Dragon Trap (2010) - full transcript

When a serial killer goes after former convicted pedophiles, it is up to Police Commissioner Abbas and his Chief Celal to stop the killings.


Drop your gun.

Get lost!

You don't listen!

I do.

No you don't!

Your sister's resting in heaven.

She is an angel now.

Ensar! We know your history.

You're imprisoned due to murder.

Then military service, deserter!

Several incidents
during the military service.

You left behind a blood bath
in Southeast.


We know your history.

Look at me brother,
don't attempt for revenge!

The man who raped your sister
is mentally sick.

A rapist, a pedophile.

Release of amnesty.

His brothers are Mafiosi.

Committed crime
as soon as released.

We will pick him up.

Will you?

And then?

Where will you handover him?
To Justice.

Right? Then?

The State will forgive him again.

He will be free as a bird.

Do you have a sister?

Where is Nazan?

She hung herself...

...in the Mental Hospital.

Brother, she told us...

...that she would hang herself.

We didn't believe.

Why didn't you inform me?

You were fighting.

It was only one week before
your return.

If I don't fill the throat of the ones
that stained you...

...with the soil of this grave...

...they can call me
inglorius Ensar...

My sister...

...was only a child.

I am the State from now on!

Stop this!

No candles?

I brought it
from my sister's grave.

Where is Hüseyin?
- Ensar!

Hüseyin is mentally sick.

He will be punished!
Where is he?

Forget him!
- Whom?

Drop your gun!

Not yet.

I said drop it!

Not yet.

- I shoot you!
- Do it!

Congratulations chief inspector!
- Thanks.

Head down!

Take them to the cars!

He has nothing to do with the
crime department anymore.

Take this to the execution department.

Hey, Scorpion Cello,

Thanks my classmate.

- I'm Niran Sahin, "Ezo".

Started as the intern of
Chief "Cerkez".

Good luck,
we will work together.

Thanks chief,
I'm at your command.

How are you my classmate?
- How are you chief?

Bandit, take us two cups of tea.
- OK.

Our interns are getting more beautiful.
Good for her lover.

Look at me, appointed to work
in Erzurum!


This song is
for the most beloved one.

I cannot leave you

You cannot leave me

If you love me

OK, take him from the custody
to interrogation, let's see.

In the name of God,
where is his file?

He acts like a psycho,
doesn't talk...

...but he is tough, just your style,
not singing...

What's he done?
Incision, strangulation, shot?

Bullets... Two people. One of them
was in front of his family.

Regards, welcome.

Hey my brother welcome,
what are you doing?

Hey, that's OK.

Sorry! Let the colleagues
take the bags into the car?

Come on brother, that's shame.

What shame? What is shame?

What? What is it?

- What's going on?
- None of your business.

What is it with you boy?
Damn you.

You three, come here.

Come here.
- Go damned.

Wait, stop it.

The man next-door,
he can't breath.

He has a sleep apnea.

Two floors up, in room number 514,
some people are making love.

Man's old, woman's young.

- You're crazy, arent't you?
- What?

You are crazy, I say.

How can you hear everything
like this?

God's given us five senses.

If you feel, you can hear, too.
- No.

My ears singing...

...due to the
sound system of the stage.

All the instruments
playing still in my head.

You will quit working
in the club.

Yes sir.

I'm not kidding.

You want to see me as a murderer?

I will quit
when you get retired.

Everything will end
by the end of this month.



- Promise.

He first shot the gas station attendant
and then the man, in front of his wife.

But if we can not find the gun,
it takes too long time.

This declaration is not in line
with your words, man.

Shiny boy...

Your nose is bleeding...

Those bastards...

They're good cops, you know?

I am the bad cop!

You've shot 2 people.

I didn't shoot anybody.

Your hands still smell
gunpowder, boy.

I can understand being obliged
to kill, we are all human.

But what's your case? You shot the
gas station attendantjust for money.

Not satisfied and shot a man, who was
there by incident, in front of his wife.

Are you psycho?

Officers inside should not hear.
You're married I know.

You have a wife.

Should I go around her?

Her ass looks good?

I'd go to your house,
show my ID...

...and get inside,
saying I will look around...

...and hump your wife.

Should I hump her?
Do you want this?

Where did you throw the gun?

I will countdown from 10; if you don't
start singing, Apollo 13 departs!

I'll beam myself
up to your house.

I'll pick you up
from here tonight...

...tie your hands and mouth...

