Dragonflies (2001) - full transcript

Dragonfly is the story of a couple that wants to get away. They want to spend time together in peace. They want to put something behind them. There is no such place. Someone will always ...

I had hit rock bottom.

My friends were gone.
I was sick.

Then someone appeared
in front of me. A girI.

I was afraid.

But she was more afraid than i.

Someone had mistreated her.

She picked me up from the bottom.

She heIped me.
And then i helped her.

So here we are.


Never mind.

OK. l'm cutting the last
of your long hair now. Ready?


Do you think l'm getting old?

-Are you sure?

l was invisible to you, to begin with.

Have you forgotten that?

l haven't.

You were so sweet.

That is something one never forgets.

What do you want?

-l don't know.
-Figure it out. lt's coming up.

-l don't want to say it.
-But l want to get you something.

All l want is you.

And l want you.


-How is it going at the farm, Eddie?

l caught 15 perch yesterday.

-But l'm still no good at casting.
-No, that's difficult.

Here y ou go.


Eddie isn't here.

l think l'm pregnant.

Strange, huh?

l'll let Eddie know you were here.


ls that you, Eddie?

l don't know what to say.

l didn't recognize you.

You've grown a beard.

-lt look s good.

And you've gained ...

-l am doing well.
-l can tell.

How are you doing?

lt's been a while.

Five years and forty days.

What are you doing here?

Just driving around.

l'm a salesman.

l'm heading to Ume?.

This is the wrong road.

l can drive where ever i want.

Want to get a beer?

l've stopped drinking.

Just one.


lt's great to see you.

-What kind of car is that?
-lt's a Chevy.

You look strong.

Go in and pay.

-What's in the box?

-What's in the box?

Can i have a peek?


-Do you like my car?
-Your car?


-Do you have a Maria?
-l have a Maria.

Eddie ...

You've made it.

l think so.

lt's her 25 th birthday today.

25 th?

25 th!

You have to come out
to the farm, meet Maria.

l'll come some other time,
when it's more appropriate.

-Don't you have time?

Two more beers!

She's afraid of the dark.

Afraid of being alone.


Happy birthday to you ...

No, no ...

This isn't working.

Happy birthday to you ...

l can't believe this. l thought
you were bragging about this place.

lt's fantastic!

My uncle lived here. He died
a few years ago. He was a minister.

This was good, Eddie.

Ready for your present?

Warmer, warmer ... colder.

Did you really go to school together?

Warmer ...


What is that?
A hockeystick?

For catching butterflies.
There are so many butterflies here.

Thank you.

l like it.

-Thanks for inviting me.
-Don't mention it.

You have a good life.

Why did i never hear from you?

Why did you never come visit?

Five years.

That's a long time.

Especially in there.

l can understand why
you didn't want to think about me.

l don't want to talk about it.
Not here at the table.

lt's Maria's birthday.

Of course.

Cheers, Maria.
Happy birthday.

Eddie and i have known each other
a long time. We are best friends.

Want to play a game?

You have to close your eyes.

Sit like this.

Arms like this.

Both of you.

Draw a deep breath.

-l knew it.
-That's what makes it so horrible.

You know something terrible
is going to happen.

And then it does.

-Your turn, Maria.
-l don't want to play.

l love your hair.

What are you staring at?

Are you pregnant, Maria?


Are you?

Sit down.

That's great.

Really great.

-He look s like a little boy.
-l don't think so.

Like a little boy.

He isn't even asleep.

What do you mean?

You're strong.

Everything is going your way.

-Are you proud?
-Yes, l am proud.

And Maria.

Maria della rossa.

-Are you asleep?
-l'm sorry.

l'm the one that should apologize.

l was going to tell you.

lt's OK.

lt's OK.

l can't have a baby.


We can't.

Come here.

Of course you can.

You are going to, and you can.

-You think so?

Thank you.
You are kind.

Can't you make him go away?

He did me a favor once,
now i have to help him.

-The lake is full of perch and pike.
-You eat pike?

-ls it any good?
-lt's excellent.

l put my finger here, let go ...

Up like this, and ...

l know where he lives.

l know where he lives.


The bastard who double-crossed us.

Not far from here.

He's lived a good life with our money.

That's all
l've been able to think about:

When i get out, l'm going to visit him.

l have nothing, Eddie.

Eddie, i need you to come with me.

l can't do it on my own.

You know the rules, Kullmann.

You'll get over it.
lt just takes time.

