Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon (2020) - full transcript

The Rescue Riders have been asked to find a precious golden dragon egg, and keep it safe from evil pirates.


[woman] What are we doing out here?
It's too cold.

[man] If you ask me,
boss is worried about nothing.

Who's going to try anything out here?

- [grunting]
- Huh?



[grunting and shouting]

- [woman] Is that boat?
- Yes.

I think it is.

[both] Huh?

[speaking in Spanish]

[laughs, then grunts]

As I suspected.

I must get this to the Rescue Riders.

♪ Everybody needs a hero ♪

♪ Someone to save the day ♪

♪ We've got a wing to ride on ♪

♪ We are the bold and brave ♪

♪ Look to the sky and you will find us ♪

♪ High above the world ♪

♪ Racing through the sky ♪

♪ High above the world ♪

♪ We rescue and we ride ♪

♪ There's nothing we can't do ♪

♪ Together we can't lose ♪

♪ We're high above the world ♪

[all yawning]


Good morning, everyone,

wait till you try this new game
I just learned.

Find the Southern Lobster.


So, where's the lobster?

Uh... That one?

Wow. You're good.

- Burple, where did you learn this game?
- From him.

Hola, Rescue Riders.

Waldondo Del Mundo!

Team, grab him.

[laughing and grunting]

We are friends, no?

We are friends, no.

[Waldondo shouts]

That tickles.

But this rude reception, it hurts me.

Hurts you? You tried to kidnap us
last time we saw you.

Oh, to be fair,
I was only after the dragons,

so it was really more of a dragon-napping.

- Does he think we forgot that?
- Ah-ah-ah.

I am here to make it up to you,
after you guess where the lobster is.

Don't waste your time.
The lobster is behind his back.


How'd you know, Cutter?

It takes a trickster to catch a trickster.

Okay. Wrap him up.
We're taking him to Marena.

The lobster?

No, you.

This is surprisingly comfortable.

She's behind us.

[Marena] Wrong!


- Liar.
- Do-gooder.


Stick in the mud.

Betrayer of trust.

A spoilsport.

Why are you still wearing this?
Wood is not a good look for you.

It made the little ones feel safer.


- That took longer than I expected. Ha, ha.
- I was trying to be polite.

[both] Mm.

They have a very weird relationship.

Marena, you're hugging him?

He tried to kidnap us.

Ah, he was really only after the dragons,
so it was more of a dragon-napping.

I told you.

So, you just forgive him?

Dak, you must always forgive.


But never forget.


What are you after this time, Waldondo?

Oh, querida. You wound me.

I am here to make amends.

To help save a dragon.


It's true.

Have you ever heard of the Golden Dragon?

You mean the dragon
that, according to legend,

only lays one egg every hundred years?

An egg that happens to be made
of solid gold?

Ah, so, that is why you are here.
You plan to steal it, Waldondo.

Not me. But this is the year the
Golden Dragon is supposed to lay her egg.

And some very bad pirates
have a map to her nest.

Have you ever heard of Erik the Wretched?

- A brute and a villain.
- Huh?

He carries a huge hammer,

and he does not care
who or what gets smashed

as long as he gets what he wants.

If this pirate has a map
to the Golden Dragon and we don't,

how can we stop him from stealing the egg?

Well, I managed to obtain...

He means stole.

a copy of that map.

- Huh. And it has a hole in it.
- Sí, just like the original.

It's covered in riddles.

Aye. The story goes that many years ago,

a lover of dragons, not unlike yourselves,
found the nest of the Golden Dragon.

He made a map, so he could return,

but to keep the location secret,
he hid the directions in these riddles.

And now you want us to help you
find the egg?

Yeah, we're not falling
for that trick again.

No, no, no. This map is for you.
You must save the dragon's egg.

What is going on here?

Oh, I am done
with the adventurous life, querida.

I am going to settle down.

Perhaps be a fisherman.

[gasps, then shouts]

My first catch.

If pirates really are looking
for the Golden Egg...

