Dragonworld: The Legend Continues (1999) - full transcript

In the remote Scottish Highlands, a place steeped in myth and mystery, there lives a boy wizard. His name is John McGowen and his only true friend is Yowler, the last dragon on Earth. But Yowler is in terrible danger. His arch enemy, the Dark Knight, has returned and is determined to slay the dragon so that he might use the magical powers of the creature's blood to unleash a new age of darkness on the planet. Only young John can save Yowler...and so begins the ultimate battle between good and evil.

(Multicom jingle)

(fire crackling)

(mysterious Celtic music)

- [Narrator] In the dark ages,

an evil knight would roam the highlands.

Sorcerers they were,

pledged to wipe out of every
trace of good magic on Earth.

Dragons were the most magical
creatures that ever lived.

They were a benefit to humankind,

but the Dark Knighthood
wiped out their clans,

stole their treasures,

and used their precious blood
for their own black sorceries.


(ground rumbling)

So it was that the Dark Knight MacClain

slew the last of the great dragons

and desecrated it's blood
to the powers of darkness.

But in the silence that followed,

he heard a cry, like a wee babe.

He followed the sound deep into the cavern

and there he found a wee baby dragon.

So sad and helpless it was,

it could melt the heart
of anyone who saw it.

But MacClain was no ordinary mortal.

He took the wee one,
the last of the dragons,

to the Giant Stone to spill

it's innocent blood on sacred ground.

That ground belonged to the fey folk,

who spirited the dragon off

to the safety of the Elven kingdom.

And imprisoned the Dark Knight MacClain

forever after in the Giant Stone.

Centuries passed.

The age of magic gave way
to the age of machines.

An orphan boy came to the highlands

to live with a grandfather he'd never met

at the castle of his forefathers.

- Four fathers?

Nobody has four fathers.

(bagpipe music)

- [Narrator] He was the
last of the McGowin clan.

Strong and proud.

He wished for a friend.

And his wish was answered!

he was chosen by the fairy folk
to raise the orphan dragon,

to see that it grows
up in harmony with man.

It's a great responsibility for a wee lad.

But the fairy folk are
canny judges of character.

(upbeat traditional music)

- Back you vikings!

You'll never take Captain McGowan!

Yowler, they're getting the best of me!


Take that you scoundrel!

Yowler, look what you've done!

Bad boy!

Yowler, get off of me!

Come on Yowler.

Yowler, have you gone mad?

Yowler, no!

- What in the blue
blazes is going on here?

Shame on you young lad.

Give me that, you'll break it.

Help, help!

Help, help!

Oh help!

- That's enough now Yowler.

- Come on, up you go.

You all right, lad?

You naughty reptile Yowler.

Misbehaving like that.


Did you see what he did now?

- It takes two to start a ruckus.


- Don't you sass me like that!

Go on, away with ya.

- It was only a game Yowler.

You didn't have to break my sword.

- Swordplay is no game for a dragon, lad.

It brings forth memories of darker days.

All now Yowler.

- I'm sorry Yowler.

- Remember lad, in dragon years,

he's like a three year old child.

He needs to learn gentleness.

Not fighting.

- That's right!

Now the both of ya,
you just straighten up!

- He's still a pup lad.

You've got to protect him
from the outside world.

- I apologize Yowler.

Do you forgive me or not?


- Go down to the old jalopy lad.

You'll find a surprise there.

- Yes sir!

Let's go Yowler.

Suit yourself.

Come on Yowler!

I'm sorry, okay?

- Don't hold a grudge Yowler.


(upbeat Celtic music)

- Candy, a whole bag ful!

Hold on Yowler, I'll give you some.

- Any mail in town for me?

- No.

- What's that in your hand?

Is that another warning from the tax man?


- The Department of Child Welfare.

They say we've got to
put Johnny in school.

Or they're going to send someone
out here to investigate us.

- The devil you say?

It's not a bad idea though.

A little schooling never hurt a soul.

- The lad can read and write,

and figure numbers better than most.

I could teach him
everything he needs to know.

- Angus McGowan, you'd
better watch your step,

or they're gonna lock you up.

- That's not the half of it.

They say he'll have to see
a doctor every sixth months.

- A doctor?

What the devil for?

The lad hasn't been ill in years.

Between my cooking and my medicinal herbs,

he's as fit as a fiddle!

The nerve of these city folk,

trying to push their ways on us.

- They can't tell me what to
do with my own flesh and blood.

This is no ordinary family.

They want education, I'll
give the lad a real education.

- Catch this one Yowler.

All right!

Okay here's another one.

