Dragon Kingdom (2018) - full transcript

To save their Kingdom from an army of undead, a group of warriors must travel through the forbidden lands fighting the fearsome beasts that call The Dark Kingdom their home.

Trampled by the dark army of Fury
and scorched by the dragon's breath

The peace and harmony
between the 12 kingdoms of

Nazroth is little more
than a distant memory.

Emerging from the chaos and
surrounded by the stench of death

The Princess of Zaldah has survived
the destruction of her castle.

Armed with a powerful dragon egg
snatched from the rubble of her castle

And the knowledge that her brother
is behind the army of fury bloods

She must save her people

There's a war coming.

Giving her strength are her most
loyal and courageous Royal Knights

Joining forces with Katori
Warrior Women to stop their

common enemy Prince Favian from
conquering the entire realm.

Kingdoms will fall, crushed
beneath the feet of

a thousand and torched
by unstoppable dragons.

Out of the ashes a Kingdom will rise.

H's amply

Where is everyone?

Stay behind me Princess

Our blows only seem to slow them George.

As do our Hades

It's like they don't feel pain.

Can weapons not harm them?

They don't know their injuries.

Take thew heads

Then let us cut off their
heads and be done with it.

So that's how we kill them.

Search the building for weapons.

Drag the bodies into the
barn, lock the door.

How much more of that stuff are you
going to put on me? It stinks.

The more we apply the faster we'll heal.

Would you prefer I stop?

If you put it like that.

Then enough of your moaning

You have a healing touch Your Highness.

And a good stitch.

Thank you

We need to get you out of those clothes.

I mean, you shouldn't look like royalty.

We'll attract unwanted attention.

Yes. these clothes do seem less
appropriate now than ever before.

There'll be many desperate
people on the road.

Not just the My

Anyone could be working with Prince Favian.

There'll be a high price on
your head Your Highness.

I saw some clothes in the
cottages, you should gel changed

How did Favian even get these eggs.

And what is he using them for?

I don't know but I don't like it.

- There is the power in [he eggs of dragons
- No good ever came from using magic.

And even having that thing
near us is bad luck.

It must have something to
do with the fury bloods

or maybe he's trying to
raise a dragon army.

That would make him incredibly powerful.

No one has ever enslaved a dragon.

No ones ever found a dragons egg before

What d'you mean?

The dragons are believed to
live in the jagged mountains.

Beyond the volcanoes and rivers
of lava, they are impossible

to cross by man and the mountains
too treacherous to climb.

And the seas either side
are too perilous that no

ship's captain will ever
dare to navigate them.

Well. we know Favian
is commanding the fury

and he seeks to wrest
the throne from father.

But how is he doing it'?

There is another. one who
is yet to reveal himself.

There must be.

Favian doesn’t have the knowledge
or power to do this on his own.

Or the courage

What is that'?

It came from the dragon
that destroyed the castle

Get some sleep, at first light
we push to the Northern Castle.

I'll take first watch.

Wan! some company George?

No, rest up old friend

George. Dimia.

Thank god we found ya

You're the King's Knights

You were at the Inn.

Everyone we're safe

You have to save us

What happened'?

Kettlage was overrun by [he restless dead
These furies

Killed so many of us.

We lost our daughter. Please help us.

Where are you headed?

To the King's Western Castle if it
pleases you ma'am. We'll be safe there.

The King's army will protect us.

What's wrong'?

Please let us shelter within
the safety of the walls

Please you have to protect us.

- Please, sirs. Don't leave us to die.
- Please. please. have mercy.

- We are honorable people
- Enough.

The castle has been destroyed.

You'll find no refuge there.

All this way for nothing.

Lies. They don't want to help us.
Nothing can

bring down the castle walls
not even these fury.

What Sir George says is true

The castle was overrun
and completely destroyed

You must come with us to the North Castle,
that is the only way you will be safe.

What could destroy the castle?


It's come back for the egg.

