Dragon Labyrinth (2020) - full transcript

Hu Bayi goes to Gulan County with Wang and Gold Tooth to make purchases and they meet Shirley Yang. The four get into a ghost grave without finding anything, and almost get killed by a ...

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[In the 1980s]

Under the ranges, gold is buried.

One range equals one barrier.

Behind the gate if it’s heavily guarded,

treasures are protected by Eight Diagrams.

Locating tombs

is Mojin Tomb Raiders’ unique technique.

No wonder your grandfather

wanted to learn from Flying Beast.

According to tradition,

only after my grandfather

passed the trial would he be admitted.

Instant noodles and beer.

[In the early years of the Republic of China]

When I was young,

he once told me

a story about

entering a dangerous Southern Song Dynasty tomb.

He had to follow Mojin Tomb Raiders’ rules

to take out the outer robe of the female body.

Right after the summer arrived,

Jurchen invaded the country.

Yun and his father joined the battle.

A letter arrived in autumn

bearing news of Yun’s death. I can’t live alone.


This princess loved him deeply.

Yin and yang

creates the world.

Those in separate worlds can’t meet again.

Touch the bones and faces gently

to find gold.

I’m sorry.

Dragon Labyrinth

Some story you told!

Better than ours.

Your grandfather

could only fool kids like you.

I lost.

-Bayi and I tell lies a lot.
-They’re all made up.

-Even zombie isn’t real.
-Don’t listen to him. Sit back.

Sit down.


-do you believe that?

Her grandfather’s story.

I only believe what I see.

But truth be told,

I’m shocked that you’re Francolin granddaughter.

You know him, too?

We aren’t of the same generation.

How could I know him?

My grandfather told me about him.

His master Sun Guofu

and Flying Beast studied together.


all Mojin Tomb Raiders are from the same school.

In that case,

Miss Yang,

you should pay respect to me.

I’d like some sunflower seeds.


Go on.

No, no, no. Stop.

Just tell us

what you know

about the red eyes on our backs.

That goes back to the Banshan Branch.

It all started

from the ghost cave

found by Zagrama people.

Their wizard said

there was a Golden Jade Eye

in the east

which could see everything in the ghost cave.

So the tribesmen

forged a jade eye

and offered it to the cave.

Later, some excelled at divination discovered

that the cause of their strange diseases

lied in the sacrifice they offered.

That jade eye

was cursed.

So the Banshan Branch’s mission

all long

is to find the Phoenix Pearl to break the curse.

Miss Yang,

this is the 21st century!

How could you still be so superstitious?

Alright. Enough.

In another word,

medically speaking,

we’re likely

to be poisoned by radiation

or some unusual virus,


Professor Chen and I did research in America.

We didn’t find anything.

That’s OK.

We can find that Pearl

your grandfather mentioned.

Wait, hold on.


what exactly is that Pearl?

Some say the Phoenix Pearl is a meteorite.

Others claim it’s Goddess Earth’s organ.

Wow! What a treasure!


-we’re gonna be rich!
-I’ll say it again.

We’re doing this for our country

and to find the cure.

Fine, fine, fine.

I’m not stupid.

Save lives, right?

Who’d know

we’d be cursed by the red eyes

after we came back from Jingjue?

You had to bring that up?

That’s why we applied

for your assistance this time.

Miss Yang,


I didn’t mean that.

I mean,

this curse isn’t all bad.

What’s your point?

My point is

our days are numbered.

Why don’t we make a bundle

while we still can

enjoy the rest of our lives?

Zip it, Butterball.

Shirley is our friend.

We’re trying to help her.

You can stop.

It’s for your sake, too.

I know.

Four twos.

This town it is.

We’ll take the boat

to the Bronze Gorge.

Maybe we can find something there.

Taking the boat again?

You’ve been yapping nonstop.

Not a word is true.

-We should call you blabbermouth.
-Enough. Stop bickering.

Let’s settle down and prepare for the trip.

We’ll set out tomorrow morning.

Yes, madam.

I can come later...

Come in.

It’s late. What’s up?


I have...


I have a small request.

I know it’s inappropriate, but...

I’d like to...

You want to see this, right?


It’s identical.

Did you think

mine was different from yours

only because it was genetic,



It’s identical.

Is it true

that the later the red eye is discovered,

the later the poison will take effect?

Is it?


those who are cursed...

Not all of them, right?

Your grandfather made it to over 60,

almost 70.

