Dragon: The Weapon of God (2022) - full transcript

The tipping Point...

Yep... this city, the entire
country has its eyes on him.

Lucky for us, dealing with
pressure is what he does best,

even if some of his techniques are
known to be a little unorthodox.

Wait, so he is buying?

I'm truly sorry for the
delay ladies and gentlemen,

but as an elected
official of this city,

my priority is and always has been
cleaning our streets of criminals,

even if that means
I'm late sometimes.

And currently the reason that
we all gathered here today,

as you well know, is that our streets
have been overrun by scumbags.

You mean Blacks?

With scumbags

Black Order!

My apologies, we need to establish a
position of force and unity together.

And as one, as the
great city of New York,

I believe that we can
show the world what it is

to live in a peaceful and
safe society that all of us,

I am not looking
at one woman today.

I don't see one man in front of me,
that's going home to their family,

I see a family of New
Yorkers that is growing.

We will not let the black order

establish a position
of fear in our hearts,

we will not take
them home with us.

Our children should able
to walk the streets freely

with no fear.

You should be able to go to work
in the morning, have your coffee,

go to the store, knowing
that you are safe,

that your family is safe and that
you have a place to come home to.

Certain information
has been privy to me

and brought to my
attention by my colleagues.

We are currently under
attack by an organization

which is known as
the Black Order.

This organization is
hunting our law enforcement.

It has made it unsafe for
you to leave your houses,

to go home, to do anything that you
used to do, to have a normal life.

And before we go
any further today,

I would like to give a special and
heartfelt thanks to my colleagues,

Josh and Sarah and
one of the finest,

most honest and true NYPD
officer that I've ever had

the honor of working with in the last
25 years of my professional career,

Mr. Chris McLaren.

And in response to the questions
that have been asked to me,

we are launching the peace
abroad initiative immediately.

It is mandatory that they stop and
search all African American men

and women between the ages
of 20 and 30 years old.

25%, 50% no 100% of the attacks
and deaths in our city to date,

have been committed by
African American men

and women between
the ages of 20 and 30.

Sir, don't you think
this discriminates

against any person of color
living within the city?

Absolutely not, ma'am

What about the issues
that started this all?

The fact that the cops in
the city abuse their powers,

targeting and shooting blacks,

shooting kids as young
as six years old.

It's because of that,
the Black Order was born.

Our police are acting in
your best interest to ensure

that you can come here today
to ask me that question.

By doing what exactly?

No actions have been taken,
no actions as brutal as the Peace Abroad.

Isn't it because of this issue that we
have such a dangerous group out there?

Didn't you actually
create this group?

If this matter was resolved
when it first started,

we wouldn't have seen the
rise of the Black Order.

We will not spend another day
of our lives living in fear.

The Black Order has arrived!

Mayor Foster, mayor Foster,
where are you? No more hiding!

This is my city! This is my city!
I want all the exit locked down, military,

NYPD, call me the Swat,
call me the Swat, damn it!

None of these scums, none of them,
none of them are getting out of here.

Those bastards came at me, I will
show them what true justice really is.

There is hostages.
They took a hostage

and request your appearance
or she's going to be executed.


Ms. Jefferson.

That journalist?


Shoot them, shoot them, shoot them all.
Theyre not getting out alive.

I don't think this is

Josh, they came at
me, they came at me.

A line was crossed today and
I am sending them a message.

If you are coming at me, there will
be blood spilled on the other side.

We are at war, get your
prototype ready ASAP.

Peace Abroad, Peace
Abroad, launch it now!

NYPD has full power to
act as they feel necessary

and no agents will be punished, none will
be punished for any of their actions.

I'm going to show them what this city,
it's police, it's mayor are made of.

It's a crazy day, right sir?

You can say that
again, sergeant.

It's not easy doing what we do.


No, Im a hero for this city,
and people tend to forget that.

They may forget it. But you keep them
safe, and that's what matters.

Right, what about you?
How are you, how's Grace?

Grace is good, she's here
with me today actually.

We were supposed to
have dinner tonight.


Glad to hear it, really.

Ah Sir, if you don't
mind me asking,

do you worry at all that
the Peace Abroad initiative

might be a little too extreme?

They're leaving me no choice.
It's the end that justifies the means.

You miss a spot.

Is everything ok?

Yes dad.

The hell do you think
is this, a playground?

I'm sorry Sir, I did not mean.

Shut up! Shut up!


You people always find a way to make
everything you touch even worse.

You are a piece of shit,

you'll never be good at anything
you do in this life except maybe...

just maybe mopping these floors.

And your brothers out
there, the Black Order,

you'll wind up in some shit
hole locked up just like them.

So get back to doing what you do

clean these fucking floors.

Pick up the mop and
get back to work!



I don't tolerate
intolerance when I see it.

I don't care if you are
the mayor of New York City,

you're going to
apologize to that boy!

Everybody back to work.

Those are the criminals, those
are the criminals we need out.

We need to clean the streets,
Chris McLaren in my office. Now!


I'm really sorry for
what happened today.

Sorry? Sorry? Do you have any idea of
what it is to be treated like that,

when you're a good man?

I saw a man who treated me like
I was the worst criminal ever.

Well, why didn't you say
that stuff up there?

Listen, I don't even know
what you think we did up there

but I don't really
care, I'm a grown man.

Well, then why didn't
you defend yourself?

What do you want me to
do? To give them a reason?

So they can lock me in. That's
what they're looking for!


Why what?

Up there...

I didn't do it for you.

I don't stand for
injustice and intolerance.

Thank You.

Daughter of one of the best cop in
the city, I guess it's in the genes.

Wow, your dad is a cop? Now I should
definitely stay away from you.

I gotta go, I lost my job.

