Dragon Girls (2012) - full transcript

The documentary "Drachenmädchen" (Dragon Girls) tells the story of three Chinese girls, training to become Kung Fu fighters, far away from their families at the Shaolin Tagou Kung Fu School, located right next to the Shaolin Monastery in China, place of origin of Kung Fu. Three girls in a crowd of 27.000 children, under pressure to conform to the norms and structures: They are turned into fighting robots and yet, if you look behind the curtain, you see children with dreams and aspirations.

He has a long beard,
two horns on the head ...

... and eight - eight? - eight legs,

very long, and golden yellow ...

... and with a dragon's beard.

Ui! You can not see him.

You can not see him
if he does anything.

But he just brings you
luck at the competitions.

I think the dragon is right next to me.

He goes where I go.

Dad, I noticed
that there are fewer people this time

where is everyone?

They work in the other cities,
to earn money.

If you come next year,

and have good grades,

I will buy you a mobile phone.

Take the first place in the next semester.

I do not know...

It is only up to you.

You have to try harder,

just train hard.

If you make the first place,
we come visit you.

I had thought, in the Kung Fu school
you learn to fly.

And also that it's not that hard
we do not have to get up so early

play every day and sometimes
Just practice a little fly.

The school has two in 1978
or three students.

Today, it includes 35,000
Pupils, trainers and teachers

on an area of ​​560,000 square meters.

It is the largest non-governmental institution
which concentrates only on Kung Fu.

But she also offers
elementary cultural education.

I am nine years old and my name is Xin Chenxi.

This name is mine
given big sister,

because the sun is in the morning
is particularly alert.

I came here when I was seven.

What I want to be?


When I was little, my parents got me
visited every six months,

and every month I have
a packet got.

Now I am tall.

A long long time ago

was one in Song Shan
the name lucky dragon.

He protected the princess.

Only she could see him.

One day she was sleeping
Princess in her bed.

Warm moonlight fell into the room.

Suddenly the dragon flew in ...

The princess said, "You are pretty!"

The dragon said:
"But that's clear.

I am also the night dragon.

I only get out at night.

Only very few can see me.

In the dream. "

What you plan and what you want,
is often very different.

His dreams and wishes
you can only see at night.

The princess asked:
"Can you fly with me?"

The dragon said, "But of course."

So has the princess
set on the back of the kite

and flew with him.

They flew over the mountains,

they flew over that
Sea and the great wall.

Always higher up.

Suddenly the sun rose

and the night dragon had to
hide in the clouds.

The princess could not hold on,
So she fell down

and woke up in shock.

She has thought of it for a long time.

"It was so nice!

I'll always remember that! "

That's it.

In general, the dragon stands

in China

for respect and awe.

For our school
he symbolizes honor and happiness.

I'm in the elite team.

I think so, in this team
the pressure is very high.

Childhood means ...

Children have holidays.

On the holidays one is happier.

Sometimes the coach organizes
that we all play together.

There is childhood here.

I'm ten years old
come to this school

as one of the youngest students.

At that time, it enabled me
my parents have a trip here,

So I Shao Lin
Visit the temple.

Then I should go back.

They even had my books
bought for school at our home.

When I came here and started training
I was touched by the mood.

My companion asked me:
"Do you want to stay here?"

And me: "Yes."

He said: "Better go
Home. It's too exhausting here. "

I say, "True,
but I can handle that. "

Nobody would have thought
that I would stay until today.

That is the need of the earth.

Is there a demand
also an offer arises.

If someone wants to learn something, there is
also someone who wants to teach him.

That is a law of nature.

A normal law.

In China, the term may
"Kung Fu" can be used for everything.

Some even say, "Did you
Kung Fu, to stroll with me? "

Then it's a term for "time."

"Kung Fu" means:

"Which through time
hard work gained energy "

I bleed the most on my head here.

I got about 20 stitches.

Little, right?

I think.

Look, my scar.

That's when I joined one night
Training hit with the sword.

Because the light was not on.

Did not you feel anything?

I did not realize
that it has bled.

I asked: "Who is bleeding here?"

And all: "you!"

I have a lot of frostbite on my hands.

They also.

Bread hands ...

Go away.

Look, on the ear!

Froze ...

