Dragon Inn (1967) - full transcript

The Eunuch of the Emperor has ordered the commander of his army condemned to death for betrayal and insurrection. The commander's family was was murdered to cut off his bloodline, but his two youngest, a son and a daughter, were expelled from the empire to the outlands in an attempt to draw out the commanders confidant and adviser. In order to complete the plan, the Eunuch sent his ultra-secret Black Arrow Troop to assassinate the two remaining children and the advisor. The ambush: to be carried out at the Inn Of Dragon's Gate at the border. The plans fail as journeymen of great swordsmanship turn up at the inn. From that point until the end of the flic many battles take place. This film is a masterpiece of martial arts swords-play and speaks the tune of "The Swordsman" and the "Zatoichi" films. A must see for fans of classic Asian cinema.

In the year 1457 AD

the 8th year of Ming Emperor Jingtai's reign

the eunuchs seized power in the palace

they controlled two espionage agencies

The East Espionage Chamber
and the Imperial Guards.

These are the Imperial Guards.

And these are East Espionage Chamber agents.

The agents are a kind of secret police.

The agents and guards were ruthless.

At the news of their approach

civilians would be scared to death.

This is their second in command, Mao Zongxian

This is the commander, Pi Shaotang.

They are well-trained swordsmen,
unscrupulous and evil.

Their chief eunuch is Cao Shaogqin.

He wields great power
and is a master swordsman.

His kung fu is supreme.

The high officials all tremble in fear

at the sight of Cao.

Today he is supervising an execution.

The convict is Yu Qian,
the tutor to the prince,

Minister of Defense.

Yu was loyal and patriotic,

but he was a victim of the eunuchs in power.

He sentenced to death for

aiding and abetting foreigners

His family has been exiled to Dragon Gate.


Producer; SHA Jong-fong

Starring: BAI Ying,
SHI Chun, SHANGKUAN Lingfeng

Cinematographer: HUA Huiying

Music: ZHOU Lan-ping

Production Manager: S. C. YANG.

Director and Screenplay: King HU

Look! Yu's spirit still haunts us

Even with his children banished to the border,

Still he causes trouble.

Your Excellency is most insightful.

Kill the children and bring an end to this.


- Careful!
- You go first!



Make way.

Make way.

Beat it!

Take them away, officer.

- Who are you?
- Hurry!

Your Excellency!

What is it?

Someone intervened?

They can't be far. We can catch up.

No, wait for them at Dragon Gate.


What is it?

Take a look.

Go to tell the boss!

Sir! Sir!

What? Got nothing to do?

We have guests.



- Help with the luggage.
- Yes.

Leaving now?

See you soon.

How strange,

guests at this time of year?

You must be tired. Let me take your luggage.

Come in! You must all be very tired.

Thank you.

Draw water for washing and make some tea.

Come in! Please have a seat.

Have some tea.

Pour some tea for our guests!

Have some tea.

You could take a room upstairs.

Take a seat.

Make some tea.

Sit over here, it's alright.

Sir, take this one.

Leave me be!

Sir, which do you want? Let me give it to you.

Just go away.

The innkeeper?

He is out.

Can I help you, sir?

What do you do here?

I am the book-keeper.

How many guests are staying here now?

It's our off-season, so none.

Good. We'll take the entire inn.

The entire inn?

We'll stay here for five to ten days.

No other guests while we're here.


Yes, but...

Go and prepare the rooms.

A tip, sir?

Wait over there.

Yes, sir.

I'll make you some fresh tea.

- Waiter!
- Yeah?

How much?

It's up to you, sir.

We've lugged this stuff more than 10 miles.

I see.

How many soldiers are stationed here?

I'm not sure.

Speak up.

About twelve.

Someone go handle them.

We have work to do here.

Don't take any guests without my permission.

Do you understand, book-keeper?

Yes, sir.

Give them a good burial.

Make me a pot of good tea.

Mao, I'll wait for them by the road.

You take few men to the woods.

We will meet down the hill.

Leave a few men to guard the inn.

Sir. We're fully booked.

I won't be staying here.

Then you are...

Is Innkeeper Wu here?

He's out buying goods down the mountain.

When will he be back?

I don't know.

Perhaps you should come again
in a couple of days.

No, I'll wait.

I think you'd better go.