I'm gonna go look for...

Are you looking for a number?

Like a lotto number?

I don't know, do lotto
numbers have 10 digits?


One second, one second...

347 681

You know next time you could
just say: Can I have your number?



Who is that, in the frame?

My daughter.

How old?


Imagine, with any bad luck, she walks out
of her school in her cute little new dress

and Booom... dead.

A thug comes out of nowhere
and shoots her in the head.

I'm not following you Foster.

It's exactly what will happen
if you don't get it ready.

They are out there, acting above the law.
It's only a matter of time,

this is her faith with the Black Order,
everyone's, to everyone if nothing is done.

Our city, it's our city, our city is
under attack and I'm tired of waiting.

Now... now listen
carefully and listen good.

We're doing our best.

Are you kidding me?

You came for an update, here
it is! Foster, you know what?

You used pretty unorthodox
manners to get what you want,

but my office is not a
playground for one of them.

When I came to you last year with
what we are building, you said no.

Now we are the only ones who are
able to bring your vision to life.

So I demand a minimum of
respect in these walls.

Now, now I see who I need to talk
to around here to get some answers.

So that's what he looks
like. Where did you find him?

Roosevelt, during
winter, frozen,

our team did its best to bring this
temperature back but his body refused.

What's his name?

The mirror of death.

You did it!

Sup man?

Ah, man. I got fired today
man. I mean technically I left.

No. no no no no, You? Leave a
job? You gotta be kidding me.

Tsk. I wish I was man.

I still wonder how do you even keep
paying rent, like how do you do it?

You see, you call
that the Miles Way.

Oh man.

Foster man, he humiliated me
today. He treated me like crap.

I see. Ah, that piece of crap.
He was all over the news today.

Luckily, the Black Order exists.

Not this again man.


We can't trust the police.


People like us?

That's why the People
Police is here.

The people police,

they keep killing innocent hard
working police officers man!


You keep having your butt
stuck in your ears brother.

So let me slap it
back into reality.

Don't you see what
they're doing to us,

to our people, to kids?

The only thing I see is
someone who supports criminals.

My man we both know
who the criminals are.

Forget it man, forget it.

Jake, just relax. Alright?

Just smell the roses and breath
those amazing times we live in.

Yo, you gotta check out Bulma,

she is going live in 20 minutes.

I'm good.


I said I'm good man.


Gucci like chi!!!

Oh man, there is something
else I wanted to tell you.

No way!

What else does this
imbecile said to you?

I have a date man.

Forget about it man.

Oh wait, I mean,
are you serious?

Since I have known you
you've been on what...

you never even got one girl.

You are making it
worse, forget it.

Don't be mad I'm just joking.


why didn't you stand
up for yourself

the other day when
Foster came at you.

Listen Grace, when I was a kid,

my dad used to beat me
and my mother nonstop.

So I grew up, with
enough violence.

I'm gonna go to the
restroom. I'll be right back.

Oh my God,

the People's Police
queen Imani herself.

Who is this?

The second in Black Order,
her man is the leader.

You gotta be kidding me.

What is she doing here?

Someone is actually
sitting in that chai...

Do you believe in faith?

You know what I
think you should..

Faith has a way of sneaking
up on us at any moment,

it's up to us to seize it.

You know what, faith is about to
get her butt out of that chair.

Join us, join in Black Order.

Your criminal organization?

You know what? I'm good.

If there was any cops here I would
have gone to them and report you.

You would have gone
to them and got shot.

Oh my Gosh, not this again,

you guys are a bunch of
criminals, you understand?...

Who use the situation
to create crimes!

Young soldier, don't you realize
that they're killing our people,

our children.

That's because you guys
keep attacking them!

Does that justify
killing a 6 year old?

How is a 6 year old a threat?

Listen! The police, they're
here for our safety,

they're here to protect
us from people like you!

You mean like you.

This city needed a hero,
someone to step up,

and that's what we did, that's
why the Black Order exists.

Don't you want to
do something to

how Foster humiliated
you the other day?

How do you know about that?

Is everything okay?

Yes, Ms. Imani was
on her way out.

Here's a number to call in
case you change your mind.


Now I know which number to call
now to get your pretty face

behind bars for all the
crimes you committed.

Who is this?

Apparently one of the
leaders of the Black Order.

I see why you like cops so much.

Dating the daughter of one of
the best officers out there.

Excuse me but my
father is a hero

who puts his life on the
line every day to save lives

contrary to you who
just takes them.

I just wonder how she knew
about me. Like how... how...

You know what, you
need some fresh air.

Let's go somewhere else.

Thank you for today. I've never
had so much fun in one day.

Same here,

it feels good to just escape
this city's craziness, you know.

Wow, so now I'm just
an escape, Oh I see.

That's... that's... that's
not what I meant Grace.

It's not what I meant. Grace
you're more to me than that.

Then what am I to you?


there's something
I want to tell you.

Tell me.

Good night.

I wanted to tell you good night.

Good night.


Good night.

Good night.

Pretty late little lady,
got a new man in your life?


Wait what?

Really? When am I
gonna meet this guy?

I'm sure you'll love him.

Pleasure to welcome you
to Hong Kong Mayor Foster.

I hate travelling, this
better be worth my time.

Foster, this is worth
the money in your bank.

Found in the mountains
of Law few months ago...

Wait stop, just stop,
why couldn't we just make it in New York?

I had to travel all the
way to China for this?

You definitely don't understand
the power of what you are buying.

This will fix any
problem you may have.

You know exactly what
I'm exterminating.

Just don't smash
another kid photo frame

for your circus of proving
points when we get in there.

Do you have a problem with
the way I'm running my city?

Many are starting to think
you're losing your mind.

Do you just?