Oh, good boy!

That's enough Yowler.

Too much candy will rot your teth.

- Come along lad, I'm gonna
teach you a thing or two.

- Yes sir.

Come on Yowler.

- We'll be back by nightfall.

- I'll have a warm supper waiting.

- Here you are lad.

- What's this grandpa?

- It's a divining rod.

- A divining rod?

For fishing?

- Not for fishing.

No for dosing lad.

Getting things in the Earth.

Water, minerals, and ley lines.

- Ley lines?

- Let's see if you're a doser lad.

You hold it like this, little bit flexed.

Now walk forward, nice and slow.

That's a ley line right beneath you, lad.

Ley lines are a kind of
energy within the Earth, lad.

Like the magnetic forces, but
a bit more magical in nature.

The Chinese call them dragon paths.

The Celtics called them fairy tracks.

They're great lines across the land

that link up ancient sites.

Standing stones, churches, and castles.

And a grand design.

Even castle McGowan was
built upon a ley line.

- So you mean this piece of wood

is sort of a magic wand or something?

- The magic is within you lad.

The divining rod is just an instrument.

Come now.

Let's see where this ley leads us.

The Earth is like a great living creature.

It's life force is part of all of us.

In the olden days man
built his secret sites

where it's inner forces were strongest.

This is the Giant Stone.

The resting place of the
Dark Knight MacClain.

To protect this stone is
part of our ancestral duty.

It was my father's before me.

And it will be yours
after I'm dead and gone.

- How do you protect a stone grandpa?

- This stone must never
be moved or broken.

Or the Dark Knight will be free.

And if he finds Yowler here,

he'll use his blood to unleash
all manner of evil on Earth.

- But that's just a story, right?

It's not really real.

- Who's to say?

Every legend has a seed of truth.

Now, here's something they
don't teach in school.

Two great ley lines
intersect on this hilltop.

The Earth force here is stronger
than anywhere for miles.

Scientists and city folk
say it isn't possible.

But here it is lad.

Feel it.

I must've tapped right
into the heart of it.

- Careful grandpa!


This is no game.


- Grandpa, what's happening?

- There's a storm blowing in.

We'll have to find shelter quickly.

It's hot.

(thunder rumbling)

Johnny, there's not a second to lose.

- Come on Yowler, come on boy!

- Run, Johnny.

Like the wind.

- No, not without you grandpa!

Come on!

- I'll be along as fast as I can.

Go on Johnny, take Yowler,
lock him safely in the castle!

Run Johnny, now!

- [Johnny] Come on Yowler!

Come on.

Stay inside the circle, MacClain.

- Mrs. Cosgrove!

Mrs. Cosgrove!

(belling ringing)

- Johnny, what's the problem child?

- A storm blew up out of nowhere!

Lightning struck the Giant Stone

and freed the Dark Knight MacClain!

Yowler, get inside and stay there!

We've got to find grandpa!

- Right ya are lad, let's go.


- You there, what are you tryin' to do?

Get yourselves killed?

- Douglas, could you
lend us a hand please?

- What's that you say?
- We need your help sir!

- Well what can I do for ya?

- It's grandpa sir!

- Angus is missing!

- Missing you say?

- The Dark Knight, the dragonslayer!

I saw him with my own eyes.

- You'll have to speak up laddie,

I cannae hear you.

- He's as deaf as a doornail,

it's from the sound of
his own hunting rifle.

He says he saw the Dark Knight

break free from the Giant Stone.

- Oh the Dark Knight of the Giant Stone.

Oh that's just a legend laddie.

I would nae worry too much about

your grandpa's fairytales coming to life.

- Aye Johnny.

You don't want to let Angus' tall tales

fill your head with fancies.

- Come on, let's find the old rascal.

- Merciful heavens!

- Grandpa?

- Stay away from him, Johnny.

Don't look at him, lad!

- The Dark Knight, he killed him!

- He's been struck by lightning laddie.

Come away now.

No sight for a child's eyes.

- The dragonslayer,
he's come back to life!

Why won't you believe me!

- Get a grip on yourself laddie!

You're suffering from shock!

There is no dragonslayer.

And if there was one,
he'd be stiff outta luck,

because there's nae such thing as dragons.

(ominous instrumental music)

- What's happened here?

How many years have passed?

What sorcery has brought me back?

I'll need dragon's blood.


(bagpipe music)

- Aye, he was a good man.

- God rest his soul.

- Well, I'll be leaving you now.

- You're a kind neighbor Douglas.

Thank you.

- He'd have done the same for me.

- Aye.

