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Part I
Love across the ocean

Sendai, April, 1932

Everybody rise!

Come in.

This is Second Lieutenant Komatsu.

Captain, there's a deserter.


Ito, you should know where he is.

I... don't know, sir.

Do all of you know that
desertion is a felony?

Listen up!

If any of you know where he is,
you are just as guilty.


Captain, reporting, sir.

At ease.

Tell me if any of you know
where Mizoguchi is.


If he is just AWOL, it wouldn't
be as serious.


Do you know?

No sir, I don't know where he
is but I remember

he was reading a letter from his
sister over and over.


I am responsible for his action,
so I will take care of this matter.

I am responsible for this company.


Form a search team with 12
men including Sgt. Harada.

I'll take command.


You don't have to report to
anyone about this yet.

I will let you know when to do so.


Over there!

Go get him.

Please forgive me.

I am Kaoru, his sister.

I am sorry about the trouble my
brother has caused.

You told him, didn't you?

I wrote a letter to him.

You're so foolish!

I am going to be sent away
as a whore today.


We found him.


He is at Inume Pass.
The sergeant is chasing him.

Please let me go with you!


Mizoguchi is going to die to
save his honor.

Everybody watch the last of a deserter.

Do you have any last words to say?

Put the muzzle in your mouth!

Touch the trigger.

Pull it!


Let me help you, then!

Sergeant. Please forgive him.

May 15,1932

Prime Minister's Office

Fifty men consisting of naval
and army cadets and

a group of young farmers attacked

the prime minister, the cabinet minister,

the Seiyu political group and the police.

Why don't you take your shoes
off and sit down.

Let's talk and we'll understand each other.

No discussion! Shoot him!

Their "Showa Restoration" plan failed.

The unsuccessful coup shocked the nation.

It brought confrontation within
Army executives.

I'm upset that some young
officers and cadets ignored us,

attacking the prime minister to
take over political affairs.

We must gather our nation's
forces to fight against them.

The government, economic
circle and the army

need to work together, and we
might have to sacrifice citizens.


You only denounced the young
officers, but

do you really understand the
present political corruption?

That's right!

The politicians forced the
people to suffer in poverty

for their own greed.

The army should be the core to
rebuild the nation.

Otherwise our country will perish.

Unless that point is shown clearly,

young officers who are naive
and loyal to the country,

will be more confused.

They killed the prime minister
entrusted by the Emperor.

That's resistance against the Emperor.

We must court-martial them as
their punishment.

So the nation will know what's
right and wrong.

Come in.

Captain Miyagi here.

What do you want?


Let me be one in defense of
Mizoguchi at the court-martial.

He defied army regulations and
he also killed the sergeant.

That's serious treason against
the country.

How can you defend him?

Maybe he is, but he had a
reason to do such thing.

Are you talking about
his sister being sold?


Mizoguchi lost his mother
when his was four,

then his sister raised him after
his mother died....


He is not the only one
who has a story like that.

There are many men, maybe
thousands throughout the army.

The officers used that excuse to
kill the prime minister.

Are you one of them?

I am a soldier.

I have no interest in politics.

That's fine.

Captain Miyagi.

National finance needs to be
stable before the people.

To enrich a country, you need
to have a powerful army.

You should remind your men of that.

You are the commander of the company.

You'll be asked to take on that

Prepare for it.

I am.

That's the money you asked for.

Forgive me for my selfishness.

A thousand yen is a lot.
What is it for?

It's better that you don't know.

All right.

I don't think you will waste it
on a woman, will you?

No, I will not.

Your mother's seventh memorial is soon.

You should take a leave and come home.

After examination of the case,

this court finds the accused
guilty of the crime.

He is sentenced to the death penalty.

June 5,1932. Third Division

Captain Miyagi.

Your appeal for Mizoguchi has
been rejected.

He will be executed as scheduled

at six o'clock tomorrow morning.

You need to organize a firing
squad and take command for it.

That's all.

Ready, aim.

Long live out Emperor!

I'm sorry.

Take this money.

Your brother was worrying about you.

It was his wish. Please take it.

Captain Keisuke, Miyagi shall
be transferred to

the 75th Infantry Regiment in Korea.

Issued by the War Division
on July 18, 1932.