My knees are not the same size anymore.
One is like that and the other is like that.

Look at this big scar.

How many stitches?

The threads were with
pulled a pair of tongs.

How many stitches?


Did you get an anesthetic?


Were it big stitches or small ones?

Big, 16, you can count them.

Did you have this with you?
made the sword?


There's a chicken on me
picked when I was little.

I saw Kung Fu movies

I wanted to fly too
can and said:

"I go to the Shao Lin Temple and learn it."

All of my family were against:

"Why do you want to be
Learning to fight girls? "

Mom said:

"If you are there long enough
stay, you can fly. "

Then I was suddenly here.

Why do students learn Kung Fu?

You have excellent afterwards
Opportunities in many areas

and have grown strong competition.

Because through the training they have
a strong body, a strong will

and mental power developed.

My father told me:

When I was born has its
Colleague gave me my name.

Chen Xi just. That means:

The firstborn sun

and stands for hope.

I'm 15 years old

and come from Janxi,




I do not know how to say it ...

At school I'm the,
who does not talk much.

I would not talk to anyone about me.

Only if someone me
I answer, I answer.

And I always do things wrong.

But especially talking is difficult for me.
Especially if I'm doing something wrong.

I can do that
Do not save the situation either.

Sometimes I think,

the school is like a birdcage.

I want to travel around the world,
look in every corner of the world.

I want to go to Japan,
to Korea, into the wide world.

To France, Germany, everywhere.

To Egypt, see the pyramids!

My dad is like me.

He also does not like to talk.

When I came to this school, I got to
first time talking to him for a long time.

He said, me
would be like a dragon,

whose cord is torn,
flying around everywhere.

I'm not supposed to
Aircraft crash and crash!

When I was two years old, mine are mine
Parents went to work in the city.

You have me at home
left in the old,

to take care of me.

Exactly. When I was two years old.

I miss my parents very much.

When we completely workout
finished, I always think about them.

My dad once said:
"My daughter is the best."

When I think about it, I have strength again.

Many parents have to work

and have no time for their children.

And there are children about whom
the parents can not master anymore.

Such children will be on
sent our school.

The industrialization of martial arts
has almost inevitably developed.

The Kung Fu schools
have arisen,

because people have health
and need inner freedom.

It used to be learned by the Kung Fu masters
and practiced. At that time there were no schools.

The origin lies

1500 years back.

During the time of
Northern Wei Dynasty

came an Indian monk
called Batuo here.

Emperor Xiaowen left for him
Build the Shao Lin Temple.

Here lies the origin of Kung Fu.

In the temple halls will be
Buddha offered sacrifices.

But that too
Combat training takes place here.

The potholes are here
Traces that the fighting monks

for years at
Have left training.

We get up at 5: 40

get dressed and go to the training ground.

Then we run.

After that comes the morning workout -

until about 7:30.

Then we have a break to have breakfast.

At 8:50 we have to
be back at training.

We train until 11:50.
Then we go for lunch.

Do you have water?

I'm dying right now.

Wipe off the sweat first.

We usually do not have enough
Time to eat, only 10 to 20 minutes.

We rush off.

You have to practice more. You forgot everything.

We educate them that way
called "new talents".

They are excellent
the fighting techniques

and are comprehensively moral

and culturally formed.

In the evening the horn sounds at 6.20 pm.
Then we meet again in the dorm.

We shower twice a week.

In winter it is extremely cold.

There is no heating.

At 8:30 pm the final horn sounds.

There are 23 girls.

Sleep early.


Well, what I like best,

should be sleeping.

Only Sundays free ... And even then

Lessons and training!

I would not have thought that.
It's very different outside.

Whoa! That was a big change.

What is free time?
We are a school.

With us one eats and sleeps. you
Spends the whole time in school.

In the beginning I have
cried a lot, it was so hard.

I was homesick, wanted
not that mom is leaving.

When do I cry? It depends.

Everyone sleeps in the evening.

Then I go to the chamber
over there and wine alone.

Tears are an expression of incompetence.

Crying brings nothing.

Only brave the situation.

Tears are an expression of incompetence.

An old proverb says: A real one
Master does not show his true face.

Otherwise he is not a master.

If you stand there and not a good one
Make an impression, you have already lost.


