Dragonworld (1994) - full transcript

Young John McGowan travels to Scotland to live at his grandfather's castle after he loses his parents in a traffic accident. At the wishing tree he conjures up a dragon friend, Yowler. They grow up together, and one day documentary film maker Bob Armstrong and his daughter Beth stumble upon Yowler. Hungry for fame (and money), Bob convinces John to "rent" Yowler to local unscrupulous businessman Lester McIntyre. John is convinced in part by the offer to have the outstanding taxes on the castle paid off, partly because of his growing interest in Beth. Yowler is miserable in the new theme park built for him, and when it becomes clear that McIntyre has tricked them in order to exploit the dragon, John and his new friends take action.

(wind whooshing)

(bats squeaking) (wings flapping)

(gentle instrumental music)

(train chugging) (train horn blowing)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(train chugging)

(gentle music)

(distant train horn blowing)

(gentle music)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(people chattering softly)

(bell dinging softly)

(train horn honking)

(people chattering)

- [Man] Over here.

(people chattering)

(woman groaning)

- Come, child, don't be afraid.

Your grandfather is expecting us.

Do you see him?

- No, Ma'am, I don't even know what he looks like.

- You don't know your own grandfather?

Oh, dear me.

We'll see about this.

(suitcase thuds) How do you do?

Evelyn Twittingham, British Rail Service.

I've brought a child up from London, an American.

His parents recently passed away, poor thing.

He is to be handed over to his grandfather,

one Angus McGowan of Western Ross.

We made arrangements for Mr. McGowan to meet us here,

but we can't seem to find him anywhere.

And I'm afraid we don't know what he looks like.

- Angus McGowan, you say?

Don't worry, Ma'am.

If Angus McGowan said he'd be here,

he'll be here right as rain,

and you'll know him when you see him.

- I see.

Thank you so much.

Come along, child.

(people chattering)

(Evelyn groans) (suitcase thuds)

I can't carry this bag another step.

Why don't you just sit here a moment,

and I'll go and find the station master.

Will you be all right?

- Yes, Ma'am.

- I'll be back in a flash.

- All aboard!

(train horn honking)

(steam hissing) (bell dinging)

(suspenseful music)

(distant horn honking)

(gentle music)

- John McGowan!

Is that you, lad?

(gentle music)

John McGowan?

- Grandpa?

- Johnny.

- Grandpa!

(gentle music)

- Oh.

Don't worry, lad, you're safe with me.

- Grandpa, you're going the wrong way!

- So, you've been here 10 minutes

and you know your way around then?

- No, I mean, you're driving on the wrong side of the road!

- Oh, don't worry, lad.

This is how we do it in Scotland.

(gentle instrumental music)

(motor humming)

- Grandpa, did you know my daddy?

- Once upon a time, when he was a lad.

Was he a good father to you?

- Yeah, my mom was too.

I really miss 'em.

- You'll never stop missing them, lad,

but it won't always hurt so.

What's done is done.

- What's this?

- Oh, don't go touching that now.

That's your grandpa's whiskey.

- That stuff makes you drunk, Grandpa.

- No, only if you drink it the wrong way.

- The man that crashed into us was drunk.

He was driving on the wrong side of the road, just like you.

(solemn music)

- The hell with it then!

(gentle harp music)

Come on now, laddie, wake up, we're almost home.

- Home?

(gentle instrumental music)

(motor humming)

(gentle instrumental music)

(motor humming)

(gentle music)

(footsteps pattering)

- Welcome home, John McGowan,

to the land of your forefathers.

- Four fathers?

Nobody has four fathers.

- Not four fathers, son.


Your father's father and his father before him,

and so on and so on, back into history.

(gentle instrumental music)

- Oh! (laughs)

Ooh! (laughs)

Ooh, ooh, look at the wee little lad. (laughs)

Ooh, you're a bonnie one, aren't ya?

And a McGowan through and through, just like your pappy.

- Are you my grandma?

- Oh! - Grandma, damnation, no.

Your grandma's been gone for years, lad.

And a good woman she was, God bless her soul.

No, this is Mrs. Cosgrove.

She cooks and tends the garden.

Just come on time when she calls you for supper

and you'll get along fine.

- Aye, anything you want, you just ask me.

I'll love you like my own, ooh, I will!

- Oh, don't smother him now, Maggie.

Come on, let's feed him some supper.

- Oh!

(gentle instrumental music)

(somber music)

(fire crackling)

- Eat, lad.

You'll need your strength for the morning chores.

- Chores?

I'm too young to do chores, Grandpa.

That starts when you're about eight.

- Oh, you're never too young or old

or sick or tired to do your chores.

Right, Mrs. Cosgrove.

- Eat up, lad.

It's mutton stew in honor of your arrival.

(nose sniffing) - Mm.

- Do you guys ever eat like pizza or hamber burgers

or bean and cheese burritos?

- No.

I've heard of pizzas and hammy burgers,

but what are these burritos?