Then we give it what it wants

I told you all that thing would
bring us nothing but trouble.

Good riddance

Until it comes back again.

They need lo wait here

You need to see this

Dimia, stay with the Princess.

What's wrong'?

Furies. as far as the eye can see and
they're heading straight towards us.

What are we to do?

We're gonna die. We're all gonna die.

Ooh. we've lost everything.

I knew we shouldn't have
gone this way, I told you!

- Like we should have gone down to-
- I am the townsman and you do as I say.

Stop fighting.

Stop fighting.

What are we gonna do?

What are we going to do'?

We're out off, there's no my through

There must be thousands of them.

This was the Prince's plan all along.
To surround

us and finish off everyone
who's not loyal to him.

How do we get to the Northern Castle?
We have to warn father.

We need to protect the people of
our kingdom. of all the kingdoms.

Favian wants us to bow at his
feet, we mustn’t let him win.

Maybe we head back to Kalon

D'you think we'll make it?

Favian surely has the
Kingdom surrounded by now.

I just have this sick feeling
that inside of me that we are

not fighting with our Katori
sisters to the final toll

As do I. But what shame do we have?

These are unbearable odds George

We can't go back north. Now we
can't go south. W-What now?

East. To the coast and safety by the sea.

No means in which to buy passage.

Here. Take this

Give this to the captain
of the Kings Armada.

Tell him to set sail for the Red Islands.

And to take you there to safety. Tell him
to remain there until he gets more orders.

Just make sure that he takes the
whole Armada from the land.

- You're not going to come with us?
- No!

Our path leads into darkness.
You'll be safer on the seas.

Let me come with you

I can help.

I can become a Knight

To become a Knight takes years
of dedication and training.

We began at childhood.

You're a townsman, your
responsibility is to these people.

- But you take Katori with you.
- I said no.

It's. err. it's Bryce.
it's Bryce isn't it'?

Part of being a Knight is obeying orders even
if those orders are disagreeable to you.

What is the best way to get to the castle?

We go through The Dark Kingdom.

The Dark Kingdom is an evil place.

No-one of sane mind has
ventured into that land.

H's the mos! direct mute

The fury are closing in, we have no choice.

But George... The Dark Kingdom...

No-one has ever survived The Dark Kingdom.

The air is thick with whispers,
talk of overthrowing the King

Ssssh. the very bricks of this
castle listen for deceit.

The bricks may Helen bu! so do
I, there are changes coming.

You speak of treason. You want us killed'?

Your Majesty, you wished
to hear the report.

Your majesty?

Forgive me Commander.

My mind is with my wife, the Queen

I fear she gets weaker by the day

You were saying}

We have not had word
from the Western Castle.

The messenger's um! we
sen! has not returned and

we fear for the Prince
and Princess' safety.

Their safely?

But we sent a whole battalion there?

What if George and his
men weren't successful?

What if the dragon has
destroyed [he castle?

What of my daughter'?

What if... if...

No need to worry Father.

The Western Castle is safe and
secure as am I and sister.


What are you doing here?

wanted lo be close to you and mother

Where is the battalion.

I do not need any battalion
to hide behind Father.

I would brave any danger
to be at Mothers side.

The battalion remains with
the people at the castle.

An old heart warms with
your gallantry my son.

But Favian...

Where is Elizabeth?

Do you believe all the stories
of The Dark Kingdom?

They're not just stories Your Highness.

Those who have ventured
in have never returned.

Only their screams.

M's true

The Katori know of many
souls lost to that place.

What are these myths you tell of?

Myths! Huh! The legend tells of a
sorcery by the name of the Magister.

And he descended into the
deepest and darkest valley.

Once he was there he used his powers to create
such abhorrent abominations of creatures

The strange mist fell on the land
and for two hundred years the name

'The Dark Kingdom' has struck fear
in the heart of the innocents.

And yet. that is where we are headed.

Bu! it can! be (me, can it?

That is the stuff of nightmares.

