Dragon Fist (1979) - full transcript

Tang How-Yuen, a dishonored student of the Dragon Fist Sect, seeks revenge for the death of his teacher.

Allow me.









Master, it's here.


- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.

I am humbled to have the martial artists.
Present here bestowing the honor.

I'm abashed to receive it.

Chong's martial arts are peerless.
We are in such admiration.

You're too kind.

- Bring the board over.
- Hold on.

Chong Saam-taai,

you wouldn't have expected me,
Chung Gim-gwan, to come.

So it's Mr. Chung. My apologies.

I'm not here for a drink.

- You're here for...?
- I want this board.

Senior Chung, this board was won by
my master in a martial arts competition.

Martial arts competition?

He hasn't competed with me.

Mr. Chung, the competition has finished.
You'll have to wait for the next one.

I'm already here.

If you refuse to compete with me
and proceed to hang that sign,

it would have no honor.

- What's so special about you?
- Impudent.

Don't be so rude to Mr. Chung.

Senior Chung, if you think your junior
isn't qualified to hang this board up...

Right, that's what I'm saying.

Only if you can beat my Tam's Kick,
you can have the board.

You're too much.

If you insist on competing,
your junior must honor this.



- Master.
- Good kung fu.

Stop fighting. Enough.


Do you really want to kill him?

Stop it.


Let him have the board.

I see that board has no use either.

Are you okay?

Not fair.

Not fair.

I had conceded defeat
yet he kept attacking.



I know I'm dying.

You must take good care
of your sister and mistress.

This is a grave injustice.
I'll not die in peace.

Master, you'll be fine.

I'll certainly practise my martial arts
and take revenge for you.

Restoring the reputation of
Tong Saan Martial Arts School...

all depends on you.


- Dad.
- Master!


- This way, please.
- Please sit down.

Please take a seat.

That was easy, insignificant.

But it finally won an honor
for the place.


All the guests have arrived.
You go and ask your mum to come.


Mum, all the guests are here.
Dad is asking you to come out quickly.


Dad, come here quick.

Come here quick.

- What is it?
- Quick, come and see for yourself.

Come on.

Come over.


- What's happened?
- Look.

What's happened?

Mum, she's...

My dear husband,

You made a reprisal
because you were aggrieved

about a mutual love between
Chong Saam-taai and I 18 years ago,

even using a martial arts competition
as a private means of killing Saam-taai.

Where is your conscience?

Because I love you, I've given my life
as a means of persuasion.

I hope you exercise forbearance
for the sake of yourself

and become chivalrous.

I can then rest in peace.

My last letter, Sau-Sau.

Sir, we come here to work.
We didn't do it on purpose.

Sir, you mustn't misunderstand.

It's just your misfortune.

Who told you to see it?

Sir, don't!

- Quickly. Find it quick!
- Yes.

- Search everywhere!
- Okay.

- Well? Is there anything?
- Big Brother, the goods are here.

- Quickly.
- Come on, let's have a look!

Fish it out quickly.

- Hurry.
- Okay.

- Got it.
- Bring it ashore.

- Hey, can you see it?
- Look over there.

- That's a corpse. Isn't it?
- It looks like it.

Quiet, everyone.

We'll bring it up first,
then ask Master Chung what to do.

- What do you say?
- Good idea.

Good idea?
Let's go, then.



It's a spar between brothers.
How can you use such vicious attacks?

Big Brother, I'm sorry.

Master, Laam-ceng's kung fu
has quickly improved.

If I called too late,
he'd have broken your leg.

Big Brother, is that true?

You will still lose after practising
for three more years.

But I probably won't use
vicious attacks like you.


Go away and think.

- You go practise.
- Yes.

Put it down.



This is the sixth individual.

Dad, it looks ruthless.

Sir, these atrocious acts were
surely committed by the Ngais.

You cannot speak recklessly.

There's no evidence,
you cannot slander others.

I can be a witness.

I saw the Ngais' Fatty Heoi
kill this man.

You're willing to be the witness?

I dare to confront this.

This is intolerable.



You go with Laam-ceng to the Ngais.
Ask Fatty Heoi to come here and see me.


