Dragon in Jail (1990) - full transcript

Henry, a juvenile delinquent, trying to escape life in the ghetto. After releasing from jail, he is bullied by a local tyrant, Charlie. His rich jail mate Wayne, who has become a famous lawyer, decides to help him out.

Follow my commands properly!

Move it.

Why can't you all just march in unison?

You've wasted your time in the past.

Now you're given the chance
to be reformed by us.

It is a blessing.
You must treasure this opportunity.

- Understand?
- Yes, sir!

- Sir, we have a newcomer.
- Thank you.

- What's your number?
- 01187.

- Louder!
- 01187!

When an officer talks to you,
you should answer "Yes, sir" or "No, sir."

"Sorry, sir" if you did something wrong...

and "Thank you, sir"
after being reprimanded.

Thank you, sir.

- What's your number?
- 01187, sir.

Who laughed?

I'm asking who was it that laughed?

No one dares to own up?

What a coward!

Fine! No dinner for everyone tonight!

It was me, sir!

- Why did you laugh?
- Sorry, sir.

-No dinner for you tonight!
- Thank you, sir.

- 01187.
- Yes, sir.

- Fall in at the back of the line.
- Yes, sir.

- Sergeant, carry on.
- Yes, sir.

Up and attention!

Move to left, left turn!

By the centre, double march!

One, two. One, two...

The guards have gone, Boss.

- Hey, kid.
- Yes?

Follow me to the loo area. Move it!

What are you looking around for?

What the hell are you staring at?

Are you listening to me?

I want you in the loo area now!
Get moving!

Move it!


Go over there!

Which triad society are you from?


Are you trying to be funny?

Come clean or you'll get it from me.

- Sorry, but I'm not a triad member.
- Really?

Get him, guys.

- Don't move.
- What do you want?

Listen up, we have rules in here.

Newcomers have to take five blows
from each of the gangs.

No retaliating and no dodging.

No snitching to the officers either.

You'll get more beatings if you snitch.

Go to hell!

Get up. Cut the act.

I'm warning you. You'd better be smart
and keep your mouth shut.

Your turn, Skinny.

Cut that pathetic act. Stand up straight!

You're a big feller.
Can't you even take five blows?

This slap doesn't count.

One, two, three, four, five.

I'll let you off on the account of
how pathetic you look.

Geez. Just a slight tweak and
you've gone all rigid.

Back to bed!

That's how this place works.

Mind what you say or you'll get it worse.

Sorry you had to
go without dinner last night.

I just didn't want everyone
to get into trouble.

Don't worry.
I'll take care of you from now on.

You're a doctor now?

A doctor can't look out for you like I can.

- Sir!
- What's the matter?

They threw stones at me!

What an idiot.

The three of you!
Go over there with your baskets!

What are the rest of you staring at?

Hurry up!

No dinner for the three of you tonight!

Everyone else, continue with your work.

- You too.
- Yes, sir.

- What do you want?
- How dare you tell on us!

Follow me to the loo area!

Stop it or I'll scream for help!

- Scream for help? I'll give you...
- Cut it out!

How dare you resist? Get him, Brothers!

Bloody scumbag!

Sheng! Stop it!

You'll get into trouble
if Sir finds out about this.

Hey, that's enough!
Do you want to kill him?

Stay out of this or you'll get hurt too!

- Hey! Stop it!
- Stop!

You better cut this out.

I don't care about that newcomer
but I owe Hao one.

Let them off on my account.

Just like that?
How do I answer to my men?

- What the hell do you want then?
- We'll go by the rules.

We'll fight one on one.
Whoever loses will no longer be boss.

Are you scared? I bet you lack nerve.

Me? Scared?

I have a foot-long scar on my chest
from fighting thirty men single-handedly!

Who are you to challenge me?

Talk is cheap.
I dare you to get on the bed!

Leave Skinny out of this.
I was the one who poked my nose in.

I'll take you on! Get on the bed.

Fine! Take me on or
admit to being a spineless coward!

Be careful, Hao.

Same old rules apply. No shouting.
Whoever falls off the bed, loses.


Hang in there, Hao! You have to win!


Stop it! Just admit defeat, Hao!

Whack him!

Hang in there, Boss!

- Bloody scumbag, you hit me in the groin!
- Are you okay, Boss?

You're no longer a boss now.
Loser! Get lost!

- Hao, are you okay?
- The pain is killing me.

Let me take a look.

Later. Someone's coming.

I didn't know you're so good at fighting.

Let's stick together
when we get out of here.

I'm no match for you
when it comes to fighting.

- Just between you and me...
- Yeah?

This scar was made by my ex-girlfriend
when I broke up with her.

You deserved it.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

Are you intending to sleep with me tonight?

You may have a perky butt,
but I'm not interested.

I can't stand perky butts.


Hey, what do you think?
Do I have a perky butt?

Take a look and tell me.

Is it tight?

Hao, are you trying to seduce me
so I'd hump you?

I don't wish to repay your kindness like that.

Go to hell!


Geez! I said "go to hell" and
you're thanking me?

I love being scolded.
Why don't you spank me too?

Go to hell!

One, two. One, two...

Pass me a towel, Skinny.

Are you all right?

Stop moaning. It was only a short fall.

I'll fix it for you.

Hey, that's darn disgusting.

Don't you know?
Saliva can cure anything. Here I go.

- Stop that din, will you?
- But it really hurts.

- Bear with it.
- I don't smoke.

Really straight-laced, aren't you?
You don't even smoke.

What are you in here for?

What's wrong? Can't you tell us?

My mom remarried this lawyer.
He's in his fifties for god's sake.

I was so mad that...

on the day of their honeymoon
I ate in a restaurant without paying.

So here I am.

You were sent here for correctional
services merely because of that?

Your judge must have been mad.

I was the one who was mad.

I threw my shoe at the judge.

Didn't your lawyer of a stepfather
help you out?

I don't need his help!

Being sent here isn't considered
a criminal record anyway.

- My mom deserves to worry.
- Must you do that?

She's your mom after all.

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, sir.

- Signing up for the O-levels?
- Yes.

Thank you, sir.

- Signing up for A-levels, sir.
- Me too.

- Hey, which school were you from?
- Wah Yan College.

That's a good school.
But my school's better.

I'm from King George V School.

Are you kidding?
My school beats yours hands down.

Just look at me and you should know.

Let's see who does better
for A-levels then.

Sure! We'll see!

Hey, no peeking.

Move it... what are you looking at?

How have you been?

What do you mean how I have been?
What do you think?

I'm not having a good time
like you are out there.

Are you still angry with me?

No way. I wouldn't dare.

Here, I've brought you some
reference books.

Study hard and do well for your exams...

so that you can start university
once you are out, alright?

You have a husband now.
Why do you care about what I do?

- Uncle Wong loves you too...
- I don't want to talk about him!

Hey, why are you sitting here by yourself?

Speak up if something's bothering you.

It's my mom.

Does she think bringing me a few
reference books...

will earn her my forgiveness?

I won't even sit for the exams.
I'll make her regret what she did.

"The end of winter ushers in spring."

"With the passing of spring,
eventually comes winter again."

"One should make concessions
in order to advance."