The baby dragon inside is in big trouble.

Then it looks like we better head back
to the Roost

and gear up for a treasure hunt.

- More like a dragon hunt.
- Let's fly.

Good luck, Rescue Riders.

Be safe.

And trust no one.

That's a given when you're around.

Que? What did he say?

He said thanks for the advice.

That's not what he said, is it?

I doubt it.

[lobster squeaks]


That looks like the island on the map.

It also looks like someone beat us to it.

[Leyla] Look at the sail. Crossed hammers.

That could be Erik the Wretched's ship.

Hmm? Dragons!

Defend your ship!


Don't let them escape! Yes! Good shot!

- Get the other one! He's up in the air!
- Hold your fire!

- [all] Huh?
- Don't you see the kids on those dragons?

These must be the legendary Rescue Riders.

Finally, we get some respect.

[Erik] You there, come on down.

Let's do some bargaining.

Oh, come on. I guarantee your safety.

We won't attack you.

What do you think?

I'd rather talk than fight.
But let's play it safe.

Aggro, Cutter, Burple, cover us.

Welcome to my ship, Rescue Riders.

I am Erik the Wretched.

We know who you are.
Waldondo told us all about you.

Oh, he did, did he?

Well, he told me about you, too.

How you and your dragon pals
helped him search for Odin's Gem.

Have you come to help me, too?

Not if you're after the egg
of the Golden Dragon.

Which I am.

We're not going help you steal an egg
from its mother.

In fact, we're gonna find that egg first
and keep it safe.

Oh, really?

Come over here.

We're not changing our minds.


Really? No chance?

Oh, my.

This does put me in a bit of a pickle.

- Huh?
- Well, I put a little show on for my crew.

"Argh, attack!"
"Fight to the end," and all that.

But I really don't like fighting.

Can't we work something out?

No! We aren't going to help you steal
the Golden Dragon's egg

so you can be rich.

Now, when you say it like that,
it does seem a bit harsh.

How about this?

You help me steal the egg
and I promise to...

probably give you the baby dragon
inside it after it hatches.

[both] Huh?

No? Not possible?

Total nonstarter?

Absolutely not.

Oh, this is unfortunate.

You see, I did promise my crew
some golden booty.

You know, riches and whatnot.


Sure you can't help?

Just a little bit?

Teensy bit?

Eensy, teensy bit?

- No!
- No!




- [woman] Here we go!
- Really sorry about this.

Fight to the end!

[both shout]

That should slow you down.


It's Burple from above!

- Fire!
- Stay back! It's a trap!

It's Burple staying back!

If you are smart, you won't follow us.

Again, terribly sorry.

Let's go, crew!

"The golden path is where fortunes bloom.

The other three only lead to doom."

There it is, the golden path!

Let's go!


After them!

- No. Wait!
- No. Wait!

They got the clue wrong.

I agree.

That golden cave is way too obvious.

The key word is bloom. Look.


Maybe not.

We should go this way.

What? Why?

The clue says
the golden path is where fortunes bloom.

And what's golden?

Silence is golden.

At least that's what Aggro tells me
when she thinks I'm talking too much.

I have said that.

A lot.

Your cave is too loud.

This one isn't.

Come on, silence is golden?

That's a trick answer.

It's not logical.


But if I made a map

and I didn't want anyone
to follow it too easily,

- I'd make it as tricky as possible.
- That does make sense.

Illogical sense.

- So, which way do we go?
- Both.

But we only have one map.

Which is why I'm writing down
the next few clues in my Dragon Diary.

Cutter, you, Aggro and I
will try this cave.

Summer, Leyla and Burple, try that one.

- Good luck.
- You too, sis.


And what's on the walls? Are they nets?

[shouts] No! They're Tangle Vines!

Look out!

[all shouting]



Oh, no, you don't, you overgrown weed!

Smooth going so far.

[chuckles] Silence is golden?

Cutter really thinks
that's what the clue means?

The yellow flowers were the clue.

