It's my mother from Benares.

Your mother from Benaras, huh..

Do you have a mother in every city?

Let me hear her voice.

What happened, Kishore?
Who is disturbing us?

Your mother has such a sweet voice.

Whose mother is this?



People call me Pooja with love.

What can I call you?

Well, call me anything you like..

Well, call me anything you like..

Don't tell her your real name.

Rafi. His name is Rafi.

Wow..what a match. Kishore and Rafi.

Then sing something for me, Rafi.

Sorry, but I don't sing.

How is it possible? How can
you not sing if your name is Rafi?


Brother has a velvety voice.


Sing something for me please.

What should I sing?

♪ Madhuban Mein Radhika Nache Re.. ♪

What song is that?

You were asking like
you remember all the songs.

Sing anything..

Wow..what a unique voice.

Amazing reverb.

- No, that wasn't..
- Come on, sing for me sweetheart.

This is me singing..

♪ Since I saw,
your rosy eyes... ♪

♪ ...my heart's on a high. ♪

♪ Hold me... guys... ♪

Can you sing too?

♪ Once I think of you,
I can't get over it. ♪

♪ I can't even sleep, beloved. ♪

That touched my heart.

♪ Once I think of you,
I can't get over it. ♪

♪ I can't even sleep, beloved. ♪

♪ My Romeo boy.. ♪

♪ ..your Juliet's ready. ♪

♪ Bring me a diamond ring. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

Where do you sing from?

♪ Be my dream girl.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ I might just die.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ Be my dream girl.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ I might just die.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ It feels so good when I talk to you. ♪

♪ Everyone is a liar,
and I am your true love. ♪

♪ It feels so good when I talk to you. ♪

♪ Everyone is a liar,
and I am your true love. ♪

Pooja, next month is my birthday.

So happy birthday in advance.

You are coming over this time.

I can't come this time.
But next time promise.

"I want you to hear
my poems in person."

"I am no amateur,
but the son of Ghalib."


- Are they different?
- Yes.

I see..

Who left the door open?
Catch them..

"Once I hold your hand.."

"fortune will smile over me."

"Even my dreams convey.."

"that we must meet."

Wow! Superb!

"I want your love."

"You're the one I want to be with."

"I am your queen and you're my king."

Son. I can hear a girl talking.

Papa, have told you
ample number of times..

To find a living
girl and get married.

You're too much.

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ For you,
my heart rings like a telephone. ♪

♪ Be my dream girl.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ I might just die.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ Be my dream girl.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

♪ I might just die.. ♪

♪ ..I am searching for your love. ♪

Happy birthday Toto, how are you?

Not good.

I haven't cut the cake yet.

I kept insisting.. Let's meet,
let's met.

Fine, don't come.

Are you taking me for a ride?

Don't be stubborn, Toto.

I've told you before.
We can't meet.

Will you like it if
I get fired from the job.

Yes, I will.
Then you can stay with me.

I will marry you.

You are too young.

Marry me and I will grow up.

So..when are we meeting?

Like I said we can't meet.

You will have to meet me, Pooja.

Or else you will regret it.

You can do whatever you want.


Hung up on me.

Now watch what I do.

Jawahar..are you there yet?

Long time ago

I will be leaving soon.
Just waiting for a ride.

Wait for me.


It's you.

He is our guy.

You got so tired
of giving us a lift..

That you bought a car instead.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Let's go.

Feels nice whenever I see you.

You remind me of someone.

Are you married?

No, sir. Just got engaged.

What about you?

Look at the forehead.

Married women have a tint of
vermillion and men have lines of worry.

That's frown.

Are they different?


So..whatever you say.

Sir, you should only
marry the one you love.

That's so true.

On that note,
you must hear this poem.

My heart says I should meet her.

What does it say?

My heart says I should meet her.

And my mind says meet
her when the duty's over.

How was it?

Look..trouble calling.

Where are you?

I'll be late.
Stop calling me repetitively.

If you can't stand me,
then why don't you divorce me.

Fine, I will divorce you soon.

I have also found someone else.

The one who has improved my
poetry will reform my life as well.

I know one thing..

One should marry the one you love.

Even I will marry my Pooja.

Will you hang up or should I?

Go to hell!


Turn here.

I am heading to the hospital.


Boys these days don't
know anything about love.

The girl refused to meet
and the guy slit his wrist.


So..here we are.

Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

What did you
say the guy's name was?

- Toto.
- Toto..



Wedding's around the corner..

And one guy slit his wrist.

Another one is dumping his wife..

And the other one
is a female herself.

Everyone's after me.

I don't know whether I should
dress like a groom or a bride.

You know what..you'll
look amazing in a wedding gown too.

Rascal..I am in no mood for jokes.

I am quitting my job.

So who is stopping you?

But why tell Mahi about it?

Mahi is a nice girl.

The foundation of any
relationship is trust.

I can break her heart
but not her trust.



Till date,
my hero was Kookie Dhillon.

Who is that idiot?

My father.

And now you are too..

What? Your father?

My hero bro.

Go and tell whomever you like.
Smiley is with you always.

Quit your job.

And inform your boss.

Hello, W sir.

"My heart's on a high."

"Hold me..guys.."


- Mahinder!
- Yes.

"The weather's
very untrusting, today."

Forget it. Where is Mahi?

Maybe upstairs.

Brother-in-law. I have a question.

Go on.

You know that Mahi and Granny
are the only females in my life.

I already know that.

Fine, I am going to ask.

If I want to tell a female
friend..about my feelings.

Then how do I do it?

Which buffalo are you in love with now?

Don't get me wrong.

Tell me.

Ask her..

Can I get rid of my single
bed and get a double bed instead?

And if she says yes, then it's a yes.

What if she says no.

Then pull her on the single bed.

Then pull her on the single bed.

These customers
don't stop calling..

Hello. Who is this?

It's me.


I don't want to hear
any song at this time.

I don't want to sing,
I want to tell you my feelings.

Feelings? Go ahead.

We've been talking for so long.

I am in love with me.

