Dragon's Teeth (1974) - full transcript

When the "godfather of the kung-fu film" Chang Cheh decided to tell their stories with Alexander Fu Sheng, Chen Kuan-tai, and Chi Kuan-chun in the roles, it was cause for celebration. This ...

Who is in the wooden men alley?

Fang Shih Yu

Who is on duty today?

Uncle Chen Si Di

Fang Shih Yu

Still a naive apprentice
and yet you stormed the alley

Do you know what would happen to you?

Yes, if I can't get out

I'll have to start again
from the beginning

More haste less speed,
I suggest you go back

I am determined to go

Do you know why this alley is called

the wooden men alley?

Yes, although our own brothers are

on duty in the alley

they'll not spare anyone when fighting

their hearts are like wood and stone;
hence the name

Who is to blame if anyone dies
or gets injured?

I have only myself to blame


Chen Guang


Be careful


You can leave

Thank you


Fang Shih Yu, hurry and go

"Da Mo Hall"

Abbot, Fang Shih Yu has stormed the

wooden men alley with a knife

and killed Chen Guang

Please look into this

Are you Feng Dao De?


Fang Shih Yu would not do such a thing

Abbot Zhi Shan, don't you trust us?

Brother, we should go

Iet's return to Wu Dang

We were originally from Wu Dang School

we haven't learnt much at Shaolin Temple

Let's go...

Brother Feng, you are doing right

Brother White Brow

You know what happened?

Zhi Shan suspects us

we can't stay at Shaolin anymore

We'll fight with Shaolin one day

I'll deal with Zhi Shan

You have to watch out for Fang Shih Yu


Fang Shih Yu's mother bathed him with

tonic wine since he was small

that makes him sort of invincible

Just now though he is cut by
Brother Wu's sword

I'm afraid he wouldn't be hurt

When you meet him in the future

in any fight

you must lure him to jump

and stab him upward
while he's still in air

This is the only way
to pierce into his body

Remember this

I understand

Let's go

What are you doing?

What do you want?

Your uncle owed Master Lei money

and has offered you as collateral
for the loan

Are you off your rocker?

You don't even recognise me?

Fang Shih Yu

He Da Yong

You can't just dismiss it with a kick

Pick up the flowers from the floor

You have to stay in Shaolin
for at least 3 years

How come you can get out so quickly?

By my true and tried skills


Is Lei still such an outlaw?

I don't think no one is able
to put a stop to him

Not really

When Lei Lao Hu knew
that you went to Shaolin

he started practising the Pile formation

Two people who fought him

died under the formation

Pile formation?

That's right

beneath these poles are
sharp pointed bamboo

Once you fall...

I buried one of the hero myself

He died amidst the pile formation

Pile formation?

If you haven't practised before

you'd better leave as soon as possible

Then I won't forcibly get out
of wooden men alley

The pile formation couldn't stop me

You haven't practised
on the piles before and

in a fight with Lei Lao Hu
you'll be at a disadvantage

No need to be rash,
stay at my home for the night

I'll set up the formation for you

Practise it at least
a few days before you go to him

Fang Shih Yu is back

Why hasn't he come to me?

He's with He Da Yong

they are talking about something

The men of Lei Lao Hu...

"Jin Lun School"

Make way...

May God bless me with good luck

Winner takes all

Here, go on with the bet

Boss Hu, we're in bad luck today

Can you lend us some money?

What? Are you kidding?

If you need money,
there's a pawn shop up the road

Hu Yiu Ding, don't you know us?

You don't even give us a little face

Who are you?

Aren't you the instructors
of the Jin Lun School?

Even if you're a king,
no mercy is shown here

Hu Yiu Ding, you dare say that again

Don't bet if you can't afford to lose

People are afraid of
your Jin Lun School, but I am not


Stop fighting...

Please stop

Gentlemen, we haven't offended you

Please stop fighting...

None of your business

Someone's been killed

Get away


Hu Huei Chien, listen

Head injuries caused your father's death

The scar is over 2 inches long

Lost at gambling & killed himself
by banging his head

Nonsense, he's bruised all over

would that be due to
banging against a wall as well?

You may take back his corpse
for funeral arrangements

Don't cause more problems

Hu Huei Chien, what are you doing?