- His heart's in the highlands,
his heart is no here.

His heart's in the highlands
and chasing the deer.

If you've a mind to laddie,

perhaps you and I could
go hunting sometime.

- I appreciate the offer sir.

But I don't kill animals for sport.

- Oh you're just like your grandpa.

I was right fond of him,

but he was the most
contrarian man I ever knew.

I'm there if you need me.

- Come on lad.

Let's dry your eyes.

- What are we gonna do Mrs. Cosgrove?

- Oh, we'll be all right.

We'll miss your grandpa of course but,

you're the lord of the manor now,

and you've got to rise
to your responsibilities.

There's the land, the castle.

But most important there's Yowler.

- Am I an orphan again?

- Oh, God bless your heart child, no.

I'll be your mother, if
you'll have me, Johnny.

You know I love you with all my heart.

- Can I still call you Mrs. Cosgrove?

- You can call me anything you like.

(horse neighing)

What's the matter Johnny?

- The Dark Knight!

- I told you about that.

What in the blue blazes?

- He's coming!

- Quick Johnny, lock the gate!

Come on.

- Yowler, Yowler where are you?


- Into the library.


Yowler, behave yourself!

- Yowler, stop it!

Do you believe me now?

It's the Dark Knight!

- It's not the Dark Knight lad!

It's just a ghostly apparition.

It can't do us any real harm.

Just frighten the daylights out of us.

- If he can't do us any harm,

why did we barricade the door?

- The secret to gettin' along with ghosts

is to keep a good solid wall between you.

(horse neighing)

Come to think of it,

I've never seen a ghost in broad daylight.

- See I told you, he's real!

- Oh quick lad, hide Yowler in the cellar.

And bring back a hammer and nails.

- Yes ma'am!

- I'll fetch my trusty blunderbuss.

- Yowler, come on!

Yowler, stay here and don't make a sound!

Yowler, come on boy!

I'm doing this for your own good!

Yowler, that's a boy.

Stay here, I'll be back as fast as I can!

- Johnny?


- [Johnny] Yes ma'am?

- Johnny, don't jump out at me like that!

- [Johnny] Sorry.

- We've got to hang this
iron cross on the front door.

To ward off evil.

Johnny, quick!

- Perhaps there's another entrance.

Or a breach in the wall.

I'll find a way inside.

- I beg your pardon, is anybody home?

- Take this Johnny, to defend yourself,

if it comes down to it.

- It's the Dark Knight!

- Don't worry about it.

If he tries any monkey business,

he'll be answering to my blunderbuss.


What in the blue blazes?

- Put that weapon down immediately madam,

or I shall have you arrested!

And you young man!

You could poke somebody's
eye out with that sword.

- I beg your pardon
ma'am, but who are you?

And what business brings
you to Castle McGowan?

- Evelyn Churchill.

Department of Child Welfare.

I am here to see Mr. Angus
McGowan and young Jonathon.

- Well come inside, mustn't
dawdle out in the open.

There now!

Department of Child Welfare you say?

We were just dusting off
the family heirlooms.

There's a good boy Johnny, nice and shiny.

Now get back on the wall mount lad.

- Mrs. McGowan I presume?

- Oh! Oh no.

I'm afraid not ma'am.

I'm Lila Cosgrove, housekeeper.

- I see.

And you must be Jonathon?

- Say hello to the nice lady Johnny.

- Pleased to make your
acquaintance, ma'am.

- Likewise, I'm sure.

Well now, down to business, eh?

I believe Mr. McGowan is expecting me.

- Oh.

I don't suppose you've heard, have you?

Mr. McGowan passed on just yesterday.

- Oh dear.

I am sorry.

- It was a terrible accident.

Struck down by lightning.

Right, let's go to the library shall we?

This way.

Don't let on that anything's
amiss, it's very important.

Be on your best behavior lad.

(distant yowling)

- Sorry about that, it's the dog.

(distant yowling)

- Dear me.

I've heard such a plaintive cry.

What breed is it?

Can I see it?

- Oh no ma'am, he's a wild creature.

Doesn't take kindly to strangers.

- Oh he doesn't bite though, no,

he's sweet and gentle with the lad.

Pardon the inconvenience, ma'am,

but we were just--

- Taking inventory of
grandpa's possessions.

- I see.

Mr. McGowan did receive
the letter we sent?

- Oh yes, I'm sure he did ma'am.

But Mr. McGowan had a bad habit of

tearing up official
correspondence. (laughs)

- Right.

I'm here to discuss certain irregularities

regarding Jonathon's upbringing.

- Yes indeed ma'am, and
I agree with you 100%.