It's obvious this is the right cave.

Maybe too obvious?

- What do you mean...?
- Burple, look out!

You know what I think is obvious?

That we're in big trouble here!

That doesn't prove anything!

This is the right cave.

[Dak] So far so good.

[Aggro] Uh, you think so?

'Cause I don't see any golden dragons

I don't see any golden eggs.

I don't see any golden anything.

[Winger] Which way do we go?

What's the next clue on the map?

"You won't be alone
if you go the right way,

but don't be afraid,
some light can save the day."

Won't be alone? What's that mean?

[Aggro] Hmm.

I hear something moving down this way.

So, I guess we won't be alone.

Let's go this way.


- [gulps]
- Be ready for anything.



Didn't you just say be ready for anything?

Yeah, but I didn't know it would be bugs.

What do we do?



What was the rest of the clue?

Some light can save the day? [gasps]

Aggro, time to light the night.


It worked!

Maybe for you.

Light them up.

Let's go.

[Aggro] "Oh, bugs!" What was that?

[Winger] Hey, they creep me out.

[Aggro] Yeah, me, too.


We made it. We're okay.

Yeah. We just almost got boiled,

and I'm totally scared
of what's gonna happen next.

But sure, for now, I guess okay.

Sure, we hit a few traps,

but that doesn't mean
we chose the wrong cave.

Who knows what kind of trouble
Cutter and the others are having, right?

That's actually a good point...

[all shouting]

If we weren't dragons...

We'd still be falling.

Okay, okay,
maybe Cutter was right after all.


It's been quiet for a while.

Too quiet.

- Would you prefer more bugs?
- Quiet is good.

Let's focus on the important stuff, okay?

Like the fact
that I figured out all the clues

and put us on the right path toward...

A wall?

This can't be right.

So, we both picked the wrong cave?

When did you get here? [grunts]

Just now.

Our cave turned out to be a trap,

so we decided to find you
and see how you were doing.

Those bugs were really scary.

And they tasted terrible.


What? I like to try new things.

Well, you got here just in time
for us to reach a dead end.

What's the next clue?

"Nothing is the secret key
to unlock the door you see

and find the next place to be."

Um, am I the only one
who doesn't see a door?

Nope. None of us do.

Phew. A lot of times I'm the only one
who doesn't get stuff.

This time we're all stumped, Burps.

I must have gotten one of the clues wrong.

Maybe we should try another cave.

Not so fast.

Um, am I the only one who sees a door?

We all see the door now, Burple.

Just checking.

This seems too easy.

Why? Because you didn't figure it out
and I did?

Now we just need a key.

"Nothing is the secret key."


Maybe we don't need a key.
Maybe anything can open it.

- Dak, don't even think about it.
- [laughs]


[all shouting]

Just kidding.


[all groaning]

It worked.

Time to go find a golden egg. Huh?

[all shouting]

[Svetlana] Move! Move! Make way!

Coming through! Coming through!

Please. To form a path.

Excellent. I knew the dragon talkers
would lead me right to my treasure.

The nest of the Golden Dragon.

Oh, great, more pirates.

Just what we needed.

Svetlana the Sly, at your service.

Svetlana the Sly?

Sly enough to let Waldondo steal my map,

knowing he would take it to his friends,
the Rescue Riders.

Well, I wouldn't call Waldondo our friend.

Sly enough to follow you here.

Sly enough to let you solve
the riddles of the map for me.

And sly enough
to bring along the Belzium magnet

to keep you out of my way.

If you're so sly, why couldn't you just
figure out the riddles for yourself?


maybe I didn't want to.

You have begun to bore me!

To the Golden Dragon, first mate Yorgi!


- Oof!
- We've failed. She's gonna get the egg.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

[Svetlana] Disappointed!

- Quick, hide the map.
- [grunts]



She looks like Svetlana the Sly-tly Upset.

What did little dragon say?

Did she call me little?

[all] Ow, ow, ow!

Sorry. Sorry.

What's the matter, Svetlana?

