Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000) - full transcript

When Geoff, an orphaned stable boy (Chris Masterson), discovers Drake (voice of Robby Benson), the world's last living dragon, he realizes that his dream of becoming a knight in shining armor can now come true. Together, they soon face challenges that turn them into heroes. But caught up in the excitement of their new lives, Geoff and Drake fail to see the hidden dangers that surround them.

[Man Narrating]
My story begins when
I was but a lad of 16.

It was the year
I became a novice
at Brother Gilbert's monastery,

when I first heard
the prophecy:

A dragon's heart
could do mankind...

when a two-tailed comet
blazed across the night sky.

I paid this leg end
little heed,

for I had come
for a quiet life
of prayer and devotion.

Besides, everyone knew
there were no more dragons.

The last, Draco,
had been slain by Sir Bowen,

a knight of the old code.

I later learned
that in the last year
of his life,

Bowen returned
to Draco's cave.

There he was granted
a miracle,

a dragon egg
about to hatch.

The dying knight entrusted
the hatchling to our monastery.

Fearful evil might dwell
in this dragon's heart,

Friar Peter and the abbot
pledged to hide him away...

until the comet had passed.

For 20 years,
they carefully guarded...

the secret
locked beneath us.

Eight days before
the comet's arrival,

my quiet life
was turned upside down.

Before the week was out,
I'd be embroiled in deception,

mystery and battle.

And who could have known
that Geoff,

the orphan stable boy
at our monastery,

would reveal
the deepest secret...

of what is truly
in a dragon's heart.

Make way for
the king's noble knights.

Wishing to be
one of them...

won't get the stables
cleaned any faster.

Where do you think
they're headed
all dressed up like that ?

They're off
to the castle...

to honor Lord Osric
being sworn in...

as the king's
chief advisor.

The castle.
[ Bell Tolling ]

I suggest you get back
to the stable...

before the abbot
catches you around.

I promise I will have the
stables scrubbed cleaner than
the abbot's table by vespers.

And, Friar Peter,
I will even clean
that old dungeon for you,

if you just unlock it
for me.

I'll tell you a secret
about that dungeon:
There's nothing down there...

that can transform you
into a knight.

You're a good boy
at heart.

If you work hard
and practice humility,

you'll be a fine
stable master some day.

I'll be outta here
long before I'm any kind
of stable master.

[ Man ]
I, Lord Osric of Crosley,

choose the old code
as my oath.

I am hereby sworn
to valor,

to speak
only the truth,

to use arms
to defend the helpless,

to use might
to uphold the weak.

My heart
knows only virtue.

My wrath will
undo the wicked.

My king.

As chief advisor,
my goal is nothing less than
ensuring that the old code...

lives on in the hearts
and minds of all people.

Everyone should share
in our kingdom's bounty.

Tomorrow, I shall bestow
a personal gift...

on all men, women
and children in the land.
A gift?

Is it my birthday?
No, Sire.

[ Narrator ]
Everyone was pleased
when Lord Osric...

was named chief advisor...

since our beloved king's
behavior had become so...

unusual of late.

Everyone will receive
two new tunics...

in the style and color suited
to their inherited station.

From now on, no one
will wear anything else.

[ Narrator ]
There I was, so young,

a mere novice entrusted
with the monastery's
most important secret.

Silence was my solemn vow.

what are you doing ?

Looks like old Friar Peter's
cauldron. What would you be
doing with that ?

Can you keep a secret ?
You know I can.

Friar Peter gave me
a new chore to do.

Ooh. Lucky you.
What is it ?

I told you,
it's a secret.

A secret chore
from Friar Peter.

That's pretty special.
Don't you think ?

Maybe just
a little special, yes.

Don't say it like that.
Take some pride
in being special.

All right,
I am special.

It's not like pride's
one of those seven deadly sins
or anything.

Actually, it is.

[ Pig Squealing ]

You're right, Geoff.
Manual labor sure keeps
the soul humble.

- Thank you for
getting me to do this.
- Any time.

Don't forget
the corners.

- [ Knocking ]
- Yes ?

Two most unusual strangers
are asking after
Brother Gilbert's writings.

The abbot has
sent them to you.
Very well.

This is Master Kwan
and his son.

I fear I don't have
much hospitality to offer.

Oh. I spent my youth
in a monastery
much like this one,

but we do not
seek comfort.

We have come from
Hebei Province, where man
and dragons lived in peace.

Many years ago,
a terrible evil
set dragon against man,

and all our dragons
were destroyed.

A terrible tale.
Though I have to say,
I don't see...

what this has
to do with me.

I'm told that the founder
of this monastery...

wrote extensively
about dragons,

and that you are
the guardian of his scrolls.

