Dragon Squad (2005) - full transcript

A team of young Interpol agents arrive in Hong Kong to give testimony at the trial of local crime lord 'Puma' Duen. Among them are American agent Andy Hui, Taiwanese cop Vanness Chang, and local lawman Lok. They are greeted by Hong Kong police commander Hon Sun. The heavily armed convoy taking Puma to court is attacked by a ruthless team of North Korean agents, led by international terrorist Petros Davinci. Petros is seeking revenge for his brother in arms, who was killed by Puma and his brother, 'Tiger' Duen. At Petros' side is his fierce enforcer, Ko, and a lethal lady sniper, Song. After Puma is snatched, the Interpol team insists on tracking down Petros themselves. Hon Sun rejects their request and places the team in the care of veteran police officer Kong Long. A burned out cop who has never come to terms with either his personal or professional history, Long Kong is reluctant to get involved. Finally, inspired by his young charges, he rises to the occasion, and leads the Interpol team on their quest for Petros and his team. The mean streets of Hong Kong form a backdrop for a battle of wills, wits, and urban warfare.

This is my first mission

I want to capture the whole process

Human memories are complicated

As time passes, you can deceive

What’s recorded is reality

Last month, a shootout between
police and criminals

left five police officers dead

Seven officers are still in critical

In this mission, code named Panther

Panther Duen, the younger of two

responsible for multiple armed

and operating a drug syndicate

is going to court

to attend a hearing in two hours

Partnering with Hong Kong
Police, Interpol agents

sent from China, America, and

are gathering to prosecute Panther

with testimony and evidence

to dismantle Duen's illegal

Police, freeze!


I'm Pak Yut Suet I'm Wang Sun Ho

Hi, I’m Luo Zai Jun My name’s I'm
James Lam

I'm Pak Yut Suet I'm Hung Kei Lok

Hello Nice to meet you

I'm Luo Zai Jun Hello

Hello Hello

Madam, Gentlemen,

let me introduce you to the lead
officer in this case

Commander Hong Sun

On behalf of the Hong Kong Police,

thank you for sharing this

I assure you, your testimony and

will be brought to the court

under our strictest protection

Protect us?

I'm in charge of this case

Nothing out of the ordinary//will
happen here

This is my final order

Yes, Sir!

Let's go

What're you doing?

It's my first mission

I want to capture the whole process

Human memory is too complicated

As time passes, you may... remember
things differently

What’s recorded is reality

Sometimes it's okay to lie to

At least you can forget the sad

Makes things less complicated

I've forgotten a lot of things...

even my mom's birthday

It's my job to lie to myself

Otherwise, how could I lie to
everyone else?

Did you ever regret being an
undercover cop?

Two words: Only once

When you’re a sniper, you hope for
a single shot

What's the matter, Miss?

Are you okay?


Sit down

Don't worry

It'll all be over soon

Everybody look out

Beware of Panther


What the hell?!

Watch out!



Freeze! Hands up!

Freeze! Freeze!

So who's the asshole?

Madam! What?

Han set a trap. Run!

Roger that

Nobody's there?

Definitely not

The real prison van is at the court
by now

Why didn't you tell us?

We're not playing games here!

Calm down...


No response on patrol car radio for
15 minutes

Officers and firearms considered

Roger out

Alpha Team, move out!

A Team moving. Get in the car

Where're they going?

You punks!

What the hell!

All cars

Patrol car and firearms are still

B team, stay sharp Ready for action

What's happening out there?

Sir, the patrol car’s here

Multiple officers down

Go see what's happening

Don't be scared, don't move

Calm down... Don't hurry

Don't hurry!

I've been looking for you

Cover me

You cover me!

Cover me!

Cover me!

Stay calm!

Please don't

No, please don't

Goddamn jerks!

Sir, can you please comment...

Sir, what's the police’s next move?

Is there a new strategy?

Sir, will this case be passed on to

The Panther case isn’t over yet

There’s no cause to send you away

But if you do anything wrong,

I have the right to arrest you

Are you okay, Boss?

Isn’t that our courtesy guest
car? It's a mess!

Those sons of bitches!

