Dragon Force: Rise of Ultraman (2019) - full transcript

Dragon Force Rise Of Ultraman by @than GuavaBerry

friends, your parents are not there a great ability

there is

there is

there is

there is

friends, your parents are not there a great ability

answer the question, there is a reward kah

My father is very large force

my mother got quick feet, quick on his feet

especially when the discount end of the year at the mall

My mother had great healing powers

healing power

Like the chicken soup to friends

My father had a lot of high-tech tools

Special stamp out bad guys

the evil

but you know our country does not ban personal gun ownership

you're not afraid of being arrested kah

My mother and father usually are ordinary people

but every world there is a danger

they will turn into superhuman

his foot on a cloud seven colors

to save the world

are you sure it was superhuman

not monkey magic

lately we make a survey visit

1000 survey of small children aged 6 years to 8 years

Her above 80% among parents themselves feel no superhuman abilities

This fact is also not surprising

because there are many small children who believe

Santa Claus is real existence

and Ultraman also is a super hero who once saved the earth

The next is a weather forecast report

you almost opened our true identity

our identity as a super human family should not be published

you should know

This news could cause public panic

take it easy

with their intelligence

will not believe the word of a child

Especially small children that look of his foolish and innocent


Today you do what super human actions

I was today successfully prevent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii

777 passengers rescued will fall

adjust the height of the sea surface all around Maldives

to prevent global warming

which caused the country is inundated with sea water


How about you

today I team a grouper

sauteed shrimp soup five colors and entry

and went three Cantonese-style rice bowl bacon


today play a role - a role completed

Superhuman also time to eat

Let's eat



Exterminate night still plays Ultraman monster kah


This day was finished playing

night doing a good job


in this world is really no monsters kah

Of course

if not eradicate what Ultraman

surely there Ultraman kah


if not who live monster

if I had the ability to super

Of course

as long as you are obedient

there would be a super power

if I were a good girl, if my gaze could move the cup


if so I try to briefly

I'm most well

I'm the best

I'm the most obedient

own motion

already engaged

already, sleep lah

already Night

it turns out I'm really no super powers

I still want to try again

the past 30 hours 9

super power will be lost


I want to try my super power

no matter who you are

must immediately give up

immediately surrender

or we're catapult weapon to disable you

city of Speed can attack an unknown armed

get into the war preparations first level form

we need security bureau world

for emergency aid

LeLe, caution

fast blur

The the

spar turned out to have the ability to destroy the earth


Yi Te, Spar not you can control

he will trigger the nature of evil inside you

make you so mad and could not remove himself

quick throw him

or will not have time

on the basis of the loss you Ultraman super powers you

I still want to intercept

Mo Yan, I need your help

no one could be ambushed me

there will be no

Yi Te

world security bureau you make

Today you also want to destroy itself kah

spar will lose control

Quick release him

if not, it will not have time to


no one can ambushed me

there will be no

Mo Yan, you have to endure

over there

- quick - quick ride to the car

father, why should we run away

why do not intervene

lend a hand

not really superhuman Jack Ma

no one can ambushed me

there will be no

come on

father, we are now where

go to a safe place

This monster is too dangerous

father, it turns out this world is really no monster

also there Ultraman

its just good monsters

her friends Ultraman

The evil one who

father, do you think Ultraman and monsters can defeat the evil one does not

do not ask again Lele

a quick hug close

Be Careful

Mother, why do not you turn into superhuman

woman in this world is not super great lady kah Dong

in this world there are no supermen

your mother and father are also not superhuman

hug me tight, Le Le

no, no superhuman

there must be superhuman

Huan Ying

do not stand

The the

No superhuman

super humans will definitely come save us

You can do it

The the

do not move

hold tight

The the


The the

Do not stretch the grip



hold tight

The the


father, does not superhuman

quick save mother

Le Le withholding a close


you quickly save mother

quick save mother

I miss

- Mo Yan - not

beg you to go save my mother

he's over there

he was there

not super fast human kah save her

The airport is

I see you how to fly

I already know

You that

I urge you to go save my mother

you're going to save my mother

tight hug kid

The the

you're back lah

no one can hadangi I

there is no


why do not you go save my mother

did not you superhuman

You that

you have to endure


whether he is dead

You that


I came late

menghadangi person in front of me, all of them must die

all of them must die

your mind is already controlled by spar

quick throw him


if not, it will be too late

you had no super powers

I still want hadangi

the promised

I will finish dead

how completely right

still about yourself superhuman

Huan Ying

do not be sad

furthermore it is you

though you used to be a superhuman

you too are superhuman last on earth


I'm still no successor

goodbye forever


My soul will always be with earth

Here unsafe

must immediately leave here

My son has not returned

son by

The the


you did not die yes

This hologram is currently activated

This means I have to sacrifice myself

although my body is dead

but the spirit and will forever exist sinarku

you can see

This means that before I died, I'd choose you

to be my successor

only you can make me reborn


how reincarnation





you think I was injured and could not kill you


were dead

very clear


I'm not the arrow

you can only oppress small children kah

Do not spend time with people like this

Chi Yan


Exterminate bandit oppressive little children


whether you dragon forces kah

you know we yes

it looks like we are very well known yes

I see the news tells me that you are a criminal world

small child see what news

why do not you go eradicated

Do you fear death

Who said that

Violent usually always comes last


I coming

exactly who you

really understand why we attack

Chi Yan

kungfu guys that taught me

kapten Yi Te

you was the mastermind behind

why do you hianati GSB

whether for the sake of the spar

Maybe yes, maybe no

where Ultraman now

Shen Lan

you've come too late

Ultraman just off under the sword



die without remains

revenge for the sake of Ultraman

on the basis of you

it moves me teach you

Where possible win of my

Mei Qi

you're too slow attack speed

you said quietly, these quietly

Yi Te, you've been caught

give lah

not so easy

He is mine

The the

You want to beat him kah



you could make my mother alive again

you can pose like this is not

This should be

in our schools are all like this

who wants to summer camp


but did you know that means this pose

This means a show of hands and speak your mind

This is my favorite movement

This right hand and talk shows

just talk like this

you should be able to do

know and do it

know and do

understand it

then you could have a super power

also could make me reborn


but the process of understanding is very dangerous

even the danger of death

you're ready kah


monsters come

here hug

You are

I miss

I'm not your mother

you are wrong

I'm not your mother

he new was your mother

your mother is a great fighter