Brother Gilbert
was a kind soul...

with a fanciful imagination
and a poor hand at poetry.

It has been read
in the stars...

that a new dragon
was born.

Surely you are aware
that the prophesied comet
will return in eight days.

We must prevent the evil
from taking hold again.
I am a man of God.

I do not believe
in such superstitious prattle.

Then... the dragon talon
in your pocket...

is a meaningless
talisman ?

It has meaning only
to the monks of this order.

It was passed on
by Brother Gilbert,
who received it from Sir Bowen.

He claimed it belonged
to Draco, the last dragon.

[ Kwan ]
But we must test the dragon
before the comet arrives.

[ Friar Peter ]
There are no dragons here.

But Lord Osric knows
about stars and comets.

Perhaps he can help you.

[ Kwan ]
Thank you.
Good night.

What would Mansel
be doing down here ?

Ah. This was not
a good idea.

[ Screams ]

[ Growling ]

Stay away from me !

[ Growling,
Sniffing ]

[ Growling Continues ]

You know, you-you'd better--
You'd better go.
You're not supposed to be here.

How long have you
been down here ?

I've always been here.

- I'm Geoff.
- I'm Drake.

Here. Give me that.

Seven lashes to anyone
caught without their tunic.

Those men from the East
are still waiting, Lord.

Show them in.


[ Kwan ]
Thank you for seeing us.

Not at all.
It's an honor.

We are on a quest
related to the arrival
of the two-tailed comet.

Well, you don't have
much time.

According to my star charts
and calculations, the comet
will return one week from today.

What do you hope
to accomplish ?

We seek the dragon
of the prophecy.

Hmm. A noble
though nonsensical mission,

since nothing is left
of dragons but their legend.

- Respectfully. I saw
a dragon's claw just last night.
- Did you ?

Friar Peter claimed
it belong ed to Draco himself,

but can we be sure ?

All this talk of dragons
and prophecies...

will frighten
the common people.

They're terrified of dragons,
with good reason.

For your own safety, you should
leave this kingdom tonight.

Stefan, see them safely
to the border.

[ Bell Tolling ]

[ Narrator ]
Back at the monastery,
Geoff visited the dungeon...

every chance he got.

I suspect he hoped
that knowing Drake...

would somehow lead
to adventure and fame.

Geoff must have been
sorely disappointed to learn
he had befriended a dragon...

who had no idea how to fly
or breathe fire.

Oh, come on, Geoff.
Your tunic
doesn't look that bad.

I hate this thing.
Itches and it's
the color of worm vomit.

That's not the color
of my vomit.

The old code
doesn't say anything...

about what you've got to wear
to become a knight.

Well, I've got about as much
chance of becoming a knight...

as I do of convincing you
to come outside.

Friar Peter made me promise
that I would never go outside.

You're a dragon.
Act like one.


Here. Allow me.

It's Friar Peter.
Oh, no.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He can't find you down here.


Drake ?
Yes ?

I have sad news.

M-Mansel ?
What ?

What is it ?

Friar Peter is gone.
Where did he go ?

He went to heaven.
Do you know what that means ?

Oh, yes.
Did it hurt him to die ?

I don't think so.
He seemed fine yesterday,
but he was old.

This morning
he just didn't wake up.

He was very fond of you,
you know.

I know I am not
Friar Peter,

but I will do my best
to take care of you.

I promise.

Thank you, Mansel.

[ Groaning ]

I was just talkin'
to him.

I can't believe he--

I don't feel
like talking now.

I'd like to be alone.

[ Whinnies ]

It's that stable boy
from the monastery.

[ Man ]
Oh, let's pay him a visit.

Up. Up. Up.
[ Whinnies ]


Hi. I saw you yesterday.

I'm sorry I didn't stop
to meet you. I'm Roland.

I'm Geoff.
Um, how was the castle ?

Old and stuffy,
but you know how it is.

- Well, I hardly ever
go there anymore.
- You've got a sword.

You want to try
your hand with us ?

[ Man Chuckles ]
The stable boy's not bad.

We're just practicing.

[ Screams ]
[ Men Laughing ]

If we weren't practicing,
you'd be dead, stable boy.

Now, lower your eyes.

Peasants should never meet
the gaze of their betters.

[ Men Murmuring,
Laughing ]

- So, this is what
it's like outside.
- Drake !

You had to come out here now,
didn't you ?

I never got to say good-bye
to Friar Peter.

He was the only one
who knew about dragons.

You're lucky to have had him
as long as you did.

But my heart hurts.

You won't feel
this bad forever.

[ Indistinct Chattering ]

Today I make two edicts
in accordance with the old code.