Long Yes

You handle those goddamn punks

and never, ever let them drive!

Understand? Sure

He's a good dog

That’s Friday. Injury retirement,
but still on salary

I'm gonna join him in retirement

in just five days

The local boss...

of an international Triad
organization, Panther Duen

was abducted en route to a court

Listen to the news!

A cop should be more polite

You should at least call me Uncle

My name's Kong Long I'm your

but you can just call me 'Long'

Please turn up the radio, Long

The news is over

The HK Police had multiple

and you don't care about it?

Colleagues die

Others will take their place

Who'd be left to patrol if everyone
went out for revenge?

Who'd arrange your meals if I went
off like that?

Do your part, or the world falls

I agree

There's a pub near your place, open
24 hours

Call me anytime, no problem

Sister Morning


What are you doing here?

It's a big case, gotta go back

I brought you something

Have you checked who they are?

I've told you many times

Do your best

Come and eat

Don't worry about me

Been here a long time. I'm used to

You still have a chance

You gotta do your best

Uphold the family name

Understand, Lok?

Sure. Now eat something

Be accurate...

Hey, what're you up to?

Give me one minute, and I'll show

Stay on target...

No money, no play

You're a sharpshooter

Somebody's waiting for you

Let me cover you

Can I try?

A lefty sharpshooter, indeed

I admire you

You're great! Okay

This is marksmanship

I learned to shoot on the move

I'm not used to standing still

Please, give me a chance

Let me borrow the gun

I’ll shoot the rest


This is what a sniper does

You and me...

we make a good team

A team?

Why not?

They're well organized

obviously not just some local

They use military tactics

I'm pretty sure the sniper’s a woman

I hacked into HK Police records

Apart from the sniper's weapon,

their guns are police-issue

One officer was stabbed with a
knife, close quarters

One slash, straightforward

How could Tiger assemble such a
powerful group?

Guys, I don’t think...

The target’s not coming out unless
we take action

I know what you're thinking

Let's hit Tiger's place, and take a

This is it

You know how much they earn, just
from this street?

Drugs, gambling,
prostitution... Visible and

on the streets, and underground

$10 million a day

They've changed their working hours

Packing up so early? Let me ask

Wouldn't they still want to make

Unless their boss was in trouble

Which means Panther wasn't rescued,

but captured


Who do you think did it?

This is a great location

Somebody wanted to rent it

We'll close the deal in two days’

Make a decision,

or I can't help you anymore

Yuet, Sarge

Open his eyes


My brother will give your money

Let me go...

I’ve never owed anyone

And I don't like it...

Being owed something

I'll give everything back

Please, let me go...

Let me introduce my new friend

This is Petros

Dominic's older bother

No, it was an accident

I didn't mean to... No! I didn't kill

It's okay

Dominic was a wild one

He spent his whole life trying to
get himself killed


Everything’s negotiable,

except the truth

And every lie has a price

Do it

I want to see Tiger Duen

What do you want with the Boss?

It's Panther's ear!

Nobody move!

Tell Tiger his old buddy came by

He’ll know what I want

Ching Tiger?

Send me a text. I gotta work

Got it

How're you doing?

I'm fine, don't worry

I've just been busy lately

I'll come see you soon


Be careful

Some colleagues say Long walks his
dog here every day

That Long... he’s such an odd

I'm afraid he won't help us

Don't worry

Women are better at asking for help

I'll handle it

I wanna know something about you HK

About what?

For example,

do you need permission

before you date a colleague?

And, have you ever fallen in love

with a partner during a case?

I did worse than that

I fell in love with my target

when I was undercover

Can you believe that?

Thank you, come again

Pretty girl?

He's still young at heart

What's the matter, Sir?

Where's your boss?

Hasn't come? Don't you know me?

Kong, Sir

Need some help?

It's fine Everyone has hard times

I'll help you now, then you can
help me later

What're you doing here?

Village boy!

I'm afraid I can't speak very well

You talk with them

Come on


You wanna kill someone?

Watch out!



Thank you Thank you...

You're welcome

Honestly, you should thank him

I don't need your help

I don't need your help!

I still care


Why didn't you care about mom and
me before?

I had so much work to do, I...

