Dragonheart Vengeance (2020) - full transcript

Lukas, a young farmer whose family is killed by savage raiders in the countryside, sets out on an epic quest for revenge, forming an unlikely trio with a majestic dragon and a swashbuckling, sword-fighting mercenary, Darius.

No one in our land
had ever seen a dragon before.

They were just legends
from the foggy isle of Britannia.

Then the legends became real.

Seven dragons
raised by the venerable Drago

in the reign of King Gareth
left Britannia,

spreading across the seven seas,

and one of them landed here.

It came to bring hope
to our war-torn kingdom,

but something went wrong
and it was banished.

In time, people only
spoke of it in whispers

and the name
they gave to it...

was "traitor."

But our kingdom still needs hope.

And sometimes,
it takes the most unlikely person

to help you find it.

Just in there.

Aw, come on, boys.
We have to get the last row plowed.

Yes, Radu, I know it's cold,

but this year's harvest was bad
and crop seeds scarce,

so we have to make sure
it's all in the ground safe and sound.

Aw, come on, Pincu and Radu.

Think how warm it'll be in the barn.
We'll get this yoke off your neck.

I see.

Boys, if we don't get
what little we have planted,

we'll have to eat you.


Oh, no!

This makes six raids.

Done with this, then.

Time to scatter.

I'll go north.

I'll recruit.

And I'll go west, with my pack.

And I'll go south to the desert
to make ready our den.

That leaves east to me.

Time to boil new poisons.

And in a week, we gather to attack again.

The king!

- The king is coming!
- It's the king!

There's the king. King Razvan.

King Razvan!

Make way. Make way for the king.

Delicious. Thank you.

Your Majesty?
Whispers of famine are everywhere.

We're counting on your leadership.

Open the treasury.
Implement an irrigation plan...

We have marauders in the countryside.

I must give that priority.

But I will take your concerns to heart.

Your Grace.

Good day to you.

My king, my children are starving.
The fields are empty.

Take this crop seed from the royal stores,
for as you suffer, so do I.

Oh, thank you.

Your Majesty!
I need to speak with the king.

The audience of appeals is over.

I'm not asking for favors.
I wish to claim an offense.

Four vicious murderers and their gang
are raiding the countryside.

The king brings all outlaws to justice.

- Eventually.
- Eventually is too long.

- They've sacked six villages!
- I said stay back!

They killed my family!

They burned our house down,
and I wish to have revenge.

Then find a beer hall
and hire a sellsword.

Now, unless you want to go to jail,
get lost!

I have a great sense of direction.

You just gonna admire yourself all day?

Oh, yeah, um...

Thing is, I just want them all.

All right, boys.

I'll miss you.

At least you'll have each other.

All right. Here's your ducats.

Thank you.

You don't happen to know
where the beer hall is, do you?


- Hello. How are you?
- Hello.

- I like your blouse. Is it new?
- Oh, thank you.

It's pretty. It's really lovely.

- See you.
- Bye.

- Excuse me? Do you have wolfsbane?
- No, I don't have any.

- No wolfsbane?
- I'm sorry.

- No licorice root?
- Got willow bark.

- How can I make pain reliever?
- Poppy heads.

Will it cure the autumn cough?

- Hello, young sir?
- Oh, sorry.

How... How much for the plums?

Mm. Delicious, yeah. Mm.

- Oana!
- Coming, Father.


Um... excuse me?

I wish to hire a hunter.

Nothing but drunks in here
who'll rob you blind.

Now, if it's a hunter you need,
I'm the best there is.

Name's Darius. Hmm.

I need a hunter of men.

Yeah, I know. You seek the four killers
who've been raiding the countryside.

How many swords are in your company?

One. I work alone.

Well, I wish to pay for a manhunt,
not a funeral.

Orphans and weeping widows have been
passing through here for a fortnight

all because of these savages,

but I've been waiting for someone
who wants to do something about it.

So stop wasting time,
hire me, let's get hunting.

Hey! Flower boy!

Are you trying to steal our hire?

Igor, lovely to see you.
How do you figure he's yours?

Well, he's holding our ducats.

Your ducats.

Now, you want to rent blades.

We're four for the price of his one.


Well, that is a better deal.

