Dragonslayer (1981) - full transcript

A King has made a pact with a dragon where he sacrfices virgins to it, and the dragon leaves his kingdom alone. An old wizard, and his keen young apprentice volunteer to kill the dragon and attempt to save the next virgin in line - the Kings own daughter.

( howling in distance)

( bird squawking)

( loud squawking)

( speaking foreign language)

( squawking)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( deep whirring)

( chanting spell)

( sizzling)

( door creaking)

( bird squawking)

( gate creaking)

( flames roaring)

( young male voices speaking)

( man chanting
in foreign language)

( chant echoing)

( high-pitched shrieking,
whip cracking)

( hoofbeats and bird squawking)

( people screaming,
ferocious roaring)

( pounding on door)

( pounding continues)

Get-get back.


( muttering)

-Is this...
-Yes! This is Cragganmore,

and yes, this is
the house of Ulrich,

and no, he
won't see you.

-I know-- you've
come a long way.

Your business is urgent.

It doesn't matter.

He sees no one.

- Please.
- Please yourself.

Go home.

Well, what do we
do now, boy?

You who know so much--
answer me that.

Hear me, you who dwell
in Cragganmore!

Ulrich, we will stay here
until we are heard!

( water dripping)



What is it?

W-We have visitors.

( water drips)

I know.

I will see them.

You will?


There's a great task
needing to be done.

I have been witness
to something.

Something of
consequence to you.

To me?


My own death.

( chuckling) :
Yeah, yeah, I knew it.


( muttering)

( bird squawks)

( squawking)

Looks forbidding enough,
don't you think?

Oh, yes.



They'd think me infirm.

Bellasarius wore this
before he died.

You know, I actually saw him
change lead into gold.

I could never do that.

Hmm. Too bad.

You'd have stood
to inherit some real wealth.

Magister, please don't talk
like that.

You're not going to die.

Oh, but I look forward to it.

All this magic--

what has it accomplished?

Tell me,
how are your studies going?

( bird squawking)


They're going well.

You still wish
to be a sorcerer?

Oh, yes, more
than anything.

Hmm. Well, then...
( speaks Latin)

get yourself a handful of that
sulphurous ash over there.

( vibrating whir)

( chants spell)

( flames roaring)

Welcome to Cragganmore.

I am Ulrich.

Which of you men
calls himself Valerian?

We are here on behalf...

I know why you are here.

You're a delegation...

from Urland,
which is beyond Valvasia.

Let's see the artifacts.


How did you come by these?

I found them

at the mouth
of the lair.

What else?

A claw.

That's no claw, by the Gods.

It's a tooth.

You want me to do battle
with that?

Who else can we turn to?

Did you... did you try
the Merydid sisters?

What about Rimbog?

I-I heard tell he
killed a dragon once.

They're all dead.

You're the only one left.

It is a long way to Urland.

Twice each year, at the spring
and autumn equinox,

the king selects
a new victim--


A lottery.


And in return,
this dragon--

it leaves your villages
and crops unburned.

Your king's

made a pact
with a monster.

Master, don't you
think that...


Are you afraid of dragons?


In fact, if it weren't
for sorcerers,

there wouldn't
be any dragons.

Once the skies were
dotted with them.

Magnificent horned backs,
leathern wings, soaring,

in their hot breath wind.

Oh, I know this
creature of yours--

Vermithrax Pejorative.

Look at these scales,
these ridges.

When a dragon gets this old,

it knows nothing but pain,
constant pain.

He grows decrepit, crippled...



Will you help us?



Now, let-let me go.



No, not...

not a bit too heavy.

conquer the highest mountain.

What say you, Galen?

Speak up, boy.


Uh, if you say so, sir.

When I've gone,

see you keep your nose
in your books

and your hands out
of my reagents.

How far can
you get?

A league or two?

I'm not worried
about the road.


( bird shrieks)

Good morrow.

( wind whistling)

What do you want?

