Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) - full transcript

Based on the life and career of Martial Arts superstar, Bruce Lee. Haunted by demons. Bruce was taught Martial arts at childhood. Bruce then was told by his father to flee to the United States. There, he opened up a Martial Arts school, then was chosen to be the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. Then, his big movie career that included "The Big Boss" and "Enter the Dragon". Fighting many enemies along the way, including his childhood demon.

kung fu is more than
a system of fighting.

It's a system of thought.

you must outthink your opponent,
whatever form he takes...

because some of them
will be more than just men.

what else could it be, sifu?

we all have inner demons
to fight.

we call these demons fear
and hatred and anger.

If you don't conquer them,
then a life of a hundred years...

is a tragedy.

If you do,
a life of a single day...

can be a triumph.

don't worry about it.
don't worry.

excuse me, my son.

uh, six pints
of beer, mate.

- no.
- aw, come on.

oh, god, what about
that one there?

hello. mind if I take over?
go on, piss off!.

big boy!.

hey, look,
I'm fred astaire!.

she's a bit frisky, isn't she?

oh, yeah. come on, one, two.
oh, I love it when they fight back.

one, two, come on!

stay back. stay back.
back in- hey, hey! back in line.

- what do you want?
- I want to dance with her.

this one's mine.
get one of your own.

she is one of my own.

hold it, lads.

leave him to me.
come on, try that again.

I'm gonna get you,
you little yellow bastard.

smash your face in.

try it again, huh?

hey, bob!

wanna try this?



the police were here.
they're looking for you.

- I know.
- the sailor's in hospital with a punctured lung.

- he might die.
- he was making trouble. he started it.

he's the nephew of the assistant
police Inspector of kowloon.

I can hide out
with my friends.

you don't have
any friends now!

the cops will be back.

I should
get out of here.

sit down.

I've thought a lot
about this...

for a very long time.

- you'll have to leave hong kong.
- for how long?


this is a joke, right?
you're joking.

listen to me, sai-fong, you'll die
in hong kong. I've seen it.

you're too superstitious,

you're a man now.

you have a right to know everything.
you had an older brother.

he died in childbirth.

the demon took him
away from us.

the firstborn man-child
is very valuable.

so when you were born,
I name you sai-fong, a girl's name.

we dress you in dresses so the demon
wouldn't know I had another son.

I made you speak english,
all so we could fool him.

but now he knows.

and he's coming for you.

you must leave tonight.

where, papa?
where can I go?

you love american movies.

you love american cars.

- you go to america.
- america?

I was in america on tour
with the canton opera company in 1940.

san francisco.
doing the drunken princess.

november 27th,
you were born.

that morning I got you
and three good reviews.

I was very proud.
come here. come here.


is your birth

"bruce lee. "

- It sounded very american.
- It sure does.

you were born there.
show this to the immigration man.

they have to let you in.

you need money
to go to america.

It's yours.

I saved it for you...

for a day like today.

I don't know
what to say.

say you'll do better.

tell me you'll make
a big noise in america...

so I can hear it
over here.


- do you speak english?
- yeah.

I'm practicing my english.
going to america.

I've always wanted
to go to america.

james dean.

french fries. the sky's the limit,
that's what they say.

not a chinaman's chance.
they say that too.

- you ever hear that?
- no.

you know, the chinese,
we built the railroads there.

the americans, the gwailo,
would lower chinamens...

over the cliff in baskets
to set the dynamite.

get pulled up too slow,

rope break.

bye-bye. bye-bye.


americans say,
"not a chinaman's chance"...

and round-eyed gwailo
would laugh.

we're not human to them.

- how do you know?
- I'm a history teacher.

things are different now.
It's today.

- sure, sure. maybe.
- I'm different.

sure. sure.

I am. you'll see.

order, please. one pork lo mein,
one kung pao chicken.

hey. hey.


my name is april.

- bruce.
- I know.

hey, lee! clean up!

hey, lee! clean up!

- lee, clean it up.
- yes, miss yang.

mr. ho, you're here to cook,
not to make trouble.

go! fight!

go, fight, win!

hit it! whoo!

michael! come on! yeah!

you know what margaret mead-

go! fight! win!

go, fight, win!
hit it!

"'and I have made
a mistake,' robert jor-

robert jor- jordan
thought to himself.

'I have told
the spaniards...

we could do
something better... "'

better-err. better.

