Dragons Forever (1988) - full transcript

Jackie Chan stars as a hot-shot lawyer hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways. But when he falls for a beautiful woman out to stop the plant, Jackie is torn in a conflict of interest and asks his trusty friends Samo and Biao to help out at least until they discover the true purpose of the plant.

Executive producer: Raymond chow

producer: Leonard ho

planning: Jackie chan, Corey yuen

starring: Jackie chan

starring: Sammo hung

starring: Yuen biao

co-starring: Deannie ip, pauline yeung

production manager: Jessica chan
executive planning: Barney wu

screenplay: Szeto cheuk-hon

story: Edward leung, Gordon chan

have some tea.

You're too kind.

Executive director: Corey yuen

director: Sammo hung

boss wah, we fought for the reputation
we have here and now with our bare hands.

But... today is not like yesteryear.

We can't possibly spend the rest of
our days with blood-soaked hands, right?

Right. You have a point.

Brother wah, let me speak frankly.

Two days ago, your men intercepted
a whole tonne of my cargo at sai sha.

If you wish to speak frankly,
you also shouldn't waste your breath.

Brother wah, are you saying
that you don't take any responsibility?

- Of course not! Why wouldn't I?
- Then how will you make this right by me?

That cargo has to be refined by me
before it can be sold anyway.

I'll make this right by you
in our own time, old fung.

Be careful next time.

Wah Sam-mou, you...

Look at that. You knocked on my door,
and we've already lost two lives.

It's just a misunderstanding!

Brother wah, whatever you do,
don't kill me!

Don't kill me!

Brother wah, don't kill me...!

Fine! I won't kill you.

Thank you, brother wah!

Thank you, brother wah!

Brother wah! You...

You said you wouldn't kill me...

I didn't kill you.

Boss, what do we do with this one?

You're out of a job now, right?

Tomorrow, you start working for me.

Thank you, boss wah!

Thank you, boss wah!

You want some money?

- What are you saying?
- Nothing.

I just wanted to give you
some spending money.

- What's the catch?
- Mou si-shing wants you to let it go.

I'm not letting it go.

I have to nail that pothead shing!

Rape me, will he...

Listen to me,
I'm only looking out for you.

Looking out for me?
Looking out for me how?

You're gonna lose this lawsuit for sure.

If you lose the lawsuit,
you'll offend someone ruthless.

Why not take the money,
and make a ruthless friend instead?

You're not the judge,
how do you know I'll lose for sure?

You won't know unless I try.

Mr lung, looks like
you're having trouble too.

Who are you people?

What bullshit!
They're pothead shing's boys, of course.

Ah... missy, you're a real bitch!

Hey! Don't do anything rash!

Mr lung, you do you, I do me, ok?


That's enough!

It's none of your business!

Help me...!

Help me...!

Hey! Come out!

No! Stop...! No...

- Go back and tell pothead...
- Die!

Are you alright?

Stop acting, you're in on it too!

I'm acting?!

Objection! The defence is insinuating
the plaintiff is wanton and unrestrained.

Hostesses at nightclubs are trying
to make an honest living.

That is not “wanton and unrestrained”.

In the real world,

“wanton and unrestrained”
is free of charge.

Objection overruled.

In order to stop wasting the court's time
and taxpayers' money,

as the defendant's legal representative,
I enter a plea of no-contest.

In light of the testimony provided
by the plaintiff

casting doubts
on the prosecution's own evidence,

I ask that the court rule in favour
of the defendant

given the benefit of the doubt.

I reason that,
within the boundaries of the law,

the defendant did not rape the plaintiff.

However, from an ethical standpoint,
he was in the wrong.

Objection! The defence is misleading.

The court is about law, not ethics!

Objection sustained.

Stenographer, disregard the last
two statements by the defence.

Your honour, with that,
I conclude my closing statement.

The defendant, mou si-shing, arise.

Before I deliver my verdict,

I must first thank the professionalism
displayed by both counsels.

The prosecution's arguments were brief
but to the point.

The defence's choice to enter
a plea of no-contest,

saving the court valuable time,
has my utmost admiration.

The court now finds the defendant,
mou si-shing,

not guilty of the charge of rape.

This case does not need to be referred
to the supreme court.

The defendant is free to go.
Court dismissed.

You have my thanks, attorney lung.

You hit someone inside the courtroom.

Even if the person you hit
doesn't sue you, the court will!

- I know.
- Why'd you do it, then?

Are you my boss or my assistant,
talking to me like that?

I was hired by your boss
to be your assistant!

- Where are you off to?
- Qver to courtroom 2.

There's a wife beater case.

- And then?
- Having lunch.

What a coincidence, I'm also having lunch.
Why don't we go together?

What does laughing mean?

It means I'll do it
since we're both having lunch.

12 o'clock sharp,
I'll see you at the entrance.


Hey, where were we just now?

I was saying how I was hired
by your boss to be your assistant!

This isn't the place to ask
such simple questions.

- Where are you off to?
- Into the bathroom.

- And then?
- Qut of the bathroom.

- And then?
- What do you think?

- Coffee?
- Sure.

- I haven't seen you around lately.
- You just don't see me lately.

- See you soon.
- Alright.




Ah! Miss ip, how are you?

Have you given it any thought?

What I want is not compensation.

What I want is for your factory
to stop work.

Fix the drainage system,
and then you can resume operations.

Every day your factory doesn't stop work,

is another day the polluted water
flows down into my fishery.

My fish are almost all dead.

How much is your fishery worth?
I'll buy it.

Being rich doesn't mean
you can do whatever you want.

My fishery is not for sale.

From your tone,
you don't seem like someone in business.

Even if you're in business,
you still need to be ethical.

Don't destroy the natural ecosystem,
don't pollute the environment.

You're starting to lose me now.

