Dragon Soldiers (2020) - full transcript

In a suburban town, a deadly monster lurks in the surrounding forest, killing all those who wander too close. Desperate to stop the attack, a group of elite soldiers are called in to handle...

- Billy?
- Over here!


- Is that you?
- Shh, did you hear that?

My God!

No, it can't be.

Shit. Fire. Fire!

Now, fire everything!

Kill it!


Come get some!

Two more people gone already...
just yesterday.

I thought I had this thing
under wraps

after sweeping our little
problem off the streets.

Seems like it's going from bad
to worse out there.

They've gone
from here to here...

to who in the hell knows where.

That's why you should
always hire the best.

Yeah, I'm learning
that the hard way.



Bold Eagles.

Local militia just disappeared
like everybody else.

A whole militia?

Intel says these vagrants
are well armed

and extremely dangerous.

It will be dealt with, Eddy,
if you have that 20% up front.

I knew I could count on you.

Your men aren't afraid
of monsters, are they?

What the hell
are you talking about?

Just some local legends
about what really lives

out in the forest...
could be scary.

My men don't believe in scary.

My man.

Intel suggests
those vagrants may have migrated

either north or east.

Since when did towns call us in

to defend them
from their homeless?

I think there's a little more
to it than that.

There's always
something more, Artie.

A couple of co-eds were
last seen hiking along this...

Hey! You present, Green?

You want to tell me exactly
what the mayor meant

by monsters?

It's local folklore.

Scary stories the kids tell
round the campfire.

You're not telling me
you're starting to believe

in monsters, are you there,

I believe in getting
all available intel

prior to taking on a mission.

That's what I believe in.


Hey, Perce.

Wanna turn that shit down?

I gotta concentrate
for a moment here.

Hey, Artie.

I'm busy.

Oh, you readin' huh?

There's some great
articles in here.

OK, what?

Who's the knucklehead in front?

It's Lance Hollis.

Served a tour under me
in Afghanistan.

Relax, he's good.

I'm good. I'm good, man.

I'm not sick.

A little hungover.

OK, look.

We're in, we're out, we're paid.

No time.

It's a cakewalk.

I don't like cake.

Who the hell doesn't
like cake, Julius?

Alright, boys,
what are we looking at?

This is as far as
the vehicles go.

Need to hoof it
from here, sir.

Kayman, you good to go?

Tracking, sir.

Green, look like you just
lost weight.

Yeah, and you found it.


Lance Hollis.

Cover your mouth, grunt.

Somebody's got bad breath
they need to sleep off.

I dunno if sleep's gonna work.

This is the first I've seen him
with his eyes open.

Need to drain it,
now's the time.

You know...

Hector Kayman there is the best
sniper that I've ever seen.

Bobby Tristan...

is a weapons expert so good,
he can sniff the air

and let you know
what ammo was used.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

And Percy.

Percy's here because he owns
that beautiful machine

that brought
your ass here today.

And clearly you can look at me
and see why I'm here.


- Speaking of beautiful machines.
- Exactly.

But why you here, Hollis?

Well, probably here cos of this.

I hear you got
some explosives in there?

I got all the explosives
in there.

That booze I'm smelling
better not be fresh.

Got something.

One o'clock.

I got human remains here, over.


Everyone move
to Green's location, over.

The hell's out there?

Think our vagrants
are cannibals?

Not human.

Has to be some kind of animal.

Some big-ass animal.

And it took some big-ass bites.

Ya alright?

Could be a mountain lion.

Maybe a black bear.

A black bear left a head
in the cooler?

That would have to be
the biggest black bear.


This way.

You puke it all out, son?

- Hope so.
- Yeah, me too.

Move out.

Don't move.

- What, are you gonna shoot me?
- Sir, are you aware

that the park
and all the surrounding area

is currently closed
to the public?

We need to get out of here
right now.

Gwen... is that fracking?

No, that's on the other side
of the mountain.



Where are you going?


You see he has a rifle,
don't you?


Anybody else catching
that stink?

Ugh, the smell.

