Dragon Lord (1982) - full transcript

The adventures of a restless martial arts student called Dragon, who, while constantly pursuing a girl, gets involved in the affairs of a gang of thieves.

50 points

Your father's coming

Grab it, my Lord

Good morning, father

Carry On

That's it, father

Your bath's ready, sir

That's all, Dragon?

No, of course not

Your sword, my Lord

Watch this

It's hard work

Your turn

He's coming again

Are you through again?

Speed is the strength
of my swordsmanship

Help yourself

This way, please

Are you full already?



Good morning, Mr Chu

The weather is fine, let's
have the lesson here today

How's Dragon doing in his studies?

Excellent, give him a quiz

I'm ready anytime

Help yourself to breakfast

Are you full?

Father's presence spoils my appetite

He's going to give you a quiz

Have you memorized Lesson One yet?

When a mountain is blessed
its spirit revives, when...

Are you going anywhere afterwards?

No, nowhere

Do 50 pages of penmanship then

Why don't I do 100?

You'll be tired
after you've finished 50 pages

It doesn't matter.
I've nowhere to go anyway

Don't hang around

Take care

Throw it down to me. Quick

Don't forget to feed it for me


Going out again?

Mr. Chu, don't forget the 100 pages

I know. Come home early


Pao, please go to my house

Tell my wife I won't be home for dinner


'II help you get started

Ready? One, two, three, four...

One little, two little
three little Indian

Seven little, eight little
nine little Indian, ten little Indian

That's easy. Listen to me

One little, two little
three little Indians

You promised not to tease me

I'm not teasing you, I'm translating

What's the occasion?

Answering to the call of nature

Get me one of those zippers, will you?

My father was put in an order already

I wait for you

Hurry up!

Wait, One, two, three

It's over there. Go get it

Turn it off, it's warm

You think this is a tap?

See, it's all over my pants

What's holding you up, Sexy?

Hurry up. What are you looking at?

Why hasn't Mrs Matchmaker found her?

She really should have found her for me

Wait a minute

I'm going to help her

Why do we always like the same things?

What are you hinting at?

Just our usual

Head or tail?

Head or tail?


You lost. Maybe next time

Where's the girl?

The path uphill

Thank you

I tell your father you'll be late
That's not true

Take your time

You're putting me on again

The captain has a few words to say

We've been running
like mad these few months

The going has been rough

All because of this shipment of antiques

Mr Wang, through his numerous contacts

has found us some foreign buyers

in a month or so

After the antiques are
on board the lines

we shall all be going home

with enough money to retire

I trust this is agreeable to you all

Not me

Did you say something, Lieutenant?

We shouldn't sell the nation's treasures

They aren't anymore

The Qing Dynasty is over

Our Emperor is dead

We don't have a nation

We are still Chinese, aren't we?

These antiques are
ancient Chinese artifacts

They are China's treasures

But if we don't sell them

how are we all going to live?

There are jobs around everywhere

We've fought so many battles

and have risked our lives
for these antiques

If we don't get rid of them now

we'll definitely be dead soon!

Jobs are not easy to find these days

You must be tired, Lieutenant

I'm not going along

Captain, it seems...

You stay out of this

Just line up the liners for us

That I'll do for sure

Chien, you're in charge of security

One must get married
there's nothing to be shy of

For future's sake, take a good look now


I'd be aweful to marry the wrong girl

Why are you so quiet today?

Usually you're the most talkative

These two bastards

What can I do for you?

You're not giving us the pretty ones

No wonder you haven't
found me a wife yet

I've brought her to you once

You said you didn't like her


She doesn't look that pretty now

I doubt if I can recognize her


The prettiest

Who can that be?

She doesn't know any pretty ones

I know every girl in your village

What's her name?

I don't know her name

I don't know about you

Introduce her to me first

Who the hell are you talking about?


Isn't that she?

Shouldn't it be my turn?


Why did you drag me here?

I want to tell you a secret

What secret?

It's not your turn today




Because...look who's coming?

Uncle Ho


They are there

What are you two doing?


Dragon was looking for you

He has written a poem

Let your father hear it

I've got to run
What are you doing?

I'm leaving now

Let your father hear your poem


Let me hear your poem

Jingle bell, Jingle Bell.....

