Dragon Girl (2020) - full transcript

Christmas is just around the corner in the little village of Borington. Nerdy Mortimer, happy to be on break from school and his less than understanding schoolmates, is trying to increase his popularity with his mostly ill-fated YouTube posts. Meanwhile a little refugee girl, Sara -afraid she must leave the only country she has ever known and be forced back to a country she's never seen- is hiding from everybody. No friends, no family, just her little gnome dolls that she keeps as her only companions. But everything changes one morning when an animal crashes into the very home where Sara is hiding. This is no woodland creature, but a young dragon who -much like Sara herself- is all alone in the world trying to find his way to where he belongs. Another chance encounter introduces Mortimer into the mix. Can these three lost souls help each other during this magical Christmas and give each the love and support to find their way through bullies, Christmas festivals, cops, soldiers (and flaming dragon poop) to have homes for Christmas?

[intense ebbing tone]

[monster snarling]

[dragon purring]

[monster snarling]

[flame whooshing]

[dragon crying out softly]

[magical chiming]

[wings whooshing]

[camera timer beeping]

[Mortimer] Hey, all of you
thousands of viewers!

Today I thought
to challenge myself a bit.

It's been
too much external focus.

So today I thought I'd do...

The Rakfisk Challenge.

Also, for those of you
that didn't know,

Rakfisk is a Norwegian delicacy.

Remember, like and subscribe

if you like
my Rakfisk Challenge.


[Mortimer exhaling]

[Mortimer spitting]

[Mom] What are you doing?

Throwing up.

Oh, Mortimer.

You're taking too much time
in front of that screen.

This is awesome.

If I don't get likes now,
then I will never get likes.

Okay, just make sure

you get to
the school graduation, right?

Before the Christmas holidays.

[upbeat instrumental plays]

[siren approaching]

[siren wailing]

[gate creaking]

[water running softly]

[door latch clicks]

[water gurgling]

Thailand for Christmas? Yes.

[mystical jingling]

[object whistling]

Never be seen, never get caught.

Never get to know anyone.

I'll have Christmas here.
No one will find us.

For sure.

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ Holy night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

♪ All is bright ♪

♪ Round yon Virgin ♪

[police radio beeping]

[police gear clinking]

♪ Holy infant
So tender and mild ♪

[police officer clearing throat]

-Morning, children.

[radio beeping]

We're looking for
a girl around your age.

[student] A missing girl?

[pocket zipping]

[dispatch over radio]
To all patrol,

we're still on the lookout
for the missing girl.

She's been breaking into houses
and living there

while the owners are away.

She takes small things
that children like to collect.

I'm not saying that any of you

have anything to do
with this girl,

but the fact here is...

if you know something
but say nothing,

they'll hold you responsible.

So, find this missing child.

An ocarina belonging to me
disappeared from my room.

It's one of those clay flutes.

-While you were away?
-Uh-huh, yes.

-Where did she escape from?

-[student] Oh, Mortimer.


[children giggling]

Enjoy your... Christmas.

[school bell ringing]

[children scurrying]

Breaking news, a criminal
on the loose in Borington.

Uh, Mortimer from MTV
will attempt

to get a statement
from a long arm of the law.

Remember, like and subscribe.

do you have a statement?

What can you say
for the listeners?

What are you up to?

Don't you know it's a crime

to film an officer on duty
without their permission?

And what about
freedom of speech?


What's your name?

Mortimer Olsen.

Mortimer Olsen. Hm.

[officer scoffing]

Hey, Mortimer.

You have no subscribers
and no likes.

Nobody's watching
your stupid channel.

[bully] Hey, twerp.

Film this!


What a loser. Come on, guys.

Let's get out of here.

[kids laughing]

[man over PA] Mortimer Olsen,

report to the principal's
office immediately.

Mortimer Olsen,
principal's office immediately.

[dragon squawking]

Just borrowing your house
for now.

I won't ruin anything,
I promise you that.

I also had a family once.

[somber music playing]

[dragon squawking]

-[window shattering]
-[objects clattering]

[footsteps approaching]


-Kitty kitty?
-[low grumbling]

Here, kitty kitty.

-[dragon groaning]

[dragon whistling]

[dragon growling]

[objects clattering]

[knocking on door]

[principal] It's open.

[door creaking open, shuts]


[heavy breathing]




What do you think?

Isn't it cool?

It came by mail today.

Look, look!

-Yeah, I know.

Don't mix work and family.