Look, miss ip.

I'm a businessman,
and I only know how to do business.

I haven't a clue when it comes
to anything else.

How about this?

Make me an offer.

I'll give you the asking price.

Stop work at the factory? I can't do that.

How much is your factory? I'll buy it!

Our conversation ends here.

I'm going to court to get an injunction
to stop work at your factory.

I'll see you in court then, miss ip.

Boss, I'll help you get rid of her.

Shut it.

Get a lawyer who hasn't really worked
for us to play with her.

If this thing makes it to court,
it'll be a very long game.

We're too busy with production
to let anything happen to the plant.


- Have some tea.
- Thank you. Thank you.

Attorney man, it's been a while.

- Hey, why haven't I seen you at the track?
- I've been out at sea a lot lately.

Let me introduce you.

This is miss wan Mei-ling.

A geography lecturer at hk university,
expert in water quality.

- She is our chief witness in this case.
- How do you do?

This is attorney lung yeuk-hon.
He is in charge of this case.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

Attorney man?

- Let's get down to business.
- Fine.

Some printouts.

Attorney man, can this case be settled
out of court?

Of course!

Wah enterprises stops work immediately,

and changes the location
of the drainage system.

My client is willing to pay any price
except stop work.

My client is willing to pay any price...

As long as work is stopped.

This situation is the best.
Everyone's wants are very clear.

That's right...

When it comes to lawsuits, win or lose,
us lawyers still get paid!

Miss wan, what was the standard you based
your water quality evaluation on?

I followed the 1986 standard set out
by the commonwealth health organisation.

The commonwealth?
It's really complicated, isn't it?

Well, it certainly isn't simple.

If it was, I wouldn't have had to study
for all those years.

Right. Whenever you're free,

why don't you explain
this standard to me over dinner?

Everything I need to say
is written in my report.

Hm, alright, then.

Let's call an end to this meeting.

- I need to rush over to the courthouse.
- Very well...

Hey, let's go yum cha
whenever you're free.

- We shouldn't only meet over work.
- Sure... fine...

- I'm going now, I'm in a hurry.
- 0ok.

- I'll see her out for you.
- Thank you.

It would've been better
if your trial was on a bit later,

we could've squeezed in
another round, right?

- Miss wan, where are you off to now?
- The library.

- And then?
- Having lunch.

I'm also having lunch.
Why don't we go together?

I can't.

- Why can't you?
- I'm used to eating lunch by myself.

I'm also used to eating lunch by myself!

What I hate the most is a whole bunch
of people just doing whatever.

How about we have Japanese?

I can't.

What about Korean, then?

What I'm saying is:
I'm not having lunch with you.

Hey! It's only lunch!

Hey! We can't even have lunch?!

So eating lunch means
eating her dust, huh?

You should've worked up
quite an appetite now.

Sucking on such a big lemon!

Every piece here is a beauty.

This is a .38.

The same kind used by plain clothes.

$700 each.

10% off.

Here... 45 Colt.

Your colleagues are most familiar
with this one. Huh?

$2200 each.

There's more.

This one's a beauty.

M-177 automatic rifle.

One cartridge holds 15 bullets.

Continuous rapid fire.

Even cops will turn tail if they see this.
I'm not kidding.

- Is it the real deal?
- It's not the real deal?

It's got sound, lights, shell casings:
Just like the real deal!

We'll take the whole lot!

In that case, thank you very much.

I'll give you guys a 20% discount.

What now, fatty?

I'm very sorry.

Cash. No credit.

Hey... we were introduced
by big brother shing.

When big brother shing bought
some hand grenades from me the last time,

I didn't even give him a discount!

If we had $70,000,
would we still need to do a robbery?

You've got no money,
but wanna do a robbery?



$15 for a watermelon knife.

Buy one, get one free. Take 'em.

Fat bastard, you've never had a taste
of our revolutionary warrior might!

You scumbags... wanna pick on me?!

Do you know what I used to sell
before I sold guns?!

Martial arts!


- Wong fei-hung? What're you doing?
- What am I doing?

- I just finished a fight.
- A fight?

Hey, see you in half an hour
at the usual spot.

See me?
Do you have something good though?

Not just something good...
It's something great!

Your great thing is this place?

That fishery over there's worth
around $10,000,000.

15% commission,
that's something good, right?

Pretty good...
But it'll be hard to swallow for sure.

If it wasn't hard,
I wouldn't have called you.

Hong Kong fishery

get lost!

- Get lost! Hurry up and get lost!
- Miss ip, stop...!

Don't let me see you broker fellas again!
If I do, I'll be spraying you with petrol!

This sister's got a whole lot of money!
The fishery isn't for sale!

Hey, any ideas?

No problem.

Old man, take the boat back.

H-hey... hey...!

You're a burglar!

Hey! It's me - Jackie!

Hey! Stop... hey! Hey...

Hey! Stop...!

Hey, I'm...!

Hey! Take a good look at who I am!

Who're you?!

How can you not see this up close?!
It's me - Jackie!

- I can't see!
- It's me...

Hey! It's me!

I told you I was Jackie!

Hey, what're you doing?

What's wrong?

I saw someone just now.

That was me.

What're you doing here?

I'm looking for your light switch!

You can't even find a light switch?!


How about a coffee?


What'd you want from me?

Oh, nothing...

I just wanna borrow your rooftop-flying,
wall-running kung fu, brother biao,

to break into a house...
And install a bug for me.

Is that how you keep fish?

Don't add sugar and don't add milk.

Sugar and milk can easily pollute
the purity of coffee.

Didn't you know?

Oh, I know...

What'd you say just now?

Oh... I said I want you to help me...

The last thing you said.

These fish... represent my life.

Constantly moving forward,

never looking back!

What'd you want from me?

I'm telling you to put a bug
inside a house for me!