We are private contractors,
you pay us and we deliver,

opinions are not part
of our vocabulary.

Then keep your dirty tongue
in your goddamn mouth

and deliver me what I ordered.

Surprise, right?

I speak a little of Chinese,
it helps when the time comes.

Now show me what the hell I came
all the way from New York for.

We're here.

Sorry Miles, I'm late.

Late? The party is over.

Man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be
late especially on your birthday.

Shut up. How was it? The date.

It was pretty good.

Ahhh! I am proud of you my
brother, you deserve it.

But did you smash? That's
why you're late. I see.

Of course not man,
I'm not like you.

Oh you're lacking in experience my boy.
If I had a chance to take Bulma out,

she would've seen the Anaconda
dancing countless times.

You know what I mean?

Man, thank you, 3 years
of amazing friendship.

Thanks for being with me
during those crazy times.

Bro of course, remember
when we get older

each one of us gets a
house near the other and...

I'll name my son Miles.

And I'll name my son Jake.

Well well, look at here,
what a coincidence.

Gosh. The pow pow pow...

Shut up. You didn't learn your
lesson did you? Remember me?

I ain't scared of you homie.

You think you can do whatever
you want, you preaks!

Whoa, did you just attack
me? I think, I think you did.

Now anything I do
is self-defense.

See this badge here, we're the only
citizens who can shoot who we want

and how we want... Hommie.
So lower your damn voice!

Piece of... let's go, let's go.

Miles... Miles... Miles...

At last, the dragon comes out.
What a day, I mean what a night!

A dragon young man you
are, yes, but not yet.

You can control fire but that's the
second level you will have to master.

Come, we don't have
that much time.

The eclipse is forming, a team
of extraordinary individuals,

is being formed and you
are one of them Dragon.

A new hero is rising. God's favorite
weapon, only an animal can bring...

He's gone.

Oh, well. At last...

I think you use that
phrase a little too much.

At last?

Shouldn't we go after him?

At last, matter the word isn't, when the
young dragon is ready, he will come to us.

Come on Foxy let's go.
Kitty is waiting for us.

I love Kitty!

It's me, it's me, it's me.

Jake? Jake what happened?
That car... that car

Calm down, what happened
to you? You are covered in

Jake, what happened to you?

This isn't the worst thing
that happened tonight.

This is insane.

I know.

I'm sorry for your loss.

He was my best friend.

He was the only person in the city I
could count and trust, now I have no one.

I'm right here.

Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault.
There was nothing you could...

It's Foster... he would pay.
He would pay for Miles death.

Matter of fact, he is going to
pay for all the other deaths.

Everyone who lost their
lives, loved ones,

due to his cruel leadership and unfair
police brutality. Imani was right.

No, she wasn't.

You can't...

That's that's what
she wants you to think.

You can't understand the pain
that I'm going through right now.

Nobody can understand.

That's how I felt in that
restaurant, when she came to see me.

People ignore this
issue, you know why?

Because they cannot feel that pain,
that unfair burning fire inside of you.

So now you're going
to become one of them,

killing people, killing
innocent cops, killing my dad!

Grace, how can you
think one second...

I thought you were
a good person.

I am a good person.

Then prove it. One bad
apple in the basket

and all of a sudden you want
to throw the whole basket out!

No, but one bad apple in the basket
and the whole basket goes bad.

That's why we need to eliminate
the bad apple, Foster!

I have nothing to lose...

long time, families cried for help, brothers
and sisters, they cried for a hero,

for someone that can
come and make a change.

Someone that has the power to
do something, let that be me.

Jake, listen to
what you're saying.

You're going to go up against
the Mayor of New York City.

Grace... I appreciate
your worries.

But he took everything,

he took the most important thing
in my life after my mother.

There is no going
back from here.

Where do we start?


You're going up against one of the
most powerful man in New York City.

You're going to need help.

No... no... no Grace, this
isn't your fight. You are...

...I'm white? Jake this isn't
a black versus white fight.

A psychopath is
running our city.

I've always looked for an
opportunity to fix things,

to do what's right and this
is it. This is my opportunity.

So let me ask you again,
where do we start?

We are joining the Black Order.

I don't think this
is a good idea.

I'm white.

No kidding, really? I thought this isn't a
black and white fight, it's about justice.

I didn't know we were
joining a bunch of criminals.

Grace, we are not joining the Black Order,
we are only collaborating with them.

They fought Foster for so long, they
have enough information on him, trust me.

I think this is the
address that she gave me.

Sir, we are looking for
sir, we are here for the...

Yo speak clearly cause I can't
understand what the hell are you saying.

We're here for the group
the... the group...

Group? Why does it look
like a boy band to you?

Looking for a group,
to join a group?

Yo, listen, I don't have time for this.
Alright? I am kinda busy right now...

We're here to see
the Black Order.

Come here.

Hey, watch your manners, okay?

You're talking to me right now?

I can do this?

Well, nice welcome upstairs,

my fist just showed this
gentleman some manners.

I see that you believe in faith.

I knew that you will join us.

And what is she doing here?

She stays.

No, this group is only made
of brothers and sisters.

I said she stays, I
wouldn't say it twice.

My dad is a cop, I have some
intel that could be helpful.

And how do I know that
this isn't a trap?

Yesterday, 11:43pm, I saw my best
friend being killed by NYPD officer.

I saw him losing his
life in front of me.

He died in front of me,
so I don't care. Okay?

I don't care if this is a trap.

All I want is Foster.

I'm so sorry we lost
another brother.

I'm sorry for your loss.

That's enough.

I thought that cops were
here for our safety.

Listen, I'm not here for debate.

Then why wouldn't you admit that

cops are the only legal gang out
there killing innocent people.