Men should be educated, or he will regret.

Opportunities are rare,
why don't you study hard?

No one will pity those
who give up on themselves.

I'd say don't live down
to people's low expectations.

Confucius said one who takes
everything to heart...

is merely doing himself a disfavour.

Are you reciting the Analects?
It doesn't sound quite right.

Some people just don't seem
to use their brains.

Well I do! I use my brains.

Yeah, I'm dazzled by your intellect.

Don't look down upon me.
I'll prove you wrong!

Anyone caught cheating will be
disqualified from the examination.

Sit properly!

Write down your candidate number
and pens down.

Leave your exam papers on
the right hand corner of the desk.

No one is to start without my instructions.

He's being so silly.

- Have you written down your number?
- Sorry, sir.

Sorry, sir! I'm late, sir.

- Hurry to your seat.
- Thank you, sir.

You have forty-five minutes
to do this paper.

No talking or asking of questions
during the examination.

I want to live
beyond people's expectations.

Okay, you may start now.

Wow, you're really good at this.

It's not as easy as it looks.

Let me try it.

- Do you know how to blow a harmonica?
- How hard can it be?

That sounds horrible.

No, it sounds great!

You can have it if you like.
I'll be out soon anyway.

Great, thanks.

What are you in here for?

- Good morning, girl.
- What do you want?

- I'm here for my fees.
- But I've already paid this month's fees.

My boss wants an extra $1,000
from each stall this month.

- Why?
- Are you refusing to pay?

Don't be ridiculous!

We've always paid up on time.
Why should we pay an extra $1,000?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
I want to throw a banquet for my mom.

An extra $1,000 is peanuts compared
to the amount I have to fork out.

Don't you want me to be filial?

Don't you want my mom
to have a good time tomorrow?

Give him $500, Sis.

Bloody rascal! What do you take
my boss for? A beggar?

Let go of him!

Hey girl, you're pretty
well-developed aren't you?

- He's molesting me! Help!
- Get your hands off her!

Help me, Brother!

Go to hell!

No! Brother! Don't fight with them!

No! Brother!

I'll kill you, you bloody son-of-a-gun!

Kill him...

They are over there!

Stop it, you rascal!

I was just away for five minutes
and you've trashed my stall!

You son-of-a-gun!

I used to be a hot-head.
That's how I ended up in here.

You were forced to do it.
How many years are you sentenced to?

Four years.

I'll be transferred to a prison
to serve the rest of my sentence soon.

Which means you'll have
a criminal record. That's not fair.

Not fair? Fairness is only for the rich.

The two of you have done extremely well
in your A-level examinations.

- 01187.
- Yes, sir.

Three "A"s and a "B."

Thank you, sir.

- 0367.
- Yes, sir.

Four "A"s.

Thank you, sir.

The two of you are our top scholars
in Sha Tsui Detention Centre.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.

I'm sorry. Sorry to have kept
everyone waiting.

Allow me to do the introductions.

This is the second top scholar
and this is our top scholar.

Could we take a photo, please...

Excuse me, please give us a moment.

- What's wrong?
- Aren't you missing something?


Do you want the public to know
you've done time in here?

What should we do then?

What should we do?

I've prepared these for you.
Here, take one each.

No one will be able to see us with this on.

They will still be able to see a bit of you.

A bit of us.

Well, I guess it's better than nothing.

Feel free to take their pictures.

Lucky you. You get to enter university
once you are out of here.

How about you? What are your plans?

Plans? What plans can I have?

The rich can pay their way into paradise.

While the poor are stuck in a life of hell.

There isn't any difference in getting
four "A"s and four "F"s.

Either way, I'm still stuck in hell.

Stop being so negative!
Remember what you said?

We must live beyond
people's expectations of us.

After you're out,
please tell my girlfriend that...

I'll be transferred to a prison next month.

Don't worry, I'll do that.

You know something?
Your girlfriend is really pretty.

Thou shalt not covert thy friend's wife.

It's all right. Winnie isn't his wife yet.

- What did you smear on my face?
- You're disgusting!

- Just kidding.
- Just kidding? There's even a hair!

- It could be your own.
- It's his...

-No way!
- I see white hair!

Yeah, and yours is red!

Hey, wipe your butt!

- A table for how many, sir?
- Table for one, please.

This way, please.

- What would you like?
- Coffee.

- Excuse me, is Winnie here?
- Yes. One moment, please.

- Your coffee, sir.
- Thanks.

Are you looking for me?

Hao told me to look you up.


I've just been released from
Sha Tsui Detention Centre.

How is he?

He wants me to pass the message that
he'll be transferred to prison next month.

Has he lost any weight in there?

I don't know how thin he was
the last time you saw him.

Why don't you visit him for yourself?

He doesn't like me to visit him.

He doesn't mean it.

He stares at your photo everyday
and grins like an idiot.

Sit there.

You're a lot more muscular than before.
Are you getting on well here?

I'm enjoying myself here.

I'm working in the kitchens now.
And I get first dibs on the good food.

I'm a great cook now.

I bet I'm even better
than those Michelin-star chefs.

I have to cook for almost 600 every day.

I can make my fortune running
a catering business when I'm out of here.

Where's Wayne?

He can't come in,
so he's waiting outside for me.

He's a great friend.

I just mentioned it to him once,
and he actually brought you here to see me.

I owe that guy big time.

I miss you so much.

Silly girl. I'll be released soon.

I haven't seen you smile for ages.
Give me a smile.

Come on, smile. Smile like this.

That's right. You'll age really fast
if you look so serious all the time.


Why don't you sleep in your bedroom?

You've been sleeping in the balcony
ever since you came back.

Why don't you sleep in your bedroom?
Are you listening to me?

The air is fresher out there.
It smells funny in here.

It stinks like the toilet.

Your mom said you're thinking of
studying law in the UK?

I have a lot of friends there.
They can help you.

Stay out of my business.

It'll be great if you can
handle everything by yourself.

Don't just talk the talk.
You have to walk the walk too.

Yeah, you're walking the walk.
Walking straight to your grave.

I need more friggin' ham.

The friggin' ham and some effing sausages.

Just look at my bloody sandwich...

Wayne... don't do this.

Where are you off to? Wayne!

Must you antagonise my son?

Can't you be more understanding
of the position I'm in?

I take him as my son too.

Don't you understand?

He's too rebellious and hostile now.
It's no use giving in to him.

Provoking him will spur him on. Trust me.



Stand still.

We've been doing this for half an hour.
It's enough.

- Look, my skin is starting to peel.
- Just a while more, stand still.

That's how it's done.

Turn around.

You'll have to jump over fire
to rid of all your bad luck later.

Will you still rub my back
after we're married?

I don't want to be seen doing that.

That nitwit? He knows nothing about kissing.

So, that's why he can't get a girl.

Let's show him how it's done. Come on.

- Let's not.
- Come on, do it properly.

So that he can learn to do it well.

Kiss me back.

-No more bad luck...
- More.

No more bad luck...

- My bad luck should be all gone.
- Here, Winnie.

You lucky dog. I washed off my bad luck
in a bath tub at home.

But you get to do it in the sea
with someone washing your back...

and giving you kisses.

Listen to this.

Impressed? Aren't I a lot better now?