Let's get some fresh air first!

These birds... are adherents of capitalism.

These fish... are adherents of communism.

Both ideologies are different.

Do you understand?

I don't understand.

I only know that you're killing them.

What'd you want from me?

I'm telling you to put a bug
inside a house for me.

Something as unethical
as installing a bug...

Even you'll do it?

Wouldn't it be better if I grab a knife,
hold it to their throat,

and get them to tell you everything?

This idea of yours is very good, but...

You don't have to do anything at all.

Let's pretend I was never here.

No way!

You're my friend.

Your problems, are my problems.

I have to help you!

Out with it.

What did you want from me?

I wanted you to put a bug
inside a house for me.

Stop laughing! Are you being serious?

Yes... I was before...

The pressures of society are too great...

You're now a bit mental.


Who're you looking for,
hammering away like that?!

Who am I looking for?

More like who are you?
What're you doing in my house?!

Your house?!

- Which house is your house?!
- 9 lok yeung road, block a.

This here is block b!

Block a is the one next door!

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

I made a mistake.

Why are you so clumsy?

Please excuse me. I'm new here
and still don't know my way around.

I won't be so clumsy in the future.

Are you alright?

I'm sorry.

You've got so much luggage,
I'll give you a hand.

Thank you! Thank you!

My sincerest apologies.
Sorry for all the trouble.

You're welcome. We're next-door neighbours
after all. I won't keep you.

Why don't you stay for a bit?


- Erm... have some tea first.
- Uh-uh.

- Erm...
- Uh-uh.

Even uh-uh to erm?


Whatever, at least we've met now.

First time it's awkward.
Second time it's friends.

Third time it's under the duvet
doing bends.

Yesterday's meeting
was just exchanging pleasantries.

Let's see if we can settle this
out of court.

That's crap!

If I could settle this out of court,
I wouldn't have to apply for an injunction.

You have to talk a lot of crap
in a lawsuit.

Were there any surprises
from the meeting, then?

The other side's lawyer
wants to have dinner with me.

- Does that count?
- Of course that doesn't count!

If a lawyer wanted to have dinner with me,
then that would be a surprise.

You don't have to be
so self-loathing, cousin.

I'm not self-loathing.

I'm just an idiot.

Since I was young,
I've only had eyes for the best,

and held my nose up to the rest.

I'm only saying this because we're cousins,
but you really are a bit of an idiot.

You're not exactly young anymore,
but you've never even had a boyfriend.

You shouldn't be so picky.

I'm not even picky anymore.

Whatever as long as he's got eyes, nose,
mouth and ears, and is healthy.

Tall, short, skinny, or fat,
none of that matters either.

Whether he's employed or not
doesn't matter either.

It doesn't matter if he has ideals.
It doesn't matter if he's responsible.

Geez! Then that means any man will do!

Geez... then that means any man will do!

Right! My only requirement
is that he can't have a fat belly.


Watch out!

Keep your guard up!

Fear no obstacles!

Continue advance!

Hey! Hey!

Did you agree to have dinner
with the lawyer?

Why didn't you agree to it?

Why should I agree to it?

At the very least you could find out

what kind of trick
he'll pull in court, yeah?



Come and lend me a hand.

Shit! The thing can't get wet!

You little thief, here to Rob the place?!


Still running?!

I'll squish youl!
I'll squish you! I'll squish you!

Get down from there!

You won't slip through my fingers,
and won't slip through my thighs!

You'll slip through my thighs,
but won't slip through my fingers!

What's going on?! What's going on?!

- What are you doing?!
- He's a little thief!

- I caught him trying to burgle you!
- Thief!

Stop screaming! Hurry and call the police!

Everything's fine now.

I finally took care of the little thief.

We don't even know
which one of you is the thief yet.

This is mr wong. He only moved in
this morning and lives next door.

- That's right.
- Thank you very much, mr wong.

Oh... you're too kind.
We're next-door neighbours after all,

so it's only right
we lend each other a hand.

- How are you this careless...?
- How"s it looking?

I've had to pay your bail.


Hey, I don't have to go to jail, right?
I can't go to jail!

In these kinds of places...
I even have trouble breathing!

- You have to fix this for me.
- Alright...

Hey! You better not mess up my thing
because I messed up your thing.

It'll be fine. Let's go.

The two of you can go now.

Thank you very much.


Quickly! Take the lift.

Take the lift?! I can't take lifts.
I won't be able to breathe.

I'm taking the stairs.

Fine! Fine! C'mon, take the stairs.

Ok, you hurry up and go back first.

Hm? What a coincidence?

Yes, what a coincidence.

This is attorney lung
who represents wah chemicals.

He's the one.

Oh... wah chemicals.

My cousin, the owner of ip fishery.

A pleasure to meet you.

If it was a pleasure,
we wouldn't be meeting in a police station.

We don't need to meet at a police station
since we'll also be meeting in court.


Miss wan?

- I don't know if later on this afternoon...
- Trying to ask her out for lunch again?

That's right...
I don't if I'm allowed to, though.

Are you asking her or are you asking me?

If you're asking her,
look at her when you're talking.

I can't do lunch.

Let's do dinner.


Can you... give me your number, then?

I'll give you a call later tonight.

Come pick you up later tonight.

What's your telephone number?

Use your mouth.

Your hands aren't free.

Thank you.

This sofa's bigger,
you'll be more comfortable sitting here.

Sit here.

This is the most comfortable spot
on the entire sofa!

No, this spot's pretty good too.


That can't be right.

Let me have a sit.

Ah... so it is.

Why didn't I notice this in the past?

Let's have a toast.


Did you spike my glass of wine?

I'm feeling a bit drunk...

The wine only just hit your belly though.

But it's got me in a pincer attack.

Some of it's already reached my brain.

