Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (2020) - full transcript

♪ Everybody needs a hero ♪

♪ Someone to save the day ♪

♪ We've got a wing to ride on
We are the bold and brave ♪

♪ Look to the sky and you will find us ♪

♪ High above the world ♪

♪ Racing through the sky ♪

♪ High above the world ♪

♪ We rescue and we ride ♪

♪ There's nothing we can't do ♪

♪Together we can't lose ♪

♪ We're high above the world ♪



Yes. First one up.

I bet it's a perfect, sunny day for--

-[all gasp]

-What is it, Summer?


Empty fish barrel?

[all gasp]

[Summer] It... snowed.

You know what that means. It means...

Belly sledding! [whooping]

-So much fun!

And fast!

And dizzy!

[both laughing]


-[Dak] Oh!

Sorry, Burps. Leyla and I
are in the middle of a very important--

-Snowball fight!

[both gasp]

[chuckles] Okay, guess I'm in it now, too.

Or not.

Speak for yourself.



I can't feel my tongue, but it's worth it.

Burps, that was awesome.

But you're still going down!

-I got you, Ley.

[Burple yelling]


So cool, Summer.


That's not what I meant to do.

-Come on, Summer, forget snowballs.
-[Dak whooping]

You can help us finish building
Flappy Frost.

That's what I named our snow dragon.

Hey, I wanna help.

Uh... Not what I meant to do either.


Guess neither of us
are really cold weather dragons, huh?

Yeah, something like that.

-[bell ringing]
-[Burple] What's that?

Still can't feel my tongue.

Okay, better question:

What is that?

[Duggard] People of Huttsgalor!

It's finally here!

Today marks the first day of Odinyule!

[crowd cheering]


-Took the "wha" right out of my mouth.

And what better day for it.
The first snowfall of the year.


And a lot more snow than usual,
I might add.

Don't you think, Haggis?


Ah. Rescue Riders.

Are you all ready for Odinyule?

Yeah. Totally.

So ready. Pumped.

Real quick, what exactly is Odinyule?

Being raised by dragons,

we don't exactly know
about all the fun human holidays.

You've never celebrated Odinyule before?

Well, now that you're in my family,
that's about to change.

It's full of great traditions like--


Aye. Odin-Nog.

The official drink of Odinyule.

[laughs] Odin...




I mean, you might wanna try
a wee little less of everything?

Thanks, chief. Good note.

Told you we should've used
fresh yak milk, Rocky.

You were going to explain Odinyule.

Oh, right. [clears throat]
Odinyule is the Viking holiday of giving.

And ever since I was a wee lad,
it's been my favorite time of the year.

We celebrate it over three days,
and each day is a wee bit different.

Today is Day One,

where we put up the Odinyule tree
and decorate the town.

[laughs] And Burple, apparently.

Happy Odinyule, Burple.

[chuckles] I love this holiday already.

Looks like everyone here does.

-Even Magnus Finke?

Happy Odinyule, Magnus.

Odinyule? [scoffs]

I didn't know it was Odinyule.

I'm just here to show off
my latest invention.

My woolen sock knitter.

With all this sudden cold weather,
they'll keep your feet warm all winter.

Free socks?

Now, that's the true spirit of Odinyule.

They're two gold pieces each.

Okay. That's less in the spirit,
but I'll take one.

They come in pairs.


-[machine whirring]

Huh? I don't think this is my size.

Come on, now. [grunting]



Odin-- Whoa!

Come on!

[Magnus] No! No! No!

[gasps] Thanks, Burple.

[Magnus whimpering]

Wing, let's shut this thing down.

-[machine stops]

[Magnus] I didn't need your help.

What are you flapping
festivity-flunkers doing here anyway?

Didn't you hear Chief Duggard?

Odinyule is a Viking holiday.

Oh, Magnus. Odinyule is for everyone.

In fact, would all of you like to help us
finish decorating?



I'm guessing that was a "yes".


[laughs then grunts]

H2 on it.

Huh? Oops.




Weird. That wind came out of nowhere.

Now it is time for one last thing.

Putting the presents on the tree.

On the tree?

Of course. It's an Odinyule tradition.