( chuckling) :

young master Valerian.

The question is,
what do you want

so far from home?

We're not afraid of you.

Give us the road.

Why, the road is yours,

all the way to Urland.

It's a long journey, isn't it?

But when you're in search
of a sorcerer,

I suppose
no distance is too great.

Say nothing.

And here, we
have the mystical

presence himself.

You best keep your distance.

And your manners.

If he's ready to lay
a dragon in its grave,

he's nothing
to fear from me.

I've no more love
for that creature
than you lot.

Nor has the king.


before you stir things up,

don't you think
it will be a good idea

to find out if you've got
the right man for the job?

Aha, so it's a test
you're looking for.

We don't do tests.

Oh, I'm sure you don't.

( splash)

They never do tests.

Not many real deeds, either.

Oh, conversation with
your grandmother's shade

in a darkened room,

the odd love
potion or two,

but comes a doubter,
why then, it's the wrong day,

the planets are not in line,
the entrails
are not favorable.

We don't do tests.

We've got no doubts.

We require no tests.

And you're not
going to get one.

Enough. Here.

Put this in
the conjuring room.

Go to the iron box.

Bring me the
dagger within.

The dagger.
Be quick.

You shall have your test.

( door squeaks)

( clattering)

Where are you, boy?

I'm waiting.

It's not this one, is it?

The very one.

Let it fall.

( chanting spell in Latin)

( bird squawks)

( bird squawking)

( screeching)

-Go on.

-Somebody stop him!
-Don't worry.


You can't hurt me.

( horse neighs)

( grunting)

( grunting)

( metal clinking)

Magical powers, indeed.

Look at you now...
magical ashes.

( birds squawking)

( rumbling)

( soft buzzing)

( buzzing)



The kindest lord a man
could ever wish for

and now he's gone.

You'd think he could
boil his own eggs

at the snap of
a finger, but no...

had old Hodge to do it.

Up at 5:00 every morning,

clearing out the cages,
emptying the slops.

Never once a "thank you"
or a pat on the back.

( choked up) :
I shall miss it.

I do already.

No, you don't.

All you think about
is your tricks

and your knavery.

But you don't
pull any wool

over these
old eyes.

You'll have to
walk a long way

before you fill
his shoes.

You mark my words.

What's the matter, Hodge--
pack too heavy?



No! Don't!


( mutters)

I need that.

Give it back to me.

T-This way.

No, no...

I think you're too warm.

Stop it!

Out of respect
for the master.

I have as much respect for
the master as anyone, old man.

But then again,
I'm master now.

I left my farm...
and for what?

For a cremation,
that's what.

All because someone
said "find a magician."

Not a local fellow,
an import.

Some hundred
leagues from home.

An all-powerful

( scoffs)

That's some

Hold your tongue,
Greil. Eat.

I'll not eat.
I'm not hungry.

He's right.

I brought us here
for nothing.

( rumbling)

( sizzling)

What is it?

Who's there?

( speaking Latin)

Good morrow.

Peace be with you.

What do you want?

My lord Ulrich is no longer.

All that you asked of him,
you may now expect of me.

The dangers he would face,
I will now conquer.

The task he would undertake,
I will now fulfill.

I'm Galen Brandwardyn...

inheritor of Ulrich's craft
and knowledge...

and I am the sorcerer
you seek.

( drum beats)

( neighing)


( neighing)

Close enough.

Bring her out.

( gasping)

( horse neighing)

( neighing)

( whimpering cry)

Now be it known
throughout the kingdom

that this maiden,
having lawfully been chosen

by a deed of fortune
and destiny

shall hereby give up her life

for the greater good
of Urland!

( deep rumbling)

By this act shall be satisfied

the powers that dwell

( people yelling)

( horse whinnies)

In gratitude
of this sacrifice,

His Majesty declares

the father, a plowman

to be free
of obligations

for a period
not to exceed

five years!

( neighing)

Duly ordained...