That's your poem?
That's a Christmas carol

You're supposed to be studying

Look how untidy you are

What did you come out for?

Mrs Matchmaker has found a girl

The girl's waiting for us


That's where Cowboy's going

You'd better hurry then

Can't let Cowboy beat you to her

I go right now


Only if he had a wife
that I will be relieved


You should be ashamed of yourself

I'm crazy about her

And I'm not?

I know you do too

Then we're enemies?

A lot of brothers kill each other

Because they loved the same woman

I'd never hit you over a woman

I figure a way to help you then


I'll let you play hero

Who's going to be the villain?

You don't look like one

Kang and Pao look like villains

I pay them to play villains


Will you forgive me for just now?

Of course

I knew you would

What do you want?

He's a erotic man

I want close to you

You must be careful

I want to kiss you

She wants to beat you up

A nice girl shouldn't have done that

I scream if you don't go away

Don't be impatient

Our hero is very punctual

You two perverts

Should be ashamed of yourselves

Don't worry a thing, Miss


My Lord

You told us to kidnap the girl

We've got an intruder

You... I..

It's you again?


Last time you flirted a little girl

I already gave you one last chance

But you're doing it again

You betrayed me just now

Are you all right?

I'm mad

I'm fine

How dare youlStep aside please

Are you all right?
It hurts

That hurts more than the last one

Listen to me, please

Dragon, you...

Please stop, hero, quit fighting, please

Cut it out

Stop now

What are you doing?

Will you two stop it please?

Let go of me

Listen to me please

You think you have won?

You used me to prove how good you are

Go away

We agreed not to hit each other's nose

Afraid that your father
would know, right?

I'll tell your father

You're a stupid idiot

Let go of me

I couldn't care less if father's here


Why are you two buddies fighting?

Take a look at yourselves

He called me a stupid idiot

I don't want to see you again

Go Home


You'd better pay for all damages

What are you standing there for?

What has Dragon been studying lately?

Poems of the Tong Dynasty

and Classical Literature

Why don't you give him a quiz?

He has memorized every piece

He knows them backwards

How about Lee's poems?

How about a Classical Essay?

I can recite 'Going to War'

How about letter to Su'?

Letter to Su'

letter to Su'...

Start from 'Having lost my way'

'Having lost my way...'

'Having lost my way...'

'Having lost my way...'

'Having lost my way...'

What are you doing?

My foot is very itchy

Can you give me the next phrase?

'I joined the army'

'I packed my bags'

'They sent me out of China'

'Into the dangerous
barbarian territories'

'Our troops were the outnumbered'

'But they were the bravest'

'We chased the barbarians up north'

Isn't that great?

Are you reciting or not?

He's grown too fond of this piece

Let me hear 'Su's prayer to wife'

Another piece?

You heard me

'You've gone for ten years'

'But I miss you everyday'

Are you thinking of mother?

Keep on reciting

'Last night you came to my dreams'

'We gazed at each other silently'

'But not without tears of sadness'

Carry on

Can I not do this piece?

It reminds you of your mother, right?

Recite 'My house' then

I've wiped that one off

What did you say?

I've wiped that one off my mind

You shouldn't forget what you've learned

If you can't recite it today

Mr Chu deserves to be fired

You two go clean up the kitchen

Now let me hear it

Can I do 'My song' instead?

'My house'

This is my latest painting

I've also done others too

Why don't you just recite 'My house'?

Yes, father

'When a mountain is blessed,
its spirit revives, when...

Stand still

It should show my personality'

'My personality'







I don't really know


Have some tea!


The window'


What are you doing? Freeze!

'Trees climb the roof and looking...'

'Green'...'And looking'

Have some green tea

'And looking green'

Freeze over there. What kind of
recital was that?

You have had so many tutors

Go memorize your lessons

Yes father




That's not right

What kind of tutor are you?

No dinner for you two tonight

Memorize it today or stay home forever

I can't concentrate if you're here!

'When a mountain is blessed,
its spirit revives'

'When water is blessed,
its spirit awakes'

'Trees climb the roof and looking green'

'I have a lot of visitors'

'They like me'

You skipped two lines

I know. 'I've a lot of visitors'

And then?

I've a lot of visitors'

'From all provinces'

Did you teach him that?