...go to your house together...

...hump your wife in front of you.

And talk dirty
while doing this, Shiny.

Where did you put the gun boy?
Will you confess or will I...

...shove my hand in your throat?
- I did! I shot!

Chalk powder! It will give some fever
but OK, for the sake of our mission!


Have a good day, chief.

You think the view over there is good?

Does anybody know this guy?
- Everybody chief.

Ex-convict peadophile.

He's hired as a janitor
in the school.

Take him down,
I get the responsibility!

Ali Rýza!
- Chief?

Where is the principal's room?
- Here chief.

Where did he stay?

In the school; a small room upstairs
is given to him.

How can they employ an ex-convict
pedophile in a school?

The documents he declared here
were fake.

I see.


Are you the principal?
- Yes.

We could have never guessed
something like this.

He was like the grandfather
of the kids.

What was the name of him?
- Müslüm... Bodur.

But the children used to call him
as "uncle"

He used to share the dormitory
with the kids?

No, all the doors are locked
during the night.

Who takes the children to bed? Teachers?
- Yes, teachers.

Let's have a look at
this man's room.

Ali Rýza!

Yes chief?
- Where is the room?


How are you Cemal?
- Thanks chief.

Oil tank exploded.

Crime-Scene-Investigation crew,
let us.

What's that chief?

God damned bastard.

Chief, the victim's penis is cut
and taken away.

Look at the trouble just prior
to leaving!

He cleaned the floor...

...then threw the stuff
down here.

Cello, assign someone to collect
the records of all security cameras around.

OK, understood.

What to do Abbas?
Minister called. Himself.

He asks what the hell
this flagpole is?

I said we are working on it.

Is this a terroristic action,
he asks.

Why he puts him up in the flagpole
after killing, he says.

I want the killer immediately, he says.

If God allows, we will find him soon,
I said.

We are in trouble Cerkez,
what to do?

As I told him that Cerkez
will take over the case...

...he immediately asked
"You mean Abbas?" He knows you.

Cello, go and find this man.

We will do it together
with my chief, sir.

Sir, forgive me.
I will get retired in a month.

I will hang the badge
on the wall.

Let me not take this case.
- OK, I let you.

But how will I explain this
to the Minister?

Cello will accomplish it!

I can give strategic support.

But please don't put me back on
the streets.

But this has become
a national problem.

The body is up in the flagpole!
Go and catch this man!


Look at me, did you understand
what I mean?

I got it Cello.

I mean, if I am a cop...

...working in the police department instead
of painting, this is because of you.

You have a special persona.

Thanks, you are also very important
for us, Cello.

I am emotional today, please forgive me
if I had a mistake.

You don't talk?

I talk less,
you understand more.

I am not sure if I would talk now,
while she is with us, but...

...I like Ezo very much
but she is not aware of it.

Should I talk to her,
what do you think?

Cello, you shouldn't think of your
colleagues like that.

But the girl is like a gazelle...

If you love, you should talk.


Bravo, thanks.

Now you indicate something
to the boy, right?


May I leave for a second?
- Of course.

Let's go to my place
after leaving here.

I want you to see my paintings.

But please don't criticize,
just tell the truth.

I consider you as my master.
We will solve this case together.

The've put the man up on the flagpole,
we will take it down with honour.

You are a Republic man.

Republic, Freedom; those are
newspapers, not a human type.

- Would you like to have some fruits?
- Thanks, no.

Cello, I'm bored.

I am sick of eating bagels
while looking at the blood.

OK brother.

If you won't take part in this case,
I will resign.

I mean it my brother,
I will resign.

Let's take the body down
from the flagpole.

Sule is my childhood friend. She was
married to a policeman, they've divorced.

- Police? Where?
- He was also from the Crime Department.

The marriages of the Crime Departments
break up easily, Cavidan.

Just at the moment of making love,
you know...

...the phone rings and you find
yourself in front of a body.

You run to the morgue
soon after smelling your kid.

The scent of the murder cannot
survive in a clean home.

Crime department is like slavery.

Corpses rule over there and
you can't leave it.

The corpse thanks you
when you find the killer.

Anyway, you will sing now, no need
for diving into such depths. Cheers!

Oh my god!

What's wrong?
Please don't speak negatively.

Some of them are
in Nuri lyem style.

Choose one of them,
that will be my gift to you.

You paint then what happens?
Do they give you a type of relaxation?

I will stage up an exhibition.