I told Angus the lad should be in school.

- However, in the light
of recent developments,

I'm obliged to conduct a
thorough investigation.

- Investigation?

And what sort of
investigation might that be?

- Tell me Jonathon.

Have you ever been to school?

- No ma'am.

But my grandpa taught me
how to read and write.

- Oh, he's a brilliant reader, he is.

He's been reading the classics
since he was knee high.

- I see.

Are you happy here, Jonathon?

- Oh yes ma'am!

That is, I was until my grandpa died.

- Oh yes of course.

What a terrible blow.

- Oh but Johnny's a resilient lad.

Do you know his mum and dad
died when he was six years old?

- Yes, yes it's all here in the file.

(crashing and yowling)

- Beg your pardon ma'am.

I'll be right back.

- I'm knitting Johnny a fine pullover.

Look at that.

- Yowler?

Yowler, for crying out loud!

Be good now, and I'll let
you out as soon as I can!

(chanting unintelligibly)

- Let's discuss Jonathon's
future, shall we?

- Well yes indeed.

I was thinking the very same thing myself.


- Is there something burning?


- Oh, dear heavens!


- [Evelyn] I don't believe
it, this is a mad house!

- What's going on here?

- Where's the kitchen, quickly?

Unsanitary conditions!

- What the devil happened here?

- I haven't the faintest idea.

It just burst into flame.

- Jonathon, I'm going to ask you to

come with me to Edinburgh for a few days.

To sort out some legal matters.

- Edinburgh?

Oh that's out of the question ma'am.

Mrs. Cosgrove needs me here
at the castle just now.

Right Mrs. Cosgrove?

- Oh yes indeed ma'am.

Johnny's the lord of the manor now,

and he's got responsibilities you know?

- I'm sure he has.

But I'm afraid my responsibilities

outweigh his at the moment.

In the absence of a legal guardian,

I am obliged to place
Jonathon in a foster home

until his case can be thoroughly reviewed.

- Foster home?

But I'm on orphan!

Mrs. Cosgrove's gonna be my mother now!

Aren't you, Mrs. Cosgrove?

- Of course I am lad!

I'll adopt him this instant, ma'am.

If you just help me out
with the paperwork--

- I'm afraid that wouldn't necessarily

be in the boy's best interest.

This gloomy castle is hardly
conducive to a happy childhood.

- What would you know about
happy childhoods ma'am?

You certainly don't look like you had one!

- Johnny!

- I beg your pardon?

- Hold your tongue child.

Surely there must be some
other solution, ma'am.

- You can file an appeal if you wish.

But I warn you.

If you interfere with me,

I shall have you prosecuted

to the fullest extent of the law.

- You can't remove me from my own castle!

This is my ancestral land.

- I'm sorry to be the one
to tell you this Jonathon.

But according to the records,

your grandfather died owing
a fortune in property taxes.

Your ancestral lands will soon be

auctioned off to the highest bidder.

- They can't do that!

- Oh yes they can.

Unless you are in a position
to pay off the debt yourself.

- How can we do that?

We haven't any income.

- My point precisely.

- I'll ask you to leave
my property now ma'am!

I'm not going anywhere
with the likes of you!

- Oh yes you are.

- Run lad!

- Don't underestimate me, boy.

I worked for 10 years as drilling officer.

- Yowler, help!



- Have mercy, ma'am!

He's all I have left in the world!

- Unhand me!

You don't understand!

- I understand perfectly, child.

I've done this many times before.

Now be a good boy or I'll
place you in handcuffs.


- Mrs. Cosgrove, do something!

- Be brave, Johnny!

I'll sort this out in no time!

- If you have any further inquiries,

you can contact me on this number.

- No offense ma'am,

but I'll be contacting your superiors.

- Mrs. Cosgrove!

Mrs. Cosgrove!

Let me out!

- Yowler?

Yowler, no!

(horse neighing)

Hold it right there MacClain!

Heaven help me, I've killed him.


Help, somebody help!

- Where that boy goes,
the dragon will follow.

- Right now, let's see.

First off, well it stand to reason,

I'll start the motor.

(engine rumbles to life)

Well if Angus can drive, I'm
certain I can make a go of it.

Oh, I'll just push this down to here.

(upbeat Celtic music)

- There now child, don't
look at me like that.

I'm only doing my job.

- And a rotten job it is, ma'am.

Tearing helpless children from

the comfort of hearth and home.


Yowler, no!

Stop the car ma'am, please!

You don't understand.

- Explain it to me then,

I would love to hear
your side of the story.

- First off, I suppose I should tell you.