You always have so many excuses

Your work's so important, right?

You didn't even see mom before she

So many lives depended on me...

I was the Commander

I had to be responsible!

Got it. You just care about your

Go find them, then

Why come to me?

I know I was wrong

Can't you give me one more chance?

I don’t need your help

Not now,

and not in the future!

I don't want a father like you!

I'll do what I promised

Based on their actions,

they're special agents. I’m sure of

They break the rules They’re hard
to deal with

You won't find them using normal

They're probably hiding in the city,

acting as normal citizens,

and planning their next move

Panther’s a deputy He’s got no real

I don't think he's the target

It's his brother, Tiger Duen

So, if we get to Tiger Duen

we'll find the agents, too

He has four trained bodyguards with

They're known as the Power 4

You’ve gotta put them under


Kong Long


You're still fast

Faster every day

I knew you'd come looking for me

You know why?

My face still burns

So, how’s your old friend?

Sharp as ever

He's not alone this time

Anything to drink?



You've never known what it’s like
to be hungry

I've seen men killed for less than

They're just kids

Target practice for your team

But Tiger’s been playing this
game for a long time

He won't show his hand unless we
force him to

What's our strategy, Colonel?

There's an old Chinese saying:

Don’t cry

until you see the coffin

My team will handle Tiger

And I'll find the girl

Excuse me

Do you speak English? Yes

Good. Can you direct me toward
Hollywood road?

I'd love to help you, but I'm a
tourist here myself

That's why you're taking so many

That's right Right

Okay, all right. Well, thanks

Oh, it's you again


This, I know you can help with

Would you read my fortune for me?

What do you want to know?

I'm looking for a young woman

Think I'll find her?

Doesn't look so good. See right

It says you'll face many obstacles

Well, eliminating obstacles is my

Maybe I can help you

Why don't you give me your number?

No, I think it's better if we stay

Tell me your name, at least

You already know it!





Going home? Come with me

Yeah, go with Wah. I have to go

Don’t be stuck up. Get in

You think you're so goddamn special?

No, Wah

Are you okay?


Thank you

You a busybody? No, Wah!

Fighting back?

No, Wah!

Ching, stay away

It's my fault Stand still

No, Wah!

Don't move!

Cops! Run, Wah! No, Wah!

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine

I'm so sorry

It's all right

Thank you

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm all right

Besides, it looks like your
shoes got the worst of it

Thanks again

Good night

Why come see me so late?

Tiger Duen

We’re businessmen We should pay
what we owe

This is for your dead comrades

And this is for you

You owe a lot more than this


Businessmen should have credit

This is for my brother's ear

You think you can get all the money

while you still have my brother?

Ko, either take it and let my
brother go,

or I'll kill you

Maybe you'll decide to pay

if we make you cry

in despair!

For you

Grenade! Run!

Soy sauce?

Freeze! Freeze!

Don't go!

Go after him!

Take the gun!


Shoot him!

I don’t time to play with you

No, Tiger!

Let's move out

Time for the show to start

Yes, Colonel

Drop the gun!

Freeze! Shoot me!

Drop your guns! Shoot me!

Police! Freeze!

You two!

Drop the guns!

Drop your guns!

Raise your hands!

Can't you give them another chance?

Remember how your partners died?

It's because you didn't follow

and wait for backup That was my

These other guys...

I'm sure they're Ko's agents

I know

I know how to deal with him

Hong, don't fool yourself again

Don't sacrifice your men for the
sake of fame

Work with the other departments

Listen to me

Give yourself a chance,

and those kids, too

Honestly, it's Kong Long who saved

You should thank him

Let's get some exercise

I'm with you

I've jogged this road for more than
10 years

But I'll still get lost if I'm

It's not easy, following the right

You'll find your legs getting tired

Then one day, you’ll ask yourself

why you go on

In just a few days, I'll be out for

What happened three years
ago wasn't your fault

No one should blame you for your
colleagues’ deaths

You shouldn't hide away

You shouldn't feel regret

Let me tell you a story

I was only 10 in 1992

My dad was a cop

He and eight colleagues had a gun
battle with a gang

They took 47 shots in total

What happened?