The further one is away from Jingjue,

the longer he or she will live.


are you worried about the trip to Black Water?

What’s the use of worrying?

We’ve come this far anyway.

Just see what we can do.

I’m sorry.

Because of me, you’re cursed

and under so much pressure.


Don’t beat yourself up.

It’s no big deal.


We can fix it together.

Nothing is impossible.

We can crush that red eye.

I’ll...I’ll go back to my room.

By the way,

may I borrow your notebook again?

I’d like to take a closer look.

Check carefully.

Don’t leave anything inside.




No, Shirley.


Hu Bayi?

Are you OK?

I’m fine.


I’m here

waiting for your notebook.


I twisted my leg.



I...I’m off.

You OK?

-I can hold you.
-No, thanks.

No need.

Keep this distance from me.

Perfect. It’s safe this way.

Talisman! Talisman!


It can protect you.

Which one is good?

-Buy one to protect yourself.
-Pick one for me.

I like this one.


This one?


Are they all the same?

Of course.

How much?

Ten Yuan.

That’s a lot!

Are you trying to rip me off?

No, you...

Make it cheaper.

It’s said there’s a River God

in the Bronze Gorge.

A talisman

can ensure our safety.

River God? Who told you that?

He...he did.

Listen, he made that up

to fool you.

Don’t believe him, got it?

Hey, watch your mouth!


Are you trying to ruin my business?

Ruin your business?


You’re a liar.

No deception should be allowed.


How dare you call me a liar!

If River God hears that,

he will

eat you first.

River God, yeah?


Ask him to come out

and eat me now.

What did you say?

That’s enough, sir.

Well, I think

we should buy one just in case.

Don’t waste money. He’s lying, you know.

You know who I am?


See this?

Authentic Mojin Charm.

I’m telling you,

whatever god is here,

I’ll knock him down,

not to mention a River God.

You’re so full of yourself!

I still have work to do.



I’ll trash your booth.

He’ll eat you first.

Let’s buy one.

-It’ll shield you.
-Pay for it.

Alright. The boat has arrived. Let’s go.

Where did you go?

I was looking for you.

So was I.

I was waiting for a while.

Where were you?

This is for you.

You bought it too? How much?

20 Yuan.

Ten is already too much. You paid 20?

20 for three.

We can all have one.

20 for three?

Why did he charge me that much?

Can you tell me why the Phoenix Pearl

is in the treasure cave in Black Water?

Rumor has it that the cave was a tomb

for royal family members,

but their kingdom was about to topple,

so they stored

their most valuable treasures there,

hence the name

treasure cave.

The Phoenix Pearl

was hidden in there, too.

So we have to find that cave first.

I see.

At that exact moment,

that Iron Dragon

rose out of the water.

Look at him.

The water was splashed all over me.

I was soaking wet.

When I saw him,

you know,

he was nothing.

He tried to scare me.

But who am I?

I’m the authentic tomb raider.

I’d never care.

Not in a million years.

So I bent backward,


landed in the water and whacked him.

He knelt and begged me to spare him.

Hey, you’re exaggerating.

Exaggerating? You don’t believe me?

Go to the Dragon Range and see for yourself

I built that Fishbone Temple

with his bones.

You’re bragging.

When I built that temple...

Fishbone Temple? It was there before 1949.


He challenged me.

Let’s go.

You heard it, right?

They doubted me.

Look, what’s that?

What’s that?


Hey, look, what is that thing?

What is it?

Have you seen it before?


Not once in my life.

-Me neither.
-What about you?

Someone must’ve

offended River God.

This isn’t the ancient time.

How come you’re still so superstitious?

Neither have I seen it.

Spare me, please!

Don’t kill me!

Don’t kill me!


-Look, Bayi.

Spare my life, please.


What is it?

It’s scary.

Stop bowing.

Stop. Move the boat.

Come here, Butterball.

Let’s go.

Come on. Move.

Go back to the cabin, everyone. Go.


The boat is stuck.

The boat is out of control.

What the hell is this?

Is there really a River God?

Hold tight!

What should we do, Bayi?


We’re alive!

It’s OK!

Well done!

We’re safe!

We’re alive!

We’re alive!

Good job, man!

Very well done!


Good job.

Are you OK?

-I’m fine.
-All good.

Stop fooling around.

Now isn’t the time. Come on!

Did you get a clear view?

What the hell is that?