These idiots lose control
of their campfire?

Maybe they have flamethrowers.

What are you thinking?

Thinking about local folklore

scary stories kids telling
around the campfire

before they burn down the forest

and start taking huge bites
out of people.

So you think
you can track 'em?

Who you talking to?

Listen up!
Diamond formation.

Five metre spread.

Keep each other in sight.

Area could be trapped or mined.

Move out!


Don't move.


Jesus Christ.


Come on.


Hands up.


- Where?
- Back there.

I can't go back there.


You don't want to do this, lady.

You are absolutely right.

What are you so scared of?

Bringing this big gun
out here.

I'm telling you, lady,
we need to get gone.

Stay right there.


I'm sorry.

He's gone.

- What's your name?
- Griffin.

Well, Griffin, I don't believe

I told you
to lower your arms.

Look, lady,
I'm not gonna hurt you

any way, shape or form.

I just wanna get out of here.

So let's go.

- Go where?
- We're gonna go find him.

Do you not see that blood?

We can't be sure
that's his blood.

We don't know who it belongs to.

Look, lady.

It's Gwen

and we're gonna find out
what's going on out here.

Can I have my gun back, Gwen?

Do you actually know
how to fire that thing?

I fire it all the time.

Let's go.

What you got?

Trail's dead.

Just fly off into the air?



Don't beat yourself up there,

You did your best.

You haven't seen my best.

Pick that trail back up.

Kayman, come in.

I read you, over.

Got eyes on anything
in the trees? Over.

All clear up high...


Wait, do you hear that?

Hey, get...

get down.

Right, homos! You all just...


I think I got something
over here, guys.

Percy, what you got? Over.

You guys hearing this?


Everyone, Percy's position now!

Percy? Percy!

Kayman, what you got? Over.

I ain't seeing shit, sir. Over.

Green, come in.
Anyone else firing? Over.

Heard it too. I'm headed to
Percy's location, over.

Where's Percy?


Any sign of Percy? Over.

Hold position
and keep looking, Kayman.

- Over.
- Copy, over.

Starting to believe
in monsters, sir?

Green, report back. Over.

I know this sounds strange,

the trail just goes dead. Over.


Kayman, eyes on anything?

Still negatory up here, over.

Same thing as before.

Trail just vanishes here.

Looks like a couple
of fracking rhinos fell here.

Can you feel the wind?

The wind is lifting the fog

and blowing away the clouds

which cover the moon!

And he will command the beast
and all of you

all of you! You will die.

All of you will die.

Help me.

You're gonna die too.

You, all of you are gonna die.

Now he's back at last
and he will command the beast.

And all of you!

All of you will die.

Breathe in the smoke of life.

Breathe it in!

I know you think Percy is...

I never think anything, Hollis.

What you got, Green?

I mighta saw something.


I don't know, but...

it sounded really big.

Well, which is it?
You see it or you hear it?

Heard. Felt like it was coming
from the tops of the trees.

What now?


we have to accept the

that we may have seen
the last of Percy Robertson.


We don't have a trail, but...

my instincts are telling me
that our enemy is

retreating deeper
into the forest

as opposed to looking
for a way out.


These our guys?

Former military.

They stink.

They're vagrants, Tristan.

Yeah, but do you smell that?

Same as when I found Percy.

Don't move!

Don't shoot.

Who the hell are you?

- Griffin.
- You alone?


Where the hell
are my goddamn pants?

Mr Griffin,
what are you doing out here?

- Whoa!
- Slow.

Damn, dude.

Y'all after those dirty hobos
too, man?

What do you know
about the vagrants?

What's a vagrant?

What do you know
about these men?

They've got a lady
park ranger hostage.

Do not bullshit us.

Man, I was with her.

They got the jump on us.

She ain't here now.


Probably here right now...

But we can follow
the river down this way.

Not down there, man.

- Come again?
- I've been out here for...

for a while.

Over that mountain,
there's caves, ravines.

That's where I'd be
if I were a "vagrunt".

Lead the way, Mr Griffin.