My dog Yowler?

Well, you see, he's not exactly a dog.

- Oh really?

What is he, a pup wolf? (laughs)

- No ma'am, he's actually a,

sort of a, well a dragon.

Honestly ma'am, he was given
to me by the fairy folk!

Back when I first came to the highlands!

Everything was going fine until
grandpa's dad was walking.

(Johnny continues indistinctly)

(Yowler groaning)

(horse neighing)

So you see ma'am, if I'm
not there to protect him,

the Dark Knight will use Yowler's blood

to conjure all manner of evil on Earth!

- Jonathon, I'm afraid you spent a little

too much time alone with
superstitious old folk.

- Those superstitious old folk

happen to be my loved ones ma'am.

And I'll thank you kindly
to mind your tongue

while speaking about my departed grandpa!

- All right then.

We'll let the mental
health experts sort out

whether these delusions of yours

stem from of an overactive imagination,

morbid anxieties,

or if you're simply a
lying little ragamuffin.

You and I both know there are
no such things as dragons.

Therefore it stand to reason

there are no such things
as dragonslaying knights.

What the ruddy hell?

- It's the Dark Knight!

Help me ma'am!

- Stay right where you are child.

Now look here sir.

What right have you to
block this thoroughfare?

Let us pass, or I shall have you arrested!

(horse neighing)

How dare you, you ruffian!

This vehicle is the property

of the Department of Child Welfare!

Give me your name sir!

Or I shall report you to the authorities.

Come back!

Come back!

Don't you come any closer!

Or I shall disable you with martial arts!




(neighing and hooves clattering)

- [MacClain] Give me the
dragon, and I spare your life.

- This is the 20th century, sir.

We don't believe in dragons anymore.

(horse neighing)

Evil spirits can't cross running water!

My grandpa wasn't just a
superstitious old geezer after all!

- I'll find your dragon, lad.

And with it raise the powers of darkness.

- Over my dead body, sir!

- I'll grant that wish when next we meet.

- Dragonslaying knights.

The nerve of these highlanders.

Aiding and abetting a boy's escape.

Trying to make a fool of me.

I shall have them prosecuted to

the fullest extent of the law.

- Yowler!

It's suppertime, Yowler!

Oh, oops-a-daisy.

Settle down now, jalopy.

- And damaging government property.

Dragon my eye.

Do they actually think I'll
fall for that outlandish yarn?

They'll find I'm not
so easily intimidated.

- Miss gentle-ma'am?

What in the blue blazes
are you doing here?

- Mrs. Cosgrove, thank
heavens you found me!

- Oh spare me your gratitude ma'am.

It isn't you I'm looking for.

Where's Johnny?

- The last I saw of him,

he was running off through the forest.

With in accomplice in a suit of armor.

- (gasps) No!

- Oh yes!

It was quite an elaborate little escapade.

- That was no escapade ma'am.

That was the Dark Knight!

- Now look here madam.

I do not appreciate you highlanders

having a laugh at my expense!

Frighten off the city folk, eh, hm?

Is that your little game?

- Believe me ma'am, it's no game.

Where was he?

- That way, up the road a bit.

- Johnny!

Johnny, can you hear me?

Yowler, where are you?

- Good heavens, you actually
believe all this, don't you?

And just where do you think you're doing?

Mrs. Cosgrove!

Wait for me!

- Hello?

Any fairy folk around?

I hope I'm not intruding.


You're alive?

- I'm a ghost, lad.

Wandering the moors.

- Why did you have to die, grandpa?

You left us in an awful mess.

- Forgive me Johnny.

I was showing off like a damn fool

and didn't consider the consequences.

- Can you help us at least?

From the other side?

- I'll do my best lad.

But I haven't quite got the
hang of this ghostly existence.

- Can you point me in the direction home?

- Home's that way.

Follow the ley line.

(horse neighing)


Beware Johnny.

The Dark Knight draws near.

(horse neighing)


(horse neighing)


- Johnny!

Johnny, Yowler, are you there?

- Oh, these ruddy boots.

We should have stayed on the highroad.

- Sh!

Don't let the fairy folk hear you.

- Fairy folk?

You really are something else,
aren't you Mrs. Cosgrove?

I cannot believe I'm following you.

- It's almost daylight.

We'd best get back to the
castle and see if they're there.

- Help me up then. (groans)

(horse neighing)

- Yowler?


(peaceful Celtic music)

I've got to find my way home.


- You'd better have a good explanation

for this whole fiasco Mrs. Cosgrove.

