Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (2015) - full transcript

When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find a set of dragon eggs guarded by dragon Drago. After Drago saves Gareth's life the two become intricately bonded, and must work together to defeat an evil sorcerer and stop his reign of terror. Along the way, Gareth learns the true meaning of being a knight in this fantasy action-adventure for the ages.

Hundreds of years ago,

when the Romans
occupied Britannia,

the clans of the north
were a people
impossible to tame,

and so the emperor, Hadrian,

erected a wall
across the isle

to stop their deadly raids
and control the countryside.

Though Rome eventually fell,

the Wall still stands.

Knights of
the southern kingdoms
guard its ramparts,

ever fearful
of the mysterious north,

where some clans,
led by a wise
circle of druids,

are content to work
their lands in peace,

while others envision a day

when the wall
comes tumbling down.

May the fire carry our voices

to the stars
under which we sleep,

let the spirits
bless our homelands

as we honor
the old codes we keep.

Oh, heavens,

druids from every clan
gather here to understand
your mysteries

and learn of the future.

A falling star

from the constellation Draco.

This is a sign

to gather swords,
go over the wall

and claim the wealthy lands
that are rightfully ours.

Put this in our trove
for safekeeping.

Brother Brude,

you must leave

well enough alone.

Are we not guides
to our people
of the north?

Why learn the spells
of the ancients

if not to use them
for a just cause?

I'm beginning to doubt
this druid circle

can effectively lead
the Celts any longer.

This falling star
could mean

a new era for the Celts.

An era of peace.

Our people
are tired of fighting.

That is why I invited
the Painted Tribe
to join us.

The Picti.

To spur the clans to war.

They can be
quite motivational.

I will take


By sun and moon

switching stance,
two as one,

druids, dance!

By the light of the moon,
by which all power flows,

we will show our
people the way forward

with blood

and iron!

All right,

you puking foot-lickers!

Tomorrow, the squires
who have pleased me

will be knighted

and earn a Silver Sword.

This is your last test

of combat.

And the winner

gets a cut

of the collections.


Don't take it too hard,
we can't all be knighted.

I'm sure you'll make
a fine soldier.

I'm not taking orders.
I'm giving them.

Put some weight in it!

Get a blade!

something interesting.

I'm getting a seat
at the knight's table.

Do you always need
two friends to get
your sword up?

I've been waiting
a long time

to give your tart
mouth a beating.

It's obvious
you should quit, Gareth.

I don't quit.

You will.

I quit.

Oh, now he'll see.

I quit.

Please, Gareth.

Sir Gareth.

First day
of the month! Pay up!

Make your payments!

Pay up!

Pay your respects
to Sir Horsa.

What? No.

Please, sir.

Here's your blood money.

And much good
may it do you.

- Watch your mouth!

Pay up!

Come on, pay up!


What good will a few coins
from a poor man do you?

You think that wall
is enough to protect you
from the savages?

Show some respect.

It's that time!
Everyone pays!

These last few months,
they've been
preparing for war.

How'd you like us
to let them meet
your daughter?

Get inside. Go.

Who did you think
defends the garrison, eh?

You there.
You're next.

We're about
to fetch you some
of those coins, squire.

Old man!

Got clay in those ears?

It's time for your tribute.

Trade's dried up.

People are scared,
they've moved south.

I haven't sold enough
to give you a cut.

You know the routine.

Need me to remind you?


You've got
a good eye.

Twelve days
of my life in that.

How much of yourself
have you ever put
into one thing?

Is he giving you
trouble in there?


Just showing him
who's in charge.

Feels light.

Some of them
were short, master.

But they won't
do it again.
Keep my share.

A squire walking away
from his cut?

I only meant to honor you.

You honor me

by obeying my command.




You remember that smell?

It's the stench
of the poor
and the common.

Why do you want
to go back there, boy?

I'm not a boy anymore, master.

And I don't want to go back.

I want to be a knight.

This is what you've
worked so hard for,

and you'd throw
all that away.

For what?

You're good with a blade
but you've cost me money.

Get your kit
and get out.

You're not gonna be knighted.

But I've done
all you've ever asked.

I've oiled your armor,
tended your horses.