It’s worse than that Iron Dragon.

I guess the boat struck a rock

and activated a trap in the water.

You’re right.

It is a kind of underwater trap.

I once read it in a tale

that when the First Emperor of Qin was on a trip,

a giant in gold armor ambushed him.

He survived but kept having nightmares.

In order to stop his nightmares,

a gold bull was placed in the Yellow River.

Maybe that bull is the River God.

No way.

That’s absurd.


I’ll be blunt.

You guys must’ve recognized

that we’re diggers, too.

You people are skilled.

Why don’t we travel together

so that we can have each other’s backs?

We’re running a small business independently.

Yours is different.

We’ll take our leave.


See you.

Look at you.


Hey! Bayi.

Those people

have been shadowing us

since we disembarked.

What are they up to?

Did they disturb you?


Did they?

If not,

then stop nagging.

Be a man, will you?

Maybe they’ll change their path later.

I only said that for your sake.

I have to warn you again.

We can’t harm others

but we must always stay alert.

Let’s focus on our mission.

Ignore them as long as they don’t break the law.



Sit and rest.

Hey, hey, look,

those punks have followed us all the way here.

We can’t get rid of them.

You already called them punks.

Are you afraid?

Of course not!

But look...


They’re right behind us.

Why don’t you go inquire them

and give them a talking-to?

You bet!

I was about to.

I have no fear.

Well, I’m

going there alone then.

Be careful.


given the current situation,

you’re right.

Here. Look.

Black Water

must be their next target, too.



when will we take action?


if they’re Mojin Tomb Raiders,

they must be up to more.

We can’t keep following them.

Alright. Relax.

I know what to do.

Hey, bo...bo...bo...


We have a visitor.

Hello, guys.

Put it away.


Hello, Kaixuan.

Have a seat.


Smells good.

Taste it.

How could I miss this?

It’s good.

Wow, you got drinks, too.

Thanks, man.


May I ask

where you are

heading to?

Why do you care?

Just checking.


Ignore him.

We had a near-death experience together.

That’s right.

Let’s chat over dinner.


Let me toast you.


Cheers, man. Cheers.

You sent him there

to eat up their food, didn’t you?


I simply wanted to keep his mouth busy.

He was nattering nonstop.

We can finally enjoy some peace.

Oh, hey,

it just came to me.

Here you are.

This is my favorite.


if this time,

we can’t find the Pearl,

what are you going to do?

If we fail,

why don’t you and Butterball go abroad with me?

You mean like your grandfather

who died in a foreign land?

I didn’t mean that.

I know.

You meant well.

You want us to live long.

I get that.

After everything happened,

I don’t know

if my persistence

is still necessary.

Don’t be so depressed.

That doesn’t sound like

the Shirley I know back from America.

Stop teasing me.

I’m serious.


we’ve drunk a few rounds

and eaten enough food,


cut to the chase then.

Actually, we’re going to...

Actually, we’re going to...

Black Water to make a few bucks.


where are you guys going?

What a coincidence!

Our destination is the same.

What are you looking for?

Don’t know

until we find it.

How dare you fool us!

Your man has a bad temper.

As his boss,

can you put him on a leash?


I’ll be honest.

What we’re looking for

is useless to you.

I have a proposal.

Hey, if you’re a man,

let’s set up

a bro code.

You really trust us this much?

I trust myself.


If I turn a deaf ear to it,


laugh at me.

Starting from the sunrise tomorrow,

if one of us finds that place first,

the other must quit.


It’s a deal.

Let’s drink.


those scums

are grave robbers.

Don’t worry.

I’ve taken care of them.

I set them up.

I asked them

to follow the bro code.

That way, they can’t rob the grave.

What’s wrong with you two?


-What bro...

What bro code is it?


We’ve made a deal.

If one of us finds that place first tomorrow,

the other must back out.


we aren’t doing this for ourselves

but to protect the tomb.


Full moon clouds the stars.

Can’t use astrology to locate the tomb tonight.

We can’t let them beat us to it.

They cannot damage those treasures.


Miss Yang...

The night shift is yours.

Good night.


if we lose,

are we really gonna quit?

It’s anyone’s game.

Even if we lose,

I have other plans.

I don’t think

they’ll all play by the rules.

If they dare ambush us,

I’ll kill that fatty first.

Eat up.


Damn you stutterer!

Can’t you speak properly?

Go on blowing it up.


You have to interfere?