And we don't come with as much crazy
baked in the pudding.

Look, if something seems
too good to be true, it usually is.


Too late. Offer's up.

But this should cover our consultation.


Sorry. I was aiming for the other hand.

Kill him!

Guess you do wanna go to jail.

You owe me a hand!

You two, arrest them. Arrest them all.

You, up there!

Ow! My God!

All right, all right, I'm coming!

- Come on!
- Hold your horses!

Ah, yes.

- Do you have the shoes?
- All finished.

- Very good. Let's see them.
- I got them right here.

All right, let's have a look.

There they are, gentlemen.

Come again soon.

Very nice. I'll pay you next week.

- They do look good, you know?
- Right.

Good day, sir.

Hell's fire!

Where did you come from?

I have an opportunity that I think...

I sell things in this shop. I don't buy.

No, no, I wish...
I wish to purchase one of your swords.

See, I'm out to avenge the death
of my mother and father

and after seeing the crooked sellswords
this town has to offer...

Swords are six ducats.

Well, I find myself lacking ducats.

But what I do have is land.
Four hectares by the river.

You barely got hair on your chin.

- Do we have a deal?
- All you got is your word.

And that don't mean much.

It might mean a thing to those farmers.

You're mixing scrap with your forge iron.

Those horseshoes will break
a week sooner than normal.

And you'll have them back needing more.

Word of that can ruin a business.

So, what will it be?

My word for your sword?
Or my word to your customers?

You're blackmailing me.

I'm bargaining with you.
I'm offering you something of value...

Just... stop talking.

This one.


Don't do this alone, son.

- Get help.
- I've tried.

None was forthcoming.

Well, maybe it could help you.

The dragon.

It's been known to do a favor
if you take it something it desires.

- It's real?
- Aye.

But don't you go crowing
about any bargain with it.

It betrayed your king.

Still, dire problems need dire solutions.

Well, if I had a dragon,
they wouldn't stand a chance.

So, what does it desire?

They paid with a bag of crop seed.

Thank you.

It's nice to make a friend.

You're not my friend.

You're my investment.

- And I will pay off.
- Mm.

Can I have one of these?

Right. Here.

Yeah, well, this one's all old and worn.
Can I have another one?

Uh, how about... I'll give you
another hole in your head.

Get out of here!

Crop seed, huh?

Excuse me. Excuse me. Hi.

Um, do you, by any chance,
know where I can find the dragon...

- I got no business with no dragons.
- Stay off with you!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ah! Ah!

Jeez, what's wrong with you people?

Excuse me?
Do you know where I can find a dragon?

Away with you!

- That way.
- Thank you so much. Thank you.

You better be worth it.

You better actually exist.

Dragon, come out.

Hey, give that back!

I was told you help people.


I need you to help me track four killers.

They burned my house,
killed my family and others.

Will you help me?

Find them? Or kill them?

So, you're a girl dragon?

Girl? You see me wearing a frock?

No, sorry. I meant female.


Look, maybe I've made a mistake.

It's just this job requires
a certain amount of savagery

and it might not be suited
to the fairer sex.

You obviously haven't spent
enough time around us.

I take it back. I take it back.


Humans. High and mighty.
Screaming for salvation. Hmm?

Even you don't follow your own advice.

- I beg your pardon?
- What?

- You were talking to yourself.
- No, I wasn't.

Was I?

You just did it again.

Well, who else is there to talk to?

Would you mind?

I wouldn't have eaten you anyway.

I swore off meat years ago.

People used to bring
all kinds of valuables in trade.

And then I switched them to food.

Now they keep me supplied with
a wholesome roughage diet of crop seed.

Mrs. Dragon?

Siveth. My name is Siveth.

It's been years since it was spoken.

Well, my name's Lukas.

- So, do we have a deal?
- No.


Is he hard of hearing?
Hmm. Maybe he's the runt.

But why not?

Revenge will undo you,
draw you into danger. You'll die.

Go back to farming.

And just accept
what happened to my family?

Sometimes accepting fate
is the only choice.

Choke on it.

I don't need your help. I'll do it myself.

If it takes me a lifetime,
I'll do it myself.

Not again.

Not again.

What? Ah!

Hey there.

Where'd you come from?