Oh, no! Feel for yourself.

I'm burning up, aren't I?

Not at all.

Oh... then maybe I'm not drunk on wine,
but I am drunk on you.

You're not overcome with lust,
but you have surrendered to it more like.


Hello. It's me - tung tak-biao.

- What is it?!
- I"m in your room right now.

- I'm in your room!
- Oh...!

Uh, if you're not feeling well,
you shouldn't be up and about.

I'm currently chatting with a friend.
Let's leave it there for now.

Where were we just now?


If you don't come in, I'll come out!

No, don't!

I'm on my way.

Let's leave it there for now.

Ah... I almost forgot.

I've got something for you in my room.

Make yourself comfortable.


- Hey, how'd you get in here?
- From over there.

- It's really easy, just climb right in!
- Hey! Not so loud. Not so loud.

- I've got a question I wanna ask you.
- What?

How come someone like me
who displays such kindness,

who is so full of righteousness, so loyal
and tight-knit with their friends,

who goes through hell or high water
over every little thing,

a real upstanding member of society,

still suffers from frustration,
humiliation, and psychological abuse?

You don't understand my question?
I'll ask you again.

- Hey!
- Telephone!


Alright, about this question,
I'll answer you later.

Just back away for now.

- Here.
- It's her?!


- Hello?
- Jackie? Where are you?

At home.

Hello? Hello?! Hello?!

You said you had something for me,
where is it?

Ah! R-right...

I'm getting it now.

Oh... so you're with that woman
who sued me?

It's not like you need a bug
to pick up chicks.

Level with me here.

What kind of game
are you playing with her?

How do my prospects factor into all this?

What's more, you still haven't answered
my first question yet!

Alright, alright, how about this?
Just give me one more night.

After tonight, you'll have me to yourself
and you can ask me whatever you want. Ok?

Leave the way you came in. C'mon.

Get going!


- Hm? Where is it?
- Oh, I got mixed up. It's not in my room.

Guess what I'm giving you.

What I need now is the bathroom.

Bathroom? You got it!

It's over there.

Aren't you something?

I'd never have guessed
you'd be the same after all these years,

still keeping your key beneath the mat.

Hey, my phone ran out of battery
when we were talking earlier.

I came up just to tell you the good news.

I've moved in next door
to the fishery boss.

I've also started to blossom
the flower of friendship.

You moved in next door to her?

Shit... one of the women
is currently in the house with me.

Hurry up and hide!

Why did you turn off all the lights?

Uh... don't you think
this improves the mood?

I think it's better if you turn
the lights back on.

We don't have to turn on the big light.
The small light will do just fine.

Our candlelit dinner awaits.

- What is it?
- Wait for me while I go take a look!

- What is it?
- Oh, nothing!

The dog knocked the lamp over.

The dog... knocked the lamp over?

Your coat's really nice,
where'd you buy it from?

I bought it
back when I was studying in Canada.

Oh... it's a good material.

I'll hang it up for you
in case it gets creased.

Don't fall over.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Did you hear that?

Oh! The weather's so dry
it's causing the wood to split.

Here, let's resume our meal.

Ah... this is some really good steak.

I wanted to replace the cupboard
last week,

but just like that I completely forgot.

Now it's gone and broken itself.

Don't let the cupboard ruin the mood.
C'mon, let's keep going.

You damn little thief!

You burgled my next-door neighbour,
now you're burgling my old buddy?!

Damn you!

You fucking son of a bitch, arrest me!

Arrest me! C'mon!

Uh... I left the alarm on my radio.

I'll go turn it off.

- H-hey! Stop fighting!
- I"m screwed this time...

Stop fighting! Stop fighting...!

Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

- He broke in to burgle you!
- I'll break into your mum!

- What'd you say about my mum?!
- For god's sake, he's my friend!

- Huh?! He's your friend?!
- Yeah!

He broke into the house next door
last night, but I caught him!

Right, I asked him to install a bug!

- He's really your friend?
- Yeah!

Oh! He's your friend.
That girl out there's also your friend.

You asked me to break into
your friend's home and install a bug.

You also asked your friend to catch me.

Am I your friend, then?!
Why would you treat a friend like this?!

It's all just a misunderstanding.

The two of you calm right down,
catch your breath, and stop fighting.

I'm gonna go get rid of the girl now.
I'll explain everything when I get back.

Hey! Eyes over here!

Now... no fighting.

I'll be right back.

No fighting.

No matter what, no fighting.

- No fighting, my arse!
- What was that?! What?!

What're you doing?! Wha...

Ah... what a filling meal, huh?

You're already full, right?

Oh! You don't like steak?

It doesn't matter,
we'll eat something else next time.

Tonight's candlelit dinner
has come to an end.

- You can go now.
- Why?

- I haven't eaten anything yet.
- It's fine. It's fine.

We'll eat again some other time.

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!

Hey! Can you guys stop fighting?!

Excuse me...

- Huh? Why is your eye bruised?
- What did you say?

Really?! No, it's not.

- What do you want?
- Nothing, I just left my coat behind.

Hold that thought.

H-hey! Stop fighting!

Oh, no... why is your nose bleeding?

Really? No, it's not!

You must be drunk!

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!

Hey! So what now?

I should be the one asking this question:
So what now?!

I don't know what the two of you
should do now!

At any rate,
I'm sticking to my original plan:

Seduce that old spinster
with everything I've got.

Get her to sell the fishery,
I collect 20%.

Aside from money, there's a lot of other
precious things in this world, right?

Right! Gold, silver, diamonds, antiques...

I'm talking about justice,
reason, and freedom,

you money-grubbing bastard!

What did you call me?!

Calm down. Calm down now. Calm down.

Alright, you don't have to worry.

When the time comes, at the very most,
I'll admit to being a bad boy,

and beg those two women
to drop the charges.