Slightly better than an idiot.

Oh, shut up.
I'll play better than you soon.

I'll be off to the UK next week.

To study?

I can't stand being at home.
I'll be going there to study law.

I'll prove my abilities to him.

That's good.

We're buddies. Best wishes to you.

Hey, it's burnt.

So what if you get good grades?

You have a criminal record!
You'll never be able to land a good job.

One should know his limits.

If your sister hadn't shouldered
the family burden through these years...

we'd have starved to death.

Will getting four "A"s make you president?

- You don't have any work experience.
- Yes.

- And you have been to jail?
- Yes. You couldn't tell, could you?

- For shoplifting in the supermarket?

- Robbery?
- Manslaughter.


I'm really sorry about this.

I'll definitely keep you in mind
if we run into any sticky situations.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

A present from Winnie and me.

- See if you like it.
- Thanks.

I won't see you off
at the airport tomorrow.

Sure, I understand.

Here, this is yours. I've added the sugar.

How about your plans for university?

- I've put them aside.
- Are you sure?

That's such a pity!
You're great at studies.

Like I've said, the rich
can pay their way into paradise.

While the poor are stuck in a life of hell.
That's the way things are.

What are your plans?

Nothing much.
I'll be working in the garage in the day.

I've just found a job
as a tutor in night school.

It'll be tough to hold two jobs.

It will be tough, but don't you worry.

I'll continue my studies
once I've saved up enough money.

I won't let you down.

You must keep your word.

Here, buddy...

- Good luck and best wishes to you.
- Thanks.

- Come to me if you have any questions.
- Thank you, sir.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hi, Madonna.
- Hi, Andy.

- Have you had your dinner?
- I'm keeping fit, not eating.

That's a nice jacket you have on.

It's good manners to look presentable, right?

Going to work? Let's leave together.

That scumbag is out from prison.
Keep an eye on him!

Good evening, class.

- Sir, you look really good.
- Thank you.

Roll call. Any new students today?

Yes, me.

My name is Skinny.

Why didn't you tell me you've been released?

I'm in and out of prison all the time.
It's no big deal. Here, cheers.


Aren't you something?
Fancy being a teacher now.

This may not be the best school around.
But it's perfect for you.

You want me to study? Not my rice.


I'm speaking English.
Don't you get what I mean?

Not my rice. The Chinese
equivalent of "not my cup of tea."

You know me. I'll rather die than study.

I'm only here to recruit followers.

You can't survive in the triads
without some followers under you.

Are you interested in joining the triads?

It beats being a teacher any day.

Are you recruiting me to be your follower?

No way. You're out of my league.

I was thinking of introducing you
to my boss.

Being in the triads is not for me.

Do consider it. It's where the money is.

I told you, not my rice.

But you can call me out for drinks anytime.

Okay, no problem. Cheers.


Stand right there, you bloody scumbag.

- Go to hell!
- Hold him up.

What do you want?

What do I want?
To settle a debt, of course.

What debt?

You killed my buddy and assaulted me.
You have to pay for it.

What do you want?


You have a week's time to raise $100,000
as compensation fees for killing my buddy.

Or else I won't let you or your family
have a day of peace!

Leave my family alone!

What did you say? Just try me!

Stop! What do you think you're doing?
You bunch of scoundrels!

Let go of him or I'll kill you!

Your son owes me $100,000.

We have no money. Just kill us if you dare!

Who are you to talk to me?

I warn you, I mean every word I've said.

- Why do you owe him $100,000?
- He's just out to get me.

I don't see him picking on anyone else!

Why are you always getting into trouble?

Why can't you just be good?
You've even made us lose our stall!

When will you ever grow up? Bloody hell!

What are you looking at? Get back to bed!

Let me warn you!

If you two grow up to be
like your brother, I'll kill you!

What the hell?
We're talking 100 grand here.

This is extortion! Don't give him a penny.

Give him a kick in the butt
is more like it!

- I'm planning to call the police.
- Don't be naive.

Triad matters can only be solved
by the triads.

Chiu and I works for the same boss.

But he is senior to me since
he joined the organisation before I did.

Tell you what.
I'll get our boss to settle this matter.

Skinny, let's not bother
your boss with this matter.

Do you think I lack the clout
to get Boss to mediate this matter?

- Trust me!

I took the rap for Boss and went to jail.
He won't leave us in the lurch.

That's not what I mean.

I don't wish to blow this matter up.
And I don't want to get your boss involved.

I won't be able to rest easy
knowing that I owe him one.

Alright, whatever you say.
But don't try to handle this by yourself.

Should Chiu harass you again,
you must remember to call me.

I will.

Stubborn feller.

Even if nothing happens,
you can always call me out for a drink.

That goes without saying.
I'll call you out and get you drunk.

It's been a week. Have Chiu's men
been around to harass you?


Please give way...

Hopefully, they'll leave us alone
from now on.

Give way...

- Don't be afraid. I'm with you, son.
- It hurts.

- You'll be all right.
- Dad! What happened?

You've got the whole family into trouble!
Get out of my sight!

Tell me, what happened?

Chiu's men tried to torch our house
and little brother was burned.

Don't bother with that scoundrel! Let's go!

That good-for-nothing!

- Good morning, madam!
- Long time no see, Chiu.

- Is Boss in?
- He is having tea over there.

Hi, Boss!

Sorry, I was caught in a jam.
It's great to see you again.

- How's the waist injury?
- I'm fine now.

Great, you'll give the girls
a good time in bed then.

Here, have another cup of tea.

Is there something you want from me, Boss?

I want you to meet someone.




Have a seat.

I'm sure you've met Hao.

Of course!
He's the one who killed my buddy.

I know the two of you had a run-in.

I asked you here to talk this matter over.

Boss, isn't it fair to make him
pay for what he has done?

He spent four years behind bars.

- He has paid his due...
- Skinny!

Hao has helped Skinny quite a bit in jail.

So Skinny is here to intercede for him.

Since Hao has done
one of our men favours...

I think we should let him off this once.

Besides, Hao has joined our organisation.

Boss, our organisation is huge.
We don't need him at all.

Why did you recruit him
knowing that we're enemies?

What did you say?

As the saying goes,
"No discord, no concord."

Besides, both of you belong to
the same organisation now.

Let bygones be bygones.

You're the boss. Whatever you say.

Hao, serve Chiu a cup of tea.

- But Boss...
- Hao.

Hao is new to our organisation.
There's a lot he has to learn.

Do show him the ropes, Chiu.

Have some tea, Brother Chiu.

Let's make this clear, kiddo.

Although we're in the same
organisation now...

you must be respectful to your seniors.

- I'll take my leave, Boss.
- All right.

Bloody old fool!

- Hi, madam.
- Leaving already?

- Yes, I'll visit you again soon.
- All right.

What are your plans
now that you've been released?

I was hoping that you'd have
something for me, Boss.

I have a vacancy in East Tsim Sha Tsui.

That area has been without a leader
ever since Kenny was arrested.

Our men there need a leader to unite them.
Why don't you try it?

East Tsim Sha Tsui? But that area is
more chaotic than the Middle East!

I doubt I can handle it.

You have to be aggressive
if you want to stay in the triads.