To defend our helpless
and uphold our weak,

those people wearing green,
beige and brown tunics...

must be indoors
one hour after sunset.

Time for
your evening tonic, sire.

And from this day forward,

only the words of truth
will be spoken in our kingdom.

[ Applause ]

Who does Osric think he is ?
Next thing you know, he's gonna
be telling people what to think.

If they wanna
let him do that,
he probably can.

Well, not me.
You're throwing
your tunic away ?

I don't think
that's a very good idea.

- Let's fly away from here.
- But I don't wanna fly.

Of course you want to fly.
What do you think those wings
of yours are for ?

You see those mountains ?

Beyond those are-are
other kinds of people...

and treasure and adventure
and glory.

[ Geoff, Indistinct ]

Hmm ?

[ Kwan ]
So he lives.
The stars didn't lie.

[ Man ]
Those foreigners
had to come back this way.

They can't be far.
Let's split up.

[ Man ]
This way!

[ Geoff Shouting,
Indistinct ]

[ Kwan ]
He's a very young dragon.

We must not allow sentiment
to interfere with our mission.

That boy was
at the monastery.

And then we could come back
and be more famous
than Bowen and Draco.

[ Growling ]
All you have to do is just
open your wings and jump.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here.
I like it here.

If it's so easy,
you show me
how to do it.

It would have been
better for everybody...

if I was the dragon
and you were the stable boy.

Go ahead.
I'd like to see that.
Stupid dragon.


He's got no tunic.

Let me read your minds.
You wanna know why
I'm not wearing my tunic.

Well, let me tell you...
[ Continues, Indistinct ]

- The boy can take us
to the dragon.
- It's a funny story, actually.

You see,
today was the day when...

all the monks
clean the privies.

[ Man ] What's he take us for ?
And old Friar Gustav must have
thought that my tunic...

was a rag or something,
because he used it to wipe up--

Seven lashes
for the tunic...

and ten for the lie.

[ Men Murmuring In Agreement ]
We seem to have
lost our way.

Perhaps you can point us
in the proper direction ?

Lord Osric told you
to get out of town.

Now, the only direction
I'll show you is toward
the castle dungeon.

Take him !

Be gentle with them.

[ Grunting ]

[ Both Grunting ]

[ Man ]
Come on !

[ Screaming ]

You're a girl ?

I'm Kwan.
This is Lian.

[ Men Yelling ]

We should leave
this area.

This way!
Get him !

Drake ! Drake !

I'm being followed.
You gotta hide.

If the guards see us,
we're dead.
Dead ?

Dead ?
I don't wanna die.
What's happening to you ?

Oh, my.
[ Groans ]

After him !

[ Whinnies ]

[ Grunts ]
Hello again.

Nice day to run
the horses, huh ?

Where are the foreigners ?

I don't know.
They disappeared.

No one can just disappear,

unless I make them.

All right. I give up.
Take me to the dungeon now.

You're not getting off
that easy.

[ Screaming ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Screaming ]

I've got you.
It's all right.

Drake, you're flying.
Of course we're flying.

How do you think
we got way up here ?

Ah, this is great.
Let's go up higher.

Hey !
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Okay. Let's swoop down
and scare the villagers.

Oh, no. This is
dangerous enough as it is.

Don't sound so scared.
You've done
the hard part already.

Actually, I think the hard part
is g oing to be getting down !
Everybody, look out !

Next thing I know,
three Teregoths, just me.
What's that up there ?

[ Woman #1 ]
Look at that.

[ Woman #2 ]
A dragon !
[ Gasping ]

Geoff, any ideas,
because I'm g etting tired ?

[ Indistinct Chatter ]

Lean right.

Lean right. No, left.
Whoa ! You have to lean
right too.

Get me the king's
fastest horses.
Look at that. A dragon.

Four days till the coming.
This alters everything.

Flap a little faster.

Whoa ! Too fast.
Slow down !

The prophecy
must surely be true.

First Friar Peter's
sudden passing, and now this.

It's all my fault,

[ Osric ]
Faster, men. Faster.

[ Groans ]
Would you loosen up ?
I can hardly breathe.

'' Lean farther. Fly faster.
Hold looser.''

- I can't think of
so many things at once.
-J ust slow down, will you ?

[ Screaming ]

[ Geoff ]
I think that was
a little bit too slow.

[ Coughing ]
[ Growling ]

We made it.
You were great.

Great ?
Even though we crashed ?

You are a natural.
[ Men Yelling ]

Who's smart idea was it
to scare 'em ?
Uh, uh, uh, start flapping.

Start flapping !
I can't flap anymore.
I'm exhausted.