As a matter of fact,

it's not so peaceful here in recent days.

Is it because of the Tartar soldiers?

Right, right.

It's fine. I'm not afraid of them.

Why did you stop playing?

Besides, the inn is full.

You'd better...

The waiter told me.

I'll be fine wherever.

Bring me mutton noodles and liquor.


One bowl of mutton noodles and liquor.

Waiter, I want a bowl of mutton noodles, too.

I want that man's noodles.

That bowl?

Sir, I'll bring you another one.


I want that bowl.


Yes, I understand, but...

Let that gentleman have this one.

Thank you.

Take it.


Waiter, don't just stand there.

Go to see if my liquor is ready.

Give it to him


Give it to him!

Sir, your liquor...

What is it?

The liquor...

No, no.

What's wrong?

Your liquor, it... spilled.

I'm sorry.

What happened?

What's matter with you?


It wasn't me.


What happened?

No idea.

Look, you...

Sit down.

Tie him up and get him out of here.

Get going.

Keep away! You!

So you've put something in my liquor.

No, no. I didn't.

No? You drink it.

I don't drink.

Just drink it!

Keep back.

You are all blind.

Well aren't you the gutsy one!

Don't you know who I am?

Bring me another pot of liquor.

Who are you?

Let me borrow your cloth.

I'm talking to you, hear me?

Pick them up for me.

Don't just stand there!

Bring the liquor.

- What happened?
- Go!

Hold on!

Don't forget your weapon.

Move and you're dead!

Oh dear!

Bring me another bowl of noodles.

You still want noodles?

Do what you're told.

You've caused a lot of trouble, sir.

How so?

There are dozens of them.

They'll be back at any minute.

While I'm here, they wouldn't dare.

I'll go check, commander Pi.

He's clearly here for something nefarious

Be careful!

Did you kill this man?


Didn't he tell you?

He did.

Then you don't need to ask me.

He only told me his side of the story.

I'd like to hear yours.

Who are you?

I'm his friend.

Since you're his friend, I'll tell you.

He poisoned my liquor.

So you killed him?

How can you prove he did it?

My word is proof.

A man's life is involved.

What do you think we should do?

What do you think?

A debt for a debt, a life for a life.

Fine, sue me in the district court.

I have no time for that.

And the district court has no control over me.

That's right. If we go to the district court,

the deaths of those carriers would come out.

Don't make things more difficult.

I thought we'd all forget the whole thing.

Forget? It's not as simple as that.

Why not?

You're being unreasonable.


Get back!

I've told you many times

Not to cause trouble out of the palace.

You are incorrigible.

Commander, this guy just...

Prepare the washing water.


You're too kind!

They are ignorant fools.

Please forgive them for offending you.

It's quite alright.

May I ask your name?

Xiao Shaozi.

Brother Xiao.

What do you do?

I'm a lazy man.

Wherever there is a job,

I'll stay a while.

I just can't keep a job for long.

May I ask you a question?

Why are you here in this wasteland?

The innkeeper is my friend.

And where do you work?

I work in the Criminal Investigation Department

I travel around with these fools.

Are you here for a case?

I do what I'm paid to.

We may need your help someday.

You are too polite.

What case are you working on?

I hope you don't mind, brother.

I can't say, unfortunately,

I understand.

We are here on a secret imperial edict.

By order from our superior,

We can't have anyone around while we work

I understand. You ask me to leave.

If you would be so kind,

I will repay you someday.

Oh no, that won't be necessary.

I'd like to pay part of your expenses.

I wouldn't want to be any trouble.

I will be back, though,

when the innkeeper returns.

Of course. Thank you very much.

My bill, please.

Forget it.

No, I'll...

Thank you very much

See you again.

See you another day.

Please pass this to that gentleman.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Send two men, tail him.

Brother Wu.

You're finally here, Xiao.

I was just at your inn.

Why didn't you wait for me?

There are
Criminal Investigation officers there.

They say they're working on a case

and my presence would be inconvenient.

I don't think they're who they say they are

They're not in uniform.

Hold on!

Who do you think they are?

I don't know, but they're up to no good.

Each one is a crack fighter, too.

What were you looking for me for?

Let's go back.

Commander, that guy is back again.

Pack everything away.

From now on, don't call me commander.

Tell no-one we're East Espionage Chamber.