All right, gorgeous. Hello.

Maybe luck's turning my way.


Want some water?

Suit yourself.


You should see your face.

You look like a sheep
when he sees the butcher coming.

Oh, my God!

I'm sorry. I've been there an hour.

Oh, it was worth it.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Come here. Come here. Boo!

- Ah!
- Oh, it's all right.

Come on, my friend. Go for a little walk.

Why aren't you in jail? Eh?
How did you escape the King's Guard?

Oh, you know, swordsmanship,
intimidation, cunning.

I hid in a barrel.

But I did manage to save this.


Then I hunted you down.

- Yeah?
- Yup.

- And how did you find me?
- A little bird told me.

No, really, how did you...
how did you find me?

Bird told me.

Hawk, specifically.

Look, if you've just come here
to taunt me and...

Do you still wanna hire someone
to find those heathens

and give them what's coming?

- Yeah.
- Great. I accept.

- Hang on. There's 12 ducats in there.
- Yeah.

A sellsword only costs seven,
according to the going rate.

Yeah, but I'm worth 12.

Plus, I appear to be
the only choice you have right now.

Okay. Eight, then.

And you get a ducat bonus
for every man we catch.

That makes 12, if you do your job.

Deal. I'll just...

I'll hold onto it for safekeeping.

Hold this.

Come on,
let's check your saddle for travel.

Ah. This could be lighter.


- Hey! Hey!
- It's just gonna weigh you down.

This belonged to my mother.

Yeah, well, it's got no place
on a manhunt.


I'm making it easier on you.

- They were splitting up.
- Right.

One in each direction.

The one in the bear fur,
he said he was going north to recruit.

Right. Now, each one of these monsters
has a dangerous reputation.

Our best bet is hitting them
while they're separated, okay?

That's Castle Raznov, your farm, and us.

We're already north a ways,
so we just keep going.

Now, the big one, the Bear,
if he is recruiting,

he's gonna be headed to the Broken Lands.



- You ever met one?
- No.

Of course not.
Your face is still attached to your skull.

All right, then.

The Bear.

With any luck,
we find him before he recruits a mob.

She turned you down, didn't she?

- Doesn't surprise me.
- What do you know of the dragon?

Well, years ago, when I was just a kid...

we were run off the road
by a speeding wagon.

Our cart flipped.

My parents died...
but I survived.

When I was old enough,

I sought out the dragon
to help me find the man responsible,

but the wretched creature refused.

- This horse has a mind of its own.
- All right, let me talk to her.

What's wrong?

Why? What's wrong? You ill?

Thrown a shoe?

You can tell me anything at all.

Well, that's why it ran off.

There's not a thought in its head.
It's completely daft.

Says the man talking to a horse.

Anyway, the dragon.

If she'd helped me, I would've found
my One-Eyed Man, but I never did,

so now I sell my sword to others

so that someone like you
never has to tell the same story.

Well, she did, almost.

Shh. Shh.


The view.


Let's go.

The Broken Lands.

All right, stop here.

Let's get it done.

Get what done?

Fact, we are gonna teach you
to use that sword

so you don't cut your own fingers off.

I hired you to fight.

There's no shame in looking awkward.

- Your girlfriend's not watching.
- Girlfriend?

That pretty chestnut in the market.
I saw you stalking her.

Her name's Oana, and I didn't stalk her.

You stalked. It was pretty creepy.

Now, draw your blade.

- Ow!
- Too slow. Again.

- Stop it.
- You gotta be faster.

You might have to defend yourself
for real one of these days.

Now, move your feet.

Good. Positioning is paramount.

Now, attack.

You stabbed.


- You said, "Slash."
- Yeah, but you over-slashed.

Slash less. Like this.

Good. Very good.

You're still over-slashing.

It needs to feel a little more...



This is serious.

Excellent. Thanks, boys.


They came through this way heading north.
They're gonna come back this way as well.

We'll ambush them from... up there.

Oh. Sorry. Sorry, guys.

And did the worms say
when they'd be coming?

No. Worms aren't as chatty as birds.

Come on.

Bring your crazy horse with you.

Just work with me, please. Please.

So, what do we do if a hundred of them
come down that gully?

Well, we're only after the Bear.

We just need one good, clean shot.