Is that really worth it?

Do you think if someone cracked open
your skull for saying that,

it'd be really worth it?


Disorderly conduct in a public place
will land you in prison.

Still using jail to scare me?

Take a look,
there's trash all over the place.

Head of a snake, eyes of a rat.

Total nonsense!

The end of the world is nigh.

Living in the end of the world
is already bad enough.

Now you want me to live inside a prison
in the end of the world?!

- There!
- No.

- I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.
- H-hey,

how could you get someone like this
for a job? -Hey!

Don't point at me like that!

- What do you mean by that?
- I don't mean anything.

Don't say such meaningless things
when I'm around!

Uh, he's just worried. Just worried.

He didn't used to be like this.

I'm realising more and more
that you've really changed a lot.

One must be constantly updating
and changing to have any meaning.

As if I'd be like him asking
such meaningless questions.

- Where's the meaning in that?!
- Hey!

Keep your cool. Keep your cool.
Have a drink. A drink.

Have some tea.

There, let's drink.

Boss wah, this way.

After you.

- And now we're all good.
- Hey, Jackie! You're here?

- Hey, fancy seeing you here.
- Ugh... I got dragged out by boss wah.

It won't be as boring with you around.
Come join us, I can introduce you.

- Sure. You go on ahead, I'll be right over.
- C'mon.

Bear with me.
Hey, just sit around here for a bit.

On second thoughts, let's go together.

Let's go together!

Boss wah.

Let me introduce you:
Jackie lung, my partner at the firm.

Your case is in his hands.

- Boss wah.
- Oh... attorney lung, was it?

The pleasure is all mine.

Whether or not my factory stops work
depends solely on you.

I will do my very best.

These two are helping me also
with your case.

Boss wah, I am at your service.

I'm a very hard worker!

Boss wah, leave this case to Jackie,
and you can rest easy.

I just want it to be done with.

- Help yourselves. Help yourselves.
- Boss wah? You can rest assured.

We're already gathering evidence
on your opponent.

Boss, something's not right.

Hey! What's all this, then?!

Child worshipping guanyin.
You didn't think I'd be this great, huh?!

Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

Hey, hey. You're blocking my view.

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting!

Let's scram!

- Get back here! You done already?!
- Let it go. Let it go.

My apologies.

The city gates set ablaze spells disaster
for the fish in the pond.

I was born with an unlikeable face,
so they must have gotten the wrong man.

Gotten the wrong man?!

You! You who comes and goes flanked
by an entourage front and back!

Who takes a seat to the flash
and glimmer of blades!

Just looking at you,
I know you're not a good guy!

Fuck this!

H-hey! Don't go!

I'm sorry, my buddy's
had a bit too much to drink.

Never mind that.

The three of you can hold your own
pretty well.

Luckily, you're working for me.

If you were working for the other side,
then I'd be...

Hmph! From now on, don't go around
saying you're my people.

Any reputation I had
has been ruined by you lot.

Boss, I'd never have guessed
he'd have two dragons with him.

Dragons? Is that why
you were draggin' your feet, then?

Get someone to finish off
the lawyer first.

That lawyer brat is pretty much
a nobody though.

He's got brains and brawn.

That still makes him a nobody?

Do you have to have “ironside 426”
carved into your forehead to be somebody?

That boat over there's so pretty.

The one I'm taking you to
is even prettier.

Hello? They're here.



Mr lung.

Miss wan.

So? Do you like it?

But it's a bit over the top.

It's not over the top, it's worth it.

Lunch is inherently such a one-note thing.

If there's any way to spice it up,
it makes all the difference.

Wow, Jackie?

You don't eat like this every day, do you?

Well, depends if I eat with you every day.

I don't like so many people
attending to me.

Oh! Next time it'll just be me
serving you, then.

A meal like this isn't cheap...

I dipped into my nest egg to treat you.

Take it as repayment for leaving you with
an empty stomach at my place that night.

You shouldn't misuse a nest egg.

You won't necessarily start a nest
after one lunch.

Well, I'll still have the interest.

Please excuse me,
I want to use the bathroom.

Ok. Take miss wan to the toilet.

Of course.

Miss wan, this entire boat
has been booked out by mr lung.

Can I interest you
in trying out the gents?

- No.
- Oh, after you.

Miss wan, please.

Hey! He's up there!

Hurry up! Go!

What're you doing?!

I see him! He's inside here!

Split up and chase!

What happened?!

Our meal has come to an end again.


Let's go.

You're drowning your flowers to death.

Miss ip... come over here for a bit.

What is it, heroic thief catcher?

There's not much of a reward
for becoming a hero.

How about some flowers, then?

Giving me a night alone with you
is more practical.

In a single night, we can have a lot
to eat, and a lot of conversation.

We're already such good neighbours.
Why not also be good friends?

Friends are for betraying.

Fewer friends means less betrayal.

- I"m willing to be betrayed by you.
- Your eyes have already betrayed you.

Your eyes tell me that you're not Sincere
about making friends.

You're only interested in finding a woman.

I am interested in finding a woman
to be my friend.

Trust in my lips, don't trust in my eyes.

Your mouth has a scar,
how can I possibly trust you?

This scar...
Counts as being part of my nose!

Don't get it wrong.

Whether I'm wrong or right,

I appreciate your invitation,
but I decline.

Don't appreciate and decline.

It's only dinner.
You have to eat every day anyway.

Let go...

You men... apart from
asking women out for dinner,

there's nothing else to you...

There is more!

But those are the highest ideals.
I only keep those in my heart.

Now then, I'll be waiting for you
at the glasshouse restaurant tonight.

I won't come...!

I'll keep waiting for you!

I won't leave until I see you!

I won't be coming.

You have to come!

As wide as the heavens,
as endless as the earth.