You tell me what's in them,

and I'll do my best to make them for ye.

- Can I go to bed now?

- Of course you can, lad.

A good night's sleep will do you a world of good.

(somber music)

- Go easy on the lad, Angus.

Give him time to adjust.

- He's old enough to watch the sheep.

Work will take his mind off his sorrow.

- Only time can mend a broken heart.

- His father watched the sheep at his age.

- Aye, and left home as soon as he was old enough.

Didn't he now?

(paper rustling)

Any mail in town for me?

- No.

Just another bill from the tax man.

Damn persistent lot.

- One of these days they're going

to lock you up, Angus McGowan.

- They can't squeeze blood from a stone.

(tense music)

(fire crackling)

(solemn music)

(sheep bleating)

- All this land is yours?

- Ours, lad.

The castle, the hills further than the eye can see

has bourne the McGowan name for centuries.

This land is magic, lad.

You give to the land, the land gives back to you.

It's been that way forever

and will be forever more.

As long as we love and respect and care for it well.

- Are we rich?

- Oh, we're rich, lad, in here, where it counts.

Well, just you watch the sheep,

and I'll be back for you at dinner time.

- Watch 'em?

Watch 'em do what?

- Whatever it is they do,

just see to it they don't do it too far from home.

(somber instrumental music)

(sheep bleating)

(sheep bleating)

(gentle bagpipe music)

That's called the Dragon's Lullaby.

It's a bonnie tune, from way back.

Try it, lad.

- I can't, Grandpa.

- Of course you can, you're a McGowan.

(hesitant bagpipe blowing)

Oh, put some spirit into it, lad.

(buzzing bagpipe music)

There you go, lad.

Give your sadness to the music.

(buzzing bagpipe music)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(mysterious vocalizing)

- What was that?

(mysterious vocalizing)

- Damned if I know.

(mysterious vocalizing)

The strangest thing I ever heard.

- Come on, Grandpa.

Let's go in.

It's too scary out here.

- Aye, right you are, lad.

Keep those pipes with you now, they're yours.

Keep them with you at all times.

You'll soon be piping like a Scotsman.

Come on.

(birds chirping)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(buzzing bagpipe music)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(gentle music)

Here lies your grandma, lad.

God bless her soul.

You and me are all that remains of the McGowan clan.

It's up to us to protect the castle and the land.

And it's up to you to carry on after I'm gone.

- Gone?

- Oh, don't worry, lad.

I'm not going anywhere for a long while yet.

You see this tree?

It's a wishing tree, touch it.

And make a wish.

If your wish is good and wish with all your heart,

the fairy folk will make it come to pass.

- That stuff's only in fairy tales, Grandpa.

- Right you are, lad.

Every nook and cranny of McGowan land's

got a legend behind it.

Well, the chores are waiting.

I'll see you at suppertime.

(gentle music)

- [John] I wish I had a friend.

(gentle chiming music)

(buzzing bagpipe music)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(sheep bleating)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(suspenseful music)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(suspenseful music)

(creature howling)

(sheep bleating)

(sheep hooves pattering) (sheep bleating)

(creature vocalizing)

(suspenseful music)

(creature squealing)

Hey, come back here!

(uptempo bagpipe music) (sheep hooves pattering)

(dragon grunting)

(dragon grunting) (foliage crunching)

(uptempo bagpipe music)

(dragon grunting)

(dragon grunting)

(birds trilling)


(gentle music)

(dragon grunting softly)


(dragon screaming)

(uptempo bagpipe music)

(dragon squealing)

(dragon thudding)

Got you!

(dragon squealing)

(scythe scraping)

(dragon squealing)

(scythe rattling)

(dragon grunting softly)

(footsteps pattering)

Grandpa, look what I found!

- What in the blazes?

(dragon vocalizing)

- Don't scare him, Grandpa.

- All right, Johnny.

Steady there, little fella.

I'm not gonna harm you.

Where did you find him?

- Over there, in the valley.

Can I keep him, Grandpa?


- Oh now, hold your horses, laddie.

This is no ordinary house pet.

This is a wee baby dragon.

(dragon vocalizing)

♪ I love the sailor boy and the sailor boy loves me ♪

♪ We're to be married

(Mrs. Cosgrove spits)

♪ When he gets back from sea

♪ Oh, I love him dearly and I know that he loves me ♪

- Mrs. Cosgrove! (Mrs. Cosgrove gasps)

- Don't frighten me like that.

- Look what I found!

(upbeat bagpipe music)

(Mrs. Cosgrove screams) (vase shatters)

(dragon screams)

(cart crashes) (Mrs. Cosgrove screams)

(objects crash) (Mrs. Cosgrove squeals)

(dragon squeals) (objects crash)

(Mrs. Cosgrove squeals)

- Look, look what you've made me do.

(dragon squealing) (objects crashing)

(Mrs. Cosgrove screaming)

(armor crashing)

(Mrs. Cosgrove grunting) (broom whacking)

What is it?