Right. And when the rest come after us?

We run.


- So, we wait where the worms told us.
- Yup.

Then we piss off
a superior number of barbarians

and then try and outrun them
on their home turf.

- You make it sound silly.
- Yeah, it is.

And for all we know,
while we're lying here,

they could be off raiding another village.

I'm not paying you to sit on your a...

Don't tell an expert how to do his job.

No one else was willing, were they?

Not those drunks,
and not that traitorous dragon.

Don't you understand?

I'm doing all this for you.

Everyone calls her a traitor.

She is a traitor.

What did she do that was so bad?

It was before you were born.

Border wars were raging.

Our kingdom was attacked
without provocation...

Our kingdom
had been unjustly attacked.

Have no fear! I will lead you!

King Razvan was keeping
people's spirits high to ensure victory.

Then she appeared.

Pledged to help us find peace.

Soon after,
the king was wounded in battle.

Gravely wounded.

Legends had crossed the seas

that dragons could share
a piece of their heart

to save someone's life,
bonding their senses and pains forever.

Although she pledged to help,
and he lay on the edge of death,

she insisted that nature
must take its course.

But the king survived.

In the kingdom's darkest moment,
as I lay bleeding for you, she refused us.




People shunned her.

She became the hermit she is today.

Oh, God!

Oh! You... You... Stop! Stop it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dirty...

Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," yourself.

I knew that horse was nuts.

Dragons can change shape?

Yes. Males disguise as rocks or water.

We take the form of animals.

Good thing too.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be here

to keep that one
from filling your head with lies.

I don't lie.

Why didn't you say something
all this time?

I can't speak in another form.

And the change...
exhausts me. Watch.


I'm even short of breath.

Does this mean you're gonna help us now?

Only wanted to make sure you weren't hurt.

She's just easing her conscience.

You can't trust someone
who hides who they really are.

No, on the contrary.

It shows I'm excellent
at keeping a secret.

It wasn't easy suffering silently
through your nonsense.

"I'm worth 12 ducats."

"Hold the reigns tighter."

"Move your feet."

So bossy. And whiny.

No, I'm being serious.

We could all go
and find the Bear together.

She won't help you.

And the Bear is coming back
right through there.

We are fine.

I will help you

if you listen to my advice
when we find these men.

I'm warning you.

She will deny you the revenge you deserve.

Deal. I'll listen.

- Hmm.
- Deal? No. No deal.

Work with her?

Have everyone call me a dragon lover?

- Oh, my.
- No, you have to choose.

It's the traitor or me.

Look, you'll still get your fee.
It's just we've got extra help now.


Choose your champion, kid.

Who would you rather have
standing by your side

when a horde of barbarians
comes down that pathway?

Hmm. Good question.


Maybe you and I should
put aside our differences...

Forgive and regret!

That's what I always say.

I've warned you.


S iveth!

S iveth!

- What are you doing?
- I'm saving you.

Forget about me. Blast them!

Can't yet.

Well, eat them or something.

Yuck. Disgusting.

The eyes! The eyes!

Blind the beast!

Attack! Attack!


We scared them off.

Death is an ugly sight
no matter how deserved.

Did you see that? That was incredible!

Oh, he had me. I was a complete goner.

But then my belt snapped
and he fell and he screamed.

And then he smacked his head.

One down, three to go.

So, what do we do with him?

That was the deal, right?
I listen to you once we snared one.

Let's talk about it later.

We'll go for the Wolf next.

The one in the hood.

He said he was headed west
with his pack.

I'll bet we could pick up
his trail.

We'd get there faster if we both flew.

Walking is good for you.

You're hoping I'll give up.
Aren't you?

Oh. It feels so good to stretch my wings.

What's it like? Flying?

Like nothing can hold you back.

I mean, we could try it.

Not for the whole journey, just for fun.

Okay. We can fly.


I know just the thing.

We'll fly back to town, get a warm meal,

might even be news
of these animals we're after.

Yeah, on second thought,
we can't go to town.

Everyone hates you.

You do have a way with words.

Why did you betray the king, anyway?

Oh, it was a long time ago.

What's more important
is I heard you talking of this, um, Oana?

You could take her flowers.

Girls find flowers intriguing.