Because believe you me,

if I file a report
claiming child endangerment

due to dragons and encounters
with medieval knights,

the department will have
my bloody head examined!

- There is only one dragon ma'am!

And he's like a brother to Johnny.

- The department sibling rules
to not extend to dragons,

Mrs. Cosgrove.

If that is the basis of your appeal,

you will find yourself
on shaky legal ground.

- Johnny?


Anybody home?


- Run ya coward.

We'll meet again.

(singing indistinctly)





What in tarnation?


Get back you!



- Now, if I can just find the ley line.

- Johnny?




I thought sure they'd be back by now.

We've got to round up a search party.

- Excellent idea.

But first of all let's
round up a pot of tea.

After all that walking, my rump is sore.

- Well you stay put and catch
up on your beauty sleep.

I'm going out alone.

- Oh no you don't!

Jonathon's my responsibility,
now let's not forget.

After we've found him he's coming with me.

(horse neighing)

- No!

No please, leave me alone!

- That's right, struggle lad!

Your fear will call the dragon to us.

- Mrs. Cosgrove, Mrs. Cosgrove!

Mrs. Cosgrove, there's a dragon ma'am!

(gun fires)

- What was that?

- It sounds like trouble!

- What's all the ruckus down there?

- I've come to warn you ma'am!

There's a dragon hereabouts!

I'm raisin' up a hunting party!

- Don't you go raisin'
up anything Douglas!

I'll be right down.

- He's a rather rugged looking fellow.

- I've got to stop him ma'am.

- You go on, I'll be along at my own pace.

- There's a dragon on the moor!

I saw it with me own eyes!

- Where did you see it
man, tell me, quickly now!

- That way, down by the river!

A vicious man-eating beast!

- Listen to me Douglas.

We've got to find Johnny.

He's been missing since last night.

- Dragon's got Johnny ya say?

We've got to warn old
man Kimison and his boys!

Meet us at the crossroads,

we'll hunt the beast down
and pump it full of lead!

- No Douglas, come back!

Would you listen to me--
(blunderbuss fires)


- Hold your fire, madam!

- Oh it was just a warning shot.

But if he so much as looks
at Yowler cross-eyed,

he'll be tasting the
wrath of my blunderbuss!

- Discharging a firearm,
threatening bodily harm.

Give me that gun madam or I
shall disarm you with Kung Fu.

(shouting and groaning)

(birds cawing)

All right, let's just find the boy,

and rescue him from this insanity.

- Right!

Don't dilly dally, ma'am.

We've got to stop McCoy before he

whips the menfolk into a frenzy!

- I am sorry, but I
cannot walk any faster.

I'm aching from my bloody
toenails to my ruddy bum!

- I'll fetch MacDuf.

- Oh, who's he, the country doctor?

- Come along MacDuf, faster now.

- Fast enough MacDuf,
there's a good fellow.

- No, let me go!

Mrs. Cosgrove!


Let me go, let me--

Let me go!

Let me go please!

Help, help!

Let me go please!



- Call the dragon to me lad,

or I leave you here 'till the
birds pluck out your eyes.

- Please sir!

(Johnny yelling)


- I call on lightning to
consecrate my sorcery.

- If it's lightning you're after sir,

I know a place more powerful than this.

If you let me go, I'll
show you where it is!

- I know where it is, lad.

I lived here long before you.

- Help!

Please somebody help me!

- Ho there!

Settle down, sheep.

- Mr. Kimison!

Mr. Kimison!

There's a dragon on the moor!

It's gotten the young McGowan lad!

Arm yourself up and follow me!

- Dragon?

Have you gone mad McCoy?

Go home man, sleep it off.

- Look out!

- Stinking reptile!

Drat, got away again.

Mr. Kimison.

Mr. Kimison, Mr. Kimison!

Oh, are you hurt man?

- Did you see that, man?

The beast tried to kill me!

Come on, my boys, they're
down at the still!

- Not a bad batch of the Mountain Dew.

- Pa's gonna be proud of us.

- Yes indeed.

(gunshot firing)

- Did you hear that?

- Sounded like gunfire, in pa's direction.

- It's the taxman, coming
to close our still!


- What the blazes?

It went that way!

- We've got to stop him lads!

- It's gotten young John McGowan,

and damn near killed your father!

Grab your rifles and follow me!

(thunder rumbling)


- Yowler!



- Bid farewell to your dragon, lad.

And to the world you've known.

The age of black magic has begun.

You think you can get away?

I promise you, you won't.

- You've got to reconsider ma'am!

I don't know what I'll do with myself

if I don't have Johnny.

- I understand perfectly Mrs. Cosgrove.