Stand up and be a leader...

or be someone's lackey for life.
It's your choice.

All right, Hao and I will handle it together.

I'll leave it to the two of you.

- Go to Peter if you need any help.
- Thank you.

Skinny, I'm not cut out for the triads.

Don't worry. Heed my words.

You have to be aggressive
if you want to stay in the triads.

If you don't stand up and lead,
you'll be someone else's lackey for life.

Do you want to spend your life
being someone's lackey?

Alright. But I need to
make a trip to my night school.

That's right!
We'll need to recruit more men.

No. I can't be a teacher anymore
now that I'm in the triads.

You're right. We may have gone crook...

but we shouldn't lead the young astray.

Actually we aren't that bad.
At least we're loyal to friends.

That's why General Kwan looks over us.


are you armed?

Are you going to enter a fight
armed with just a harmonica?

- Skinny...
-Never mind. Here, take this.

I've prepared one for each of us.

This is made in Germany.
The best knife there is.

It can even cut through armour.


- Who is this?
- I'm Peter. Those scumbags are out.

I see them. Let's do it.


Start the engine.

Don't worry! I'm coming!


- Are you okay, Skinny?
- I'm all right. Watch out!

Bloody hell!

Darn you!

I'll kill you!

Hao! Hao, are you okay?

Peter, retreat!

Get lost!


Bloody hell. What knives were they using?
They're friggin' sharp.

The wound is darn deep.

Skinny, am I going to die?

Don't worry. Your harmonica
bore the brunt of the blow.

Otherwise you'd be dead by now.

Hao, lower your voice.

Bear with it, Hao. Just hang in there!



Hao! What's wrong?

Bloody hell. He's running a fever.

- Skinny, I'm cramping up.
- God, he's cramping up.

- You must hang in there!
- Skinny, this will ease his pain.

No way! You'll turn him into an addict.

He might not survive the night otherwise.

Hang in there, Hao!

You got to hang in there!

Oh no... he's losing consciousness.

Hao! Hell, he's cold as ice.

Peter, give him a cigarette!

Are you an idiot? Not this cigarette!
I want one with heroin to ease his pain!

I'm sorry, buddy.

If I don't do this, you might not
make it through the night.

Take a drag.

Slowly... that's right...


So, do you feel better now?

Take another drag.

Is it taking effect?

What's wrong? It tastes bad?

It's bitter? But it's good for you.

Fear not.

Peter only supplies the best quality stuff.


I could barely sleep with you
screaming at me the whole night.


Just kidding.

Man, you scared ten years off my life.

Hao. We lost last night
because we were inexperienced.

That won't happen again.

Get them!

Wayne, somehow or another
I'm a member of the triads now.

I don't wish to keep this from you
because we're pals.

If you think a triad member
and a lawyer to be worlds apart...

and wish to end our friendship,
I'll understand.


Come and pick me up right away.

Go home first, Winnie.
I have something to attend to.

- Please be careful.
- Don't worry.

We're going on a motorcycle?

In case of traffic jams. Hop on!

Let's go!

Let's go, Peter!


Girl, you're a grown woman.
Don't you know anything about such stuff?

Dad, I'm still single.
How would I know these things?

But you're a woman after all.
You ought to know.

These two packs of herbs
are good for the baby.

Decoct it with two bowls of water
to an eighth of a bowl.

Bring it to boil and let it simmer
under low heat, all right?

These two packs are health supplements.

Decoct it with three bowls of water
and simmer it down to one.

- Remember to drink it.
- Thanks, Dad.

Dad went around consulting with
all the women in the neighbourhood...

to get this for you.

- Mommy, I'm home...
- Brother!

Your dad's here.

- Dad.
- Let's go home.

Dad... why don't you stay for dinner?

You're a good daughter-in-law.
I'll visit you again.

Let's go.

- Bye, Winnie.
- Dad...

- Bye, Brother.
- Bye.

Go and get them to stay for dinner.

He came all the way here
to bring me the herbs.


- Dad.
- Dad, Brother's calling you.


Are you here to beat me up?

Of course not! Since you're here,
why don't you join us for dinner?

I'm busy. I'm off to find a hooker.


Dad, why don't you move in with us?

What about our old house? Burn it down?

Let me warn you.

I'll break your legs
if my grandson ever joins the triads.

You don't have to see us off.

- Let's go.
- Bye, Brother.

Where's Dad?

We chatted for a bit and he left.

I'm glad that the two of you
are finally talking to each other.

You can finally stop worrying.

I'll be able to stop worrying
if you quit the triads.

What are you doing, Hao?


What are you doing?

I've tucked my knife away.
I'll try not to use it ever again.

I'll try to keep my cool even if
someone tries to provoke me.

I promise to quit the triads
when I get the chance, alright?

Oh yes, you have a letter from Wayne.

Get ready to treat me to
a fine meal next Wednesday, Hao.

I've graduated. I'm coming home.

People do change.

Wayne saw us
but he didn't even acknowledge us.

And we came all the way here to meet him.

It probably wasn't convenient for him.

So many of his friends
and family were around.

You're always speaking up for him.

Well, he's my buddy after all.

A true friend is one in a million.

You rascal! I knew you were kidding me.

Sorry, I was just pulling your leg
at the airport.

Welcome home.

You seem to be doing great.

You have a house, a car
and a wonderful wife to boot.

That's just appearances.
I have my difficulties too.

What are your plans?

I'm starting work
at a legal firm next month.

Doesn't your stepfather have
his own firm too?

Why don't you work for him?

We don't get along at all.

If I had to work with him,
I'd rather be a toilet cleaner than a lawyer.

- Even after all these years?
- We'll never get along.

What would you like
for dinner tonight, Wayne?

I'm going to get
the two of you drunk tonight.

I can drink with you till we're dead drunk.

- But not a drop of alcohol for Winnie.
- Why?

She's pregnant. No alcohol for her.

- Congratulations, Winnie!
- Thanks.

Don't worry, I won't
make you drink a single drop.

But I'm gonna get your husband plastered.

- Fine, let's drink up.
- Sure, come on.


Let's play a couple of rounds,
Brother Wayne.

Hey, aren't you supposed to be
working tonight?

All right. Enjoy yourselves.

- I have to get back to work.
- See you.

I'm glad to see the two of you doing
so well.

They call me the general manager
but I'm no more than a glorified bouncer.

- Hey, being humble around me?
- I'm just calling a spade a spade.

He's actually being humble.

- Your butt's rock hard.
- You cheeky rascal.

Cheeky? Me?

Be a gentleman, Skinny.

I am one. Look!

- Poems of the Tang Dynasty!
- Poetry? Are you serious?

Haven't you heard of the saying...

"Learning Tang poetry makes one
better at sexual intercourse."

That's not right. It should be
"makes one better at poetic discourse."

Well, I'm still reading the book.

Once I've finished this book,
I'll be great in both!

- Brother Chiu.
- Get lost.


Get lost! Can't you see that
Brother Chiu is here?

Where's the toilet?

- Hold on.
- Peter!

Get someone alert
to accompany Wayne to the toilet.

- Is that necessary?
- Just in case you miss and pee everywhere.

Don't worry! I have great aim.