I was wondering..

Can I get rid of my single
bed and buy a double bed instead?

- Huh?
- Yes?


What's wrong with him?

Why is he dancing?
Did he win a lottery?

He did..

He really did.

Brother, what's wrong?

You have a very talented son.

He can mimic so many voices.

And especially he is very
convincing as a female.

Are females not
convincing enough as themselves?

A guy mimicking a female's
voice is not a good thing.

But..I am really
happy that he joined your company.

Greetings, Sita Maiya.

Come. Come.


When you didn't answer my calls..

I thought I'll personally
pay my respects to Sita Maiya.

Mr. Jagjit, your son is
a very dedicated worker.

Your program is telecasted
live all over Gokul.

I saw it too.

But I didn't know.

Mr. Jagjeet..I was thinking why don't
I show his work live as well.

He will become very popular.

That's a great idea.
Let's not delay.

Right, son.

Shall we?

- Goodbye.
- Radhe Radhe.

O Hello. Please stop it for a minute.

Can we discuss business?

Hey Karam, Radhe-Radhe.

Wow..people respect you a lot.

If you don't show up for work..

Then I'll put up big posters
of you all over the city.

When I am good, I am good.

But when I am bad..

I am even better.


Come on, guys.
You guys play really well.

He's already played me.
So stop playing.

What did he say?

You told me to quit my job.

Pass me the tea..

Take it.

Its' a bad day.

It's an auspicious day.
Come on, guys.

Start playing.

Take it.



Forget it. It's your wedding bro..

And look how happy your father is.

Forget it and enjoy your life.

Uncle, come here.

- Radhe-Radhe.
- Radhe-Radhe.

Son, I got two wedding
dresses stitched.

Now you choose which one should I wear?

- Why don't you wear both of them.
- Great.

One for your wedding,
and the other..

I am in no mood to get married.

I am not talking about you..

I was talking about my wedding.

- Your wedding?
- Yes, son.

I haven't told you yet..


Heard a mother for you.


The term is "to see" uncle.

But I have only heard her.

And you must have heard the
name she addresses your father with.


Hello Pooja. It's me Rahul speaking.

Wow..your voice is unique.

Come here.

Guys, come here.
Start playing.

'Baby will take you
to Goa for our honeymoon.'

'Tonight is your first night,
Pooja baby.'

'From how long we are talking.'

'Till I only hear your voice.'

'I just want to meet you.'


I love you Pooja.

I can't live without you.

Will you..

Marry me?



This is how I will
propose your future mother, Pooja.

And I'll adorn this
ring on her finger.

Don't you dare adorn
or take anything off her.

What's wrong now?

Because you don't have my approval.

But son, you always insisted
that I should get married.

And now I am saying
that you cannot marry her.

I don't approve of this relationship.

But son, Pooja is a very nice girl.

You make it sound like you raised her.

Maybe she looks at you
like a father figure.

This is unfair..completely..

I don't care if you treat
me as your father or not..

But don't call me her father.

And you always said that
I don't look a day older than 26.

Let jokes be jokes.

She spoke to you nicely on the phone..

And you think she is your property.

No means No!

My jacket.

That's my jacket you're wearing.
Take it off!


Mother. Mother.

Son, where had you been all day?

Mother. Look what I won.

Whatever it is son,
share it equally with your brothers.

- What the..
- Brother.

Has mother lost her eyesight?

Mother, you are not blind.

How can you give
instructions without looking?

You are absolutely right.

Forget him.
You belong to us now.

Mother's order is inevitable.

From today Draupadi is our wife.

Absolutely right.

Mother's order must be carried out.

Carried out.

- Mother's order must be carried out.
- No..

Don't you dare lay a finger on me?

We don't wish to lay our
hands but set our hearts on you.

- Draupadi shall be mine.
- Get lost.

She will be mine.

She will be mine.

She will be mine.

I wish you heard what
Draupadi had to say about it.

Mother warned you against gambling too.

- Then why the hell..
- What?

Why didn't you
listen to your mother then?

Why did you put Draupadi at
stake after losing everything?

- Draupadi, please.
- Take your hands off.

Karam, what are you doing?

I don't have a single
dialogue and he's hitting me.

You're confusing the scenes.

This scene comes much later.

But it's on the list, isn't it?

How long will this unfair
treatment of women continue?

We are not some object.

If there was MeeToo during Mahabharat..

You guys would
be sitting behind the bars.

- Dear Draupadi..
- Get lost.

Hey Karam, wait.

Count me out.

- Karam.. Wait..
- I am fed up.


This is my first
time with you on stage..

And you are leaving
the rehearsals midway.

I am not going to
be a part of this show.

That's it. Stop here.

What are you guys doing out here?

Are rehearsals over?

What on earth are you doing here?

I made a new soup and
thought you should taste it.

I am in no mood to eat.

It's not all that bad.

And what's wrong with your mood?

It's Smiley's fault.

My fault?

Yes..how can you forget?

Please remind me.

There are a couple
of girls chasing him.

After him?



Yes, sister-in-law.

Being handsome is a crime these days.

And if I say a few polite words,
they think I am available.

- Where do I take my handsomeness..
- Enough.

There is a girl who he truly loves.

But doesn't know how to
get rid of these inbetweeners.

That's pretty simple.
Stop talking to them.

You don't think I tried..
I mean don't you think he tried that.

But now they are
insisting on a meeting.

Yes, sister-in-law. They are threatening
me to slit their wrist or whatever.

- Where do I take my..
- Enough!

What will the poor guy do?

I don't know.


Taste this for me.

I am having tea.
I don't want any damn soup!

I put in so much effort
to make this soup for you.

Don't drink it if you don't want to.
At least talk politely.


If you don't talk politely
to the one you love..

They tend to get angry like this.


You must talk to them rudely.

So that the only one left in
your life is the one you love.

All hail mother Sita.

I knew you will come back.

Now go and work properly.

Go on.

How are you, Pooja?

I am young.

You think about yourself, old freak.

I am of your daughter's age.

