Dragon Pond Monster (2020) - full transcript

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[They said]

[everything comes from the same origin.]

[All living things exist for a reason.]

[All living things will die.]

[But that isn't the truth.]

[We have the instinct to survive.]

[We have the will to survive.]

[It isn't working!]

[Switch it again!]

[I need this to work!]

Oh my god.

This is not working.

We need more time.

We have to fix it.

Switch it again.

This is all messed up.

We need to evacuate right now.

Can you hear me?

Hurry up! Do it again!

Can you hear me?

Keep doing it!

Hi, everyone.

This is Nana.

Guess where I am?

It's really pretty, right?

That's right.

I'm with the Dragon Lake expedition team.

We're going into the mountains tomorrow.

When I think about it, I'm so...

So excited!

Followers, if you like this,

please click on the heart.

You won't get lost if you follow me.

See you tomorrow!



A glass of whiskey, please.

Not a drop of alcohol.


Yiyi, I'm already 18 years old.

I can drink.

Who am I?

You're Yiyi.

Who am I?

You're my sister.

As your manager,

I'm responsible for taking care of you.

We're now abroad.

We should be even more cautious.

Don't take alcohol so freely. Understand?

That won't work for me.


She won't let you drink. I'll buy you one.

Also, you're already 18 years old.

She still won't let you drink.

That's not right.



How about...

leaving me your number?

-Let's be friends.
-What are you doing?

What are you doing?

How is this any of your business?

I'm her manager.

This means you get to do
everything for her?

We are out to have fun.

Are you sick?

What are you doing?

There are bar fights every day.

We are tour guides.

Why should we meddle in it?

Come here.

-How dare you hit me?

-This woman is so...

Young man.

Are you also on
the Dragon Lake expedition team?

As for this matter,

I have to tell you off.

Who are you to tell me off?

Old man, how is this any of your business?

Young man.

You called me that?

You're so rude.

Let's divide the assignments for tomorrow.

Hunting has been prohibited

in the Dragon Lake Nature Reserve
for years.

Like we said,

I'm in charge of taking them
on another route.

You'll manage the rest.

Isn't that lying to them?

We're giving them a surprise.

When they get the surprise,

doesn't it kill two birds with one stone?

I called you that.

What can you do about it?

Tell me what you can do about it!

Do you know? How dare...

What about me? Hey!

Are you okay?

What's wrong?

-It's okay.

-I'm all right.

-What's wrong with him?
-I'm okay.

The professor has a weak heart.

He can't get worked up.


It's fine.

I'm all right.


Old man.

Are you playing victim here?

You deserve to be beaten!


Who hit my brother?

Hit here.


Harmony brings fortune.

Don't get angry.

You can talk


Busybody, one after another.

Get him!

My hand hurts.


Are you all right?

I have to pay for the damage again.

Let's attack him together.

I don't believe we can't defeat him.


Stop fighting. I mean it.



Are you all right?

Are you both okay?

You're that martial arts champion.

He Chao?

I'm also your tour guide.

-Hi, guys.
-He's our tour guide.

Tour guide?

Hello, everyone.

Hello. I'm Nana.

This is my sister, Yiyi.

I'm your fan.

Good. You're both pretty.

Beautiful ladies.

I'm sorry about that.

I might have been drunk.

Lu Dayong.

Lu Xiaoyong.

I'm sorry about that.

Sorry for offending you just now.

You're really cool.

Not at all.

I'm sorry.

My brother is a nice guy.

It's just that he's...


This must be the prestigious Professor Hu?

This handsome lad must be
his assistant, Xiaoxin?

Yes. I am.


Everyone on the Dragon Lake
expedition team is present.

Can we really go hunting?

Of course.

It's a feature of Dragon Lake.


Do you have...

What firearms do you have?

Do you have 98K?

My brother and I are military fanatics.

Of course we do.

We have MK47 at Dragon Lake.

And there are M4.

Awesome, Dayong.

-They have quite a selection.

I heard there are many rare animals

and plants in Dragon Lake.

In Dragon Lake,

there's a kind of fish called

the Ugly Fish!

It's huge and delicious.

