Dragon Fight (1989) - full transcript

Two martial artist friends from China are performing a show in the States. Trouble starts when one of them decides to defect and stay in America.

Good evening and welcome to an amazing experience.

The Chinese Martial Arts Team

Fight Demonstration.

Second is sword against the spear.

by Tiger Wong and Jimmy Lee.

Never mind. Go on!

Get down!

Now jump!

I can't believe this!

Next are the women swordfighters.

Lucy Lam and Jane Hung.

When did you start Martial Arts?

When I was eight!

How old are you now?


How do you like America?

I like the cars. We only got bicycles.



Smoking is no good foryou. Put it out.

It will kill you.

Hi! Is Tigerthere?

How's it going?

No entrance here!

Take care of them.

How much do you practice each day?

6 hours!

Excuse me, autograph please!


How long have you been here?

A long time. You're great!

He trained me!

I rememberyou were a great cook! Where's my dinner?

As you're leaving soon, you will miss it!

You sure know how to lie!

Gotta go. See you around.

Tiger, let's go shopping. - Ok.

This is so beautiful. I wish I had been born here.

Not me! I'd choose Hong Kong any day!

It's much better.

We had 16$ allowance forthe stay. That's 1$ a day...

Pretty much nothing.

I already spent 10$. But what about the rest?

Tiger, anymore softdrinks?

What can you buy for 16$?


Man, I hate this stuff. Dunno why the Yanks like it.

At least you can buy it at all. Nothing at home.

Tiger, you still think of staying here?

If Michael wouldn't have been injured,
I couldn't have come.

This must be my Destiny.

But being a coach at home is not that bad.

Would have been in the old days.

Nowadays you need qualifications.

It's become really hard.

You know some people. They can make some connections.

Maybe yes.

Driving a train, or cleaning the streets.

This is not what I want.

It's true we have no working skills.

But we're alright. Always good food and a bed.

And we even can travel around, like here.

Jimmy, you don't understand me.

We're different.

Here guys, your plane tickets.

Give me Tiger's ticket, please.

Tiger, yourticket. Gate 51 in 10 minutes.

Jimmy, let's take a photo.

Let me buy something first.

See you soon, ok?

Great success.

Let's make sure the officials hear about it.

Tiger! What's up?

Tiger, come back!


You fool! Listen to me!

You think running away will help?

Don't try making me guilty.

I made up my mind. No more China!

Where are they? Hope no trouble occurs.

I've decided.

I'm not going back.

Please let me go.

Jimmy, I'm asking you.

Take care.

Don't forget to write to me.

Over here!

Miss, excuse me.

I'm with the Chinese guys, they were standing overthere.

I must catch the plane they went to!

I need to get on that airplane, please!

Hello? Hello?

Do you speak Chinese? Hello?

What are you doing? I need to get my flight.

I am Chinese, what's the matter?

Why don't you tell him I'm innocent? Tell him!

What's going on here?

Wait here.

Let's go.

No mercy.

We'll get you an ID.

Great, thanks!

Afterthis we go celebrate first.

I go speak to the boss. You wait overthere.


I brought the guy.

Protect boss!

Young man, what's your name?

Why didn't you tell me Tigerwanted to run away?

You knew when the flight was scheduled.

You wanted to run away, too. Right?

You're the only suspect we have. You might as well confess.

Nobody can defend you here.

Do you have any idea

what shame you brought on China?

We paid your visit here.

And this is the thanks for it?

I will defend you in court.

But be prepared.

It could turn out bad.

Home, sweet home.

It's not the best, but we won't stay long anyway.

In a refugee camp at HK there would be 30 people in here.

Yes. The standards are slightly higher here.

You can forget about refugees now.

This is wonderful.

Pretty average for America.

Sounds good. But how does it cost?

Not much.

Let me. - I can do it, thanks.

Mum and Dad would love this. Why did they have to die?

Please. This is over now.

Wait a second.

The bastards will come for revenge. Be careful.

Wipe them all out!

I won't hide because of this scum.

I'll call you back.

Who is it?

What is it? \- Hide!

No time forthis!


Come on.


Oh my God!


Stay here!

Bill! Bill!



Bill! What is it? -Who are you?

How come you know him? Who are you?