There is no embarrassment. you
can do whatever you want.

You should not pay attention
what others think about it.

That depends.

If you think you are yours
Lost face, that's the way it is.

If not, then not.

How can there be something in the sky?
flies and looks like a snake?

What do you think?

Nobody really believes in dragons.
Those who believe are idiots.

I know about ten outliers.

Everyone has come back.

All were from the
School caught again.

No idea why she
did not find me.

My name is Huang Luolan. This is
my home, my room, my bed.

I'm 16 years old,
according to Chinese calendar 17.

Actually, this is a room
in China a princess room.

It's pretty big.

I am happy, very happy.

Finally out of hell!

I was there for a year and a half.

In the second year only a few months.

I had come there at the age of 14.

Do not kick so hard.

Not so tight!

I broke out of school.

My dad says I should go back.

I'm afraid of that.

Who dares to flee
and escapes through the school gate,

is either a coach or knows the guards.

I was a good kid and did not know anyone.

So I had to climb over the wall.

With me day and night are reversed.
I usually get up at night

and go to sleep in the morning or at noon.

As soon as I get up, sit
me to the computer.

Then I sleep again.
I eat, sleep, play, sleep.

Often my mother scolds
two, three hours in front of my room.

I put the music
quite loud, she stops.

When the music becomes quieter, it starts again.

My dad stays out.

When she was little,

she was pretty good.

I had to leave early in the morning and the
Supply customers. Then she sharpened me:

"Dad, drive slowly and come back early!"
Already at the age of four she spoke like that.

Even at primary school age

she was good.

I had a tutor
engaged, who gave her lessons in the evening.

Apparently I spoiled her too much.

And now she has the kung
Fu school canceled.

Now she just sits at home
and plays at the computer.

I probably let her go too much.

That's why she wants it now
not back to school.

When she came to us as a baby,

she was only 20 days old.

The baby had a note with him:

"20 days old".

The infant was in an old T-shirt
wound. It probably belonged to the mother.

That's around us today.

At that time I did not want the baby
to have. I had a business.

What should I do with a child?
I was very busy.

In the first week
I did not want to accept her.

My wife asked friends and
Relatives, went from house to house.

But everyone already had children.

If you do not have a son, it is said
one sinned in the previous life.

I found this note at some point.
I kept that for two years.

I started in middle school
to smoke and to beat me.

My parents were very disappointed and
could not keep me with them.

They had heard
In Henan there is a big Kung Fu school.

There they are very strict.

I asked, "It says:
Once you're at your school,

you can not do it anymore
leave. Is that correct?"

One answered: "Not quite. If he
if a pupil wants to go, too. "

Even the coaches cut off.

The same year as me
Three coaches have fled.

She complained
life there would be very hard.

Why exactly they ran away
she did not tell.

And I do not have the coaches either
asked, because of the distance.

Standing guard is a measure of the school,

to protect us.

To keep thieves and such.

No matter how a student came to us ...

We have to get his thoughts first
and straighten his behavior,

so he does not believe
he was useless to the community.

In every community
there must be fixed processes.

In the family you need rules and
In a state you need laws.

With us are the rules
very detailed.

In terms of order, we are
very strict, at all levels.

Everything is thought out.

For example, how to march.

For example, how to sit down.

For example...

"Kung Fu" interpreted
Each in his own way.

For a monk in Shao Lin Temple
it is a philosophy of life.

Do you have the bad luck to get up late ...

Do not wash your face,
do not brush your teeth ...

In direct single contact shows
you the caregiver, how it is right.

Is it possible to do something wrong then?

Through Kung Fu and meditation we gain

inner wisdom and self-liberation.

One understands the purpose of life and over-
winds the line between life and death.

What else do you have to fear? Nothing.

If nobody cares about you,

Are you still a savage?

Sometimes I think I'm sick.

I'm not really sick,

but I'm just worried, it's me.

If you are very exhausted from training,

do you feel sick.

With my team I'm allowed
now participate in competitions.

When you grow up, all the competitions are
listed in your log.

How much you have done and so.

Depending on the results, you will find work.

Then I save and give
Money to my parents every month.

There is this competition
only once a year.

Can not participate,
you have to wait a whole year.