It's just a bit ferocious.


There are also flowers along the way.

We can't name all of them.

It's such a pity.

In that case,

will I have a chance to see
some new species?

Of course.


What is it?

I suddenly have some bad news for you.

What bad news is it?

We were just informed that

the original hunting ground

is temporarily shut down.

-Darn it.

What should we do?

-All right now. Listen to me.
-He's a scammer.


I have good news for you.

Tell us quickly.

There's another hunting ground.

It's not shut down.


But what? He wants us to pay more.

Go on, how much is it?

A hundred dollars.

A hundred dollars? That's too expensive.

-You keep making us pay more.
-You might as well rob us.

-Right, you might as well rob us.
-All right now. Listen to me first.

On this other route,

there are not only more preys,

but there's also a chance to meet

the legendary mythical creature.

-Mythical creature?
-What is a mythical creature?

It's the deity in Dragon Lake.

If you're lucky enough to see it,

even if it's just a footprint,

it will bring you good luck for a year.

Here's mine and Nana's.

-It's so expensive.
-Fine, you win.

Thank you.


Will there really be a mythical creature?

How can there be a mythical creature?

It's just a trick.

You still paid for it?

Thank you.

Think about it.

"The goddess meets the mythical creature."

Can there be a better publicity stunt?

We'll just sell more products

to earn back the money, right?

You're right.

It's pretty good.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Dragon Lake key chain.

You get 3 for 20 dollars.

-Mr. He.
-Look at that.

A cartridge of bullets per person?

What can we hunt with it?

All right, that's not a problem.

Five dollars per bullet.

Don't buy from him, Xiaoyong.

It's too expensive. Don't buy it from him.

It's all right.

We're out to have fun.

I'll let you shoot
to your heart's content.

Just give me two more cartridges.


-Let me have a look.

Here, take them all.

-Mr. He.

Have you seen the mythical creature?

-The mythical creature?


It depends on your luck.

It depends on luck?


I think all of you stand a chance.

The mythical creature?

It might be right ahead of us.

-Ahead of us?
-The mythical creature is ahead of us.

-Let's go.
-Hurry up.

[It can gobble people up in one bite.]

[That's how incredible
the mythical creature is.]


can you send more hearts to me?

Someone just asked me

if there are many bugs out in the wild.

It's a definite yes.

But I'm not scared.

It's because I have my followers.

Click on the top right corner
of your screen.

What's the big deal
about a cyber celebrity?

Mr. He!

You can purchase it directly.

[Mr. He!]

[You're amazing, Nana.]

[I miss you, Nana.]

[Your clothes are nice.]

[Take care.]

Mr. He.

It has been a few hours.

We didn't see any prey at all.


-There's definitely prey.
-Is there?

I think

they might be ahead of us.

-Just ahead of us?

Dayong, there's prey ahead of us!

Hurry up, get going.



Dayong, keep up.









What on earth are you doing?

What is this?


The mythical creature's footprints.



What is it?

You're very lucky.

This is the mythical creature's footprint.

The mythical creature?

-Can we eat this?

Judging from the width

and depth of this footprint,

the mythical creature

is at least five meters tall.

Five meters?

It should weigh more than 20 tons.

20 tons?

But this footprint...


I'm sorry, guys.

This is a nature reserve.

We can't take photos here.

Why can't we take photos?

-But I want to.

But I want to take photos.

Why can't we take photos?

You can if you want.

I see.

No photos allowed?


Ten dollars per photo.

For 15 dollars,

you can take as many as you like.

You're such a dishonest businessman.

-I can't help it.

It's to preserve nature.

Here, 30 dollars.

Thank you.

Dayong, take whatever photos you want.

Thank you.

The love of money.

Take any photos you like.


This looks so real.

This is amazing.

[Guy in glasses]


I'm so tired.

Dishonest businessman!

Are you on the right route?

Why is it so hard to trek?


The scenery is far ahead of us.

The more dangerous it is,

the more prey there is.

Let's go!

Are you okay?

I'm really tired.

I don't want to keep trekking.

I want to take a break.

All right.

We'll take a ten-minute break on the spot.