Right, and how would you know?

You've made it very clear
you're not a girl.

But I am female.

And we pay more attention
to beauty of all kinds.

No, we're not done here.

I understand if you don't wanna tell me
what happened with the king.

We've all done stuff
we'd rather not remember.

What we remember or forget
matters not.

What you do with your life
is the most important thing.

Look around you.

Life is for living.

Live for life, not death.

Yeah, I think I preferred you more
as a horse.

And if you're gonna fly,
at least scout what's ahead.


Three leagues off.

Just the place to find a wolf.

What's it like where you come from?



Foggy, green.

Farms as far as the eye can see.

I loved our farm.

My mother was so funny.

My father was so clumsy.

Ah, she'd give him grief.

That man could not butter bread
without dropping it butter side down.

They were dear to me.

I know you think this hunt is a mistake.

But haven't you ever wanted
to really punish someone

for the wrongs they've done?

is nothing to long for.

What I want is to live a noble life.

And one day, ascend to the stars
among our kind.

For eternity.

Some laughs
along the way wouldn't hurt.

Maybe a party.

Mmm. Haven't had a party in years.

I know you're in pain,

but vengeance can darken
even the noblest heart.

No, Lukas, where are you going?

These little buggers
can't stand the cold.

I'm coming!

Lukas! Get down!

Oh, oh, oh.

Wolves don't like to be hunted.

Thought you could sneak up on us, Dragon?
Well, you followed us far enough.

Keep your distance,
and this little hostage lives.

Be still.

Not so tough without your pack, huh?

You ready to join the Bear?

Don't be so quick to kill.

He's worth more to us alive.

I can lead you to the others.

You live, for now.

Something funny to you?

Is this where you all hole up together?

- The Snake's den?
- Aye.

I can take you there.

- Why do you do it?
- Trees.

Make my nose itch.

No. Why do you kill people?

Who've never done anything to you?

That scar.
Someone hurt you so you hurt others?

The man that took my scalp
didn't deserve such credit.

He hurt me, my sister, my brother,
so I took his life,

and it's still the best day
that I can remember.

But the killing gets easier
as you get the hang of it.

I'm not like you.

Well, someone's home, that's for sure.

Here's the plan.

I'll circle above.

The Wolf gets them to come outside.

Well, what about me?
I'm not doing anything.

You'll be our lookout. Up here.

I wanna be down there.

Who the devil is that?

I should've known he'd follow us.

Nosy meddler.

What's he doing?

He's getting himself killed
is what he's doing.

- He's smoking them out.
- He's mad.

Will you shut up?

Hmm. It might work.


He's lost his sword.

That's her.

That's the Snake.

- Ah!
- Whoa!


They're gonna kill him.

Where were we?

Get rid of the messages.

Burn them!

She's getting away.

Hyah! Hyah!

- I was fine!
- Uh-huh.

What's going on?

Can someone tell me what's going on?

It's like I told you.

Border war drove my family
from our home.

We took everything.

The wagon came up behind us
and never stopped.

It's how she found me.

Gave me half of her heart.

Changing our lives forever.

The traitor and I...

we're bonded.

Neither the abbot nor I knew
how I got to the monastery.

The monks buried my parents.

Everyone assumed my wound
was from the crash.

The only thing I remembered
was the One-Eyed Man.

I learned to read and write.

Life was simple.

Until one day, I learned
to understand a new language.

I felt the instincts
of the forest creatures in my blood.

Their calls and sounds made sense to me.

A new world only I understood.

Then I woke seeing
through something else's eyes.

I knew I was bound to another...

that I had to find them.

She explained to me
how she saved my life.

I asked for information
about the One-Eyed Man.

If she'd help me to find him
and get revenge.

You know her answer.

You were so young.

Hello there.

She's got a cold heart, no?

Hmm. This is nice.

Look at that.

What were you up to?

Burning papers?

Beg pardon.

You ruined my plan.

Hmm. The fall-through-the-roof plan?

Yeah, and don't think
I haven't noticed you stealing my look.

- Ow.
- Come here.

Well, at least you're not yoked to her
like I am, like an ox.

I don't know.
Sounds quite nice, sharing a heart.

- Is he an ox?
- Feeling connected with something.

Or are we the ox?