Hey, listen,

if the tomb is underground,

the explosion

may destroy the entrance

or even sank the tomb.

More importantly, you may also be in danger.

Got it?

None of your business.

We’ve done this

over and over.

Your action

is illegal.

You can’t

bear the consequence.

Don’t bluff!

Are you afraid you’ll lose,

so you’re here to hinder us?

Hey, punk,

watch your tone.

Don’t be so ungrateful.

What did you say, fatty?

You heard me. What’s wrong?

We aren’t here to pick a fight

but to warn you.

If you dare touch the tomb,

we’ll stop you.

Let’s go.

Goodbye. Take care.

Blow it.





Help, boss! Help!

Help me, boss!

Zhao Dong!

-Zhao Dong!

-Zhao Dong!
-Zhao Dong!

Zhao Dong!

-Zhao Dong!
-Zhao Dong!

Don't go!

Run! Leave!

Get out of here!



Desert Fire Ants! Run!




Let’s go.



-Hurry! Move!

Let’s go!

It doesn’t make sense.

Hey, those ants

moved faster than us.

But why did they stop when they got here?


this is the place.


I said

maybe this is the place.

Range falls to the flatland.

Under the peaks are burial spots.

Follow the peaks in the mountains.

Find water sources on flatlands.

The tomb should be here.


What did your grandfather write?

How did he describe the place?

Under Black Water


an invisible dragon.

It’s unusually small.


only one spot on its head

can serve as a shelter.

That’s why it’s called One-eyed Dragon,

also known as

Dragonfly’s Dip.

And the water source?

What did he say?

That’s it.

Three stars have shown a bad omen.

It’s unbreakable.

There’s no protection.

By protection, I mean water.

Water is the lifeline of the mountain.

Without it,

everything will be different.

No matter how auspicious this place was,

but now,

it can’t be more dangerous.

If someone is buried underneath,

we can’t get out of there alive.

We must think carefully.

If Wang Zhan and his lackeys

get in first and destroy the tomb,

our mission will fail.

Let’s do it!

Under the ranges, gold is buried.

One range equals one barrier.

Behind the gate if it’s heavily guarded,

treasures are protected by Eight Diagrams.


what is this?

What is it?

A glazed tile.

How come there’s a hole?

It’s burning.

We’re on the roof of the chamber.

I’ll say it one more time.

I’ll go first. You cover us.

Do not touch anything.



Tomb-raiding is rampant in this area.

It’s intolerable.

Holes are everywhere.


if you don’t want

to catch that blue fire,

better keep your hands to yourself.

Is it that dangerous?

You should control your heart, Butterball.

Those are valuable.

How...how come they were so flammable?

Those beads

were fixed by mercury and wood oil.

Once taken off,

they’d be turned to ashes instantly.

Too bad.


light it.


Light the candle.


Isn’t...isn’t it...

Look, Bayi.

The Reclining Buddha is strange.

Isn’t it a diagram of meridians?


At least

two acupoints are at wrong places.

But if we look at his head, chest,

stomach and legs, don’t they represent

Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix and Tortoise?

Dragon is the entrance.

If so,

how should we get in?






We’re unstoppable.

This looks like the Milky Way.

It’s called Star Falling River.

It’s said

rulers of the Western Xia Dynasty believed

the dead could reach heaven through this river.

It’s hard to believe

such magnificent legacies

are buried for thousands of years.

The Star Falling River

matches the concept of nirvana

in Buddhism.


Don’t be a dork.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.

Look who’s here!

I’m surprised that you could get in.


don’t point that thing

at others.

Put it down,



I’m doing it anyway.

What can you do?

Don’t touch it.

Drop it.


It’s a sea...sea pearl.



Help me!


-Help me!


Don’t go!

-Help me!
-We can’t.

-Help me!

Get him out!

-Help me!

We can’t do anything.

Watch out, boss.

It’s dangerous!

Help him!


It’s dangerous.

Go help him.


There’s nothing we can do.

Do something!

Boss, help me. It hurts!

Help me!

I don’t want to die!

Help, boss!

We can’t save her, boss.

It’s dangerous!

We can’t do anything.

Do something!

It’s dangerous!


this pearl

kills those robbers.

It’s covered with phosphor powder

and can set people on fire.

Watch the back!

What was that? Scared the hell out of me.

That was an illusion.


It was also a warning.

The seemingly ordinary path

can be life-or-death.