you should be proud of himself

My mother is the same

quickly spit

my mother quickly spit it out

you do not run

Nunchaku ZhengYi

sparkling weapons

Lie Tian Ji

magical hammer

Sui Yan Ji

super smart weapons

system integration





ultimate Fit Cannon


feelingku tell

he has not died

Xiao Long

quickly give me rubiknya

rubik it is the only hope to make my mother alive again

if you eliminate it


Where is he

there is no

last hope was also no longer

my mother had not helped again


I can not save you anymore

Rubik is supposed waterproof

whether there is a warranty

how are you going

as long as you're willing to help me

can certainly learn my method enabled

come, first kiss

Ultraman why so like this

how are you my friend

let's shake hands

when you see me now

it means I'm dead

as long as you are willing to come with me

learn well save the earth

see and do, plus hard work

you must have super powers

learn with you, would be surprised if not so stupid

wise men method enabled

this can

not teaching theory

virtue is not empty talk

One Way to apply force

starting from know and do

acute, acute

Ultraman was crazy

all because of you, you create your own ultraman mad

I hate you

you're a voracious dragon

well it

I forgive you

here was

mother hugs


Smart man-made rubik kah

Stop it

technology seems not earth

little brother, this pet-mu kah

very funny

Xiao Long, do not be afraid

they are good people

here, whose brother

I am a teaching cube M galaxy

can switch to a different mode of teaching

what's the difference with schizophylla

hypnosis method enabled

I never really abandon you

fixed beam illuminates every corner

occupies the heart of every person

if you open your eyes and look around

then the right found positive energy

though I changed so cosmic star

will also be with you


beg you to believe in yourself

and also ask you to trust me


I will be back

younger sibling

the evil it even while already we are expelling


he will definitely be back again

in his hand there was a spar

we can not win him



the strength of the early stages of the formation of the earth

5 billion years to cycle outburst

first explosion formed the earth

explosion this time fear will destroy the earth

Spar so great yes

he could save my mother does not

younger sibling

we need help from you

so need you to tell the truth

I always tell the truth

Ultraman died before

never say what

things promised, to death will finish

then what


I remember

there is still one thing

What is that

he said I was his successor


seems to want to know the truth of the resurrection of Ultraman

we can only find him for help

what do you mean

you want to help Prof. Jie

there is a very strict Earth defense

it seems there will be a fierce fight

younger sibling

This fierce wars rely on you


the words that I taught you

you've memorized

Of course

you'll love the way there the police see this photo

- easier - yes

well, look at me

what's up kid

what you astray

papa mama where I take you there

I really want to find but before looking

there are several suspects asked me to do this


are they

because, do not let me do it I do

First, I want to be friends with you

see if you are a bad person

working for the bad guys the police would marahiku

after I make sure

they are good people

- in order to save people - to save people


is she

I see this old man look good

I then asked how to save

they say let the police was able to save

I wonder if the police are not willing how

they say

a kitchen knife as a gift is given to the police had been able to

form a line wrong, gagali

sensor successfully


you no longer play the game

if this game beating up bad guys

I also want

bad person

quick to say, how can you know some of these people

I want to find papa

why they want to come here to save prof Jay

I want to find papa


maybe you do not recognize the way I work

information I want no one can cover

Lele your name, grade 1 beside you Lanhu elementary school

papa adalaj artist in playground

age 42 years

often lakoni Ultraman to make a child happy

now in tent shelters frantically looking for you and your mama

I heard

This you there is still one thing

of ultraman


I heard

it is the energy die Ultraman ssetelah condensation cube box

who possesses he can make Ultraman live again

how do you know

so the object is in you


fast run

do not let them catch you

arrest prayer

active protection system

active electrical testing

catch him

always acting alone

- let - good

he moves

I want to cube inside her stomach

no problem

do not

their brackets

I want to slowly interrogation regarding Ultraman

you really are a bad person

you're not a cop

I also never said I am a good person


why I never met you

I was head of a new nurse, Xiaotiantian

want to add WeChat

we lie like this little boy, not good

so can Make a bad effect on young children

Chiyan, do not avoid

Here is a prison GSB

not hell

Lele in no danger

but prison is prison GSB most stringent in the world

there are 24 thousand CCTV sharp patrol

CCTV can be converted 2D to 3D

arguably, the entire incident in prison, for the center, everything breaks

sake can be combined either with the prison system

GSB still muster 800 special troops to oversee

if caught no one wants to break through, still in the first time

disconnect all signals to the outside

and be easy to change the position of prison

This prison is chairman prof Jay Yite dab together designed it

altogether would be in translucent

the infamous

prison program itself has barricaded himself

sebagia principal scientist of GSB

prof Jay's uncle

we must save him

Chiyan, think

Teluoyi Muma

The ancient Greek legends

Greek coalition teluoyi and long surrounded the attack is not transparent

after that pretend to retreat

leaving a large wooden horse

teluoyi guards do not know

and the wooden horse in transport enters as a gift

at night when darkness

soldier in the wooden horse came out

Teluoyi, collapse

this time who is the wooden horse of our teluoyi

let me go

- you guys are nasty - GSB will not miss information

so small children will be taken to the GSB for in check