But we have to act in
Jonathon's best interests.

- I have been actin' in
Johnny's best interest

for the past five years.

And if I say so myself,

I have made a right good go of it.

Douglas McCoy!

Mr. Kimison sir!

We'll take a shortcut to the crossroads.

Come along, MacDuf, quit your grousing.

Come on.

- [Evelyn] Easy MacDuf,
there's a good donkey!

(baaing and barking)

- Remember men, it's a
vicious man-eating beast.

Shoot first and ask questions later.

- Where's the widow Cosgrove?

- She should've been here by now.

- The dragon's eaten the widow Cosgrove!

- [Men] No!

- Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Right men.

Let's stop the beast
before it kills again!


(distant thunder rumbling)

- First, the potion must
be touched by lightning.

And then, by the dragon's blood.

(Yowler moaning)


- Yowler?



How does it open?

There's no door.

This must be his book of spells.

(Yowler moaning)

Not bad, eh?

This sorcery stuff is
easier than it looks.

We'll take this book so he
can't do any more mischief.

Go on out, I'll be right there.

Would you look at this!

We'll take this too for good measure.

(screaming in rage)

Yowler, this way!

(horse neighing)

Come on Yowler, let's go home.

- You can search the world over ma'am,

but you won't find anyone that

loves Johnny half as much as I do.

- I don't doubt that Mrs. Cosgrove.

But you have to be gainfully
employed to adopt a child.

And with the death of McGowan the elder,

your job at the castle is largely

a figment of your imagination.

- We'll raise more sheep and we'll

pay taxes around shearing time.

Oh look, there they are!

They're a good 10 minutes ahead.

- Let's go MacDuf, after them!

- You've slowed me down enough already.

I've got to go now and
stop those rabble rousers!

- Oh no you don't.

You're not leaving me alone out here.

- You're not alone.

MacDuf knows the way home.

Get along MacDuf!

- Stay where you are MacDuf!

- I've got to find Johnny and
bring him home safe and sound.

You and me can fight over him later!

Home, MacDuf!

- After her MacDuf, giddy up!

Come on, come on.

- Now, if I can just find a
ley line I can get us home.

(men shouting)

(horse neighing)

- [Douglas] Now who do
you suppose that is?

- Never seen him before?

- Good day to you sir.

Have you seen a dragon about?

(horse neighing)

That's a fine how-do-you-do.

- Look there, it's the widow Cosgrove!

- Hold it right there Douglas McCoy!

- What she's saying?

- Put down your weapons
men and listen to me.

- Damn right we were missin' ya, ma'am.

We'd begun to fear the dragon
had eaten the both of ya.

- Quit flappin' your tongue Douglas

before you make matters worse!

I need your help to find my boy Johnny.

- Have you not heard ma'am?

Your boy Johnny's been
eaten by the dragon!

- You dunderheads!

That dragon's no danger to you.

It's the Dark Knight
we have to reckon with.

- Dark Knight you say?

- From the old fairytale?

- Don't you worry about that dragon ma'am.

We'll stop him before nightfall.

Right men?

Come on lads, the time's a wasting.

- Classic mob mentality.

Didn't listen to a word you said.

- Oh it's not the mob ma'am,
it's the men of the region.

Stubborn lot of jackasses.

Present company excluded, MacDuf.

Come on, we've got to keep up with them.

- I think you'll be needing
this more than I will,

Mrs. Cosgrove.

But mind you, warning shots only,

and no aiming at people.

And in regards to Jonathon,

we are still legal adversaries.

- Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way.

- Walk on MacDuf!
(MacDuf baying)

Walk on!

(Yowler murmuring)

- One step at a time, Yowler.

We just have to pick
up that other ley line.

Over there!


What is it boy?

(men shouting)

Hide Yowler!


- [Douglas] Look men, the dragon!

It's got the McGowan lad!

- Mr. Kimison, Mr. McCoy!

I'll ask you to keep your distance, sir!

- Don't worry Johnny,
we're coming to the rescue!


- Hush Yowler, don't aggravate them!


- Johnny!

- Mrs. Cosgrove!

- Johnny!

(Yowler murmuring)

- Quiet Yowler, don't be a nuisance!

Grandpa, help us!

- This is a bonny place
to make a stand, lad.

You've got the part of the ley
lines working in your favor.

- But what good are the ley lines

against the likes of Mr. McCoy?

And the Dark Knight?

- You can fight fire with fire, lad.

And magic with magic.

But there's only one way you can

fight hatred and misunderstanding,

and that is with love.

You've got the power Johnny,

because your heart is full of love.