Say we're with Criminal Investigation.

- Go tell the guards outside.
- Yes.

Brother Xiao.

Back so soon?

I met Wu on my way down.

This is the officer
from Criminal Investigation.

I'm Wu Ning.

Mr. Wu.

Sir, if my men did not serve you well

in my absence, please forgive me.

It's fine.

Mr. Wu,

My name is Mao Zongxian.

We have business to attend to in your inn,

so beyond preparing our food,

please leave us be.

Until we leave, no one may leave here.

That includes you, remember.

And no guests without our permission.



What do you want?



Don't go after them, watch where they're going.

Let's go take a look.

What do you want?

A room.

Open up!

Open up quickly!

Open up!

Open up quickly!

Open up quickly!


There's no rooms, stop knocking!

Who is the innkeeper?

I am.

I asked politely, why didn't you open the door?

I apologize for

my man's rude behavior.

But we really have no rooms.

In that case, I shall camp here.

That is impossible.

You want a fight?

Who are you?

Just someone looking for justice.

You should stay out of our business then.

How dare you act like that!

Forget it, just listen to me.

- Forget it.
- No!

I will camp here!

There's no need to camp,

take my room.

We couldn't do that.

Travelers should help one another.

What does that guy do?

He's a merchant.

Get dinner ready, Mr. Wu.

Could you give me a hand?

Dig in, everybody.

Where are you two going?

- We're...
- We're going to Gansu

to visit a relative.

And what is your business?

We are here to track down two escaped convicts.

You must have been working hard.

A toast to you all!

Did you officers happen to see

some convicts being transferred?

A man, a woman and a child?

Yes, we saw several groups in fact.

Do you know their names and destination?

Their surname is Zhang, our distant relatives,

They were headed for Tianshou.

I didn't see them. Did you?

Never heard of them.

Let's have another drink.

There must be better liquor here!

Warm up two pots of good liquor!

They've poisoned the liquor.

My friend, forgive me for being rude today.

I've come to apologize.

Let's have a drink.

Good, let bygones be bygones.



"The liquor is poisoned."

Have some warm liquor.



- Here's to you!
- Ok.

What are you doing?

Are you drunk?

Drunk? I haven't drunk anything yet.

It's spilled, no problem.

I'll fill it up for you.


What's wrong with you?

Have some bread.

You are really drunk.

Stop drinking or you'll get chest pain.

When did I ever have chest pain?

Remember? Mother asked me to look after you.

She said if you drink, you'll have chest pain.

This is strong, there's pigeon crap in it.

He's always bossing me around.

Since your brother can't drink,
I'll drink with you.

Fine. Cheers!

You've spilled half yours! That's not fair!

Drink mine. It's full.

I've spilled this cup, too.

Give me yours.

You certainly are trouble.

They're all the same.

No they're not.

Why do you say that?

Fill his cup.

I want your cup.

What's so good about my cup?

Are you trying to start something?

Leave me alone, brother.

Just give your cup to Sir Zhu.

Bro, leave it.

I've never seen anyone drink in this manner.

You are drunk.

Forgive him, he drinks too much.

He nearly finished me off, Sir Mao.

You are no good, stop showing off.

Let go!

Commander, I think the Zhu brothers

are connected to Yu Qian.

Xiao is the most difficult one.

It was he who told Zhu

the liquor was poisoned.


When he came over to offer a toast.

How did he tell him?

I didn't see, but the four are a gang.


Including Wu, the innkeeper.

Then just kill all of them.

Xiao will be a problem.

Let's start them fighting among themselves

That Xiao is not a good guy.

We would be dead if he hadn't warned us.

But why? He had no reason to warn us.

Sleep here, brother.

On the floor?

You're a cunning one.

Got it?



Mind your own business.

I want to tell you what happened.

Stop being unreasonable.

You're a woman?

What happened to you, Mr Zhu?

- Officer Mao
- What is it?

Did you hear anything just now?


Come to my room later.

Who is it?

It's me, the innkeeper.

The innkeeper.

What was going on?

Don't know.

I know.

Innkeeper, just come out and tell me.

Stop beating around the bush.

Who do you think you are
talking to me like that?

You're young, but always arguing or fighting.

If it weren't for your sister,
you'd be dead by now.

How are you going to take care of business?