Until the oceans run dry
and the rocks break apart.

- I will wait until you come!
- Il definitely won't be going!

He really came...!

Miss, I need to make a call.

Mister, I also have to make a call.

Oh! Take your time, then.

Let's see how long you'll wait...

That wimp... what happened to
“I won't leave until I see you™?

Nothing but talk... hmph!

So what's the meaning of this, then?

Stop gawking about,
and look across the street to your right!

I asked you out for dinner,
and you said you weren't coming.

In the end you didn't not come.

You came, but didn't come in,
and stood around on the street!

Leave, then.

I'll be following you from behind
the entire time!

Chasing girls isn't about logic.

It's about actions.

Thank you for giving me
the opportunity to actually chase you.

I know what you were thinking.

You really wanted to see if I wasn't going
to leave until I saw you, right?

I said I won't leave until I see you.
And that means just that!

Even if you don't believe in me,
you should believe in yourself!

Can't you see you've got
a real charm about you?

Big fat lady, I'm not talking to you!

Can you stop being so smitten?!

I was talking to the young lady
next to you!

Take your time.

Don't walk so fast, young lady
in front wearing black furs!

Rushing down the road of love
won't lead to a happy life.

To give someone else a chance
is to give yourself a chance.

Happiness has to be created by two people.

Do you understand,
young lady with a scarf and no jacket?

I'm so thankful you're standing there
mulling over what I've said.

You can stop mulling now,
I was just spouting nonsense!

Being friends isn't actually
such a complicated thing.

Are you done?!

Careful, or you'll catch a cold.

I'm sorry.

I got a bit carried away.

Who's got hair that wants bald spots?

I couldn't think of another way
to get through to you.

An idiot like you has hair
that wants bald spots!

Acting like a madman out in public!

I don't know you!

Where should we go for dinner, then?

We'll go wherever you say we'll go!

We're going to dinner now!
Please move out of the way!

Please move out of the way,
we're going to dinner now!

Please move out of the way!
Please move out of the way...!

Pizza world

With the warmth by my ears

cupid's arrows

spin around within my heart

let our touch conduct electricity

let my heartstrings tremble

let my love deliver its warmth

- the joy within my heart rises
- Joy...

- The heat inside my heart crosses the line
- Heat...

- Heart in hand...
- Intertwined with me...

- The joy within my heart rises
- Joy...

- The heat inside my heart crosses the line
- Heat...

- Love is just like a direct current
- Just like a direct current

let my love deliver its warmth...

Be honest with me.

Do you only spend time with me
for the sake of winning the lawsuit?

And you?

Do you also let me spend time with you
for the sake of winning the lawsuit?

In fact, it doesn't matter
if you win or lose a case.

You lose one, you win the next.

Win or lose, I still get paid.

But a good girlfriend's a different thing.

You might not meet the right one
for ten years.

And when you do...
She might be someone else's wife.

It's the same with a good man.

Usually, a good man is also
someone else's husband.

Don't look at me like that.

You don't count as a good man.

Because I'm not
someone else's husband, right?

Are you ok?

If it's no kissing,
I won't kiss you, then.

Did you have to hit me?

Even if I didn't have to hit you,
I already did. So what?


Even if you didn't have to hit me,
you already did. So what?

I'm sorry, then.

In that case, slap me! Hit me!

You can even stab me with a knife!

Hit me!

All this fishing,
and we're just catching your own fish.

There's no sense of excitement at all.

The pleasure of fishing isn't found
in the moment you reel in a fish.

Is it in the moment you eat them?


It's in the actual time spent fishing,

when you're patiently waiting,

your mind and soul at peace.

Then how come those who live
on the water have so many wrinkles?

If you keep being a smart arse,
I'll stop talking to you.

Have you ever thought about
selling the fishery?


Sell it, and come with me to Australia.

We'll open a ranch over there.

We'll raise cattle together.

Milk them.

But don't worry.

Most of our days will be spent
horse riding together,

galloping upon
the emerald green grassland.

As boundless as the sea and sky...

On the mountain where the horses
are a-galloping, a-galloping

there is a-drifting,
a-drifting a single cloud

a silvery, silvery reflection

a-washing, a-washing over
a city of kangding

the curved, curved moon

a-basking, a-basking over
a city of kangding

that counts as a proposal, then.

I'm happy with anything.

I'm a very easy-going person.

Let me tell you a secret.


My father's will stipulates

that whoever becomes his son-in-law

will automatically inherit
this entire fishery.

Hey! What's with your reaction?!

You've told me such a big secret.

Now out of the blue,
I've got a new secret to keep.

All of a sudden my burdens
have grown so much heavier.

Why would they?

This is my own secret.

I have loose lips.

I don't know if I can keep
this secret of yours.

That's why I feel like
this is a heavy burden.

Just treat it as a secret of your own.

Treat it as my own secret?

Isn't it so much better now?

So much better!

Having to deal with a secret of your own...

It's such a different feeling!

In a faraway place

there is an old maiden...

Think fast!

I finally got you good!

You're such a jerk, you...!

Don't be scared.

I'm here.

Not now! Hurry up and find out
why we've lost power.

Don't you find that being
in the dark with another

is the most wonderful kind
of being together?

Of course not! Without any power,
everything in the fridge will spoil,

the rice is only cooked halfway through,

the soup in the crock-pot's
not water and not soup,

and there's the stuff in the oven too...
Go find out why we've lost power now!

I's not like I'm a power generator.

Even if I find out what's going on,
I still can't give you any power.

The main switch doesn't do a thing.

Huh? Who's that?!

What's going on?!

Jackie, what's happ...

Seems like we've got an intruder
who doesn't mean us well.

So what now?

Hold onto this thing,

go to the living room, count 1-2-3,
and turn it on.

- You got it?
- But...

Go! Go!