You need to catch a breath
between two sentences.

But you dwell in every breath I take.

As for my age.

A man can grow old, but not his heart.

Your heart and mind
is filled with crap.

When God was gifting brains,
were you cleaning the buffaloes?

I am done singing for buffaloes.

Now I want to sing
for my female friend.

"Since I saw... your rosy eyes..."

Stop liking me.

Men and women have the same heart.

And sometimes even men
have a heart like women.

That heart is what this Roma has.

You know, when I was in
trouble you took care of me.

But seems like you're
in some kind of trouble.

Now it's my turn to take care of you.

Even your mother couldn't
take care of you, bloody..

She's been wandering
from pillar to post.

I know lovers like you too well.

Stop this fake pretence.

Forget about marrying you, I wouldn't
even invite you to my birthday.

You sound so sweet
even when you're angry.

What are you worried about?

I am the one who is
sick and you sound tensed.

What do you want, just tell me?

You stop talking.

Your pathetic poetry..

A cheap poet who can't
even get his nuances right.

Utter another word
and I'll sic my dog on you.

Your love has turned me into a dog.

And if you don't believe me,
then listen to this..

Stop barking over the phone.
We couldn't find your motorcycle.

The guy's been bugging me.
Keeps calling me every day.

You mean..they loved the
way you were rude with them.


This was inevitable.

After all Pooja is the best.

Honestly, sometimes I think
of drunk dialling you myself.

Get lost.

I don't know what to do.

Who is it now..

Who is it now..

Hello, uncle.

What's wrong?

Well..is your girlfriend
in there with you again?

Yes. I haven't bought a mattress yet.

You don't say.
Open up.

They are coming in.

Listen to me once..

Where do you think you are going?
Listen to me.

How dare you lie?
Where is your girlfriend?

Sir, these days boys also..

Hey, constable..what..

Get out. How dare you come in?

When we want to shut
down something permanently..

We get to the root of it.


Surgical strike!

Love you sir.

- What's wrong?
- I want to kiss you.

As I said, these days even boys..

It is true, bro..

Shut it down! Let's go.

This guy has given me a great idea?

When you want to shut
down something permanently..

Get to the root of it.

Get wherever you want.

I am sober again.

Hang up now.
I don't want any credit card.

Who are you? What do you want?

Are you Chandrakanta Chaudhary Kirar?

Yes. Why?

All yours?

No. Chaudhary Kirar's
your mom and I am Chandrakanta.

How dare you come in without asking?
Who are you?

- Now, I get it..
- What?

Who is the inspiration
for Rajpal sir's poetry?


You are.


You two just got married, didn't you?

It's been 10 years.

10 Years!

And yet you have
that glow on your face.

But after she has kids, there
will be no glow left.

- We have a 9-year-old kid!
- Seriously!


You look like one of those
moms from the TV commercial.

- Soap Commercial?
- Yes.

Pray that this glow stays intact.

We almost forgot..

Rajpal sir has sent these for you.

Deodorant. Bouquet.

Heart-shaped cake.
All these gifts are for you.

It's an apology.


All this is for me.

Why would he give these to us?

He never gave me anything
in all these years.

He's a cop,
after all, they are never on time.

He's got an entire city to look after.
Keeps him busy.

He loves you a lot,
just doesn't show.

Whenever he comes home..

Give him a tight hug.
And talk to him with a smile.

See you.

Do what it takes..

But you must take
the law in your hands.


You're out of your mind.
Pooja. Pooja. Pooja.

Look at you now.

Stop being so crazy after her.

Papa, I am in no mood
for a lecture right now.

- Please talk softly.
- Okay.

- Son..
- Leave. I need to rest.

I'll find out who this Pooja is.

Once I get my hands on that Pooja..

Where are you? Walk quickly.

Wake up..you poor Justin Beiber.

Talk softly..he's just
got out of an ear surgery.

Does Uncle have piles?

She said ears.

Who are you two?

How dare you talk
back to Pooja's brother?

So you're that spoilt brat Toto!

Bro, Silence.

- So you're that spoilt brat Toto.
- Yes..

Slit your wrist for nothing.
Let me show you then..

No, no, no, no, don't kill him.

- Silence.
- Don't hit him.

We'll hack you to pieces.

What the hell is this?

- Trying to be Pooja's die-hard fan.
- He is just a kid.

What kid? He's got more
hairs on his chest than you do.

Oh that is a lot of hairs.

Where we come from, Even the
husbands don't tease their wife.

And you think you can tease her.

This is not teasing, I love her.

The entire neighbourhood loves her.
Should I let her marry everyone?

I know she is shameless, she
talks dirty on the phone.

- But she is my sister!
- Silence.

But she is my sister!

Swear on Sita Maiya..

I'll first hack my sister,
and then her lover boy.

- What is this?
- Silence.

Oh, God.

Wait, little Singham.

Where are you going?

To get chocolates, papa.

You always want Chocolate.

- Here you go.
- But I already have one.

What the..

Who gave you this much money?


Two strangers came over and
mom seems very happy since.


Two strangers.

How am I looking?

Like a broken beer bottle.


Who brought these gifts?

Don't try to pretend
like you don't know.

Someone sent these..


My lover..


So this has been
going on behind my back.

And for how long?

Gifts and cash.

- What are you saying?
- Don't try to change the subject.

What? You sent these for me.

Cops don't bribe others,
its what makes them cops.

Wait a minute.
There must be sweets in this.

- It's a cake..
- Point proved.

I didn't send these.

Policeman are getting
robbed in broad daylight.

Mind your tongue..
Don't make me angry.

How angry can you get 3-4 feet?

- And what can you do?
- What can I do?

- First, you send these gifts, and now..
- What can I do?

You have lost your mind.
I don't want to stay with you.

- You can keep these. Get lost.
- Go.

I am going to marry my Pooja.

Pooja darling, pick up the phone.


Hello, Pooja.



Hello.. Hello, Pooja.

No one's speaking here or here.

None of them are speaking.

What are you doing here?