- Johnny hold on lad!

- Johnny, don't tell Mrs.
Cosgrove you've seen me like this.

I reckon she might have a hard

time getting used to the idea.

- Grandpa wait!

- Do not mourn my passing, Johnny.

Wandering these moors
is a fine fate for me.

I'll be seeing you, lad.


(men shouting)

- [Douglas] Have at thee!

- [Mr. Kimison] Come on lads!

- Don't fret Johnny, help's at hand!

- You there, stand back!

- Stop, don't shoot!

- Hold your fire men.

Let's get the boy out.

- Cowardly beast.

- Fan out!

- Please, don't point those guns at us!

This dragon happens to be my friend.

Drop your weapons and leave us be!

- Run for it Johnny!

Now's your chance!

- Drop your gun Douglas McCoy.


- You're not going to shoot me, Lila.

- I wouldn't be too sure
about that if I were you.

- Dinnae risk it ma'am, let
the menfolk handle this!

- And you men, you'd
better behave yourself.

Or you'll be answering to my blunderbuss!

- Yow.

(thunder rumbling)

- [Man] Light the torches.

- Don't lose your spirit lads!

It's only a bit of foul weather.

(horse neighing)


- There's that tin plated rascal now.


- Stop it Yowler!

Get behind me!

- I'm not shooting my
rifle into a fairy ring.

- And I'm not taking on the Dark Knight.

- The book is mine.

- Not any more sir!

- The book and the dragon.

Give them to me, now.

- One step closer and I'll shoot!

I'm warnin' you!

One more inch and I'll pull the trigger!

You asked for it MacClain!

- I grant your death wish now, lad.

- You want your stinkin' old book?

Come and get it!

- No!

- Did you know sir?

This is the very spot where
two ley lines converge.

(thunder rumbling)

- You've done it, Johnny!

You've defeated the Dark Knight!

- With the power of the ley lines.

Just like grandpa said.

- You've been talking with your grandpa?

- No ma'am, I just
remember what he taught me.

- You and this dragon
are friends, you say?

(Yowler murmuring)

- This dragon's name is Yowler.

He's my friend any my responsibility.

I've sworn to protect him
from the outside world.

Now that you've all seen him too,

I'll ask you to help me keep his

existence a secret between us.

- Don't you worry laddie.

Your secret's safe with us.

Ain't that right men?


- I appreciate it, sir.

- Yowler eh?

You're a curious looking
creature, aren't you?

(Yowler murmuring)

- He says you're a rather curious
looking creature yourself.


- Well, they do say beauty is
in the eye of the beholder.

Is that not right Miss Churchill?

- That has been my experience Mr. McCoy.


Hello Yowler.

Evelyn Churchill.

Department of Child Welfare.


- Yowler, be nice now.

- Never have I witnessed
such a rousing display

of the maternal instinct in action.

- I was that mad.

I was like a bull seeing red.

- With your permission Mrs. Cosgrove,

I recommend we proceed with

the adoption as soon as possible.

And in answer to your question,

I would be happy to help
you with the paperwork.

It'll give me an excuse
to come back visit you.

- Oh yes indeed!

Oh thank you ma'am.

Did you hear that Johnny?

- Yes ma'am!

- And as for you young man,
I owe you a huge apology.

I was wrong, about a number of things.

Especially about placing you in the city.

That would be scarcely
be a suitable environment

in which to practice
your responsibilities.

- Thank you ma'am, for setting
everything right again.

- Oh Jonathon I wish I
could set everything right.

But unfortunately there's still the matter

of your grandfather's tax debt,

and the same with the castle.

- No, it can't be!

- Oh that's all right.

Just as long as we're together,
we can weather any storm.

- Thanks for your help men.

Hey, Johnny!

Would you look at this, laddie?

A new tree sprouting from the

very spot your grandfather died.

- Isn't that just like Angus?

Clinging onto life for all he's worth.

- I did my best grandpa.

I saved Yowler and
defeated the Dark Knight.

But I can't save castle
McGowan from the tax men.


What is it Yowler?

What's the matter?

Oh yes!


- Johnny, where'd you get this?

- It's the Dark Knight's treasure.

There's more, look!

- John McGowan, I do believe you're rich.

Rich laddie, beyond
the dreams of a-ve-rus!

- Yes sir.

- Bless my soul.

- Is this enough to satisfy the tax men?

- I should say so. (laughs)

- Johnny lad I think we've got

enough there to satisfy the tax man

and take care of us for
a long time to come!

- Yes ma'am!



(steady Celtic music)

(Multicom Jingle)