Dak, Leyla. Do you think
there's a dragon egg on the tree for me?

A dragon egg?

Yeah. All I want for Odinyule this year
is a baby dragon.

A baby dragon.

Probably not this year, Finngard.

But you can fly with me and Winger
anytime you want.

-Okay, well not on dangerous missions.

-Or rescues or--
-No, no, no.

I just remembered something.

Grumblegard and all the baby dragons
on his island.

We should invite them
to come to Odinyule, too.

Oh, yeah. That's a great idea, Ley.

I'll come, too.

Uh... One sec.

Just a little case of the jingle bellies.
[stomach rumbling]


Jingle belly rock.

Looks like another storm's blowing in.
Hopefully it won't be a bad one.

It's cold enough around here already.

All right.

[Cutter] Wow. It looks amazing.

I don't even have a joke to make about it.

Wait! I almost forgot.

The Odinyule helmet
goes at the very top of the tree.

No problem, chief.
Winger and I can take that up for you.

No, no. I've been doing this for years.

Besides, it's tradition.

[gasping and grunting]

Is falling and breaking every bone
in your body a tradition, too?

-[wind blowing]

Another storm?

Uh, eeh.

Forget what I said!

Rescue Riders, help!

Save the tree!

Save the presents!

[yells] And me, too!

I think we'll have to finish tomorrow,

-The storm's getting worse.
-[Aggro yells]

Much worse!


Everyone, get inside!

Come on, to the Roost!

I hope Leyla, Summer and Burple
don't get caught in this storm

on their way to Grumblegard's!

[Burple] Hey, look. It didn't snow here.

[Summer] Thank goodness.

All right, tendertails.

Today, we're working
on launches and loops.

Ready, set, go!

Tuck in those wings, Heatey.

-[baby dragons chittering and thudding]
-Oh, watch out!

No drooling while you fly, Sizzle.

Always drooling, that one.


That could have gone worse.

Not sure how.


Aww. Ooh.

[laughs] Grumblegard,
we wanted to invite you and the babies

to come to Huttsgalor for Odinyule.

There's presents and Odin-Nog
and a wooden tree and snow.

So much snow.

You wouldn't believe what happens
to my water blast in the cold.

It freezes.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

You'd love Odinyule, Grumblegard.
It's all about giving.

Giving me a headache, maybe.

I know all about Odinyule,

and there's a reason
it rhymes with "fool".

I don't have time for that human nonsense.

Besides, I can't stand the winter.

Only thing that helps me warm up
are these fire fruit.

Even then, I can never get my tail warm.

You sure have a lot of them.

I stockpile them all summer.

For myself.

You've gotta come to Odinyule,

Everyone is happy and smiling and--

This is just making me less interested.


-At least think about coming?

Nope. Not gonna happen.


Can we bring the babies to celebrate?
I'm sure they'd love it.

What they'd love is to finally learn
how to not crash into each other.

Or me.

All right, kids, break's over.
Back to flight school.

Well, we tried.

I still think if I showed him
how to have a snowball fight,

he would've come with us.

I don't think Grumblegard
changes his mind, Burps.

But changing your mind is so easy.
I love doing it.

No, wait, I don't.

Nah, I do.

Hey, at least we have Odinyule
to get back to.

With all those decorations,

I bet the town will look beautiful
when we get back.

-What happened?
-Another bad storm blew in after you left,

then stopped, then it started again,

then it stopped again,
and then it started again.

-It went on all night.
-[wind blowing]

Aye, and it looks like another storm
is hitting right now. [whimpers]

Oh! Rocky!

Whoa! Come on,
we better get back to the Roost before--

Okay, that was weird.

It just stopped for no reason.

This doesn't make sense.

On Grumblegard's island,
there wasn't any snow at all.

I didn't see any bad weather
along the way either.

It seems to only be on Huttsgalor.

[wind blowing]

Well, whatever's causing it,
this weather is too unpredictable.

It's not sa-- [grunts]

Thanks, lad.

As I was saying,
it's not safe to be outside.

I think I may have to cancel
the rest of Odinyule.

Cancel it? But, chief--

There has to be another way.