It's just one thing, Mortimer,
I was wondering about.

The guys will be here
after work,

and we will do a little,
you know,

role playing.

And we were wondering if...


I am the brother of dragons.

[chuckling, snorting]

[sighs] So I was wondering
if you--

you could feed
Arnfinson's goldfish, hm?

Please. You know how he is.

This fish, his prized goldfish?


-I'll pay you. 50.


-Papa, that's only $20 more.

100 it is.

All right.

-[keys jingling]
-Thank you.


don't tell your mom
I'm role playing.

She doesn't understand. Okay?

[Mortimer] Mm.

[Mortimer shushing]


[water bubbling]

[dragon screeching]

[dragon growling]

[dragon grunting]

[metal banging]

[dragon grunting]


[dragon trilling]

[objects clanking]

[dragon growling]

-[Sara crying out]
-[dragon roaring]

[Sara gasping]

[dragon breathing heavily]

[dragon growling]

-[Sara gasping]
-[dragon grunting]

[objects clattering]

[dragon whimpering]

[dragon crying out]

[dragon groaning]

[dragon trilling]

[soft gurgling]

[dragon whistling]

-[door clicking]
-[Sara gasping]

[footsteps approaching]

[keys clattering]

[Mortimer groaning]

Come here fishy-fishy.

You're a little prize winner.

Aren't you?

[keys jingling]

[door clicking]

[door shutting]

[lock clattering]

[windchimes tinkling]

[Mortimer humming
"Silent Night"]

-[message pinging]
-[Mortimer typing]

[notifications chiming]

[audio from video playing]

"Rakfisk? Seriously?

You should know better
than to waste food.

We only have one planet."

[notification chiming]

[food simmering]

[Mortimer] Zero likes. None.

[indistinct chatter over TV]

Oh, honey.

You-- you know that

getting likes
isn't everything in this world.

[Mortimer exhaling]



Let's do something fun, okay?


[gate clattering]

[dragon purring softly]

[dragon shuffling]

[soft growling]

[dragon chewing]

[dragon swallowing]

[burping loudly]

[bones clattering]


[dragon growling curiously]

[soft growling]

[groaning softly]

[dragon purring]

[Sara gasping lightly]

[dragon purring]

[Sara chuckles]


your wing doesn't look so good.


Sorry. I just wanted to see.

Wait here, I'll find you
something for your wing.

-[Mom] Hello.

Sorry I'm late,

but a meeting came up
with the fire department.

-So-- so I had to do it.

It was important to get
some pointers on what to do,

and you know the fire
department, their policy.

-Yeah, sure.

Anyway, I bought enough for us

to build a whole
gingerbread castle.


-Looks lovely here.
-Thank you.

Papa, can I take a snap of you?

-What for?

Because it's fun, right?

-It's fun.
-It's fun.

Sure. Why is it fun?
Go ahead. Snappity-snap.


-[Papa] Hm.
-Oh, shoot. My phone.


[gate creaking open]

[door shutting]


Who are you?


Do you know Arnfinson?

-[crashing in garage]
-[Sara gasping]

You're that thief!

The police told us about you.

No, you don't understand.
Don't call!

Give me one good reason
not to call the police.

Please. I'm not a thief!

Why believe that?

I'll tell you a secret
that no one else knows.

Oh, no!

What? You think I'm stupid?


turn around really slowly.

[dragon growling]

[Mortimer pants]

[Mortimer gasps, screams]

[dragon roaring]

Shh. You're scaring him.

[dragon snarling]

W--what is that?


it's a dragon.

[Sara] There, there. It's okay.

But-- that's-- that's insane.

Where's it come from? Yours?

[dragon breathing softly]


Imagine how many likes
he'll get me.

No. Are you crazy?

Come on.
We could become mega famous.

We can share the fame together.

Come on.

It's just a short video.

I said no. Don't you get it?

If you blow our cover,
we'll get caught.

[dragon purring]

There, there.
It's nothing dangerous.

Okay. I won't say a thing.

You swear?



Uh, I have to go home now.

I have homework.


You remember your promise?

You can't say
anything to anyone.

Yeah, sure.

[soft purring]

Something insane...

A world sensation...

Okay, okay.

[camera timer beeping]

Hey, people.

Today I experienced
something crazy,

something insane,
a world sensation.

But it's a secret

because if the world
finds out about this,

who knows what will happen?

So you just
have to wait in suspense.

There. It's alright.