The first 16 seats
can come to the final,

and in the final fight you can
keep coming

to the national competitions

and even further.

My dad says

only if I make the first place,

he comes to visit me.

Kung Fu is only part of life.

We do not train martial arts around theirs
self-will, but to live religiously.

As long as the direction is right - that
means, as long as we keep the children technically,

morally and culturally
train really well -

every method is right.

Unlike the martial arts schools
we make high demands.

The pupils,

who want to join the temple,
have to confess to Buddhism.

Unlike the schools outside.

There it is sufficient for the registration,
to do all the paperwork.

The entry level may be low,

but the graduation level is very high.

296 of our students have
occupied first places internationally,

national: 375 first prizes.

Before a competition
we have intensive training

and no more lessons.

Even if they are related,
some are fighting each other half dead.

Without ambition it does not work. you
needs fighting spirit to the utmost.

We are enemies.

If you do not attack, attack
the other one! Am I right?

Did you see that?
That's the way she always does it.

If she attacks you,
you can dodge and attack yourself.

For example with a kick.

Sometimes something is demonstrated at one.

But that's not meant to be that serious.

That's why they think
Students also nothing.

Whether it hurts, or
Not. When a crying ...

The coach does not like that.

You can not
Falling back every time,

wait for her to stop,
and then attack.

Otherwise she sees through it.

If you surprise her in one fell swoop,
Do you see if she still attacks you like that?

Then you can still dodge.

Those from the group then say, 'Do not wine',

the coach was just fun. "

Actually, everyone knows that too.

Some only cry because it hurts.

Some people absolutely have to fight for something

like the ones around the
World title fight.

What's in it for you?

But only for this one moment.


I never cry on the phone! I do not want,
that the home are worried.

It is a martial arts school.
Of course it is exhausting here.

I even feel uncomfortable when I cry.
Then they feel worse than me.

This is not good.

My parents just have to work.

When I call, they always say:
"We are too busy to talk on the phone."

I've been here for so long
but my parents have never been here.

That really should be said ...

The children today are very lonely.

The parents should be more often
to be with their children.

Of course, the work is important.
But children are even more important.

I have the feeling,

the trainer is closer to us
as our own parents.

My parents know
not much of me.

Since the coach knows more.

From a different angle:

In a household
Two adults take care of each other

only one child

and feel yourself
then sometimes overwhelmed.

Because every child has high expectations.

But here cares one
Trainer more than ten children!

And you have to have a child

inwardly dominate 80 percent!

You have to pay attention to every action
track: like a little bird.

If it stirs, you go with it. rises
he himself, you also lift your hand.

You have to go with it
you take his power.

My relationship with
my coach was too good.

We even sent SMS.

When he ran away, has the head coach
searched the messages in his cellphone.

I'm in one
quarreled with the coach.

Then he knew that me
I am not good at human.

We are not worried about her brother.

Only to Huang Luolan,
this little ghost.

That's why I got it back
sent to school.

We can not do more for her.

Everything depends on her.

If my father had seen
how I was beaten,

he would have messed with the coach.

Such punches are abysmal.

Does he beat you right,
There are ten strokes with the stick.

Then seven, eight sticks are broken.

Really scary.
There are sticks everywhere in the bedrooms.

My dad and my brother
never hit me.

That's why I felt so humiliated.

Have you been beaten?

Yes. By caning
should we train better.

Does it hurt?

Of course, cane hurts.

Can you have a friend?

Under no circumstance...

And what happens if they find out?

Then we are beaten ...

Man And Woman...

This is not an issue for me.

How old am I?

There is already one that I like ...

But how does the saying go?

He is like the most familiar stranger.

I do not think about that much.

"Love" ... That's the one
Love of our parents to us.

So: how they look after us
care and invest in us.

To make something of us.

You keep living and eating, right?

Feelings have patience.

Time will mitigate a lot, really.

If I had the choice between bread and love,
I would take bread.

Honestly, you can eat
try it yourself in the school:

Do you notice some rice?
the table, he jumps up.

He is so hard!

You can also find insects:
Centipedes, green caterpillars,

everything imaginable.

Discipline is just what you are not allowed to do.

Neither this nor that!

Discipline is: nothing to be allowed!

The students are educated to vanity.

So she's for school
fight and bring her honor.