"'than they can. "'

one order peking duck.


you son of a bitch!

you grab my girl!

give me a knife! aah!

get the son of a bitch!
kill him! kill him!

get back inside, all of you!

come on! come on!

sit down.

two weeks pay.

two weeks severance.

- what's this?
- all-purpose loan.

you got a lot of money, lee.
what you gonna do?

- I guess I'd better-
- I tell you what to do.

take april on the town.

buy her nice clothes.
check into big hotel.

have lots of sex.

have food brought up
to you in bed.

drink champagne
and whiskey.

now money all gone.

april be gone, too,
like money.

you come back to me.

I put you in kitchen,
wash dishes to pay back loan.

by that time you're no longer young,
you're no longer handsome.

you're nothing
but a... dishwasher.

that one choice.
there are others.

like what?

they say education
is good. hmm.

I've heard that.
me, personally...

I hope you go
with april.

I can always use
a good...


- time's up. come on, man.
- I'm not... finished yet.

yeah, you are.
we work out at 3:00.

see that clock?
It's 3:00. come on.

- where does it say that in the rule book?
- ooh. the rule book.

you been readin' the wrong rule books.
read the ones in english.

- what's that mean?
- see? that's what I mean.

your kind
don't understand english.

- my kind?
- yeah.

gooks, chinks. you guys
killed my dad in korea.

- you think I'm happy to see you in my gym?
- don't touch me.

- or what? huh?
- or I'll touch you back.

come on, touch me, dink.
come on.

- come on, touch me, chink. come on.
- hit him, joe.

quit looking at him
and touch me, chink.

come on, man.

he's scared of you, man.

he's scared.

- mr. henderson, we so sorry.
- are you coming?

I have to finish
my workout.

might as well finish
on you.

- finish him, joe.
- okay, chink, let's go.

ken, andy,
get off the mat!

- go on, man, I'm gonna kill this guy.
- you can take him, joe.


what is this? what are you gonna do,
stink me to death?

come on! come on.

wait. wait.
so sorry.

oh! what is this,
a fight or a striptease?

come on! come on!

- okay, I ready.
- yeah?

aah! very good
shadow boxing!

you... aaaah!

- chinks can jump real high, huh?
- come on, joe!

come on.

come on, show him what for, joe.


- get up, joe!
- I'll kill you, you bastard!

I'm no bastard. I'm bruce lee!

sorry about your father.
that was koreans.

I'm an american.

- you sure showed him, henderson!
- yeah, way to go, joe.

ease up, ease up.

we come in peace.

I'm benny sayles
and this is tad overton.

we just wanna ask you
a question.

that jujitsu stuff.
can you teach us?

can anybody do it?

I told you.
It's secret chink stuff.



- you okay?
- yeah, I'm all right.

you see that? you see how it flowed?
be like water.

water's the softest stuff
in the world...

but it can fit
into any container.

It seems weak,
but it can penetrate rock.

be like the nature
of water.

that's it for today.
friday we spar, eh?

- all right.
- all right.

- hi, guys.
- hi, linda.

- hi. hi.
- hi.

Is this class
only for guys?

'cause it looks like
you only teach guys.

I teach whoever wants to learn. usually
guys are the ones interested in fighting.

I've dated some
of these animals.

- I've done plenty of
fighting. - ha ha. - ooh!

but seriously, I'd like
to take lessons.

how about friday?

that's a date.

no, that's an appointment.

- there's a difference.
- see ya, bruce.

- bye, guys.
- bye, linda.

emotion can be the enemy.

If you give in to emotion,
you can lose yourself.

be at one
with your emotions...

because the body
always follows the mind.

this is not about winning.

this is about perfection.

then why all those
colored belts?

the only thing belts are good for
is to hold your pants up.

okay, let's spar,
shall we?

um, linda?

linda and...

linda and me, I guess.
come, linda.

go get 'em, linda.

- remember reference? okay.
- mm-hmm.


you're open.

I saw it coming.

- uhh!
- yeah!

there you go. you see?
It isn't size or strength that matters.

It's focus.
you all have a chi, an inner spirit.

focus and then there's nothing
you cannot bend to your will.

like you just saw.

find your reference points
and square off.


I kinda
like this position.

then say "yes"
to a date.

- all of us?
- no, just you and me.

- why?
- why?