[soft purring]

[Sara chuckles]

[soft purring]


[soft growling]

Climb in. [chuckling]

[soft purring]

I promise I'll take care of you.

[dragon trilling]

Thank you. I'll check it out.

[keys jingling]

[footsteps approaching]

Good morning, Morty-Mort.

-Hey, Papa.
-Okay, watch now.

Ready? Look!



-What do you think? So?

But what do you know
about dragons?


A lot, actually.

Dragons are very misunderstood.

Dragons are very shy.

They reveal themselves
very rarely to humans.

Just seeing one
would be a world sensation,

and they're always hunted...

because they are quite
dangerous creatures.

-[Papa] Yes?

Can you loan me
one of your dragon books?


Please? I'll feed the fish
for an entire week.

Borrow my dragon books?

Of course you can borrow
my dragon books.

I have so many books do--
of course.

Of course.

Start with these.

Plenty of exciting info,
good stuff, and...

you can borrow this.

This contains things
you won't find online.

"Deep inside the mountains,

there are secret portals that
lead to the dragons' world."

Check this out.

[page flapping]

[Mortimer] Almost all have been
forgotten or have been lost.

But it said
that some still exist.

Secret portals?

How cool is that?

See here?

It says that "some dragons
come into our world

with fantastic abilities.

They often grant wishes
to whoever helps them."

That's awesome.
What would you wish for?

I would wish
for a thousand likes.


Because that means
that you're popular,

and people like you.

But you can't do
anything with likes.

You can't talk to them,
you can't eat them.

Eat them?

You can't drink them either.

Drink them?

[both laughing]



[both chuckling]

[dragon farting]

What was that?

[dragon farting]

-[dragon farting]

I think I have to
check on the dragon.

[farting continues]

Oh, poop.

[dragon squelching]

[metal rattling]

Ugh, I have to go home.

We're baking Christmas cookies.

Wanna come with me?

My father's a bit weird,
but he's cool, too.


but I have to stay here
and watch him.

See you tomorrow?


[door shutting]

[metal clanking]

[speaking indistinctly]

[indistinct chattering]

[Mom] No, no,
Mortimer, don't you dare, okay?

[mom laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

[footsteps descending]

[chair creaking]

[computer chiming]

[notifications chiming]

Whoa. 95 likes?

[chiming continues]

[recording bleeping]

Hello, folks.
Things are really cooking now.

I can tell you're curious
about my amazing secret...

but I won't tell you
my secret until-- Let's see...


[recording ends]

[light buzzing]

Good morning.



[water gurgling gently]

[door shutting]


-What's the matter?

Where is Arnfinson's goldfish?

[dragon snarling]

[dragon burps]

What? What have you done?

It's the goldfish for Arnfinson.

Oh, no.
He ate Arnfinson's goldfish!

-No, you're scaring him.
-He ate one of our fish!

No, don't! No. Don't!

[dragon roaring]

-[Sara yelling]
-[flame whooshing]

[Sara grunting]

[fire crackling]

[ornaments tinkling]

-Are you alright?

[fire alarm blaring]

Turn it off.

[door clicking]

Turn it off!
They can't come find us here.

[alarm continuing]

-What is it?

-It's my dad.
-Get rid of him now!

-I'll get grounded forever.
-Tell him something.

-We'll get in so much trouble.
-Come on! They'll send me back

to my homeland.

No, don't let him
see the dragon.

[Mortimer grunting]

Mortimer, what are you doing?

I was just checking
on the goldfish.

-It was alright.
-[Dad] Did you trigger

-the fire alarm?
-No, it was--

-I have to check it out.
-It's-- no-- you have to--

-There's a ghost in there and...
-[Dad] Huh?

No. Stop.

I have to go in
and check it out.

[Mortimer] It's haunted.
The goldfish has gone insane.

-Papa, it's nothing.

[door shutting]

Um, it's me.
I'm, uh, the spirit!

I just flipped
the wrong light switch.

Nice of you to stop by.


I'm new here. My name's Sara.


Yeah, it's nice, um--

Nice to meet you.

Sara, you should
come over to our house.

I make the very best cocoa.

We can bake cookies,

Mortimer's mom
would be thrilled.

Maybe watch a movie.

Yeah? Right? Deal?

-Hey, Papa?
-[Dad laughing]

Lock up, Son.



Dispatch to Mattis, over.

Mattis here, over.

A fire alarm has been triggered.

Why do you call me?
Call the fire department.

Uh, yes, but the people
living there are away.

Could be a break in.