I shall be transferred to the
75th Infantry Division,

on the date of July 18, 1932.

You've really taken care of your men, so

it must be hard for you to
leave the company.

But the defense in Northern
Korea is a very important duty.

Keep that in mind and do your best.

Yes, sir.

Oh, you are not to accept any
farewell parties.

Yes, sir.

Stop marching!

To your left!

Attention for Captain Miyagi!

The commander ordered to not see me off!

We are not here to see you off, sir.

We are just doing our training
out here, sir.

Blood is filing with zeal,
ready to flo w for Japan.

The color sho ws the blaze of
our fighting spirit.

Our arms are offered to support
the country.

Our bodies are dedicated to
establish the foundation.

We are the rookies who are
ready to fight.

We are the rookies who have a
kind heart.

Northern Korea, November, 1932

Northern Korea, November, 1932
Korea was under the rule of Japan at that time,

Korea was under the rule of
Japan at that time,

so it was unofficially governed by Japan.

75th Infantry Regiment
so it was unofficially governed by Japan.

75th Infantry Regiment

Here is a report from our men.

They are being attacked by guerrillas.

How many in their force?

There are about thirty of them.
We don't need reinforcements.

That's all.


You should use this warmer.

No, thank you, sir.

Keep it.

Thank you, sir.

We are leaving for Kainei at 16:30.

Thank you for your treat.

I understand your request.


I'll let Park help you.

Thank you.

We'll hold a party for you
tonight at my place.

So plan it well.

Thank you.

The colonel appreciates your cooperation.

I haven't seen him lately.
Is he doing well?


That's good.

Don't think about war tonight.

Have fun and refresh
yourselves for tomorrow.

You are free until tomorrow morning.

It's the colonel's gift to everybody.

Drink a lot and lay girls until
you can't walk.

Girls? It's been such a long time!
Thank you.

You work hard at the front line.

Have a drink.

We only have pretty ones.

You need to pick a girl before
the music ends!

I'll pick this one.

My father died leaving a big debt.


Kazuko? Come in.

Good evening.


What's wrong? Don't leave so soon.

Aren't we old friends? Ouch!

You could have a different life.

I could, but it's easier for me this way.

Or do you think I should have died?

You still can change your life.


This is a pass for you.

The guards might check you, so be careful.

I got it.

Captain Miyagi. What
happened with your girl?

I am going to check.

I have a pass.

Get out of the truck.

You are under arrest.

You released Park?

It's not surprising.

Is that true?

I interrogated him but it's his
first offense,

and he has been working with us.

I'm sorry for doing this without
your permission.

What should I do?

Well, can you forget the
incident, save the major's face?

I'm sorry, but I insist on
charging Park.

We should let the military
police handle this matter.

Don't forget to have them
arrest Sasaida, too.

Was the woman's name Kaoru Mizoguchi?

She tried to kill herself last night.

She is not allowed to kill
herself until she clears the debt.

So, she's being punished for it.

Colonel, can you do something for her?

Captain Miyagi must be
worried. Please help her.

All right, I'll try.


December, 1932

Hunting guerrillas at the
Korea-Manchuria Border

Captain, when is the
medication supply coming?

I requested it to the headquarters.

Are they going to abandon us to die?

Hang in there. I'll send you to
headquarters soon.

Captain, this is the bullet that
hit me in the shoulder.

The guerrillas are using our weapons.

They killed our men with our own bullets.

Don't talk anymore.

Ato, don't die here! Your
mother and kids are waiting.

Let's go back to Japan together!

Captain, what honor are we dying for?

Enemy attack!

Get down!

Are you OK?

More bullets!

We don't have anymore.


More bullets!

No more.


No more!


Let's go.

Present arms to the dead.

The Japanese army is doomed.

We have no medicine, no
bullets, and no food.

The only thing we still have is the
loyalty for our country.

We are left to die far from home.

For whom do we fight and die?

The Japanese army is corrupt
but nobody hears my anger.

It is the silent appeal of all the soldiers.

We must rid ourselves of the
corrupt leaders who are

jeopardizing the safety of the nation.

If you have no desire to do it, I
will attempt it myself.

I was given life to dedicate
myself to my country.

January 1, 1933.