Your new mom isn't answering her phone.

And someone's been calling
on your number constantly.

Fine. Now go.

Pooja. Pooja. Pooja. This is Rahul.

Why weren't you answering the phone?

I was bathing.


No. I bathe with the
entire neighbourhood.

I wish I lived in your
neighbourhood as well.

You will, soon.

You wanted to meet, didn't you?

Yes. When?

Today evening at 7.

6:30..I'll be there at 6:30.

Trust me. I'll be there at 6:30.

Love you!

Love you.

Love you.

If you say that,
I'll be there by 5:45..

- Karam.
- Yes.

Son, Pooja your future mother..
She called me for a meeting.

Please come with me.

I am not going anywhere.

You are still angry with me.


I gave it a lot of thought.

I approve of your marriage.

Son, will you come with me.

I would, papa.

But since it's your first meeting..

She might change her mind looking at
an old husband and a contemprary son.

Go alone.

Son..you take such good care of me.

I wish..


Don't let love drive you crazy,

Congratulations, grandma.

Congratulations, grandma.

- Congratulations.
- Bless me grandma.

Congratulations, son.

Congratulations for what, son.

Smoking is injurious to health.
Leave it.

Try this.

I'll make a drink for you, grandma.

Son, this brings back old memories.

I used to sneak a few drinks
when Babu was still alive.

Babu, Shona, huh!

Still young at heart, huh!

Your grandpa's name was Babu Lal.

Oh..that way.

Congratulations for what?
You were congratulating for something.

Mahinder's marriage has been fixed.

Mahinder's getting married?

Without telling me?

You don't know?

You're the oldest living
being in this city..

You deserve to know.

But why should he?
The wedding date isn't fixed.

And who knows if grandma
will still be around.

Not to mention one
less plate at the banquet.

How much do you think grandma would eat
with no teeth.


It's rude to say such
things about any girl..

But its someone called
Pooja who talks dirty on the phone..

With every Tom-Dick-and-Harry.

Name is Pooja..and Dirty Talks..

Grandma..talking dirty..phone-a-friend!

Dirty talking.

Come here, grandma.

Swear on you..at least
a dozen guys are after her.

If she comes here, then Mahinder
as well as Deepak will be happy.

Why Deepak?

Out of the dozen
guys chasing her..

Deepak is in the first one.

He is a total rascal.

Imagine the type of girl
she is and what her character is.


Mahi will settle down with me.

But when that girl
comes to this house..

- Will she really look after you?
- No, she won't.

- Will she respect you?
- Never.

Not even a minute.

I am sure you've
read the news recently.

"Daughter-in-law suffocates
her grandma-in-law."

What do you think will happen?

Grandma's final..

- What nonsense.
- I meant your final peg..

At least add some water.

I won't die so soon.

She is right.

I'll see how he marries that girl.

That's it, grandma, keep that attitude.

- See you.
- Our work is done.

Hey, ..put that back.

"And old beeeze that
has brought memories."

"And old beeeze that
has brought memories."

"It's not often when he is alone."

Good evening, sir.

Please, sir. Have a seat.

Please, sit.

Are they.. Accepting requests as well.

Of course, sir.
100 rupees per song, sir.

And what if I request three songs?

Sorry sir, no discounts.


My name's Jagjeet.

- Jagjeet sir.
- Play these when I signal to you.

And don't forget to bring the change.

Sir..table no. 10.


"Fill my life with
the colours of your lips."

Who are you, madam?

- Didn't you recognise me, cutu? Pooja.
- No.


And that's my sister Afreen.



We believe in every religion.
We are coming from the church.

You are Pooja and she is Afreen.

Unfortunately, the profession we are
in, we cannot disclose our real names.

My real name is Zubeida Misba Shoaib
Aktaram Moin Khanum Inzamam Ul-Haqan.

You never told me this before.

How could I?
Does it make sense?

Don't you look too aged for your name?

"Love cannot be bounded by age."

By the way, who else is in your family?

Not much, we are a dozen siblings.

My sisters Razia,
Sultana, and my brother Akbar, Babur..

Dilawar, Zorawar, Peshawar and Qutub.

I think you missed Shahjahan.

Ohh come one, Father had
other stuff to take care of as well.

This is the main stuff
that he looks concerned about.

What does your father do?

He works at a medical
store near our place.

Looking at the number of siblings..

I don't think there are any
medical stores around your place.

Anyway, I accept..

Accept what?

Our marriage.

Father's on a Hajj trip.

He'll meet you as
soon as he comes back.

But don't mind if he touches
your feet out of respect.

Why would he do that?

He's 20 years younger to you.

"Lord snatched my love."

- Waiter.
- Yes sir.

Ask him to stop.

It seems he is singing on my situation.


Sir, please stop.

Table no. 10 is asking to stop.


Stop it.

I must use the loo urgently.

At your age bladder
stones are pretty normal.

Radhe Radhe.

But listen..don't run.

Goodbye. Love you.

"Your love made my heart alive again."

"My ailing heat kept crying woefully."

"I was punished for falling in love..."

"What was my crime that I was robbed."

"Robbed in your love."

How is Pooja Mom?

How does aunty look?

- Pooja is not her real name.
- What?

Pooja is not her real name.

Yes son.

Since your mother passed away..

For the first time I
had feelings for someone else.

But I wonder who jinxed my love?

Rahul couldn't get his love.

Pooja turned out to be a Muslim.

Her real name is Zubieda
Begum etcetera-etcetera.


Yes. She has 8 to 10 siblings.

8 to 10.
She must be telling you the time.

No, she wasn't, son.
This is my bad luck.

We can't get married now.

Don't be absurd, papa.

Who cares about Hindu and
Muslim in this era?

- Take Shahrukh and Gauri.
- Yes.

- Aamir and Kiran.
- Yes.

- Saif and Kareena.
- Yes.

Suresh and Hameeda.

Who is Suresh?

- The guy that sells juice at the corner.
- Oh I see.

And in fact, take Smiley for instance.

- Is this Sikhs a Muslim?
- No.