So, would now be a bad time
to try my new Odin-Nog recipe?


[both groan]


He said it was delicious.

My Odin-Nog?

The mug.

Okay, back to the drawing board.

I'm sorry, Rescue Riders.

[Dak] Wait, chief.

What if we helped you prepare
for the Second Day of Odinyule,

so everyone can celebrate safely?

And Summer, Burple and I
will try to find out

if something could be actually causing
all this crazy weather.

We can fix this, chief. Promise.

Do you two ever give up on anything?

-Not unless it's boring.

I mean, nope, never, chief.

Especially if it's a tradition

that's important
to our friends and family.


In the true spirit of Odinyule,
you've given me hope, Rescue Riders.

We won't let you down, chief.

Okay, time to get started
on Day Two of Odinyule.


So, what exactly is Day Two of Odinyule?

Oh, it's the Parade of Music.

Everyone gathers in town
to sing Odinyule carols.

[Dak] Well, it looks like it snowed
on your parade.

Exactly. No one can get out of their huts
with all this snow.

Now, that we can do something about.

Come on, gang. Let's clean up the snow
and get these decorations back up.

[wind whistling]

The weather gets worse
the further north we go.

Tell me about it.

I can't feel my stomachs or my wings.

We're not gonna be able to fly
much further in this cold.

We don't have to.
I think we found the cause of the storm.

Whoa. What's down in there?

I don't know, but we're about to find out.




Cleaning up all this snow
is a piece of cake.

Wait, do they serve cake on Odinyule?

Eh. I'll ask later.


[girl laughing]

Oh! [laughs]

We'll be done before you can say--

[grunts] Ouch.

Oh, step aside, Rescue Wreckers.

As I said,
this isn't a holiday for dragons.

Magnus Finke alone can save Odinyule.

A few minor changes
to my automatic woolen sock knitter

and now it blows snow.

And minds.


Let me try that again.

It blows snow... [grunts]

and minds.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

[wind whistling]

Whoa! We're definitely in the right place.

But how are we gonna get in there?

We just have to...

wait for our...

chance! Go!

[Burple] This is so scary!

Careful, everyone.

We don't know who
or what could be in here.

What if it's a big, angry, mean--?


Aww. They're not big, mean or angry.



Okay, maybe they're a little bit angry.

Oh. They're baby Chillblaster dragons.

But I don't understand,

Chillblaster dragons
are usually, well, very chill. Ugh.

These guys definitely aren't chill.

Why are they blasting
all this ice and snow for no reason?


Um... I guess they have a reason.



Protect the babies!


Oh, no. Bad time to be out of rocks!


Wait a second.

Did I get them?

You've got that one, but not these.



-My blast is still frozen!

-Better than nothing.
-[barking and growling]

That was incredible.

[growling and barking]

I really think
I'm getting the hang of this.

I hope so.


Looks like you're a cold-weather dragon
after all.

I don't think my tongue
is ever gonna thaw out.


Hey, they're pretty cute
when they're not blasting at us, huh?

Huh. You think these little guys
would like Odinyule?


Guess we're gonna find out.

-Let's get out of here.
-Hop on, guys!

Guess I was wrong about that bad feeling.

Magnus' machine
is actually doing a good job.

A good job?

I think the word you want is "great".
Or "magnificent" or "stupendous".

-Uh... Magnus--
-Not finished.

Or "incredible" or "fantastic"
or "sensational".

Magnus, look.

Excuse me!



Now, where was I? [laughs]

Nothing to see here.


[machine sputtering]

I'm okay.


Okay, gang.
Ready to shut this thing down? Again?

'Tis the season.

This thing was a lot easier to stop
when it was just throwing around socks.


Spikes aren't working.

Feel the-- Oh!


Ahh. Fire is out, too. Literally.



[all gasp]



I knew that tree was built to last.

[Duggard whimpering]

Oh. Ha! You did it!

Did it? They didn't do anything
but break my miraculous...


Need help, Magnus?

[Magnus] No.

Look at that.

Magnus' machine nearly destroyed the town.

But I must say,
it did clear away a lot of the snow.


The Parade of Music can begin!