The Sino-Japanese hostilities started.

The people were afraid it might
become another war.

March, 1934, General
Mizunuma was assigned

as Chief Military Affairs.

His position was one that
encouraged the young officers.

A month later, Mitsubishi
heavy industries was founded.

Preparation for war was
spurred by this group.

The suppressed rage of the
general public finally exploded.

The demonstration for rice, and
it shook the government.

July 3. Big-scale political
corrupt was exposed.

Minoru Saito surrendered his cabinet, but

people no longer trusted the government.

Reflecting their uneasiness,
on November 20, 1934,

a planned coup was exposed at
the military academy.

Some said it was a conspiracy
by their opponents, but

the truth was revealed.

September, 1935

In September, 1935, General
Mitamura was fired.

Internal dissension for power was revealed.

People were afraid of the move toward war.

Part II
Endlessly falling snow

November, 1935


I'm Yoko Takami, his fiancée.

Come in.

Please come in.

Looks delicious.

One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six people...

You, your husband and me.
Nine of us.


It's easy to divide into eight
portions, but nine is hard.

Let's just cut for two now.

What about for everybody.

They are still talking. Let's eat it now.

It looks delicious.

You act like a lady but
sometimes you're so bold.

We must act now.

We'll kill the corrupt
politicians and leaders.

We can form our own cabinet

and it's the only way to save Japan.

It's too early to do anything, just yet.

I agree.

Do you guys want to ignore the fact?

Who said ignore.

Don't act without thinking.


Unlike you guys,
we are in a small town.

We feel so frustrated not doing
anything about it.

Politicians are living like kings,
but farmers and laborers are

not able to eat meals.

Is this right to be happening in a country?

What is your opinion?

Unless our minds are united,
we will not succeed.

Mr. Nogami told me you were
a nurse in Korea

when you met him. That's wonderful.

He talks too much for a soldier.

He respects Captain Miyagi sincerely.

He came to my house and
drank with my father.

He said he will die for Captain Miyagi.

My father is a merchant, so we
don't know how soldiers live.

We were kind of shocked
at what he said.

Even if there is a war
going on in Manchuria,

why do they always think about dying?

I wonder...

Good night.


I'm going to Tottori tomorrow.
Please come with me.


Good night.

Good night.

Come on. Hurry.

Aren't you Ranko?
See, it's really you.

It's me. We met at Dairen.

It wasn't me.

Did you forget me?
It's been a long time.

Stop it.

Hey, don't run away. Wait.

You haven't changed.

Is there a problem with my wife?

That's your wife?



Lt. Colonel Kanzaki taught
Miyagi at the academy.

He was a loyal leader to the
group of revolutionaries.

The opinions of the young
officers are divided.

Some say now is the time.
The others say we should wait.

It's the same here.

What do you think?

I think it's time.

I think so, too.

We have to do something to
unite the minds of men.

I'll kill General Mizunuma,
Chief of Military affairs.

He should take the blame for the
corruption of the army.

I'm sorry I can't rise with you,

but I'll be the trigger, so please
take care o the rest.



It's my job to kill Mizunuma.

You need to unite the young officers and

complete The Showa Restoration.

You have a wife and children, Colonel.

I have none, not even a wife.

You guys are having fun!

Do you have any children?

You must be lonely.

Soldiers hardly lay home.


when you kill him, make sure he is dead.

Shall we go?

What's wrong?


Why did you bring me here with you?

Do you want me only as a cover-up?

Thank you very much for
taking care of me so long.

Let's go back to Tokyo.

Return to Tokyo? What's there?

I cook, clean the house and
sleep alone at night.

Do you think my body is dirty
because I was whore?

Buy me with this money. If you
want me to return with you,

make love to me. Please...

Will you go back with me?

I want you to stay by me.

Are you scared of dying now?

What? Say that again!

I don't care about us, but if we fail,

what will happen to our men?

They are just obeying our orders.

We can't act so hastily.

What do you mean?

You are saying we don't think
about our men?

We are going to rise to save them.

Our men fight for the country,
but the families are so poor.

They sell their daughters
and hang themselves.

Small businesses are going bankrupt,

and laborers strike everywhere.

On the other hand, politicians
and capitalists get richer.

Honma, Shiratori, Iwasaki.