I've got nothing else.

By my count, you owe me
a hundred crowns.

Bring it to me.

Then you can have your sword.

You can be one of us!

You can be a knight.

I'd have to steal
to earn that much.

Better get started then.

Swear by your life.

I swear my affinity.

Swear by your life.

I swear my affinity.

More knights, more war.

All rotten to the core.

Arise, knights of
Sir Horsa's Guard!

My roof leaks,

but not this much.

Come on.

More soup, Begilda.

He's a grown man.

The legends say that
when dragons were alive,
they served mankind.

So I thought tableware
seemed appropriate.

But no one buys it.

Who wants to touch
a lizard every time
you need a drink?

It'll be popular again,
you'll see.

People need a sign
to believe in.

You asked how long
I put myself
into something?

Five years cleaning
my master's boots.

And is that an order
you still want to belong to?

Plague took my parents.

Priests got rid of me
as soon as they could.

Being a squire was hard,

but I belonged.

When you're a knight,
you get respect.

I'll find those
hundred crowns
and my sword.

I won't be poor anymore.

Where I come from, we say,

"The poor are first to suffer,
but also first to help."

There's honor in that.

The heavens weep!

What sorcery is this?

Oh, it's a sign.

It's a sign! It's a sign!

Of what?
Maybe an opportunity!

Tell the gate
to double the watch.

This could be
a Celt-skin trick.

Yes, sir.

My father used to
mine soil and rocks,
and sometimes, he said...

Ah! His tools!

He said sometimes,

the heavens would drop
a rock to the Earth,

a rock full of riches.

It is north
of the wall.

There are painted
flesh-eaters everywhere.

You're right.

But I bet
there's gold

at the end
of that rainbow.

I can do it.

I wish you
good fortune.

Watching you young boys
run around the village

made me wonder
what a son of ours
would have become.

I would have passed him
this necklace

to give his true love.

Maybe you can
use it one day.



Did those
supplies come in yet?

They have, sir.

I've got
a knight's salary

to spend on you now,
my lovely.


Is that a knight I see?

No, my mistake.

Just a beggar.

With no coins
to my name.


He's heading south,

looking for a warm
street to die on.

As usual
you're mistaken.

I'm heading north.

Over the wall.

- Oh, I can't see!
- Arrest him!

He's got my sword!

Come on!

He's getting away!

Help! Thief!

He's on the wall!

To your posts!

You're fen-sucked now.

Good luck
among the savages!

You'll eat your words
when I'm back
with a full purse

and a knighthood to claim!

I can still get him!

Save your arrows.

They're gonna have
his liver for lunch.

No one will ever
remember you, Gareth!

Show yourself.


A thousand crowns
if there are a hundred.

Pox me. A dragon.


Fetch the sorcerer!

No, you don't. That's mine!


Shade by day,
bright by night,

to do my will
in full moon's light!

Our greatest weapon
is now at hand.

It's a sign! It's a sign!

It took me an hour
to brew that!

I'm sure making poison
takes great patience.


This is to keep you
from getting sick.

What is this place?

All that remains
of the collected
knowledge of the druids.

They're our prophets

and our oracles.

I was an apprentice
with the White Circle,

preparing to take
the Great Trial

and earn this robe.

That's when Brude
began his reign of terror,

and the druids were killed.


That sorcerer?

I need to find him.

He has the dragon's eggs.

And they're very valuable.

There's no telling
what he might do with them.

But save your strength.

The time to face Brude
will come soon enough,

now that you're on our side.

I'm on no one's side
but my own.

Are you sure?


The druids prophesized
that a favorable omen
would show in the sky.

And it has.

A dragon has returned
to our lands,

and I believe it
brought you to us.

It saved your life.

You've been chosen.

A sign.

A dragon was
sometimes known to

share its heart
with an ailing human
who'd earned its respect.

You selflessly
protected its eggs.

Could this be dangerous?

I don't know.
I'm just an apprentice.

Right now I'm learning
the unknotting spell.

The knots
are supposed to disappear.

I was once an apprentice.

A squire.

Before you became a knight.


Oh, I knew it!

The way you handled
this blade.

And how you stood up
to those savages.

You're a knight
of the Old Code.

