Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) - full transcript

Three young martial arts masters emerge from the back streets of Hong Kong to help the powerless fight injustice.

Dragon Tiger Gate

was founded by two Kung fu masters:
Wong Jianglong and Wong Fuhu.

They promoted self-strengthening

to free people from oppression.

They even taught martial arts

to street urchins.

The Gate thus became
the symbol of Justice.

While every youth
was eager to join the Gate

Wong Fuhu's son, Dragon

decided to leave.

He was to part with his baby brother,


Rosa, Ma Kun's been doing a good job.

I decided to continue our collaboration.

Give him the Luosha Plaque.

Ask him to keep up his work!

Remember, the Plaque
represents Luosha Gang.

I've given you the Luosha Plaque.

Don't let anything happen to it.

I know. I'll do my best.

What a coincidence!

Remember me?

- Xiao
- That's right!

So, you still remember me!

Grade five?

Not Grade five! Grade three!

Almost the same.

Not at all.

What a poor memory!

Remember that fatso in our class?

Sure, the one who bawled all the time?

No, the one who wet his pants!

Well, he bawled after he'd wet his pants!

I remember he liked pulling your plait!

It couldn't be me! I had short hair then.

I remember you had long hair!

How can I forget I had short hair?

Like, would you forget you're called Chan?

Look who has a poor memory?

I'm not Chan, Xiaowei!

I'm not Xiaowei!

- I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry!


what's your name?

Tiger Wong.

I'm Ma Xiaoling.

- Hey, Tiger!
- Tiger.

Why's there so many people?

Ma Kun has reserved
the whole upper floor.

Ma Kun?

The biggest kingpin in Hong Kong.

Those dudes in black are his dogs.

Some dudes in white are barging in!

They're the White Lions.
As powerful as Kun!

Black or white, they're still bad guys!

Kun, so you got the Plaque again.

You have monopoly over all smuggling gigs.

It takes juice to work with Luosha Gang.

You gotta work harder!

Juice? I got much more than you!

To hell with your gigs.

I want half of your cut!

You kiddin' or what?

Whoever has the Plaque
will get all the cut.

You want half?

You outta your mind?

Nice food! Now it's pay-up time!


How dare you welsh on our debts!

We're the victims!

- We've paid a lot already!
- Pay up!

Let them be. They are Kun's dogs!

Stay put! Master won't like it!

Shibumi gave me the Plaque.

Come, get it, if you dare!

Even if I let you go, my boss Scaly won't!

Enjoying your food, huh?

- Tiger!
- Tiger!

Where's the Plaque?

- Who are you?
- Tiger Wong!

Find the Plaque,

or you can't leave!

I'll take sole responsibility
for what I've done!

Go down!

Let him go!


Gosh! Scaly has gone way out of hand!

- Stop!
- It's all crap!

What you starin' at, Dragon Wong?

You wanna fight me one on one?

Why'd you let that kid go just now, Kun?

None of them were able to beat him.

And the White Lions were watching.

If Kun hadn't done that, both gangs
could have started fighting.

What good would that do, Crazy Dog?

Who cares about the White Lions?
You're just a bodyguard.

I could have taken him out on my own!

I'm good!

- Scaly...
- Come fight me one on one!


Why didn't you hold up

when fighting the kid?

I will get you the Plaque back.

Stop eating! Look how heavy the plaque is!

- Why is the plaque with you?
- I snatched it when you were fighting.

- Let me see!
- Look!

We can fence it for some dough!

- Sure can!
- We can donate the money for charity.

Charity? What a waste!

- So, who's the boss today?
- Tiger, of course!

Hey you guys!

- Me again?
- Come!

In essence,
Tiger is virtuous and generous.

He's perfect! Indeed! Cheers!

- Cheers!
- Thanks!

Just dig in!

Pass me the whole plate!

The sushi today is so good!

So delicious!

Two more orders please!

Hurry up!

Tiger is our boss today.
He'll start first.

Tiger, that's for you!

And this is for me!

Gimme the Plaque.

- The plaque?
- The plaque?

- What plaque?
- What plaque?

- This one?
- The plaque is your head!

You want this?

How much can you pay?

- You weren't all that bad last time!
- Dragon!

- Did you got lost?
- I came here to give you a hand!

I've put drugs in their wine!