- yeah, why? why me?
- 'cause I already fell for you.

premier nikita khrushchev made his
first visit to the berlin wall today.

with his entourage,
he surveyed the structure...

- which has made a division-
- bye, mom! I'm going bowling!

- I'm not deaf.
- I'm sorry.

- you're going where?
- I'm going bowling.

- have fun. not too late, now.
- okay. nope.

bowling, for christ's sakes, emery?

couldn't you think
of something better? bowling?

give me a break, sherry.
I needed the bag.

hey, watch that upholstery!
It's my father's car.

okay! watch the road!

I don't believe you.

oh. you think he likes blue?

do you think this dress
is too wrinkled?

all this
for a chinese guy.

I can't believe you're going out
with a chinese guy.

well, let me tell ya,
if you met him...

you'd get it.

I don't think I could kiss
somebody who wasn't white.

I- I just don't think
I could do that.

I'll try and live with that thought.
I really will.

- you'd kiss him?
- kiss him? at least.

you'd let him put his tongue
in your mouth. a chinese guy.

who knows? maybe more.

you are so low, emery.

you pretend to be this jock...

but you're a, a beatnik.

ooh. pass me the bongos,


- you look great.
- thanks.

- blue looks good on you.
- I'm glad you like it. you look really good yourself.

I've never seen you
with so many clothes on.

- wanna get a table?
- yeah. okay.

lee. we have
reservations at 8:00.

I'm sorry. I don't have
a table right now.

perhaps you'd like
to sit at the bar.

- okay. thank you.
- okay.

a philosophy major. now what can
you do with a philosophy major?

you can think deep thoughts
about being unemployed.

you're such a good teacher. have you
ever thought about teaching kung fu?

what do you think
I've been doing?

no, but I mean really going for it.
In the american way.

making a business.
a chain, like mcdonald's.

I like teaching, but-

oh, sure, it's fun to throw
helpless girls on the floor.

seriously, I like the way
it changes people.

you can't change people
with your fists. I've learned that.

see, they see something strange,
something they don't understand...

and they get afraid.

teach them the beauty of that strange
thing and they're no longer afraid...

because it's become
part of them.

well, sometimes strange things
can be very beautiful.

excuse me.

It's been half an hour and I still
see people being seated ahead of us.

come, don't exaggerate.
It's been barely twenty minutes.

like to have
our check, please.

- I was thinking.
- what were you thinking?

I'd like to take you
someplace else...

someplace good.

thank you.

two for
breakfast at tiffany's.

- hey, baby, what's going on here?
- oh, hi.

- you're gonna love this movie.
- oh, yeah?

- you remember?
- miss-a go-right-ry!

I protest!

I lost my key.

but that was two weeks ago.

you cannot keep
ringing my bell!

you disturb-a me.
you must have a key made!

It won't do any good.
I'll just lose them all.

- you like me. you know you do.
- come on, baby, what is this?

you like me.
I'm a liked guy.

In thirty seconds, I going
to call the po-rice!

I got to get my rest!
I'm an artist.

let's get out of here.

don't be angry. I won't do it again.

If you promise
not to be angry...

- I might let you take those pictures we mentioned.
- when?

what is this place?
what are we doing here?

- come on, be a little adventurous.
- where are you taking me?

- well, what do you think?
- I don't know what to think.

what do you mean you don't know
what to think? this was your idea.

my idea, to move into
an industrial slum?

this is no slum!

this is the first
bruce lee kung fu Institute.

you talked me
into it.

you make me feel
like I can do anything.

you can.

when I came over on the boat,
I knew this was an "idea" place.

Ideas make this country great. here a good
idea makes a man anything he wants to be.

you drop a pebble in a pond,
you get ripples.

soon the ripples
cross the whole pond.

come here.

drop it.

see, it's begun.


one! two! three!

one! two! three!

one! two! three!

one! two! three!

one! two! three!

what is wrong with you today?
you're acting so funny.


well, I gotta go.

I told mom I'd
help her with dinner.

your mother must think
you're a professional bowler by now.

- I'm gonna tell her.
- when?

when I'm ready.

are you ashamed?

are you ashamed
you wanna marry a chinaman?

no, I'm not ashamed.

are you ashamed of me?
did you tell your father about me?

did you tell him about
your little gwailo girl?


what did he say?

doesn't matter
what he said.

what matters
is I told him.



I'm gonna tell her.

she's just not gonna
understand, bruce.