No, it's 'We read to each other'

'We read to each other'

It is peaceful and educational'

Carry on
'They like me'

'That's my house' That's it, father

I know all of your games.
I'm a master of tricks myself

Get change and go to
Uncle Wang's to apologize

You two freeze

I work hard and won't let you down

I hope so

Thank you so much

Don't mention it

Have some tea

Give this to the Lord

We haven't done this for a long time

That's true

Go apologize to your buddy

That's not necessary

I'll show you some of my flowers

Visit with Chin

You want to take a look?

Take it then. It's a gift from me

I've got something even better

This is called a telescope

Good for peeping

I show you a rifle

What's a rifle?

This is a rifle

It blows out fire?

It can kill a tiger

This way?

You need gun powder

Are you all right?


Where's the gun powder?

I've got it

Gun powder

How do you work it?

Pour it in here

How much?

As you like

Let's try that

What's this?

Iron balls

How much do you need?

I don't know

Let's try that


Got to stuff it

That's how my father does it


Try it out

You try it!


You try it!

Why didn't it work?

What's the problem?
Does it work?

Did we do too much stuffing?

Maybe the gun powder's wet

I can't see anything

We're in deep trouble

You go home. I'll take care of this

This is my home

I'll go home then

One person is betten than two

I'll do
'I won't touch guns' lines for you

He took away nothing

I don't believe it

Have you gone over the inventory?

We didn't lose a single item

He may come back to steal

Then we'll be in trouble

We must find him


Give me a few men

Let's go

I crawl in with the rifle

Did you hear it?

Yes, so many of them

This is the pheasants' home

The noises have a stopped

We've being surrounded by pheasants

We'll be rich then

It's over there. Go find it

I can't find my way out

The pheasants should be around

They are not here

Look over there then

I did

Go look again

I can't find them

How can?

These eggs are big

What are you doing here?

Whatever you're doing?

Follow me


I got it

Are you all right now?

Captain, we've got the wrong one

You can't tell between men and pheasants

It flew towards that way

Are you all right, Dragon?

We're sorry

Wait just one minute

You scared away my pheasant

And kicked me so many times

I'm sorry

We came here first

You scared away our pheasant

Ganging up on two kids?

We'll go over there

You should have done that already

We'll mind each other's own business

Don't you tresspass my territory

Or I'll be mad

Were you scared just now?

We've got the game tomorrow

No, I just felt weak

I wasn't scared

Where's the pheasant?

Over there

Captain, we couldn't find him

He must be hidding somewhere

He may report us to the police

We'll be long gone

I want him, dead or alive

The two biggest events of the year

One the breadhill climbing
and shuttle-cock cup

You'll see
the breadhill climbing next month

Today's match is
The Braves vs. The Dragons

Here's the captain of the Dragons

The teams have beaten many teams

to quality themselves
to be in today's final

Both teams are confident

Gold-Silver is today's referee

Time for choosing sides

I'm honored to be the referee

I won't be biased

Captains of both teams

Head or tail?