That's just the way it is.

You'll get over it.

-lt's been five years.
-You need more time.

-You can't ask me now.
-l just thought ...

You can't ask me now!

Reel it in.

l said reel it in.

-l caught one!
-A real fighter.

Reel it in slowly.


Take the hook out and release it.
lt's too small.

What's with your roof, Eddie?

lt needs fixing.

l know a guy who sells roofing tile.

lt's going to rain into your bedroom.

You have to get that fixed.

l'm holding you.
Don't be afraid.

OK, come on.

l'm holding you.
Come on.

Come on.

Don't forget to breathe.

Keep your head above water!
You're swimming!

Breathe out.

You're swimming!

How is your back?


My dad had the same back problem,
but he never made it out of bed.

You get used to it.

-How is Maria doing?

This is prime topsoil.

Poor things like this
need all the help they can get.

Guess l'll head home now ...

What's this?

Roofing tile.

Where did you get it?

We ...

-We talked about this earlier.
-l didn't ask you to get tiles.

No, but we did talk about it.

-Where did you get this?
-l told you. My friend sells it.

Are you accusing me of ...
Do you think ...

-Do you think i have stolen it?
-No, that's not it.

l just don't know where you got it.

-That's all i'm saying.
-Do you think i stole it?

Have i said that?
Have i used those words?

-Then what are you saying?
-l don't know where you got this.

-So you think i stole it.
-That's not what i'm saying!

-What are you saying?
-That i don't know!

You are wearing my shoes and jacket.

-The shoes were in the hall ...
-Don't you have your own clothes?

-l was wet.
-l know.

These shoes were in the hall!


l got you some roofing tile.

You have a leak over the kitchen.

-Aren't you leaving soon?

Aren't you leaving?

l won't bother you anymore.




lt's just a little scratch.


Can you help me into the house?

Let's see.

-You have to help.
-One, two, three!

Thank you.

-Can you walk?
-Sure. Let's go inside.

Maria, do you have
a needle and thread?

l cut my self a little,
trimming that spruce.

She's too good for you.

You'll have to help me, Eddie.

-How long is he staying?
-l don't know.

He can't leave now.

He did it on purpose.

Cut his leg?

He knew what he was doing.


l was watching him.

l knew he would cut himself.

-You're saying he did it on purpose?
-lt looked like it.

That's not the same
as actually doing it.

He'll leave when he is ready.

lt's my dog.

You have a dog?

l have a dog.

-What's he doing in your trunk?
-He's dead.

Aren't you planning on burying him?

Sure, but l didn't want to
trouble you with that my first night.

l should have told you.
l'm sorry.

Where did you get him?

l didn't know you had a dog.

-You know nothing about me.
-l know there's a dog in your trunk!

-l was going to bury him.
-Now. Today.

How did he die?

l backed up over him.

You ran over him?

l backed up over him.
He never used to sit behind the car.

-lt was a tragedy.
-You can say that again.

l'll go bury him now.
You can visit the grave tomorrow.

l've seen you somewhere before.

l don't think so.

Have a seat.

What do you want?

l've seen you before.

-Haven't i?
-l wouldn't know.

You were ... out of it.

You didn't seem to care.

l am also out of it.


Are you Eddie's buddy?

Don't want to talk?

Can't you talk?

Eddie ...

l am also Eddie's buddy.

lnto the jungle.

l have used one of these many times.

Mostly Eddie, though ...

That's what happens
when people owe money.

You have to ...

You have to use it sometimes.
Even if you don't want to.


They didn't understand either.

Until afterward.
Then they understood very well.

Very well.

You be careful with this.

Can a barn just self-ignite?

l've been looking for Bamse.

-My dog.

He didn't come home.

He usually comes home at night
to sleep under his favorite chair.

You haven't seen him, have you?

No, i didn't think so.

Let me know if you do.



What color is your dog?

-Stand up! What color is he?

-Brown? ls your dog brown?

-ls he really brown?
-What's with you? Yes, he's brown.

Did you burn down the barn, too?

l don't know what to say, Sven.

This is horrible.

-He told me everything.

What's done is done.

Maybe we should leave.

Bye, Sven.

What did you tell Sven?

-l told him we did it.

l said we ran over his dog.

l told him you backed up over his dog.

-Why did you tell him that?
-lt was spur of the moment.

l couldn't get my self to say
that i did it, because he was so ...

He was sad.

So you told him that i killed his dog?

lt was hard for me to admit it,
so i said it was you.