Four cops died

My dad was one of them

13 years later,

their sons and daughters became

Three of them became cops

I was one of them

Do you know how we feel

when people talk about their

We feel so proud

We're proud of them

Kong, Sir

We need you to take on the agents

Let me give you some advice

You can't beat them

That's why we need a leader like you

I was lost once,

and it was hard to find myself

I don't want to take the wrong past

If you insist

do it yourselves

I hope you all make it back safely

Kong Long,

we can do it without you!


make yourself at home

Would you like a drink?

Yes, thank you

Tell me, where are you from?

I was born in the States,

but left home when I was 15

Spent some time in Central
America, Colombia mostly,

then Eastern Europe,

and now I live in Thailand

Are you here on vacation?

Yeah, I guess you could call it that

I love to watch them fly

They’re so free up there

Look, this is my younger sister

She's cute

This doll was a present from my

when he still loved me

He made me promise to keep it

I kept my promise,

but he didn’t

Here For me?

Yes, I wanted to give you something

You were so nice the other night

Do you like them?

They're beautiful

Allow me

Now, you can go to the ball


Like Cinderella

Are you all right?

Whenever I’m happy, I get scared

I know I'll be sad again soon

Do you know why the little
angel doesn't have a mouth?

Because she likes to keep secrets?

You’ll find a smile on her
face when you’re happy,

and a sad face when you're upset

She can share your feelings

There's some business I need to
take care of

Would you like to come with me?


Okay. A little female charm is good
for business


There’s four operatives on the

Two teams of snipers standing by

guarding the building exits

We've got men on the 6th and 7th

Four units watching the two main

especially the 9th floor

As well as eight sharpshooters

ready and in position

Well done

Once they come for Tiger,

there's no way out

HK Police must keep you safe!

You and the agents will learn to
respect justice

Aren't you gonna tell me what's in
the box?

That was my partner

He said if I don't deliver this now,

I might not be able to

I'll wait for you

It may take a while

There're cops on 6, 7, and the roof

The special unit has Tiger on 8

I’ll handle the cops

You get the package to Tiger

Which team do you belong to, Sir?

I asked you which team you're on!

It's him. Tell all units to get

Yes, Sir!

Target approaching HQ. Everybody

The snipers on the balconies will
provide cover

Sir, leave!

Now you know how it feels to lose a

But don't worry, you’ll be with him

in hell!

I showed him the coffin,
Colonel. I'm coming out



What are you doing here?

I said I'd wait

I was worried about you

Come on

Come on

Target sighted

It's the man I met in the temple

He's with Tiger's girlfriend

Don't let them go!

So many people died

Take action right now!

You have to leave, now

I knew this would happen

No, that's not what I meant

It's okay. We don't owe each other

It's just temporary. Trust me

Lies always sound better than the

I'm not lying to you

I wouldn't do that

Bring it back to me. Promise

They're trying to trap you,

Your escape route's blocked

You take care of the two in front,

I'll handle the two behind

Sniper, ready!

Jie, ready

Suet, ready

We hear you, Ho

Ho, ready




They've stopped moving

Jie, Suet

They're going to combine fire to

Move in when they reload!



Go! Go!

They changed tactics

Go back and block them!

You go ahead, I'll cover you

No! I won't let you die like your

I'll cover you. Go!


Yuet, we need covering fire

Bat, Yuet, move out!

Suet, watch out!



Hello, mom, how are you?

Lam residence, please leave your
message after the tone

Thank you

Mom, I’ve gotta stay a few more days

Hong Kong cops piss me off

They said they really need me

I will come back

I will


You've been saying you'll quit

But you're still doing it

You can lie to yourself for years,

up until until the day you die

I should have listened to you

I can’t handle all the

You’re cheating yourself, too

You’ll never forget that
battle three years ago

If I had just one more day...

I'd give myself another chance


I'm out of time

Tomorrow’s your last day as a cop

Give yourself a chance,

and those kids as well

We’ll go first. See you

I can handle it. Have fun

Let me open it

I'll do it myself

I've asked her so many times

just to come and see me,

but she never did

I didn't want to blame her,

I just wanted to ask if, if...

if she really loves me

My brother always wanted to be a
good cop

but he was paralyzed in a car crash

after two years on the force

I became a cop because of him

Hoped to share my experiences with

But sometimes I think,

I'm the only family he has

What if something happened to me?