I already got the Plaque.

I hate dirty tricks!

The plaque is ours.
They're having fun with it.

We've got every right to beat them up.

What did you say before? Me, dirty?

You dumbhead. Let me teach you a lesson!

Beat him up!

- You dare to touch me?
- Beat him up too!

You guys will need an ambulance
real soon!

I said beat him up! Who you fightin' with?

Dragon Wong!

Didn't you say you're a good fighter?

Go in!

Beat the crap outta anyone you see!

I hate to be disturbed during my meals.

Your nunchaku sucks.

Better practice more!


practice together sometimes!

Thanks for your help!

You're welcome.
I just couldn't stand them!

I'm Turbo.



A fierce name! Gotta go!

You guys okay?

We're fine.

No blood was shed.

Hey, is that yours?

I've just found it.


Where's Dragon Tiger Gate?

Baldy, you snatched the plaque.

You better explain yourself
to the Master.

Stop staring.

You can touch it.

I got this scar when I was a kid.

When I was at your age,

I was already great at Kung fu.

Once I passed by
someone wielding his sword.

And that's when I got this scar!

It's such a big golden plaque.

I had to snatch it.

Then this long-haired guy asked me for it.

Of course, I wouldn't give it to him.
So, he beat us up.

He punched me, and I parried,
like you taught us to.

And the rest is history.

We're really not to blame!

Indeed, Master! We're not to blame!

The plaque you snatched
is called Luosha Plaque.

It's a bargaining tool
between Luosha Gang and Kun.

Luosha Gang is a crime organization.

You snatched their stuff

and claim you're innocent?

Get out and squat for three hours!

Would someone gimme a hand? I can't see!

- This will be enduring!
- Three hours!


I saw my brother again.

He's Kun's man now.

So, he's tied to Luosha Gang.

But I don't believe he's a bad guy.

Bring him back to the Gate.


I'm Turbo from overseas.

I was invincible in Chinatown.

but I know you're well versed
in martial arts.

I wanna aggregate
the skills of all schools

to manifest the spirits
of Chinese Kung fu.

I'd therefore like to be your disciple.

I'll be your disciple no matter what!

You still here?

Of course!

I ain't gonna give up!

You're great in nunchaku.

Can you teach me?

I won't teach you.

But we can practice together.


Where's your nunchaku?

By the way, I'm also called the Judo Kid!
Come on!

Wow, excellent footwork!

- By the way, how did you get that scar?
- What?

- How did you get that scar?
- I can't hear you.

I said your scar...

I got the scar while practicing.

But the other guy is limping now.

So be careful!

Dragon, Come here!

It's for Dad's safety.
Let's do it together.

Am I not good enough

to protect you?

Come, fight me!

No way!

I don't wanna kill you!

I'll die for sure.

Better to rely on yourself
than on the gods.

I won't let anything happen to you
or your dad.

If Dad retired

you wouldn't need to protect us.

We'd all be safe then.

Where would you go

if you could retire?

Take this one first.

I'll go get another one.

Mom, did Tiger's mom
take Dad away from us?

I hate her!

You shouldn't hate any member of the Gate.

Dad and I didn't separate because of them.

It was my own decision.

Dragon, come out! It's Tiger!

Go away! Don't come see me anymore!

I don't wanna see anyone
from the Gate, ever!

Get lost!

Why you crying?
I'll beat you till you smile!

Stop! Stop!

Stop him. Don't let him run away.


Still running, smart ass?

What do you guys want?


Beat him up!

- Take his slipper!
- Don't come back to this park again!

Let's go!

Hurry up, Tiger!

Okay. I'm coming!

Let me give you my slipper,

or your mom will yell at you.

What about your mom?

- It won't be a problem.
- Thanks!

You don't wanna know why I was in a fight?

'Cause I know Dragon is a man of justice.

Unless they're in the wrong,

you wouldn't have picked a fight.

They were bullying Tiger.

So I fought with them.

Carry this jade pendant with you.

You're a member of the Gate
wherever you go.

You'll make it big in the future.

Remember, you're Wong Fuhu's son.

Don't ever commit a crime.

Your life will be fraught
with frustrations.

You will come back to the Gate
with your head held high.

Never give up,

however difficult life becomes.

What did you mean, "make it big"?

You'll know when you grow up.