[all] ♪ Deck up the town, it's Odinyule ♪

♪ Set up the tree for Odinyule ♪

♪ Laughter and fun is the only rule ♪

♪ It's Odinyule ♪

♪ Gather your friends, it's Odinyule ♪

♪ Join with your family, Odinyule ♪

♪ Set out a feast to make 'em drool ♪

-♪ It's Odinyule ♪

♪ Season of giving, Odinyule ♪

-♪ Give from your heart, it's Odinyule ♪

♪ Never re-gift, it's so uncool ♪

-♪ It's Odinyule ♪
-[Marena] Ha!

Aw... I wish Leyla was here for this.

-Wouldn't miss it for the world.
-You made it.

[Leyla giggles]

-With company.

Cold company.

[gasps] You did get me a baby dragon
for Odinyule.

Wait. You got me three baby dragons?

This is the best Odinyule ever!

Actually, Finngard, these little guys
were the cause of all the bad weather.

[scoffs] They don't look
like they could cause an ice storm or--

Okay. I can see it a little.

It feels warmer around here already.

You did it, Rescue Riders.
You saved Odinyule.

[gasps] Wait, I almost forgot.

I've still gotta put the helmet up there.

[grunting] Oh...

Uh, chief, has the Odinyule tree
always had a giant crack in it?

[all gasp]

A what?

Odin! Yikes!

Not again! Oh, whoa!

-[all gasp]
-[Duggard whimpers]

[all gasp]

Looks like Odinyule isn't saved quite yet
after all.

Okay, I'm sure this isn't a good time

for you guys to try
my new Odin-Nog recipe, right?

Oh, that's bad.

[Duggard] The tree, the presents.

They're all ruined!

-This is the worst thing I've ever seen!

[all groan]

-And now it's gotten worse! Haggis!


Well, chief, this will sure be an Odinyule
to remember, huh? Whoa!

Or forget. [sobs]

Sorry, chief. We're working on it.

Oh, dear.

[shrieks] Hm?

Nice catch!

Don't worry, I can help.


[Burple] Whoa!

See? They love me.

-Can I keep them? Please, please, please?

I don't think that would be a good idea,

This isn't happening. I'm not seeing this.
I'm asleep in my bed on Odinyule Eve

and this is all just a horrible nightmare.

A horrible and very cold nightmare.

Sorry, Chief Duggard,
this is really happening.

But we'll make sure most of it happens
back at the Roost.

We have to figure out
why these babies are still blasting.

[Finngard] Wait for me.

Don't worry, chief.
We're gonna work this out.

We helped you decorate on Day One,
we saved the Festival of Music on Day Two,

and nothing's gonna stop Day Three from--


Is he crying?

Nah, he's laughing.

He's definitely laughing.

Laughing so hard he's crying?

Oh, it's no use, Rescue Riders.

Day Three of Odinyule is tomorrow,
and we cannot celebrate without presents.

It'd be like Hoogenboo without the Hoogen
or the Boo.

Or fall without sweaters.

Or pickles without yak milk.
[continues sobbing]

He lost me on that last one.

Chief, like you said,
Odinyule is about family.

And this family will figure something out.

I haven't had a good cry like that

since Haggis won his first
All Islands Viking Sheep Festival.

Uh, chief? I have an idea.

Now is not the time
for a new business idea, Elbone.

Unless it's a [voice breaking]
"rescue my broken dreams" business.

It's way better than that!

I'll sail to the Northern Markets
to pick up new presents! Whoa.

I'll even throw
in free overnight shipping and delivery.

But don't get used to that.

You know, that could actually work.

Of course it will.

I'll be back by tomorrow
with all new Odinyule presents.


I have a really good feeling about this.

To the ship! Whoa.

Well, sort of a good feeling.

All right. Now to the ship.

Boat is that way.

Okay, maybe just a feeling.

We still have one problem.

The Odinyule tree, it's destroyed.

Don't worry. I have an idea for that.

[giggling] Faster! Faster! Faster!

How about slower, slower, slower?
And where did you get a rescue vine?

What's gotten into them?

They're still blasting like crazy.

Maybe they're just hungry?

Shh. It's okay, little guy.