- Old man, mind what you say.
- Brother.

If it weren't for your old age, I'd...

What? You want to another fight?

Mr. Wu, my brother is hot tempered.

You have always been a bit mixed-up.

You are over 30, and still hot tempered.

Do you know us?

No wonder you don't recognize me.

He was 18 when I met him.

What is your name?

Wu Ning.

Were you General Wu
under Minister Yu's command?

Your father and I served in the same battalion.

Uncle Wu.

It's been almost ten years.

Get up. Come to my room later, quietly.

How can you tell
they're from East Espionage Chamber?

I've seen many of their kind.

They're here for the Yu family.

Uncle Wu,

what shall we do?

Kill them all while they sleep!

By my estimation,

The Yu family will be here by noon tomorrow.

We'll search for them at dawn.

Once we find them, send them away.

We'll come back to deal with these agents.

They'll probably also go searching
in the morning.

Well, let's hope our luck holds out.

Zhu ) and I will head east.

Xiao and Miss Zhu will go west.

When we leave, give no signs

Search him.

"By order of the Emperor"

"Eunuch of East Espionage Chamber"

"On special imperial assignment"

If anything happens, send someone to me.

If things get desperate, just make them...

Don't be reckless.

They're coming!

Stop yelling and go tell the commander!

- All right.
- Let's go.

"Dragon Inn"

Is there a room available?

A room?

Yes, this way please.

Get us some food.

Draw water and make some tea.

Bring the buns out.

Hurry. Hurry!


Please freshen up.

How many days will you be staying?

We're leaving tomorrow.

That's fine.

You, go.

Oh no! They're here!

Hurry back, take them away.

If you can't make it, take them to the barn.

- I'll go to find Xiao.
- Okay.

Take the short cut.

Master Yu, run!

- This gentleman, you...
- Take them away.

They are agents from East Espionage Chamber.

There are too many of them.

Take them upstairs.


Hurry to the barn.

Commander, they're coming!

Stop them!

You, open the back door of the barn.

You, attack from the front.

Out of the way!

Let's forget about this, young man.

Alright! Release the Yu children then.

Alright, all of you go inside,

ask Master Yu to come out.

I'll stay here with Master Zhu.


Miss Zhu!

Miss Zhu.

Go through the back of the barn.

You can still catch them.

What about you?

I'll stay and deal with these rascals.

Brother Xiao

Sir Xiao.

Who is it?

It's Pi Shaotang. Could you come out?

What is it, Sir Pi?

Look, Sir Xiao.

Did you ask me out to look at this?

Do you think they deserve this?

They do like to throw their weight around.

Let this be a lesson to them.

You have nothing to do with the Yu family.

Why do you fight against us?

I took their money, that's how it goes.

In that case, let's have a talk.

I already took the money.

There's nothing to talk about.

Not so, you could still join us now.

Join you? It's not that easy.

Why not?

This way I get both fame and fortune.

I'm paid to save
the descendants of a loyal minister.

Don't be offended.

East Espionage Chamber has quite a reputation!

No need to be oblique.

East Espionage Chamber
is known for being evil and vicious

But we do pay very well.

How well is that?

That depends on what you have to offer.

You've seen what I'm capable of.

So you're interested?

That's right.

Our official price is 100 taels of silver.
I'll double it.

I can't do it for this price.

Just name your price, Sir Xiao.

200 taels of gold.

It's a deal.

So, will you pay me in advance?

This is outrageous!

What's that?

Don't you play games with me.

Get him


Out of the way.

If you're going to keep doing this

I'll stop going easy on you.

Quick, take them

You need to rest.

Why bother looking after them?

Shut up.

It's not serious.

Let them go.


You can all go back.

You can't let them go!

You keep quiet!

As soon as they get well,
they'll come for you again.

Don't you worry about that. Go!

Go, go.

Thank you very much.

We don't know what to say.

Remember, don't drink too much water.

Hurry back.

Those two are unconscious.

May I have a word with you, Mr. Wu?

Don't listen to him.

You stay away.

Go ahead.

Sir Wu,

we're not going back.

Why not?

If you don't mind,

we'd like to join you.

There's no future with us.

There isn't a future with them, either.

They commit the most heinous crimes.

We could get killed anytime.

What's your name?

My name is Duola.