When will I make it big?

Dragon, your home is on fire!

Your mom hasn't come out yet!

Mom never came out.

She was never seen again.

It's lucky...

I met Kun.

Out of gratitude...

I've done reluctant things for him.

I know I can't leave here.

I'm ashamed to go back to the Gate
ever again.


I'm your baby brother!

I know. So what?

Am I supposed to hug you
with tears in my eyes?

And you hug me and call me Bro?

Uncle and I want you back at the Gate.

Don't work for this bad guy Kun anymore!

So, you're a good guy and I'm a bad guy.

Go back to the Gate
and play the good guy!


I'm Tiger Wong.

You're no fun!

You and Dragon are close?

He works for my dad.

I treat him like a brother.

You're his baby brother?

You don't look alike.

If you guys are brothers,

why do you act like that?

That's why I wanna help him.


Gimme your phone.


Hurry up!

- Hello?
- Hello?

This is my number. Remember to call me!

Aren't you gonna help me?

Sure, but I didn't say now.

I'll call you when I find him. Bye.

Thanks for taking care of Scaly
and his dogs.

They've been nothing but trouble lately.

You can always quit.

Not so simple!

Kun, why's it so hard?

I've been in this business forever.

Xiaoling is my only worry.

I think of you as my dad

and Xiaoling my sis.

I won't let anything bad
happen to my folks.

I believe you.

Just sleep on it.

And you?

Will you go back to the Gate?


But it's not the right time yet.
I'll wait till you've retired.

Wanna get rid of me?

Yes. Give the Plaque back to Luosha Gang.

Nunchaku Slippers!


You should be practicing!

Playing with slippers?

No more slippers for a month.

Take them all off!

You don't wanna...

teach me.

At least practice with me!

You're best at nunchaku?


Please pick a weapon, Master!

You're clueless.

Worse than the kids.

You know nothing about nunchaku.

Come back when you know

how to grasp a nunchaku.

I'm Turbo, invincible in Chinatown.

You're clueless.

You know nothing about nunchaku.

Come back when you know

how to grasp a nunchaku.

I was always bullied, as I grew up abroad.

I didn't like that...

so I slashed a scar on my face.

I wanted to scare people off.

I learnt nunchaku

'cause it's fierce and powerful.

But today I was totally beaten.

I thought I had grasped it very hard,

but you took it from me so easily!

After a long struggle,

I finally realized...

it's not...

a matter of strength...

but of the heart.

I can't scare people

with a scar on my face.

I won't tell my scar story anymore.

But I'll say...

Master Wong left a slipper mark
on my face.

I will keep it up.

Thank you.


You know...

do you do household chores?

I don't,

but I will learn!

Kun wants to return the Plaque and retire?

That's good news for you.

I'll arrange for you to join Luosha Gang.

That way...

we can be together.

Why are you staring at me?

I want you to understand…

I can make Shibumi
let you take Kun's place.

You can be your own boss finally!

I shouldn't have rescued you that day.

Listen up, Dragon!

Whether you join the Gang or not...

we ain't good guys.

We cannot change our fate.

- Dragon, I...
- Xiaoling.

You know Tiger?


Arrange a meeting for us.


You know where we are?

You won't recall. You were just a kid.

It used to be a park.

And there were monkey bars here.

After we were beaten,
we liked to hide here.

I'll learn to do Kung fu well.
I'll beat them up!

Kung fu is for protecting people,
not for fighting.

We will never be bad guys no matter what.
Got it?

Got it.

Look! That's the direction
to the Dragon Tiger Gate.

Ever beaten anyone you shouldn't have?



But I have.

Many times!

Many things have happened to me,

but you won't understand.

I wanted to tell you today...

I'm proud of you

'cause you can stick to your principles!

I also have my principles.

I know where I should go.

Let's go.


- I'll wait for you at home!
- Cool.

See you at the Gate!

Giving up the Plaque is an insult to me!


Both Kun and Dragon must die!

Watch out!

Xiaoling, show us what you got!

Do your best, Xiaoling!

You are the best!

Dad, how did I do?

Not too bad.

I'm the best in the team.

And you call that "not too bad"?!

I was the best softball player once.

Your game is just kiddy stuff for me!


If you're so good, let's play a game!

Okay, you arrange it.

But you better get changed now.
We'll go eat.