I've seen you at it. Your aim is terrible.

Yeah, right.

I thought you need to pee?
Why are you still sitting here?

Excuse me for a moment then.


Skinny, a bottle of wine for him
on the house.

Are you really gonna give in to him?

Just bear with it.
I don't want him to stir up any trouble.

I'm sorry, but we have a VIP in here.
Please come back later.

Take your time. There is no rush.

I can't pee with you standing there,
staring at me.

I'm sorry.

- Who is this from?
- With compliments from Brother Hao.

Which Hao? Tell him to go to hell!
Can't I afford my own wine?

Give me two more dozen,
he can keep this for his funeral!

- Skinny.
- He's here to make trouble.

Go and check it out.

Don't blow this up, Hao.

I'm hoping to settle it peacefully too.

You'd better leave with Wayne.

I don't want to get him involved in this.

Go home now. I'll be home soon.

There's a call for you, Brother Hao.

Go home, take care.

What are you up to now, Brother Chiu?

Isn't this a place to sing and drink?
I haven't done anything wrong.

I've even brought my own stereo set along.
What are you upset about?

Shut up while I'm talking.

- It's time to go, Wayne.
- Sure, where's Hao?

Let's go home and prepare supper for him.

- All right, let's go.
- You better cut it out, Chiu.

I'm not talking to you. Get me your boss.

- Scram.
- Scram...

Let's go.

Hi, babe. Aren't you working tonight?

Forget Mr Four-eyes,
let's have some fun tonight.

- What are you doing?
- Get lost, geek.

- Cut it out, Chiu.
- Winnie, leave right now.

Where's Hao?

- Hao!
- Let's go! Hao knows what to do.

Please don't make a scene here.

Stop... Don't fight...

How dare you hurt Hao? Fight back, boys!

No, Skinny!

- Don't fight!
- Go to hell!

Stop fighting! Cut it out!

Skinny! Stop it!

- Scoundrel! I said stop it!
- Uncle!

Stop it...

Are you all deaf? I said stop fighting!

I hired you guys to work, not fight!

Moron! Are you crazy? This is my turf.

How dare you make trouble here?
Are you trying to ruin my business?

I didn't mean to, Uncle.

Shut the hell up and don't call me uncle!

Get lost at once! And take
your bunch of lackeys with you!

I'll break your legs
if you set foot in here again!

Let's go.

Let's tidy the place up.

Tidy up! Dump whatever's broken.

I'm sorry, sir.

I know this isn't your fault.

- Forget it.
- Sorry.

Hao, you're bleeding.

I'll take care of it when I'm home.
Can you get me my jacket?

- But you're bleeding very badly.
- Wayne is waiting for me at home.

Does Hao get into fights all the time?

Not really. Tonight was an exception.

Why don't you persuade him
to quit the triads?

He's home.


- Have you been waiting for long?
- It's okay.

All right, give me a moment then.
I need to take a dump.

Winnie, come with me.

- Have a seat.
- Okay.

I had no choice.
Chiu was out to make trouble.

You're bleeding very badly.
What happened?

They smashed a wine bottle on me.

It's a very deep cut.

Did Wayne ask you any questions?

He asked why you didn't
try to quit the triads.

What did you say?

I didn't know how to answer him.

Get rid of those blood-stained clothes.
I don't want to worry him.

- Have a seat, he is getting changed.
- Okay.

I know you're in the triads.

But I didn't expect you to be
a drug addict too!

I have my reasons.

Like what?
Someone held a gun to your head?

You didn't use to be like this.

Do you remember what you told me...

when I refused to sit for my exams
back in the detention centre?

You said we shouldn't give up on ourselves!

- But now you're...
- Fine! I'm scum, I'm a degenerate!

I did tell you in my letters...

we're in two different worlds now.
I'm not good enough to be your friend.

That's nonsense. I've never minded
who or what you are.

You were forced to join the triads,
that I can accept.

But I can't forgive you for
being a drug addict.

How could you say that?

- Do you think he wants to be an addict?
- Forget it, Winnie.

He can't go to the hospital
when he gets hurt.

How else do you expect him
to relieve the pain?

- Do you think he likes being an addict?
- Shut up!

You didn't even give him a chance
to explain himself.

Is that fair to him?

- And he still sees you as his best pal.
- I said shut up!

I will say it even if you hit me.

You are always trying to handle
everything on your own.

You never tell me what's bothering you.

Why can't you share your troubles with me?
Why do you bottle it all up?

I told your buddy the truth, not because
I want his help or his sympathy.

I just want him to understand your
difficulties. What's wrong with that?

I'm sorry. This is all my fault.

If my addiction bothers you that much,
I'll kick it.

I don't wish to lose my buddy
because of it.

Hao! Are you okay, Hao?

Is this too much for you to bear?

Forget it if it's so agonising.
I won't mind you being an addict.

No, I must kick my addiction...

Hao, how are you feeling?

I ache everywhere.
Like there are a million ants biting me.

Here, I'll give you a massage.

It's all right. I can take it.

I'm sorry I shouted at you last night.
I hope you don't take it to heart.

Don't be silly. We're friends.
You don't have to apologise.

Well you know, women tend to talk more.

I did feel that Hao has changed.

But if it wasn't for what you said...

I wouldn't have understood
what he has been through.

Having you as a friend is the best thing
that happened to Hao.

I think you are the best thing
that ever happened to him.


Are you okay, Hao?


You pushed Winnie!

Winnie, are you all right? Sit down...

Are you okay, Winnie?

- Hao...
- Winnie...


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you.

I'm all right.
You have to hang in there, Hao.

Wayne and I are here to support you.

- I will kick my addiction.
- Hao!

This harmonica saved my life once.

Have you ever considered
quitting the triads?

My men risked their lives
to get me all that I have now.

How could I desert them?

Do you really want to
spend your life in the triads?

Hello? Boss? I'm Skinny.

You need to speak to Hao? Please hold.

A call for you, Hao. It's Boss on the line.

Thanks. Hello, Boss?

Do you know Uncle Ping's karaoke lounge?


Some hooligans have been frequenting
his lounge and stirring up trouble.

Uncle Ping, you're a senior member
of our organisation.

I'll get my men
to deal with those hooligans

that are causing trouble at your lounge.

- Don't worry.
- Thank you, Boss.

Don't mention it.

Chiu, Hao. I'll leave this matter
to the both of you.

Boss, my men have been having run-ins with
the Macau gang at the horse races.

I have my hands full dealing with that.

I'm sure Hao can handle
those hooligans by himself.

- It's a trivial matter.
- Fine. You and your excuses.

- Hao, can you handle it?
- Sure, no problem.

I'll leave it to you then.

Thank you, Skinny and Hao.

Just doing our jobs.

I almost thought
you weren't coming, Fong Sir.

I've arranged for Bull and his men
to get Hao into a fight tonight.

You know what to do
after the fight breaks out.

I don't need you to tell me what to do,

I've been a cop for years.
Would I nab the wrong man?


I have the utmost confidence in you,
Fong Sir.

I have two deals coming up that will
make you a bundle.

I'll count you in.

Chiu, that lily-livered snivelling coward.

He didn't want to risk his own neck
and dumped this on us instead.