( metal clinking)

( grunting)

( gasps)

( grunting)

( whinnies)

( distant roaring)

( grunting)

( roar)

( panting)

( ferocious growling)

( whinnies)

( panicked grunts)

( growling)

( panting)

( grunting)

( growl)

( roaring)

( panting)

( gasps)

( growling)

( whinnies)

( screams)

( water dripping)

( gasping)

( roaring)

( screaming)

( gasping)

( birds chirping)

What have you got there,

None of your business.

A little gold, eh?

What do you say I
change it into lead?

Save your jokes
for someone else.

For me, I do not care
for braggarts or frauds.

I'm no fraud.

Well, then, upstart.
Whatever pleases you.

Look, Hodge,
nobody forced you
to come along.

I know I came on my own feet.
Well, all right.

We each do the Master's
bidding in our own way.

What are you doing?

Don't come in!

How's the water?

It's cold.

I prefer to swim alone,
if you don't mind.

Stay away.

Look, Sire,
isn't that...?

The old retainer
from Cragganmore.

What's he
doing here?

Filling in
for his chief, I reckon.

Are you going to
allow that, sir?

Bring me my bow.

No, I'm not going
to say anything.

I don't blame you.

I was careless.

A silly woman!

Oh. I-I knew
the moment I saw you.

I've known
the whole time.

You never knew a thing.

No one's known.

Not since I was born.

The lottery--

daughters are chosen,
sons are not.

That's right.

Unless you happen
to be the daughter
of the king.

What do you mean?

If you're rich enough,
your name never goes in.

My father is poor.

So are a lot of fathers.

( wings fluttering loudly)

( hooves pounding)







( moaning softly)

Galen, can you hear me?

I hear you.

Do you know
somebody shot me,

but I can still talk.

There's something
that needs to be done.

I know.

No, no, not the dragon.

The Master's ashes!


I'm sorry.

You'll have to
peel it loose.

( moans)

Burning water.


Find the lake.

Throw it in.

Hodge, what are you
doing with this?

Burning... water.

Hodge, don't die.

Listen to me.

You're not going
to die.

( chanting spell)

( sizzling, gasps)


Come on.

Don't slow down here.

Is the whole
kingdom like this?

No. We're near
the lair.

The lair?

Where is it?

Doesn't matter.

Show me.


We're in no danger,
if we just pass
though quickly.

I want to see it.

( rumbling)


Taffiet! Taffiet!

Are there other entrances?


One's enough.

Don't be a fool!

You'll provoke it!

How do you know it's in there?

Go on, then.

Get yourself
burned alive.

What a fine trick
that will be.

( bones creaking)

( low rumbling)

( loud roar)

( echoing) :
...thrax... thrax... thrax...

( rumbling growl)

( coughing)

( water dripping)

( wind whistling)

( chanting spell)


( yelling spell)

( small rocks falling)

That's a wizard.

He's done it!

( people shouting and laughing)

( music playing)

( cheering)

( laughing)

( exclamations of delight)

Put that away.

What if you were seen?

( laughing and talking)

( all grow silent)


( playing medieval dance tune)

( crowd murmuring)

The damnedest thing
is she was twice the man

of anyone else in the village,
and now she's twice the woman.

Would that I was as
clever as her father.

Come now, Greil,

don't begrudge
a life spared.

No, I... I
begrudge nothing.

But I... I wonder
at what we have seen

and how it was done.

-You were there.

But isn't it strange?

At the very moment that
the beast was put down,

there should be a holy
man in the village.

Now, isn't that strange?

( music playing, laughing)

( dog barking)

Could the Christian God
bring down a whole mountain?

Is it possible, Father?

Of course it is, my
son-- and why not?

( music stops)

A celebration.

( chuckles) :
Well, don't stop
on my account.


more music.

A toast...

To the deed
of the day!

What would

you have of us?

With you?

Not a thing.

It's this one.