You want to defend Jin Lun School

I'll settle the score with them myself

Instructor, someone's causing trouble
at our factory

Who is it?

Hu Huei Chien

Who is this kid?

Hu Huei Chien, son of Hu Yiu Ding


The factory under Jin Lun School

employs over 10,000 workers

With expert kung fu instructors
from Wu Dang school

even the officials are scared of them

Guess we better not mess with them


Get lost, all of you

I have to do that

You did that once and

Iook what happened to you

I still want to go, as long as I live

I'm going now

He's here again

Hu Huei Chien, you escaped last time

you want to test your luck again?

If you don't cause trouble again

you might be spared


Throw him into the river

Let's go

You still want to go?


You know you are no match for them

and still want to go, why?

Fight them even risking my life

How much?

Not for sale

Then why have you put it here?

The people of Jin Lun School are outlaws

no one in Guangzhou
dares to mess with them

except you

You are a hero

and I don't want you to die

If it's not for sale,
I'll take it by force

Have some tea

Inside please...

There's a fight upstairs

People fighting?

Hu Huei Chien is really a hero

Only he dares to take on
the outlaws of Jin Lun School

What a pity
he is no match for them though!

I think he'll die this time

Go quickly

I saved you, why do you hit me?

I was risking my life,
how dare you interfere?

I don't think you were risking your life

you were in fact giving up your life

Who are you?

Fang Shih Yu

You are the one who killed

Lei Lao Hu on the pile formation?

I have heard about you

If it's revenge you seek, I can help you

No, I'll do it myself

You are not ready yet

you have to train hard at Shaolin Temple

I fear you might not be able to
bear the hardship

If you can, so can l

Let's go

Sir, you haven't paid yet

"Shaolin Temple"

Kneel down...

Damn it, kneel

You are open for business

How dare you refuse the

patronage of people from our factory?

You never pay

Anyone else not convinced yet?

Bow to apologise quickly

or you'll give up your lives in vain

"Jin Lun School"



Recognise me?

Hu Huei Chien, you dare to return

What do you want?

Beat you

Heave and Earth

Place your bet...

Where have I seen you before?

Take your time

This gentleman looks familiar

Don't you remember?

Eight for the head and nine for the tail

Got it

He is the kid who helped

Hu Huei Chien 3 years ago

Instructor Lu, you have a good memory

What do you want?

Not much

I'll gamble with you two here

so that Hu Huei Chien has time

to tear apart your factory

Damn kid

Stop, your men are here

I think
Hu Huei Chien would have almost finished

his work


Hu Huei Chien has crushed
our factory & Jin Lun School

Sorry, see you in a while

Don't think of escaping

This is a waste of time

you'd better go to look for
Hu Huei Chien now

We are a small business, if they come...

Don't worry,
I have destroyed their 7 factories

and now await Niu Hua Jiao
and Lu Ying Bu here

Once they appear

I'll drive them out

Whatever the damages, I'll pay for it all

Hero Hu, if you drive out these two

You would have done Guangzhou
a huge favour

You have to be careful too

If Hu Huei Chien cannot defeat them

and your words are heard by them

your restaurant would be torn down

Tell the factory foremen

to wait for me at Jin Lun School


He's here... Iet's go

Niu Hua Jiao, Lu Ying Bu

time to settle our score

You owe us one life


Good going


Everybody's here

Listen to me

Niu Hua Jiao, Lu Ying Bu

and a group of people

have broken the law and
caused much oppression

they have got what they deserve

Here's the order

from now on, don't ever do immoral deeds

Hu Huei Chien

You shouldn't have crushed
the school's plaque

Because of Niu Hua Jiao

The name of Jin Lun School stinks

Crushing this old plaque will do you good

Do you know what other people
think about you?

If people from the factory
break the law again

I'll beat them up every time I see them

Not only have the two of them
killed my father

they are students of Wu Dang School

From Feng Dao De of Wu Dang School

conspired with the Qings,
oppressed and killed people

I can't let them off so easily

Cui Ping, let's go

Do you really have to go?

I must

I am a Shaolin disciple
and have a lot of things to do

I'll go look for Fang Shih Yu first,
then Hung Hsi Kuan

the government is looking around
to arrest him

so I must find him

"Li Chun Brothel"

Public notices with your picture

have been posted everywhere
for your arrest

You still dare to run around?