No nest?

No golden egg?

[speaking in Russian]

What kind of game are you playing with me?

- None.
- We're as surprised as you are.

Hand over my map.

Map? What map?

You are not very good liar.

Yes, I am.

Uh... I mean, I'm not lying.


I want my map!

We don't have your map.
Erik the Wretched took it.

He's probably in the right cave
using it to find the egg as we speak.



This better not be trick.

Or I'll be back.

No one outsmarts Svetlana the Sly.

Did we outsmart her?

I really hope we outsmarted her.

Sure did.

But it won't matter
if we can't get free from this magnet.

I think I can help with that.


[all grunt]

Nice shooting, Burps.

I've been practicing my pebble work.


Now what do we do?

Go after Svetlana?

I guess so.

As Summer would say, not so fast.

You see something?

Yes. The shape of the map.

Carved in the door.
What was that clue again?

Burple, map me.

"Nothing is the secret key
to unlock the door you see

and find the next place to be."

Let's see if it fits.

- Perfect.
- Look where the hole is.

The piece of rock fits through it

- So?
- Nothing is the secret key. Remember?

- What's a hole made of?
- [Summer] Nothing.

Very tricky.

- [gears turning]
- [gasps]


- [all gasping]
- Huh?


[Leyla] "Nothing is the secret key
to unlock the door you see

and find the next place to be."

So, I guess that island
is the next place to be.

[speaking in Spanish]

- [all] Waldondo?
- Steve?


Congratulations, mis amigos.


I knew you would figure out the map.

Well, it was mostly Cutter.

Ah, the one who figured out
my lobster trick.

But of course,
you are sharp in more ways than one, huh?

Waldondo, what are you doing here?

It's complicated.

After you stole Svetlana's map
you knew she was following you,

so you gave us the map
knowing she would follow us

and you could follow her?

Okay, maybe it's not that complicated.

Maybe not for you guys.

Huh. So, that is where
the Golden Dragon egg is.


You are right, Svetlana.
She is a bad liar.

- [all] Huh?
- [speaking in Spanish]

- Hey!
- [laughs]

Come on, do you really think
I would be working with Svetlana?

Every pirate for themself.

That is the pirate code.

Well, that and never ask to borrow
a man's wooden leg.

Can I blast him? Maybe just a little bit?

Now, if you will excuse me,
I have a golden egg to steal.

Come on, Waldondo, you can't outrun us.

- We have dragons.
- [sighs]

This is true.

But maybe...

I don't have to.


I did tell you to trust no one.

It was a fun game, but now it's over.

Adiós, Rescue Riders!

[Waldondo laughing]

Oh, this game isn't over.

You should have let me blast him.

I've got something for you to blast.

These rocks!



See? We're getting it.

Keep firing.

Okay, maybe we weren't getting it.

We haven't made a dent.

Waldondo and the others have
a pretty big head start to the next clue.

Which is why we gotta keep hitting
this wall with everything we got.

Or instead of trying to go out
the way we came in,

we could just blast over here.

It does look a lot easier
than clearing all these rocks.

Great thinking, Cutter.

On one, two...



I thought we were going on two.

Have we ever gone on two?

Let's try this again. On one, two,

and three!

[all grunting]

[all cheering]

Great job. Let's go.

I don't know, guys,
maybe we could try going on two sometimes.

Why does three get to have all the fun?

Way to go, Cutter.

Sometimes you come up
with some great ideas

- I never would've thought of.
- Dak's right.

You know what, Cutter?

I think you should take the lead
for the rest of this mission.

Sure, I'd be happy to.

Wait, did you say take the lead?

Like, be the leader?

And do leader-y stuff? Like lead?

Yeah. You've been the best
at figuring out all these clues.

And all of Waldondo's tricks.

Even that lobster-behind-the-back thing.

Eh, I don't know.

I usually just like to hang in the back
and make jokes.

Cutter, every dragon has his day,
and today is yours.

We need you, buddy. We need you out front.