and I secretly put a sensor on the body Lele

prof Jay make our presence sensors

Xiaoxing, you can do something

Tigers get into flocks

I had entered through the main door broken through

you turn Shenlan


there is no incoming

2 hours 10 hours you have 2 enemies

I've managed

- you're already entered - way according to plan

What happen

I've managed to get 3 B

3 minutes until

Chiyan, you're there how

Chiyan, below you there are three enemies

in a second must complete needs me

control center to meet

our control system is the inclusion of toxic wooden horse teluoyi unclear

want to go to jail

muster all forces must stop them

great people usually appear at the end


I do not believe


anyone help me in 4B

quiet, I do not motion please stand up

no motion is the motion may not be dead

- quiet, tengkurup - are you sure


quickly to the control center

My main function is to distract the enemy

there is no incoming

- Do not move - already know you're in trouble

Xiaolong, fast wake-up

quiet, dope'll wake up, fast way

not, says Mom, do not just go with a stranger

street, we are duty

close all entrances control chamber

report, all the doors leading to the control room in the cap

now, only mosquitoes can not enter

hadangi they hadangi dragon force


- warrior goodness - let's say, prof Jay where

hello, order you to

take it to the door

do not move

- Who are you guys - Xiaotiantian

so brave break through the forbidden place

here is the energy source of jail

must take advantage of their focus on the dragon force

quick disconnect electricity

electrical disconnect

I use scissors

that small scissors until the night was not finished

then use an electric saw

do not use harmful way

This is more than 800 volts

- said the pig 1 minute - if finalize a small dino

Xiaolong do not be greedy, it could not be eaten

why prof Jay lost

- Come here and Intercept dragon force - chase

- Xiaolong, on fire - extinguish, they see

at bottom

here here

go on like this could certainly extinguish

do not go back you


emergency, help him arrive


dragon force, you catch my boss will be happy

How to delete here

do not go

so modern here should be

- must not press, I just - not right, you do not understand

you stop

why is not ADSA response

surely there must be spies

quickly find them fast

plan fails to let find Lele


- this system really rubbish - what rubbish, you can not use

never mind

they are here

hammer, soldiers surrounded here we must hide


you do not die Xiaolong

would not you want me so mama

I promise, you keep the promise of a lifetime

do not die Xiaolong

much saliva

let's go

report, the control room did not find traces of the enemy

you pig's head, it is not found, pork eaten alone


- you fart again - you, accuse me again

Sure you fart this afternoon in a blanket

how do you know

I panic will fart

What this place

do not know

we like going to the basement



- Why are you here - chiyan

- akhrnya find you - Xiaoxue arrested to jail GSB

That day I was arrested together with prof Jay, is in brackets

Know where prof Jay now

- it is not clear - it's who

why put the coffin in here

Xiaoxue, who he


is my mama



here does not allow outsiders entry

can not

let them go out

how out

There's try to touch on off no

pitch-dark here does not look anything

I felt something furry so

that my legs


The button must have changed the

it turns out you've changed GSB became the headquarters of secret prisons you

you grab the last spar for what purpose

control for the sake of the earth

you speak

in order to save her

This is actually why

she died in an accident

my father was very sad at an occasion

he knew something of Ultraman

The spar force could destroy the earth

can also restore the lives of people

back to life

so, he is a bold plan wants to take advantage of the energy spar

let mother live again

my father take advantage of him in the GSB as a leader

secretly form the basement of the secret headquarters for Ultraman

Ultraman purpose of the energy utilized to get spar

and then take advantage of the control Ultraman spar

and loss of strength

Grab him spar

Ultraman said spar is not human power can now control

he will be in your body change you're getting lazy

cruel and useless

let him go, it's the only way out you

too much

you know most

no father, they miss


hadangi plan all must die

spar would probably turn your wife

can, certainly can


you lose your identity by spar

Repent, quickly


they want to take the spars I must kill them


you tanyaiku first loss of a love you

and the loss of most people you love

whichever is sick

now tell

The answer is equally as lost

- Xiaoxue - father

father realized

mother will not live again you surrender

you are now controlled spar quickly remove him

- hurry - no, your mother is willing to live

her life soon

slowly you just do not care about my life

you this little guy again

everyone there is past that you want to forget

who passed could not be changed but the future may be

why are you again Ultraman

why do you always ruin my plans

who promised, I shall die must do

same as done

dare permainkanku

wife, not


he had lost control let blurred with me

- unlikely - Xiaoling, where are you

Xiaolong, we already want to go



you eat what so at this

you have to grow from eating energy


I want you to die for the sake of my wife, all

wait, catfish and Xiaolong where



break through

with me break through exit


together broken through exit

Xiaolong break through

finally came out in this frightening

unfortunately can not help prof Jay

This aunt hey, keep one's attitude was not one of her ugly


prof Jay

after I analisan Yite already fully controlled spar

he must release the new armor could save her

where possible

except beat him

Defeat would have to strengthen the self-training Yite

and fully upgrade our armor

This is the energy of Ultraman


I'm the person who can turn him

sport begins

prof Jay

you sure, this little child is the successor Ultraman

I want to create appliances to turn on the power in the body Lele

and turn it into cubes Ultraman

I guess, in the body can Xiaolong we borrowed to upgrade the power of the dragon force