I don't understand what you are thinking

It doesn't really matter
who's going to be the Emperor

It does

Alright, never mind

please lower your voice

Hung Ying, come out...

Guys from Commander-in-Chief's office
are here again

Wonder who's going to be in bad luck!

Hung Ying, someone's calling you

Hung Ying, aren't you going to come out?

Hung Ying, someone's here

How conceited!

Do you know where we are from?

From the Commander-in-Chief's office

So you know

I've also seen
people from Governor's office

May I know your name please?

When Commander Gao is here,
I really need to ask him

It's just passing anger, nothing much

We'll pay for the things we broke

You're too kind

What's the matter?

I am Hung Hsi Kuan,
the one who kills Qing people

Master Lei...

Have you arrested any suspect?

Got one, couldn't stand the beating

he died being branded by a hot iron

Master Lei

I don't think Hung Hsi Kuan has the guts

to hide in the city


I said he's come to the city,
but you don't believe me

Change the notice tomorrow

and raise the reward

Will go tonight



Liu residence in the west of the city

Not enough soup

How much more?

3 catties

Everyone, the Qing court are
hard on our trail

we've got to be very careful

Brother Hung,
since you've been in the city

you've killed a lot of Qing guys

They are now extremely frightened

and the people rejoice in this

How much could one man do

not much even with the people around here

We ought to seek allies with
heroes everywhere

Spread the news

until the Ming dynasty can be restored

Before I came to the city
I met Hu Huei Chien

There'll be more guys from
Shaolin in the next few days

we shouldn't stay here long

Tomorrow we'll leave separately

Be careful



"Wanted: Hung Hsi Kuan"

Who are you?

I never change my name

Tong Qian Jin, disciple of Shaolin

Arrest him

Hurry and go


Stop chasing

They must be here for Hung Hsi Kuan

we can only follow them secretly

in order to find Hung Hsi Kuan

I've told you to stay off trouble,
but you don't listen


If everyone from Shaolin were like you

staying away from the Qing,
you can do nothing

I don't think you can
accomplish anything great

Wait until we see Brother Hung

Because of you, I wonder if
I could meet brother Hung

at the agreed time

Brother Hung

Brother Tong,
Brother Nian should be here today

Yes, I'll go to meet them


I can't hide up

just because there are warrants against me

Brother Hung

Brother Hung...

Nian Rui Qing

You fought your way
out of the wooden men alley

Actually I crawled out of it

Hung Hsi Kuan, you can't run away

You brought 56 men with you

and you are the only one who has come back

Why have you come back?



Mobilize the troops of the whole province

and invite the experts of
Wu Dang and Er Mei here

I must burn down
the whole of Shaolin Temple

Gao Jin Zhong,
Feng Dao De burnt down Shaolin Temple

As long as I live

we have to fight hard

That's right

Let's go separate ways for the time being

Brother Feng will go back to Shiu Hing

and set up a base there at Qing Yun Temple

The Qing dogs are hard on our trail

some can hide at the red boat

Ding Fok of the theatre troupe
will do the liaison

It's quite unexpected that we actors

are becoming more and more popular

Once the villages hear of our coming

people gather around us

I think you can change your profession


How come there's no one on the boat?

Yes, we stayed behind to pack things up

Others should have come back

Arrest them

Hurry and go

Don't kill him

How many are there in the red boat?

Any disciples from Shaolin?

Altogether there are 26

8 of them are from Shaolin

Ding Fu is the leader

we've captured him alive

The others have all been executed
on the spot

A girl managed to escape

A girl? Who's she?

Li Cui Ping,
a good friend of Hu Huei Chien

She escaped along the river

I've sent the Li brothers to follow her

Good, bring Ding Fu here


Why don't you kneel?

Ding Fu, are you a disciple of Shaolin?


I burnt down Shaolin

Many Shaolin disciples died

only a few left, I suppose
they won't live long either

Shaolin men might die
but Hans will live on

Ding Fu, do you know
what's the bounty for?

Fang Shih Yu,
Hu Huei Chien and Hung Hsi Kuan?