Chinese Kung Fu Hero!

You signed your autograph for me!

You can trust me. Where else can you go?


You can sleep here forthe time being.

Thanks a lot.

That's alright! I still can't believe you are here with me!

Great Chinese Martial Arts Hero lives in my house.


It's ok.


How come you never mentioned yourfriend to me?

He's from Hong Kong.

He just arrived an hour ago.

He isn't a refugee, is he?

Of course not! Please don't whisper in front ofhim.

Just be careful and keep your eyes open, ok?

I know, don't worry.

Please sit down.

Andy told me you are his old friend from HK.

Yes, you remember?

We always made rude jokes about the teachers.

Uncle's a good guy. He's got a heart of gold.

You better shut up!

You make yourself comfortable.

You sure have a lot to talk about.

Hey, if you're hungry, just go to the kitchen.

Ok, we will.

Thanks. You're really kind.

You're welcome.

Don't forget to open the store tomorrow!


Sit down.

He's really great. Don't worry about him.

Are you hungry? Want a Hamburger?

Don't worry. I have enough money.

Uncle is really generous. You will be alright with us.

I don't want to trouble you.

Look Jimmy, we're friends. I must help you out.

I believe you are innocent.

But, what did really happen?

I don't know. It just got out of control.

Don't worry. The truth will come out sooner or later.

No need to worry. US Laws are really fair.

You just make them believe you got ''Commie-Phobia''.

Come on now. You will be safe.

"Superior man survives the trial."

I better go now.

You wait here. -Yes!

I have something foryou. Come.


He's not there anymore.

USA is a big place. Not so easy to find one person.

Come on now. Don't be depressed again.

If you got money, you will get
a new passport no matter how.

Maybe we should play the lottery. Would be some good bucks.

Trust me. If you believe in your luck
you will get it one day.

If you want to be an ABC, learn three things:

First - get a driver's licence.

If you don't have a car here, it's like being a cripple!

Can't even pick up chicks without some wheels!

Second - even if you are jobless,
Uncle Sam has some bucks foryou.

Betterthan starving to death anyway.

Where did you park the car anyway?

Who the hell are you?

None of your business!

Fuck you!

Here, here!

Third - if there's nothing in it foryou,
don't ever get involved!

No matterwhat happens, just ignore it!

What's going on?

Stay calm.

What is it?

They started the trouble.

Let's go.

My god. What was that?

Ah, yes. About your passport.


Not as easy as I thought.

It ain't just the cash.
It must also be a real good fake one.

That's what I call a miracle.

Gotta catch this bird.

Don't mess around.

Miss, where to?

Don't you like naked Chinese guys?


What was that?


Damn! I'll follow her!

Look at these breasts.

Look at these THINGS!

Damn, the carwon't move.

Get off the car.

I told you not to mess around.

See what you've done!

She must be lesbian anyway.

Honey, wait for me tonight.

There he comes. It will be okay, don't worry.

Sit down.

The Colombians have arrived. I
would like Tigerto take care of them.

What do you say?

No problem.

I think Tiger is something really special.

You're so silent. Nothing to say about it?


Yes. You're alright.


Andy, I had to get the clutch fixed. Take care of the car.

This is not a racing car, understand?

Of course not!

Come on. Are you dreaming?

Hey, Jim.

Nice car overthere.

It's alright.

I can dream, can't I? I would by such car
if had the money.

Talk less and work more.

This will take me 100 years!

So what!?

All done.





Look, I didn't mean to kill that cop.

But you killed him, after all. Now what?

An they hold me responsible!

You're right. It was my fault.

You want me to give in?

No way.

Listen. We are friends foryears now.
I can arrange things here.

Why did we ever come over here?
We should have stayed in China.

We were once friends, remember?

You miss China? But there was no freedom.

Did you really like it?

Like some circus animal.

I see it now. We were only puppets overthere.

Jim, I've seen a better side to life.

And I like it.

This is just great.

If you want it, you can have it.

So you bought into the great life and betrayed us both.

It just happened.

Let's get real. China can never offerthis!

But don't you even miss your family?

They're ok now. Listen, Jim.

They'll have everything.

I will get them here, too.

You think you can buy everything?

No. But it's the only thing I can offer.

I want my name cleared and go back home.