He's my neighbor.

He does everything for me.
For me, Kullmann!

Here, where i live.

Let's go back.

We'll go back and tell him the truth.

Kullmann had something else
to tell you.

lt wasn't ...

Eddie didn't run over your dog.

l did.

l came around the corner,
and there he was.

He's a big dog, Sven.

He jumped up on the car
and started barking.

He was a good dog.

l think you should leave now.

l mean, what happened ...

You did hard time.

But you know the rules.

You took your punishment.
Took it for both of us.

Say no more, Eddie.

l can't play your game anymore.
l can't.

l am going to leave,
and y ou'll never have to see me again.


l am telling you that i will leave, -

- as soon as you help me
with this one tiny favor.

Then i will leave.

What are you doing?


Good thoughts?

lt moved.

-The baby?
-Yes, it moved.

That's good.

-Can i feel?

-Why not?
-l don't want you to.

lt's perfectly normal.

They kick.

They grow.

-This will never end.
-Of course it will.

-Why don't you lie down?

l can't go fishing today.


l can't go fishing today.

Listen to me.
l can't go fishing.

l want you to go home.

l don't feel well.
l can't.

Listen to me!
Go home!

Go home!

Go home!

What's the matter?

l'm freezing.

Now i remember.

l remember what it was.

You were crazy.

ln a nice way.

Yes, i guess i was a little crazy.

l miss that ... sometimes.

The craziness.

You have a hair in your mouth.

-Aren't you cold?
-No. l'm going back to bed.

-Does it hurt here?
-Yes. Must be something i ate.

Maybe that mutton.

No, i ate lots of that mutton.

-l don't want him here while i'm sick.
-Then who's going to fix the roof?

What's the matter?

What is it, Eddie?

l think it's something i ate.

-Should we call a doctor?
-No. No doctor.

For Maria's sake, too, and the baby?

This could be serious.

lf you have a virus,
you should stay away from Maria.

You don't look good.

Shouldn't we call a doctor?

-No, i can sleep in the hall.
-That's not necessary.

-l want you to sleep here.

You OK?

-Shouldn't we call a doctor?
-Eddie doesn't like doctors.

Get some rest, Eddie.


He needs to see a doctor.

You aren't well, Eddie!

-Let me help you.
-Don't bother.

Eddie ...

l can get up myself.

-Let me help you.
-Haven't you ruined enough now?

You're being unfair.

Come back!

-Let me help you up.
-Don't bother. Leave me alone.

What have i done, Eddie?

What have you done?

What haven't you done?

You've ruined everything.

You are the one
ruining everything, Eddie.

-l'm ruining everything?
-Yes, you're ruining everything!

ls it me?

Yes, it's you, you fucking bastard!

Why did you stop hitting me?

-Come on. Keep hitting.
-You're ruining everything!

Hit me!

ls it me?

Am i the one
that's ruining everything?

ls it really me?

You do nothing but lie!
All you do is lie!

You lie!

You're the worst liars!

l'm the fucking junky here, aren't i?

Go ahead, crush me!

You're nice.


-Do you like me?
-l think you're fantastic.

-Would you run off with me?

-What about Eddie?
-He'll be fine.

Just us?

Close your eyes.

Stand up.

Close your eyes.

Take your shirt off.

Take your pants off.
Take them off.

l'll be right out.

Take care.

Did you find your dog?

Yes, we found him.


-Hi. ls Lasse home?
-No. Do you know what time it is?

-ls Lasse home?
-Do you know what time it is?

-Lasse's at the hospital.
-l have something for him.

He isn't here!
He's at the hospital!

Are you crazy?

-Where is Lasse?
-At the hospital!

-What are you doing here?
-l don't know. l just met her.

-What are you doing here?
-Go to your room!

Get out of here!

Are you crazy?
There are kids here!

Her tongue is stuck in her throat!
She can't breathe!

Hurry up, for Christ's sake!

Kullmann, get in here!


Do it!
Help her breathe!

Are you OK?
Can you hear me?

Are you OK?

l knew ... this was wrong.

You were never really a friend.

Not really.

Eddie ...

l dreamed that i had a bearded baby.

l think i want this child.


Just when you think everything is fine.

You think you have made it.

It takes so IittIe
for everything to change.

Just a gIance over the shouIder
at a gasstation, -

- and nothing
wiII ever be the same again.

Nothing will ever be the same.

You are back where it all began.

Subtitles: Nick Norris