- They're looking for Fatty Heoi?
- Yes.

You're right,
Fatty Heoi is my man.

Why are you both looking for him?

He's a murderer.
Please hand him over.

He killed someone?
Who saw that?

Of course we have a witness.

We want him to come with us now
to explain.

The Patience Clan
has always been respectable here

but you two are being
very unreasonable now.

Even if Fatty Heoi killed someone,
you shouldn't come to me.

He's one of the Ngais' men.

He's no longer working here.

Then where did he go?

Don't know.

- I want you to hand the man over.
- Ridiculous!

Where do you think you are?
How can you conduct yourself recklessly?

What do you want to do?

Gentlemen, don't be angry.
Fatty Heoi really isn't here.

There's no need for
spoiling our relationship.

If we find Fatty Heoi,
you mustn't blame us if it gets uncivil.

It's up to you.

- Yes.
- Let's go.

Big Brother, why don't we just destroy
the Patience Clan now?

What do you know?

Patience Clan is respected by the people.

To destroy them,
there must be a good excuse.

That's right.

It's not the right time yet.
We mustn't be impatient.

Wait until I've met Saam
and made arrangements.

We'll sort him out later.

I'm quite worried
we won't be able to find Chung later.

Rest assured,

Chung's name is well-known,
we can just ask.

Even if he can fly,
I'll still hunt him down.

We've arrived.

- Move here.
- No, I want to move here.

That girl is beautiful!

Young Master, come and take a look.

So beautiful!

- I'll talk to her.
- I'm coming too!


- Miss, you must have come from afar.
- Go away. What are you doing?

- I'll help you.
- No need.

I wasn't asking you.

We're together.

- What are you carrying?
- You want to see?


Why don't you ask about the consequence
of having a look?

- Then what is the price?
- I fear you can't afford it.

You didn't ask around.

There's isn't anything that we,
the Ngais, can't afford.

You really want to pay?

Tell me. How much?

One leg!

A leg?!

- So expensive.
- We're not able to negotiate.

Mistress, let's go.

What is it?
A leg to have a look?


- who is willing?
- No, not me.

How about you?

Me? I can't,
my leg is...

- Yours. Let's go.
- What are you afraid of? Let's go.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hold on.

What is it this time?

Didn't you say you wanted
one leg to have a look?

I've brought one.

Young Master, I don't want to see it.

- It's you who wants to see it?
- Yes.

- Then no.
- Why?

Whoever looks at it would be the one
who gives the leg.

Do you want to see it?

So what?

You win.

We'll see it another day.

- Let's go.
- All right.

Huo-wan, we're far from home,
you should be more tolerant.

Mum, don't blame brother.

That man was very annoying.

Mum, where should we go now?

- To the Champion Clan's, of course.
- There's no rush.

We should first look
for a place to stay.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary
of your master's death.

I'm thinking about going to the temple
to pay my respects to him.

Since we're here,
staying a few days doesn't matter.

Yes, Mistress.



are you not feeling well?

So what are you doing?
Is there something on your mind?

What would be on my mind?

Are you afraid?


To avenge the death of Master,
to avenge the name of Tong Saan,

I've never been afraid.

So why has your manner completely changed
since we arrived here?

If you are afraid,
it's not too late to turn back.

You've misunderstood.

I indeed have something on my mind.

I'm worried about you and Mistress.

Do you believe we're a burden to you?

That's a further misunderstanding.

My worry is, if I lose to Chung Gim-gwan,
who'll look after you both later?

Rest assured,
we'll look after ourselves.

In short, you mustn't be demoralized.

I won't be demoralized.

You look after Mistress,
I'm going for a walk.

- Young Master, that kid is here again.
- Go and get him.

- Have you come from another place?
- Yes.

What have you come here to do?

My affairs are no business of yours.

If you want to be here,
you must follow the rules and regulations.

What are the rules and regulations?

To enter,
you've to go through here.

To leave,
you've to go through here.

Who determined these
rules and regulations?


You again.

You want to come in or go out?

I've no intention to incur hatred,
nor be humiliated.