We are not going to
destroy the entire basket,

what we're going to do is
get rid of the bad apples

that contaminate all the others.

I'm confused.

You're not the only one.
What are you talking about?

You want me on board? I'm in.

I am joining the Black Order.

Two conditions, one, she stays,
two, no more killing NYPD officers.

And why would we do that?

Come closer.

You never had a
soldier like me before.

With me,

the Black Order is going
to a whole new level.


But what are you?

Call me Dragon.


Let's get this monster.

We have reason to believe that
Foster is up to something,

we just don't know exactly what.

Luckily his Peace Abroad
program has been rejected.

So Foster flew to
Hong Kong yesterday

and we have reason to
believe that he went there

to get intel on a way
to eliminate all of us.

All of us?

African Americans...

whatever he finds
he's going to bring to

some mysterious dinner
party tomorrow night.

The George Freeman Dinner.


The annual NYPD dinner.

And how do you know that?

My dad is going.

Then how are we going to?

You and I are going
to go to the dinner.

But what about your father?

It's time for him to meet and
accept the man that is in my life,

regardless of skin color and it's time
for me to stand up for what I believe in.

And that's this: I am going
to introduce you to my father

and everyone as my boyfriend.


you two can go get the rest of
the information that we need.

Well in this case,
it's time to suit up.

This is the first time I'm gonna
see him since the humiliation.

Jake, I know you're emotional right
now but please try to control yourself.

I'll be fine.

Remember, we are here to find
out what Foster is planning.

I want Foster and I will make
him pay for what he did to Miles.

After we find out
what he's planning.

You know, Miles used to always tell
me to go against Foster, always.

Take a stand, do something. I never did.
If I did, he'll be alive, right now.

People always go beyond
when things get extreme.

Sometime it's too late.

Are you guys gonna kiss or what?
Or she is friend zoning you.

Oh, friend zone.

Wait, what? It's not like this.

I know, I couldn't.

Well, you seem to be doing okay from
the last time I friendzoned you.

It's not what you think.

Oh brother, listen, you
need to man up, man.

Cause trust me, she's not
gonna be single for a while.

To the Black Order.

What a beautiful night. Two
for five, two for five...

Yo, it's not even like that my
man. He just got friend zoned.

Can you stop with this?

It's alright man, you
probably just not her type.

I'll take her off
your hands for you.

You put a finger on her, and you get all
your fingers squeeze and cut in your butt!

Tough guy ah. It's alright
I will have her one day.

Yo, how are you selling two
for five when you only got one?

What's up with you man?

Good to see you sir.

Agent McLaren, the
best of the best,

thank you for everything
you've done for this city.

We need more heroes like you.

Thank you sir.

100%, look... where is Grace?
Isn't she joining us tonight?

Yes, she is, she's running late,
she's bringing her new boyfriend.

What news, what news, I can't wait
to meet the man who stole the heart

of my number one cop's daughter.
He must be one hell of an individual.

Yeah, I hope so.
Should we go in?

Yeah let's please, I have a huge
announcement to make tonight,

we're cleaning this
city once and for all.

Who's that picture on your desk?
It always has the frame turned away.

A flower before
it becomes a rose.

So when are we meeting
that secret boyfriend?

Here she is.

Grace, what is this?


Wait, what are you doing?

I'd like to introduce
you to my boyfriend.

Is this some kinda joke?
Because it isn't funny.

Dad, I would really like to
introduce you to my boyfriend.

Grace what is going on here?
This thug has no place here.

If he has no place here,
then I have no place here.

I love him and I
want you to accept.

Look, I don't know what
you did to my daughter.

It's ok Chris, let them in.

Have we met before? Your
face looks familiar.

Of course, we did.

I don't recall, I only
remember people that matter.

Why do I feel such anger?

Why do I feel death?

How are the blacks doing
by the way, mister?

Being killed by psychopaths
dressed as cops?

All species will never be equal.

History has shown us
time and time again.

Why one species has the privilege
to decide the faith of the other.

Tell me.

No, no one, no one does.

It's the inferior species and
they decide by their actions,

actions speak louder than words,
louder than looks, louder than race.

Action speaks louder
than guns, badges.

Families are crying right now.

You know what? We have something
that you would never have.

And what's that?


You think you people know
something about brotherhood.

You know nothing,

I would die for any of
the people in this room.

And it has nothing to
do with guns or badges.

Dad... stop disrespecting
my boyfriend.


You disrespect me by
bringing him here.

Tonight, of all nights, if
your mother was still alive...

She would be ashamed of the man
who is sitting in front of me.

Oh shut up Grace, you don't
know what you're talking about,

your mother would never
approve to a thug like this.


Why do you keep
calling him a thug?

You don't even know him,

how are you gonna judge him
based on the color of his skin?

We should eliminate him.

You can't just talk about
my boyfriend that way.

Sit down Grace. You are
embarrassing yourself.



Speak up, speak up,
speak up kid. I think,

I think, I think I remember
where I know you from.

Miles Brown!

And who is that?

A man who crossed the path of
death under your cruel leadership.

My leadership is cleaning
the streets of this city.

I'm a savior, I'm the savior
that these people want.

I am the savior that this city
wants and needs, they asked for me.

Miles... 22 years old he
loved playing basketball,

you hear me? He loved playing
basketball, do you hear me?

I hear you just fine, I don't know
who that Miles is but trust me,

trust me.

If God or Jesus or anyone wants to
come down give me a second chance

I'll be the first in line with
my gun to fire round after round,

one by one into his head.

Until he vanishes, until he is
gone, gone from this planet.

You crossed the line.

May the Dragon
have mercy on you.

Is that the type of individual

that you want walking the
streets of your beloved city?

Who knows... who knows
what they're capable of,

what they would do to your wives,
your children, your neighbors.