[ Angry Shouting ]

[ Growling ]
Watch out.
That got in my eyes.

Did you see that dragon
that just flew by, headed east
toward the mountains ?

Uh, he was big,
wasn't he ?

Sure was fast.
Probably never see him again.

Must be miles away by now.

Uh, he went that way.

- Hold him !
- [ Man ] He's in there.

Put those down !

[ Geoff ]
You heard him.
Put those down !

[ Peasants Murmuring ]

Can't you see
this is, uh--

Lord Osric,
chief advisor to the king,
at your service,

[ Growling ]
good drag on.

He's a bit shy.
His name is Drake.

I'm-- I mean, we-we are all
so glad to see you, Drake.

And your friend here ?

- Geoff.
- An honor to make
your acquaintance.

When the king saw
your magnificent form
flying overhead,

he requested a favor
of service from you.

- Me ?
- Indeed.

He wishes to appoint you
protector of the realm.

Geoff here will be
adjunct protector of the realm.

Is that anything
like a knight ?

A small step below.

As you see,
I was right, milord.

You two again ?

I thought you'd be intelligent
enough to heed my advice
and leave our kingdom.

- Guards.
- No !

These are my friends.

[ Drake Growls ]

These people are
from far away.

See how different
they are ?
[ Growls ]

They do not follow
the old code.
Do not trust them.

He is right.
We should go home.

[ Gasps ]
[ Growling ]

[ Woman ]
Oh, he's moving !
[ Man ] Stand back.

Well, if-if they're friends
of Geoff's, they're friends
of mine.

[ Man ]
He speaks !

Well, then,
they're welcome, of course,

for as long as
you want them to stay.

The dragon will be
an enormous help
in protecting our kingdom.

Nice of him to fly by
when he did.

His arrival was fate,
not courtesy, Sire.

With his help, we can vanquish
the Teregoths once and for all.

dd [ Bagpipes, Out Of Tune ]
I need you to give me
command of the army.

dd [ Stops ]

dd [ Continues ]
I'll interpret that
as your royal approval.

[ Mansel ]
You have no idea
what you've done.

Of course I do. I got Drake
out of that prison that you
and Friar Peter locked him in...

and I taught him to fly,
and I got myself out
of the stables.

Only four more days.
All I had to do was keep
Drake safe.

Then he would have been free
to live his life, but you--

Safe from what ?
What's gonna happen
in four days ?

A prophecy that says
an ancient evil...

will take hold of this land
using a dragon's heart.

Ancient evil ? Drake ?
You got the wrong dragon.

He doesn't have to be evil
for evil to use him.

Drake is an innocent.
He's easily misled.

Don't worry. I'll protect him.
Who's going
to protect him from you ?

[ Sighs ]

Excuse me, miss.

Put those back.
This is a monastery.
We don't allow girls.

[ Lian ]
Please, no one must know that.
Hey, Mansel !

You knew about her,
didn't you ?

Shame on you,

Don't you remember
the abbot's sermon about
that old tradition, sanitary ?

- Sanctuary.
- Yeah.

Well, we should show her
some sanctuary.

You're a monk, Mansel.
That's what monks do.
All right.

All right.

- Don't worry.
He'll keep your secret.
- Thank you.

I'm glad you're movin' in.

The food is lousy, but the place
more than makes up for that
with its lack of excitement.

You want help
with those ?
I can handle them.

I've never seen
anyone fight like you.
Don't touch the ramhead !

Bad luck.

I've never seen
anyone fight like you.
Where'd you learn to do that ?

Master Kwan taught me.

Do all girls fight
where you come from ?

Do you like wearing
girl's clothes, or is that
why you're dressed like a boy ?

Can you believe
all this fuss ?

That's the boy
who found the dragon.

Isn't he just
a stable boy ?

Hey, Mansel,
have you seen Drake ?

All right.
I'll keep looking.

Hey, you have fun,

'cause it's not like
gluttony is on that
seven deadly sin list too.

If it isn't that
fencing stable boy
at the castle at last.

Well, your tunic doesn't seem
so great now, does it ?

You only have that tunic
because you're friends
with the dragon.

Without him,
you are still a peasant.


Geoff's well on his way
to becoming a knight.

Isn't that true, Roland ?

And what do you get if you don't
tell the truth in our kingdom ?
Ten lashes.

One more word
and I'll have to double that.

Come with me.

You've handled
swords before.

None like this.

Then, shall we ?
En garde.

[ Narrator ]
As the time grew near
for Kwan and Lian...

to test the purity
of the dragon's heart,

the gravity of what
they might have to do...

weighed heavily
upon them.