No-one knows, no-one living anyway

Maul you to leach me how to fight

if half the legends are true
I'll need to be of better use.

As you wish.

Richard, swords

Take the sword. Hold it like this.

It has to become part of
you, not something you hold.

Let the weight move with
you. not against you.

Now draw it into your
body and lean forward.

Many attacker will charge you down.
With the blade

in this position. it'll
surely find its mark.

From here, you defend


You ready?


Use your body and footwork
to avoid the News.

Show me





Fish. Fishy Puh. Tuh.. Sc good

There's been something I've
been meaning to tell you.


The stable girl I talked of...

Elizabeth and I we-

I know.

How long have you known'?

I wasn't sure until we were
in the castle two nights ago.

It wasn't supposed to happen. A Knight and
a Princess. that's why I kept it a secret.

There'll be many that will disapprove.

But not you my friend?

No. But we have a treacherous road
ahead, you must have a clear head.

You weren't asleep last night, were you'?


Always protecting me. even from myself.

Always Sir. Always.

Do you think the King
suspects anything is amiss?

It's possible My Lord.


Instruct the Magister...

To have our Furies ready

To stand outside the castle gates

We must ensure that my dear
sister and her beloved Knights...

Are finished.

There is still no sign of her,
nor of Sir George or Sir Richard.

Wan! them found

Tell the Magister to send
Furies that have known them.

Anyone turned that knows how
these Knights think find

And destroy them

As you command My Lord

What is it?

Nothing. I hear no birds. No animals.

No insects

We're here

The threshold of The Dark Kingdom.

A place of no! day nor night

I don't like it.

None of us do

Whatta we do now?

Prepare yourselves, once we cross the
boundary there'll be no turning back.

Are you ready Knight?

I could have died happy in
the arms of that Siren.

We move quickly and quietly.

We mustn't attract any attention.

What is it?

Large Heavy

Tracks are maybe two or three hours old.

H's a Demon

Mailers not. The tracks lead in
the other direction. Let's go.

The Kingdom is overrun with Fury

Fury' those are just stones

Ne. Ne, no, no they're real. They
killed my daughter. And my husband

M's true

Our Village and the Western
Castle have been destroyed.

Where are the King's messengers?

Likely killed.

The Royal Knights, they
told me to give you this.


You must help us.

They said to set sail for The Red Islands.


Whose blood is this?

My husband's.

He's just... he was just an Inn Keeper
and he couldn't fight off these Fury.

We has! everything

We have our orders We make haste

For The Red Islands

What is it?

We're being watched

Take cover.

Let': leave before that thing comes back

What ms that?

I do not know, nor do I care to know. Nor do
I wish to find out what it was afraid of.

That's what we all should be afraid of.

This is magic

Let's get out of this place.

Search your rotten minds, seek
out your old commander George.

Find him and the Princess wherever they
hide. Do not rest until they are dead.

I can't believe Bryce left us.

He's selfish, some townsman he is

He has his own demons.

I'll need you to come to the
Captain and tell us why we are

headed for The Red Islands and
my we have you on board

You must tell me about these Fury.

- Look, we have run for our lives.
- The Knights told us to come to you.

To protect the people of Xaldah.

We're on the brink and only our actions
will ensure the future of our Kingdom.

You wish to see me Father.

It is customary to knock before you enter.

Your messenger said it was
urgent so no time to waste

I prefer to stand and take in the room.


There is something you are not telling me.

As far as I am aware, the castle is intact.

And why would the castle not he intact?

Magic. I can smell it.


You hear that?

Sounds like a rock slide.

We have lo push forward

Keep moving

We're going to get crushed.

Form up

What good are our weapons
going to be against that'?

Stop it. You're just annoying it.

Elizabeth. No.

- He'll kill her.
- Wait.


You're treading on my home

Forgive us.

We did not know

Our land has been destroyed and we are
trying to find safety. We mean you no harm.

Drop your weapons


This mean place.

Thank you for your kindness


Well that was weird.