The king would meet our
new-found benefactor

and offer his gratitude

to the one man
who has succeeded

where so many
have failed.

What sort of gratitude?

A knife in the belly?

Arrow in the chest?

My young friend,

I would as soon dispatch
you as I did the rest,

and for the
same reason...

but His Majesty would
have a cozy little chat

and commands otherwise.

( chickens squawking)

Behold! Eggs fit for a king!

( clears throat)


How many of you
have ever seen a table fly?

None of you.

None of you have ever seen
a table fly.

Stand back.

( chants spell)

( chants spell)

( dog barks)

( sighs)

Sorry, sorry.

Now, that'll do.
I really can do this.

Don't bother,
it's not necessary.

Tell me-- the landslide--

it was accomplished
this same way?

Uh, yes.

Did you ever hear
of King Gazerick?

Oh, no, of course not--
you weren't even born.

He was my brother...

a great king

and a valiant man-at-arms.

When he ascended the throne,
the dragon was unbridled.

No one knew
where it might strike next,

so he brought forth
his broadsword and his spear,

assembled his best company
of fighters,

and went out to do battle.

He was never seen again...

but his attack provoked
the most terrible reprisals--

whole villages incinerated,

entire crops burnt...

death, famine.


How did you...

arrogate to yourself
the role of savior?

-I was invited.
-Not by me.

I think you're
nothing but a boy.

An apprentice.

Have you ever considered

the consequences
of failure?

What failure?!

What are you saying--
you want the dragon back?

You came in
and toyed with a monster!

Who are you
to risk our people?!

-Our villages?!
-But your children
were dying!

Only a few-- does
that sound cruel?

It is better that
they should die that
others might live.

I created the lottery.

-( all agree)

And from the moment
it began,

the dragon was tame.

A kingdom has prospered.
At what price?

You can't make
a shameful peace with dragons.

You must kill them
as I have done.

Then the beast is dead?

Yes, it's dead.

We shall see.

( rumbling)

( hissing)

( chanting spell)

Open up, I say!

( chanting spell)

( woman speaking Latin)

I've studied Latin.

Greek, too.

( speaking Latin)

( speaking Latin)

You're his daughter.

Please don't think ill of us.

Father is a wise
and evenhanded man.


What happened to you?


Just some of the king's...

It... it's better for everyone
this way.

A king must protect
his people.


Just as he protects
his daughter.

What do you mean by that?

( sighs)

Are you referring
to the lottery?

You know about the lottery.

I have participated
in every choosing

since I came of age.

The whole kingdom knows that.

You don't have to pretend.

Not to me-- not down here.

Everyone knows how this....
choosing works.

The families with money,
royal connections.

You've participated in a lie,
you know it.

I have to go now.

You know I'm right!

( speaking Latin)

( loud rumbling echoes)

( rumbling, crackling)

( low growling)


Remove all but one bar.

We'll try it one at a time.

-I, Casiodorus Rex,
do hereby...

Did you know
that some families
have paid bribes

to stay out of
the lottery?


By the power
of this amulet,

justly wielded by my hand

in accordance
with the laws of Urland,

now lead, be thou gold.

( sizzling)

( screams)

Have you ever kept my name
off the lottery list?

Lottery list?
What are you suggesting?

Am I not exposed
to the same risk

as every other man's daughter?

There's been a
loose tongue here
somewhere, Sire.

Who fills your head
with such ideas?

Answer my question.

Please... ( sighs)

think of such things,
I beg you.

Answer me.

The answer is no.

I-I mean yes.

Yes. You are a participant
in the choosing.

We have seen to that,
of course.

How could we not?


The answer is yes.

You're lying to me.

( rumbling, debris falling)

( distant shouting)

( loud rumbling, cracking)

( people shouting)

( chain clattering)

( shouting, screaming)

( rumbling)

( goat bleating)

Stay calm.

( rumbling, debris falling)

( metal squeaking)

( gears rattling)

( metal creaking)

( clanks)

( coughing)

Go on.