It's like you are betraying us
trying to postpone our plan.


Betraying? What?

Miyagi, what do you think?

You'll have no regrets if you
risk your men's lives?

The May 15th incident was a
revolt of individuals.

Ours is different.

If we fail, the Emperor's troops
will be disgraced.

But I think it's time to rise.

I think so, too.

What? General Mizunuma killed?

I'm M.P. Sergeant Shima.

There is a request for you to
come in for killing the General.

Come with me.

Rebuild the country? Showa restoration?

You make me laugh.

Young fanatics like you can never make it.

I hear the men of your
company will die for you.

Nobody say that kind of thing nowadays.

General Mizunuma heard it and
wanted to see you.

He may have been on your side
but you killed him.

Corporal Makino here.

Come in.

General Hirotsu is here.

All right.

We can talk when I come back.

I live across from your house.

As you already know, I
followed you to Tottori.

It was during that trip you
realized I'm your tail.

Well, I kept watching you.
It's my job, so forgive me.

You didn't go there to tempt Lt.
Colonel Kanzaki.

You wanted to kill the General
with your own hands.

If the young officers want to
revolt, let them.

That will give us the reason to kill them all.

Captain Miyagi is respected by
those officers.

What if he dies accidentally
during the M.P. interrogation?

I'll take care of the rest.

Tonight, Lt. Colonel Kanzaki's
wife killed herself and children.

Kanzaki had his mind set,
but not his family.

They had a murderer in their
family. I pity that.

General Hirotsu's order?

No questions allowed.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

The man upstairs. Please.

He's dying.

Please help him.

Please save his life.

I'm begging you!

I will kill the M.P.

Wait. This is their trap
for us to make a move.

I don't care.

Who's afraid?

Stop it.

Mrs. Miyagi is back.

Don't you understand?

I do, but we have to wait.

The M.P. tried to kill the Captain.

Can you just watch him die and
not doing anything?

Please go home.

If you guys didn't exist, this
wouldn't have happened to him.

Mrs. Miyagi.

Sorry I'm late.

This is from the boss.

Captain Miyagi is tough and so is his wife.

She hasn't slept for three days already.

We'll probably see tonight if he
is going to live or die.

Is there anything?

The date has been set for the
first division to Manchuria.

In six months?

The big shots think sending
those young officers away

will settle everything.


Do you think they will obey the order?

We're both sons of poor farmers.

We couldn't eat rice until we
joined the army, right?

I buried my sister yesterday.

How old was she?

Only eighteen, yet she slaved at
a brothel in Osaka.

She died of tuberculosis.
That's so stupid.

If I wasn't a M.P., I may have
joined Captain Miyagi.



Captain Miyagi.


First Infantry Division to Manchuria

General Hirotsu as Vice Minister

January, 1936

Congratulations, General Hirotsu.

Would you tell me your
opinion, General Mitamura?

I don't know what you're planning,

but if something is to happen,
the sooner the better.

At this rate, Japan will be doomed.

I'll let my men know your opinion, sir.

Whatever you do, do it with

That's loyalty to the Emperor.

Mitamura and I will handle the rest.

This wine is good like the name "Valiant."

Drink it with your friends.

To the Showa restoration!

Your wedding?

Her parents disagree, but we
are getting married tonight.

Only thirty days before the restoration.

We'll accomplish the Showa restoration,

and have a happy family like yours, Captain.

Here's to the couple's happiness!




Miyagi, we'll succeed.

I can believe it as I see the
young men's hopeful faces.

They have their own way of living.

Two of us should be enough to
die for responsibility.

I am not thinking of living after
killing people.

Nobody following us.

What is it?

The young officers decided to
take action tonight.

Are you sure?

Captain Miyagi met General
Mitamura and Kajiyama.

When will they rise?

I don't know, but we
should take precautions.

That's not necessary.


What can those men do?

Why don't you join us?

Master Keisuke! Come inside.

When was it? You were five or six years old.

I took you fishing at night,

and you caught a cold and got pneumonia.

The doctor gave up on you and
your mother was mad.

She pounded my chest over and over.

She said she wouldn't forgive
me if you died.

She died and left me alone.


Isn't there any way of returning?

I'm sorry.