- Then let's be friends.
- Friends?

- Get him.
- Don't go.


Ngai, you're too much.

The meddler's here.

I won't let you bully people.
Let him go.

What business is it of yours?
I wasn't bullying you.

I'm taking it as my business.

I won't let you.

- Let him go.
- Why should I listen to you?

Someone has just arrived in our town
and hasn't offended you.

Why must you bully people?

You're standing up against injustice?
You're set on this kid?

You think you can bully this girl?

Friend, you go on.

- Go, go quickly!
- Get him.

Kid, don't you dare get involved.

- Get him!
- They're there.

- Let's go!
- Let's go.

I'm very thankful for your help.

I'm Chung Cau-ping.
May I ask your name?

If not your enemy,
I'm your creditor.

See you tomorrow.

What did he say?
I don't understand.

Why will he see me tomorrow?

I understand.

Let's go back and inform Master.

- Master.
- Master.

- Master.
- Master.

Everyone is here.

If they're here,
they'll certainly be looking for me,

hence I have asked everyone here.

There is something to tell you.

Dad, he said he'd see me tomorrow.

Then he definitely will come tomorrow.

If they're here, I don't want any of you
to make things difficult for them.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Master, your student doesn't understand
what you're thinking.

- Inquisitive!
- You don't need to ask.

Do as I say.

Even if they hit you,
you're not to retaliate.

Dad, why?
Should we be afraid?

I'm not afraid of them.

It's that I owe them.

Big Brother, I've found out.
He's here from Tong Saan.

- Name is Tang Huo-wan.
- Tong Saan?

Yes, Saam told me.

Years ago, old man Chung
wounded Chong Saam-taai

and tore down the board of the
Tong Saan Martial Arts School.

He died from the anger.

Coming here now,
it's surely to get revenge.

No wonder that kid's martial arts
is so good.

He comes fully prepared.

That's good then.

Our brothers can just observe them
fight each other.

Is his skill that good?

I think he's better than Second Brother.

Five of us took him on.

Aside from being beaten,
we couldn't even touch him.

Is he that tremendous?
Let me try.

Why bother?

I think we should bribe him,
he'll handle old man Chung.

Wouldn't that be better?

Lou-Saam, I'll leave this to you.

No problem.

I'm the best
at making crafty schemes.

Hand me the matter,
I'll take care of it.

Brother, what are you doing?

- I've found the man we were looking for.
- Huo-wan,

what are you waiting for?

We're not here to start a feud,
we merely want justice.

I understand.

I'm only thinking about you and sister...

We won't be a problem.

Didn't I tell you before?
You need not worry.

As long as you beat the old man Chung,
in revenge for dad,

mum will be contented.


so long as I witness you
seeking justice,

I can die in peace.

You mustn't speak like this.

It's my responsibility to avenge Master.

When we go, please tell me.

- Okay. We'll immediately go at dawn.
- Yes.

Mistress, we've arrived.


- Can you announce our visit?
- This way, please.

- Can you announce our visit?
- This way, please.

This way, please.

This way, please.

Madam Chong, please be seated.

You remember me?

Though the incident happened years ago,
I knew you would certainly come.

You understand why?

I understand.

You must know what we want.

Of course.
This I know even more.

Return it, then.

- I certainly will return it.
- When?

- Three days later.
- Why?

Because that day is an unforgettable one
for me.

I hope on that day
we can settle our grievances.

What is it that you want?

Our Patience Clan
will not be afraid of you.

Cau-ping, don't speak out of turn.

Would it be possible for the three of you
to grant me three more days?

- You'll honor your words?
- I promise.

- Where?
- Here.

Right, we'll visit then.

Mistress, let's go.

Why don't you sit down?
Why are you walking around?

I'm just wondering why they scheduled it
for three days later.

I think it's strange too.

They have many people,
you've got to be careful.

I'm not afraid of them.

If I can't restore the reputation
of the Tong Saan Martial Arts School,

I'll not go back.

It's Mistress's voice.

- Mistress, what is it?
- Mum.

So painful.

Mistress, what happened to you?