A shot through the heart
with this poison...

will kill him
fast and clean.

If he fails,
he will feel no pain.

Unlike all the dragon
my great grandfather

If you allow your misplaced
guilt to affect you
at the pivotal moment,

you will doom
us all, child.

- Would you
prefer if I--
- No.

This is my burden.
I will do what I must.

I just pray that
Drake passes this test.

You have natural talent.
You deserve special
attention, my boy.

Perhaps you'd
consider taking rooms
here at the castle.

Me live here ?

That way, I could
tutor you personally.

Where can
my guards collect
Drake's belongings ?

Drake's ?
I assumed you and him
were a team.

Well, I think he'd be
too scared to leave
the monastery.

Poor creature.
We wouldn't want
to make him uncomfortable.

I'm sure you can
convince him
to make regular visits.

I'm sure he'd
like that a lot.

What do you think it would take
for a stable boy
to become a knight ?

Now come at me faster.

The most fundamental
attribute of a knight
is his commitment !

He should want it
more than anything else.
More than wealth.

More than adventure !

[ Exhales ]
More than friendship.

Do you want it
that bad ?
Yes, I do.

You'll make a positively
heroic knight.

It's written...
in the stars.

[ Growling ]
This is what
I wanted you to see.

It is a ritual mask based
on the most famous dragon
in the East.

But it...
looks so angry.

[ Kwan ]
This amulet...

has been imbued
with all the wisdom
of the ancient dragons.

If you do as I say,

you will receive
all that knowledge
in an instant.

[ Drake ]
I've always dreamed
of learning about dragons,

but how can I possibly
learn so much all at once ?

[ Kwan ] You must open
your most vulnerable spot,
your heart,

to the dragon's mouth,

then touch the amulet,
and the wisdom
will be yours.

[ Drake ]
Open up my heart ?

Oh, you mean...


like this ?

Just touch the amulet.

Drake !

Isn't there another way
for me to learn ?

I-I could teach you,
but that would take years.

I don't want to touch
that thing. It's evil.

[ Sighs ]

[ Gasps ]
What are you doin'
to my dragon ?

Everything is
all right now.

That is
most inappropriate.

[ Man ]
Get your
dragon portraits !

[ Chattering, Laughing ]

Drake ! Kwan said
you passed some
kind of test,

so he's gonna
teach you all
the old dragon secrets.

And I've got Osric
practically begging me
to learn how to be a knight.

Isn't it great ?

Look what I brought you
from Osric's library.
[ Drake ] What ?

Books about dragons
and knights.

I do not trust him,
nor do I trust
this Osric.

The danger is
still great.

We must stay close
to the dragon until
the comet has passed.

[ Drake ]
I've seen these stars before,
through the grate in my room.

They always made me
feel better somehow.

Those are the stars
of the constellation Draco,

the souls
of your ancestors.

[ Drake ]
Tell me more.
[ Kwan ] A long time ago,

dragons ruled
the earth.

When people appeared,
drag ons saw their
potential for good...

and shared
their dragon wisdom,

pledging to watch over humans
and help them grow.

The souls of dragons...

who fulfilled
that pledge became stars.

Their spirits are
still up there...

comforting anyone
who cares to look.

Like a dragon heaven.
[ Kwan ]

The last soul to join
was a mighty drag on...

who shared his heart
with a prince...

who was wounded
in battle.

While the dragon lived,
the prince was invincible,

sharing the
dragon's strength...
Really ?

and his every pain.

[ Kwan ] A dragon
must be very cautious...

before sharing his heart.

If the human's heart
is a corrupt one,

the dragon can lose
his place in heaven...

[ Drake ]
That's awful.

[ Growling ]
[ Geoff ]
Drake, look at this.

[ Drake ]
Why is that dragon
chewing on a cow ?

Looks like dinner
to me.

[ Drake ]
Dinner ? Hmm.

Come along, girl.

[ Cow Mooing ]

Where'd you go ?

[ Moans ]

My cow.

[ Lian Yells ]

[ Lian Laughing ]
Not bad for your first lesson.

Now attack me again.

When exactly do I
get to throw you ?

[ Dog Barking ]
Geoff !

Sorry I'm late.
[ Burps ]

- Excuse me.
- Oh. Cow breath.

- [ Drake ] What are you gonna
teach me first, Master Kwan ?
- Teach him to blow fire now.

No, breathing fire
is dangerous.

[ Groans ]
Stop being
such a monk, Mansel.

How does
he breathe fire ?

[ Kwan ]
First, you must learn
to open your fire lung.

Inhale through
your nose...

and concentrate
on passing the air
deep in your throat.

Fill your lungs.
It will sound like this.