- sugar, mr. lee?
- please.

- cream?
- no.

- how many sugars?
- just one.

- linda, you want some coffee, too?
- no, thank you.

thank you.

- cookie?
- no.

are you pregnant?


okay. okay.

let's look at this from all angles.
how will you live?

I'm opening a school in oakland.
maybe one in palo alto?

soon it'll become
a chain like mcdonald's.

I don't wanna rain on your parade, mr.
lee, but the world needs hamburgers.

- It doesn't need judo.
- kung fu.


more and more people
are studying it all the time.

- that's how I put myself through school.
- okay, I'll give you that.

so let's get down to
the real issue: children.

after all, linda, that's what
marriage is really about: children.

we wanna have children,

ah. but what
will they be?

they won't be white
and they won't be oriental.

they'll be some kind of half-breed, and
they won't be accepted by either side.

they'll be american.
linda's american, I'm american.

you're an american citizen.
you're not really an american.

- bruce. - you'd better
put a band-aid on that cut.

bruce. bruce!

I spoke to him like a gentleman.
you heard me.

- my favorite china.
- mom-

you can do better than that. believe me,
you'll forget about him in a month.

do you really wanna
have yellow babies?

- can you imagine that, yellow babies? oh, linda.
- yes, I can.

all this will do is bring you pain.
linda, listen to me.

- I can't allow it. I'm sorry, but I can't
allow it. linda- - It's not up to you.

- mom, it's not up to you!
- linda!

linda! linda!

- stop! wait!
- no! no! no!



- what's this?
- all-purpose loan.

- where're you going?
- to a wedding!

- hi, honey!
- hi, hon.

- anything?
- not yet.

- what are you doing?
- just giving the place a little blessing.

well, we don't need a blessing
because we've got advertising.

you open?

come in, come in.

caught the flyer.
thought I'd check it out.


seen some of them
chop-socky flicks, man.

some cool shit.

name's jerome.
jerome sprout.

bruce lee.
my wife, linda.

- hey.
- hi, jerome.

- I'd like to take some lessons.
- I like to give them.

- solid. now, you know I'm not chinese?
- I've noticed that.

some of them other chinese teachers,
man, they turn me down flat.

- some of 'em wouldn't even let me in the door.
- you got yourself a teacher.

I can dig it, man.
you got yourself a student.

keep repeating it.
now backwards. go for a switch.

- like that?
- yeah. yeah.

we're gonna speed up a little bit.
all right, ready?

oh! whoop!

one! two! one!

two! one! two!

one! two!
one! two!

one! two!
one! two! one!

one! two! one! two!

thank you.

one! two!
one! two!

one! two!
one! two!

bruce. I know you
like to be called bruce.

you've been charged with
violating the martial arts code.

we've had several complaints from wu
zuolin and wong jack man and many others.

you've been teaching the gwailo.
this must stop.

I'll teach whoever
wants to learn.

bruce, we do things
differently here.

one of the things we do not do is
teach our secrets to whites, blacks.

they are the enemy.

they are not the enemy.
they just don't know us.

we've been so closed
for so long,

they've never seen the real beauty
of our culture.

- let's show it to them.
- no. no. no.

I'm sorry. we do not agree. you are
ordered to stop teaching the gwailo.

or what?

or we will settle this
by combat.

prepare yourself.

- not hungry?
- nah.

- you canceled all your classes today.
- I had to take care of some business.

- what business?
- oh, nothing much.

tax stuff.

- I better get going.
- there's something you're not telling me.

do we owe
a lot of money?

I owe everything...

to you.

see you.

what'd you find out?

- bookies are laying 20 to 1 against you.
- who is this guy?

johnny sun. he's got a school
on thompson. he's a killer, man.

- what are you, his press agent?
- he's a real killer.

a couple of brothers
tried to rob him last year.

one went to a hospital.
one with a gun went to a funeral home.

you're a real confidence
builder, jerome.

man, they eat their
wheaties in that family.

tiny there's his
younger brother luke.

bruce, forget
about this stuff.

forget about all us gwailo and let's
get the hell outta here right now.


do you give up?
do you give up?

- do you give up?
- I give up. I give up.

- I give up.
- right on!

I teach who I want.

the decision is mine.

dr. donan, come to the hospital
administration office.

dr. craig and dr. donan,
to the hospital administration office.