You choose

That side. Change over

The Braves won the toss

They have the wind of their side

Let's see what The Dragons can do

Be brave

The game will start anytime now

Killer blocked Lord Dragon

Killer passed Robot

One to Zero. The Braves scored

King couldn't even see it

I think The Braves will win the game

They are putting the score
on the Scoreboard

One nothing, The Braves

The Dragons are fighting back

Here comes the magnificent Lord Dragon

Robot passed to Lord Dragon

Too bad it was to high

Here comes the Braves again

Robot has just scored for the other side

The score is now two nothing

The Barves score every minute

The games is not over yet

Two points are easy to score

The Dragons are coming back

Robot, Lord Dragon, Fox

Fox, Robot, Lord Dragon

Lord Dragon is up against three Braves

Lord Dragon is calling
a defensive pattern

Killer wants to score again

Here comes the Braves

Killer's got a golden chance now

Bull roughed Killer up

That's penalty kick

Bull is fighting with the referee

That sure is a stupid move

Killer is pointing towards that side

Must be coaching his teammates

Another score. Three nothing

That was really stupid

Letting The Braves fool you

Three nothing is not good enough

Three nothing, The Braves

Lord Dragon is planning a comeback

Dragon, Robot, back to Dragon

Robot, stolen by Killer

The Braves are moving. Here's Dragon

Dragon lost it again

Robot sends it up the middle

Dragon to Fox. Fox is too slow

Robot intercepeted the shuttle-cock

Another turnover. The Braves
are still coming

Nice save by King

Those were beautiful moves

Dragon intercepeted that pass

He scored for the Dragon

Killer has made a serious mistake

Three to One. The Braves

The Dragons are so excited

Killer is calling a defensive plan

To the goalie again

What a wonderful move by killer

That was just out of this world

Robot, Dragon, Nice move

Bull was fouled by a Brave

The Dragons've got a penalty kick

King has also run upcourt

Dragon will take the penalty kick

Dragon's got a golden chance

Nice save by the goalie

The Dragons almost scored

A close one for The Braves

The Braves are coming back

Killer hurled Bull down onto the ground

Killer is not playing the shuttle-cock

Are you ok? That too much
go to the back side

Pass to Robot

Bull, Robot, Dragon

Fox doesn't know
where the shuttle-cock is

The Braves have another chance

Dragon come back for the rescue

Killer dragged Dragon down on the floor

That was an international foul

Robot is having a one-man-show

Robot still has the shuttle-cock

The Braves are coming back

Killer is on his move

Nice save by King

Dargon had anticipted his move

Dragon sent it back to King

King, Bull, Dragon, back to Bull

Bull missed the shuttle-cock

The Braves have intercepted
the shuttle-cock

The Dragons are playing man-to-man

The Braves are controlling the game

Nice pass from Dragon to Robot

Nice shot by Bull

The goalie is incredible

Time for a new shuttle-cock

Dragon pass to Bull

Two Braves are on Bull

Dragon's shot was caught by the goalie

Another save by the goalie

Killer is on a fast break

But Dragon is a smart player

Dragon is looking for a teammate

Dragon has spotted Bull

Dragon, Bull, Robot

Fox scored for the Dragons

One more goal to tie up the game

Another one to win

We've got a score now

Three to two, The Braves

The Braves are very upset

They'd better be careful now

Killer tried a shot in vain

Another wonderful save by King

The Dragons don't lock tired at all

They are playing to tie game

Killer is frustrated

Fox was dragged down onto the floor

That maybe a penalty kick

It is a penalty kick

The Braves have got a good goalie

Dragon scored for The Dragons

That was a superb display of technique

The game is tied up at three to three

Who will be the winner?

There isn't much time left

Both teams are anxiety-ridden now

Time's up

That's another score

No use. Time's up

The Braves are surrounding the referee

but the goal doesn't count

Because time was up

We'll be into overtime

and I need to take a break

Let me have a sip of water

We can win if we wanted

Time is saving you,
three more minutes on the field

The Dragons will win for sure

I need to talk to you, Mr Ho


Do you think that girl's pretty?
Isn't she nice?

The game will resume soon

All right, we're into overtime now

Killer is beating Dragon up

The Braves are not playing that well

Nice pass from Dragon to Robot

Dragon passed the shuttle-cock to Fox

Fox lost it

Another save to the goalie's credit

Beautiful pass from Dragon to Bull

Bull lost the shuttle-cock

Dragon is signalling for a pass

Dragon sent it to the middle

Fox has got the shuttle-cock now

But Killer is such a good player

Killer is playing a wonderful athlete

Great! Dragon got it

Killer intercepted the shuttle-cock

It's Dragon against Killer

Killer's eyes are injured

Nice shot by Dragon

The Braves are out to score

Dragon ran Killer down

Killer's got the shuttle-cock

That looks like another penalty

It is another penalty

I think The Dragons are going to lose

Time will be up after the panalty

The Dragons are all very sad

Don't be fooled again

What should I do?

It's your decision

The referee is urging Killer to shoot

Killer is stalling the game

Killer is playing tricks again

King has sent the shuttle-cock
up the court

Dragon gives a shot.
Four three. Time's up

The Dragons won

That was a tough, tough game

The Braves are really disappointed

The Dragons represent Easttown

This year's Shuttle-cock Cup

has found its rightful owner

Let's go get the prize

I injured someone


That girl over there

Go to her

Hold this for me

The Lord's girlfriend is over there

Where are you going?

Please listen to me, miss

Stay away from us


You're not forceful enough


What now?