Feeling two ways about everything
at the same time?

I mean, one minute, I'm fine,
the next, I'm crying,

I'm raging, I'm hungry,
I'm thirsty, I'm hot, I'm co...

Yeah, great team you two make.

Came for one quarry, lost the other.

Yeah, what about the Wolf?

Don't worry about him.

I can always find him later.

Why don't you go
and ask slither-face over there

where the fourth one is?

You said you were coming
to make the camp ready?

Were you all meeting up?

So the Scorpion's coming here?

Lovely boy.

You should've waited
till he showed himself.

Now he'll sense you,

hide under a rock until you least suspect.

Then you'll lead us to him.

All right, well,
if that's all she's got to say,

you might as well get it done.

Lukas, remember the part
about listening to me.

Let's take her to town.

She'll be put in jail.

Kid, don't go a lifetime
regretting a missed opportunity.

That snake murdered your parents.

In town, she will face justice.

You don't have to do this.

Do it. For both of us.

Ignore him.
He's so drunk even I'm seeing double.

No. No, no.

I've never shared sight with you
since that first time,

and I will go to my grave
before I do it again.

You know what?

You should've just let me die,
because all this has done is reminded me

that when I needed you most,
you failed me.

Just like she'll fail you.

Lukas, don't.

Do it!

You let this villain live,

you'll be chasing your own One-Eyed Man
for the rest of your life.

Do it!

Do it!

- There was no One-Eyed Man.
- What?

It was the king.

From the moment I came to your shores,
I didn't trust King Razvan.

The border war was taking a terrible toll,
yet the people called him hero.

What choice did they have?

My subjects...

He lived more extravagantly
than anyone knew.

I sent him requests
to pursue peace negotiations.

The king took action in secrecy.

I suspected he'd used agents
to start the war,

to give him an excuse
to attack the enemy.

But before
I could prove anything,

he strayed too close to the battle.

They were taking him to town
where they would expect me to save him.

Run them off the road!

Run them off the road, I said!

Help your king.

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

Share your heart! It's your duty!

People wonder
why I refused the king.

The truth is,
I had already shared my heart

with someone more deserving
of life.


But the king survived.

And in a fortnight,

he was before the people
branding me a traitor.

Shame on you!

I misjudged his popularity
and the fear that war breeds.

I lost the people's trust.

You could have just attacked,
taken the king down.

No one could stop a dragon.

And force everyone to obey me?

Once you replace trust with fear,
there is no going back.

And the One-Eyed Man?

The wagon they used that day,
it belonged to the enemy.

Their colors, their flag.

That was your One-Eyed Man.

You said he was real.

You lied to me.

No, I protected you.

If you had known the king was responsible,

you'd have just gotten yourself killed.

What more proof do you need?

Do it!

Alive and kicking. That's not like you.

Yeah. I'm a changed man. Here.



Coming, Father.

Well done, Darius.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

There's something entirely
too civilized about all this.

- Darius?
- Hmm?

You followed us to the Snake's lair,

Followed you? No.

No, I just thought your job...
deserved doing.

Right. Well, I owe you thanks.

- Ah.
- Three, actually.

Whenever I really needed someone,

at the lair, on the road, in the town,
you were there.

You've got backbone. You deserve it.


- Got my name right.
- Yeah. I...

You're not trying
to sell me something, are you?

- No! No, I...
- So, I was thinking...


He's on his own now,
but he's still dangerous.

How about we go out
early tomorrow morning...

Oh, Siveth! Sorry. Siveth, stop it!

Are you sure about this?

Okay. Let's do this.

This is never gonna work.

Just repeat what I say.

Have you ever actually wooed anyone?

- Dragon or otherwise?
- Of course.


You've been a hermit for 20 years.

Some things you don't forget.


First, give her a compliment!

No, his name.

What? His name.
Oh, yes, his name.

Would you two make up your mind?

Compliment. Definitely.


You have lovely... shutters.

Thank you.

Now, I find your scent overwhelming.

I find your scent overwhelming.

From all the way down there?

You must have an excellent sense of smell.

I can see the stars in your eyes.

And superior eyesight.


Uh... Smell, sight, all my senses
are quite respectable.

Is someone there?