Hurry up and go!

Jackie, I've turned it on.

- What do I do next?
- Be careful!

Huh?! Tung tak-biao?!

- Have you lost it?!
- I haven't lost it!

Do you know what you're doing?!

Yes! I need to get rid of the witness!

Get away!

Let go!

- Cousin!
- That's enough!

- What happened?
- Whatever happened isn't your business!

Ah... you're a piece of work,
got no manners at all!

My lack of manners is better
than your lack of humanity!

Seducing someone so you can sweet talk them
into selling their fishery!

Fei, what's he talking about?

Umm... nothing.

He's just talking crap.

I won't shut up
even if he beats me to death!

Stop fighting!

Stop fighting! Stop fighting...!

Let me explain!

Don't listen to him!

- Can you just stop talking?!
- You're the one who should stop!

I've listened to you talk way too much!

The one who told me to break in
and bug the place was you!

I messed up and now being sued. Aside from
doing nothing, you've also betrayed me!

So this is the kind of person
you really are!

Don't listen to him.
He's just talking crap!

Listen to me.

Ling, let me explain.

It's not as complicated as you think!

Yeah! The situation's really simple!

The situation really is very simple!

I've heard enough, hurry up and leave!


Ling! Let me explain!

Whatever it is, save it for court!



You've screwed everything up!

It was screwed up right from the start!

It was already screwed
when he arrested me breaking in!

I keep telling you,
I didn't arrest you on purpose!

Just look! How could you get
someone like this for a job?!

Hey! Biao!

Say no more!

Why ask someone else,
when you can do it yourself?

I more than understand that we live
in a society where human relationships,

and the very ways of the world
are dictated by self-interest.

I already said I'll help you
beat this thing!

Beat this thing?
Just beat off my lung, it'll be easier!

- You two aren't even taking this seriously!
- That's enough! Are you done nagging?!

Damn it... did you lose your temper at me?

I haven't even lost my temper yet!

- Do you have to shove me so hard?!
- That's just how hard I shove!

Did you just hit me, big nose?!

Like you have to set a date...

I don't need to find the time to hit you!

Don't fight!

We've already called the police.

If you have it in you,
just keep on fighting, then!

I talked so much,
I dried up all my saliva.

I flirted so much, I used up all my juice
and the power generator's too.

All that just to sweet talk
the police chief from charging you guys.

There's like a hundred years
between the three of you,

and you're still fighting
like kids on the street.

Excuse me. Coming through.

Why were you guys fighting anyway?
Was it over a woman?

For the skinny one, it was two women.

For the fat one, it was one woman.

And for me, it was two men.

I was up before the sun was out today
for the sake of a man.

So how are you gonna repay me?


I'm heartbroken.

If you had given your heart to me,
you wouldn't be heartbroken.

Now that so many fish have died,
what do we do?

What do we do...?

That factory has to be for making drugs.

As if you won't get out of the way.

As if you won't hit the brakes.

The hell you trying to pull?!
A good dog doesn't block the road!

- I'm not a good dog.
- You're not a good person either!

- I am a good person!
- They don't toy with other's emotions!

I never toyed with your emotions!
I also exposed my true feelings!

- Empty words!
- Can't you feel it?

I can't feel it!
I have no feelings for you whatsoever!

You waste my time, you waste my emotions.
You're a low-life!

To make your commission,
you betrayed me... and yourself!

- Why didn't you get away?
- If I wanted that, I wouldn't have come.

- How could you do something so dangerous?
- This kind of person is better off dead.

I was talking about you!
If he snatched the spanner off you,

he wouldn't have just killed you;
He could've killed me too!

I'm not that kind of person.

Let me explain.

At first, I really did come-on to you so I
could persuade you to sell the fishery.

But as we spent more time together,
I realised I had actually fallen for you.

Your appetite is insatiable.
Now you want to be the fishery boss too?

That's something I've actually
thought about, of course.

But to show my feelings for you
are pure and true,

you can donate the fishery to charity
before you marry me.

If I donate the fishery and marry you,
are we supposed to live on air alone?

Then we'll live on air if we have to.
As long as we don't have to eat shit!

Even if I don't donate the fishery,
we'll still have to live on air alone.

Polluted water continues to flow down
from the factory.

I'll go in the factory and find out for you
what the hell they're doing, ok?

Let's get in the car, then.

Hop in.

Your friend's here to see you.


You don't have to say anything.
If you have something, say it in court.

You be careful now.

I really wanna help you.

But I can't!

I have no malicious intent.

I'm only here to beg you
to drop the charges against me.

You don't have to beg.
I've decided not to sue you.

My only wish is that you never show
your face around me ever again.

Ah...! Such is not a troublesome request.

I take my leave.

Why do they only have it in for me
but not for you?

This is the power of love.

- Hey! Can you do something for me?
- Sure.

- There's no money in it, though.
- I've always worked for free.

Follow me.


Hey, you don't have to act like this.

This is called being cautious.

Alright, we'll split up.

We'll meet back here in 20 minutes.

I've got you in the shot as proof
you actually did something.

Come with me.

What kind of a factory is this?

Hey, how's it going?

Sorry for the intrusion.

Please excuse me.


Well, how is everyone?

- What's all this?!
- Nothing, they're just binoculars.

- Hey! Why're you taking my stuff?!
- Get im!

Don't move!
You're not allowed to lay a hand on me.


- How'd you get in here?!
- How's it going?

Don't move!

Don't let him leave!

Alright, then. Guess I'm forced
to play daredevil third brother.



Everyone calm down! He's got nothing!

Tie him up for me!

District court, civil case no. 2346.

Ip fishery's application for an injunction

to halt the continued production
at wah chemical plant.

Court is now in session.

The honourable
judge law chung-wai presiding.

Let go of me...
Why have you tied me up...?!