[ Snoring Sound ]

You try.

Something's wrong.

Get down.
Turn that way so
you don't hit the mill,

then let it
all out !

[ People Screaming ]
[ Dog Barking ]

[ Explosion ]

You can call him
protector of the realm,
but he destroyed my mill !

He can't go 'round
plucking up cows
and flying off with them.

[ Osric ]
I can see you're
both very distressed.

I'm glad you came
directly to me about this.
Fix your mill.

Buy yourself
a new cow,
and remember:

our dragon is the last
of a magnificent race.

He deserves
our utmost respect.
Hmm ?

Dragon lover.

Peasants. Pay them
no bother, lad.

Small minds see what they wish
and require guidance
to understand the truth.

Now, let us go outside
and see Drake...

so you can both tell me
what really happened
at the mill, hmm ?

Drake didn't want to come.
He's too embarrassed.

Kwan tried to teach him
how to blow fire,
but it came out the other end.

You left him
with Kwan.

And what else does
the old man plan
on teaching Drake ?

I don't know exactly.

Something about all the wisdom
of the ancient dragons, I think.

Bring the old man
to me at once.
Yes, my Lord. It shall be done.

[ Drake ]
No. No, no.
This can't be right.

All these knights are-are
hurting dragons.

[ Geoff ]
Drake !

Sorry I didn't
come home last night,
but look what Osric gave me.

W-Weren't we supposed
to go flying this morning ?

Well, Osric has a lot
to teach me if I'm
gonna become a knight.

We'll fly tomorrow.
[ Drake ]

you don't plan
to be like the knights
in this book, do you ?

Just like them.
Come on.

Kwan and Lian are gonna
teach you something new today.

Is there something wrong
with the air up here ?

Well, if Friar Peter had ever
let you open your shutters
in the winter, you'd know.

- It's fog.
- Friar Peter didn't
want him to catch cold.

We should go back
to the monastery
before Drake gets sick.

Breathing ice is
an old dragon secret...

that few were able
to master.

That's him.
This way.

You have a sense
of your fire lung now.

Your ice lung
is beside it.

Do you know how
to generate sputum ?

What ?
He means do you
know how to spit ?

Well, then why didn't
he say so ?

Like this, Drake.

- Ah.
- That's very good.

Sputum expelled with air
from your ice lung
will come out frozen.

- Sounds simple to me.
- You don't even have
an ice lung.

I don't have wings,
but I figured out
how to land.

I will not stand by
and let you
berate him like that.

What are you
gonna do, Mansel ?
Whip me with your tassel ?

- [ Drake ] I can't make spit.
-Just suck on your tongue,
but don't swallow.

Oh, come on !
You did that on purpose !

[ Drake ]
I got some spit
in my mouth.

Open your ice lung
and blow !

- Mansel, duck !
- What ?

Oh, no.
I've killed him.

Mansel ?

Are you
all right ?

I'm going back
to the monastery
before I catch my death.

Take my coat.
Thank you.

Got to get my anger
under control, or something
bad's going to happen.

[ Groans ]

[ Groaning Continues ]

You're coming with us,
old man.

[ Lian ]
Drake is pretty disappointed.
[ Geoff ] He shouldn't be.

Didn't Kwan say that
most dragons can't breathe ice ?

Geoff, he is
disappointed in you.

In me ? Why, 'cause I
didn't go flying
with him this morning ?

I have more important things
to do if I'm gonna be--

Don't you know what
a miracle it is
Drake even exists ?

Years ago,
a dragon named Griffin...

led a rebellion
against our imperial city.

When virtuous dragons
captured Griffin,

they took his heart
as punishment
and placed it in here.

This is the withered heart
of the betrayer
of the dragon pledge.

[ Geoff ]
That's a dragon's heart ?

The virtuous dragons
brought this amulet
to the Emperor Kuo-fan...

as proof that
the evil had been destroyed.

But by then,
the emperor was too fearful.

He killed every dragon
in the East.

Drake is the last
of his kind.

He is more alone
than you could
possibly imagine.

[ Man ]
Now watch again closely.

Toss smooth and easy.
Like this.

Now try it again,

Better every day,
[ Chuckles ]

- Now open wide.
- My Lord.

[ Osric ]
Ah, Master Kwan.

How nice of you to visit.
If you could just
stay there for a moment,

I have some vital affairs
to discuss with the king.

That's enough
of your dalliance
for tonight.

Now put your
official seal on this.

What is this ?
An order
of succession, Sire,

granting me your lands
and powers in the unlikely event
of your premature death.

Oh, is that all ?

Now off to bed
with you.

Good night, Osric.

Sleep well, my King.

an important day.