- It's a dragon, Maggie!

- Eeh, get out!

Filthy creature, now get out!

(objects crashing)

(dragon vocalizing)

- Don't hurt him, Mrs. Cosgrove!

He's my new pet!

- What in the blue blazes?

Lord almighty, how do you house train a dragon?

(insects chirping)

(dragon vocalizing)

Put the reptile off the sofa, lad.

- Oh, give it a break, Maggie.

(Maggie scoffs)

(dragon scoffs)

(dragon vocalizing)

- Well, I'll be.

The dragon's taken a liking to you,

in spite of your old sharp puss.

- No, no, don't you be looking at me like that.

Get down.

(dragon vocalizing)

- It's okay, boy, she's nicer than she looks.

- Keeping a pet is a lifelong responsibility, lad.

- I know that, Grandpa.

- You've got to love and care for it.

- Aye, and clean up after it.

- I know all that, Mrs. Cosgrove.

He's so cool.

How did he get here?

- There is a legend of a dragon that once

roamed these parts, and the brave knight,

a McGowan he was,

who slew it with his sword.

They say that in the silence that

followed the Dragon's death,

the knight heard a cry, like a wee babe.

He followed the sound deep into the cave,

and there he found a wee baby dragon.

So sweet and sad and helpless

that the knight's heart was softened,

and he could not raise his sword against it.

He gathered up the baby dragon and took it with him.

But the elves came by night and stole it away

to the elfin kingdom where nothing ever grows old or dies.

- Wow.

- The fairy folk have given you a dragon, lad,

one of God's most wondrous creatures.

You must keep the McGowan land a haven for it,

and most of all, John, protect it from the outside world.

- I will, I promise.

Can I keep it, please?

- He'll be needing a name then.

- Yeah, a name.

- Let's see.

Do you got a name, little fella?

(dragon squeals)

Yowler, is that your name?

(dragon squeals)

- Yowler it be then.

And a bonnie name it is.

(dragon snoring softly)

(gentle harp music)

(door thudding softly)

(gentle harp music)

(dragon vocalizing)

Shh, it's only me.

Thank you, Yowler, for bringing happiness to my boy.

(flame hissing)

(solemn bagpipe music)

(dragon mewling) (gentle music)

(dragon mewling)

- Good morning, Yowler.

It's a bonnie day, isn't it?

(dragon vocalizing)

(somber music)

(helicopter propellers whipping)

- This one's not even on the map, Sir.

- Looks great, Brownie.

Hey, check out this castle, Beth!

(somber music)

- [Brownie] Lovely castle, aye, lassie?

- Perfect for the haunted castle segment.

- Can't you just appreciate it for what it is, Bob?

- Not now, baby, I'm working.

- You're always working.

- That's right, gotta pay that college tuition somehow.

- May I ask you a bit of a personal question, lassie?

- Sure.

- Do all you American kids call your parents

by their given name?

- Not all of us.

- Sort of a term of endearment.

- Shall I take it down, sir?

- Yeah, let me roll here.

Take it nice and smooth.

(helicopter propellers whipping)

(somber music)

- I sure hope the owners don't mind us

trespassing like this.

- Hey, you kidding?

They'll be delighted when they find out we

want to use their castle on Unsolved Mysteries of History.

- Oh yeah, I'm sure they're gonna be thrilled.

- Hey, Unsolved Mysteries of History

is a very popular program, right, Brownie?

- Not in Scotland, sir.

(upbeat music)

(birds trilling)

- Oh yeah. (laughs)




- We'll not disturb anyone shooting here, Sir.

- We'll set up right here, Brownie.

- Right you are, Sir.

Anything else?

- Nope, I got it, thank you very much.


Clear the frame, you guys.

(hands clapping)

Come on!

Uh huh.

Okay, time to work that old Bob Armstrong video magic.

And we're


(dragon growling)

Brownie, quiet, I'm rolling here.

(thrilling music) (dragon feet thudding)

- Oh my God.

You guys!

- Beth, quiet, I'm rolling here!

(dragon growling)


Beth, Brownie, will you get out of the shot?

No, wait, that looks good.

Put your hands out like you're trying to touch a ghost.


More scared, more scared, more scared!

- Dad, look out!

- Very funny, you guys, that's great stuff for the gag reel.

Now will you please clear the frame

so I can get a shot of this...

(gentle music)

(Bob groans)



- Yowler, don't move!

Yowler, no.

- Geez!

(dragon vocalizing)

- Settle down now.

It's all right, he won't hurt you.

- Oh yeah?

- Go on, Yowler, away with you now.

You heard me, go on.

(dragon feet thudding)

You all right, sir?

(dragon vocalizing)

- Uh yeah, I guess we're okay, aren't we, guys?

- If my eyes don't deceive me, I'd call that a dragon.

- Amazing, a real live dragon!

- Does that thing belong to you, son?

- Not a thing, he's a dragon.