If he wakes up, give him another dose.

Damn fatty...!

Due to the familial relationship
between the plaintiff and myself,

to ensure that my own test results
were not tainted by personal bias,

I handed the samples over
to Hong Kong university

where researchers in the department
of marine biology conducted further tests.

From their testing, they concluded

the lead content in the water
was 2% higher than my own results,

while oxygen levels were 3% lower.

Thank you very much, miss wan.

No further questions, your honour.

Counsel for the defendant,
this is a hearing for a civil case.

The testimony provided by the witness
is expert opinion.


refrain from the psychological tactics
employed in criminal cases.

Understood, your honour.

Miss wan Mei-ling.

Please do not forget
that before taking the stand,

you took an oath.

Everything you say up here is the truth,
and nothing but the truth.

I haven't forgotten.

Miss wan Mei-ling,

please answer with utmost sincerity,
the following question.

Do you love me?

Is he allowed to ask that?

- Objection! Irrelevant to the case!
- Objection overruled! Irrelevant to you!

What's happening?

Whether an objection is overruled
is left for me to decide!

Counsel for the defendant, please explain
why you have to ask this question.

My apologies.

Your honour.

Please understand that I have
sufficient reasoning behind this question.

As long as she answers the question,
I will provide an explanation afterwards.

Miss wan, do you love him?

Your honour, shouldn't we revert back
to the issue of water quality?

I am on the stand in my capacity
as an expert on water quality.

I know you are an expert on water quality.

However, you are an expert
in water quality,

and a woman all the same.

The court may object to one man
asking another man if he loves him.

Because that is unusual.

However, we now have a man
asking a woman if she loves him.

This is not unusual at all.

Moreover, it is legal.

I cannot think of any reason to bar him
from asking you such a question.

Therefore, you must provide an answer.

Your honour, I don't really want to
discuss issues of the heart in court.


The court must now discuss
issues of the heart.

Do you love me?

You must give an answer.

I don't love you.

Giving false testimony is perjury,
and you may be held in contempt of court.

Did you know that?

He may be trying to intimidate you,
but he does speak the truth.

My apologies, your honour.

I may have come on a bit strong.

But this question is just
too important to me.

It is only right that young people
treat love with such seriousness.

Wan Mei-ling...

You must be careful
in how you answer this question.

Do you love or not?

Why are you having me answer
this question?

Outside the courtroom,
taking an oath is like eating lettuce.

Inside the courtroom,
an oath is granted power by the law.

If you do not tell the truth, you face
the consequences of breaking the law.

I must know, in no uncertain terms...

If you love me.

Because the answer you give
will affect the future of my career,

as well as how I will spend
the rest of my days.

It is easy to ask for a priceless treasure,
but a Beau is hard to come by.

I am a judge.

I have the authority to declare
who is guilty and who is innocent.

But I do not have the authority to declare
if his feelings are true.

In this particular case,
you are the judge.

We are all awaiting your verdict.

Love him.

Your honour.

As the two of us are in love,

and she represents the plaintiff,
and I represent the defendant:

To uphold judicial integrity,

and in the best interests
of both parties involved,

one of us will need to withdraw
from this case.

I ask that your honour Grant me permission
to withdraw from the case.

Permission granted.

All hearings for the case
are postponed to a later date.

- Do you even know how to do your job?
- Pigs...!

It's your own fault for not giving me
a chance to say it normally.

So I had no other choice
but to say it in court.

Here, keep the change.


I'm sorry, miss. There was nothing
I could do to not be seen by you.

What is it?

Thanks a lot.

What's wrong?

Oh! Nothing. You can get going,
I'll see you another time.

We'll get going, then.

Catch a taxi.

I've got something important to do.




Ok, so this is where it all started.

He went that way. I went this way.

Wait for me here. - No!

It might be really dangerous inside.

- I'm not scared.
- I can't take care of you.

- Il can take care of myself.
- Came back here. What should I do, then?

- Clear now?
- I et"s move.

- Put this on.
- What for?

It'll be useful in a bit.


- Be careful.
- You be careful too.

Hey! Be careful.

I will.

- Drag him outside. Toss him into the sea!
- Understood.

Hey. Hey!


Don't do anything stupid!

- We"re looking for someone.
- What?!

We're looking for someone.

There's no one here you're looking for!

Whaddya mean no one here?!

I came here with him.
I waited around and never saw him leave.

He must be here!
So we were right in coming here!

Shut up!

The courtroom is your turf.
This here is my turf.

- Get out!
- What?!

Let's not do anything rash.

Let's go.

They're making drugs here...!

Take care of 'em!

- I told you I couldn't take care of you!
- And I told you I didn't need you to.

There's no way
even I couldn't finish you off!

Wong fei-hung!
Wong fei-hung, how you holding up?

I'm really high...

Human scum!

Take care of him for me,
and half of this plant is yours.

I know what to do.

You son of a bitch!

Wong fei-hung, how are you feeling?

Turn the dial...

C-call the police...!

Fucking bitch... sue me?!

You've made a real mess of my plant!

My hand really hurts...!

I wouldn't be stepping on you
if it didn't hurt!

You injected me with a drug needle?!

See you later, mate.


How are you feeling?

- Does it still hurt?
- It doesn't hurt.

- Il told you not to come!
- I miss you though!

Don't do this again.

They're all lovey-dovey.

You're all bitchy-whiny.

Hey man, can you wake up now?

Why'd you come here without telling me!
What the heck happened?

- What happened was...
- Lover!



Hm! Gals before pals!

Starring: Roy chiao, yuen wah,
Billy chow, Lee ka-ting, Phillip ko,

dick wei, lam wai, shum wai, woo fung,
Kong lung, chan fu-keung, Benny urquidez

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theme song courtesy of capital artists ltd

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