For when the comet arrives,
this charade will end.

Oh, yes, Master Kwan !
Stefan, how could you
be so rude ?

Take that old sack
off our honored guest's head.

I guess you weren't
expecting me.

My mistake.
I'll take care of it.


You've served me loyally
for many years.

Is that not right,
Stefan ?
Yes, sir.

And in all that time,
have you ever made
a mistake before ?

No, my Lord.

[ Osric ]
Watch closely, monk.

[ Stefan Moaning ]

I won't tell.

I swear by the Holy Rood
I won't say a thing.

That's right.
Just like your king.

You won't say
a single coherent thing.

Now off to the dungeon
with you like
a good, little monk.

It's hot in here.

You are all incompetents !

I must do this

Take the guards to the monastery
for Kwan. I'll meet you there
with my knights.

Tonight will bring
an end to our deceptions.

This disguise has
served me well.

I am comfortable here.


New trouble approaches.

[ Horses Whinnying ]

[ Man ]
All of us for
one old man and a boy ?

The old man and his son
are coming with us.

This has to be
some kind of a mistake.
I'll go talk to Osric.

- You're not
in charge here, squire.
- We shall be gone tomorrow.

You'll be gone now !

[ Yelling ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Yells ]

I might have known
you'd end up with the rest
of the swillage, stable boy.

- Go to the cart.
Pull the ram's head.
- [ Yelling Continues ]

[ Man ]
Regroup ! Regroup !

[ Yelling ]

- [ Whinnying ]
- Stop this at once !

Told you it was
a mistake.

There is no mistake.

Until the comet is passed,
Kwan and his ward will be
my guests at the castle.

No. We must stay
with Drake.

But I thought you said--
[ Osric ]

These people are not
like you and me.

What do we really know
of their intentions ?

This is in Drake's
best interest.

Don't you agree ?

All right.

[ Man ]
Come on. Let's go.

You too.

Now, where is Drake ?

It's time for him
to assume his responsibilities
as protector of the realm.

The Tereg oths have attacked
our border house.

All the knights
of the realm...
are needed.

[ Yelling ]

[ Osric ]
Onward, men ! To defend
the country and the old code !

Come on, you !

I'm hot. Does the abbot know
how hot it is down here ?

Probably doesn't care.
Old bully never lets
anyone do what they want.

Well, I'll talk
as loud as I can !

Shh. Got to be quiet
all the time.

[ Cackling ]
[ Yells ]

I know you.

Did you know
your son is a girl ?

They don't allow girls
in the monastery.

But I won't tell
if you don't.
I like girls.


[ Growls ]

Geoff, I don't like
the looks of this.

This is exactly
the kind of adventure
we've been talking about.

Drake, this is
my big chance.
Don't let me down.

[ Osric ]
Drake, stay here
and guard our backs.

Be careful, Geoff.

Follow me.
Stay close.

The Tereg oths killed
our border guards.

Something's wrong.

Ambush !

[ Yelling ]

Geoff !

No !

[ Yelling Continues ]

[ Screaming ]

Excellent job.

[ Horse Whinnying ]
Geoff ! Look out !

No !

[ Breathing Heavily ]


tell Drake
to give me his heart.

[ Growling ]
How bad is he hurt ?

You've got to share
your heart with him.

Are you sure ?

- Hurry. He's dying.
- He saved your life.
I'll try.

[ Growling ]

Wait ! Stop !

- What ?
- Something's wrong.

He's not really hurt.
He set us up.

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Osric ]
Grab him !

- I would have
knighted you tonight.
- [ Drake ] Let him go !

But there's no valor
in you, stable boy.
[ Drake ] No !

No !
Don't hurt him !
Give me your heart,

or he dies.

- [ Yelling ]
- [ Drake ]
Come on, Geoff! Run !

After them !

Let's go !

- Oh, no.
- [ Man ]
He's down !

Geoff, get down !


It is my destiny
to become king...

and rule over man.

By all the stars
in heaven, I will have
that heart tonight !

dd [ Humming ]

[ Burps ]

dd [ Humming Continues ]

Who are you ?
How did you
get in here ?

I just woke up
and was here.

Where's the monk
and the boy
and the old man ?

Uh, who ?

[ Man ]
Come here !

Put your hands
through the bars.

[ Chuckles ]

Come on.
They need us
at the front gate.

Mansel !

Hello ?
[ Chuckles ]

Do you have
the ingredients
to brew an antidote ?

Black lotus.
He must have been
to the Orient.

You were right
not to trust Osric...
and the boy.

Though it was insolent
of me to point it out
so boldly, Highness.

You haven't called me
that in a long time,
Master Kwan.