Your mother planted his oak
when you were born.

The tree is big now.

Would you like some cake?



Can I try this kimono on you?

I should know your size but I
just want to make sure now.

What's the matter?

I'm going to use your troops.

After everything is done,
I'm going to slit my belly.

Now I am sure.

Miyagi's first regiment,
Honma's first regiment.

And Tatehara's Imperial guards.
The three can join this week.

They have to gather soldiers,
weapons and communication.

Those three must be on duty together.

Today is February 22.

22, 23, 24. It'll take three days
for preparation.

They are going to do it after the 25th.

Get me new boots.

Are you going to wear new
boots for night field work?

All right, I'll just wear the usual boots.

Yoko, don't forget.

Make our family register on the 26th.

Yes, I won't forget.

A beautiful dawn is coming to our country.

There you go again.

I will make our children happy
under the new establishment.

That's fine.

I'm serious.

Good morning ma'am.

Poor Crop in Northern Japan

Hungry Children Fall
During Exercises

Your car is here.

I won't be back this week.

If you have any trouble while I'm away,

go visit my father in Yokohama.

Take care of yourself.

You, too.

4:00 a.m., February 26

Emergency call.

4:02 a.m.

4:05 a.m.

We're starting field exercises.

The cartridges we issued today
are live. Handle them carefully.


4:10 a.m.

Step aside.

I'm the military police.

February 25, 1936.

The snow was falling through the night.

It was Tokyo's heaviest snow
in thirty years.

Twenty-one officers led the
first and third regiments

and the third Royal guards.
They numbered 1453 total

with nine civilians, they started
the Showa restoration.

War Minister's Office
5:00 a.m.

120 men with Captain Miyagi

Under the reign of the Emperor,
we dedicated ourselves to

enrich our country. However,
certain greedy politicians

utilized the administration or
their personal gain,

causing the general population to suffer.

5:00 a.m. Metropolitan police
Captain Shiratori with 400 men

5:05 a.m. Finance Minister's Residence
Lt. Tachihara with 100 men

God's punishment!

Financial Minister murdered
One officer injured

5:05 a.m. Cabinet's residence

Captain Honma with 150 men

5:10 a.m.
Grand Chamberlain's office

Captain Miura with 120 men

Chamberlain seriously injured
Two officers injured

5:10 a.m. Prime Minister's office

Lt. Iwasaki with 300 men

The politicians and parties are
parasites to the country.

The secretary and four officers were killed

The Prime Minister escaped

6:40 a.m. Itoya hotel at Yugawara

Captain Izawa with three civilians

One officer was killed, three
others were injured

6:00 a.m. Inspector-General's residence

Captain Yasui with 30 men

6:35 a.m. Home Minister s office

Lt. Katayama with 60 men

Now is the time to rid the
nation of is parasites,

and establish the Showa restoration.

Home Minister absent

9:30 a.m.

We will reconstruct Japan.

And we will uphold national policy.

Captain Miyagi with 120 men

3:30 p.m. Revolutionary army headquarters

How did the meeting go?

Did they approve us? Was the
War Minister present?

Gather in the meeting hall.

The Minister announced,

The Emperor has noted your
prospectus of indignation.

We acknowledge your action
was based on loyalty.

We grieve at the present state
of the country.

All military advisers
unanimously agree to promote

improvement as cited in the prospectus.

As for the other items, we will
wait for the Emperor's decision.


Can we consider we have the
Emperor's approval?

That's right.

Are yen sure?



Well done.

But the announcement wasn't true.

The Emperor did not read the prospectus.

The army bosses were so
shocked of their action

that they tried to flatter the officers

with this false announcement.

Mitamura arid Kajiyama were just puppets.

The truth was when the
Emperor heard the news,

he got very upset of what happened.

Those barbarous officers killed
our loyal subjects,

their conduct is unforgivable.
To kill those who I trusted

means to strangle me slowly with cotton.

If the rebels disobey their
superiors, I will take command.

I will use our guards to subdue the mutiny.

The situation totally flipped
with the Emperor's words.

The young officers became
mutineers overnight.

Tokyo was under martial law.

The Emperor orders us to
subdue the mutiny.

Resistance is disloyalty.

They are rebels. We have the
right to use our troops.