One misstep,

we’ll all die.

Can you crack it?

Nine at the top center, one bottom.

Three on the left, seven right.

Two and four on the front line.

Six and Eight on the bottom.

Five at the middle center.

Four directions are formed.

This path is basically a Sudoku.

Flanked by yin and yang.

Red Spider Lilies are at the front.

This is the gate of the tomb.

It’s easy to open it.

Those scums are bold.

They blew it open.

Step back!

It’s dangerous!

You’re lying.

I don’t believe you.

Tell me how to get there.

Chen Suo.

Follow his instructions.



Yang goes clockwise,

while yin the opposite.

Go straight or astray.

Each star represents a dragon.

First to the south and the north.

Then the west.

Leave only the east.

Oh, my God!


after you.

Boss, we’re gonna be loaded!

No touching.

Everything in here is valuable.

Those robbers can’t take them away.

Chen Suo,

calm down.

They didn’t cast a glance

at these things.

What they’re looking for

must be

even more valuable.

Look, Bayi.

This candle is strange.

There’s no wick.

Candles without wicks aren’t for burning.

This candlestick is unusual.

This statue may be the Black Jade Demon.

Persians made this evil Buddha

with rotten jade.

It represents evil

and death.

You bastard!


what exactly are you looking for?

Kill us now.

I guarantee

that you won’t see the sun again.

Tell me what you’re looking for!

Can you get out?



get down!

These worms were sealed in the statue.

They got out

after it was broken.

They were frozen in there for so long

that they must be starving.

Similar to mosquitoes,

they attack warm-blooded animals.

It was also designed to wipe out grave robbers.

There must be

another space inside.

Where is it?


I’m thinking.


What are you doing?

It’s just a damn candle.

Stop wasting time!

-Let’s go.
-Let’s go.

Help! Don’t close it!

Go away!


What are you doing?

Worms! Watch out!

No, no, no.

I don’t want to die. Open it.


correct me if I’m wrong.

This is what happened.

Just now...

Just now, we got in through that gate,

and then we had a fight with that jerk.

After that,

we circled back

to this place.

What does that mean?


there must be...

I mean,

why there’s a labyrinth?

-We can’t get out.
-I’m thinking.

-Think hard. We’re stuck in here.
-I’m trying. Enough.

Can you be quiet? Move!

Go away.


there’s a coffin.


Before that king passed away,

he had lost his kingdom.

How could he still be buried properly?

If he wasn’t buried here,

whose coffin is it?

It does seem odd.

Hold on.

What if it wasn’t that king

but the invader who was buried here?

All dynasties

adopted similar principles

to choose tombs.

Bayi said outside

that today is a bad day.

If there’s a body inside,

once we open the coffin,

all three of us

will die.

But our backs are against the wall.

We’ve arrived

at the end of the tomb.

This is the last room.

Our chance is 50-50.

If what inside isn’t a body,

what else could it most likely be?

-Phoenix Pearl.
-Phoenix Pearl

Let’s do it.

We need to find the cure as long as

we don’t damage any treasure.

Light the candle.

Faqiu Seal.

Mojin Charm.

Banshan and Xieling locate tombs.

Candles lit

can be blown out by ghosts.

Tomb raiders need to understand astrology.

Mercury rashes

nourish treasures.

Valuables can be stored in chambers and rooms.

Dark coffins,

bronze caskets,

commoners don’t go near them.



I can’t rest in peace.






we all died

for money, boss.

Ants are eating my flesh and drinking my blood.


It’s scolding!

No. You...you...

I’m sorry.

You know how many people died

because of your greediness?

Is it worth it?



he should be punished by laws.

Grave robbers should be brought to justice.



What’s wrong?

Why are you screaming?

Did you get hurt?

What is this?

Phoenix Pearl?

It hurts.

I’m no expert,

but even I know it’s not that Pearl.

It’s nothing but tortoise shell.

Why there’s a Star Falling River here, too?

Star Falling River?

It represents rebirth.

It represents rebirth.

Coffin that we’re in means death.

Rebirth, death.

We still have a chance to live.

That can get us out.

Those robbers all died in the tomb.

Justice is served.

I, Wang Kaixuan, am back!


we didn’t find the Phoenix Pearl.

It’s OK.

There’s still hope.


It’s so good to be alive!

[Based on Hu Bayi and the others’ reports,]
[the police successfully arrested other
wanted armed suspects of the gang.]