Can I have my gun?

Can I at least put
my clothes back on?

- You have one minute.
- One minute...

Are you serious?

Is he serious?

Oh, man!

Give me back my shit.

Picking up dead weight.

Maybe we could use him
as a decoy.

Minute's up. Move it.


Let's go, "high speed".

Come on, man.

Bring out the next sacrifice!

So you think I'm lying to you?

You'll soon see,
yeah, you'll soon see.

I want to sacrifice a skull
for a bull.

What do you want?

Kick us out of town!

We don't need you.

What the hell?

If it bleeds,
we can kill it!

Some kind of religious ritual
or something.

They're goddamn freaks, man.

And soon...

soon, the hunt will begin.

Alright, boys.

It'll be thunder formation.

- Kayman, eyes.
- Copy.

You stay here.


and we will command the beast

and all of you, all of you...

Alright, move out.

Keep low.

Whatever, bro.

Are you ready?


Move out.

What's your 20, Kayman?

In position, over.


Have a knife day.

All of you are going to die!

You think I'm lying?

And soon,
soon the hunt will begin.

Hear them!

All of you are going to die!

You're gonna die, too!

All of you are going to die!

All of you!

And away we go.

All of you are gonna die!

Time for sacrifice is now.

You owe me one.

- What the hell was that?
- What?

You mean Kayman saving my ass?

Watch your own ass.

- Get to Kayman.
- Alright, open the bag.

No movement, over.

Don't ever cook a grenade
in front of me like that again.

Clear that cave.

How bad?

'Tis but a scratch.

What, are you Shakespeare now?

Target site cleared.

Thanks for the cover, God.

My pleasure, over.

Now get your ass down here
and help with clean up.


On my way.
Kayman, out.

- More military.
- All of 'em?

I think so.

You a soldier?


Two tours in Iraq.


Kayman, come in.
What was that gunfire? Over.

There's this big thing.

There's a big, big, big thing
out there that's gonna eat us.

What is she talking about?

- We have to get out of here...
- Ma'am, listen to me.

You need to remain calm.

- Calm down.
- W-w-we have to leave.

Kayman, what is
the situation up there? Over.

Come in, Hector Kayman.

Do you copy?
This is Artie Cameron.

Do you read? Over.

What the hell's so funny?

They didn't want us out there.

They pushed us out here.
But out here...

Oh, we are provided for.

Where are the other hostages?


- Psycho!
- Stand down.



What the hell
is that moron doing?

Gotta get out of here!

Come in, Artie. Over.

Cameron, over.

Cave's clear at this point.

Found a hostage.

She's in a panicked state.

She keeps talking
about a monster.

Holding for order, sir.

Green, hold.

Kayman, come in. Over.

Hector Kayman,
report immediately. Over.


It's coming!

Kayman, come in!

Green, Hollis,
my location. Now!


You're not seriously
going back out there?

- Stay with her.
- You sure?


It's a goddamn dragon, bro!


You came back for me?

Oh... eh, well, you know.

Stay here.

Yeah, no problem, pal.

Tristan, move!

Move, come on!

Come on!


What kind of bullshit mission
is this, man?

Kayman and I served in
two goddamn wars together

only to get his ass killed
by a... dragon?

Bobby, I need you here.


Kayman and Percy were great men.

And I swear to you, I am not
losing another man today

or civilians for that matter.

Not on Artie Cameron's watch.

- Hey, Artie.
- Yeah.

I'm on recon.

Got your six.

You're not going anywhere
till you fix yourself up.

What about you two?

Do you require
medical attention?

I don't need shit.


Need help?

Oh, no, Miss. I, uh...

I've done this a million times.

Yeah, but you're...
you're getting dirt in it

so... take this off.

- Bullets?
- Yeah.

In a sock?

- Yeah.
- Isn't that dangerous?

Well, it looks like you guessed
my middle name.

Man, what do you... huh?

I mean, did you see that thing?

How could I miss it?

Yeah, but...

Come on, man.
What the hell, right?