Good for the school,
bad for the students.

The most afraid was
I am alone.

Every time I go to the roof
terrace was, I want to jump down.

In our class a girl had come ...

At first she was quite passable.

But then we have
found that she is stealing.

Our coach was very tall ...

He looked 18, 19 and did not want to
beat a girl his age.

He came to me:

"You as a class representative
look for a few girls

and do what is necessary -
I do not know anything about that!"

He meant that we should beat her up.

We missed her a few kicks.

She did not let it sit
as if she were right,

and left.

Yes, there are some who run away.

But nobody would do it
Students or teachers say:

"I do not do it anymore
continue. I'm leaving tomorrow. "

Otherwise you would be yours
Do not look after the coach anymore!

You will then be locked in the room every day

and an attendant will take care of you!

He brings you the food,

do everything for you,

does not let you exercise.

You can not do one
Put your foot outside the door.

When the girl was back,
put it to the head coach,

that our coach is me
instigated to.

Already our first coach was
Run away because of the boss-coach.

Because of him then too
the second one has gone.

The coaches who married
are and have family,

You can go home two evenings a week.

The others must be around the clock
stay with their students.

But on the two evenings one may
not somewhere else -

only go for a walk with family and children.

On that day, the head coach has extra many
Trainer sent to us to watch.

He has me in front of an audience
beaten in the face all the time.

I had to stand at the door and
He beat me again and again.

You show gratitude and respect.

The school attaches great importance to this.

Because: "Who learns the fight,
you have to learn decency first. "

This is documented.

And then they should admit their mistakes.

So that they change
and learn better and so,

it is filmed.

They make a real movie out of it.

Then project them onto one
big monitor and show it all.

The interior determines the exterior.

Everything arises deep inside the heart.

The so-called stress or free
We even proclaim the feeling of self.

Let us open the soul, we feel free.

Let's not open it, then not!

Do not be restricted and
still feel pressure,

limit yourself.

Then you are not free.

But even if you are locked up,

can you be free

if you have inner peace.

I had the sword
not thrown properly

and broke my hand.

It really hurt.
They took me to the hospital room

and my bones again
broken, so he grows together well.

Within two, three
He grows together for weeks.

In the first week I just walked,

in the second I practiced with devices

and fully trained in the third.

"The active is in the fog.
The Passive sees everything clearly. "

On the combat platform
are you dizzy and do not know

which movement you make.

The people below, however, see everything clearly:

Where your opponent is vulnerable

and where you should have hit.

Before it was my turn, I thought:
Just go up!

The worst thing is ...

... if your own students
show mediocre performance.

I think it's good
that the school is like that.

If the kids go out later,

they also have to behave like that.

When they work,

they are dealing with their supervisor.

He's the same with you.

Mistakes are not allowed.

I was very ashamed.

If you do not scold them,
is it like you do not know

who it is.

At them, or at you.

If someone scolds you,
then only because he cares about you

and cares about you, right?

If someone scolds you, that means ...

He is good to you.

What I remember?

So, when I think?

I only think about training.

How I train.

This is her first competition.

I put high demands on them,
especially during intensive training.

I myself have come so far step by step
I know her hardships.

It is very tiring,
but I'm not tense.

I'll do it for later.

And it's not that exhausting.

I gave her the order,

within two days
to acquire the entire movement.

On the third day she should be able to do everything.

The schedule for competitions is very tight.

I do not want to exhaust her completely.

But I have to ask
to achieve the desired goal.

When I was a student,

the times were really tough.

During the training one became
thrown on the floor and beaten.

I still have scars,
for example on the leg.

I also broke my shoulder.

But even there I have
not thought of giving up ...

Our legs were very soft,

made the front one
Step, kinked the rear one.

We were so ready that we reached the stairs
had to go backwards.

Now, when I think back to it,
then the feeling was

but wonderful.

"Kung Fu" means:

train, train

and train again.

It's just a bit exhausting

That's why it's called "Kung Fu": hard work.

What would I do at home now?

Climb onto our date tree

and snack on a few dates.

I would cuddle up in my bed
and watch TV.

Hide me all day

and not be as black as now.

I already look
like a piece of chocolate.

At home I want to see my grandma.