My friend wants to apologize to you

Speak up

I'm sorry

Is that all?

That was really ridiculous

I have a lot to say to her

But she doesn't want to listen to you

Why not write her a letter?

And slide it in underneath the door?

That's too old-fashioned

Send it by registered mail?

That takes too long

What's a fast and classy way?



That's old-fashioned

It works though

A love letter sounds awful

But everybody writes it

Bring it here

Will she get it?

Calculate the wind speed correctly

and it will fly to her doorsteps


It's up

The letter, my Lord

Watch the wind

The wind's fine

How's the wind?

Go ahead

Fly to Sexy's home

The wind has stopped

Can I cut it?

The wind blowing northeast

Cut it

It's all yours

You can cut it now

You've cut it already?

Weren't you watching the wind?

The wind changed its direction

We'll make another one

Another one?

There's a love letter up there

That's right

Write another letter

East town has a fat woman
also called Sexy

My Lord, my Lord

What am I going to tell your father?

It's me

Why are you here?

To pick up my kite

Softer please

Softer please


Get down here

I'm picking up my kite

Hold it

Let him go


It's all right

He's your son's buddy?

Yes, he's just a naughty kid

I wouldn't worry over him

I'm not forcing you to get married

Mrs Matchmaker
Let Sexy knows she's rejected

The one who lives at Flower Lane?

I let her know


She's the one?

I love you, father

When will you grow up, son?

I'll turn her down

Please don't do that

Will you make up your mind?

'II buy you a bottle of perfume


How can I meet her?

At the temple on the 15th

The 15th?
Don't forget my perfume.

Make sure it's from Paris

Of course

Where's Kang?

My Lord

My Lord

Why have you bought so many things?

You can eavesdrop on her

Stay here


You're going to die, Lieutenant

I need some devine enlightment

Would Dragon make a good husband?

If yes, give me an A stick

If not, give me a F stick

Please help me

Give her an A stick

And I'll pay you respect regularly

I've bought you gifts today

You are stealing the nation's treasures

Just surrender the pieces you took

A stick?

Surrender? Am I crazy?

It's an A stick

I don't think you have any choice

A F stick?

Remember our present hunt?

Sure. It's them all right

It's those two idiots

This is a criminal act

Are you trying to kill him?

Don't you conscience?

Captain forbids hurting outsiders

Have anyone notified the police?
How can you do that to a dying man?

You two are number one cowards

Bullying defenseless persons

Why don't you take me?

He hit me

That's like hitting me

Sexy is watching

I finish for you

All right?

Be careful

What we need now is a brave man

You again?

It's true you look funny

But you shouldn't feel ashamed



Stay cool

Two against one?

We need more space then

Will everybody move aside please?

Excuse me please

Are you all right?


You're asking for it

You're a dead man

The brave is not afraid of death

If I got killed by these two animals

Make me a shrine and place it over there

Let everybody know what I died for

And who my murderers were

Make sure they use concrete


Watch behind you

I'm fine

Stop hitting him

Come kill me

Hit him

Don't upset the crowd

Let nobody move

We want to save this man, right?


You two ought to be ashamed of yourself

Stay cool

But I'm not afraid

Lieutenant is a dying man anyway

Let's leave here

We won't be ganging up on you

Don't you run away

Don't let me run into you again

Lord Dragon

Let me down

What about the injured man?

Quiet please

We should finish what we've started

My father will pay for all damages

Bring the injured man out here

Then see if the old woman's hurt

Get me a board

Where should we bring him?

Bring him to my house

Our barn is bigger than your house

Bring him to your barn then

That we'll do

Making wishes?

Don't be too superstitous


The devine one answers my prayers

What stick did you get?

An A stick

Is that right?

I want to visit you at your house

Did I invite you?

Get going now


You fought like a thug just now

Not like when you are practising

Fighting and practising are different

I stole a few pieces
from their collection

You said we own a share
of the treasures?

Every Chinese owns a share

There are 30 million Chinese

We own 2-30 million then

How much is that?

I don't really know

It shouldn't be too little anyway

How's he?

He passed out

Too much bleeding

Go buy some bandages

I have to go home anyway

Can I leave you alone here?

Sure, this place is safe

I'm leaving then

Hurry back

Don't let my father see you

The stolen pieces are precious

They are the cream of this collection

You're saying...