And I'm not your son, sir.

- Right.


Pleased to meet you anyway.

Bob Armstrong, documentary filmmaker.

This is Brownie McGee, my pilot.

And my daughter, Beth.

- I don't work with him. (chuckles)

I'm just visiting.

(gentle bagpipe music)

- I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude.

My name's McGowan, John McGowan.

- John McGowan, nice to meet you.

- Johnny?

Johnny, is everything all right?

- It's fine, Mrs. Cosgrove.

Don't worry.

- We represent a famous television program

in the United States.

We're doing a documentary

on the haunted castles of Scotland.

- Oh, this castle isn't haunted.

It's a home of great dignity.

- Oh, hey, it's spectacular.

I didn't mean--

- Now, now, let's all go into the house

and have a nice cup of tea.

We don't get too many visitors up here.

- That's a great idea, Mrs. Cosgrove.

- That'd be lovely, Ma'am.

- Here, let me help.

- Oh right.

- Castle's this way.

- This is so cool.

- I got the dragon. (squeals)

But it's a terrible shot.

- A dragon, lad?

How the blazes did you come by a dragon?

- It's a long story, sir.

- I'd love to hear about that sometime.

- You know, John, this dragon of yours

has gotta be the most amazing thing I've ever heard of.

Have you ever thought about sharing him

with the rest of the world?

- Oh no, sir.

I couldn't be doing that.

- Really, why not?

- Because I can't.

- Mr. Brownie, do try another slice of my ginger cake.

- It's absolutely delicious, Ma'am.

- I did make it myself, and the scones. (laughs)

I like to see a man with an appetite.

- Oh, I've got one of those, all right.

- Glad to hear it.

Are you comfortable there? - I am fine.

You do all your own baking?

- [Mrs. Cosgrove] Yes.

(people chattering)

(suspenseful music)

(papers rustling)

(gentle music) (people chattering)

- Well then, everyone's finished.

The chores are waiting.

I'll walk you to your thingamajig.

- It's a helicopter, lad.

- Right, well, we have to get back to Edinburgh

before dark anyway, but listen, here's my card, okay?

This is just in case you change your mind.

I'm pretty well connected in media circles.

I could help you put something together.

(hand patting)

- I appreciate the hospitality, bonnie.

- Come and visit anytime.

I make an exceptional haggis, if I do say so myself.

- Haggis.

- Well, bye.

I hope to see you again sometime.

- That'll be a happy circumstance.

- It's a pleasure to meet you.

- I implore you folks, keep to yourselves

what you've seen here today, please.

- Hey John, don't worry.

Your secret is safe with us.

(gentle music)

(suspenseful music)

(door creaking)

- Mr. Armstrong.

- Mr. MacIntyre, sir!

Thanks for taking the time to see me.

Yeah, it's a real pleasure meeting you, sir.

I'm a long time admirer.

- Are you now?

Make yourself comfortable.

- Thanks.

- Beautiful place.

- I bought a 400-year-old country manor.

Tore it apart piece by piece and reconstructed it here.

So, you'll make it fast, young man.

I don't like sales pitches.

- Right.


I have here photographic evidence

and corroborative eyewitnesses

proving the existence of a real, live dragon.

(camera clicking)

Now, what you are about to see may surprise and shock you,

but Mr. MacIntyre, I guarantee you,

it will change your life.

(remote control clicking)

(helicopter propellers whopping)

Okay, here we are flying over the castle.

Now, I'm not at liberty to say where this castle

is right now, but I will say you won't find it on any map.

I was setting up this spectacular shot

for this documentary I'm working on.

The pilot, Brownie, and my daughter.

Now I didn't know it, but they had just seen the dragon.

Then I see it.



Geez Louise!

(Bob screams)

(dragon growls)

(suspenseful music)

Well, what do you think?

I had a little camera trouble there.

Darn dragon damn near broke my lens.

I could run it back for you in slow mo if you like.

- How many other folks claim to have seen this dragon?

- My crew, they're reliable.

The kid who owns the castle,

the old lady who lives with him.

And now you, sir.

You're the first person that came to mind.

With a modest bit of financial backing,

I could deliver some very marketable footage

of that dragon.

- If you're square with me, young man,

I'll make you the same offer I made for Nessie.

I'll fund an expedition to capture

and transport the creature back to Edinburgh.

I'll build a place to house it

and promote it as a fine family attraction.

- Well, that's a very interesting proposition, sir,

but what's in it for me?

- Oh, I'll make it well worth your while.

Now, this young laird of the manor.

It's his dragon, you say?

- Well, actually, sir,

the boy might be a little resistant to the idea.

He is sort of a noble savage type.

- Hmm.

Wants a lot of money, does he?

- Mr. MacIntyre, I'll be honest with you.

I did a little research,

and I think he's got some tax problems,

if you know what I mean.

- You're saying we might exert a bit of pressure.

- Well, I'll leave that to your discretion, sir.