Old Code?

Uh, Merlin,
the first druid,

kept company with dragons
over 400 years ago.

They helped the king
named Arthur bring peace
to the whole isle.

The first dragons
taught the knights
a code of honor.

"A knight is sworn to valor.

"His heart knows only virtue.

"His blade..."

Well, the rest is illegible,
it just says, "his blade."

Defends the helpless.

So you do know it.


We recite it every day.

Lorne. Is that
wall-crawler awake?


That's Rhonu.

You want my advice?

Just nod
and say, yes.

I told you to keep
the southerner bound.

Stay back!

he can help us.

He's a knight,
and the dragon saved him...
He's no knight.

I am, and have
no quarrel with you.

Now let me pass
and I'll be on my way.

Kill the boy

if you think it will help.


You need our help
to find Brude.

What if he could help us?

What if he could
get the dragon

to fight on our side?

Not poison.


My uncle and I cut down
five more bodies.

Brude has driven
every village
into hiding

and hanged
the able-bodied men

who won't
join his army.

We only want
to live in peace.

But between him
and your accursed wall...

Lorne says this creature
saved your life.

Is it true?

Has a dragon
come from the stars?

And with nine eggs.

How will you convince it
to take up our cause?

When dragons were alive,

they served mankind.

Knights had a special
bond with them.
We're chosen.

It's southern hogwash.

It was fate that
brought me to the dragon.

Perhaps it's fate
that our causes unite.

Each noose

yields a string
that I will shoot back

at Brude
in the name of the dead.

This one is for my mother.

Show us this dragon.

This way.

I can feel him!

It's moving.


My heart.

And your heart.

Is one heart, yes?

Me, Gareth.

Me, strong.

Good. Good human.


The others, savages. Bad.

Really awful,
evil, smelly...

I shared my heart
with the village idiot.

You talk?

And you're a male dragon.

But you lay eggs.

Don't make assumptions.
The eggs are not mine.

I'm their guardian.

No offense meant.

And I didn't know
dragons could talk.

We can't.

At least not like this.

You did this to me.

When our hearts
were shared,

I suddenly found
words in my mouth.

Do you have a name?

Back home I am called,


How about something simpler?

Uh, I know.
You're a dragon.

How about Drago?



It'll do.

Why did you save me?

For your mercy.

The young dragons,
sit in their shells.

Without thinking
of yourself,

you saved them.

Gareth. Great!

No, no, no.

It's all right.
They're friends.

They're friends.

Me, human.

You, dragon.

Been through that,
thank you.

It speaks!

A witness

to a dragon and knight

sharing a heart.

A knight?



Sir Gareth.

Very well.

I can use a knight
to help me rescue the eggs.

In the wrong hands,
a great harm
can be done with them.

Follow me.

Why don't you fly down

and burn them
all to a cinder?


Hurry! It's coming!

Keep the fires stoked.

You heard that!

I'll take a tongue
for every one
that goes out!

The sorcerer
has cursed me.

By day or by the light
of a torch,

I become ghostly.

If you can darken
some torches,

I can get the eggs back
and fulfill my duty
to raise the dragons

as friends to mankind.

And if we return
the eggs to you,

will you help us
defeat these savages?







Soon, my child.

You will understand

what I have
in store for you.


Paint can't hide
your true skin.

A southerner?

So far from home.

What brings you
over the wall?

Are you a spy?


You like my treasures?

I prayed

that the prophecy
would bring me one dragon

that I could make my own.

Stay down.

But nine?

They will grow up
knowing me

as their only master,

and when their
wings are strong,

they will fly
over your wall

and show your people

the horror
they've shown mine.

Tie him to the tree.

This is what
happens to those

who stand against
the tide of the moon!

They share
each other's pain.



just like Merlin said.

If you die,

so does the dragon.

So valuable.

Brude chose the moon
to be his spirit guide.

When it ebbs, at dawn,

his powers will be
at his weakest.

Sleep now,
Mother Moon.

Swell thy belly to
bring upon a blacker night.

We're going hunting.

I can bring forth a fog

so thick it will
hide your movements,

yet so natural

they'll never
suspect it's me.