- mrs. lee, I'm dr. arlo.
- how is he? Is he okay?

- let's not talk in here.
- Is he okay?

there are some papers
to sign, mrs. lee.

- mrs. lee.
- huh?

some- there are some papers.
some papers.

you know, this thing's kinda sexy. maybe
we can keep it after you're better.

I'm sorry.

It was a bad joke.

I know you're mad. don't be mad.
It'll only make things worse.

worse? couldn't take a hell of a lot
to make things worse.

- you should've told me where you were going.
- why?

because I'm your wife, that's why!
I had a right to know.

you might wanna think about that.
the wife part, I mean.

- what're you saying?
- take a good look at me, linda.

- so we've got a little trouble.
- this is more than a little trouble!

okay, so we've got
big trouble!

you're always going on about
the beauties of your chinese culture!

let me tell you about the beauties
of my culture! we love big trouble!

that's what you say now! In six months,
you'll be looking for the back door!

oh, no, it's never gonna be over
between you and me! you get it?

go back to your mother, linda!
I'm finished!

tell her I made
a mistake. do it!

you hear me? tell her
you made a mistake! don't touch me!

I don't want you here!
I don't want you! get out! go!

leave me alone!

don't look at me
like that!

who is it? who's there?

who is it?

who's there?

hi. I thought
I'd improve the view.

oh, look at
the big kung fu man.

- first sign of trouble and all he does is quit.
- shut up! shut up!

see this notebook? looks like the
ones we had in school, right?

this is your future.

- I don't have any more future.
- sure, you do.

you know, all I keep hearing
is the fight took too long.

too much tradition,
too much classical mess...

too many fixed positions
in wing chun.

you know everything
that's wrong, so fix it.

stop whining
and start fighting.

fight back
with your mind.

- I can't write, I can't move!
- you talk, quitter. I'll write.

- I'm waiting.
- It would take forever.

you goin' anywhere?

I'm not.

oh, yeah, there's
just one more thing.

I'm pregnant.

the great mistake is to anticipate
the outcome of the engagement.

you ought not
to be thinking...

of whether it ends
in victory or defeat;

but let nature
take its course...

and your tools will strike
at the right moment.

the consciousness of self
is the greatest hindrance...

to the proper execution
of all-

the knowledge and skill you have
achieved are meant to be forgotten.

so you can float- to obtain
enlightenment in martial art...

means the extinction
of everything which-

the way to transcend karma lies in
the proper use of the mind and the will.

jeet kune do
is not to hurt...

but is one of the avenues through which
life opens its secrets to us.

is essential...

for faster and
more powerful punching.

let your lead punch
shoot up loosely and ea-

an-and what? "loosely and" what?

- loosely and easily!
- "easily. " okay.

do not tighten up
or clench your fists...

until the moment
of impact.

- aah! aah.
- okay, come on. come on.

all punches should end
with a snap several inches...

- behind the target.
- okay.

morning, ladies!

- congratulations, mr. lee.
- thank you.

hey, kiddo.

he's too young
to shave.

they aren't shaving mirrors.
they're called pat kwa.

pat kwa?

they're like gargoyles
on churches.

you put them around
to ward off evil spirits.

- I wanna call him brandon.
- brandon.

that's good.

do you wanna hold him?

- oh, look at daddy.
- hey, big guy.

come on up here. shh!

- he's so tiny.
- hi, baby.

- don't be afraid.
- he's so tiny.

you're beautiful.

- bruce? bruce, come here! It came!
- yeah?

look! It's here,
it's here, it's here!

- oh.
- open it! open it up quick!


It's your book!
It's your book.

look at that.

okay, hold on.
I'll get it.

- hi.
- hi.

- may I come in?
- why?

- I like your hair.
- come on, mom, I don't wanna chitchat with you.

- what are you doing here?
- I came to see you and-

did you come
to see me...

or did you come to see
the yellow baby?

- I think maybe I made a mistake.
- brandon, it's grandma!

grandma's come to see you!
come on in, grandma!

there's someone
you ought to meet.

come on.

how are you feeling,
mr. lee?

- oh, like half-man, half-car.
- glad to hear it.

linda, your mom's got great legs.
great legs!

he looks-

well, he- he looks
like both of you.

may I?

oh, come on,

there you go.

hello. yes.

you're such
a handsome fella.

he's gorgeous.

he's so sweet.

oh, yes, you are.

you did good,

you sure did good.
gosh, yes.

look at you!

brandon, you're a strong one.
only you could do this.

the art of jeet kune do
is simply to simplify.