Forget about him.
We're just carrying out Boss's orders.

- Peter?
- Here.

- Is everyone here?
- Yes.

What are we waiting for, sir?

If we arrest them now...

they'll only get a few months in jail
for possession of knives.

Arrest them during the fight
and they'll get put away for a few years.

- Keep your heads up.
- Yes, Peter.

Please, Brother Bull...

- Show Uncle Ping some respect.
- Why should I?


Go to hell!

Wow, they looks pretty aggressive.

Don't worry. We'll trash them.

Trying to mess with us?

- Peter.
- Here.

Do it.

- Guys! Grab your knives!
- Get them!

Those scumbags came prepared.

Let's join in!

We'll let them fight it out
before we make our arrest.

Crap! The cops are here!


- Flee!
- Flee!

- Police! Freeze!
- Stop!

Hop on, Hao!

CID! Freeze!

Get out of my way...!

- Hurry up, Peter.
- Here.

That's a deep gash on your arm.
Can you stand the pain?

I'm not touching that stuff anymore!

I know you've kicked the habit.

But in your condition,
how are you gonna get through the night?

I'd rather die in pain than touch
that stuff.

If I get hooked on heroin again...

how do I face Winnie and Wayne?

I bet Chiu is behind what happened tonight.

I'm not going to let him off this time.

Go back and check on our men, Peter.

I'm off, Brother Hao.

- Bye, Brother Skinny.
- Don't be such a nag! Just go!

I am leaving, Brother Skinny.

I've waited the whole night for you,
Fong Sir!

What took you so long?

I had to clean up the mess that you made.

What the hell, Fong Sir!
How could you let Hao get away?

You saw what happened.
It wasn't surprising that he got away.

I've arrested quite a few of his men.
That should make up for it.

What's the use
of arresting those small fry?

If I had known he'd get away,
I'd have killed him in a blow!

- You cops are useless.
- If you're so friggin' capable...

you wouldn't be so badly injured.

- What?
- Shut up, Bull!

Brother Chiu, we didn't manage to
get that scumbag.

We'll be in big trouble
if he tells Boss about what we did.

Do you think I'll let him do that?

Skinny? Skinny! Skinny!

- What's wrong?
- What time is it?

It's twelve.

Skinny, get me my shirt.

Your shirt is soaked with blood.
You can't possibly wear it.

- Is there an old shirt somewhere?
- Peter might have left one here.

Skinny, let me call Winnie
and check the situation out.

Hello, Winnie? It's me.

Hao. Are you okay?

I'm all right.
Has anyone been looking for me?

- Why are you crying, Winnie?
- Don't come home!

- Hello? What's wrong?
- Don't come home!

- Who's there?
- Me! Chiu.

Chiu? What do you want?

What do I want?
Come here and you'll find out.

I'll kill you
if you lay a finger on my wife!

Hello? Hello?

What do you want?

Me? I want to sleep with you.

How dare you bite me!

Boss, I know what you're thinking.

I'm horny as hell...

but if you're interested,
you can have her first.

Why are you keeping quiet?

Do speak your mind if I've offended you.

I won't know what I've done wrong
unless you speak up, right?

Help him up.

Go to hell!

I had a lot of respect for you, Boss.

But you're always going against me!
You forced me into this!

What are you waiting for?
Bring her into the room!

I said I want to bed her.
Didn't you hear me?

Do you think I'll do her right here?

It's fine to sleep with Hao but not me?
Am I not good looking enough for you?

I may not be good looking
but my manhood is a sight to behold.

You'll find out soon.

- Bring her in.
- Yes.

- Are you all right, Skinny?
- I'm fine. Go!

- Hey! Stay right there...
- Bloody hell!

Hit me if you dare!

How dare you raise your fist to me
after smashing my mini-bus!

I'm not afraid of you, you punk!

I'm not letting you go
until you pay for the damage!

Calm down, madam.
I'll pay for the damage.

What's the use of that?
The school bell has gone off.

How am I supposed to
get the students home now?






I'm Hao. Winnie...

I'll kill Chiu for this.

- They... killed... Boss.
- I won't let him off!

I... lost... our baby.

I'm sorry.

Winnie... Winnie!

- I'll call you if the money isn't enough.
- Sure, call me anytime.

- I remember your licence plate number.
- It'll take a week to repair my bus.

Look, your bumper doesn't cost
anything more than one grand.

Police! Freeze!

You're a likely suspect in
this case of homicide.

You're under arrest.

I didn't kill anyone. It wasn't me!

I can't help you
if you refuse to tell me anything.

What's there to say?
I'm gonna kill Chiu, that piece of scum!

- Hey! Shut up!
- Sorry, sir.

Sit down.

Calm down, Hao.
You've always been a rational man.

Let the law deal with him.

I swear I'll tear that scumbag to shreds!

Believe me. I didn't kill anyone.

The cop arrived right after I got home.

- They framed me
- I know. I know you didn't do it.

The evidence may be against you...

but it doesn't mean
you'll definitely get convicted.

Hao, we're buddies.

I will do my best to help you. Trust me.

I'll do it, Mom.

Your coffee, Uncle.


I would like to work in your legal firm.

You're doing pretty well
at Robert Lam's firm.

Why this sudden change?

He's adamantly opposed
to my taking up a case.

So I've resigned from his firm.

That case is impossible to win.

Robert Lam called me up
and told me about it.

You're just assuming it to be so.
Have you even read the files?

I believe Hao. He was framed.

Think this through carefully, Wayne.
Don't risk your career on this.

I don't want you
to be fighting a lost battle.

His wife
and his unborn child are both dead.

I know he was framed. I have to help him.

Alright. I'll get one of my lawyers
to represent him.

No, I must handle this case myself.

Stop being stubborn.
Your uncle is doing this for your own good.

It'll affect your career if you lose
the very first case you take on.

I wouldn't have a career if not
for Hao's encouragement six years ago.

Do you remember the reference books...

you brought me
when I was in the detention centre?

I threw those books away
right after you left.

I didn't want to study
or sit for the exams.

I wanted you to feel guilty for life.

I wouldn't have been a lawyer today
if it wasn't for Hao.

If I lose this case, just take it that
I never went to law school.

Please, Uncle.

Help me just this once.

Alright, I've earned enough over the years.

I don't mind risking my legal firm
for a harmonious family.

Thank you...

According to your statement...

Hao went up to his apartment
after an argument with the female driver.

The police arrived less than
five minutes later. Is that right?

That's right. I'm very certain of it.

Uncle. That five-minute interval
is a critical clue.

I can swear on my life that
Hao didn't kill anyone.

There is no use in saying that.
The only court looks at evidence.

Looking at his background
and relationship with the accused...

do you think the judge will
believe his words?

In my opinion, our most important witness
is that mini-bus driver.

Skinny, you must find her for us.

Don't worry, I'll find her
no matter where she may be.

DU2939. I've finally found you!

- Where's the lady who drives this bus?
- What do you want her for?

I need her for something urgent.

- Who are you?
- Who are you to ask?

I'm her husband!

I'm sorry, sir.
I need your wife's help in a matter.

She went to Guangzhou.
She'll only be back on the twenty-eighth.

- The twenty-eighth?
- Yes!