Oh, you will grow
accustomed to it again
soon enough.

Drink this, Mansel.

This way, Sire.

dd [ Humming ]

What's that sound ?
It's music.
I like music.

[ Man ] You're not
supposed to be--
[ Groaning ]


But have I not had
my medicine ?

This is
a new potion, Highness.

It will clear
your head.

[ Man #1 ]
Surround 'em !

[ Man #2 ]
Take this side.

You came here looking
for the dragon
and found him.

Now, I must find him,
and time grows short.
Where is he ?

I have been
your honored guest all day.
How could I possibly know ?

A girl.

- You look familiar.
- Perhaps you met
one of my relative...

while you were
gathering herbs
to poison your king.

The amulet of
the Chinese emperor,

[ Kwan ]
I understand now.

- So, it is you !
- Who, Master Kwan ?

In the flesh.

Throw the amulet
in the fire !

[ Yelling ]

I thought
this was destroyed.

Daughter of the house
of Kuo-fan.

On the night
of my destiny,

I repay you
for your ancestor's sins !

No !

[ Gasps ]

I have...
failed you.

Kwan, now shh.

You are
my loyal servant,

my wise master...

and my closest friend.

[ Sniffling ]

[ Geoff ]
Hurry, Drake !

The prodigal
dragon returns.

You'll be pleased
to know you can
keep your heart...

as the little empress here
was kind enough
to provide me with this.

Murderer !
He killed Master Kwan,
and he's about--

Silence !

Kuo-fan was
the murderer,
as was Bowen !

Bowen was a knight
of the old code.

I've shown you
the true meaning
of the old code.

It's a way
to control people
weaker than you !

No, Bowen's real legacy
was written
in the blood of dragons.

But one solitary dragon...

escaped Bowen's wrath
and fled to the East,

a dragon who learned
that the pledge
to serve mankind...

was nothing more
than a cruel joke !

Oh, oh, he sought
his revenge,

but in the end,
his heart too was...


and he...
was cursed...

to live out his life...

in the form
he hated most:

as a man !

[ Drake Growls ]

But tonight--

Tonight that curse
is ended.

[ People Gasping ]

[ Heart Beating ]

- [ Rumbling ]
- The heart of the prophecy
was never Drake's.

It was Griffin's.

Drake, child.

There's another dragon ?
[ Griffin ]
Little brother,

we must teach mankind
their place
as our servants.

Come to me, and we'll
fulfill the comet's
prophecy together.

Y-You called me brother.
[ Griffin ]

I'll teach you
what it really means
to be a dragon.

- Drake, don't go !
- That's it, brother !

Geoff, I'm not alone.
Drake, listen to me !

I know that I hurt you,
and I'm sorry,

but he's going to enslave
mankind forever.
Get out of Drake's way!

Geoff !
[ Drake ]

If it wasn't for Geoff,
I would've given you
my heart...

and lost my soul.

He's my real brother !

Poor choice
of siblings, Drake.

[ Explosion ]

Drake, use your tail !

You'll pay
for that, peasant !

Ice ?
How did you--
[ Yells ]

Oh !

Geoff !
We made it !

Geoff ?

He's gone.

Step away.

what are the words ?

I offer my heart...

to make you whole,
[ Drake ]
To make you whole,

[ Both ]
its strength
to purify your weakness.

[ Breathing Deeply ]
[ Gasps ]

What happened ?

My heart hurts.

You mean our heart hurts,

but it won't feel
this bad forever.

[ Narrator ]
And so, evil
was vanquished,

and the old code restored.

Lian returned to her
royal duties for a time,

while I came home
to the monastery...

and was awarded guardianship
of Brother Gilbert's scrolls.

A life of prayer
and devotion was mine at last,

but it was
a great deal quieter
than I remembered.

As for Geoff
and Drake,

they finally had what they'd
really wanted from the start:

a brother,
a family.

See the sun's
last glimmering ray

Fading fast
to end our day

Though I long
for you to stay

Spirits call
and you obey

You'll fly far
from me

Though in truth
you're still home

Sail across the sea

Nature blooms

Where you roam

When trees grow

The leaves show

My heart goes
with you

Hear the hush
whene'er you sigh

Sorrow weeps
down from the sky

Though we've whispered
our good-bye

Everywhere you go

Am I

From this life
you flee

As the draft
grows so cold

Oh, and now
you're free

Feel the future unfold

As winds blow

The breeze shows

My heart goes
with you

When streams flow

All shores know

My heart goes
with you

You'll fly far
from me

Though in truth

You're still home

Sail across the sea

Nature blooms

Where you roam

When trees grow

The leaves know

My heart goes
with you