But his fiancé Sakeena is a Muslim.

What? My fiancé is a Muslim?

Did you forget?

Yes, I did. Remind me.


Go ahead and tell papa..

That you don't have a problem
with your girlfriend being a Muslim.

No. I don't have a problem, uncle.

Muslims are classy people.

Manners, Love, Care..

But son, marrying a Muslim..

What if there is a problem..

You are right.
There is a small problem.

What are you saying?
Where is the problem?

What are you saying?

Tomorrow when I have kids,
what am I going to call them?

Razia Chadda, Harpreet Hussain.

They will run around
greeting Insah Allah...

How will that look?
You tell me, uncle.

You are absolutely right,

What right?

Children are not born with surnames.

No one congratulates saying,
it's Sharma.

Congratulations, it's Shukla.

Whether it's Agarwal or Ansari.

Love by any name is still love.

You are right.

Let's assume that Baisakhi
and Eid fall on the same day..

Then what will I eat first?

- Kidney beans or goat meat.
- True.

Feed the kidney beans
to the goat and eat the goat.

Radhe-Radhe. What nonsense.

Thousands of goats are
sacrificed on Eid, father.

What difference will it
make if you offer one at home?

Think about it.
There is no hurry.

If you believe Hindu, Muslim,

Christian, Parsi,
Jainism (RELIGION) are above love.

Then don't marry her.

Let it be.

- What's going on?
- Where are you going, mom?

- Where are you going, grandma?
- Stay back.

Mom, stop.

- Aunty, stop.
- Be quiet.

I will talk to Mahinder.

I won't stay in this house anymore.

Let's go, Deepak.

Where are you going?

Look..here he is..

He's an embarrassment to this family.

What is grandma saying?

We are busy preparing for
my marriage and What are you doing?

Who is Pooja?
What are these dirty talks?

What dirty talks?

If that girl comes here, then I won't.

- Let's go, Deepak.
- Stop Deepak.

First, decide what to do.

It's decided. I love Pooja.

Not every girl that talks dirty
on the phone are characterless, Mahi.

She understands my feelings,
and I understand hers.

Maybe she was forced into this.

Maybe some sort of helplessness.

And that's why she
does this kind of job.

Why don't you explain it to her, Mahi?

Do you love her?

Are you sure?


Since brother loves her so much,
then let's meet her up once.

Fine, If you don't want to meet her
why don't you just talk to her?

There is no need to leave the house.

Have faith in me, grandma.

Can I ever do anything wrong?


If you think I am wrong?

Then you stay, and I will leave.

Stop Mahinder!

That's my luggage.

Fine. You can keep your luggage.

This is true love, grandma.
You won't understand.


Brother, come back.


Just say yes, grandma.

Say yes..

Do you love her?

I swear I do.

By the way,
brother, all that time among cows..

And buffaloes has made you wise.

Call sister-in-law.

No. I am feeling embarrassed.

Come on.

Let it be.

I already dialled her number.

Look now..

Rafi's rough copy..

He'll start singing
even if you don't want him to.


Hi Pooja. Grandma wants to talk to you.



Having a peg, grandma.

I mean hello, grandma.

God bless you, dear.

What are you doing?

Watering the plants.

- At this hour?
- Yes.

- Let me also talk to her.
- Yes, dear.


This is Mahi.


Your sister-in-law.

- Hi!
- Brother told grandma everything.

And grandma has agreed
for this marriage.

Since you're watering
your plants, dear, water mine too.

Does everyone in
your house have separate plants?


I'll talk to you later.

Papa is calling.

Okay, bye.

Go and get more water
for papa's plants.

Mahinder told everything to her.

By the way, who told you such
negative things about her?


I just can't remember
who was the one.

What happened?


Fathers are so unique.

Your father is one in a million.

Sometimes I wonder..

How he spent a lifetime alone.

And look at us..

Whenever we are tensed..

We start drinking.

And look at this man.

No cigarette, or alcohol.

In fact, even if he's ever
had a problem in life..

He hasn't even told me about it.

Not to mention that
I have caused him so much pain.

You're right.

He's always scolded me.

But I never felt bad.

I swear..

We will apologise.

Wake up.


Try harder.

Listen, Uncle..



Papa, it's you.

From Jagjeet Singh to Mehendi Hassan.

Love is responsible for this makeover.

You gave a complete makeover
to yourself and our ancestral shop.

Feels like happiness
has entered my life.

And no more selling
funeral items and caskets..

Instead your Abba will
promote beautiful lovely items.

Who Abba?

Me of course.

Your Abba.

That night I had an epiphany..

And I changed for good.

And Ismail has the biggest
contribution in this changeover.


No, uncle, Smiley.

Take the 'e' out..so Ismail.

But why paint the house again.

We just got it painted on Diwali.

But Eid's coming up, son.

Our Eid?


As you said, millions
of goats are sacrificed on Eid.

One more won't make a difference.

Look there.
See that..

I've even installed a stanchion
for the goat.

And son, don't forget
to bring Sakeena over for Eid.

Of course.

Who is that?

You're fiancé.

Fiancé.. Sakeena?

- But she can't come over, uncle.
- Why?

She has gone for Hajj to Patiala.

To Patiala for Hajj?

I mean her aunt and
uncle live in Patiala.

- She will meet them first and then leave for Hajj.
- I see..

Wonderful. Wonderful.

Uncle, why are you speaking in Urdu?


Fix your pronunciation.
It's Urdu.

And Urdu is one of the
finest and smooth language.

And listen.

And on that note here
a few lines from a poet..

"I can spend from dawn to dusk
under the refuge of your tresses."

"I'll do my duties in this lifetime."

"If you lock eyes with me,
I'll ask for the consequences."

"And if you skirt eyes,
I'll just greet you."

Nice. Nice.
But I didn't get it, uncle.

I didn't either.

What are these bricks for?

Well, son, I am not a Shahjahan
to build another Taj Mahal.

And your future mother
has a dozen siblings.

So I am making four tombs
up there for her siblings.