General Mitamura, General
Kajiyama. They respect you.

You're responsible...


I'm only a military adviser now.

The officer's sincerity is
undeniable but

we have the direct order
from the Emperor,

we must obey to subdue them by force.

But the Japanese army
shouldn't fight itself.

We should avoid that situation.

Are we going to obey the Imperial order?

General Mitamura, General Kajiyama...

You do agree to subdue the
mutineers, right?

The leaders tried to resolve
the situation by

forcing the officers to kill themselves.

Headquarters has asked for
dispatch of troops.

They are coming to Tokyo
from neighboring prefectures.

The navy is sending the first
fleet, they were put ashore.

Unless you kill yourself, we all
will suffer fighting within.

I need to see General Mitamura
and Kajiyama.

You fool! After the Imperial
order was received,

the generals left the case to us.

Don't you understand we are
trying to save your honor by

letting you die before being
attacked as mutineers.

What is this?

Soldiers, it's not too late.
Return to your regiments.

Anyone who resists is a rebel
and will be killed.

Your family will be treated as traitors.

Martial law headquarters.

They can't fool me with this crap!

I don't want to...

Don't be cheated.

They refused the Emperor's order.

We must use weapons to
subdue the mutiny.

Citizens are urged to remain at home.

Don't listen to groundless rumors.

That's army headquarters'
fourth announcement.

The people near the skirmishes
must be careful as follows:

If you hear shots, you need to
cover yourself and...

Troops to subdue the mutiny

Listen, soldiers!

This is an order! Issued directly
by the Emperor.

We know that you just blindly
obeyed your superiors,

you tried your best believing
your leaders beliefs, but

our Emperor was given

the order to return to your regiments.

If there is any attempt to resist,
you will considered traitors.

Lt. Komori. Have them take
off their coats and form up.

Salute to Captain Miyagi.

Under the command of Lt. Komori,

you will return to your regiment.

Moriguchi, fix your second button.

Sorry, sir.

Move on.

Captain Miyagi.

I won't die until I clarify the
truth to the public at trial.

You're a traitor!

Army prison, April

April 8, a special court-martial was held.

No defense attorneys were permitted.

The secret trial was final with no appeals.

July 5

123 officers and soldiers were found guilty.

Captain Miyagi and fourteen
others were sentenced to death.

This is a most unfair trial!

Captain, why must we die?

Say something, Captain.

Stop it, Honma.

Miyagi, there is a secret force
behind it and wants to crush us.

Somebody had to rise.

Today, they were allowed to
see their family.

Where is your pass?

You should have one if you are a wife.

Suddenly the neighbors are cold.
They won't talk to us.

My parents are strangers to politics,

so they have no idea what's
going on. I feel sorry for them.

You should at least tell me
what's going on.

I'm sorry.

Don't cry.

When I think of you being left alone,

I can't die.


have healthy baby boy.

How can I live without you
from now on?

General Mitamura and
Kajiyama found not guilty

Mrs. Miyagi. Kaoru Miyagi.


Husband: Keisuke Miyagi
Wife: Kaoru Miyagi

Go to bed.

How many days until our execution?

Tell me.

It's only a rumor.

Tell me.

Two or three days.

Soldier's throughout Japan
appealed against the execution.

Not only soldiers, civilians are
sending letters everyday.

But the army heads have
destroyed all the requests.

Can you please take this for me?


This is the truth about the incident.

Someday... somebody will understand.

I believe the day will come.


What are you doing there?

Is there anything wrong?

No, sir.

I see.

Thank you for coming.

Yesterday, I registered that I am your wife.

Your father approved.

I see.

How many times will I be able to see you?

Did you visit my house in Yokohama?


There is an oak tree in the yard.
I want you to see it.

My mother planted it when I was born.

Your new kimono is finished.
I hope you'll like it.

Will you wear it once?

Don't cry and listen.


forgive me for marrying you,
leaving you behind alone.

I have no regrets.

Please forgive me.

I've been happy with you.

I'm glad to be your wife.

July 12 7:00 a.m.

Ready, aim!

The incident strengthened the
political power of the army.

A year later, war broke out
between Japan and China.

Thousands of men were sent to
the front line to die.

English subtitles by
Nippon Golden Network

The end