Oh, I guess you see these

flying, fire-breathing monsters
every day, huh?

Look, Hollis.

I've learned to go
into every situation

expecting to see something
I've never seen before.

You know why?


That way, the only time
you'll see my ass surprised

is when nothing happens.

Yeah, and how often
does that happen?

Never has.

So, you guys clearly
aren't regular military.

What's your deal?



Twenty-two years.

The mercs?

Soldiers of Fortune, right?

Like contractors?

Yeah, like that.

I'm thinking this is the work
of the vagrants

picking up after
our dragon friend.


How many people do you think
this thing has killed?

What do you got down yours?


possible way out, but...

it's too narrow
for that dragon to fit through.

I got a dead end
in about ten metres.

So we'll just call that clear.


So, you mercs got names or?

Yeah. Artie Cameron, Tristan.

It's all clear ahead, sir.

Possible exit strategy.

Too small for the enemy
to come through.

No light.

Green, Hollis.



what do you know about
this dragon?

Not much.

He flies, breathes fire.

Any idea where it come from?

I have a hypothesis.

The fracking on the other side
of the mountain

it collapsed a mine.

Yeah, that's probably it.

It's a mine dragon
chasing black gold, right?

The first two reported missing
were the ones who were sent

to inspect the damage.

Where the hell did it come from
then, huh, smart guy?

I don't know. Do I look like
a goddamn zookeeper?


You look like a hillbilly.

- You're the hillbilly.
- Hey, come on.

Listen, the more important
question is

how do we stop it?

Alright. So what about
those vagrants?

What were they doing out there?

Looks like they worshipped
the damn thing like a god.

I think that there's
more to it than that.

What do you mean?

I don't know, I...

I saw it blow some sort
of smoke or gas on them.

If you could've seen
the way that they looked

how they talked...

it was almost
like they were under...

a spell or something.

Funky voodoo magic, man?

They were all vets.

This is some bullshit.

Your sleazy-ass mayor buddy
got us out here

killing our own.

Julius, calm down.

Mayor Mordry hired you?

What do you know about him?

I know that he kicked out
all the homeless

through some "clean up
the streets" campaign.

They have nowhere else to go
so they come out to the forest.

Look, it just made things

a lot more
complicated out here.

Hey, streets are much safer
thanks to Mayor Mordry.

How did you get out here?

You know anything else
about this thing?


It kills your friends.

We're safe for now.

Get some rest.

Look, Hollis,
I know you're new here.

But Artie says you're
the best at what you do.


I don't know about the best.

I am good at what I do.

You just better bring
the bang, Boom-Boom.

Please do not call me that.

Sorry, Boom-Boom.

You part of the team now.

Literally no one else
on this team has a nickname.

Welcome aboard, Boom-Boom.

Anybody else hear that?


Fire in the hole!

- Green!
- This way! Move, move, move!

You staying here?


Where's Griffin?

Where the hell
did you dickheads go?

Find us a way out.


Oh, come on.

Help me up.

One, two, three.


What are you thinking?

That it's time to put you
to work, Boom-Boom.


Bold Eagles forever.

On your feet, Hillbilly.

Hey, man.
Sorry I called you "Hillbilly".

Even though you just
called me one again.

Yeah, shut up!

Come on, Hollis.

Almost there.

Tristan, move it!
Move, move, move.

Good to go.

- Move!
- Better be.


Come on, come on.

Move, boys!

Go, Artie, go.

Not on your life.

Almost there.

Come on, Artie.

Artie, let's go.


I'm not going anywhere.

But you are.

Give me the launcher!


Alright, shithead.
Eat this.

I didn't...
I didn't blow it, I swear.

Where's Artie?

Blew his ass to hell, man.

Artie's gone.

And I know we all...

What are we gonna do?

We're exposed here.

To what?

Dragon's dead, right?

We also no longer have
a map for this region

which leaves you, Ms Peters

as our most knowledgeable asset
on this land.



Alright, there's a ranger
station not too far from here.

Um, our best bet would be
to follow the draw

up to the plateau.

Leads right to the forest.