- You mean rooms.
- Exactly.

Come Ismail, let me show you.

Take a look. See..

This is where the rooms
are being constructed.

- They are making the rooms right now.
- Great.

My new family will
also stay here with me.

And my wife.

What happened, uncle?
Are you all right?

My heart skips a beat
whenever I think of her.

She has a mesmerising
and enchanting voice.

- Really?
- Yes, son.



Mind your own business.

I just wanted to say..

That I am ready
to get married to you.

You know what, send your
father over to fix a wedding date.

My father's out of his limits?

Crossing his limits or
crossing borders for Hajj?

My father is crossing his limits.

Fine, send him over when he returns.

My son's good friend
Ismail is right here with me.

He is like a kid.

I'll give my greetings to her.

Hello, mammi aunty.

Hang up.

This Jagjeet has lost his mind.

The changes that your
father is going through.

You will repent one day.

Be careful.

Time is so bad, even a dog's
bark sounds like advice to me.

You know,
people like to take a flying arrow..

But you've taken a spear.

Your beloved father is
in full mood to get married.

She was the one missing.


Hello. How are you doing?

What's the matter?
You seem to be in a great mood today?

Yes, there is good news sister.

Good news?

Yes. I am getting
married to my boyfriend.


This might be good news for you,
but not for me.


- Sign.
- Move.

You know that all men are dogs.

No, no, my boyfriend is not a dog.

He is so naive that he
still smooches me on my head.

All men pretend to
be naive in the beginning.

I don't want anyone to ruin your life.

Pooja, I don't care if we meet up or
not, but I want to meet up with Anurag.

But why meet up.
You can talk to him on the phone.

Anu baby..

Yes, Pooja.

No. Not on the phone.

Everyone sounds sweet
to me over the phone.

Tell him I want to meet him tomorrow.
I'll text you the time and place.

And listen.
Try to come over if you can.

Hear me out first..

She has called Pooja's
boyfriend for a meeting.

Happy birthday.

Firstly a woman, secondly

And thirdly a news reporter
and fourthly she is very clever.

From where you'll get
Pooja's boyfriend. Online.

You are dead man.

Let's go fast.

Let's go. Have fun.

Hey stop! Over there,
that is Pooja's brother.

Hey move!

So, where did you meet
Pooja for the first time?

We used to speak on the phone.

And liked the voice very much...

Her voice is mesmerising.

No..she liked my voice very much.

And who proposed whom?

As you can guess from the face,
she did.

But please don't tell her this.


You came to show
off how decent you are.

Oh no, I don't drink, I never smoked.

Shall I order juice instead?


Bloody uncool sh**

Will you judge my decency
by whether I drink or not.

In that case,
you're completely spoiled.

Smoking and drinking
can be bad habits..

But not signs of
a bad character, ma'am.

How dare you?

Is this a way you talk to a woman?

I am calling Pooja right now.


Call her.

Yes, I am calling her..

I will show you.

How was Anurag?

Don't mind if he gets a little angry.

He looks cute even
when he loses his temper.

I knew it.
You will like her too.

- I am so lucky.
- Pooja...


Everyone in this world is wrong.

The right one is with good intentions.

And yes..your whiskey
was way more classy than you are.

And don't forget.

I love Pooja.

And I will marry her.
Will give her my everything. Okay.


Who is she?

- This place isn't for you.
- But why?

- What are you doing here?
- Shopping.

Of all the places..


Mahi. What are you doing here?


What are you doing here?

I came here for a meeting.
Let's go.

Oh my, God.

So you are Pooja.

Hi. Roma.

I am not Pooja. I am Mahi.

His future wife.


Bloody two-timer.

You're either cheating on Pooja or her?

- She is drunk.
- What?

- Let's go.
- Hold on.

She can't talk nonsense
even if she is drunk.

What do you mean?

This man is a fraud and a cheat.

He came to meet me
as Pooja's boyfriend.

Which Pooja are you talking about?

She's my phone-a-friend.

That Pooja.
But I love her.



But Pooja said she loves Anurag.

I see..
Now, who is this Anurag?

This Anurag.

She is definitely high.

You are mistaken.
He is not Anurag. He is Karam.


He is no Karam. This guy's Anurag.

She is lying. She is lying.

Let's go, Mahi.

If she's lying, Karam,
then why don't you tell us the truth.

It's a long story, Mahi.
I'll tell you sometime later.

Tell me now, Karam.

- I'll tell you some other day..
- You must clear everything right now!

You are lying.


Pooja. What's the name.

- Mahi. Listen to me.
- Brother-in-law.

This is completely unfair.

- You screwed both of us.
- Get lost.

You get lost.

Move, please.

Mahi. Mahi, listen to me.

Wait. Where are you going?

Give me a chance to explain.

- Hello, bro..
- Get lost.

I am in a bad mood.

Ohh, don't spoil my mood.

I meant I am already in a bad mood,
you don't have to spoil yours.

Please tell me honestly.
How do you know Pooja?

I love Pooja.

How can you love her?

I love Pooja..sister.

What sister?

The other day you were trying to be so
sturdy. But now you're being so mellow.

You know what he was saying.
He'll hack me to pieces.

- Beat him.
- Beat me.

Come on, beat me. There my
sister Pooja's husband is beating her.

You beat me.

- Pooja's husband?
- Yes.

He's a pain in the neck.

Pooja never told
me that she is married.

How could she?
His demands never end.

Save her, brother-in-law.

- Brother-in-law?
- Yes.

Now we are family. Don't worry.

I'll show you how
Gujjar's batter.

This is your brother-in-law's promise.

- Come on.
- Yes, come on.

How dare he touch my Pooja.

Don't come any closer.

Don't..or else I will kill you.

Kill her.

Wiseguy..how dare you touch my Pooja.

Your Pooja.

What is he saying, sister?

Beat him.

What beat him?
Let's talk.

- Wait. How was the recording?
- Don't ask.


- But what happened?
- No one's stopping.

I'll tell you later. Rickshaw.