It favors formlessness so that
it can assume all forms.

kung fu, karate,
tae kwan do.

all the classical styles
are attempts...

to arrest
the flux of conflict.

but in actual combat, the opponent
doesn't wait for formalities.

he's not a robot, but a human
being, fluid and alive.

for instance-
for instance!

like a sculptor who doesn't
keep adding clay to a statue...

but strips away the inessentials
until the truth is revealed.

I have developed a way of fighting
with no fixed positions...

with no set movements.

the fancy mess
of martial arts...

what was once fluid.

It is nothing but blind devotion
to the systematic uselessness...

of routines
that lead nowhere.

calm down!

calm down! calm down!

- tell him to prove it!
- yeah!

tell him
to prove it!

mr. lee is not here
for competition.

prove it! prove it!

- prove it! prove it!
- all right, calm down, calm down!

- keep it quiet! mr. lee-
- prove it! prove it!

- prove it! prove it!
- okay!

okay, I'll prove it.

I'll need someone
to prove it on.

I'll beat any man
in this room in 60 seconds!


I'll fight him!

I beat him before!

I beat him again!

what are you, crazy?
the doctor said no more fighting.

they told me I'd
never walk again, too.

when will you be happy?
when they're right?

bruce, I'm begging you.
If you love me-

- this isn't about you and me.
- fine!

but I'm not going through this again,
do you understand me?

you get hurt,
you're on your own.

don't go
too far, hon!

It'll be over
in sixty seconds.

this is
a challenge match...

to prove mr. lee's theories
on jeet kune do.

sixty seconds.

bow to the judges.

bow to each other.


jesus christ!

bruce lee! bruce lee!
bruce lee! bruce lee!

bruce lee! bruce lee!
bruce lee! bruce lee!

- yeah!
- hey, mr. lee!

bill krieger's the name. you looked
pretty great out there today.

no, he didn't. he was too slow.
he took too long.

you looked pretty fast to me.

you think you can do some of
that stuff in front of a camera?

- I'm a tv producer and-
- right, and I'm marvin gaye.

I'm casting my new series.
It's called the green hornet...

and I think
we could use you.

so, d'you hear I bought
a house on the beach?

right in malibu.
I'm tellin' ya...

I got 120 yards of sand
as my front yard.

th-that's too tight. I can sell the stunt.
you don't have to cut off the circulation.

cal, run him
through the scene.

as soon as you get your cue light,
you come through that door.

then you work your way
down this catwalk here.

be real careful as
you negotiate this corner.

I want you to get down these steps
as fast as you can.

not too fast.

I don't want you to tumble. I don't
want to lose you on the first show.

when you get
to this landing...

do you think you could take
these five steps all at once?

- I'll try.
- atta boy.

first positions, everybody!

hey, can you tell
it's me?

I just talked to the network.
they love the dailies. they love 'em.

- don't they always?
- yeah. listen, there's, uh-

- there's one small problem.
- lemme call you back.

- yeah, what is it?
- uh, it's this guy lee.

you know, he's
awfully... oriental.

- he's supposed to be oriental.
- yeah.

- he's playing an oriental.
- I know, I know. what?

- kato is oriental.
- I know, I know.

uh, can you just make sure
he keeps the mask on?

roll sound!
roll camera!

and mark it!

- action!
- all right, green hornet...

the secret formula?

- where it belongs.
- okay, have it your way.


good work, kato!

good work, kato!

ow! ow!

hey, hey, hey, hey!

- good work, kato.
- thanks, boss.

huh? ah, cut, cut, cut!

that's a print.

thought that'd be
a little more exciting.

If he came from hong kong,
he'd end up in san francisco.

- I don't wanna do the urban thing.
- we helped with the railroads.

- how about the wild west?
- okay, great. the wild west.

- okay.
- chinese immigrant wanders the land.

- he's a good guy, a hero.
- of course, he's a hero. he's the star of the show.

he wanders the land
solving problems.

- every week he solves a problem.
- with no gun. just his hands.

that's good.
that's great. no gun.

- he's looking for something.
- his father. he lost his father who came ahead of him.

no, no, not the father. the father
thing has been done to death.

- he's searching for his brother.
- good.

- searching for his brother.
- he never finds him.