We are Tartars. This is my younger brother.

Ever since being taken over by the Gokturks

We've envied the civilization of the Chinese

We've dreamed of coming to China
since childhood.

When I was 18, Lord Yu was recruiting soldiers

We traveled a long way to enlist,

We never expected...

Do you know me?

Every soldier under Yu's command knows you.

Why did you join East Espionage Chamber?

I was transferred to the Imperial Guards

Before Lord Yu was executed.

The day after his execution,

I visited his grave to pay my respects.

This became known to Cao Shaogqin.

He arrested us
and took us to the East Espionage Chamber.

Then you became an agent?

Can we talk in private?

Cao had us castrated.

They probably won't be here for few days.

You said Cao is a kung fu master.

How good is he anyway?

I'm not sure really.

He is good with swords, fast and precise.

But since he has asthma he can't get too tired.

Come on, Xiao.

Do you think this will do?

He is faster than any of us.

I have to see for myself.

They're coming

Open up.

Who is it?

Sir Wu, I am Gui Yuzhang.

Greetings, It. Gui.

How are you?

You can all come out, he's one of us.

Come in.

Where are my twelve soldiers?

Killed by agents of East Espionage Chamber.

Why did they do that?

They came here to kill Minister Yu's family.

Soldiers seems get in their way.

Look, we're old friends.

You mustn't do anything foolish.

Keep an eye on them.

Wait till I sort everything out.

Out of the way.

Don't you listen? Drop the weapons!

Your Excellency.

This is quite the mess you've made.

It's all my fault, your Excellency.

But those men were good

Worthless! Look at yourself!

Go get changed!



I heard the innkeeper is one Mr. Wu.

That's right.

Is his name Wu Ning?

"You may send the Yu family to us!"


"you will be declared quilty."

Judging from this, he is nearby.

He's impudent for a eunuch.

I'll go and talk to him.

Your duty is guarding the border.

This is a palace mission

Don't worry about it,

or you'll only find trouble waiting.

Go back.

This is my territory,

You can't just do what you want!

How dare you!

How dare a lieutenant speak to me like this!

Consider yourself discharged!

Very well, show me the royal order.

Show the lieutenant the royal order.

Your excellency, please go see.

Hide, there are people outside.

"I am occupied with business,"

"and thus cannot welcome you."

"Take care, and may we meet again. Wu Ning."

We'll be safe once we cross that mountain.

Give it to me

Look out!

Cover me, Doula!

Report to His Excellency,
I'll take care of this sissy.

His shoulder is hurt, attack his legs!



You stay here, we'll attack. Go!

All roads are blocked.

Cao Shaogqin is trying to trap us here

We must fight him

Where are Master Yu and the others?

You stay here with the officers.

We'll go look for the old guy.

I'll come along, I may be useful.

No, you stay here, look after them.

I'm afraid you are no match for him.

If we don't return by dusk,

take Master Yu and run for your life.

Tell me where Cao Shaoqin is

I'll let you go.

Where is he?

Speak up.

Speak up!

Over there.

Go tell Cao

Xiao Shaozi wants to speak with him.


Where are they?

Just outside.

Ask them to come in.


By the order of His Excellency,

Xiao Shaozi is ordered to come in.

By the order of His Excellency,

Xiao Shaozi is ordered to come in.

What an attitude, ask Cao to come out.


Which one of you is Xiao Shaozi?

I am.

You like to interfere in the work of others?

I only care about what is right.

I heard you're a skillful fighter.

I can hold my own.

You don't look like.

I agree, and you don't look like a eunuch.

How dare you!

Don't talk to me like that!

I'm not one of your agents!

If you leave the Yu family to us,

I will let you go and forget what happened.

If you are willing to follow me

I guarantee you a top job.


I'm afraid the alternative is not as good.

You're really something, old man.

I understand you've been training
since childhood

That's quite an achievement.

It demands absolute moral focus

I don't think that was a problem for you

You were castrated so young,

there was no question of moral issues

Send a detachment to look for the children

That was close! I nearly became one of you!

Stay back!

Get back!

Cao, you've already lost down there,

Be careful not to lose your head too.

Don't bother, Cao!

You're too old for that kind of thing.

"The End"

English Translation: Geof Aberhart

Subtitles: FAR EAST - TAIPEI