- Where are you going?
- Wait a minute.

- Where is sister-in-law?
- She is at home.

Order's cancelled.


Wait. I have my own bike.

There she is.


Stay with her.
This is not a race.

Wait a minute.

At least tell me why you're hitting me.

At least tell me why you're hitting me.

- What do you want?
- Save me, sister.

No need to worry. I am here now.

Mahi. Mahi, wait.

Listen to me, Mahi.

Lower that volume.

It's Daler Mehndi,
he sings this loud even in low volumes.

Then turn it off.

Mahi, listen.
Listen to me, Mahi.

Just listen to me.

Listen to what, Karam.

And who are you?

It's me..Toto.

We used to romance over the phone.

I even made a tattoo of your name.

My name is Roma.

And the spelling is wrong.

But my love is real.

If you love someone else
then why are you marrying me?

Mahi, I only love
you and not some Pooja.

But you couldn't say
this in front of that girl.

I had imagined so many
things about you, Karam.

And you are still lying to me.

What is the confusion?

You say that you love Pooja.
So does he.

Even I love her.

Who is Pooja?

And why is everyone taking her name?

Oh, God. And you think
I have an affair with her.

Yes. I do.


Mahi, wait.

I don't understand one thing.

You sound so sweet over the phone.

But in reality, you sound a bit hoarse.

You think I sound hoarse.

I said I am not Pooja.

Save me. Save me.

Catch him.

This way..

Come on.

Catch him.

What is this Pooja's matter?

Step on it, man.

Pooja. That Anurag is a fraud.

Curse you.
Trying to ruin people's lives.

Bloody drunk woman. Hang up.

Who was that?

- Mahi. Just listen to me.
- No, Karam.

Fine, Then here is the truth.

I love Pooja.

I love her and we're one.
One heart and soul.

- Stop the rickshaw.
- You too.

- What did you say?
- I love you.

Pooja and I are one heart and soul.

Pooja is that lovely.

Not just me.

Your brother Mahinder as well as
your father-in-law love her a lot.


I do. I do. I do.

The marriage gets solomonized
if you repeat it three times.

I'll say it again louder.

Do you want the entire city to hear?

If you use up all your
strength at the wedding..

Then what will you
do on your wedding night?

Payal, Pankhudi, Jyoti, Yasmeen..

Where is Pooja, Karam?


Pooja's here too.

Where, Karam?



Hello. Pooja speaking.

How are you?

I am fine.

I'll call you later. Please.

Okay, bye. Love you, take care.

Karam is Pooja.

Pooja who cannot exist without Karam.

And Karam not without you.

Why didn't you tell me before?

No job, and debts to pay.

Even I am in love with this Pooja.

Hi, Pooja baby..

'The work that isn't getting
done... something something...'

This is Mahi. My fiancé.


She came to see Pooja.

You told her everything.

Isn't that what you wanted?

This is Mr. W.

He runs this call centre.

He came into my life as a guide
but soon turned selfish.

He threatened to expose me if I quit.


You are a scum.

You should be grateful to everyone
here, who is a breadwinner for you.

What are you without them?

You sound better than him.

If you're under some kind of debt,
I'll clear it for you.


Don't forget.

Pooja is a man.


Karam. Karam.

Where are you hiding?

Green house.
I think I am in the wrong house.

Mahinder. Greetings.

How is everyone?

Didn't you recognise me?

It's Jagjeet. Uncle Jagjeet.

Radhe-Radhe Uncle.


What happened to you?

Forget about me,
what happened to you?

Nothing, uncle.
I had a fight.

Sorry to tell you son,
but you got beaten up.

Yes, that.

- What happened?
- I am being wronged.

What happened?

You are so decent and your
son Karam's completely opposite.

What did he do now?

The girl I love and want to marry..

- He is chasing after her.
- What?

There's someone else
in his life other than Mahi.

Yes, uncle.


Her name is Pooja.

Pooja who?

A girl with whom I fell in love
while talking on the phone.

- Phone-a-friend Pooja?
- Yes.

My Pooja.


My son Karam is romancing
his future mother.

Future mother.
What nonsense.

It's not nonsense.

I am in love with her.

I am madly in love with her.

And her real name isn't Pooja,
her name is Zubeida.

Radhe-Radhe! What a shameless family.

- What shameless.
- Father and son after the same girl.

Mahinder. Mahinder.

Uncle, they are the
guys that beat me up.

Who are you?

Your wedding hasn't been fixed yet..

And your family members
are already showing up.

Uncle, I am not his family.

I am Pooja's future husband.

- Huh..
- Allah..what kind of a woman is she?

She has entraped every variety of

Except for me.

- Hey, Priest..don't provoke me.
- Get lost.

- Pooja is only mine.
- Hey..

If anyone comes between
Pooja and me then I will kill him.

But son, Zubeida is mine.

- Zubeida who?
- I am leaving.

- Stay seated.
- But I have to pee.

Hold it.

Where on earth did you come from?
Who are you?

- I am here for the wedding.
- Here..

Another one..

I can control my pee..

But someone control that woman.

That woman has more lovers..

Than we have devotees in the mosque.

By wedding I mean..

Karam called me over to
collect advance for the wedding.

Are you going to play
that DJ at his funeral?

- What nonsense.
- Advance.

Get lost. Boys beat him up.

Uncle, we dealt with him.

- Now I will deal with your son.
- No?

You won't lay a finger on my son.

I will deal with my son.

He betrayed his own father.

And romancing with his future mother.
Romancing with his future mother.

I swear I won't spare him.

He betrayed his father.

Mahi, this pretending to be Pooja,
the job at the call centre..

Was I wrong?

I once heard someone say..

Everyone in this world is wrong.

The right one is with good intentions.

Don't think about any of this.

Krishna Leela is today right?

I want to see how my Krishna
looks when dressed like Radha.