We were all ready to fight
but all it took was a

moment of softness from
the Princess to stop it.

Elizabeth. please never do that again.

It's alright George. You can trust me.

The story was of rocks moving with intent

The rocks were actually alive.

Maybe we should be more mindful of
the interpretations of the legends.

Yeah. Of course. Now. my friends.
please can we get out of this place.

His time is over. It is time I became King.

What is it you would have me do My Lord?

Find a way to get the Furies
within the castle walls.

Maul to lake this castle within two days

As you with My Lord.

And you, dear sister.

Where in the four comers are you?


Did anybody see that?

We've gm company

We are being Matched

I've seen at least two of them.

How much further George?

Maybe a day. Two. But the terrain's
going to have to start going

up if we're ever going to make
it out of this dark realm.

This place stinks, makes my skin itch.



She's gone.

Some kind of Carnivore.


hm a Knight

Take mam Lord Rem

Face From

A place never of day nor night

A twilight of never-ending nightmares.



Bring them to mm

Bryce! Slayer of beasts.

Bryce! Slayer of beasts!

Katori. What are you doing here?

It's not safe. Follow me.

You did that?

You managed to slay all those beasts?

I did.

Use caution with him.

Mighty warrior you must be Bryce.

To have slain all those creatures

How do you know vino I am?

You were singing you own praises by name.

So many enemies slain

Yet here you are

Not so much as a scratch on you

I am fast.

No you're not

I am a warrior.

And I did kill all of those beasts.

And you all should be cautious of me.

Is that so'?

What are you doing so far from home Bryce?

I'm tracking a group of Knights.

And Kalon

I am have lo save them

You're tracking Katori'?



And why would these Katori need your help?

There is a dark army swarming the Kingdom.

Sir George needs to know
if they are following him.

These Katori. they are
the Knight's prisoners?

No. They're working together.

Dimia has betrayed us.

A slayer such as yourself will be of use.

Come Bryce. Let us find your
Knights and these Katori.

Pm Reno. Lord of The Dark Kingdom
Who are you?

What are you doing in my bud?

We're just passing through

So if you'll give us back our
weapons we'll be on our way.

Be on your way?

No outsider has ever entered my Kingdom

No! You will stay as my guests.

Your guests? Do you always
bind the hands of your guests?

Who are you'? What are you doing here?

We are just passing through

No-one passes through here

All other routes are closed to us.


Yes. You're on the run

No mailer. To pass through here is death

We did not know the laws
of your land and there

were none to ask. Please
just lei us pass.

You're too entertaining to let you leave.

You've slain many of my people and
somehow lived to enter my chamber.

And dare to tell me to let you pass.

- I, I, we didn't mean.
- Silence!

Strip them of their armor, take them away.

I will decide what to do with them.

A bite or a sling?


What is that'?

- Where's it coming from'?
- Sssssh. Listen.

Follow me, let's go.


It's too late.




Maul to hear what they have lo say

Retic. it is I. your master.
These are my creations.

Hear me now I have [racked two
Knights and a Princess here

Do you have them?

A Princess?

Do you have them?

Possibly, what are they to you?

Bring them before me


You dare defy your master?

Master? Master!

You have no power here ever since you
abandoned us to serve your Prince

I created you, you will obey me.

MN not. None of us will

I rule The Dark Kingdom now.

I created you and I can destroy you.
Do not anger

me or I will send my Fury
army to destroy you.

You forget the army of
abominations that you

left behind. They are
now mine to command.

Retic. my son. I do not
want to invade your home.

I know you have them

Our desires are the same.

You want the Princess
and these Knights dead'?


And she is the Princess
of the Light Kingdom

The Princess of Xaldah.

Very well

They will die by my hand,
as and when I decide.

But they will not leave
The Dark Kingdom alive.

Then we have an agreement

Fetch the prisoners.

Take them to [he Arena

Yes. Master

No matter what happens, the
Princess leaves with us.