Planning. Figuring out clues.
And making split-second decisions

that will affect the fate
of the Golden Egg and all of us,

your very best friends.

What do you say?

Now I really don't want the leader job.

That's too bad.

I'll bet it would've been a lot of fun
getting to boss everyone around.

Nice try, Burps, but I won't change my...

Wait, did you say boss everyone around?

I'll do it.

Good. Because look.

Waldondo, Erik the Wretched
and Svetlana the Sly

are already on their way

- to the other island.
- Huh?


Looks like Waldondo still has our map.

If we don't get it back,

he'll beat us to the Golden Dragon
and steal her egg.

Come on.


We must beat Waldondo and Svetlana
to the Golden Egg!

Don't mind us, just passing through.

[man] Let's go, lads!

Oh, my, this is unexpected.

No one beats Svetlana the Sly,

especially not the dragon talkers
of Huttsgalor!

Ah. Rescue Riders.

I must admit,
I am surprised to see you so soon.

I'll bet you are.

Now give up!

[laughs] I said surprised, not unprepared.

Amigos, fuego!

Look out!

- What are those?
- Whoa!

I don't know,
but I know I don't like them.

[shouts] Come on. Do they really think
these things will stop a dragon

as sharp as me?

Cool moves, guys.

my moves aren't as cool or sharp or hot!


We got you, Burp!



Thanks, guys.


What is...

this stuff?

[Dak] Oh, no. I think it's dragon pepper.

Svetlana really is sly.

Be careful, everyone.

If that stuff gets too close to you...


You'll sneeze yourself
right out of the sky.

Not again!

H-2-on it, Cut!

This is crazy!

How are we gonna fight three pirates?

We're not going to. Follow me.

I have an idea.


Jesus, take the wheel.



Why are we going the wrong way?


No one drives this ship but Waldondo!

And sometimes Jesus.

Yorgi, prepare to fire more dragon pepper!

- [both] Blah...
- Huh?


Oh. Two can play at that game.

Fire back!

Oh, no. Wait!

No! Stop firing, compadres!

This is what they want us to do!

We'll be taking this back now.
Thanks, Waldondo!

Ehh... I must at least give them points
for style.

We don't have to fight them
if they're busy fighting each other.

Awesome plan, Cutter.

Looks like you are the best one
to lead this mission.

You kidding? Of course I am.

Boy, he sure came around fast.

To the Golden Dragon!

What's next, Ley?

Uh, next clue says,
"To find the end, you'll need a beast.

Who helps you most,
you'll expect the least."

Well, Cutter, what do you think?


Well, if I wrote that clue,

I'd think it means that some animal here
is gonna help us find the nest.

I have an idea.

Look. Maybe it's sheep.

They're pretty smart, like Haggis.



See? A hug.

They're smart and friendly.

Hugs shouldn't hurt, guys.

That's actually the first rule of hugging.


Let's get out of here.


The map!

Oh, no!

Wing, cover me.

Wait, you're not gonna...
Yep, he's doing it.



All right. [gasps]



Sorry, lunch is gonna have to wait.



I think we can cross sheep
off the helpful beast list.


But what animal can it be?


I would say not these guys.


- Hmm.
- Cutter, let's go!

Remember the second part of the clue?

It said...

Who helps you most,
you'll expect the least.

[Cutter] Exactly.

And we sure wouldn't expect wolves
to help us, would we?




I knew it.

Those sheep may not have hugged you,

but I think this wolf just kissed me.


[chuckles] That tickles.


I think they're gonna lead us
to the nest of the Golden Dragon.

Come on!

[Svetlana] So, it comes down
to the three of us.

We have a bit of a problem, no?

[laughs] You have a problem.

I have a map.

Not for long.

[both coughing]

Oh, dear.

[all grunting]


[speaking in Spanish]

I'll have that back.

[Svetlana] Nyet, I want it.

I have a better idea, compadres.




I'm gonna hammer you for this!

Before you try, can we talk?


I do hope you have an idea.