That's the day of the trial.

What time on the twenty-eighth?

Skinny said that female driver
will be back on the twenty-eighth.

Everything should work out if
she comes back in time for the trial.

I'm quite confident of winning this case.

Things could always go wrong.
You need to plan for the worst.

Take a break from your work.
Come and have some soup.

- Alright, coming.
- Alright, coming.

- Let's go and have soup.
- Alright.

Oh yes, I have to remind you.

The prosecutor for this case is CK Chong,
his nickname is Terminator.

He plays hardball.

- Hello, CK.
- Hi, David.

We haven't worked together for a while.

- This is my son, Wayne.
- Smart kid you've got there.

Greet Uncle Chong.

- Hi, Uncle Chong.
- Hello.

Are you planning to retire?

Why not? I've been a lawyer for decades.

Congratulations. You really should quit
before you lose your touch.

The world belongs to the young now.

Only to those who have ability.

I couldn't get her.
Her husband said she isn't back yet.

The defendant, Xie Weihao,
is charged with the murder of...

a fifty-eight year-old Chinese male
by the name of Man Cheung Hung...

and a twenty-three year-old Chinese
female by the name of Winnie Song...

in apartment 26A of Star Mansion
located in Tai Koo Shing...

on the twenty-eighth of August this year.

The defendant pleads not guilty.

Calling the first witness of the defence
to stand.

Where did you first meet the defendant?

- In the detention centre.
- I can't hear you. Please speak up.

In the detention centre!

What were you in there for?

Objection! The witness's past
bears no relevance to the current case.

Any detail that is linked to the defendant
bears relevance to this case.

Objection overruled.

- The witness must answer.
- Thank you, Your Honour.

What were you sent
to the detention centre for?


Louder, please.


- What is your relation to the defendant?
- We're brothers.

- Related by blood?
- We are buddies.

Do you mean triad members?

- I'm here to prove that Hao is innocent!
- Answer my question.

- Your questions are irrelevant.
- Answer me.

- Are you trying to mess with me?
- I said answer me.

Witness, mind your behaviour.

Or you'll be charged with
contempt of the court.

I have no further questions, Your Honour.

The defence may cross-examine the witness.

I have no questions for the witness,
Your Honour.

Calling the second witness
of the defence to stand.

Your Honour, the second witness
is unable to attend today's trial.

I motion to postpone the trial.

Your Honour, I object.
This case has been on trial for days.

Any further postponement is simply
a waste of the government's money...

as well as the jury's time.

Your Honour,
my second witness can provide alibi...

for the defendant at the time of crime.

I object, Your Honour.

Stop arguing.

If the second witness fails to show up
before the end of today's trial...

her rights to testify will be withdrawn.

Calling the first witness
of the prosecution to the stand.

On the afternoon of the twenty-eighth
of August, I received a tip-off...

that there was a homicide at apartment 26A
of Star Mansion at Tai Koo Shing.

I went there with my men to investigate.

What did you see when you arrived
at the scene of the crime?

I saw the male deceased
lying naked on the floor in a room...

with knife wounds to his head
and his genitals removed.

The female deceased was lying in bed
in a state of undress.

Both were unconscious and covered in blood.

A Chinese male with a knife in his hand
was standing by the bed.

Is that Chinese male you saw
present in court now?


- Are you able to identify him?
- Yes.

He's the one.

- Are you certain?
- I am.

Take a close look.
Do you recognise this knife?

Yes, I do. This is the knife the defendant
was holding at the crime scene.

- That scumbag is lying!
- Dad, calm down.

Silence in court.

You claimed to have received a tip-off.
May I know who tipped you off?

I'm sorry but I can't answer your question.

Why not? Was it Ma Chiu who tipped you off?

Objection! The defence is
making groundless assumptions.

Your Honour, in order to
ensure the safety of my informant...

I cannot divulge his or her identity.

The witness need not answer the question.

What time did you receive your tip-off
of the homicide?

- At 12:57pm.
- Are you certain?

Yes. I checked the time
upon receiving the tip-off.

And you saw the defendant holding a knife
at the crime scene?

- That's right.
- Which hand was he holding the knife in?

- His right hand.
- Are you certain?

- Yes, I'm certain.
- Thank you.

Your Honour, this is the medical report...

of the body check-up the defendant
underwent following his arrest.

The medical report clearly states that...

the defendant
had sustained a serious injury...

to his right arm prior to the homicide.

There was no way he could have
killed the male victim.

Let us think this through rationally.

Is it possible for a man
with a badly wounded right arm...

to kill a strong and muscular man
weighing over 160 pounds with a knife?

- It's impossible!
- Objection!

Your Honour, I would like to
call your attention to a particular case...

listed on page 159 of
Great Britain's Book of Law.

A twelve year old British boy
got into a quarrel...

with his three elder brothers
over 100 pounds.

He killed his three brothers
with a knife in a fit of rage.

A twelve-year-old, when angered,
is actually capable of...

killing his three brothers who were
bigger and stronger than him.

In other words, although
the defendant was injured...

he could still have killed the deceased.

Especially since the defendant is
a strong and muscular man too.

Calling the second witness of
the prosecution to stand.

Your Honour, members of the jury...

my following witness will testify to...

the unusual relationship between
the defendant and the male deceased.

- Do you know the defendant personally?
- Yes.

How do you know him?

- Objection!
- Objection overruled.

Witness, please answer the question.

I first met him in 1982, in a street brawl.

He killed my friend in that fight.

Have you had any contact with him
after that?

Objection! This question
bears no relevance to the case.

Objection overruled.

I would like to remind the defence...

to back up your objections
with more substantial reasons.

We met again after he got out of jail.

We even became brothers.

Could you please explain
what you mean by "brothers"?

- I mean brothers in the same triad.
- Objection!

Go to hell, you piece of scum!
You're the hooligan!

You framed my son!
My son is innocent, Your Honour!

Silence! You should know better
than to make a ruckus!

Another sound from you
and I'll throw you out!

What is the relationship of
the male deceased to the defendant?

The male deceased was his triad boss.

He had been sleeping with
the defendant's wife.

The defendant hated his boss
and even said he'd kill the boss one day.

- How did you know?
- It's common knowledge within the triad.

Where were you
on the twenty-eighth of August this year?

- Macau.
- Macau?

What were you there for?

I strolled along the beach
and read a few books.

Do you remember
your dates of departure and return?

I left Hong Kong on the twenty-seventh
and came back on the twenty-ninth.

You can always check it out.

No further questions, Your Honour.

Is the defence's second witness here yet?

No, Your Honour.

Court is now adjourned for the jury
to discuss the verdict.

- But Your Honour...
- Court.

Your Honour...


I'm sorry. I think I've failed you.

- Forgive me.
- Don't say that.

I know you've tried your best.

Thank you.

Mister... this is urgent!
Is your wife back yet?

She's just drove off.

I've got to catch her.

What the hell?

Stop! Stop!

What the hell? Are you crazy?

- I've finally found you!
- Look out! There's a van approaching!

Hey! Pull over!
You've knocked someone down!

Stop! Stay right there!

It's none of our business. Let's go!

Are you okay?

It's okay, I'm alright.

But you're vomiting blood.