It feels very painful here.

Why are you suddenly feeling painful?

I don't know.

After drinking that cup of tea,
I started to feel a lot of pain here.

Has anyone been here?

I don't know.

I seemed to hear footsteps.

- I thought it was you two.
- We went out a moment ago.

It's not possible that someone came in.

- Brother, I'll help you dress the wound.
- Never mind.

You take care of Mistress.
I'll rub some medicine and it'll be okay.

What's your name?

The most senior student of Patience Clan,

It's very late at night,
what are you doing here?

I came to ask you,
what does my master owe you?

Three years ago,
didn't you personally see it?

Then blame the poor skill of
Tong Saan Martial arts.

That's why I'm here,
to seek justice for my master's school.

What do you consider justice?

Using my Tong Saan Fist
against your Tam’s Kick.

What if you lose?

Do as you please.

What if I win?

- What do you want?
- Go and ask your master!

Before asking my master,
you must ask me first.

You want to fight?
Let's go outside.

Does this count as having asked?

Well? No match for him?

Master, how did you know?

What can you hide from me?

Why didn't you listen to my words?

Master, you used martial arts
to defeat Chong Saam-taai.

What's more, we didn't do wrong.

Why do you always yield to them?

Are you so afraid of them?

You don't understand,
I'm indebted to them.

Even if you owe them,

a student is obliged to help
his master repay a debt.

Have you not just had enough
of a beating?

That's why I'd like to ask Master
to teach me the supreme Tam’s Kick.

Your student must fight him again.

Why do you always ask me
to teach you Tam's Kick?

Tong Huo-wan wouldn't be here
unless he is fully prepared.

Even my Tan’s Kick
might not defeat him for sure.

Why can't I match up to him?

There's no need to take
these personal grievances seriously.

The most important thing now

must be searching for evidence
of the Ngais crimes here.

I want to find Fatty Heoi.

If you intend to help Master with things,
go and find Fatty Heoi.

Can you do it?

I can do it.
I'll definitely find him.

- Why is there no one here?
- Don't worry.

Even if there's an ambush,
I'm not afraid.

I, Tong Huo-wan, have arrived.

This way, please.

This way, please.

Over there.

- Dad, they've arrived.
- Ask them to come in.

Please go in.

Please come in.

Cau-ping, you go out.


- Go out.
- Yes.

Close the door.

Chung Gim-gwan,
you've brought us along here.

It doesn't seem like an ideal place.

This is the suitable place
to settle grievances.

Today is the third anniversary
of my wife's death.

As far as I'm concerned,
this is an important day for me.

I believe we should do it
in front of my late wife's shrine,

it is the most appropriate place.

What do you all think?

We all have grievances.
We'll settle them now.

Firstly, you restore this.

The board is already broken,
how can I restore it?


Please, all three of you,

open that chest there
and have a look.

I did this to alleviate my guilt.

Then, that leg...

I was impetuous then,
made a big mistake.

Full of guilt.

I actually have peace of mind
seeing you today.

You believe you can use your injury
to inspire sympathy from us?

Could it be that my offer
of a gold board and my severed leg

falls short for a person's apology?

I've changed the name
from Champion to Patience.

All for today.

How do you wish to deal with me?

Please carry it out.


Chung Gim-gwan,

our grievance...

- is finished.
- Finished?!

Mistress, we came from such a far place.

- I...
- Don't say anything!


I want revenge
from my father's killer too.


how can you take advantage of a
handicapped person that cannot retaliate?

Not fair.

Not fair.

- Is this news reliable?
- It was Saam who personally informed me.

Now that it's finished,

will the Tong family be returning
to Tong Saan?

Rest assured, he won't leave.


Oh, yes, Big Brother,

I've already arranged an excellent plan
for you.

Don't be confusing.
What the hell are you doing?

My strategy is to have someone else
do the dirty work.

Tong is like Chiu Wan,
the late general.

This valiant will soon
be working for us.


is she getting better?

I don't think I need
to prescribe medicine.

What? She can't be treated?

She has a strange illness.

What can I prescribe?
What she's taking has no effect.