They're not civilized,
they're not like us.

One small problem, just one
and they flip like a monster.

I let this monster, I let
him in to our dinner tonight

so you can witness with your
own eyes exactly how inhumane

and inhuman these people are.

Now what I'm about to reveal
to you tonight may sound brutal

but sometimes

the hero has to make
some tough choices.

And Peace Abroad was rejected.

So we're taking matters into our
own hands and ladies and gentlemen,

from now on, from
this day forward,

our City's borders are closed.

And no African Americans, none will
be entering or leaving its walls.

You may ask me why or
what we are going to do

with the ones that
are inside already?

We are going to hunt them down
like the animals they are.

We are going to eliminate
them, one by one.

And how?

I have a very powerful tool that
I brought back from Hong Kong.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let
me introduce you to...

What the hell was that?

They brought you,
they really did.

Welcome to my... what
do you call it...

my home... my new
home... do you like it?

What happened to him?

Justice, the black justice happened
to me and let me call the police

oh wait!

You are the, police the
people police, right?

You're gonna pay for everything
you preak, time to feel justice!

More.. more... more...

give me some cream cheese and jelly
on that! Is that all you've got?

Well, justice has
arrived you preak.

Now it's time to feel some pain.

You wanted me here. I am here,
now tell me what you are planning.

Oh excuse me, forgive me,
forgive me, I must have forgot.

I must have forgot.

The hero has arrived...
Jake... Jake right?


I love it! You and
all your friends

and all the blacks will
soon be gone for good.

Lucky for us the bad apple
is out of the basket.

Are you that naive? You
just put it in the basket.


You people are a
bunch of stupid thugs.

Generalizing because
of the actions of few.

A few? Well, I'm burning the
basket ...hahahaha it's that easy.

Tell us how?

Rude, how rude, I wasn't done.

You people act like criminals,
we stop you, instead of cooperating,

you show us your bad attitudes leaving
me no choice but to bring out the guns.

The guns on a six years old.

You have no right! Now from the
beginning, from the beginning,

there have always
been people on top

and people on the bottom
called minorities.

You are just unlucky you
are on the wrong side.

Now you look at me, you
look at us like we're evil,

now if you were in our position
you'd behave even worse.

I didn't come here to hear nonsense.
Tell me what you're planning!

I'm planning to kill you, your
sister, your people, your mom.

How dare you talk about my mom?
How dare you talk about my mom?

How dare you? You're gonna
taste my punch! Okay!

You took my daughter from me.


I see her everyday. I have a picture
of her on my desk to remind me

and fuel me and remind me of
who you people really are.

You people, yes you, you are a virus
in this city and did she ask for this?

She was only six years old when
a thug came out of nowhere,

she was minding her own business
and wasn't hurting anyone

and he came out of
nowhere to rob us.

An African American thug!
I saw into the eyes of a monster that day.

The day my daughter
died in my arms.

He made me watch
Patricia die in my hands,

my own two hands, her
blood so much blood.

Since that day I swore I'd
make each and every one of you

pay dearly for her death.

You are a bunch of heartless animals
and now, now it's time for you to die.

You want to know
why I went to China?

To buy something, to buy something to
get rid of the Black Order, for good

and yes being captured by
you was all part of the plan.

What is he talking about?

Dragon, you... you were the only thing
missing when the massacre started.

Now that you're here,
the guest list is full.

He's trying to mess
with our minds.

Just ask me, just ask me, just ask
me the name of the prototype. Ask me!

What is his name?

The mirror of death.

What's going on? What
is this? What's this?

It's not a it, it's a he. By now most
of your friends are already dead.

You can't beat me, Now can you?
Your punches are too weak, far too weak.

You will never win.

Now let me show you
some real punches.

We need to go, listen we need to
go, he's more powerful than...

he is more powerful than we...

we need to go, we need to go!

You'll never win, the Black
Order will live forever.

Your Black Order is already dead
and the rest of your kind is next,

finish him!

Where did they go?
Where did they go?

Grace, we need to talk.


Sit down.

Do you have any idea what
you did to me last night?

Do you even care?

You know who I am and what
I represent to this city.

Dad, I didn't mean to hurt you.

I just wanted to introduce
you to the man I love.

The man you love?

A violent criminal?

Jake's not a criminal.

Are you blind?

You saw what he did last night
and the mayor is missing now.

Good, the real criminal is gone.

Grace, God, do you
even hear yourself?

You've lost your mind

I've worked my entire
career to provide for you,

to do what's right, to do
what's right for this city

and they call me the best cop
in the city because of it.

That means something
to me and one night,

you've destroyed that.
You've destroyed all of it.

I'm the one who's responsible
for the mayor going missing now

because my daughter brought his
abductor right up to the table

that he was sitting at.

Dad, I didn't mean to hurt you.

I love you, you know that
and I keep asking myself,

why you work for
a man like that?

I work for justice, Grace.
I work for what's right.

Foster is a monster.

He's an evil dictator

who discriminates against black
citizens like my boyfriend.

Don't, don't call him that,

I will never accept that
criminal as part of the family.

Do you understand me? You
need to choose him or me!

I love him like I've never
loved anybody before.

If mom were alive, she'd be
ashamed of the man you are.

Don't you dare bring
your mother into this.

She wouldn't recognize you.

All right, that's
enough, listen to me,

you're not to see him anymore
as long as you're my daughter...

I'm not your daughter anymore.


Cut the bull crap,

sit down!

It's amazing, it's amazing, simply amazing.
There I say extraordinary.

The mirror of death goes way
beyond anything even I expected.

So you have the prototype.

Yes, yes. and the first... its
first mission went flawlessly.

How did you get
it to come to you?