I'm just passing along a little intelligence.

(MacIntyre laughs)

- I like you, Mr. Armstrong.

You're smarter than you look.

- Oh, well, coming from you, sir,

I'll take that as a compliment.

(helicopter propellers whipping)

(gentle music)

Hey, Johnny, how's it goin'?

- Nice, sir.

- Hi!

- Hello, again.

- Surprised to see us?

What's wrong?

- They say we owe them 170,000 pounds.

And if we don't pay the money within 30 days,

they're going to take McGowan Castle away from us.

- You know, John, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Now this may seem a little far out,

but just indulge me for a minute here.

This could be the answer to all your problems.

What if we were to bring the dragon to civilization.

Put it on display, just for a limited engagement.

You name it, maybe a movie down the road.

Think what an impact would have on the rest of the world,

socially and financially.

- You mean to put him in a zoo or something of the sort?

- Like a monkey in a cage?

- No, no, not like a zoo.

More like a real classy amusement park kind of place.

- He's a force of nature, he is.

I don't think he'd take kindly to captivity.

- You just hit the nail on the head, Mrs. Cosgrove.

He's a force of nature.

Bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than all of us.

John, that dragon doesn't just belong to you.

It belongs to every man, woman,

and especially every child on the planet.

- Supposing we did do something of the sort.

I'm not saying yes, mind you, but just suppose.

Could we make enough money to satisfy the tax folks?

- Oh, Johnny boy.

Everybody would come out of this a winner.

- Well then, looking at it that way.

I mean, for the kids and all,

I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

- Yes!

- For a little while, that is.

If Yowler doesn't mind.

(dragon vocalizing softly)

(footsteps pattering)

Okay, Yowler, calm down.

These are our friends.

They're gonna help us save the land.

The only thing is.

They need to take you and me to the big city for a time,

to show you to some folks.

Will you do it, Yowler?

(dragon roaring)

- Ah, hold on a minute here, John,

I just flashed on a potential problem.

Does Yowler by any chance breathe fire?

- Oh no, he's much too young for that.

- Too young?

- Dragons can live for over 500 years.

They don't learn to fly or breathe fire until they reach...

You know, to the beyond the pup stage.

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

This is Beth, Yowler.

She's a very special friend.

- (chuckles) Hi, Yowler, hi.

- Good boy, you're all right.

- Oh.

- Okay, we'll see you guys later.

- Yes, sir.

- Let out of here.

- Come on, boy, come on.

(sheep bleating)

This is where I first found Yowler.

Right when I was a wee lad.

- It's amazing to think that you were once American.

You sound so authentic. (laughs)

- Making fun of my accent now, are we?

- (laughs) No.

No, not at all.

I think it's cool.

(sheep bleating)

(gentle music)

You know, I was five when my parents divorced.

I thought it was the most tragic thing in the world.

Must have been awful for you, your parents dying like that.

- It was a sad time indeed.

It was a shock too.

Coming from the land of cartoons and pizzas

to the middle of nowhere with the old folks.

Funny thing is, I scarcely remember the bad anymore.

Only the good times.

- Wish I could do that.

I've been mad at my dad for so long.

I want to love him, but he's just so.

Well, you see how he is?

I'm not even sure that I like him.

- He is a bit of a character.

(birds trilling)

(insects chirping)

(soft rock music) (fire crackling)

(Beth gasps)

- You scared me.

- Are you all right?

- Oh, I was just listening to my music.

- I heard no music.

(soft rock music)

(Beth laughs)

- [Beth] Do you like it?

- That's down right flabbergasting!

- Don't you have a stereo here?

- Oh, just an old gramophone

and some bagpipe records.

(lever squeaking)

(majestic bagpipe music)

- Oh, that's cool.

Wait a minute, listen to this.

Do you like to dance?

- I have been known to cut loose with a jig now and then.

(button clicking)

(hard rock music)

♪ If I promised you forever

♪ Took your hand in pouring rain ♪

♪ Raise you up in times of trouble ♪

♪ Gave you back your soul again ♪

- It's a wee bit embarrassing.

- (laughs) Well, I think you're doing great.

♪ All the answers we could find ♪

- Look as funny as I feel, do I?

This kind of dancing is harder than it looks.

♪ Cause everything is yours and mine ♪

(dragon roaring)

(Beth laughing)

♪ Too much time we've wasted crying ♪

♪ Always been the cries that maim ♪

(pen scratching)

(check tearing)

- There you are, lad.

Your ancestral home free and clear.

- Thank you, sir.

- And now let's turn our attention to the future.

To Dragonworld.

It's a great gesture you're making, John.

Sharing your good fortune with the children of the world.

Just sign here, lad.

- And what is it he is putting his name to, Mr. MacIntyre?

- Well, it's the 30-day contract between John McGowan

and MacIntyre Enterprises transferring guardianship

of the creature to me for the period of time

that it's in my custody.

It protects you from any liability

and grants me the power to act in the creature's

best interests.