Doctor, prescribe us another dose anyway.

I've already said that
prescribing medicine is no use.

Unless you go to the Ngais
to ask for their secret family recipe.

That would be useful.

Doctor, I beg for your help.

We're willing to pay
any amount of money.

They are hugely wealthy
and don't care about money.

Then you take me to beg him,

if only for the medicine
to cure Mistress's illness.

I can work very hard.

All right.
I'll take you to try.

Master Tong, what brings you here?

Please pass on a message,
I would like to see Mr. Ngai.

There's no need to pass it on.
Come, please come in.

Lord Ngai,
Master Tong is here to see you.

What brings you here?
Come, please sit down.

- Sit down.
- Thank you, Lord, for the medicine.

This is a small token of my appreciation.

So polite.

Sit down.

- Well? Was the medicine effective?
- It was effective.

The chest pain was instantly cured.

That's good then.

This medicine is a secret family recipe.
I seldom give it to people.

I know.

I'm here now to ask Lord
to give me a little more.

Of course, I don't dare ask
to buy it from you.

I'd like to ask, if you care,
to state a price...

It's not a question of money
but there's only a little left.

I'm afraid that,
if you return to Tong Saan,

what if the illness flares again?

Well, you're right.

We have such a far journey.

I can't gift the secret recipe,
of course.

I'd like to propose something
for the two of us.

You can stay here for the time being.

I'll be responsible for your upkeep.

Do you think this is okay?

I know that your martial arts are good.

We've recently had a shortage
of manpower here.

You should realise that our Big Brother
has always had a fondness for ability.

He wants to promote you.

We must hurry back to Tong Saan.

My mistress wishes to return home.

How can you go if she's ill?

You make yourselves at home here.

Wait until your mistress is well enough
to go.

And I won't keep you.

That's right.

It's our Big Brother's good intention
and to be friends with you.

So what do you want me to do?

Deal with the Patience Clan.

They've many people with good martial arts
and bully us all day long.

My hope is that
you can later uphold justice.

Also, I heard that you saw
old man Chung handicapped

and didn't have the heart to hit him.

In actual fact, he didn't sever
his leg for you.

He knew he wouldn't be your match.

It was a special act...

so that you couldn't bear to hit him.

You fell for his plan.

This is the little medicine I have.

You take this first.

I'll promptly ask my man
to make more for you.

Don't hit him!

I'll give face to Master Tong,
merely breaking one leg!

If the four brothers don't bring the lease
of the tea garden to the Ngais tomorrow,

I'll kill you!

Hear that?

Master Tong, please.

You have three days to leave here.

You're all outlaws.

I'll get Master Chung
to come and deal with you.

This is exactly
where we want you to go.

Don't move.

I've been waiting for you.

What is it?

I really can't believe you're working
for the Ngais.

I really am working for the Ngais.

You mustn't continue doing it.

I must.

If you want to know about Ngai Cong-long,
I'll tell you.

No need.

He is particularly opposed
to our Patience Clan.

I have no choice.

It's best...

you don't provoke him
in the future.

I really don't understand.

What hatred is still left between us?

You really want to know?

Of course.

It's simple.

My master is dead,

your dad,

though he severed a leg,

is still alive.

Do you understand?

No wonder you haven't returned
to Tong Saan.

No wonder you're working
for the Ngais.

My dad constantly tells us
not to hate you.

I also thought
you were an honorable man.

I couldn't have imagined...

Hate you, I hate you!

- It's you.
- I'll kill you.


Don't fight anymore.


Both of you, stop fighting!

Won't you go quickly.

Why didn't you let me fight him?


- Mistress, your favourite food.
- Okay.

I bought this fabric for you.

The color is very beautiful.

- It's good.
- Mistress, your medicine.

I just happened to finish these
last night.

I got I00 last time.

How could they be finished so quick?

Before, I had three pills every time
to ease the pain.

Now, having six pills cannot
stop the pain.

Mum, why didn't you tell me?

Because of my illness,
you're both already very troubled.

Why bother telling you?

No harm in taking more
if it eases the pain.

Having more...

is not the solution.