You programmed it. To listen to my
voice, it would have been nice,

nice of you to share
that with me by the way.

But, but no but there's more, there's
more, he only listens to my voice

and as soon as I say
his name he shows up.

The tests didn't show that.
We exceeded our expectations.

Oh God... look, we're going to eliminate
the Black Order for good and...

and he will eliminate

every living African-American
soul in this city for us.

Jess, I need my files
ready by tonight!

And congrats, congrats you guys

give yourselves a
pat on the back,

it's been an absolute pleasure
doing business with you both.

Sir, thank God you're safe!

Chris McLaren, just the
man I wanted to see.

I'm so sorry.

Why are you sorry?
It's because of you

that we were able to get to
the heart of the Black Order.

I don't understand.

Chris, you're a
hero for this city

but there's just there's one
more thing that I need you to do.

Anything just tell
me what it is...

Your daughter...
your daughter she's,

she's dating that guy
Jake calls himself Dragon,

I need... I need you
to bring her to me.

I don't follow sir.

I hope, you don't have a
problem with that Chris.

There comes a time
in every man's life

where he needs to make
sacrifices now is your time,

our time, now is your time!

We need Dragon, locked up or dead,
behind bars and your daughter,

she's the only link
that we have to him,

so bring her in for justice.

But there has to
be a different way.

Don't question me!
Those are your orders,

you have until midnight
tonight to bring her in.

Will do, sir.

We're at war, Chris.

We are at war and my
daughter is the only reason

that we've been able
to get this far,

to end them all,
to end all of this.

Sacrifice... sacrifices occur,

big sacrifice occur
in any victory, Chris,

and of all people, of all
people I understand your pain.

This needs to happen,

it must happen, it must be
done and may your daughter.

May she be the last sacrifice
that we make in this war.

Now get out of here!

It's a change,

it's a migration from one soul,

from one place to another,

Chinese saying.

You know, Chinese used to believe
back in the days in life after death.

They used to bury their citizens
with their belongings believing

that those belongings
were coming with them.

Miles is looking
at me right now.

I can feel it.

I can't see him
but I can feel it,

probably playing basketball
somewhere in the sky

with his stupid
face looking at me

I know how you're feeling

but they all gone,

they've gone to a better world.

They're all looking
at you and I right now

and I can guarantee you they don't
want to see their queen in tears.

You don't understand, we've been
through everything together.

I've known most of
them since I was a kid,

especially Idrisa.

I started this organization
because we believe

we could stop the
injustice in our streets,

because the police
wouldn't do it.

And now they're gone and
I don't have anybody.

Listen Imani, you
told me that once

and I'm going to tell you that this
time this is my turn to say that.

We are family.

We are here, I am here Imani.

I'm very sorry for
your loss, I am.


But from now on, considering me
your brother, if you need anything,

I'll have your back for
the rest of my life.

Thanks Jake!

You know, I knew
when I first met you

that you would be a great
leader for our people.

Which is why I was a
little jealous of Grace.

She is lucky to have you.

Listen, we are going to
rebuild the Black Order,

you and I together.



Oh Grace Grace!


What are you doing here?
Get out of my house!

Please listen to me.

You broke my heart,

you tell me you love me and then
the same day you're kissing Imani,

my God! I knew from the
beginning that she was after you.

She kissed me.

I knew from the beginning
that she was after you.

She kissed me.

Get out of my house.

Grace, I love you.

I never loved someone like you
before I never did, I swear.

You're the whole world
to me, I love you.

No, no, no you're just using
me like everybody else does.

Gosh, I trusted you, I thought
that you were different.

I am different Grace, I am
different. I love you Grace.

Grace, I never loved
someone like you before,

you made me the
man I am right now.

Go play with somebody
else's feelings

and break someone else's
heart like Miss Imani.

Grace, don't do this
to me, I love you.

Don't touch me!

You son of a bitch!

You stay away from my daughter.


You ever touch her
again, I will kill you.

I'll bring you to Foster myself.

Sir, I am not coming with you.

Sir, the list of African-American
newborns is on its way.

It's perfect,

we will strike at birth and eliminate
every new African-American born today.

The bleeding needs
to stop at its roots.

Any news on McLaren?

Nothing sir, we tried
calling him like you asked.

Hey, hey what we got going
over over there? I'm a cop,

put your hands behind your back,

put your hands behind
your back. Don't move!

You're a cop?

You're a cop?

I'm a cop.

My name is Dragon.

Foster, I know you're watching,

I know you are watching this. You have
one hour to show up at Christie and Canal

or there will be police
blood on the ground.

You took everything
away from me.

I'm not gonna hesitate,

you have one hour make your
daughter proud, come find me.

By the way, bring the prototype.

Sir it's gone viral, it was
just posted a few minutes ago.

Look at that, our dear Dragon
is making things easier for us.

Mirror of Death.

They say you can ship
yourself anywhere.

You shipped yourself from
China to New York once.

Send me a location.

Canal and Christie.

I'm coming too.

Hey kid, I have powers too.

I mean my prototype
the mirror of death.

Miles... Miles... 22
years old 22 years old

What? Who?

He loved playing Basketball.

Doesn't ring a bell.

I'm going to... I'm going to...

Kill him!

Go ahead, do it already!

You asked for it. He's dead

Do it! Kill him!

What a good... good man you are.

Let me ask you something, have you...
have you ever killed anyone before?

We both know the answer to that,

because of people like you
that my daughter is dead.

Don't kill him,

don't kill him, wait! I want you
to witness the end and you will,

you will suffer watching the
city's blacks fall one by one.

Thank you for bringing me back.

It feels so good to be here.

Bastard failed me.

I won't.

Your wishes are my mission.

You're amazing.

You have the ability to
go anywhere you want,

in a matter of seconds.