No Tiger. We're not on the same road anymore.

DearJim, thanks forthe money you sent us.

You'll be happy to know the Police
have stopped looking for me.

Everyone's fine. Don't worry about us.

We know you're innocent.

We pray forthe day you come back home.

Keep smiling. Everything will be fine in the end.

Excuse me.

We need to talk.

I'm busy now.

I really want to help.
I want to introduce a friend of mine.

You love Kung Fu. You must practice.

You don't really want to work here.

just let me help you once more.

Don't you miss yourfriends?

Jim, everything will be fine.



Make yourself gone, honey.

Remember Marco, what we talked the other day?

This is my friend.

Sorry, what was that?

The passport matter.

You look smart. So Tiger is a friend of yours?

Tiger, is he another Chinese runaway fighter?


Getting a passport is no problem.

The problem is I don't like him.

Please, Marco. Are you gonna help him?

You jumped-off peasant.Who do you think you talk to?

But you said that you...

I lied. I never meant a word ofit.

Excuse me.

I'll leave now.

Hey, Jim!

Marco, what the fuck is this?

What was that? How dare you?

If not for me, where you would you be now?

I brought Jim out of respect. I could have bypassed you.

I don't need to ask foryour help!

You little peasant. You want the drugs, now the passports?

I wasn't, but you threw it to me right now!

Damn bastard!

What's there to see? Any problem?

You understand Cantonese?

Why don't you watch? Don't understand me?

You understand me.

What's there to look at?

What is it, fucking bitch?


Where to?

Tiger, I don't belong in yourworld.

I'm sorry, but I won't let you go down.

Tiger, just forget it. I'm not interested.

Listen to me. If you carry on like this,
you will end up bad.

Where to? Can I give you a ride?

I was surprised to meet you there.

Got something on your mind?

Yes. When I came from Vietnam, I thought I could be free.

Start all over again, make a new life.

What happened?

There was a lot for me to learn.

Some ofit was not very pleasant.

And you?

I don't think you killed anybody.


We barely know each other.

But my intuition tells me you're a good man.

I shouldn't be here today.

The time where a passport would
have solved everything is gone.

I'm gonna have to face it.

Do you believe we can create our own future?

I don't know. It depends on fate.

What do you think?

I believe in fate.

Whatever happens is created by us.

I'm going out.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

We're all gonna have some fun tonight.

You will join us.

Hold it!

Pick it up.

Pick it up!

Won't you do it?

Pick it up!

Who do you think you are, fucking boat people!

What is it? - Bastards!

Great kick!

Wanna get away?

Why did they beat you?

I don't know myself!

You owe him money?


Only a few hundred. No need to beat me.

Don't go!

Why do you owe them money?

I lost it gambling.

Why didn't you tell me?

What difference would it make? You help me anyway!

I want to know the truth. Aren't we friends?

You're not a fool. Don't act like one!

Shit. Some nerd in my parking space again.

I heard you blew it today. Getting too confident maybe.


Don't be so greedy. Rome wasn't built in a day.

There are things you got to learn.


These are damaged goods we can't sell so I can eat them.

Still angry about yesterday? I only wanted to help you.

Yes, I know I was wrong.

No more gambling.

I'll get you the cash. You must pay them back.

Thanks a lot. I'm on my way.

Do me a little favour and come with me, please.

Sit down and look cool.

Wait here.

One Million?


This one's open.

Ah, damaged goods.

Damn, clumsy as a little kid.

Hey, you come here often?

I said, do you come here often?

Yes, it's nice here. Feeling good.

If I feel bad, I come here too.


I'm feeling good today.


Who knows what you can do when you're drunk.

Soon I'll buy that bridge.

You won't get rich, dreaming again.

I don't dream and I'll do it.

Working won't get us the real big money.

Chink, they call us Chinese Pigs, Second Class People.

Money will make me First Class.

So what?

I'll go to Hong Kong!

But you always said HK is bullshit.

But only if you're poor!

If you're rich, it's fantastic. Here you make the money!

I am Chinese, I belong overthere.

Sorry, I got carried away.

I'll take care of you. And if we get
lucky, you come with me to HK.

Just leave it to me.

Alright. Would you take Mr.Dick out of the conversation?

He likes fresh air.