- not until the fifth year.
- he wanders the land, searching for his brother...

- solving problems with no gun.
- and he has something no one else has ever seen.

- kung fu! starring bruce lee.
- kung fu! uh-huh.

he remembers what he was taught
in the old country by his teacher...

and teaches people
his culture.

after he's kicked the shit
out of everybody. fantastic!

- we've got action, culture! It's a western!
- but it's an eastern.

It's an eastern.
right. It's an eastern.

they're gonna love it.
this thing's gonna run forever!

- kung fu!
- kung fu!

easy, easy.


- you steal steve mcqueen's car?
- he stole mine.

- come on, get in. we're late.
- okay.

what? linda. hey.

- I-
- you do the clutch, I'll work the stick.

bruce! linda!

- so glad you guys could make it. go on in. we'll be right down.
- okay.

this way, please.

excuse me, mr. krieger,
there's a phone call.

excuse me.

did I ever tell you I was
the cha-cha champion of hong kong?

about 15,000 times.

- did I ever tell you I was pregnant?
- once.

make that twice.

hold it, everybody!
hold it!

hold it!

I know the timing
is lousy, but, uh...

I wanted you to hear it
first from me personally.

the show's been cancelled.

- what?
- oh, no.

I know it's a bummer, but we'll
finish out the last episodes...

and, uh, that'll be that.

I'm sorry.

enjoy the rest of the party.

bill and I will just roll
into kung fu!

1, 2, cha-cha-cha.

1, 2, cha-cha-cha.
1 and 2 and 3 and 4...

and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.
1, 2, cha-cha-cha.

uh-huh. uh-huh.

so what are they saying at
the network about kung fu?


and when do you think
they'll know?

oh, bill, bill, bill.
what about dinner?

call me back.

they still haven't made
any decisions on the show.

- still looks good.
- good.

don't worry.

who else are they gonna get,
mickey rooney?

I'm not worried.

I'm not worried.


- really?
- as quickly as you can...

snatch the pebble
from my hand.

all right.

- okay.
- when you can take the pebble from my hand...

it will be time
for you to leave.

what's wrong, honey?

my father's dead.

- It comes, it goes.
- In your dream?

no, I'm always awake.
It's not a dream, sifu.

when your father first brought
you here, he told me everything.

he wanted you to learn
wing chun...

to protect yourself
against man...

- and other forces.
- I thought that was all superstition.

superstition is a name the ignorant
give to their ignorance.

you were special then,
and you're special now.

that's why the demon
wants you.

we have spent a lot of time together,
preparing you for this.

good. good.

very good.

what if I won't fight him?

you have no choice.

- you're fighting for more than yourself.
- what are you saying, sifu?

as I told you, this demon
is your inner fear.

It doesn't matter
how many men you defeat.

If you don't conquer
your own fears...

you will pass your demons
on to your children...

as your father passed his
on to you.


you will fight him.

when you are
at your absolute peak...

he will come to you.

when the monsoon blow,
be prepared.

mr. lee! mr. lee!

I've been chasing you
all over hong kong.

you should buy a car.

- just a joke.
- I'm philip tan.

I'm a producer. I want to
make a picture with you.

- talk is cheap. pictures are expensive.
- I'm on the level.

you're kato,
and over here...

kato has a small
but loyal following.

something we can build on.

they don't call your show the green
hornet. It's called the kato show.

did you know that?
well, it's true.

when I hear kato is in town,
I consider it a good omen.

- I've got to get back to my family.
- leave tomorrow. give us time.

- I've been away for so long.
- I'll buy you a new ticket, first class.

I'll take care of everything.
one more day, please.

you can't lose.

what's the movie?

action! action!


my brother can't talk right.

he can't walk right.

you have dishonored
my family.

- I have sworn to kill you.
- swearing is easy.

I read your book.
I know all your tricks.

let's see how well you've
learned your lesson.

It's so hot in here, I like
to put my dolly in the refrigerator.

yeah, that was fun!

- we missed you!
- I missed you too!

- I missed you.
- I missed you!

hurry up! over there!

listen, cheng, give up.



It's okay, mei.

let's get out of here
before they lynch us.

yeah! hey!






daddy's taking me
to the circus!

oh, my.

- okay, brandon, go change. don't keep daddy waiting.
- okay!

okay, back! back!
number two. number two.