- Dragon is on his way.
- Cool!

- Hello.
- Dragon, I have to see you now.

I don't feel like it.

You'll regret if you don't show up.

So fast!

You must miss me!

Have you ever done it in the water?

I thought you had something urgent
to tell me.

Tattoo me.


A birthday gift for me.

Today is your birthday?

The day you saved me years ago.

To me, that's my birthday.

Forget it.

I know you won't do it.

Turn around.

Go away!

- You'll fall to your death!
- None of your business. Go away!

Jump down and I'll catch you.

- What's your name?
- Dragon.

- Yours?
- Rosa.

- What are you staring at?
- Can't I stare?

I'll be in love with you forever.

What have you tattooed for me?

I've always wanted to
stare at you like that.

I was supposed to kill you.

Double Devils are off to kill Kun.

It's too late.

You bloody old man!

I'm good but you treat me like shit!

Better to work for Luosha Gang
than for you.

Want to retire?

Not so easy!

Let me retire you now!

Don't hit me, Kun!

I was just kiddin'!

- You back-stabbing asshole!
- Let me retire with you.

Help! Double Devils!



Watch over her.

Remember you're Wong Fuhu's son.

You'll make it big in the future.

You will come back to the Gate
with your head up.

Never give up

however difficult life becomes.

My dad…

Will he go to heaven?

He will.

He loved you so much.

You'd be better asking…

when the bad guys will go to hell!

From now on, the Gate is your home.

Even if my limbs are broken,

I won't let anyone harm you.

Double Devils were beaten
by people from the Gate.

The Gate is really that strong?



We haven't found Tiger yet.
Baldy and others are searching for him!

Who's the best here?

Watch out

for the "Black Pagoda"!

So, Dragon Tiger Gate's Kung fu sucks!

You're not good enough
to die in my hands!

But you can!

Find your brother.

Guard the Gate together...

Xiaoling, should anything
happen to anyone

bring them to Mt Baiyun

and look for a guy called Qi.



Master! Please save my friends!

Their wounds are too deep for me.

Of all the people in Mt Baiyun

only Qi can help them.

Where can I find Qi?

Inside the pagoda.

I'll find him once I get up there?

No one has ever entered the pagoda!

Stay put!

Pick up the prayer bead.

Pick up all the prayer beads.

Master Qi!

Here are all the prayer beads.

Please save my friends.

There's still one bead below the pagoda.

You've gone an arduous way.

Your friends must mean a lot to you.

If you can jump down the pagoda

to pick up the bead,

then I will save them.

I hope you'll keep your promise.

Did I ever go up there?

Everything is an illusion
in the mundane world.

Only your conviction is real.

The moment you decided
to sacrifice yourself

the prayer bead was already in your hand.

Don't worry. I will save your friends.

No one at the Gate is good enough
to beat the Double Devils.

I know about your relationship
with Dragon, Rosa.

He's good. I want to fight with him.

Take this to save him.

He should die in my hands.

You'll be okay after the acupuncture.

Your internal power might even increase.

Don't move.

Don't say a word.

I was adopted too.

No one ever cares how I feel.

I did this for you today,

so you'll care for me.

Even if you don't love me,

I can make you hate me!

This pill can only save one person.

You can either save Dragon

or yourself!


have you ever loved me?

Tiger, I'll teach you
"Electric Dragon Drill."

Turbo, I'll teach you "Golden Mask."

Tiger, Turbo,

I'm giving you two items.

They can help you fight Shibumi,

but whether you win in the end
depends on yourselves.

Wait for me at the Gate.

I promise I'll be back.

Looking for your own death?

Your Kung fu has improved a lot!

Let's have a good fight!

That's it?

Anything more?

Your "Golden Mask" is not bad!

Anything else?

"Electric Dragon Drill"!


On behalf of the Gate,
I'm returning the Plaque to you.

Dragon, I've been waiting for you!

"Eighteen Dragon Slaying Palms"?

That's all you have, Shibumi?
How slow!

We can go back to the Gate now,

Little Bro!


- Tiger is back!
- Tiger!



Uncle, we're back,

my brother and me.

Uncle said the Gate should be
passed on to both of us.

Yo, what about me?

Ever think about changing your name
to Leopard?

Turbo Leopard?

Sounds fierce!