So as soon as Jess arrives with the
full list of African-American newborns,

I want you to go to each
and everyone of them

and slit their throats.

Breaking news!

The fugitive and self proclaimed
Dragon has been captured today

by Mayor Foster, he is
right now captive...

This is the kind
of man you want?

A criminal?

Dad, stop,

you've been acting weird,
where are we going?

I want you to know,

whatever happens tonight,
I always loved you.

I know.

Where are we going?

You're right, your mother
would be ashamed of me.

Dad, I didn't mean
that when I said it.

All my life, I thought
I was serving justice,

I thought I was born to be
a protector of the people.

What the hell?

Who is this? Who
the hell are you?

I need to talk to you.

Wait, you know her?

She was the leader
of the Black Order.

Wait what? Get away from her!

I'm not coming here to hurt anybody.
I just need to tell you something.

How did you find us?

I put a tracking device on you
and Jake when you first came.

Grace, Jake loves you.

What are you doing?

I saw you two kissing.

Yeah, but I kissed him.

Look I.. I was jealous. Grace.

Why should I believe you?

Why would I come
here and lie to you?

He's only loved you
Grace, only you.


Shoot me.


It's the only way, Grace.
I can't take you to them.

To who?

I'm under orders to
bring you to Foster.

Dad, is that where we're going?

This is your chance, this is
your big shot, Black Order lady.

You shoot, shoot me, shoot,
shoot me in the leg and,

and what will say that I
was ambushed and that...

that's why I couldn't
bring you to Foster.

It's the only way to
keep you safe Grace.

Dad, no! You have to
stand up to Foster.

And let him know that he can't
come between you and your family.

No, it's not that
simple Grace, okay?

I serve justice, I have
to do what's right.

Is justice more important
than your family?

Is that how mom died?

We were driving,

we were running
late to a wedding

and I saw this car and
I recognized the plates.

He was wanted, I
took off after him.

Your mom begged me to
stop but I couldn't do it.

It got out of control,

he knew we were following him.

I ended up driving off a cliff.

It was...

It was all my fault.

I know.


I did my research
a long time ago.

Just been waiting
for you to tell me.

Dad, I love you,

don't make that mistake twice.

What would mom want?


They have Jake.

Okay... let's go.

I can't lose you the
way I lost your mother.

Get in the car, we're
gonna save your boyfriend.

Get in the car!

Okay, you don't have to yell.



Dad, I love you.

I love you too, Grace.

This is McLaren,

I need to know what the criminal
code name Jake has been placed.

No? What about Dragon?

Let the justice rise.


What's going on here,

what are you doing here?

We're here to save you son.

Grace, I can explain, I swear.

Jake, Imani told me everything.
Jake, I love you. I'm so sorry.

Grace, I love you,
I'll love you forever.

Alright, we need to
get you out of here.

Everybody, stay here and
I'm gonna go clear the way.


thank you for finding me,

faith must have sent you.

That's my name.

What do you mean?

Imani means faith in Swahili.

Foster! I need to stop him.
He's planning something big.

I can't...

he's planning something
horrible. I need to stop Foster,

it's only a matter of time...

Mirror of death.

You are in my world, you are not
able to use any of your powers.

I control you and
I will finish you.

I know I have those powers,
I gotta use them. I gotta find a way.

I can use my powers,
oh wait I can use it.

Wait I got it.

I see your boyfriend is
keeping my prototype busy.

Maybe I should keep you busy.

You're a monster!

A monster? Maybe? Maybe not.

What's a monster if not just
someone's perspective in their mind,

a perception of someone that's unable
to accept the actions of another.

A feeling in your heart that
what you've just seen is wrong

or maybe just not
your moral code.

A monster is just
somebody's point of view,

you're a monster to me
for dating this monster.

You are evil... Jake
is going to stop you.

Oh really, really? Really?

Will he stop me from doing this?

Your boyfriend has caused
enough trouble to my well-being

and the well-being of this city.

Things look even between me
and him now, don't you think?

Let us say that I
have the upper hand.

The prototype may be busy for a
while, we're moving to plan B,

I'm moving to location Meta.

It's all clear, we
can get Jake out.

No, I'm... I'm sorry,
I couldn't do anything.

What are you talking about?

He came and I saw
everything, I'm so sorry!

What, what happened?

No he... he... he came, I
couldn't save her, I couldn't...


Grace no, no, no.

What did he do?

Who did this?


I can't believe you. Who
do you think you are?

Barging to my office like that?
Didn't you see that I was with clients?

Waving a contract in my face saying
Josh gave you the angel of death.

He's our second
prototype, he's not ready.

By the way, where
are your officers?

I'm no longer the
mayor of New York.

Right because you're a madman.

What did you say?

You're a madman, the angel
of death is on his way,

he's going to be
here any second.

You... you've outdone yourself.
I can't even be mad at you.

As soon as he's here we're
getting down to business.

All newborns... all
newborns will be eliminated.

Do you hear that?


Jesus. Chris! Chris, have
you lost your Goddamn mind?

You murdered Grace!

I didn't murder anybody, I
didn't murder anybody, okay?

If any sacrifices needed to be made,
let it be you man, let it be you.

If you're gonna
shoot me, go ahead!

Oh goddammit man, goddamn
man. Another sacrifice...

I sacrificed everything!

You didn't sacrifice anything.
You lost your Goddamn mind.

This is how you repay me?

You lost your mind and
I lost my daughter!

Your daughter? Oh, is
this about your daughter?

You're jealous of my daughter.
Wait, is this about Patricia?

You have no right.
Don't ever say her name!

You have no right, yes, yes, yes,
she's gone, she's gone, okay?

But you, having yours, you
having yours, bring her to work,

talk to me about
her all the time.