Are you arm wrestling with me?


Save us!




What's wrong with the professor?

He has a heart condition. Give me a hand.




He's awake.

He is all right.

He's awake.

He is all right.



My bag.

-My bag.
-His bag.

Your bag is here.

Thank you.


Professor Hu.

You're very knowledgeable.

Do you know what on earth was that thing?

If I were right,

that's a pitcher plant.

A pitcher plant?

Sir, you mean the pitcher plant
that traps and eats insects?

They aren't that big.

-Here, I have it here.


Is that a human bone?

Don't be scared.

That's not a human bone.

It might be a gorilla or monkey.


What does that mean?

It means this huge pitcher plant

does eat mammals.

Will it eat humans?


it will.

Did it try to eat me up just now?


Let's leave.

I'm scared.

I'm also leaving.


Where are you going? I'm still here.

Come back!

You two, come back here.


I also don't wish to leave.

-I think...

There will be greater discoveries
ahead of us.

He's right.

Can you get your numbers right?

If we turn back now,

every penny we've spent
will go down the drain.

It's just a slightly bigger plant.

It's not a big deal, okay?

My brother and I will protect everyone.


He Chao.

What do you say?

If you wish to continue,

I can be your guide.

But the fog will get heavier.

If you don't wish to die,

stay close to me.

Let's go, Dayong.

Let's follow him.

Yiyi, I really don't want to continue.

It's okay. It's safer to stay
with everyone, okay?


[Dishonest businessman!]

Where are you?

Why isn't there any signal?


Where are you?

Dishonest businessman!

Nana, show yourself quickly!
Don't scare me!

Dishonest businessman!

You're nowhere to be found
at a critical time.

I'll surely file a complaint
when I get back.

You're going to file a complaint?

Are you sick?

Did you leave me out here on purpose?

So what if I file a complaint?

Are you okay?

If you're okay, let's go.

They are waiting for us right ahead.


It's dawn.

Head down there first.

Be careful.

We are back.

Is everyone okay?

Are you okay?

We're okay!

It's all right.

Where is Nana?






Over there.

Over there?

Hurry! Keep up!


It's one surprise after another
on the Dragon Lake expedition.

We just found the tracks
of the mythical creature

and now, I have discovered a huge egg.


There are more at the back.

It's like an ostrich egg.

It's too cute!

There are a lot more at the back.

It's so cute.

I'll be back.

What are you doing?

Do you know it's dangerous?

I'm sorry.

Don't get mad.

Please? Look.

It's an ostrich egg.

It's such a huge egg.

Don't be angry.


You want to see me fry an egg?


I'll show off my culinary skills.

I've brought along my camping pan.

Followers, if you want the same pan,

just click on the right corner
of your screen.

I studied biology.

I've been to many places
with the professor.

A huge egg like this

can only be an ostrich egg.


Even the professor's assistant said so.

These are ostrich eggs.

These are snake eggs.

What did you say?

Are you joking?

How can snake eggs be so big?

Dayong, he said these are snake eggs.

Look over here.

Why is it moving?

So cute.

What are you doing?

I'm hunting.

Aren't we here for that?

Pythons are endangered.

Aren't you worried about karma
for doing so?


I'll see what karma it is.

Sir, watch out!

Dayong! What are you doing?

Be careful, Dayong.


Dayong, it doesn't concern you. Let's go.

Are you okay?

Can you still walk?

I'll carry your bag.


Hurry up!


What aren't you running?

Normally, pythons don't attack humans.

Don't worry?

You're bluffing!

I just killed its babies.

It's now coming to seek revenge.


It's locked!


Aim at its head!

That is its soft spot!


Is everyone okay?

Is everyone here?

Watch your surroundings.

Be careful, Dayong.


Get out of here quickly!

-Run, Sir!

My assistant, Xiaoxin!

-Professor Hu!

Save Xiaoxin!

-Professor Hu, hurry!



Go! Professor Hu, run!

-Save him! Xiaoxin!



[The pier is right ahead of us.]

There's a speedboat.

-I can't make it.
-Hurry up!

Stay close to me!

The boat is right ahead of us.