- Oh, his name is Yowler, sir.

- Yowler, that's a grand name.

(tense music)

(pen scratching)

(gentle bagpipe music)

(dragon grunting) (dragon feet thudding)

(suspenseful music) (dragon vocalizing)

- We've prepared this cheese with an appropriate dosage.

If you'll feed it to the creature, we'll get underway.

- It won't hurt him, will it?

- He'll sleep like a baby, lad.

- And when he wakes up, he'll be in Edinburgh,

living like a king.

(dragon roaring)

- It's okay, Yowler, these are our friends.


They brought you a treat.

(dragon vocalizing)

(suspenseful music)

(dragon vocalizing)

(body thudding)

(footsteps pattering)

(somber music)

(propellers whipping)

(chain jangling)

(propellers whipping) (somber music)

(patrons chattering)

(uptempo bagpipe music)

(patrons chattering)

- People have been lining up, camping in the streets

for today's grand opening of Lester MacIntyre's Dragonworld,

and the historical unveiling of this mythic beast

that's been counted as the eighth wonder of the world.

(horns blaring)

(patrons chattering softly)

(doors creaking)

(footsteps pattering)

- Ladies and gentlemen,

lads and lassies,

we welcome you to Dragonworld!

(crowd cheering) (crowd applauding)

(cheery orchestral music)

(patrons chattering softly)

(flame hissing)

Look at all the happy lads and lasses.

Come on, let's go and see our dragon.

(footsteps pattering)

(alarm beeping softly)

(air hissing)

(suspenseful music)

(dragon vocalizing softly)

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

- I'm sorry, Yowler.

I don't like it here either.

It's just for a wee while.

(dragon roaring) (suspenseful music)

(weapons cocking)

No, don't shoot!

- At ease, men!

Calm down, lad.

They're armed with non-lethal tranquilizer darts.

- You guys, he hates it here.

- I should've listened to Mrs. Cosgrove.

- Don't fret, lads and lassies.

Our folks know what they're doing.

The dragon just needs time to accept things as they are.

Come on, now, let's go and greet the paying public.

(gentle music)

(air hissing)

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

- Don't be sad.

It's only for a month.

You signed the contract.

You just have to make the best of it.

(gentle music)

(uptempo instrumental music) (patrons chattering)

(patrons chattering) (dramatic music)

(dragon growling softly)

- Up, dragon, up with you now!

Time to go to work.

(electricity buzzing)

(dragon growling) (man groaning)

(crowd applauding)

(dragon vocalizing)

- I've done a terrible thing.

- Don't fret, lad.

Look at the joy he's given to folks.

- Is it all right to trade his happiness for there's?

- You've got to think of your own happiness too, lad.

Based on today's ticket seals, in six months time,

I can make each and every one of you a multimillionaire.

(triumphant music)

(dragon feet thudding) (suspenseful music)

(dragon vocalizing)

(dragon vocalizing)

- I appreciate all you've done for me, Mr. MacIntyre.

But this isn't the life for Yowler and me.

At the end of the month, I'll be taking him home.

- I'm afraid that won't fit in with Yowler's schedule.

- Schedule?

- I intend to exercise my option to extend the contract.

- I beg your pardon?

- You can't do that, can he?

- I can do anything I damn well please.

It's right here in the contract.

(dragon roaring)

- Please, sir.

We can't keep him cooped up liked this.

He'll die of a broken heart.

- Dragon's a coldblooded creature, lad.

It can adapt to anything.

Trust me, I'm an expert on coldblooded animals.

- Takes one to know one.

- Mind your tongue, young lady.

(suspenseful music)

- I trusted you.

And all this time you've been deceiving me.

- That's not true.

- Confusing me with your city ways.

- No, John, I swear, I'm your friend.

- Yowler is my friend.

And with your help, I betrayed him.

(gentle music)

- Geez.

Kid's got himself in a hell of a mess.

- You're despicable, Bob.

I could hardly believe you're my father!

(tense music) (footsteps pattering)

- Excuse me, sir.

I have to speak with my dragon.

- Sorry, lad.

You're no longer allowed in the courtyard.

Mr. MacIntyre's orders.

(suspenseful music)

- Yowler!



(suspenseful music)

No, please, Yowler!


(thrilling music)

(dragon vocalizing)

- Back, man, back!


Get back!

Did you hear me, get back!

(men shouting) (thrilling music)

- Get back, back!

(thrilling music)

- Yowler, no!

(body thudding)

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

Go on, leave me alone.

I don't want your sympathy.

- And I don't want to be a millionaire.

I want to help you get Yowler back.

(patrons chattering)

(gentle music)

(thrilling music) (dragon vocalizing)

- Out of here, back!

(men shouting)

(dragon vocalizing) (feet stomping)

(men shouting)

(dragon roaring)

Back, back!