Are you a bohemian painter?

Who wants to hang on his wall
a painting of a pedophile killer?

My upstairs neighbour,
an old man.

A retired legal correspondent.

He now heard that I am here...

He is asking for food.

Excuse me.

Yes chief.

Penetrating sharp object injuries
in 14 different locations of the body.

Looking at the ankles...

...based on the spots here,
we can say it's non-metal.

I mean, something like a plastic
or a string is used.

Give me the swab.
- Note this.

The wound in the penis area
and the wound number 4...

...have some notches.

We call them as
"wounds with pattern" and...

...we can make
some estimations here...

...like, it might be a... dagger.

- Dagger.

And here we find some fluid.
This is organic but non-human fluid.

Still researching on this, expecting
results from the university as well.

Test them immediately.


May it be easy.

I haven't had such a chat
with a lady for a long time.


Really... Don't you see
the police department?

Why don't you come to my house
one evening? I invite you.

No thanks.

Why not? We eat something,
we have a chat...

You see my paintings.

- Are you painting?
- Yeah.

You don't look like a painter.

Painter Cello.

I want to have a child from you,
but you tend not to hear this.

Why don't you stay with me?

It's OK like this.

I take care of you,
cook for you.

Get rid of those hotel rooms!

It's finished now.
We will go away.

It never finishes.

What never finishes?

I try to eat something here.
Don't spoil the pleasure.

Don't talk to me like this.

OK, I shut up.

Don't make plans.

It happens if God gives.

What do you think
if I ask a friendship?

What did you say chief?

Two cups of tea please.

- What about beer? - No.
- Me neither.

Friendship I say...

I mean, we together...

I don't know how to talk, right?

You don't.

Teach me then.

Is that it?

What do you mean?

She is taken to somewhere
and then asked.

Why did you come then?

I want beer.

What do you think?

Chief, looking at the rigidness
and the spots...

...murder's taken place
at least 3 hours ago.

If God wants to revenge
from one of his servants...

...he uses another person
to punish.

But people who do not know
the science of the God...

...think that
this is a human job.

This man's called Mevlut Alagoz.

Together with two partners,
they had been sentenced to 36 years...

...because of raping
a mother and daughter.


Release of Amnesty.

He does not look like
as a forgiven, right?

You know him chief?

Yes, I do.

I had caught him.

Come here Baretta!

4514 to 4516.

Send here a scuba-diver.

One of them, chief?

He will murder the third one too.

Let's find the man.

Selcuk Demirci.


We identified the location
of Selcuk Demirci.

Where does he live?

Drop your gun and
move one step forward.

Are you OK chief?

I am OK.

I entered in and saw the body
lying along the floor.

Then when realized the other person,
I tried to smack him...

...but suddenly a gun-handle smacked
on my head, it was the dead man!

Then I was lying on the floor.

So you didn't see the man.

I travelled up to the stars.

Why didn't you inform me?
We would have come here together.

I started to experience problematic
incidents if I work alone.

I told you, it's time to get retired
but not understood.

If I was at your age,
would this happen to me?

Chief, the person came down from the roof
and used the window to get in.

I see.

Brother, let's go up to the roof,
that might make you feel good.

Let's go Cello,
Scorpion Cello.

- Ask the CSI team not to leave.
- OK, chief.

4514, this is 4518.

Yes colleagues. We combine the files.
What do we have in hand?

4 bodies.
1 hung up on the flagpole.

He tortures before killing.

He might have experienced
a severe trauma...

...when he was young or exposed
to intense violence.

Find the relatives of the sufferers,
identify them.

...particularly look for any soldiers,
policeman, doctors.

Why soldiers?

Knowledge of guns and anatomy.

Policeman and soldiers have it.

What about the test result of the
organic fluid?

They're still researching chief,
we're expecting the results.

What the hell they're researching,
stem cell?

Now, prepare list of the
missing people...

...of the recent years.
- Got it chief.

Then among the list, find the ones
who were release of amnesty.

Release of amnesty?

The most common point for the killed
people are that...

...they're all rapists and peadophiles
released by amnesty.

What's the matter with you?

No, nothing.

Very good, chief.
You proceed very fast.

Chief, laboratory calling...

...they have the results for the fluid,
they want to inform us.


I want to come, too.

How are you?

Feeling somewhat problematic.

Why did Cerkez call us?
- He says he solved the case.

Found the killer?