You want some fish? I know you do.

Well, at least it won't spoil.

Maybe they just wanna play.

-[Summer] Over here, guys.

Look, you can each have one.

[gasps] Oh, that is so cool.

Hey, I wanna try those. Whoo!

-[all] Huh?

Where are they going now?

Oh, why won't they stop blasting?

Wait. Maybe they're signaling.

Signaling? Who?

Their mom.
She must still be out there somewhere.

But if she's still out there,
what could've happened to her?

Chief Duggard, feast your eyes
on your brand-new Odinyule tree.

It was just outside town,
knocked over by the storm.

Or Magnus' invention. One or the other.

A real tree?

I suppose that could work,
but what about decorations?

Most of them were destroyed.

We'll make new ones.

This year, we'll do Odinyule dragon-style.

Ooh, I love that idea.

I was saving these
in stomach number three.

-Knew they'd come in handy.

-We can use these, too.

And wait, what about these?

Not sure what we can do with those.

Actually, hold on.

[fish bones clattering]

Not bad, right?

Huh. If only we had a few more.

Did you say "more"?

I must say, it's not bad.

But there's no way we can put presents
on those flimsy branches.

Then we'll put the presents
under the tree instead.

Presents under the tree?
Now, that's quite different.

We can do something with these, too.

Yeah. We can put presents in them.

Wait. Use my creations
on this botched bone-covered bush?

Absolutely not.


Right, Duggard?

I love it! All of it!

A new Odinyule tradition is born.

Odin-yuck! [scoffs]

You see, chief? Every problem solved,
just in time for Odinyule.

Dak, we have a new problem.

-You didn't hear that.

You really think
they've been trying to call their mom

-this whole time?
-She must be somewhere close.

I don't know why
we didn't think of it before.

Probably brain freeze?

What are we gonna with these little guys
while we search?

-We can't take them with us.
-Aw, why not?

That's why not.

Hey, maybe Grumblegard can watch them
while we're out.

And I can help him watch them.

Wait, who's Grumblegard?

Tell you what,

as long as your mom says it's okay,
Finngard, you can go.

Really? Yay!

Nice move, Ley. No way she says "yes."

I can't believe she said "yes."

Me neither.

I think the Odinyule tree
crushing all my presents

had something to do with it.


Wait, wait, wait,
let me get this straight.

You're giving me more young dragons
to take care of?

And ice babies?

You know I can't stand the cold. [grunts]


That's it.

These fire fruits really open up
the old windy snout.

But no matter how many I eat,

I can still barely warm up my tail
in the winter.


Spicy! Spicy! Spicy!


It's only for a little while, Grumblegard.
Just while we search for their mom.

Well, tracking an ice dragon is easy.

You just look for the ice.

So, are you saying
you'll watch them for us then?


-You better not be gone long.
-We won't.

And don't worry,
Finny will help you watch the babies.

Hello, Mr. Gard.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.
You're leaving a human child with me, too?

Ooh, what's this? Can I touch it?

Do you have any snacks?

Do you like Odinyule? I love Odinyule.
Wanna hear an Odinyule carol?

Oh, great. A talkative one.

I can't speak dragon,
so I guess that means "yes."

♪ Gather your friends, it's Odinyule ♪

-♪ Join with your family, Odinyule ♪


Anyone seeing anything?

Nope. Just a lot of clouds, water
and some frozen chunks of ice.

Wait, chunks of ice?

Remember what Grumblegard said?

"I can't stand the cold"?

"Kids are annoying"?

"Odinyule is a silly human tradition
and a big waste of time"? [grunts]

No. If you wanna find an ice dragon,
follow the ice.

Wait, I see something else.

Right up ahead.


[Elbone] Rescue Riders!

I know I always say this,
but I sure am glad to see you.

Elbone, what happened?

Oh, you mean these?

I know red is not my color,
but we're so cold.

No, I mean why is your ship frozen in ice?

Oh, that? I was on my way back
from the Northern Markets

when I was attacked by a giant dragon!

A dragon? What did it look like?

Well, it looked dragon-y. And angry.

And it was blasting everything
in its path with ice!