I don't relish the thought
of giving you a right good walloping.

I do.

Amigos, we couldn't figure out the clues
on that map.

Speak for yourself.

Even if you could, Svetlana,
the Rescue Riders are too far ahead.

But we all want the same thing, no?

The fabled Golden Egg,

with a shell made of enough gold
to make a pirate rich.

Or maybe even three pirates.

[both] Mm.

Sure feels weird running with wolves
instead of from them.

Enjoy it while you can, Burps.


Is the Golden Dragon in there?
Is that what you're trying to tell us?


I'll take that as a yes.


What is this place?

[Dak] I don't know.

But I think
it's right where we need to be.

Of course it's where we need to be.

My awesome leadership got us here.

I think you're forgetting those wolves?

Oh, yeah.
They think I'm pretty awesome, too.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!


Would've been so great
if that opened just now. Wouldn't it?

There's gotta be a way.

Maybe it has something to do with those?

Are those dragons?

I think they're just carvings of dragons,

Oh, that's probably what you meant.

[Leyla] And over here,
I think these are dragon classes.

Dragon classes?

Each dragon falls
into one of seven different classes.

Strike, Tracker, Boulder and more.

I have the same ones
in my Dragon Diary, see?

But what does it all mean?

Hmm. Check the next clue, Ley.

"To find the nest,
the right dragons must be impressed."

That must have something to do
with these buttons.

We have to press them.


Wait, there's more.

"Only those who know dragons
can have it all.

Everyone else will be very small.

And before you're through,
don't forget who watches over you."

That's a lot of clue.


Um... I'm not sure.

Oh. Maybe we should ask the wolves again.

Hey, I'm doing the best I can here.

Wait a second.

What if we're supposed to match
each dragon to its dragon class?

Yeah, that makes sense.

See? Sometimes leadership
is letting someone else lead.


First one is a Monstrous Nightmare. Ley?

Monstrous Nightmares are Stoker Class,
like Aggro.

I'm the same class
as a Monstrous Nightmare?


- [shouts]
- Hmm?

It worked.

Do the next one.

- Next one is a Gronckle.
- Oh, that looks like me.

So it's gotta be Strike Class.


- Burple, no!
- Burple. Winger is a Strike Class.

You're a Boulder Class!


Winger and I are just alike
in so many other ways.

[both] Huh?

Uh, I think we just figured out
what the rest of the clue means!

Yeah, everyone else will be very small.

As in, squished like us.

I don't wanna be small.

I'm a big dragon and I like it.

We're doomed!


Oh. That wasn't so bad.

For now, but we better not make
any more mistakes.

- Oh, no pressure, sis.
- Yeah, no pressure at all.


Whoo. Okay. Let's try this again.

Gronckle, Boulder.


Nice job.
Next one looks like a Zippleback.

Mystery Class, I hope.

You hope?


You're doing great, Ley.

This one looks like a Deadly Nadder.

Right. They're Sharp Class.

No, wait, Tracker!

What? But I already hit Sharp!

[both groaning]

I've never appreciated
being the smallest dragon so much before.

Okay, one more time.

- Nadder...
- Tracker.

Almost there. One dragon left.

And three classes to choose from.

Better get it right.

'Cause one more squeeze
and we really are doomed.

Uh, the last one looks like...

a Night Fury.

Night Fury?

But they're super rare.
I don't know anything about them.

Tidal, Sharp or Strike.

Tidal, it's not a water dragon.

Sharp, it doesn't have spikes.


It must be... It's Strike!

You did it. But the door's
still not open enough to fly through.

Oh, come on, this is so unfair!

I don't understand.
There aren't any more dragons to try.

Yes, there is.

That one!


But how did you...?

Remember the last part of the clue?

Before you're through,
don't forget who watches over you.


So, you guys coming or what?


We did it. We found the Golden Egg.

But where's the...?

[Gemma] Who dares invade
the nest of the Golden Dragon?

We're not invading.

We're the Rescue Riders
and we're here to help.