The poet says, there's a place,
I know but I can't tell.

But we know where the poison is
originated from...

It is called Varanus Griceus.
Lives in Southeast region.

A length of about 1 m.

Local people call it
Yellow Dragon or Goldenhead.

It's a carnivorous; eats flesh.

Also dead bodies.

And contaminating bacteria
with its tongue.

The poison found in the dead-bodies
belongs to Dragon.

Those teeth wounds are not serious
but it's the poison that matters.

It's like a painting Cello.

The body finds himself fishing on the
bridge across heaven and hell after 3 days.

Look how he is urged to tell the story;
he's not the Cerkez, he is a Jackal.

Don't agitate me.

Why not? You were talking
about retirement...

When you left,
the department collapsed.

Your sustenance with the murder
is not yet ended.

This is the knife
used in the murders.

A "Rambo knife"
as we call it.

The soldier-boots are 44.

He wears the same shoes
in all murders.

We can easily say
he was fighting in Southeast.

At least he worked in that area.

He might have met the Dragon,
might have even eaten it, Cello?

Chief? Thanks god
I have not skipped this case.

Thanks Cello.

Thanks chief.

I saw a serial-killer before dying.
Once there was a Feriköy monster.

I was an intern then,
but the result was just a zero.

Next slide.

Yes colleagues, he uses
soldier style plastic handcuffs.

Handcuffs, pig-wrap, anatomy knowledge,
add - substract - divide...

Equals to: Soldier!

He cuts penis
with a poisoned dagger.

He says,
this is a Dragon Wound...

He wants to tell us something
with Dragon.

He is a victim or
a relative of a victim.

This is deep;
he is severly injured.

Where will we find this wound?

He sleeps with the dragon.

This man is a pscyho!

I am tired,
going up in the terrace...

Listening to Istanbul,
my eyes closed.

This man is Ensar.

Ensar? Who is he?

You are right chief.

He was a soldier in Southeast.
I took his case.

Tell me.

Name is Ensar Sandalci.

They raped his sister.

He killed 4 people,
the rapist and 3 relatives.

Vanished for 2 years. Sariyer Police Dept.
Has followed him.

Then the raped girl
committed suicide.


Family address.
His file in the Police ends here.

What do you mean?

There is a file number,
but the file does not exist.

Chief! A DVD is posted
to the Crime Dept.

He will kill me.

Then bury me in the Poyrazköy hill.

What's he done?

Son of a bitch, will make all of us
attended to somewhere else.

You Ensar!
You wouldn't be doing this.

It's my fault, I missed you
from my hands.

Cerkeeez! Cellooo!

Cello, let's have a body search
using the dogs.

And also, every corner
should be dug in.


Let's find the body.

And his file is missing.



Real missing one is himself.

Lie down! Keep like that.

Where is Ensar?

Where is Ensar?

Ensar is dead.

My daughter is dead.

My son is dead.



4516, this is 4514.

4514 recieving

The body is found, chief.
Prosecutor is expected.

- Understood, OK.
- Any news you have, chief?

Ensar is dead.


Family says so.


Stop here.

We shall meet in the office.

OK chief.

Let's look at Ensar's grave
once more.

I found a bone.

Dig it.

And comes the rest, chief.

It goes down to the magma.

Lets take samples
form the parents.


What will you say sir?

Any statements?

Is it true that the killer is a
veteran soldier fought in East?

Sir only 30 seconds, we'll be on
live show in 30 seconds, please.

What do you think the killer's
objective is?

What about the incompetency of the
police regarding evidence collection?

One minute.
One minute, dear correspondents.

Let's keep in the limits of respect.

We don't accept questions.

You see all the security forces are
alarmed, working very hard.

Don't ask that type of questions here.

They are incorrect and missing.

Such news should not
take place in media.

You see how all of us are
focused on this.

Everybody's putting
their maximum efforts.

What a pity to ruin this effortjust
for a few fake headlines.

Don't do this please,
to our security forces.

He would bury me alive
in the Altunizade bus-stop.

This file is the list
of the Amnesty releases.

15 people.


You say all of them are killed
by Ensar, right? - I don't know.

Most probably...

Still waiting
the laboratory results.


This case can well take down
the government.

Find this man, brother.

Put me through the director.

You leave chief?

I am tired, will have a shower
in the hotel.

- Any orders, chief?
- Yes.

I want some soup.

Cook some soup
and send it to the hotel.

Can you cook soup?
- Yes I can.