You better be worth
a hundred crowns,

or I'm frying
the lot of you.



I can do this.

Earth and water,

blackest bog,

water and air,

white as fog.

White as fog!

White as fog!

What's this?


Horses from the trees!

Brace yourselves, men!

Get out of the way!

I'll take that.


Ha! Ha!

You'll need more
than smoke tricks, runt.




We'll wait
for my uncle here.

We should keep
moving while we can.

Where I come from,
when you have
the advantage,

you use it.


Lorne! Lorne!

Are you hurt?

Sorcery has a cost.

Even when
you get it right.

Here, get up.

The younger you are,

the more it drains
your energy.


Thank you
for saving them.

Daylight burns.

I must stay
in the shadows.

Did you see that?

He jumped.

And what good is a dragon
powerless beneath the sun?

We've staked
everything on him.

Can't you break the curse?

I was never ordained.

But perhaps with time
I could study my scrolls.

Find your remedy?

We've some time
until they
catch their horses,

but they'll hunt down
every last family
in the vale to find you.

No, Brude will
follow the eggs.

I'll take them
south in the wagon,
drawing his forces away.

That will give you time
to gather those in hiding,

and a chance
to make a stand.

Head south and you hit
the Wall in three days.

There's more road
to the north.

Unless you're planning
on taking those eggs
back over for yourself.

No. I can travel
faster over ground
I've already covered.

Besides, I'm a knight.

I'm chosen.
The dragon trusts me.

All right.

South it is.

But Brude has men
taking slaves
in the hills.

We'll have
to be careful.

Well, I'm coming
with you.

And Lorne can study
his scrolls along the way.

Arm every man
who can fight,

then come south
and we'll trap Brude
against the Wall.

Rhonu, the journey
will be difficult,
with little sleep.

Do I look like
I've lived a life
of comfort?

I forbid it.

I'm only concerned
for your safety.

And can you blame me?

You must have felt something
when you touched my heart?

Let's get started.

She grows on you,
does she not?

Like a thorny vine.

The answer is no,
by the way.

I can't blame you
for feeling protective.

Well, laugh, if you will.

Come now,

you really think a Celt
could like a southerner?

Well, a man is a man,
is he not?

Aye, a man be a man,

but his homeland
gives him his nature.

At least that's
what we believe.

Inside the Wall.

Inside? You mean outside.

No, this side is inside.

The other side is inside.
This is outside.

You built the Wall
to keep us in.

Like animals in a cage.

It was built
to keep you out,

like monsters at your door.

And I didn't build it.
And I am not

a monster.

I could have chosen
wiser words.


What in hellfire
just happened?

I was just holding it.

I didn't mean to.

Until the dragons hatch,

they have no control
over their fire.

I'm afraid
some of them

might not survive
this journey.

I need the southerner alive!

They'll have
heard the sound.

Then we get off
the road. Go on foot.

Stick to broken ground.

Hand me the eggs.


That's it.


That's it.

There's a cave
up ahead.


What do you see?

A shadow.

It has shape and feeling.

Brude's dark sorcery

has opened the shadows to me

and through our hearts,
to you as well.

Come. I'll show you
how it works.

Waiting for me
to carry you
over the threshold?

Master shadow jumping
and you'll travel

with great speed.

Like growing wings!

Drago! Wait up!

Step number one,

think of the shadows
as doors.

Use your imagination.

See? Every shadow
is a passageway.

Now give it a try.

It's shadow jumping,
not shadow standing.

Yeah, keep laughing,
lizard breath.

Step number two,

choose a shadow
to exit ahead of you.

Step number three,
focus and take your
mind off distractions.

Now follow me.

Jump, jump, jump!



Jump, jump, jump!


You can do it!




Maybe you haven't
inherited anything from me.

Either that
or Rhonu's
distracting you.

I do think she likes you.

You're mad.

Notice how she
sneers at you.

When a female dragon
finds a male worthy,

she strikes him
with her tail.

Let's hope that tradition

doesn't catch on
amongst humans.

You like her too.

I do not.

Each day, our bond
grows closer.

First it was pain, sorrow.

But now I can feel
how your heart races
when she's near you.

We're being chased
by a murderous sorcerer.