Huo-wan, Lord Ngai is really a nice man.

But it's not very good for us
to always inconvenience others.

Better still, go and ask him
to provide the prescription for us.

We can return and make more ourselves.

I asked him every time for the prescription,
he wasn't willing to give it to me.

I don't know at all why.

What should we do, then?

Because of my illness,

I don't know when we'll be able to return
to Tong Saan.

Mistress, rest assured,

I'm working for them,
they'll surely provide me the medicine.

I'll definitely think of a quick way
to return to Tong Saan.

- I'll go back to my room first.
- Okay.

Tong Huo-wan!

You don't need to shout.
What is it?

Big Brother wants you.

It's late.

It's an important matter, of course.

- Well...
- Let's go. Still talking?

Mum, have you noticed...

brother seems to have something
on his mind?

Ever since your father died,
I've appreciated him.

Even my own son
wouldn't treat me this well.

What is it?

Brother, where are you going?

You go back to sleep.
I'll be back soon.

I found out today's smuggling place
of the Ngais.

Let's get him.

Then let's inform Master quickly.

No need.

If we inform Master,
he'll ask us to be patient.

He won't allow it.
Let's go firstly.

Let's go.

It's right ahead.
Be careful.


- Quicker!
- Hold it!

What are you doing?

You've been caught in the act now.

I, Young Master, do what I want.
None of your business!

- Get them!
- Yes!

- Let's go!
- Let's go.

Split up.

Chase them!

It's so late, what is it?

There is a batch of goods
being traded here tonight.

Big Brother is worried about mishaps,
you're here to oversee.

Why is the kid sleeping there
at this time of the day?

Come on, over there.

Little Hei!

Little Hei.

Tong Huo-wan!

You're just cruel,
you're an animal.

What do you have against
the Patience Clan now?

Why couldn't you spare a child?


- Listen to me.
- What's there to listen to?

To hell with your attitude.

- Come out!
- Yes!

Gentlemen, how do you like the grave
I've found for you?

Tong Huo-wan,

Big Brother called you here
to take care of this matter.

Kill them both.

- I won't do it.
- Why?

I, Tong Huo-wan,
have always been honest and upright.

You won't do it?


I order you to kill them!

- Yes!
- Don't move!

Let them go.

It was hard for us to lure them
into such a trap.

If you let them go,
Big Brother will be angry.

- Who'll take responsibility?
- I'll take responsibility.

If there's anyone not scared to die,
carry on!


Gentlemen, please.


Sister, I'm convinced.

Sorry, Brother.

- Are you injured?
- No.

Little Hei...

Why did he end up like this?
Who did it?

Tell me.

Who killed him?

Tell me.
Why won't you tell me?

I saw Tong present.

I want revenge,
but I can't defeat him.

- I'm so useless.
- I don't believe it.

Did he really kill him?

He was the killer.


What do you both want?

Where is Fatty Heoi?

I'll talk.

- Listen to me, brother.
- What is it?

Let me tell you something.
I got to know a beautiful girl last night.

She was fabulous!

While we were haggling over the price,
I touched her and she was ecstatic.


Don't hit him again.

We need him alive.

Tell your Big Brother,

we're returning to ask questions,
then back here to deal with you.


Very good.

Now is the time to get even.

I always told everyone to have patience
but now it's gone beyond that.

Now that Fatty Heoi
has revealed everything,

the Ngais are true outlaws.

I'm going to hold him to account tonight.

- Fong-gong.
- Master.

- Bring Fatty Heoi here.
- Yes.

Cau-ping, get my crutch.

- Dad, what will you do?
- I want to visit Ngai Cong-long.


If it gets physical, what then?

I still have one leg.

All right.

Hey, Fatty Heoi, get up.
We're sending you back.

Are you just going to stay there?

Master, it's bad!
Fatty Heoi has been murdered!

Who killed him?

Now we've lost our main witness,
what shall we do now?

All of you speak,
who killed him?

Master, what do you say we do?

We can't hold the Ngais to account
at this time, again.

Aside from that,

the Ngais' man died in my place.

They absolutely won't be willing
to give this up.