Put the files in a saucepan and mix them.
See what's coming out.

What, are you scared?

No, all those bodies, dragon etc.
Irritated me.

Ms. Police!

Why don't you sit down at your
home and take care of me?

I can solve the crimes
while you solve the puzzles.


Look, I painted you.

Am I that beautiful?

You are not aware of yourself.

What lies inside this police,
you don't know.

You are a heavy-handed girl.

Aren't you ashamed of
hitting your superior?

This was good.

I am sorry.

I was looking for Chief Cerkez.
- He is out.

Chief, we received another DVD.

Let's not watch torture now.

You please identify the location,
then let's go and dig.

Watch it.

Serial-crimes take place in Istanbul.

Some people support the killer while
some of them are against him.

I swear we are afraid to send
our children to school.

My son, you do what all of us
intent but can not dare to do.

Let God be on your side.

Children are innocent angels.
They are babies.

The one who does all those things
is a psycho-killer.

My son asks...

"Mummy, this killer is murdering the
guilty ones, is he a good guy?

Will he be the one to protect us
from now on?"

A person who doesn't have a child
can not understand this.

Thanks to whoever doing this.

Yes, "you do what all of us intent
but can not dare to do".

The best summary for the events...
- Yes?

Paedophile address?

It stinks here, dead-bodies.
Get in!

Everybody get down! Police!

What's going on man,
what's going on?

4514 this is 4518.

500 metres down, on the courtyard
of the mosque at the right hand.

I am there.
I trapped the killer.

Hurry up.

Hello? I am standing
next to the body.

What is it?

I see.

This is Ensar.

They've raped his sister. He killed
4 people including the rapist.

Vanished for 2 years.

How long have I been sleeping?

For 12 hours.

Then the killer escaped.

He was fighting in Southeast.
I took his case.

Tell me.

You are very lucky.

If they had not intervened on time,
you might have lost your life.

Who intervened?

Will that injection help me
to stand up? - No.

You will feel better
but you can't stand up.

You look like to be a smart girl.


What's your name?



You will help me.

Of course.

Abbas has to be leaving soon.


Listen to me.

A killer of more than 15 people...

...is just hanging around
the streets of Istanbul.

If I don't stand up...

...nobody can catch him.

But... If you have a second attack,
you might die, please don't do this.

Don't worry, I will not die
before picking him up.

Unfasten me.

No, I don't have the authority
to do this.

I escaped,
I have the authority.

Where is my gun?

Brother! Your situation is ciritical!
You need bed-rest.

I had a trip to the "other-side"
and visited the murders.

I am on my duty
till the second attack.

They've found the penis pieces.

My wife opened the box.

Chief. We got
the bone-test results.

Bones do not belong to Ensar.


Hundreds of parliementarians
voted for the Amnesty law.

Why me instead of them?

Why is he threatening my family
instead of a party leader's?

What kind of logic is this?

I know you are one of the builders
of the law.

You as the undersecretary, were the
closest person to the Minister.

The threat targets you now
but in fact...

...the killer wants to give a message
to the Justice in general.

This is my personal view.

We will take you under protection
my undersecretary.

No, I don't want this.
Let's cover up this case.

I am parliement candidate
for the upcomig elections.

It is critical for my party's
prestige, and mine.

If it comes out that I am threatened
due to this law...

...my party and myself
will be paying the price.

And press will charge me
for any negative results.

I will be the scapegoat!

No way.

Police department will help me.
This is it!

No more noise please!

Let us protect you,
at least of second degree.

No official policeman,
no noise.

You are under threat.
And they are, too.

- Press?
- They will not know anything!


I see sir.

Reading and writing?
Of course sir.

We are also restless...

Searching. Regards.

Am I literate, he asks. No!


Take this.

Is he dead, chief?

Is the kid killed?

Nobody will know yet Cello.
Don't confuse me.

OK son, OK.

You don't go out chief?

I think it's my turn to spend
the night here, girl.

Would I stay with you?

No my girl, you should go.

This is yours.

Did you sign?

I did.

It's good to get retired
as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Don't be funny.
Go and have a good sleep.

May I call you "dad"?

That kind of things can not be
subject to joke, my girl.

I don't know how else
to put it into words.

Then let me give you an advice.

Quit this job, get married
and have kids.

Why chief, am I that bad?

No, you are very beautiful.
You'll be wasted.

I can get married if I meet a good man
but I don't quit my job.