Where did you say it is?

The address
is Least Resistance Road,

number 16.

[Sara] Uh-oh.

[glass breaking]


[wind whooshing]

Dragon! Come on.

[boots squeaking]

Look, over there!

[dragon squeaking]

-[walkie bleeping]
-Mattis to station, over.

[dispatch] Responding, over.

Send some technicians over here.

Let's see.

Oh, my...

-[festive music]
-[people chatting]

-There he is!
-[dragon gasps]

No, Mortimer!

[girl screaming]

-[bystander 1] Hey.
-[bystander 2] Watch it kids.

[Mortimer] Excuse me.

[disgruntled yelling]


[objects crashing]

[bystander 3] What's happening?

[bystander 4]
What are you doing?

[child] Santa!

[bystander 5] What is that?

[various yelling]

[bystander 6] What is going on?

[Sara] Oh, no.

distract that man over there

and I'll get the dragon.

Come on!

[people screaming]


There's some kids that are
wrecking the holiday display!

Yes, they're--
they're wrecking-- Hey.

[people yelling]

[engine revving,
brakes squealing]

[driver] Hey.
Watch where you're going.

[Mortimer] Um.

I'm wondering
if you are up for doing

a little interview, um

with Mortimer from MTV.

What do you prefer,

pork or lamb...


[driver] Pork or lamb ribs?

Are you jumping in front
of my car to ask me that?

[dragon wheezing]


[Sara] Oh, poor thing.

Okay, kid.
Get out of the way, I gotta go.

[dragon crying out]

[dragon whining]

Dispatch to Mattis, over.

Mattis responding, over.

[dispatch] We have a situation
at the Christmas market.

Some kids
have disturbed the place.

I'm on my way, over.


Oh, my God.
It's good to see you.

I have liked
your video a hundred times.

-I'm so excited.
-Um. Oh, cool. Thanks.

You've kept us in suspense.

So you promised to tell
the secret at a thousand likes.

[student] What's in the box?

[Mortimer] Hmm, It's a long way

from 100 to 1000, right?

-[phone chimes]

1035, 1036...

Odbar said
he'll kick your butt every day

if you don't tell the truth
after the holidays are over.

[student 2]
He'll punch you in the face.

Let's roll, ladies.

What were you
going to show them?

Just-- just some
rakfisk stuff-- a challenge.

Um, we should
get out of here now.

[cart rattling]

[dragon vocalizing]

[dragon whimpering]

[Sara] Oh, no.

[Mortimer] Oh, shoot.

[forensic scientist] Oh, gosh.


I'm sorry,
you can't go this way.

We need to get this to the lab.

[distant chattering]

Let's go to the school,
everyone's on vacation.

Oh, no. How are we gonna get in?

-We don't have a key!
-I'll take care of it.

[cart rattling]


Oh, come on. Hurry!

[dragon vocalizing]

[cart rattling]

-[driver] Look at this mess!
-[Mattis] Calm down.

Was it her?

Yeah, they ran away so fast

I couldn't keep up.
They were all over the place!

They? More than one?

He said he was
from MTV or something.

Pretty annoying kid,
if you ask me.

He was filming with his phone.

What was his name?
Moron or something like that?


[page flipping]

[dragon panting]


Mortimer. We cannot hide here.

Why not? It's no problem.

I'll deal with my dad.

He won't get mad or anything.

We're not safe if we stay here.


What do you mean?

Who are you really hiding from?

[dragon purring]

When I was little...

there was a war where I lived.

My mother, father, my brother...

everybody's disappeared.


Only my neighbor
and myself managed to escape.

We came to Norway.

We thought
it would be safe here.

We weren't.

My sweet neighbor got sent back,

the police came.

And then
the police came to get me...

but I ran away from the center.

And since then, I've been
living in empty houses.

Never be seen, never get caught,

and never get to know anyone.

You're my very first friend,

I am?

In the book it said that dragons
come from deep in the earth.

I have to find that place.

I've got an idea.

[door slams closed]

I made it a while ago.

It's about caves in Borington.

For centuries,
there were mines here

with the deepest
tunnels everywhere,

deeper than anywhere else.

After the fire of 1910,
it was shut down for good.

It's a massive network of caves.

I'll go check it out.

But it's not safe!

Nobody's been there
for over 100 years.

I've got to give it a shot.

It's the only place
I'll be safe.

Can you watch him when I'm gone?

All alone?

[Sara] We have no one else.