( rumbling, debris falling)

( clamoring)

The whole building's
going to fall!

You little meddler.

( unsheathes sword)
Stop him!

( horse neighing)

( neighing)

( rumbling)

( neighs)

Close the gates!

( clamoring)

( horse snorts)

Stop him!

( neighing)

( men shouting)


( grunts)

( guard cries out)

( grunts)


He's here!

He's here in the...!

So much for your magic!

So much for your sorcery!

You ass,
it's alive!


( neighing)

Listen to me, my brethren.

The moment of our fear
is the hour of our triumph.

This is a sign
from God.

( rumbling)

( shocked murmuring)

Horns, tail, wings
and clawed feet.

( tree creaking)
This is no dragon!

This is Lucifer!

( rumbling)

Dear Father, we beseech thee

show us thy goodness
in this evil place.

Show us thy power...

( clamoring)

A devil flung from heaven

will now rise from hell!

( rumbling)

...and the devil...!

Yea, and fear
the word of God!

You call yourselves

( rumbling)

( screams)

Fear not
my brethren.

Greil, no!

There is no dragon!


( gasps)

( tree creaking)

( crackling)

( people shouting)

( distant roaring echoes)

( thudding)

( crackling)

( loud thudding)

( low rumbling)

( thudding)

( low snarling)

( low growling)

( low growling)

Unclean beast!

Get thee down!

( low snarling)

Be thou consumed
by the fires that made thee!

( roaring)

( screaming)

( people shouting)

( roaring)

( screaming, shouting)

( roaring)

( clamoring)

( dragon roaring)

Don't touch it.
Leave it with the others.

( goat bleating)

( people talking indistinctly)

( hoofbeats approaching)

Where is he?

Not here. Can't help you.

( tapping continues)

As the proud new father
of an eligible daughter,

who has somehow been
overlooked all these years,

it may interest you
to know

the king has called
for a new lottery.

But it's months
till the solstice.

In view
of what's happened,

we all know
what is required.

I've never taken part
in your cursed lottery.

I'll have nothing
to do with it now.

You were very clever.

But she will take part
like all the rest.

No exceptions.
( rafters creaking)

I want to be in it.

Silence, child!

I'm no different
from any other girl.

No better.

My name will go in.



If he was here,
he's gone now.

( chickens clucking)

( metal creaking)

( tools clattering)

have you ever forged a weapon?

This is...
( speaking Latin)


The best I ever made.

It's beautiful.

But I never had the
nerve to use it.

( clanks)

( grunts)

That won't make
any difference.

What you want to kill
isn't flesh and blood.

It'll bleed, all right.

How do you know?

No one's so much as
even scratched it.

She's right.

I'll need the amulet.

( quiet general conversation)

( bell tolling)

( drum pounding)

( drum pounding continues)

( bell tolling continues)

( bell and drum stop)

( chains rattling)

( crowd murmuring)

Stir the tiles!

( crowd chanting) :
Stir the tiles!

Stir the tiles!

Stir the tiles!

( crowd chanting) :
Draw the name!

Draw the name!

( chanting continues)

Now, my countrymen, hear me.

Behold, for I am chosen.

I shall die
that many may live.

I shall lay down my life
for family and fellows.

I shall go to my grave
for the love of our king

and his wise policy,
and my name is...

Read the name!

Read the name!

( crowd clamoring)

( crowd shouting) :
Read the name!

( crowd quiets)

Read the name.

The name is...
Princess Elspeth

( crowd gasping and murmuring)

Clearly outrageous.

That is not the name;
it has been misread.

There's no mistake.

The name's been drawn.

No. The good Horsrik
has misspoke himself.

In fairness to
this individual,

whose name I
can't make out,

we will destroy
this tile.

( scattered shouts of "No!")

What better name
than your own kin?

At last we see justice done.


We will have
a new choosing.

I will draw
the name myself.