Of course
my heart's racing.

A true knight would
be able to train hard

and set aside

I trained for years,
you talking saddlebag.

How dare you? Take that.

Oh! Ow! Ow!

You're making
assumptions again.


You don't feel anything?

Maybe a tickle.

It's nice to see
you found the occasion

to play the fool.


Lorne's found something.

It is called, simply,
the Sorcerer's Curse,

an incantation of enslavement.

The victim will follow
the druid's command,

but only from
dusk till dawn.

In daylight

they will be weak, useless.

There is always a price,

even to a sorcerer
such as Brude.

See here?

The curse takes
its hold slowly.

But at the full moon,

the victim loses
his own will.

Drago will be
on Brude's side.

Two days.

Come to me.

Come to me.

Something wrong?

I was dreaming
of the great things

the dragons will do
for mankind.

When I felt
the curse quicken.

It seems evil desires
can spoil a dream

just like they can a heart.

Two more days
to the Wall.

And for Drago.

What was her name?


Is she beautiful?

Has she borne children?

You'd have to
ask her husband.

What wicked habits
do you keep
over that Wall?

You misunderstand.

She's an old woman
who showed me kindness.

And as for beauty,

I've seen more of it
on this side of the Wall,
truth be known.

They were here.

Signs of a fire.


We're getting closer.

Put your feet on!

Get down.

Move yourself,
you dog!

I know that clan.

Some are cousins
from homesteads
to the east.

Five guards.

We could free them.

Are you mad?
We have to keep moving.

Once they pass,
we can carry on

over the ridge
and into the forest.

The eggs are the only
thing that matter now.

What matters
is my people's freedom.


Do what you will.

I'm helping them.

Rhonu, wait.


You could have
tried to stop her.

You're supposed
to be the knight
in shining armor.

Oh, we're leaving?

She said to go on.

It's a clear shot south
once we get
through the forest.

Sir Gareth.
I've seen you fight.

You can take them.

She's all alone.

You've already
lost us one dragon,

do you intend
to kill the rest?

Keep going!
I said move!

The ties that bind,

hear my call,


free from all!

We're free!


We're free!


A knight is sworn to valor.


I'm back!

Shade by day,
bright by night,

to do my will
in full moon's light!

All cannot
survive this journey.

Sacrifice what you must.

Shoot! Shoot!



Through your own shadow!
What valor!

Southern man!

I see you've gone

for that yeasty scut!

Kiss her neck
while you can,

before I stretch it
like her mother's.

Hey, hey. Wait.

Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.

There's still too
many of them. Come on.

The code.

When Drago
regained his form,

could that have
been your doing?

Me? How?

Well, you upheld
the code.

You came back.

And to my recollection
that was the precise
moment Drago appeared.

You share feelings, pain.

Perhaps he can feel
the valor in you too.

How does it feel?

Seeing home?

Hard to see anything
but a wall.

By end of day tomorrow

we'll be trapped
between it and Brude.

Your uncle will
make it, I'm sure.

He'll be riding
into certain death

if Drago has fallen
under Brude's control.

The men of the Wall
will honor a knight's
request for protection,

won't they?

Yes, honor's
in their every word.

Well, I know
a place we can shelter.

The Druid's Circle,

where I was to get my robe.

No more.

The curse grows stronger.
I can't move.

You have to fight it.

Brude is a potent sorcerer,

which apparently
I'll never be.

I can't find a way
to break the curse.

I am now
a danger to you all.

You must leave.

We need you.

I will not be enslaved.

I will take
my own life first.

And mine?


There must be another way.

Rhonu is right.

I can't take your life.

Choices must be one's own.

I never thanked you
for sharing
your heart with me.

And I never said
I was sorry

for doubting

that you're a true knight.

It is time.

Will I still
feel your heart?

What do I do?

What happens now?

Follow the code,
like a knight always does.

I'm not a knight.

I never was.

I don't even know
what one is anymore.

On the other side
of the Wall,

there is no code.

It's just cruelty.

I'm sorry.


if you would
truly be a knight,

your might will
uphold the weak,

your word will
speak only truth.

And if this is to be
my last dawn of freedom,

I'm glad you were
here by my side,

my friend.