I see a lot of trouble.

Fatty Heoi is dead?
Says who?

It was Saam who personally saw it.

They captured my man and,
furthermore, killed him.


what do you think?
Haven't they gone too far?

Don't get angry too soon.
Ask again before taking action.

There's no second road to go down now.

Huo-wan, I want them to hand over
Fatty Heoi.

After calling for this,
you take down the Patience Clan place.

This is something I absolutely won't do.

You won't do it?

They believe that you killed Little Hei.
You will be hunted down somehow.

This is something you do understand.

It wasn't me who killed Little Hei.

You can explain to them for me.

Why would they believe your words?

It's not important to me
if they believe it or not,

I won't do this task.

You think about it.

You were originally here
to avenge your master.

This would be right and proper.

No one in the martial arts society
would say you were wrong.


I, Ngai Cong-long,
cannot stand this.

As long as you settle this matter for me,
I'll give you the prescription.

You can return to Tong Saan at any time.

What if Fatty Heoi hasn't died?

Then that's the best outcome.
Everyone will be happy.

I will still give you the prescription.

- What is it?
- What room is Miss Chong in?

- It's that room.
- Thanks.

I have something I wish to discuss
with you, okay?

Madam Chong.

It's you.
Is there something wrong?

If there is something,
say it now.

Miss Chong, I really have come
in good faith to find you.

Who would believe you?

How can you speak to someone like this?

Please sit down.

- Drink some tea.
- Thanks.

Do you both know what Tong Huo-wan
is doing at the moment?

We know.
He's working for Lord Ngai.

That's right,
but he is committing misdeeds.


Don't you talk nonsense,
my brother isn't that kind of man.

The four Ngai brothers
are evil tyrants here.

He is their accomplice,
in praying on people.

I really feel sorry for him.

We weren't at all aware.

- Mung-Iaan, I don't think it's likely.
- It isn't.

Even if my brother has committed misdeeds,
it's none of your business.

For what reason
did you want to tell us?

I know that you aren't aware.

I'm especially here to warn you,
go back to Tong Saan early.

Why should we answer to you
if we're going back to Tong Saan?

The Ngais are vicious and merciless.
Tong Huo-wan is a good man.

He's no match for the Ngais,
no point in sacrificing his life.

See you.

Miss Chung,

I have something
I want to say to you.

What is it?

I had nothing to do
with your brother's murder.

Why do you do such things?
Aren't you ashamed?

You have been committing misdeeds
out there. I know everything.

I'm going to tell mum.


Let go of your hand.

I beg you, don't tell Mistress.

I must.


Why have you committed
such dishonorable acts?

What for?

What for?!

For Mistress.

I needed the pills
for Mistress's illness.

So long as Mistress can enjoy life,
without suffering any more pain,

I'm willing to do anything,

even if it's heartless and unjust.

Since I was young,
I had no father or mother.

I've been fostered all my life
by Mistress,

Master brought me up.

I cannot repay Master,
but I must repay Mistress, wholeheartedly.


Mistress is of great age,

there aren't many days left
to repay her kindness.


I must be a filial son.

Believe me.

I have no alternative but to work
for the Ngais on one final task.

Helping them do what?
Commit atrocious acts?

Don't ask so much.
I know what I'm doing.

After tomorrow,
we'll return to Tong Saan straightaway.

Hey! They're coming.
Close the doors!

Open the doors.

Open the doors.

Keep the doors open.
Our Patience Clan isn't afraid to die.

- Correct! We aren't afraid to die!
- Yes. We aren't afraid to die!

The Ngais dare to confront us here.
Truly arrogant.


talking reasonably with them won't work,
let's fight them.

Master, they're coming.

Hey, let's go.

You guard the outside doors.

Don't allow anyone to leave.

- If anyone appears, kill them.
- Yes.

Everyone disperse.

Ngai Cong-long,
you've brought many people here.

What do you actually want?

Chung Gim-gwan, didn't you tell my brother
that you wanted to hold me to account?

Here I am.

You needn't be so pompous.

You know your activities by heart.

Of course.

I kill people, commit arson
and smuggle drugs.