Who'd look after him?


After tomorrow, I don't know when
I'll see you again

I know you had high hopes,

but I want you to know...

whether or not I catch this gang,

I tried my best

I think...

we're very much like a team


You're sentenced to be deported!

Don't get wild... Stop it

Don't move... What the hell!

Don't move

Freeze Bring them back!

Get in the car!

What're you looking at?

One of you died

So did my old friend

Read them all within 10 minutes

The Duen brothers have been
running guns and drugs for years

All the firearms and drug dealers

have bank account numbers and

They’re all stored somewhere

No mark, no trace

Their underground capital exceeds $2

All the numbers are on film

It’s their most valuable asset,

and the agents' prime target

Nobody ever knew where Tiger hid it,

but they forced his hand

If Tiger runs, he’ll take the film
with him

He can’t be seen in public now,

so he’ll have someone take it for

I know who she is

If you don't act today, you'll
never get another chance

Will you come help me catch them?

Stay, or go!

Come on

We go together,

and come back together!

Yes, Sir!



Take the stuff from the safe box,

then I'll call you

Make sure you’re not followed

Ching, you're my only hope

I got it

Petros, sorry, he just phoned me

I've to help him one last time

I owe him

All right, well, you go ahead I'll
wait for you

And we'll leave together. Don't

Here they are!

If she takes it out, and the gang
gets close to her,

it's game over


Sniper in position

The girl's out. Shoot out her tires

Yes, Sir

Petros, I can't believe it

I've got a flat

Don't worry, I'll come pick you up

Ching, Petros told me to get you

And you are...

I'm his friend

It must be Kong Long

Did you get on the highway?

Yes, Sir

Exit the second intersection and
turn right

There's an abandoned power
plant three kilometers away

You bring the girl, and I'll trap
the bastards there

All right, Sir

My boss


Ching, could you put my friend on
the phone?



Now I can add chauffeur to your
list of talents

Thank you so much

Well, you're very welcome

Like I said, you'll be facing many

Why’s there a car following us?

Is someone causing you trouble?

I'll deal with it

Let's go from this side

You're not getting away!

Sir, the snipers are following us

Great! Lead them as far away as

Yes, Sir!

Ho, Ko and Petros are here

Get them to the 2nd floor

No problem, Boss

Someone's playing games

Let's go teach them the rules

He's here Let's finish it

No! It doesn't seem right

I have to face him alone

You take your revenge

No one will ever replace my brother,

but you come pretty close

It's an honor, Colonel

See you after the mission

How do we get out of here?

We could take a taxi

We won't find a taxi here

Sir, we're in a hurry. Please drive


Long, I've finished off the big

Jie, don't underestimate him!

The case has been open for three

Today, I’m closing it

Let's end this as it began

Give yourself a way out

A defeated soldier

only has one way out!

Lok, Petros may show up
suddenly. Look out

Don't worry. Let me cover you

I won't let Petros get close


Okay, I'm coming soon

Petros is right behind you

Don't move. It's my turn

Don't go there alone

Find Tiger. I'm staying here

Hey Lok!

Hello there, fortune teller

Where is Lok?

Hello, Ching Petros!

Where’s your friend?

I'm afraid he had to leave us

Where did your boyfriend ask you to
meet him?

At the cinema

Stay here


Let me deliver it


Because I don't want you seeing him

He's in House 2, Row 10

You think you're smart, stealing my

Go ahead, open it up

That's what I like about Ching

Whatever lie you tell her, she'll
believe it

She's worth more than you know

That's the difference between you
and me

I never lie to her


Get him! Go!

Move, get out of the way! Police!

This was my first mission

I've already shot the whole process

Human memories are complicated

As time passes...

you can deceive yourself

I used to believe that what I
recorded was reality

Until the night I returned to that

and sat where Petros once sat

I saw her again

She looked so different,

I suddenly realized that what I

wasn’t so real, after all

Only when there’s faith

does it finally become the truth