(dragon vocalizing)

(dragon coughing)

(flames roaring) (lance rattling)

(patrons shouting)

(flames roaring)

(patrons shouting)

(feet stomping)

(dragon vocalizing)

(water splashing)

(steam hissing)

(thrilling music)

- [MacIntyre] Dragonworld is temporarily closed.

Please proceed to the exits in an orderly fashion.

Please remain calm, there is no danger.

I repeat, there is no danger.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Dragonworld.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

(thrilling music) (patrons shouting)

(suspenseful music)

(weapons cocking)

(dragon vocalizing) (feet stomping)

- Ready.



(weapons blasting)

(wings flapping)

- Yowler!

(body crashing)

(dragon grunting)

- Hey, you guys!

- Mr. Armstrong.

- [Bob] Let's go find MacIntyre!

(footsteps pattering)

(button beeping)

Mr. MacIntyre, you there?

- [MacIntyre] What is it, Armstrong?

- Please, sir, if you'll let us in,

we've got something very important to tell you.

It's about the dragon.

(door creaking)

- Make it snappy!

(footsteps pattering)

- Mr. MacIntyre, you have to set Yowler free now.

- I'll do nothing of the sort.

- Please, Mr. MacIntyre.

He's a danger to himself and everyone around him.

- Armstrong, can't you control your daughter?

- Afraid not, sir.

She takes after me.

- Well, I'd appreciate it

if you'd all just keep out of my business.

I've sent for Dr. William Nelson,

the finest veterinary surgeon in London

to come and operate on the beast.

Remove whatever it is that's causing the problem.

A simple surgical procedure

and everything will be fine and dandy.

- You can't do that.

- Oh yes I can.

That contract gives me total authority

over the beast while it's in my custody.

- You tricked John into signing that contract.

And you changed the deal without even discussing it.

- What if I did?

Not my responsibility to make him read the contract.

You could have read it yourself if you're so curious.

- I thought you read it.

- Fine print gives me a headache, baby.

- You are a pathetic imitation of a man.

- And you, Mr. MacIntyre,

are what's commonly known as a butthead!

- I'm fed up to the back teeth

with you and you're whining little brats.

- Hey, I do not whine.

- And I'm no kin to him, sir.

- Get out of here or I'll have you thrown out!

- Give the boy back his dragon or I'll--

- Or you'll what?

(suspenseful music)

(fist smashing) (MacIntyre groaning)

- Yow, geez that hurts!

- Mr. Armstrong!

- Daddy!

- [Bob] Come on, you guys, give me a hand here!

- Mr. Armstrong, what the thunder are you doing?

- Going out on a limb for you, kid.

We got MacIntyre's confession on tape,

and we got three hours

until Yowler's tranquilizers wear off.

We're, uh.

Winging it!

(suspenseful music)

(watch ticking)

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps pattering)

- I've come for a refund.

- Beg your pardon, sir?

- A refund, I want my money back.

20 pounds I paid and that damn dragon

practically singed my beard off.

- Sorry, sir, we are closed for the day.

Come back tomorrow.

- I know it's not your fault.

(heads thudding) (guards groaning)

(bodies thudding)

Sorry, lads.

(door creaking)

(thrilling music)

(footsteps pattering)

(thrilling music)

(footsteps pattering)

(thrilling music)

(footsteps pattering)

(Bob gasping)

- Brownie, what are you doing here?

- Looking for you, sir.

What the devil's going on?

- Yowler's past the pup stage now.

- Come on.

(footsteps pattering)

(panel beeping)

(buttons beeping)

(air hissing)

(suspenseful music)

(door thudding)

Come on, kids, let's get this show on the road.

- I love you, daddy.

- Keep that in mind

when you're applying for financial aid next semester.

(lips smacking)

(dragon grunting softly)

- (whispers) Yowler.

Yowler, wake up.

(metal clanging)

(panel beeping)

- Do you know how to switch the alarm system off?

- No, but this generally works in the movies.

(foot smashing) (sparks crackling)

(lights clicking)

(alarm blaring)

- Nice one, sir.

- Armstrong!

- Uh oh.

- Mr. MacIntyre looks a tad aggravated.

- You there in the courtyard, halt!

- Yowler, come on, get up!

(thrilling music)

(dragon vocalizing)

- You there, stand away from the dragon!

- Hurry it up, kid!

- Doing my best, sir.

- Somebody stop them!

- All right?

- Yeah, I think so.

How about you?

- Never better.

I feel like a real cowboy.

- Beth!

- I'm goin' with John, Daddy.

Come on!

- Go for it, sweetheart!

We'll catch up with you later!

- Yowler, get up, boy!

(dragon vocalizing)

- I've got you surrounded, lad!

Come down with your hands up.

(wings flapping)

- Easy, Yowler, don't hurt anyone.

- Quickly now, lad, or we'll open fire!

(weapons cocking)

- Yowler, no!

(flame hissing)

(dragon vocalizing)

Come on, Yowler, let's go home.

(winds flapping) (thrilling music)

- Go, Yowler, go!