[door clicks open]

[door shuts]

[dragon roaring softly]

[grunting softly]




[Mortimer humming]

[dragon vocalizing]

[phone chiming]

[dragon vocalizing]

[computer beeps]

[bats chittering]

[chains squeaking]

[bats chittering]


[computer chimes]

[breathing shakily]

-[recording chime]

Uh, the secret.

[notifications chime]

It was a huge lie.

I made it up, because I wanted
to be-- to be popular...

get loads of friends.


That's not meant to be.

And loads of friends?

I have one,
and that is all anybody needs.

[computer chimes]

I need to get some air.

[door clicks open, slams closed]

[dragon growling]

[curious groan]

[notifications pinging]

[pinging continues]

[recording sound pinging]


[flame whooshing]

[doorbell ringing]

[Mom] Officer? Can we help you?

Do you know where your son is?

Isn't he with, uh, Sara?


-I'm calling him.
-[Mattis] Yes.

Is there a problem?

He just posted a video.

Isn't that...

isn't that a dragon?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
He-- he's into role playing.


[Mattis] Where is this?

It's my office.

-Let's go.
-I'm coming. I'm-- I'm coming.

Shoot. I'm busted.

[Sara] Mortimer, I found it.

There was a portal
inside the mountain.

I saw it.
It really exists. Let's go!

[dragon wheezing]

Sara, I don't want you to go.

I have to get away.

We just don't belong here.

[sirens wailing in distance]

[dragon vocalizing]

[sirens approaching]

[reporter] We're live
at the Borington school,

where there's been a break in.

There's been reports
of a dragon-like creature

observed in the area.

How do they know we're here?

[notifications pinging]

[pinging continuing]

It wasn't on purpose.

It was an accident.

You've ruined everything.

For the sake of some likes.

Now it's only
you and me, dragon.

[dragon croaking]

Just leave us alone, okay?

Go home to your mom and dad.

Out of my way. Police.

[indistinct yelling]

[heavy vehicles
squealing with braking]

[officer 1] Secure the building.

[officer 2] Copy that, sir.

[officer speaking indistinctly]

Colonel Hummer, here.

Yes, I have
the same name as the car.

Can we get on with it?

Analysis of
the discovered excrement shows

we could be dealing with
an unidentified living entity.

A state of emergency
has been declared in Borington

and I'm in command, understood?

-Yes, but I am--
-No 'buts'.

-Surround the building!
-[officer 3] Copy.

-[alarm blaring]
-[boots shuffling]

[officer 4] Go, go, go, go!

[officer 5] Go, go, go!

[officer 6] Go, go, go, go, go!

[machines powering up]

[Mattis] Colonel Hummer,
isn't this a bit of overkill?

[alarm blaring]

[dragon purring softly]

Do you think he can fly?

It won't help, okay?

Thanks to you,
he'll be hunted forever.

I know I kind of messed up.

Give me a chance,
I can fool them.

[Hummer] This is Colonel Hummer

from the Army Special Unit

for menacing
biological organisms.

We will enter the building
in 60 seconds,

unless you
surrender voluntarily.

Fake news, right?

Everyone knows
you shouldn't believe

everything you see
on the Internet.

[electronic timer beeping]

[Hummer] Get ready
to blast the door open.

-[alarm blares]
-Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

What-- are you--
are you-- are you crazy?

-Are you insane?
-We have it under control.

[Papa] No, no, no.
Don't blow off the door.

-I have the keys.
-[Mom] He's the principal!

-He's got the keys.
-[officer] Principal!

Clear the perimeter.

Here, just open it.

Whoa! Don't shoot.

[officer 6] Front entry secure,

alert level three, activate.

[heavy breathing]

Can you hear me?

[officer 7] I hear you
loud and clear, over.

Go in and locate the objective.

Neutralize the creature.

[officer 7] Roger.

[heavy breathing]

[faint beeping]

[both breathing heavily]

Come on.

[booted footsteps approaching]

[Mortimer] In here.

[officer 7]
This is Delta two, moving in.

Target not spotted, over.

Keep searching the building.

[officer 7] Copy.

[dragon whimpering]

[dragon growling softly]

[Sara hushing]

[booted footsteps]

Report your movement, over.


[officer 7]
Moving on to sector four,

Sector four appears all clear.

If there's anything here,
I don't see it.

[booted footsteps continuing]

[soft growling]

Take him to the roof.

I'll make sure
no one sees you, okay?