- I challenge you to a jaw-lock.
- I challenge you to a jaw-lock?

Do you mean lockjaw?

Are you ill?

When I first saw you,
I wanted to pounce.

When I first... Right, you know what?
This is not working.

I'm Lukas.

I saw you in the market the other day.
You were buying plants.

- Medicinal herbs.
- Yeah.

You're a healer?

And you are...

Wondering if you'd like
to walk the square.

- If my father sees us...
- Then I'll pretend I have a fever.

I'm very good at retching.

We are good, aren't we? Mm. Magical.

What in heavens is jaw-lock?

A courting ritual.
You lock teeth, and then...

Look, that's it. We're done. We're done.

Aw, that's really sweet.

Yeah, I just thought
'cause you like flowers and stuff.

I do.

Where did you get them?

Just the market, you know?

They're my neighbors'.

- No, they're not.
- They're definitely my neighbors'.

I like them, though.

Do you like the color?

I do. Red's my favorite.

No way! Red's my favorite color.

It's actually blue.

- What?
- Blue's my favorite color.

They're working for the king.


Not so fast!

All right, all right. All right.

So, you're the one who snared the Snake?

Him. And a young boy. A peasant.

How did you find her?

Little bird told me.

A little bird.

Listen, errand boy,

I'm the only one
who's going to be celebrated

for trapping these animals
and taking them to slaughter.

And I'll do it when it suits me best.

Get in my way again and I'll run you down.

Hold him!

Well, now.

I've got a little extra
to bet on the dice.

Not on the face, eh?

Hi, Siveth.


Right. Don't think this means
we're gonna play fetch or anything.

So, was it just the two of you?

You and this mercenary?

Yeah. And the dra... Uh, my dog.

Yeah. She's our secret weapon.

A secret canine weapon?

I like the sound of that.

- She must be fierce.
- Oh, the fiercest.

So, there's the jail.

My father could come out any moment.

Meet me at the market tomorrow?

I'll teach you all about
nettles and thistles.

Sounds irresistible.

My cheeks hurt.

From smiling.

Now, now. Don't be afraid.

Makes a prison of your mind.

- A cipher.
- Yeah.

The man who was trying to burn the papers,
he was too... too well dressed.

Carrying instructions
requires the king's approval.

Those killers...

Those killers weren't meeting
to make plans.

They were...

They were getting new orders.

What's happened?

You know,
private audience with the king.

You tried taking him on alone, didn't you?

See, there you go again,
making me sound silly.

- It's the food.
- What?

It's the food shortages.

Fears of starvation.

Fears that could topple a king.

Unless a greater fear comes along.

But those papers
will topple him for us.

The people will see he's corrupt
and that I was right.

All those years ago, I was right.

Now who can't let something go?

I'm sorry
I didn't tell you the truth, Darius.

But you haven't been
the only one to suffer.

Thirty years I've been in exile,

my name a curse.

That ends tonight.

Not if we don't get those papers back.

If they find them, they'll destroy them.


Come on, quickly!

Fetch water!

Fire! Fire!

Boy, come on. Get back. Back. No.


- Oana!
- Help!

Fire's out.

- Oana!
- Lukas!


Someone came for the prisoner.

He had a staff and he stung his face!

The Scorpion.

He's been poisoned. Can you treat him?

Yes! If we hurry.

You, you take him.

Go! Go!

Come, we must get those papers back
to entrap the king.

But the Snake and the Scorpion
are getting away.

Time enough to find them. Listen to me.

I did listen to you,
and if we'd killed the Snake,

none of this would've happened.

- This is your fault.
- Kid, come on.

No, I'm going after them.

They take their orders from the king.
He is responsible.

And if we wait any longer,
there may be no way to prove it.

You said you'd help.

Are you coming?

I can't.

He was right all along.

Don't you see those papers
are more important?


I'll stick with him. Go on.

He stole my horse.

Of course, he stole my horse.

What are you up to tonight?

Come on, kid. This way.

The tracks. They're here.

I don't like it. They could be anywhere.

Can't you ask a bird?

You see any birds, genius?

I'm telling you, it feels like a...

- There they are!
- Ambush!


I can't see the Snake or the Scorpion.

Probably on the run
while we're otherwise engaged.

All right.