What can you do?
Have you got any proof?

You're such an evil person.
There will be karma sooner or later.

It's now my turn to hold you to account.

Did you capture Fatty Heoi
and hold him here?

- Don't know.
- Don't know?

You can't hand over my man?

Tong Huo-wan,

ask them to fetch him.

Master Chung, I apologise first.

Tong Huo-wan,
I'm very disappointed in you.

I thought you were a good man.

How would it be known that you'd help
a villain commit evil?

I'm paid for what I do.

Please hand over the man.

The man?

I captured the man to here.
I won't hand him over so easily.

Both sides have sent men,
each representing his own.

If you don't hand the man over,
I won't be civil.

You really believe your martial arts
are good?

You think our Patience Clan
is afraid of you?

I don't intend to spoil our relationship,
I merely want you to hand over the man.

What if we don't hand him over?

Are you out of your mind?

You capture our man
and won't let him go.

Still so loud?

If you don't let the man go,

- then the Ngais aren't in the wrong...
- Even if we are in the wrong, so be it.

Lord, did you see that?

It's as though Tong Huo-wan
is holding back.

I think we need to undertake
the last step.

All right.

- Master.
- Let Master lend his students a leg.

- Go!
- Yes!

All of you go quickly!

Let him try my Tam’s Kick.

Huo-wan, you go.

Not dead yet?

Saam, quickly reveal your identify.

- Master!
- Dad!

- Dad!
- Master Chung, are you okay?

- How injured are you?
- Master!

He... he plotted against me.

I don't think you ever dreamt of it.

So you're an insider for the Ngais?

I've waited a couple of years for today.

I always treated you kindly.

You really are an animal.

Your scolding me won't be any use.

Blame yourself for being short-sighted.

I merely have to kill you to repay
Lord Ngai for saving my life.

Let me be honest.

I deliberately drew Little Hei out
to be killed.

So why did you impute me?

I wanted to create misunderstandings
among you

and deepen your hatred.

You wouldn't be able to prove
your innocence,

and have to work for Lord Ngai.

That's right.

This was my excellent plan.

I'll tell you

I ordered for Fatty Heoi's capture
to back here,

then his murder afterwards
to silence him.

He was Lord Ngai's man,
why did you have to do this?

What's the small sacrifice
of one man?

Fatty Heoi died at Patience Clan's,

- so it gave us a good reason to bring men!
- Tong Huo-wan,

there's merely three people left now.

If you kill them, the Patience Clan
will be finished from then on.

Also, your task will be complete.

Your group of men are
truly mean and shameless.

I, Tong Huo-wan,
will not be used by you.

Don't forget what we agreed yesterday.

If you don't keep your promise,

you think you can still return
to Tong Saan?

To an animal,
promises don't apply.

If you don't listen to my orders,

you ought to know
how I can deal with you.

What do you think you'll do with me?

Whoever isn't afraid to die,
come out!

Let me tell you,

as long as Tong Huo-wan is here,

no one will hurt Master Chung!

Damned kid,

you think you're amazing?

You really think you're a good fighter
that can never be defeated?


Tong Huo-wan!


Ngai Cong-long, you...

They're both in my hands.

You must think carefully.

I'll be honest with you,

your mistress wasn't ill at all,
it was me that poisoned her.

After you kill the three of them,

I'll give you the antidote
and let you return to Tong Saan.

You and I will be finished.

This was my last step.

It was me who sent Saam
with the poison.

If you don't comply with
what Big Brother says,

then your mistress will surely die
from the pain,

so you better listen.

If you stay arrogant...

Whenever I raise my hand,

these two lives will be finished.

Huo-wan, why did you conceal this from me?

Why did you have to work
for this kind of people?


Ngai Cong-long, don't force him.


your master was loyal
and righteous all his life.

If you help this evildoer,
he won't rest in peace.

For me,

for the righteousness of the
Tong Saan School,

you take good care of your sister.






- Hit him!
- You animal. I'll beat you to death!

I'll beat you to death!


- Let's go.
- Let's go. Quickly!


- Mistress.
- Mum!