Well, this is it.

We can't run any further.

Stay hidden.

Oh! Oh!

Hey, wait! They'll shoot
one of us on sight.

Hail! Hail!
Men of the Wall!

It's me! Gareth!
Don't shoot!

Hold your fire!
Don't shoot!

Man approaching!
Don't shoot!

On your post!
It's me!

Kalin, it's Gareth!

I returned from the north!

Kalin, open the gate.

Any moment, a pack
of savages will come

through those trees,
hundreds of them...

Well, what have we here?

...led by a cruel
and powerful sorcerer
and a dragon.

You won't be laughing
when you're under attack.

So you've returned!

Not empty-handed, I hope.

A dragon's egg,
made of gold.

What's he doing?

Showing his true heart.

Gareth! Wait!


Archers ready!

No, wait.
They're with me.

Fire on my command.

I see you've found
the fortune

you needed to buy
your knighthood.

Chosen, was it?

I don't want it anymore.

Open the gates.

You have to believe me.

I just want to help.

Open the gate!

Your quest
hasn't improved

the company that you keep.

But you've certainly
accomplished what
I asked of you.

For this
marvelous creation,

I would knight you.

But, seeing as
you've brought this,

what is it,

a powerful sorcerer
to my wall?

I'd have you denied.


my pet.

Tonight, you will be
mine in body and mind.

Was this part
of your plan?

He's led us to our deaths.

And you, druid.
You said
he'd help free us.

What are they
waiting for?

The fools have
forgotten their ladders.

They can't
get over the Wall.

They're waiting
for the moon!

Waiting for Drago.

If we're up here
when he attacks,

we'll be burned to ash.

I can free Gareth.

But you can't do
the rope trick

because he's in chains.

This is no rope trick.

I hear your king
has feasted on
every creature

that walks, flies
or swims.

He will pay handsomely
to consume these rarities.

Now, my child.

- To arms!
- To arms!

Moon and sun,
two as one.

Switching stance,
druids dance.

Lorne? How did he...

Get up to the wall,
you cowards!


- To battle!
- To battle!

We've lost him.

Drago's gone.

We've lost everything!

And the best thing
I could do is put an arrow

straight through
your heart and his!

Kill me if you want.

But the only good part
of Drago left is in here!

He shared his heart with me
before he was cursed.

But what are you gonna do?
Give it back to him?

I'm going to do
what the code requires.


We've lost the dragon!

I've led you to a slaughter!

Come this far, my dillie.

I'm seeing
the other side
of that wall!


Grab what you can.

No need to count.

Closed for business.

You still trying to earn
a silver sword?

This one will do.


You see what
caring about savages

unworthy of your
status brings?

You've doomed
this settlement.

A knight
is sworn to valor.

That old rhyme?

Just poetry, boy.

It's more than
you ever taught me.

And if it wasn't
for those words,

I'd still be
stealing from the poor.

And you'd still have

your head!

My blade shall
defend the helpless.

See? I've taught
you something.

And now for your
last lesson, squire.

The old codes have
been bought and sold.

A knight is only
worth his profit!

Aim for their front line.

You, raise your elbow.

Don't they teach you
anything here?


Life takes some
damn strange turns.


I won't leave
their side.

Our hearts know only virtue.

Brave lass.

Show me the dragon's eggs
and I'll spare you the noose.


For my mother!

Run! Run!


The curse is broken!

You saved me!

The village idiot
strikes again!

I only see a knight.

Sir Gareth.

Druid's alive!
Get him down!


I guess it worked.

I'd say you've
earned that robe.



Hold on, Rhonu.

We did it.

We won.


Now we really do have
something in common.

Let today mark
the beginning of a new age,

with the wisdom
of the dragons
and the Old Code.

We can lay down our weapons
and unite together in peace.

Sir Gareth!

This will now
be called
the Dragon's Gate,

and it will always
remain open

for people from both sides.

Am I the chosen one now?

Choices must always
be one's own.

Ah! Welcome
from the north.
Hi, there.

Would you like
a gold dragon
mug, sir?

Uh, that one.
This one?

This is the best.

One only. That one?


Welcome, Northerners.
Who would like
a dragon pot?