Yes, if they are caught
because of an informant

there'll be a reward of
a few thousand taels of silver

Ding Fu

with so much, you &
your descendents can lead good life

Save them for your own grave

Bring the burning basin

Hung Hsi Kuan, Fang Shih Yu, Hu Huei Chien

Where are they hiding? Speak


They are among the commoners


Please stay

Who are you?

We never change our names

Disciples from Shaolin...

It's not safe here

The Qing dogs will return

Hurry and go to the town ahead

Who are you?

Li Cui Ping

Hu Huei Chien?

He's my friend

Haven't seen him for a long time

Gao Jin Zhong and his troops
burnt down Shaolin Temple

People there are all gone

Don't know where they are!


Master Lei, the Li brothers
are with Li Cui Ping

She treat them as one of his own

Good, ask them to follow her

Don't frighten them away

before seeing Hung Hsi Kuan


Miss Li, we've been at this alley before

Yes, I'm afraid
someone might be following us

so I am going around in circles

Miss Li, we've been walking for 2 days

when are we going to see Brother Hu?

That's right,
you're just leading us around

Be patient,
you'll see them before it gets dark

Let's go


Hurry and go

"Meet Hung Hsi Kuan before dark"


News from Li brothers

Before it gets dark today

you can see Hung Hsi Kuan and the others

Let's hurry and go

No one's here

When I call out, you'll see. Brother Hung

Commander-in-Chief of Guangdong

Li Da Wan, Li Er Wan wants to see you

Kill them

These two guys left marks on the way

Gao Jin Zhong will follow

Be careful,
don't get close to that graveyard

You've sent out news yesterday

We are fully prepared

Once Gao Jin Zhong comes he'll be dead

Ding Fuk died a cruel death

a few guys should keep him company

Where are you hiding?

I don't really know

You won't even know that

we hid in the deserted Qing Yun Temple

It's all the sharp pointed bamboo

"Qing Yun Temple"


Let's set off

I know where the remaining Shaolins

are hiding

Where are they?

Let's go, talk about it on the way

Uncle, please

Put on casual wear


Master Gao guessed right

If they could kill people
near the cemetery

they must be hiding somewhere near

Just now I came across 2 Shaolin pupils

buying two to three hundred
catties of rice

There must be at least
over ten people there

Lei Da Pang, hurry and mobilize your men


Brother Tong, you've come back

Have you been followed?

No, but there were
a few Qing dogs on the road

They passed by without even
looking at us though

It's too quiet out there

I feel like something is going to happen

This Qing Yun Temple
has been deserted for many years

Only locals know about this place

No one else will know

Brother Chen, Brother Zhi

go and see
if there's any movement outside


Brother Chen, hurry and
report to Brother Hung


Never mind about me

Brother Chen... Brother Chen..

Brother Chen

Brother Hung

Feng Dao De and
Gao Jin Zhong and their men

have surrounded this area

Where's Brother Zhi?

He and I were both shot at

and he's fighting with
the enemies in the front

Shaolin Temple has been burnt down

Teacher Zhi Shan was killed by
that rascal White Brows

Today is the day when we all disciples

from Shaolin fall as martyrs

Brother Hung, let's go out and fight

and kill as many as we can

hoping that at least

some of us can survive the fight

and continue Shaolin's legacy

If unfortunately we all die

our Shaolin chivalry and honour

shall be immortalised

Brother Hung, don't worry

even though there's seniority
among us Shaolin students

even the most junior ones

are not afraid of death


Brothers, go

Today is the day to die for a cause

Brother Chen, you...

I can't go with you

Hung Hsi Kuan, you've nowhere to go

Surrender and save your own lives

Why don't you ask my brothers?

Fang Shih Yu, Nian Rui Qing, Tong Qian Jin

Hu Huei Chien, Li Cui Ping

the junior kung fu experts
of Shaolin are all here

By the power of us

you Qing dogs

don't even think of leaving here alive

We Shaolins have sworn to fight till death

Save your breath

Good, you persist till death


Spread out and fight your way ahead

Try your best

Once I clap my hands,
you pass me the sword



Relax, help me bandage it

I don't intend to get out of here alive

as long as I can kill more Qing scoundrels

Cui Ping

I'll wait for you ahead

Brother Feng

Brother, how can this rascal
be regarded as our uncle

This is a treacherous move
to ambush one's enemy

The sword is totally stabbed into my belly

I have to go first