Oh, wait.
How does that human child speak dragon?

It's a great story,
but we don't have time for it right now.

We're here to help protect your egg.

Help? Ha!

You really think I need help
from a bunch of kids?

I can take care of my own egg.

We're sure you can,
but there are a lot of pirates coming...

[Gemma] You think I'm not tough? [grunts]

Anyone gets in my way
and they'll have to deal with this!

Wait. You have a glitter attack?

It's not glitter. It's my golden blast.

Oh, okay, a golden glitter attack.

Do you know how hard it is
to wash this stuff off?

Not to mention you get it in your eyes?
Itch city.

You really think any of you can do better?



Maybe I'm...
Maybe I'm glad you're here after all.

Name's Gemma.

So, what's this about pirates?

- That's right. There are three ships and...
- Wait.

Those ships out there are pirate ships?

You've seen them?


- They're just sitting out there.
- [Winger] We're surrounded.

[Leyla] Oh, no.

They've teamed up.
The second we fly out of this mountain,

they'll see us
and know where the Golden Dragon is.

- And if we try to move her egg...
- They'll see that, too.

Exactly. They're working together now.

Wait, working together?

What about [in Spanish accent]
every pirate for themselves?

Heh. Are you doing Waldondo?

That was a horrible Waldondo.

Don't worry, Gemma,
those pirates aren't getting your egg.

Not unless they wanna get blasted!

Yeah, you're right,
it is kind of glittery.

Cutter, what's the plan?

- Me? No, I can't be the leader anymore.
- Why not?

Because it was my plan
to make the pirates fight.

That backfired on us
and got them working together.

I knew I should've stayed in the back
and made jokes.

That's not true, Cutter.

We wouldn't be here without you.

I wouldn't even know what bucket
that lobster was under without you.

Good point, Burps.

Okay. I'm still the leader.

And I have a plan.

Gemma, looks like we're gonna need
some of your glitter after all.

Knew you would.

Golden blast!

Looks like it's our lucky day.
They're coming right at us.

After them!


Aha! The first egg was decoy.

Go, go, go!

[Jesus] Waldondo?

Shouldn't we go after them?

I do not think so.


Here comes my lobster.

- Lobster?
- Just take the wheel, Jesus.

We've got company.

Oh, no!


It's a fake.

After the others!

Here we go! Yeah, yeah!

Da, keep driving them that way!

This part of the sea is very slippery.


Oh, no!

I got it! I got it!

It got me.


The purple one and the spiky one
must have the real egg.

- They're all after us now, Cutter.
- Just keep flapping those wings, Burps!

- We are all going to share egg, da?
- Aye! That was our deal!

But of course!


Oh... [whistling]


Oh, my friends.



Huh? [groans]


Oh, if you can't trust a pirate,
who can you trust?

Hola, dragonitos.

Come to Waldondo.

He got me!

- [Yorgi shouts]
- Huh?


Huh? Yorgi, what are you doing?

- Querida?
- As I said, Waldondo,

forgive, but never forget. Ha, ha!

[grunting and shouting]

Talk about a classic Marena entrance.

Burple, look out!

The egg! Summer!

[man] There it is! There it is.

It's gone.

- What?
- Oh, no.

[all gasping]



Oh, bother.


I never should have gone with your plan!

Teamwork and sharing
is not the pirate way!

But revenge is.

And I'm going to start with you,
fake Yorgi!


I think not.

No one gets revenge on Marena, except me.

But that is for another day.

My parting gift to you, querida.

Go with your dragon friends,
I will deal with this riffraff.

[grunting and shouting]

- So, where is the real egg?
- Huh?


The only way we could make all the pirates
stop chasing the egg...

Was to make them think
it was lost forever.

- Clever plan.
- Thank you, Rescue Riders.

Turns out I needed your help after all.
You saved my egg just in time.


Aw... So cute.


So gross.

What is it doing?

What all our babies do after they hatch.
How do you think we get our golden blast?

[closing music playing]