Think that could be our Chillblaster mom?

But why would she be so angry?

And why would she attack a ship
filled with Odinyule presents?

I don't know, but it looks like we've got
two problems on our hands now.


Let's split up. You guys stay here

and try to get Elbone's ship
out of the ice

while Burple, Summer and I
try to find the Chillblaster mom.

[Elbone] Good luck.
Don't freeze your tails off out there!

[Chillbert sneezes]


Look. That must be
where the Chillblaster mom is.

I'd say so.

Ley, hold on.

Whoa. Whoa!


[grunts, then sighs]

[both yell]

[both] Don't blast me!

Wait, are you a mom?

A mom? No, I'm a dad.

Wait, did you just talk to me?

[gasps] You're the Rescue Riders,
aren't you?

Oh, what luck to meet the Rescue Riders
right when I need a rescue!

If you need a rescue,
why were you blasting us?

I wasn't blasting you. I was--

-[both yell]

Doing that.

I'm really sorry.

I have a terrible winter cold
and a stuffed nose,

and also a weird rash on my belly
that's probably nothing,

but with my luck, who knows?

My name's Chillbert.

It's nice to meet you!


Oh, don't worry. You can't catch this.

It's a Chillblaster-dragon thing
that's been going around.

My kids had it last week
and now I caught it. [sniffles]

Oh, I can't stand being sick
over the holidays.

Especially Odinyule.

Wait, you celebrate Odinyule?

Of course. All Chillblaster dragons do.

It's our favorite holi-- [sneezes]


Oh, but I made a big mess of it this year.

I was supposed to be taking the kids
up north

to meet up with their mom and her folks,
but my cold got worse on the way.

Before I knew it,
I sneezed myself out of the sky

and the kids were gone!

[sneezes, then thuds]

This is the first time
I've ever had the kids on my own

and I lost them!

Who's ever gonna trust me
to watch them again?

Don't worry, Chillbert.
We found your kids.

They're safe on a nearby island.

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.


And they're okay? Eating? Drinking?

Regular-looking poo-poos?

Ew. We didn't check.

They're kind of icy.

They're okay!

We'll get you back to them
and on your way to celebrate Odinyule

before you know it.

Come on, let's help him get in the air.

Um, are you sure that rash on your belly
is nothing?

Because I just got over a--

[Summer] Burple, it's fine.

Okay, everyone start flapping those wings.


I'm sorry.

I told you,

this cold just keeps getting
worse and worse.

Don't worry, Chillbert.

You have no idea how hard that is.

This time, try to bite your upper lip.
That helps me when I have to sneeze.

[all grunting]

-[Leyla] Whoa!

I think I got a little higher that time.
[chuckles] Right?

This time, try holding your breath, okay?

You can do this, I know it.

Okay. Okay.

I can do this. I can do this!

[inhales deeply]

See? It's working.

[muffled grunting]

Yes, keep it up. Just like that.

Uh, Leyla, are you sure he's okay?






Thanks, Leyla.

I could really go for some
of Grumblegard's fire fruit

right about now.

Wait a second. That's it.

Maybe the fire fruit
can help warm up Chillbert

and soothe his winter cold so he can fly.

[Chillbert sneezes]

Fire fruit?

That sounds spicy,
and spicy foods don't usually agree with--

But I'll try anything!

[grunts, then yells]


This ice is thicker than I thought.

This is definitely a job for spikes.

[grunts, then yelling]

-Yes! Cutter broke through!

You broke through, right?



And for the record,
I am not trying that again.

Don't worry,
it's time for this ice to feel the heat.

[grunts] Okay.
This might take longer than I thought.

I hope Leyla, Summer and Burple
are having better luck.

[Grumblegard grunting]

Aw, look.
Grumblegard is playing with them.

Get out of my cave!

Or maybe not. [yells]

Finally. You here to take these
tiny tail freezers home?

We sure are,
but we need something else first.

Can we have some of these?

You can have whatever you want,
if you just get out of here.

Hey, where's your brother, Dab,
and the rest of your team?

It's Dak, and they're trying
to get our friend's boat out of the ice.

He has a load of Odinyule presents,

-and it's really hard to get out of the--
-My goodness. I don't care.