- It's okay. I'm used to it.
- Do see a doctor.

Madam, do you still remember me?
I wrecked your mini-bus.

Forget it. I've got my bus repaired.

Madam, do you still remember
my friend who was with me that day?

That punk?

Stay away from him. He's bad company.

He has been framed
and is on trial for murder.

Follow me to court.

You're the only person
who can prove his innocence.

I don't even know him.
Leave me out of this mess.

Madam... I promise
it won't be of any trouble to you.

You just have to testify that we were
both with you at the time of the incident.

What about all these kids?
I have to get them to school.

Darn it, you witch!
Will it kill you to help my friend out?

Trying to intimidate me? I'm not scared!

Get lost! I have work to do!

I'll hack you to pieces
if you dare start the engine!

Get out of my way or I'll run you over!

Just try me! You old hag!

Bloody hell!
Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Please help us, madam!
One good turn begets another.

My friend is innocent...

Hell. He's puking blood and
still begging on his friend's behalf.

My friend is innocent! Please help him!

He was framed...

Has the jury reached a verdict?

Your Honour, after a thorough discussion...

we, the jury, are unanimous
in finding the defendant, Xie Weihao...

Hold it, Your Honour!
I've found our witness!

I've brought her here! Come in.

She's our witness...

Can you please tell us
your current occupation?

I drive a mini-bus.

- Driving students to and from school?
- Yes.

How many years have you been
driving the mini-bus?

Seven years.

Do you remember what happened
on the twenty-eighth of August this year...

at around one o'clock in the afternoon?

A motorcycle crashed into my mini-bus.

- I would like to know...
- Cut the unnecessary questions.

Let's get straight to the point.
My time is precious.

Are you able to identify the motorcyclist
who crashed into your mini-bus that day?

- Yes.
- Is he in the court?

- Yes.
- Who is he?

It's him.

- Are you certain?
- Just look at him.

He looks like a hooligan.
I'd recognise him anywhere!

Thank you.

No more questions, Your Honour.

- Aren't you the judge?
-No, I'm the lawyer.

- So, can I go now?

How could you be certain that the incident
occurred on the twenty-eighth of August?

I sent my mini-bus
for repairs on the day itself.

I have the receipt with me.

- How could you be sure it was one pm?
- The school bell rang.

How reliable is the school bell?

In my seven years as a school bus driver...

barring the three occasions of
power outage...

that school bell has always rang on the dot.

- How could you be sure...
- Hold it. Who exactly are you?

The prosecutor.

Well, Mr Prosecutor,
I'm a witness, not a criminal.

You ought to learn some manners
from that young lawyer.

Stop shouting at me.
Speak softly, especially to us ladies.

Why are you glaring at me?
Trying to intimidate me?

Angry at me? Shove off.

Hooligans don't scare me.
Let alone a mere prosecutor.

The court finds the defendant,
Xie Weihao...

not guilty of murder.

He is free to go.

Bravo, Your Honour!
You're a wise judge indeed!


Thank you, Uncle Chong.

See you in court again soon.

- He's young, do guide him along.
- He's a capable chap.

- You can retire with no worries.
- Thank you.

- Sergeant Fong?
- Yes, what's the matter?

We're from ICAC.
You are suspected of taking bribes.

Please follow us to the station
for an inquiry.

Thank God you're all right.

Hey, Four-eyes.
Thank you for saving my son.

The credit goes to our buddy, Skinny too.

Where is Skinny?


Skinny! Skinny!


What happened to you?


you're a free man now...

Did Chiu do this to you?

It doesn't matter...

Was it Chiu?

Very quietly I take my leave...

as quietly as I came here.

Not a wisp of cloud will I bring away.

Except for the friendship...

that we had.


learning poetry does come in pretty handy.


- I have to go.
- Skinny!

Skinny! Skinny!

I owe you one, Skinny.

I'll return the favour in the next lifetime.

Do we bring Winnie home now?

I have to pay my respects to Boss
before that.

Aren't you going to leave
Winnie's ashes in the columbarium?

I never did spend enough time with Winnie.

I'll always keep her
by my side from now on.

What are your plans now?

Don't just worry about your followers.
Do spare a thought for yourself too.

- Still thinking of revenge?
- He killed Boss.

And Skinny.

Winnie and my baby weighed 128 pounds.

And now they are in an urn,
barely weighing a pound.

What should I do with myself?

Why don't you ask them for me?

Pull over here.
Don't bother driving into the car park.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
taken it out on you.

Don't worry about it. We're buddies.

- Good night.
- Hao.

Why don't you let me
keep you company tonight?

Not tonight.

I'd like to be alone with Winnie tonight.

Don't worry. I won't do anything rash.

Let's meet for breakfast
tomorrow morning at nine.


- Bye.
- Bye.


What's the hurry, Wayne?


Don't move!

Hey, Kiddo.

What the hell do you want?

We're brothers after all.
I'm here to offer my condolences.

Aren't you lucky, you son-of-a-gun.
Fancy wriggling out of a murder charge.

And you had a great wife.

She screamed your name
even while I was having sex with her.

- It ruined my mood.
- Ma Chiu! Just wait!

- You'll get your comeuppance one day!
- Go to hell!

I'll get you before that!

The next time we meet,
you'll only have stumps for your limbs...

and you'll be crawling on the ground
like the tortoise that you are!

Hack off his limbs.

Go to hell!

Get him up!

Still cocky, aren't you?
I'll kill you with my bare fists!

You piece of crap! You are no match for me!

Get up.

- Let him have it.
- Okay.

Why are you in spasms?
Enjoying yourself that much?

Pass me the bat.

You're pathetic!
Aren't you good at fighting?

Why are you cowering like a dog now?

Grab a weapon and fight me.

Come on! Are you scared?

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

That's right. That's how you should look.
Like a friggin' tortoise.

Laugh! I'm ordering you to laugh.

Are you deaf? Can't you hear what I said?

Come and get me if you can!

I'll admit defeat if you can
get on your feet! Come on!

Come and get me! You bloody son-of-a-gun!

He got you in the eye, Boss!

Kill him!

After him! Don't let him get away!

Wait for me, Boss!


Stand up! I said stand up!

You don't even have the guts to get up.
You're not fit to be anyone's boss!

Choose your weapon and fight me!

I've held my temper
and gave in to you all this time.

Why can't you just leave me alone?

Just look at you!
Who's the tortoise now?

Let's settle our scores right now!

I swear I'll kill you tonight!

Where do you think you are going? Scumbag!


You'll be jailed if you kill me.

I'm going to butcher you
even if it kills me!

This is for Boss!

This is for Skinny!

This is for Winnie and my baby!

Hello, this is 999.

- I've killed someone.
- What?

- Hello? Who is this speaking?
- Xie Weihao.

1997, you have a visitor.

I've just visited Winnie, Hao.

Why do you ignore me every time I'm here?

I just don't get it.

I've caused you so much trouble.

There's nothing I can say besides sorry.

I hadn't been able to help you at all.

Buddy, you won't blame me, will you?

I'm a jailbird.
I'm not fit to be your buddy.

I don't care who or what you are...

you'll always be my buddy.

As long as you can forgive me
for not being able to help you out.