As you command

- With honor
- With honor

Bring them out


You have desecrated my
lands. killed my people.

I offer you a choice, die where you stand.

Or fight to [he death {or your freedom

Win and you will go free.

All of us?

No. The Princess remains.
She is to be mine.

Never. We do not accept your terms.

Then you will die where you stand.


Elizabeth! No!

This is my decision George.

You beat thew champion and you
make sure you find Father.

Save our people. promise me.

You can trust me George

Very well. We accept

We accept your offer


You'll each fight a champion of my choosing

To fight and die. we're
warriors. that is our way.

With honor.

With honor.

George, d'you think he'll really
let us go free if we win?

Bring forth Mikara and Garunga.


KM [hem

Come on. Get up


Yes! Come on

Come on Richard

You have bested two great warriors.
How surprising you are.

Bring out the other one

You're a Princess from the Light World.
I always wanted a Princess. A Queen.

You'll be my greatest Concubine.


Come on George

Show mercy

Let': make this more interesting

Yes, come on George'

Any ideas?

Try no! to die


That is going to leave
a mark in the morning.

Yes! Come on'


We have bested your champions,
now show honor and release us.

All of us.

He's never going to let us go.

Lock out'

Fool. I'm not a man of my word.

You're not a man at all.

I am the Lord of The Dark Kingdom

Come on George

Come on George, gel up, get up

I am the Lord of The Dark Kingdom.

He's not going to last much longer.
We need to be ready.



If George doesn't make it we've
got to get the Princess out.

- She gave you orders
- So did George.

You really though! you'd 'MN your freedom?

I'm the master of this place and
I decide who lives and who dies.

Not any more

Don't make me kill you. Do you yield?


Then I accept your surrender, we are all
to leave here unharmed. Do you agree?

- I agree.
- Louder so all can hear you.

I agree to allow you and your
companions leave here untanned.

Bring the Princess down here.

- George.
- Well fought Knight. Well fought indeed.

- I thought you were done for
- Never out of a fight

Never. Let's get out of
this godforsaken place.


Kill them all!

We've searched for you
on your unsanctioned

quest. You've betrayed
us for these Knights.

Now you must die

You will never be Queen

I do not betray Katori. These
Knights saved our lives.

Fight me. Or fight with us.

No more'

No more'

No more!

Have “mercy.

Retic. We began the day as enemies.

The only way we will win
the war is as allies.

We all have one common enemy. We
will only defeat him together.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

How long before the Fury
surround the castle?

A day my Lord

Well tell him to hurry up Goddammit, people
will notice the King is missing soon.

As you wish.

How many Dragonlings have now hatched?

Maul him to make them subservient lo me

I want all the Dragonlings under
my command and under my rule.

Very well. I accept your
offer of an alliance.

George' what about the Fury?

They say if you slay the sorcery that casts
the spell. the spell is then lifted.

Let us hope.

Failure and disobedience is unacceptable.
You are weak and inferior creatures.

I shall command my Fury army to eradicate
you. the Princess, the Kinghts. Katori...

Every living thing in
The Dark Kingdom. Your

existence no bugs! has
any meaning to me.

Have no fear. These outsiders
see us for what we are.

We are all warriors. We
have a common enemy.

Our creator wishes to destroy our Kingdom
and he wishes to destroy their Kingdom.

Together we strong.

Together we can stop him. Assemble
the army. For tomorrow...

We go lo war

What have you done Favian'?

The Northern Castle will soon be mine.

What manner of creatures are they'?

They are my creatures
They are Furies Father

They are what have been stopping
messengers, killing troops...

And they are what will
gain me your Kingdom.

But why?

Why do this?

Does your thirst for power mean
you will turn my Subjects...

They are not your Subjects anymore

They will either accept me as their ruler.

Or be destroyed by my army.

Your army?

No Favian'? No. What have you done'?

No Favian'? No. What have you done'?

Where is your sister, where is she'?

And you Father, will remain...