My grandma never has

judged by me,
if I made a mistake.

She was very kind and
always helped me,

to take every hurdle.

As a kid I thought:

Why do you have to go into the distance?
At home it is so nice.

My dad is never home,
just to make this little money.

This is my bed.

Here I sleep with my grandma.

She was in the factory
born in Changtang village.

Her mom works there.
So she was born there.

At one and a half years they have me
brought to my grandma.

I slept.

When I woke up,
I've looked around again and again.

It was strange, why
was I suddenly here?

If you were good, I liked you all around.

I was very impetuous.

If she cried, then
you also had to strike.

Time she wanted with her
Sister cows go grazing.

The sun was burning and
I did not allow it.

With my aunt!

You always called her sister.

There she cried and was beaten.
Not by hand, with the stick!

Tell me, your memory
is better than mine.

When she cried, I did not like her.

When she was little, she was pretty.
Only a little too dark.

She is still.
In this she is like her father.

Her dad is black too. Only the
Mom is pale. I never saw her.

Her brother is too
black. By the sun.

There's nothing wrong, just ...

If the children are the parents
needed the most,

they were not there and ...

They have not come for a long time
home to new year.

All children know:
You have to go home on New Year.

As busy as my parents are,

how urgently you have to earn money,

it is still her home.

Everyone has to come.

Fighting is in human nature.

Everyone - whether human
or animal - strikes back

or defend yourself,
when he is attacked.

That's a natural reaction.

In the animal kingdom

as in the plant kingdom.

"Kung Fu" means:

Fidgeting with hands and feet.

Only what you like,
you can do it wholeheartedly.

It's always better
if you choose your own way.

I did not want to anymore,
So I'm home.

At school I just wanted
bring the days behind me.

Second by second.

The others do not understand
like an impatient person like me

can do something that demands so much patience.

Just because I like to do it!

For a while I made losses,

but now the business is doing pretty well.

I'm already dreaming
from a larger store,

your own.

At school, I realized
that life is beautiful.

Being able to live is great.

Most important is the here and now.

The past should be allowed to rest.

At first I wanted to give her to the orphanage.

But this kid did not cry at all -

that was amazing!

We did not have milk powder at the beginning.

I have her a bit
Offered lamb.

Lamb with brown, sweet sugar.

The baby ate all smacking.

As the first week
passed and it did not cry,

it has become dear to our hearts.

Because it did not cry and was good,
a feeling of connectedness had arisen.

If she had cried, would have
I delivered them immediately.

I had to go because of the business
getting up early.

But she did not cry.

As if she was not there.




It was a competition final.

Oh, the competition final ...

Tell dad what place you've done.

A second and a fourth.

Why not the first?

A fourth ... well, a fourth ...

Try harder.

Then you get the first place.

What do you want with the fourth?

I'll always get the second one
or third place.

One has been in the elite team for much longer.

She is much better.

That's why I can not get first,
only second or third.

This is a martial arts school.

Many children were sent here,
because they were not good at home.

I think people can change a lot.

They become more like.

I've got it for me
Full day training registered.

I do not have any other lessons,
just exercise.

I want to train well every day.

And getting better every day.

It's such a thing with Kung Fu:

If you stay that way long enough,
Can you raise your head someday?

A bird in the cage is happy.

He chirps, hops
Feed happily around.

You find that he is not free,
but he feels differently.

Free or not free ...
That's just an inner feeling.

It depends on the point of view.

Through this we develop a sense of community

and awareness of the big picture.

We feel -

and I think everyone has it -

that we are in a big,
live harmonious community.

To develop and consolidate
we the collective mentality.

The decision to go to this school
we have left it to her.

I asked her, and she said yes.

I warned her
that it will be hard.

She said, "Never mind.
I can stand that. "

Once a year, in the
Vacation, I can see him.

And every September.

Dad makes losses with the melons.


Because the weather is too
bad, no one buys something.

The price is too low.

You can not trace the lost feelings
pick up. We have no solution for that.

We can only be good to her,
when she comes home.

If she is bigger, she will forgive us.

We parents have a hard time too.

Already she is very
brave, nice and understanding.

She says we do not have it easy.

She was not mad at us.

Tomorrow, when I go back to school,
I'll miss dad.

I want to go back to school.