Hurry! We've arrived!

-It's gone.
-Old man, run!

-The specimen is gone.
-You'll end up as a specimen.

Sir, run!

Sir, run!

Run, Sir!



I've let you down.

Professor Hu.

Don't be too upset.

Luckily, the rest of us have made it out.

We've made it out?

Have we managed to escape?

From what I know,

pythons can swim.

Yet that huge python

is scared to come into the lake.

Don't you find it weird?

Professor Hu.

You mean...

I think

there might be something in here

that frightens it from entering the lake.

What is it?

I don't know.

But I am certain

there must be something in the lake

that frightens it.

Old man.

It must be Xiaoxin's death

that made you lose your mind?

What's wrong?

What is going on?

The starter must be broken.

It's okay. Don't worry.


I'll fix it.

How long is it going to take?

You've been repairing it
for quite some time.

What should we do if that python
comes after us again?


You can fix it.

Is it even the time for this?
You're still playing with your phone?

It's none of your business.

Nana, be careful!

Have you all gone crazy?

Slow down.


It's okay.

-Thank you.
-Sit tight.

Let's go.






Get out of there!

-Dayong, hurry up!


Get out of there!


Hurry up!



Hurry up!

Get back here!

Xiaoyong! Get up here.




-Hurry, get up here!




Dayong, calm down.

Dayong, calm down.

We've arrived.

Get down here.

-Are you okay?

I sprained my ankle.

Hang in there.

We're almost there.


A monster.

The mythical creature.

This is the Dragon Lake's
mythical creature, right?


Why do you still believe
in the mythical creature?

I made that up.

Are you crazy?

How can you make that up?

I never thought you really are that bad.

Do you only care about money?

It's not just money

that I care about.

Are you all right?

Are you all right?

There's a research center.

It should hold off the monster.

You'll go over there quickly.

Take care of yourself.

What are you going to do?

I'll lure the monster away.

-Alone? Are you crazy?
-He Chao!

Don't worry.

The flesh of a dishonest businessman...

The monster might not like it.

Take care.


Aren't you incredible?

Come and get me!

Come and get me!

-Come with me.
-Come and get me, you monster!

-Aren't you incredible?

-Come and get me!

Hurry! Let's go.

Come and get me!

Come on!

The monster is coming!



[Don't worry.]

[The flesh of a dishonest businessman...]

[The monster might not like it.]



Hurry up!

Come on!


We're okay.

Over here!

Hurry! Come here!


[I'm Huang Lingling.]

I'm the associate researcher in this lab.

It seems

this is far worse than I imagined.

What are you doing here?

Do you know

what disease
threatens human lives the most?

Is it the cold?

When I was little and caught a cold,

I became dumb afterward.

Goodness, it's not that.

It's cancer.

It's actually a cardiovascular disease.

The number of deaths
from cardiovascular disease

is 15 million a year.

That means

every one out of three people
died from cardiovascular diseases.

After many years of research,

we finally discovered a substance

in the Ugly Fish of Dragon Lake

called MHW705.

What is that?

It can effectively
prevent arteriosclerosis,

lower blood viscosity,

and restore vitality to the heart.

Professor Hu can use that.

But in order to extract this substance,

a huge quantity of biochemical waste
is also produced.

Although we've been very cautious,

some waste still leaked into the lake.


If I were right,

that monster should be a mutation

of the Ugly Fish that's caused
by biochemical pollution.

It now seems that

the entire Dragon Lake area

might already have been polluted.

It's good

to do research on that drug.

But you can't pollute the environment.

God watches over everything that we do.

What now?

This is your karma.

So you were behind all of this?

Do you know how many people were killed?

My brother died.

That's enough!

This isn't the time to argue.

What matters
is how we can escape from here.


What should we do?

This is a huge research center.

Isn't there any way to reach out?

This research is highly confidential.

We usually contact the headquarters

with the satellite phone.


The monster came up to us too suddenly.

Both satellite phones were damaged.





Get in there!


Dishonest businessman!

How did you get away?

I'm asking you!


Dishonest businessman!

What is it?

Will you only be happy if I'm dead?