- You coward!

You scoundrel!

(wings flapping)

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

Armstrong, you'll pay for this!

- Come on, Armstrong, the whirly bird's waiting.

- Get me my chopper, now!

(gentle music)

(dragon vocalizing)

(gentle music)

- Beth.

Would you, uh.


possibly ever...

I'm sure you wouldn't, but,

would you marry me?

(gentle music) (wings flapping)

(gentle instrumental music) (dragon vocalizing)

(wings flapping)

(feet thudding)

(gentle instrumental music)

Good boy, Yowler.

You're home now, safe and sound.

- Johnny!


Oh Johnny!


Oh, thank goodness you're home, oh!

And Beth, welcome back, dear.

- Hi, Mrs. Cosgrove.

(dragon vocalizing)

- Oh, and Yowler, look at ye!

I never thought I'd be so happy to see the old reptile back.

(dragon vocalizing)

- You were right about the big city, Mrs. Cosgrove.

It's no place for Yowler and me.

(propellers whipping)

- [Beth] They're coming!

- Who are coming?

What do they want?

- They want, Yowler.

They're not gonna stop hunting us until they have him.

(propellers whipping)

(dragon vocalizing)

You have to go now, Yowler, back to where you came from.

Go on, Yowler, off with you now.

Don't you understand, boy?

You're not safe here anymore.

I've ruined it for you.

Life for us will never be the same now

that they know where we are.

(wings flapping)

(propellers whipping)

Go on, Yowler, get away from me!

I don't want you here anymore.

You're too much responsibility.

You've been a burden to me all my life

with your yelling and your big clumsy ways!

I saved you from MacIntyre, what more do you want?

Now go on!

Live your own life and let mine be!

Don't you understand, Yowler!

I don't want you anymore!

I wish I never found you in the first place!

So go on, get away from me!

(dragon vocalizing)

(feet thudding)

(gentle music) (feet thudding)

(propellers whipping)

That's it, go on.

Back to where you came from.

(wind howling) (dragon vocalizing)

(propellers whipping)

(propellers whipping)

(footsteps pattering)

- Where's the dragon, lad?

- He's gone.

- What do you mean gone?

He was here a minute ago, I saw him myself.

- He's gone.

Back to where he came from.

- Then get him back here right now.

- I can't do that, sir.

What's done is done.

- Right.

I understand there's some dispute

as to the ownership of this dragon.

- Yes, sir.

- There's no question about it.

The dragon's the property of MacIntyre Enterprises.

- Uh huh.

Mr. Armstrong here showed us a bit of video tape

in which you admit to having acquired the dragon

by fraudulent means, sir.

- Oh, it's a misunderstanding, officer.

The contract is 100% legally binding.

- So, you accept full responsibility then.

- I do.

- Then you're under arrest, Mr. MacIntyre.

- [MacIntyre] For?

- Destruction of property, creating a nuisance,

endangering the public, reckless flying.

- I'll have your job for this!

- Oh, you are welcome to it, sir,

but I doubt you'd pass the physical.

Come on.

- I'll fly Mr. MacIntyre To Edinburgh,

then I'll be back, Mrs. Cosgrove.

I'll be dreaming of a nice, hot supper when I return.

- And you shall have it, Mr. Brownie, my dear.

- Thanks, Brownie.

- Pleasure, sir.

Lad, lassie.

- Thank you, sir.

- I love you, Daddy.

- Well, I love you too, baby.

(gentle music)

- I failed in my responsibility, Grandpa.

I saved the land.

But I lost Yowler in doing it.

(hopeful music)

I wish...

I wish Yowler would come back

so I could tell him I'm sorry.

(somber bagpipe music)

(gentle music)

He's gone now.

Back to the fairyland.

Where nothing ever grows old or dies.

(gentle music)

(baby cooing)

- Oh yes, sweetie.

Mommy's here.

(gentle music)

- Hello, wee Johnny.

Come to daddy now.

(John hums)

(birds chirping)

(baby giggles)

Look, lad.

This is our land,

and the land of our fathers before us.

A magical place, Johnny.

Filled with wondrous tales.

(baby laughs) (John hums)

(dragon vocalizing)

(dragon feet thudding)

(dragon vocalizing) (dragon feet thudding)


(gentle music)

(feet thudding) (dragon vocalizing)

Beth, Mrs. Cosgrove!

Come quickly!

(baby giggles)

- Yowler!

(gentle music)

Oh, Yowler!

- Oh, bless my soul, the reptile's back!

- Will you stay with us, Yowler?

I promise you, we'll never let you come to harm.

- Oh, don't think you can come into the house

with all your fire breathing and such.

(dragon vocalizes)

(Mrs, Cosgrove laughs)

- Yowler, welcome home.

(wings flapping) (dragon roaring)

(gentle music)

(air whooshing)

(gentle flute music)

(uptempo instrumental music)

(uptempo instrumental music)

(gentle music)