Isn't he a good man?

Who, Celal?

Is there anybody else?

No, of course not.

Now you make me angry!

Ezo the Bride.

You made me a bad joke, I will do
the same to you. Ezo the Bride!

I have always been afraid of
having a kid...

...and God never gave me.

But when I look at you...

...I understand why I am afraid.


I don't know.

I feel worried when I look at you.

Take care of yourself. OK?

Don't worry chief.


Yes my lady?

Will you come over to take me?

No, I'm not coming.

Would I come, then?

One minute, one minute.

What happened?

- Nothing.
- I missed you.

Me too.

- I am fed up.
- Fed up of what?

I want to be in your arms...

My love.

End the call, I'm working.
You turn me on.

Father confirmed my internship.

You really look like a father
and daughter.

Do you have a father?

You are really a very handsome guy.

I don't know my father and mother.
I'm raised in an orphanage.

He would bury me
in the Eyüp Cemetary.

He will kill me. Kill and bury
me in the Poyrazköy Hill.

And bury me in Sariyer.

He will bury me
in the Levent park.

He will bury me alive
in the Altunizade bus-stop.

Choose the one you want brother,
my gift to you.

What are you doing?

You paint dragon figures
with the bodies!

If you don't take part
in this case, I resign.

God is my witness.

Let's take the body down
from the flagpole.

Let me tell you,
the kid did not die.

How do you know?

Is he alive?

He is.

You know what Cerkez did?
Only the kid was wearing the steel vest.

He said to the rest of the family that they
were not under threat they could go on.

I see.

The target was not the father,
it was his son.

Why not the father?

Killer wants the father to suffer,
not to die.

He even told that
Ensar could use Canas.

He is a jackal!

The only thing he did not know is when
and where Ensar would fire his gun.

Cerkez is really odd,
he is maniac.

Where do they keep the kid,
in the police department?

No, in 33, under protection.

Hello... Ezo where are you?
Ezo. Hello?

The killer is Scorpion, our Cello.

What are you doing here?

I just dropped by. To have a
look at the pictures.

Where is he?

When I was out of the toilet,
he was gone.

Killer is Scorpion.

Move back!

The neighbour upstairs. An old man.
Retired legal corrrespondent.

He heard that I am here,
asking for food.

Who are you?

Hasan Yilmaz, legal correspondent.

He made me watch everything,
all his tortures.

He forced me to record them.
He killed all of them.

He told me that I would be coming up
with the news of my life.

Son of the undersecretary is the 24th.
Murders end up with him.

He knows where you keep the child.


You told me not to share with
anybody but I told him.

What did you say?

That you keep the child in 33.

Are you OK?


You saved the kid, right?

Everything proceeded as I desired.
But I was not expecting this.

What happened to the commando?

I swore.

Fill their throats...

...with the soil of my sister.

That kid died in my arms.

Istanbul Police Dept. Has trapped the killer
in the building you see right behind me.

Extraordinary security measures
are taken.

Special squad is inside now,
there is a silent suspense.

We will be coming back to you
with the latest news.

All of us are commandos!

Turkey is proud of you!

You used me
since your appointment.

You wanted me to catch you.

I wouldn't let anybody else
to catch me, but you.

You threw down the commando knife.

You came next to me and when
understood that I would die...

...gave me my drug.

And resuscitated me.
Didn't want me to die.

You lead us to Ensar. You wore
soldier boots during the murders.

You've got what I've told.

Why did you do all these?

Have you ever taken a raped,
4 years-old kid into your arms?

Ever asked for appearance description
while looking at the kid's eyes?

Have you ever painted the appearance?

I did.

For 15 years.

My problem is with the Justice.

You captured them and imprisoned.
Then the justice released.

I was thinking of both my and Ensar's
sister while killing those bastards.

They raped my sister
when I was a kid.

I saw it
but could not say anything.

We have the same destiny with Ensar.

Now, both of us are in peace.

Girl, take your gun down.

Take your gun down
and come here.

Your soul is in peace, ha?

Why did you give me this sorrow
when I was just about to...

...leave this crime world and go up
to the mountains?

How couldn't I smell that my son
next to me is so sick...

...while I was able to smell the dead,
alive, storm, rain?

Why did you give me this unrest
which will last till my death?

Look at this girl.

Look at yourself.

You will bury yourself in the darkness
of the jails, like a scorpion.

What difference do I have from
a father who is dying of pain?