We move now.

Yeah, sure. OK.

Um, this way.

We're Oscar Mike.


we're not resting?

Guys, seriously.

You can't take a...
five... five minutes max?

Gotta be kidding me!

Double time.

I tell you what...

When this is all over...

I'm gonna
take a long-ass vacation.

Yeah, I heard that.

- Cancun?
- Nah.


I ever tell you about
Mikey May, Tristan?

Mikey May was my best friend

from as early as I even knew
what a best friend was.

You see, we grew up together.

We went to school together.

We played football,
we served together.

We cleared buildings door
to door in Baghdad together.

Defended Kamdesh
against the Taliban together.

And the whole time,
no matter what we was doing

or what was going on

Mikey would never stop
talking about Tahiti.

Apparently, he went once
with his parents on vacation

when he was like,
I don't know, 12.

And from that day on, he would
talk about nothing else.

Didn't matter where we deployed.

Even some of the places
that wasn't hazard pay

or complete shitholes,
they were never good enough.

They were never Tahiti.

When he got out of the service

he moved there and opened a bar
and, uh...

I haven't seen him since.

Because of Mikey May

I've wanted to go
to Tahiti my whole life.

I figured, hell,
maybe after a few more jobs

I'll go pay him a visit, see
what all the fuss was about.

One day, I told myself.

One day,
I'd go see Mikey in Tahiti.

But now...

I don't give a damn
if I ever see Tahiti

cos I will spend
every day I got left

every breath slaying that dragon

even if I have to carve
that motherfucker

from the inside out.

Fuckin' A, let's do this.

That's a negative.

Hollis, Tristan, you are
to escort these citizens

safely back to town.

Take them back?


Artie brought us here together

and when he went down,
this became my team.

Now, he made a promise
there would be no more losses

and I intend to keep his word.

He didn't mean that you were
supposed to take this on.

I don't want to hear it, Hollis.

Now, I've already come
to terms with it.

I will stay until the job's done

see this mission through.

Now, we've all been
through a lot together

but this is where your part
of the journey ends.

But I can assure you
one damn thing.

I will slay
that scaly son of a bitch.

- Julius.
- That's an order, Tristan.

You and Hollis are to take
Miss Peters and Mr Griffin

back to town
and you are to leave now!

This is bullshit.

That bastard killed
my best friend.

I'm not going home
while that thing's still

flying around shitting fire.

You've been running away
from this thing

as long as I've known you.

OK, yeah.
I been running...

cos it's a goddamn dragon!

I'm still out here cos...
because I lost people too.

You don't let anybody
get away with that

not even a dumbass lizard.

Look, Hillbilly's right.

Look, I feel you guys.

I don't care how much of a
badass you think you are, sir.

But if you actually intend
to kill that thing

you're gonna need more
than your two strong arms.

Look, there's no rank out here.

The man paying us has passed.

I mean, we're nothing
but a bunch

of dirtbag civilians now.

You can't make us do shit, sir.

I was just thinking...

instead of your lonesome ass
running around out here

like a piece of meat
waiting to be barbequed...

you could accept
some help for once.

There's a lake
not too far from here.

There's been a lot
of avalanches this year.

With Boom-Boom's help,
we could trigger one.

Trap that beast.

Bury it in the lake.

Not even a dragon
can survive that.

I'm on board.

Hell yeah, that could work.

Sort of like water beats fire,

Alright, I'm in.

But we need to move
and we need to move fast.

I don't know how much time
we have.

So what are you thinking?

I'm thinking we set some traps.

Y'all have dragon traps?

Snares, here.

Why don't we just feed it
this dude's bombs

and blow its ass up?

What are you gonna do?
You gonna walk up

- and hand feed it?
- No, he just eats the bag

and then you shoot the bag
and boom!

C4 does not explode
when you shoot it.

Doesn't it?

There, right on that ridge

that's where you want
to put your C4.

Yeah, yeah.

You got this, brother.

Alright, Boom-Boom.
Time to shine.

We need you up there
doing what you do.