Without those pieces

the collection would sell half
of the original price

Are you threatening me, Mr Wang?

You want to talk to the buyers yourself?

No, I don't

Where's the Captain?

In there


As you were

He's in Wang's house

So Lieutenant and Wang are together

You go there now, I'll be there soon


Where are all your servants, Cowboy?

It's their day off

I've bought this medicine

Is he all right?

He's still unconscious

That's getting serious then

Why don't you get the medicine ready?

Get me some matches, will you?

I can't move

What's wrong with you?

It's some old injury

And its affects your eyes?


Where are the matches?

We don't have any here

Go get me some then

I don't want to move

What do you want then?


Go right ahead then

One little, two little
five little Indian

Five little Indian boys!

You skipped two Indians

I said five, didn't you hear it?

Are you mad?

Yes, so what?

Get out of here

You're really mad?

Go home

You think I like to stay here?

You get the medicine ready then

Don't use too much water

Tie him up

What are you doing to him?

We'll bring you to the Captain

I'm not leaving here

We'll kill you then

Now would you like that?

Kill me then

I him

I him

I can't do it

Are you disobeying Captain's order?


It's you again?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Don't you have conscience?

Are we worse than two kids?

If he reports us to the government

we'll lose our lives

I couldn't care less about the treasures

I'd rather go find a job

We don't want to see Captain again

You tell him for us

Get out of here as soon as possible

Take care of him for us

Don't worry

How are you feeling?

I don't want to get you involved

I don't care

He does though


You've done your nation a favour


Take care of yourselves

We've done our nation a favour

We should keep on doing more

So you teamed up with outsiders

They're innocent

He's innocent


How do you feel?

What do you think? It hurts

Hand over the pieces

You must be kidding

Every Chinese owns a share
of the treasure

I don't represent them all

Nor do I

Where are the pieces?

I don't know. Let's stall him

We will never let you know

I shouldn't be wasting time on you then

I'm hit

Are you all right?

Why don't we tell him the truth?

He won't believe us now

Be tought. We're doing
all Chinese a favour

Will they come to our rescue?

Let's go get some help

Let's go

You're walking out on your father?



That's my father

Thank God then

What did you say?



Uncle Wang. Cowboy!

Are you all right, father?

You kill my father

Stay cool, Cowboy

He's not your father

Your father's alive, Cowboy


Cowboy, Cowboy...

Confess. And I'll let you go

What about the Wangs?

I'll let them go too

You promise?


Come closer

I don't want him to know

I don't know where the pieces are

I don't care if you don't let me go

Though kid

Speak up or I'll let go




Are you all right?

Don't let him go

He threw my father down

Do the same to him

I can't beat him

He's neither taller
nor stronger than you

Why can't you beat him?

Let's leave here

What would you do
if that was your father?

Uncle Wang


'II kill the bastard

That's what I'm going to do


Get out of here

Speak up and I'll let you go

Are you afraid of anything?

I'm not even death

We'll die together



I drag you down

Cowboy, he's coming down the belt

Excuse me, Dragon

Do you think we killed him?

All I know is we're still alive

I'd better go to my father

Are you all right, father?

Should I throw him down again?


You go first. Hurry...

Quick. What takes you so long?

You are always late

Where's Uncle Wang?

He's being with the officers.
Will catch up us later

Dragon, he takes all our credit

He's your father

Have you discussed how to do that?

How? Use hands, of course

Then we've to be quick or nothing left

One, two, one...One, two, one...

Trembling with rage while it rains

I roar with pain, the emotion is strong

How much have I contributed and
how long have I travelled?

I mustn't wait any longer

And leave regrets

The vengeance must be taken

But when?

Leading my troops to crush the enemies

Drinking their blood
and eating their flesh

We must regain our land and

revive our spirit

One, two, one, two

Please be seated

Please, please

All the best


It's taller this year

Don't mess around

It's taller than your barn

Go get the ball

The ball is ours

We're invincible

To beat us impossible

I get it

We're on the same side


Are you color-blind?

Okay? Come on

It's yours

I'm a red

Get away

No, you were running the wrong pattern

That's not ours. Don't put it in

Ours is red

I confuse

Catch it


Don't let him get near the table

Catch! Dragon


I get the prize