Because you were my friend.

Friend... friend... when
the time of sacrifice came,

when it came, I had
to pull the trigger.

I pulled it because
you are weak.

And now, you are
going to join her.

Chris? Chris!

Where are you going?

Foster, Foster, the
angel of death is here.

We are equal, we are all
one, we are all New York,

where freedom lives forever,
the freedom to be whoever we want to be.

You deal with one minority,
you deal with all of us.

I raised my family here,
I own deli down the block.

I am a New Yorker and
I accept everyone.

You come up to one of us,
you come up to all of us.

You destroyed the spirit,
heart of New York.

How dare... how dare you go against me?
Against the will of my daughter?

Kill them! Kill
them! Kill them all!

Kill every last living soul in this city.
Angel, Patricia is dead.

It's time for you to kill every beating
heart that you feel in this city.

Kill every last one, and we
will rebuild it from scratch.

Is this it?


I'm Dragon, the weapon of God.
Foster your time has come.

You took Patricia and
my mirror of death!

I took two, I took two of your
most important lives, as well.

The question, the question...

the question is which one are
you avenging now? Miles or Grace?

What did you say?

You didn't know? Bummer bummer.
I killed your girlfriend.

No way.

Ah, go easy on yourself kid, go
easy, sacrifices needed to be made.

Stop messing with me, there was
no, there was no way Grace is dead.

You can't beat me,
okay? I am the savior,

I am the savior of
this city and you?

You still think you're a hero?

You think... you think you're a
hero? You... you're a villain!

You will die, you hear that?

Actually you will not die,
I will make you suffer,

I want you alive
to feel it. Okay?

I will destroy you piece
by piece! You hear that?

I will kill you piece by piece,
atom by atom. I want you to feel it.

What was his name?
What was his name?

Miles! Miles!

What was her name?

You let your blindness
lose your mind.

Why would you do it to Grace?

Why you did this to Grace?

Why you did this to Grace?
Why, why you did this to Grace?

Miles, Grace they
were my everything.

I never had a family, they
accepted me for who I was.

They accepted me for who I was.

I never had a family before.

They gave me a family,
that's what they were for me

and you just took
it away from me.

You let your
blindness destroy you.

Is that what will
make her proud?

To see her dad
killing innocents?

Is that what will make
her proud, your daughter?

Why... why Grace?

Why you had to do it to Grace?

Why you had to do this to
Grace? She didn't do nothing.

She was my baby, my heart.

I wake up every day

every day I wake up

Is that what your daughter would want?
Her dad to be killing people?

Is that what would
make her proud?


That's what you are doing now.

Don't you see? People
do, they wake up,

they wake up and they
don't look in the mirror.

They just judge,

they are judging cops.

They are going after
African-Americans to,

you give them reasons to act.

You always give them reasons,

sometimes it's just
your damn attitude.

No... African Americans
go against cops because...


you keep profiling...


You keep profiling them.

Are you kidding me?

you kidding me? You're going to play the
victim card for the rest of your life,

the rest of your goddamn
life cause one cop.

Somebody made a mistake and then
you, you decide they're all bad.

All cops are bad.

And your father, he tortured
you, he tortured you,

how bad could that be because
you're here, you're here,


And that doesn't make all
dads bad, me, I was a great

I was a great father to
Patricia, you hear me?

Don't forget it.

The actions of few dictate
the perception of everyone.

My daughter was killed, Dragon.

I died a long time ago.

My heart was taken
from me that day.


I am sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry.

My heart... my heart...

So this is where we part ways.

What are you gonna do, Jake?

What I'm meant to do.

God put me on this
earth for a reason

and it's to protect the people
that are less fortunate.

The city needs a hero and
I'm going to be a superhero.

And you Chris?

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

I fought for justice my entire life
and it took everything from me.

It took my family.

I have nothing left, nobody.


With Idrissa gone and the Black Order's
over, I don't have anything left.

I'm sorry for that.

Thank you.


will you fight for
justice or injustice?

I'm a superhero,

I'm going to fight
against whoever is evil

or goes against less fortunate.

Good luck Jake.


Good luck Jake

Thank you.

I may need partners.

I may need a son.

I may need a brother.

I may need a family.

Grace may have
been taken from me,

but she brought me you who
I'll be glad to call a son.

I'd be glad to call you my father,
I always dreamed of having a father.

I have nothing left to lose,

no longer a member
of law enforcement

I'm on your team, Dragon.

Me too.


Let's protect this city.

Now before we start, you guys
need something very important.

Oh yeah, what's that?




Every superhero has
one, including me.

Yeah, but is that
necessary for us?

You've never watched or
read a comic book? S-man?

I'm an adult.

Listen, imagine, I'm a villain

and I just saw you both superheroes
just landing in front of me.

I'm going to ask
myself, who are you?

So before we start. Question:

what are your superhero names?


since Foster's not
the mayor anymore

they think they can get away
with whatever they want.

It's not going to
happen on my watch,

I fight for justice

and I will lock them all up.

Where are you off so fast?

I got to see my son. Please.

You guys committed a crime?

No sir I didn't, I
didn't. Please...

What you got in your pocket?
Got a gun? Get on the ground.

I gotta see my son.

Your son? You're full of shit.

You probably committed
a fucking crime.

We're gonna call these next
few seconds self-defense.

I don't agree.

Me neither.

How can I agree to that?

Is this guy a fool?


He needs a lesson.

Who said that?

My name is Dragon,
the Weapon of God.

My name is Faith.

My name is Justice.

Oh my god, it's you,

the city has been talking
about you from left to right.

You think you scare me?

Just a bunch of outlaws,
I'd be happy to bring to where you belong,

in jail.

May Faith, Justice and
the Dragon have mercy.