Hello, Jim! - Hi!

How you doing?

What is it?

Crazy? What are you doing?

What's going on?

I'll pay later, ok?

You're crazy.

Please wait.

It's foryou.

For me?

Alright. I'll be there.

Uncle, can I go out? It's urgent.


Hey, you're meeting a chick, right?

Good boy!

Give her one for me, you rat! Bring her over!

Andy, I want that money.

This doesn't cover it.

Andy, can you stop messing around for once?

Look at it!

Where is the damaged one?

Damaged one?

It had "NOT FOR SALE" on the box.

Of course, I used it all up yesterday.

Andy, what are you doing?

Half a box? You couldn't have used it all!

I was clumsy and dropped all ofit into the kitchen sink.

Have you gone mad?

Stop it! It's long gone now.

Why not these boxes overthere?

Why didn't you use them?

I told you a thousand times...

Stupid Bastard!

One Million!

One Million what?

One Million Dollars!

One Million Dollars? Bullshit!

Go serve the costumers.

Come on now.

Motherfucker. I said no!

What's the matter?

Where is the kid?

I'm leaving here.

You're going for long?

I thought about what you said and I think you're right.

I was just chasing afterthings not worth having.

I'm leaving Marco.

Any idea where you'll go?

I don't have any friends here.

Except you.

I have only two friends here, too.

Uncle, I'm back!

What happened here?

I don't know what this is about.

Some guys came in here asking for
Andy and trashed the place.

Even beat me up!

Where is he?

How the hell do I know.

Hello, Andy?

No, it's Tiger. I must see you.


You saw the store.

You did this? What for?

Come and I'll tell you.

Ok, Tiger. I am here, now explain everything.

Jim, I never knew you're such a snake.

I even tried to get you a passport. And you betray me?

What are you talking about?

I only wanna know why you did it!

You took something from me.

What thing? I don't have anything!

I don't buy this, Jim. The Black Man saw it.


I'll give you some more time.

But not very much time!


I haven't taken anything.

Stop lying.

I don't care what you say. I don't have anything.

Don't move!

Awarning - If you get in my way, I'll kill you!

We're not friends anymore from now on.

Get me the stuffback in 12 hours.

I am warning you as well.

Get lost, or I'll come afteryou!


I know the guy who took the stuffis yourfriend.

I don't know how, but you gotta take care ofit.

It wasn't easy foryou all long, I know.

Don't blow this one.

I trust you on this.


Stay there!

Uncle was hurt and the store trashed.

Is he alright?

Did you steal from them?

I asked you ifhe was ok?

Did you take the stuff?.

It was just a small bag.

It's all gone.

I must leave.

And what about uncle?

Andy, won't you see him?

I'm afraid to face him.

Can you first explain it to him?

Alright, I understand.


The stuff!

Where's uncle?


Give me the stuff.

I didn't take it, so let him go!

That means yourfriend took it!

He used it as soak powder.

Soak Powder!

You're lying!


Tiger, how could you ever become like that!


You son of a bitch!

Don't get out!

Come on! Come!

Bastard! I'll kill you!

Die! Die!

Where is the stuff?.

Don't know.

Talk! Where is it?

Your mother has it.

Tell me!

Get in the car quick.

No, wait!




Let me go.

Hold on tight.

Jimmy, are you ok?

Hey, are you alright?

I was remembering how happy we were as kids in China.

He was my best friend.

Now we're the worst of enemies.

I guess this is what we call Fate.

Now nothing and nobody can help us.

Where can you go now?

I don't know. I really don't know.

I had Andy and Uncle.

My only two friends here i had.

Now they are both dead. Murdered.

I must avenge them.

I only want to say...

...you still have one friend here.


How could he get away so easily?

Just give me a few more days.

Alright. But deliver or die!

This is only about money. Words mean nothing now.

I know.

I would have looked foryou. Good you're here.

Since we were kids, you were the smart one.

I was always numbertwo. But now finally I made it!

You won't destroy it!

You live like you want. But you can't kill innocent people!

I can! I can do anything i want to!

Jim, I'll give you one more chance.

Just give me the stuff.

Then you can leave, else the boss will take care of you.

You don't stand a chance, Tiger!


I could have made it big, why did you stop me...