Now, once we lower
the dragon in position

that's when you bring the
mountain down on his scaly ass.

Can do.

Tristan, 550 cords
and tripwires.



- It's on like Donkey Kong.
- On it.

Gwen, foliage and cover.

You really think all this
"Predator" shit's gonna work?

Instead of complaining,
maybe you should help.


She's good to go. Over.

Copy that.
Now bring your ass down.

Target is en route.


Good... Good dragon.

Come on, dragon.


Just a little bit more.

Just a little bit more.

Good dragon, come on.

No, no.

No, no, no. It's OK.


Come on, come on!

keep that trigger finger ready.

Copy that!


You OK?

Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing?

Sacrifices must be made.

Bold Eagles, baby!

Come on.


Shut up, man.
Not right now.

Did Green ever tell you
his story about the surprises?

Yeah, he did.

Yeah, well,
he's full of shit, man.

Well, hang on...
I think we all were.

Hold that.
Hold that right there.

You OK, Gwen?

Hollis, I'ma try to lead it back
your way! Get ready!

Do you read me? Over.

Gwen, this ain't fair!

I don't wanna hit a woman!

What happened?

Uh, long story.

Did you shoot me?

Look, a dragon!

Come on. Lay down, lay down.

Green, I'm with Tristan.

He is hit, but he is OK.

Julius, are you on this line?
Anybody on this line?

Come in, over.

Come in, Goddammit!

Hold that, alright?


OK. I'll be right back.

I'm not going anywhere.


Blow it!

Close enough
for government work.



You OK, bro?

Hey, what the hell
are you doing?


Bold Eagles forever, baby!

W-w-what are you looking for?

- The detonator!
- Detonator, OK...

Where-where is it?

Hey, fire fart!

Come and get me!
You ain't shit!

No, I don't see it!
Did it fall?

I don't know.
It's somewhere around here.

You looking for this?

I'm gonna throw a perfect strike
right up your ass.

Fire in your hole.

Must be out of range.

- The hell?
- What?

It's gotta be higher and closer.

Just gimme the damn thing.

Alright, look, code is set.

Just pull the trigger.


Why ain't this thing working,

Fall back.

There's no blasting caps.

- He can't blow it?
- Green, get back here!

You know what?

Fuck it.

Come get some.

No way.

That's it.

Show me some magic, Puff.

Hell yeah! Ow.

Oh, Green, that was glorious!

Great shot, great shot.

Green, are you there? Over.

I'm here.

I think I got him.

- Yeah, buddy, you got him.
- He's alive?

I guess you were wrong about C4

being detonated
by a bullet, huh?

Well, that's cos I got a lot
more than C4 in that bag.

Grenades, claymores.

That doesn't sound safe.

And that's why we call you

Hate to break up
the positive vibes

but I'd love to not spend
another night in this forest.

It's scary.


You kept your promise, Artie.

You kept your promise.

Well, I appreciate

the party's support
and I look forward to...

What the hell?

Blue Falcon.

What? Where's Artie Cameron?

Artie's dead,
you son of a bitch!

And so are Percy Robertson,
Hector Kayman

and countless other vets
you sent us out to slaughter!

Whoa, whoa!

You're a goddamn disgrace.

You better hope I never have
a reason to come back here.


I know he would be proud
of you guys.

Of all of us.

- Hillbilly, too.
- Yeah.

That's the truth.


So, if dragons are real

does that mean that there's
other monsters out there?

Don't know.

And right now,
I'ma be honest with you, Hollis.

I don't give a shit.


Let's get outta here.

Oh, hey, what's up, bro?

Bet you're wondering how
the hell I'm still alive, huh?

I'll tell you. I'm alive...

cos I'm the smartest,
most badass hero

this world has ever seen.

That dumbass dragon,
he's so stupid

he didn't chew me
or nothing, man.

So as soon as I got in there,
I dropped the explosives

and I made
a beeline to his B-hole.

And here I am, alive.

Covered in dragon shit.

So I'm gonna go wash off.

Shut up, squirrel!
You weren't even there.