Sorry I asked.

Bye, Mr. Gard! Happy Odinyule!

Oh, we left you a little present
in your cave!

Great. Another mess to clean up.


I never smile like that.

[Chillbert sneezing]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

Woo-hoo! Yeah!
This is the best Odinyule ever!

[Finngard chuckles]

Oh-ho-ho-ho, Chill-Jill, Chill-Bill
and Hank, you're okay!

I was worried sick.



Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

It's got a kick.


I-- I'm--

[inhales sharply]

I'm warming up.

Thank you so much.

Without you, I'd be sitting here
panicking and sneezing and itching,

and wondering if I'm doing all right
as a dad, and--


Well, now I don't have to worry.
About any of that.

We're happy to help, Chillbert.
Have a great Odinyule with your family.

[chuckles] You, too, Rescue Riders!

Speaking of Odinyule, it's almost morning.

I hope Dak was able
to get Elbone's ship unstuck.

[Elbone grunting]

Sorry, Rocky, but we all gotta pitch in.

I wanna say this is going well, but...

It's not?

-Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

[Elbone] Rocky!


[Leyla] Sounds like you guys
could use some help!


Leyla. Thank goodness.

-Did you find the Chillblaster mom?
-Kind of, but we can talk about it later.

Right now, we gotta get this ship
back to Huttsgalor.

It might be too late for that.
Even if we get the ship free,

we'll never be able to sail back in time
for Odinyule.

We could fly back in time,

but we can't carry all the presents
by ourselves.

You're right, but I might have an idea.

Elbone, how much rope do you have?


All right, is everyone ready?

Ready as we'll ever be.

This is the craziest plan
we've ever tried, and I love it!

Me, too!

Me not so much.

Everyone, pull!

[dragons grunting]

Come on! Give it all you've got!



[Winger] We did it!

Happy Odinyule, kids.


It's a houseboat, it's a fishing boat,
and now it's a dragon boat!

Don't worry, I'm as scared as you are.

It's okay, Elbone. We're almost home.

At least, I think we are.

Does anyone know
which way home actually is?

Not me. I can't see anything anymore.

I think I know who can help us
find our way.


I'm on it. Time to light the night.

[grunting, then chuckles]



[man 1] Where are the presents?

[girl] Oh, no.

Is Odinyule canceled?

No, no, no. It's not canceled.

We can always count on Elbone
to come through, huh? [chuckles]

Oh, dear. What am I saying?

-[all gasp]

The presents!

-Yes! Odinyule is saved!

Oh, my!

-[man 2] Oh, no!
-[boy] Whoa!



[Duggard whimpering]


[all] Oh... [cheering]

-[man 3] Yeah!

[Leyla chuckling]

Happy Odinyule to us, one and all!

And you, young man, owe me
two gold pieces for that stocking. Huh?


[Leyla] Oh.

-What's wrong, Finny?
-It's just...

All I wanted for Odinyule
was a baby dragon, and I don't see one.

Finngard, maybe you should turn around.


Grumblegard? What's he doing here?

Ah, the babies wouldn't stop squealing
that annoying carol you taught them.

Here. I'll pick them up
after all this human nonsense is done.

Yay. I do get my own baby dragons.

[chuckles, then grunts]

At least for today.

Grumblegard, wait.

You can't leave
without your Odinyule present

from the Rescue Riders.

To keep your tail warm in the winter.

You know,
I might as well just stick around

until the babies are ready to go.

No need to take two trips.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Happy Odinyule, Grumblegard.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[all] ♪ When Odinyule is underway ♪

♪ The best part of all is giving day ♪

♪ Round up your gifts without delay
It's giving day ♪

-Well, you did it, Rescue Riders.
-[all humming]

You saved Odinyule, for everyone.

You know, chief,
the tree and presents are great,

but you were right.

Odinyule really is all about family.

Aye. It sure is.

-[all] ♪ 'Cause today is giving day ♪
-[dragons humming]

♪ Open your presents right away ♪

-♪ Whatever's in there, don't dismay ♪

♪ It's the thought that counts anyway ♪

♪ It's giving day ♪