Time to even up these odds.

- Ready to lose, boys?
- Right. We'll see about that.

I knew he would. I knew he would.


What do you got there?
What do you got there?

You see that hill?

I'll cover you.

You scramble up there,

you find the horses,
you get back to the town.

No, no! I'm not leaving you here!

The hunt's over, kid.

This is survival.


Go on.


Don't touch the jewelry.

Oh, Lukas.

I must see the king at once.

See it!


See this!



Down below!


Just you now, sellsword.

Lovely boy.

Are you sure it was me
who killed your parents?

So many disreputable characters
these days!

I know everything.

You. The king. My farm!

Ah, yes.

Beautiful land.

Maybe I'll go back there.

You could come. Would you like that?

I could be her, your mother.

I'm on my way.

Close your eyes now. Good night.

I surrender.

Spare me and I'll tell everyone
the king hired us.

How he paid us to kill the hungriest.

The hungriest first.

Do you understand me, you dumb animal?


It's all my fault.

I let vengeance darken my heart.

I'm sorry, Siveth.

When I thought you'd been
taken from me, so did I.

Can't you take it back?

Take it back, give it to him?

I can't.

Come. I'll carry you too.

I'll slow you down.


Save him.

I'll come back.

I believe you.

I believe you.

Go on.

I'm flying.

Yes. You're flying.

Siveth, look, stars.

You'll be up there one day.
I just know it.

Keep your eyes on the stars, Lukas.

Keep looking up.

You're all right.

You're safe now.

For weeks
we thought we'd lose you.

We had to summon an expert.

There he is.

How are you feeling?

No secret weapon
to help you talk to me this time.


Come on.


You disgrace yourself yet again
by harboring criminals.

The only criminal here is you.

And there he is, the young cur,

who assisted the villains' jailbreak,
leaving my town on fire.

A fire I extinguished.

We'll make a note.

What can we expect in another 20 years?

Perhaps you'll mend a fence,
rescue a cat from a tree?

How about I find an honorable king
who protects his subjects,

instead of using them
for his own purposes?


I command you to resume your banishment.

Step aside and give me that miscreant.

If there is anyone to arrest, it is you.

You are in league with the outlaws
who ravaged this kingdom.

The king?

It appears it is your word
against mine, traitor.

Who do you expect them to believe?


How did it work exactly?


Your orders for these criminals were coded
so the messengers couldn't read them.

They were delivering instructions
to attack.

With death at their doors,

fewer would complain of your failure
to plan for food shortages.

I gave no such orders.

The dragon speaks the truth!

We raided when and where
His Majesty instructed.

Just like the border wars years ago.

Some of your soldiers
began to realize you were corrupt,

so you paid men to start a war
that never need happen

to make you more popular.

I was one of those men.

He'll say anything
to keep his neck from the noose.

Prepare to fire!

If there is anyone else
who wishes to speak,

I promise my protection.

I delivered such a message.

To him.

I did too.

- And in the king's name.
- Get back in line!

And I coded them.

I'm so sorry.

I am your sovereign.

Unhand me! Guards!

Defend me! Don't touch me! I am your...

Unhand me!

Come on. Go on, move!

Easy. Easy, easy. Don't hurt me.

Look at you.

After all these years.

So, you and she are...

A team.

Maybe one day,
you'd make a good king.


King Darius?

King Darius the Beast Manager.

- Yeah.
- The beast manager.

You make it sound silly.

You are silly.

In the end,
no one went hungry.

Siveth had had the foresight

to save half of all the crop seed
people had paid her,

storing them safely
in her ice cave.

A deal's a deal.

Your investment paid off.

Prime land.

But to tell you the truth,
I'd rather have the friend.

Besides, now you can buy my horseshoes.

Top quality.

No more scrap.

After the snows melted,
we helped Lukas rebuild his farm,

a place where he could start
a new life.

When we're alone, our sorrows
can bring out our darkest selves.

Come on, you.

But sharing our heart
lights a better way.

A toast to my new family.

You've all given me happiness,
so I wish the same for you.

What a party!

Can we have another tomorrow?

As I said, sometimes
it takes the most unlikely person

to help you find hope again.

Then hope takes wing
and carries you aloft,

and you just keep looking up.