♪ There goes Radha. ♪

♪ There goes Radha. ♪

♪ There goes Radha beautifully decked. ♪

♪ Krishna is waiting for
her at the banks of Yamuna. ♪

♪ Look straight into my eyes.. ♪

♪ ..don't listen to your friends. ♪

♪ Look straight into my eyes.. ♪

♪ ..don't listen to your friends. ♪

♪ Love has been around forever. ♪

♪ I am the queen and you're my king. ♪

♪ Together we stay forever. ♪

♪ Radhe.. ♪

♪ Radhe.. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Complete and yet ♪
♪ incomplete..such is our tale. ♪

♪ Complete and yet ♪
♪ incomplete..such is our tale. ♪

♪ Love will live forever.. ♪

♪ ..like the river of Yamuna. ♪

♪ Cunning and deceiving are your eyes.. ♪

♪ ..that coyly stare at me. ♪

♪ Radhe.. ♪

♪ Radhe.. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's ♪
♪ love is incomplete. ♪

♪ Radhe-Radhe-Radhe. ♪

♪ Without you Krishna's love is incomplete. ♪
Move from here

Get lost.

Out. Out.

The show's over. The show's over.

Stop this charade. Stop it!

How dare you touch our Karam?

Our Radha?

This Radha is not
worthy of your respect!

If you weren't portraying Radha..

I would've turned
this place into your grave.

Hold on.

Tell me what has he done.


- Murder?
- Murder?

Yes... My Pooja's murder.


And this man must have told you this.

Karam can never kill Pooja.

He is lying.

It's not a lie.
I am sure he killed Pooja.

He came to the hospital to threaten me.

And he claimed that
he will hack Pooja to pieces.

Come on.

My life's trapped in a cage,
waiting to break free.

To destroy myself..in love.

Let me taste your sweet
voice with my ears..

Be the sweet nectar of my love.

How do you know this poetry?

Only Pooja and I know about it.

Even I knew Pooja.

She was very nice.

Where did he go?

Where did he go?

- Catch him.
- Don't let him go.

Check there.

- Catch him.
- I won't run!

Even I loved Pooja.

Then why did you kill her?

If I can create her,
then I can kill her.

This little bundle of joy and
a great friend had to die one day.

She could easily win over people.

When Pooja used to say..


"Pooja speaking."

I am Pooja.

When I got talking to people,
I realised..

That our population might be
increasing, but so is loneliness.

Today we have thousands of friends
over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But do you have one
true friend in real life?

Someone who can listen to you,
understand you?

And this loneliness
has increased to an extent..

That no one bothers
to take a family picture.

Everyone's only worried about selfies.

And for these lonely people,
along came..

This Pooja.

While talking to people
I gradually understood..

That every person
in this world needs Pooja.

And Pooja is not a gender.

Anyone like your friends,
family, relatives, wife, children..

Anyone can be your Pooja.

Someone you can open your heart to.

Someone who can make you
realise that you are not alone.

And the day you find your Pooja..

You won't need some
phone-a-friend Pooja anymore.

Now, do all of you
know the truth of Pooja?

Now, what is Mr. W's truth?

He will only be able
to tell us where Pooja is.

I just did. He must have killed her.

Leave me. Come on - Leave me.

She is the real Pooja.

Tell them. Tell them the truth.

I am Pooja.

And Mr. W paid me to do this.

You bloody..

Trying to make a fool out of me,
are you?

Arrest him. Take him away.

Let's go.

I have a question.

Are you Pooja?


Marry me.


Rajpal Kirar.

You think your wife's too short.

You should be thankful
that you got married.

- Really?
- No romance at home.

Always arguing.

If you stay out all night working,
then where will the romance come from.

My sweet naive Mahinder.

- Come here, my super singer.
- Hey Brother-in-law, listen to me.

- Marry me. Marry me.
- No..No.

- Trying to woo girls with your voice.
- No.

If a good voice was
enough to woo girls..

Then no singer would
ever focus on singing.

- I made a mistake sorry..
- Maary me come on.

Toto..where are you going?

You know those sweet messages
children write on wedding cards.

You're even younger than those kids.


Ma'am. You've lost faith in men.

Just because you had three bad bananas,
you want to crush the entire bunch.

You should be ashamed.

All of you should be ashamed.

To become crazy about my innocent son.


O Uncle.


Papa aka Rahul aka
Jagjeet aka Mehendi Hassan.

Dreaming of a honeymoon
when you should be praying.

Son..i made a big mistake.

Swear on that benevolent Lord.

I had no clue that I was dreaming
about my own son to my bride.

Wow.. So strong Urdu vocabulary

I've been trying to teach this
man computers for past three years.

But he couldn't learn.

But you learnt Urdu
for a girl in three days.

And he turned Mathura
into mini Karachi.

Marry me.

Marry me.
Who is it going to marry me?

Marry me.
Kirar sir. Marry me.

Marry me.
Madam, you marry me.

- Who wants to marry me?
- I do.

I've been asking you
to marry me for so long.

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Come dance with me.. ♪

♪ ..don't make me wait any longer. ♪

♪ Your face is sweet, ♪
♪ you're the one for me. ♪

♪ Tell me what you want from me. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ You're a soft-hearted boy, ♪
♪ and I am a hottie. ♪

♪ Why do you get jealous ♪
♪ if anyone wants to be my friend? ♪

♪ You're a soft-hearted boy, ♪
♪ and I am a hottie. ♪

♪ Why do you get jealous ♪
♪ if anyone wants to be my friend? ♪

♪ My mood makes my heart high. ♪

♪ As you sway that waist, ♪
♪ the boy's go crazy. ♪

♪ Your face is sweet, ♪
♪ you're the one for me. ♪

♪ Tell me what you want from me. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ My mood makes my heart high. ♪

♪ As you sway that waist, ♪
♪ the boy's go crazy. ♪

♪ My mood makes my heart high. ♪

♪ As you sway that waist, ♪
♪ the boy's go crazy. ♪

♪ Your face is sweet, ♪
♪ you're the one for me. ♪

♪ Tell me what you want from me. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Think again.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Like an enchanting wine.. ♪

♪ ..I am going to gulp it all down. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪

♪ Dance with me.. ♪