I only tricked you for a few dollars.

Do you have to behave like this?


the money isn't for me.

It's to renovate the elementary school.

All right, He Chao.

Yiyi is just joking with you.

Do you know?

After you lured the monster away,

she cried.

Why are you telling him?

It's okay.

Come and have a look

at what I've brought.

Our research center's blueprint?

Where did you get it?

When I came in,

the monster was going after you.

I hid into the lab next to yours

and I found this blueprint.

After the monster ran away,

I came looking for you.


How is this any help to us?

You should have
a 10,000 volt power grid, right?


It's to keep the wild creatures out.

But the lightning from last night

has damaged the power grid.

It's fine.

I've already checked in the lab.

The power grid is functioning.

It was just a short circuit.

He Chao.

Tell us about your plan.

Look here.

In order to escape from here,

we have to get past the monster.

I want to lure the monster
to the power grid.


Come with me to fix the arrester.


Ms. Huang.

Turn the switch on.

Once Ms. Huang is ready,

we'll lure the monster over.



-What about me?

What should I do?


That's right. And me.

What can I do?

Sir, you have a weak heart.

Don't take such a risk.


Take care of the professor.


In a while,

go and wait in the car
outside the building.

Once the monster passes out
from the electric shock,

start the car immediately.

When we get in the car,

we'll leave together.

I'll lure the monster away.


Come on!

Bring it on!

Come on!

Let's go. Hurry.


Come here!

Huang Lingling. How is it over there?

I'm almost there.

I'm at the arrester.

[How is it over at yours?]

The power is up.

Everything is ready.

Follow my command later.



Shut the gate!

It's working.

Shut the gate!

Is it working?

I found it.

Hurry. Start the car.

Start the car quickly.


It's a manual transmission.

I can't drive it.

Gosh. I'll do it.


Don't go there!







Where should we go?

Over here. We'll go up.


Hurry. Over here.

[Are you okay?]



-Come on, hurry up.
-Why doesn't the car start?




Huang Lingling, are you there?


When I tell you to shut the gate,

you have to do it.


Dayong, lure the monster
to the power grid.


Come on!

You ugly freak! Come get me!

Come on!


When the monster gets to the power grid,

inform Huang Lingling.

Huang Lingling, shut the gate!

He Chao!

He Chao, wake up!

Dishonest businessman!

Wake up quickly!

He Chao, what's wrong with you?

He Chao, don't scare me.

Dishonest businessman!

He Chao, don't scare me!

Dishonest businessman!
Wake up! Don't scare me.

He Chao!

He Chao, wake up!

What's wrong, He Chao?

He Chao, wake up!

I won't call you
a dishonest businessman again.

Wake up, He Chao.

He Chao!

Aren't you going to renovate the school?

He Chao, wake up.

Is anybody there?

Can someone come and help me?

Is anybody there?

Wake up, He Chao!


What you just said...

You'll help me renovate the school.

Don't go back on your word.

Dishonest businessman!

I'm sorry.

Didn't you say

you won't call me a dishonest businessman?

I thought you were dead.

If I'm dead,

will you be happy?

All right. Help me sit up.




The dishonest businessman

did pretty well.

Wait a moment.

Huang Lingling.

Where are you?

Everything is fine out here.
We can leave now.

[You can leave.]

[I'm going to stay here.]

What do you mean?

[I'm still bound
to my responsibilities here.]

[When you get out of here,
don't forget to tell others]

[this is a dangerous place.]

[Don't let anyone come in here.]

Are you sure this is what you wish to do?


[I'm sure.]

[You should leave.]

[I can take care of myself.]

All right.

After we get out of here,

we'll inform the rescue team to save you.

Be careful.

All right.

You can leave.

Isn't Huang Lingling coming?

Let's go.

[I'm going to Dragon Lake tomorrow.]

[I really don't want to go there.]

[But what can I do?]

[If I don't go,]


[There's live streaming to do.]

[I'm grown up now.]

[Yiyi, I'm not a kid anymore.]

[Do you know that?]

[I'll stop thinking about it.]

[It's time for bed.]

[See you tomorrow.]

[Good night.]