[dragon growling]

[Mortimer screaming]

[breathing heavily]

Come on.

[officer 7] Ah! Ah!
I'm under attack.

[Hummer] Can you hear me, over?

[officer 7] Officer down!

-[officer 7] Oh.

[officer 7] The target
turned off the lights.

Hello? You there?

[officer 7] Send in
reinforcements, request backup.

[officer 7 exclaims]

Follow me.

You have to climb.

[dragon whimpering]

Come on.

[dragon crying out]

You can do it. Come on.

[dragon grunting]

[heavy thuds on ladder]

[Sara grunting]


-Hello? What's that?
-[officer 7] Can't you hear me?

-You hear me?
-[officer 7] Help!

Somebody do something!

[Hummer] Hello! Do you copy?

Report back immediately.

[dragon breathing]

[dragon purring]

[dragon whimpering]

You see?
It doesn't hurt anymore.

Everything will be okay,
I promise.

[heavy breathing]

[Sara] That's it! Like that.


[dragon roaring]


[dragon roaring]

[dragon purring]

[soft roar]

[footsteps thudding]

You ready?

[Mortimer breathing]

[dragon breathing heavily]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[weapons charging up]


[indistinct] stand back, duck!

I think I'm done here.

I'm coming out.

[breathing heavily]

[Papa] Kids, get back.
Get back. Watch.

Neutralize the creature!

[dart whizzing]

-[dragon bellowing]
-[Sara crying out]

[Mortimer grunting]

[officer 8] Hold your fire,
hold your fire.

[Sara exclaims]

[Sara] Woo-hoo!

Yes! [laughs]



-Is that him?
-[Papa] Mortimer!

-[Mom] Mortimer!
-[Papa] Mortimer!

[Mom] Is that you?

Fly, Sara.

As far as you can go.

[Mortimer giggling]

I'm a gangster.

[Mattis] Mattis to station.

[Mom] Hi, sweetie.

Dispatch to Mattis, over.

[Mattis] Requesting
immediate backup.

[siren wailing]

-[dragon purring]
-[Sara screaming gleefully]

-[Sara exclaiming]
-[wings flapping]

[sirens wailing]

[Sara] Faster!

[sirens wailing]

[wings batting]

Almost there!

Go right, there's the cave!

She's headed
to the old quarry, over.

Is the suspect on foot, over?

[Mattis] Yeah, uh, not exactly.

-[wings batting]
-[dragon vocalizing]

[wings batting]

[wings flapping]

[Sara grunting]

[dragon trilling]

[sirens wailing in distance]


[heavy breathing]

These people are only after me.

I don't want them to find you.

[dragon sighing]

So I'm gonna let them catch me.

[dragon sighing]

[wind howling]

Okay. Now you have to go.

Go home now.

[dragon whining]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[dragon cooing]

Go ahead. I'll be all right.

[sirens wailing]

I love you, Dragon.

[siren continuing]

[Sara sighing]

[sirens approaching]

[Mattis] [indistinct] two.

Wait in your vehicles.

[car door slams shut]

[Mattis] What are you doing?

I surrender.
You can send me away.

What for?

No one's sending you away, Sara.

-Nobody wants to send you away.

Is that what you thought?

But the police came.

Yes, they came to place you
into a foster family...

but you ran away.

[Sara sobbing]

A lot of people
have been worried about you.

[Sara sniffing]

[car horn honking]

[car doors slamming shut]

-[Papa] There she is.
-[Mom] Yeah.

-Hey, hey.
-[Mattis] Good evening.

Little spirit.

-[Papa] Hi.

Go ahead.

-Go on.
-[Mortimer grunting]


I just-- I mean, we--

wondering if you would--

if you wanted
to celebrate Christmas with us.

I am afraid I still
have to take her to the station.

Oh, come on.

[Papa] Officer.

Does everything have to go
by the book all the time?

You know what?

You're absolutely right.

It is Christmas, after all.

Yes. Go on, then.

Merry Christmas.

[Papa giggling]

-[kids laughing]
-Merry Christmas.

Hey, how nice.

Mortimer tells me
you like dragons.

[Sara] I sure do.

[bell chimes]

[match lights]

[Sara] We light
four candles this evening

and let them burn down...

for longing,
joy, hope, and peace.

But most of all, for peace

where we humans live
on our little planet.


Thank you, dragon.

Sara, it's present time.

Let's go!

Ready for your presents?


What do you think it is?

[indistinct chatter]

[dragon vocalizing]

[music ends]