It's okay.

come on, big boy.

come on.

your bed is so much more cozy.
come on.

we'll go up to your bed with
the covers and everything.

somewhere there's gotta be
a series in all this.

three minutes.
It's like doing 200 pushups.

- wanna try?
- uh, no thanks.

- you might turn it up and try to electrocute me.
- the thought crossed my mind.

justifiable homicide,
some might say.

what do you want, bill?

- you didn't come here to discuss old times.
- I came to discuss new times.

there's somebody I want you to meet.
his name is freddie weintraub.

we've got a project for you.

what's the matter,
david carradine turn you down?

no, fred's got a script.
It's called enter the dragon.

we're gonna shoot it here,
but it's your ticket back to america.

It's a feature.

a hollywood feature.

with all the trimmings.



It's okay.

I'm awake.

I was working
on game of death.

lost track of time.

the kids okay?

don't you ever get tired
of asking that question?

linda, we've been
through this before.

I don't have a choice.

you might not...

but I do.

I'm taking the kids
and going home for a while.

- home's here for now.
- no. here is where we watch you work.

- what do you want me to do?
- I want you to come with us.

forget it.

I worked in america for ten years
and what did it get me?

- It got me nothing.
- It got you me.

oh, man.

they got such
a good line of bullshit.

"come and get it!"
"america, the mountain of gold!"

"It's for everybody!"
yeah, it's for everybody white!

but they don't tell you that!
you gotta read the small print!

If you can read.

I am not america.

your kids are not america.
don't push us away.

we're going.

I want you
to come with us.

I want the kids
to have a father again.

don't lay any
guilt trips on me!

- I'm not taking any guilt trips!
- this place is eating us up!

- can't you see that, bruce?
- this place has given us a life!

I'm somebody here!
I'm special!

back there,
I'm just another gook!

just another wetback, charlie chan,
slopehead, coolie dishwasher...

in a stinking chinkie


wash your shirt, mister white man?

no tickee, no shirtee!

- order one from column "a" and one from column "b!"
- mommy!

me happy to build
the railroads...

to dig the mines for you,
mister white man!

- mommy, I'm scared! what's happening?
- Is that who I am?

Is it? tell me!
tell me that's who I am!

I don't know who the hell
you are anymore!

- do you?
- mommy, what's happening?

weintraub's script is called enter
the dragon. I read it. It's really good.

- I thought we were partners. I made you my partner!
- we are partners!

I told him without you,
no deal.

"a co-production In association
with philip tan"?

- that's an insult!
- you could get more.

- It's not about getting more. we don't need them!
- yes, we do.

It's warner brothers, big budget, in
english, with international distribution!

don't sell me, bruce!
don't sell a salesman!

do you have an aspirin?

I don't know, man. I don't know
how much longer I can keep this up.

you want it so bad,
don't you?

you want their love so bad.

our love's
not good enough for you.

when I was a kid,
I had all these crazy ideas.

I wanted to show the world the beauty
of our culture, to give them a hero.

- but a chinese hero.
- you have.

don't you see that?

I want something else now.

I want to stop breaking
my wife's heart.

I want to play with my children
without having to look at the clock.

they're american.

I need to get back to america
or I'll lose them.

If I lose them,
nothing means anything.






daddy! dad!

- dad, come home! dad!
- brandon, run!

- run, brandon! run, brandon! go!
- dad! come on, dad!

brandon, run!

- aaah!
- dad?

dad! dad, he's coming! dad!

come on, dad!
dad, he's coming!


It's okay, brandon!
It's okay!


now, brandon, now!
now! run!

kind of lost you there
for a minute, bud. you okay?

bruce? you all right?

you all right?

dad! what are you
doing here?

I live here.

- hey, can I play with you guys?
- sure.

daddy, we had a typhoon.

I know.

but it's over now.

okay, dad, I'll be
the engineer, you be the switcher.

hey, that sounds great.

last shot.

make it great.

- linda, I forgot something.
- what?

I forgot to tell you
I love you.

you know, I don't think you've
ever said that to me before.

yeah, but I meant it
every day.

three weeks before
the opening of enter the dragon...

the film that brought him
international fame...

bruce fell into
a mysterious coma and died.

he was 32.

over 25,000 people attended
his funeral in hong kong...

but I buried him back home
in america to be close to us.

all these years later, people still
wonder about the way he died.

I prefer to remember
the way he lived.