then see the fixture who we are more powerful

Shenlan, think about what

already a month passed Yite injury, should recover

indeed he can come here anytime

I know you again bohongiku

My last check on Baidu, the diet does not make people no strength

- can not - be

does not seem

I hate you do not want to see you again


not happy

you're wrong my people no super powers

absolutely nothing

hence the need to learn

how to learn, I have no speed maggie

and no power of Tiequan

Xiaoxing even I can barely beat him

moreover Shenlan and chiyan

I guess it is time for me to give up

I came home looking for daddy


automatic mode active

you do not want to beat Yite

you do not want to protect the earth again

then you do not want

save your mama

I am no super powers mama can not live again

no, do not hurry

listen to me

first must do is train yourself and diet

These super power what

I could not save my mama do not bodohiku again

not fooled

we Ultraman from distant planets to Earth M to fight

This is not how strong our

and not we have full confidence

we need to do is just go do

you already know

catch him

catch the little boy especially cube in his hand

must grab him must

Do not come close

go tell Xiaoxue and also prof Jay

I was determined to back

break through Xiaolong

Xiaolong fast fly

Xiaolong Xiaolong

many enemies are all robots

catch him catch the little boy


These personal seat


The people they've so much

our equipment can not opponent

then replace the new

it was time to try a new weapon upgrades made Xiaoxue


all attack

catching dragon force

benefits 1000 virtual currency

tell me, how's virtual currency rewards

Can Give me a little

I immediately get you

prof Jay

prof Jay is not good

the wicked come

The tool view energy body has been finalized yet

can not be a little longer

stay a little longer

where else

I found, this view exhaust gas appliance is too high

This man snoring hard in turn

I tried repeatedly could not

I could

because you did not create this style

come on this is no relationship


can not believe you just faster analysis

This style, upright, lower abdominal breathing in

body upright

hand forming the letter ten

This is useful to strengthen the stomach

can form a larger colon and rectum body

Most importantly, legs open form 60 degrees

making body gas can from the ground up with a good

you snore pressure increased to 300

and will reach the emergence of Ultraman

and let him fully into large and lively



can not beat Yite later, these rely on you

Maggie, be careful


you quickly back drive robot dino

you guys can fight opponents united then my father

but now we have no chance to escape

"There is resentment there early debt employer"

damaging your wife's coffin is my



I happened to be looking for you

you celakai my mother is not clear where

My wife taken off no grave

not true

This maxim misuse

we're both breakeven point

you, put the gun

I will repent

from now on we love each other

Give each other "like"

think good


you still will any words

Ultraman most you fear coming to life again

I have learned well every day want to progress

I studied the sleep

people sleep, I play the game



both hands the number ten

legs open


very large

I succeeded

Ultraman, finish him habi


what are you doing

mode QQ on

finally falling apart

do not be sad

The next is you




do not yell anymore

My now between you met him

you can only oppress small children

you some loser

still dare to return

the higher the simple mistakes

father, you do not have to spend a lot of time with small children

spend a little time you can be anything


jaga Chiyan

let you see great spar


Yite body energy that continues to grow

it is time for revenge for wife


robot Tyrannosaurus

robot Pterosaurus

robot Athlon

robot Stegosaurus

iron fist


robot Ceratop


officially starts





I am here



I miss mama

you who call her papa

he had time to go back to the papa

- I could not save Mom - this is not your fault

- no one can do - be

we have super human family

everyone superhuman


we went together to save mother



actual papa

- also no superpowers - no, we no superpowers

everyone there is super powers

hadangi why I saved those who love



You have not understood what love


would live again


quickly went here not safe

- quick return dneganku - I want to help Xiaolong

nothing can stop me

there would be no

- fast're not safe here, go home with me - no, I do not want

- quick return, return with me - I want to help Xiaolong

- I want to help Xiaolong - Lele


I can not help Xiaolong


mother obviously knew she was not willing

still do not care about life and death to save you

if you still happen something

I would feel very guilty at mama

let's go home


You said mama obviously knew he was powerless

also selamatkanku

we Ultraman from distant planets to Earth M to fight

and not we have full confidence

we need to do is just go do

nothing can stop me

there will be no


a result which would stop me

the system will immediately scatter


hurry back

hurry back



do not go there



Lele, a quick get away

I will not go

I was his mama

never promise

I want to keep him for life

that promised

dead already

must be done

This is not possible


I must think of the energy of Ultraman

not in the cube

but in the body Lele

This is not possible


he promised dead already

must be done


earth-shattering fast the existing city that this entry

The drop offender sentenced to 100 years

he used to be the supreme leader of Shianju

the secret of the spar is already excited the world

and the good news

namely yesterday

in the disaster area, a survivor finally unconscious

he's been in a coma for over a month in the hospital

when she woke up the first word he was


safe for him

Hurry recovered and can return

Low energy from this spar

energy in

already in breathe person

What do you mean

I suspect

there were already transferred the energy of the spar

This is not like creatures on earth