Let it stand!

Let it stand!
Let it stand!

( crowd shouting) :
Let it stand!

The name
is as Horsrik read it...


This one, this
one, another,


and another.

What treachery
is this?

The lottery is invalid.

Hear me, good people.

It is true that my name
appears on all the lots.

This does not
invalidate the lottery.

It certifies it.

It redresses
an injustice.

I have learnt

that my name has been
kept from jeopardy

in all the drawings
in the past.

Therefore, I
have substituted

for the risk that over
the years you have taken
and I have not.

( crowd murmuring)

( items clattering)

You... Tyrian...

surely you'll
do something.

If not for me...

out of loyalty
to the kingdom.

But that's just it,
Your Majesty.

My first duty is...
loyalty to the kingdom.

Don't go to all that trouble.

If you want to fight,
at least give me a weapon.

I think not!


Don't... harm him.

And you, please...

( chuckling)

I've always had the greatest
for the black arts--

you chaps with your...
mysterious spells.

I didn't think it
would be necessary.

Vermithrax is
an old dragon,
and that, I thought,

was the beauty
of my plan...

( rueful chuckle)

We'd wait it out.

I'd live to see
the end of it.

I will

see the end of it.

Sire, I beg you consider
what you are doing.

Give him that,
he'll destroy

you've built.

He shall have it.

It... it's my daughter.

Save her, I beg you.

That princess...
what's her name?

She surprised me.


Her name's Elspeth.

There. Good and hot.

That's not the kind of fire
we need.

( reciting spell
in Latin)

( humming vibration)

( clinking)

( clanging)

Good. Now
turn it over.

( clanging continues)

( stones clattering underfoot)

( snarling)

( metal clinking
and fire sizzling)

An edge like no
other on this earth.

I'll say good-bye
to her for you.

I'm sorry
she's not here.

You know how she is.

I understand.

Fare thee well.

( sighs)

( raptor calling)

It's a shield.

I made it.

It might keep the fire
off you; it might not.

You know,
you're an idiot.

You're going
to die tonight.

You'll be ripped
limb from limb.

This is the last time
I'll ever speak to you.

Thank you.

Another thing.

I've been up there.

That thing isn't alone.

It's got little ones.

Young, I think.

I don't know
how many.

They'll have
to be killed, too.

Anything else?

You're in love,
aren't you?


It's all right.

I understand.

She's very beautiful.

Very brave.

Who is? What do you mean?

Your princess.

But I don't care.

Listen to me,
Galen Brandwardyn,
sorcerer's apprentice.

You're going to be dead...

the dragon
will be worse than ever,

there will be more

and I'm not a boy anymore.

And you'll be eligible

Because I'm still a virgin.

I am in love...

...but not
with the princess.

Your Highness.

Now be it known
throughout the kingdom,

that the Princess Elspeth,

having lawfully been chosen

by a deed of fortune
and destiny...

( spectators murmuring)

No more smoke, I beg you.


I declare these proceedings...

...duly ordained.

I knew

I'd find you here.

But I'm not as sentimental
as His Majesty.

The kingdom...

every one of us...

needs this sacrifice.

If you intend to interfere...

you'll have to kill me.

I've plenty of reasons
to kill you

that have nothing to do
with this sacrifice.

Most impressive.

Can you use it?



Tyrian is right!

This is our only hope.

( grunting)

( rumbling)


( Elspeth yells)

( yells)

This is no warrior.



Where are you going?!

You failed, my friend.

And I thank
the gods for it.

Now prepare yourself.

( Elspeth screaming)

( grunting)

( groaning)

( scream fades)

( gasps)

( groaning)

( groans)

( water trickling)

( clanking)


( gurgling)

( noisy chewing)

( guttural growling)

( snorting)

( screams)

( snarling)

( panting)

( snarling)

( snorting and snarling)

( grunting)

( snarling)

( grunting)

( grunting)

( panting)

( roaring)

( roaring continues)

( fire roaring)

( gasping)

( rumbling)

( fire roaring)

( snarling growl)

( snarling growl)

( roars)

( roaring)

( screeches)

( snarling growl)

( growls softly)

( rumbling)

( distant growling)

( sniffing)

( sniffing)

( growling whimper)

( low, guttural growl)

( angry screeching)

( low, hissing growl)

( grunting)

( roaring)

( grunting)

( screeching in pain)

( groans)

( hissing)

( roars)

( screeching)

( moaning)

( moaning)

( roars)

( bird squawking)

Still alive.

( sighs)

You know what
we have to do.

We have to leave.

You said you loved me.

Is it true?

If it is...

...that's the only good
we've done.

Let's not lose that, too.


She's right.

What kind of life
could you have here?

You know what I think?

Magic, magicians--

it's all fading
from the world,

dying out.

That makes me happy.

That means the dragon
will be dying, too.


from your father.

You want me
to wear this.

What harm could it do?

( bird cawing)

( bell ringing)

What is it?

What's the matter?

What is that?


At what?


That old trickster.

The burning water...

lake of fire...

He had it planned...

from the beginning!

He knew this
was going to happen!

Who did?

What happened?

We've got to go back.

I have to talk to him.

Where are you going?

We can slay this dragon
with song and prayer.

If we can but join
together in faith,

we shall live,

and the beast
shall die.


I won't let you
kill yourself!

He couldn't walk.

He knew he couldn't
make the journey,

so he had us
make it for him.

Don't you see?

All right, I'm
coming, too.

No, you're not.
This is for me to do.

I'm not afraid.

After all,
I was a man.


( reciting spell in Latin)

Stay close.

-What's that?
-Nothing. Come on.

I want to see.

No, you don't.

All right.
Wait here.



Where are you?

( fire roaring)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( chanting spell in Latin)

You're back.

I thank the powers
that made me.

Glad to see you, too.

You didn't bring
along anything to eat,

by any chance?


But come along.

There's much to do.

No, please.

I thought
I was a sorcerer.

I'm not.

I thought I had power.

I don't.

You said to be strong.

I wasn't.

But you were,
my boy, you were,

and you'll be
stronger yet.

Thou art baptized in
the name of the Father,

the Son, the Holy Ghost,

and may the Lord
lead us from darkness

and-and demons.


( roaring)

( roaring)

( hissing)

( guttural growl)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( growling)


This is Valerian.

I know, I remember.

The girl who came to us

as a boy.

There's something you must do.


I want you to
destroy the amulet...

and me along with it.

You brought me from the flame.

You must send me back.

You'll know the time.

You must act

while life is still in me.

( rumbling)

( rumbling)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( wind howling)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( wind howling)

( chanting spell in Latin)

( lightning crackling)

( thunder rumbling)


( thunder and lightning stop)

( dragon roaring)

( snarling)

Here, Galen,
do what he said.

Destroy the amulet.

Smash it.


He said I'd know the time.

( roaring)

( roaring)

( groans)

( chanting spell in Latin)

He told you to do it.

Not yet!

( thunder rumbling)

( roaring)


( dragon roaring in pain)

( water boiling)

( sizzling)

( bird squawking)

( people singing hymn)

Let us pray.

We thank thee, Lord,
for this divine deliverance.

Verily is thy presence
amongst us

fully manifest
( hoofbeats approaching)

in this, thy great work.

Arise, children of the Lord.

Forsake forevermore
the pagan mysteries,

the high superstitions
of the past.

Rejoice in the true power
of the Christian...

All hail Casiodorus Rex,
dragon slayer!

You'll miss Ulrich.


And the amulet.

That, too.

I don't.

I'm glad it's gone.

You may not be a sorcerer,
Galen Brandwardyn,

but that
doesn't matter.

Not to me.

I know.

I just wish...


We had a horse.

( whinnying)

( snorting)

( laughing)

( whinnying)