Dragon Eyes (2012) - full transcript

St. Jude Square is a neighborhood living in fear and despair. The dueling gangs of local kingpins Dash and Antuan terrorize the streets and the citizens live without a shred of hope... until mysterious stranger Ryan Hong (Cung Le) arrives in town. He begins to play one gang against the other using his unparalleled martial arts skills, and by calling on the teachings of his brilliant mentor Tiano (Jean-Claude Van Damme) to find the strength to battle back. However, just as he begins to bring the community under control, Hong is confronted by Mr. V, the town's ruthless and corrupt police chief. At first Mr. V is impressed by Hong's skill, but soon sees Hong as a threat to his regime, and the two warriors are locked in a head-to-head battle, pitting the fear and corruption of Mr. V's regime versus the new beginning Hong represents for the people of St. Jude Square.

What's up?

You're in my fucking spot.

You're still in my fucking spot.
Are you hard of hearing?

What's up, man? That shit was
shorter than Danny DaVito.

Get out of here!

- Don't fucking touch me!
- I'm sick of these guys.

Check it out, Hong Kong.
We didn't order no Chinese food.

Grandpa, please. I'm leaving now...

- Can I help you?
- Here for the apartment.

Grandpa, someone's here
for the apartment.

No drugs, no smoking,
no dogs, no loud music.

No friends coming in and
out late at night.

Hola, preciosa!

Talk with us for a second.
Come on pretty girl.

I don't want any trouble.

Yo, check it out.

Look, I know you see me here
all the time, you don't want this?

- Chinga por Ia madre.
- Hija de Ia gran puta!

Fucking bitch. Kick rocks, then.

Hey, Theo, look over here.
It's the Chino!

Hong Kong, it costs a bill
to park here, Chino.

Never touch my car.

Puta, are you fucking crazy?

Hold the motherfucker.

Damn homeboy - these Percs
got me all fucked up.

- What the fuck happened?
- Dash, before you get on my ass...

What the fuck happened?

This fucking chino went crazy,
smiled took my wallet, broke my arm.

- Get the fuck out of here.
- I'll take care of it. Don't worry.

Didn't hear?
Get the fuck out of here.

Get on this shit. We need to know
if Antuan's moving in on me.

- I'm sorry?
- I'll take care of it.


- Raise.
- Most like money, but damn.

One of Dash's boys just got
handled on their block-

-by one cat. You go find this dude.
Do you hear me?

If he could handle all the men by
himself, we could probably use him.

Since y'all are all blah, blah, blah,
let's see how much you want to do it.

All in.

I really have tried.
Some things just never change.

She's dead.

I tried, but I couldn't stop it.

Nothing can change that.
Put it behind you.

Can you do that?


Stand up.

Lie on the ground.

Get kicked like a dog. Stand like
a man, get kicked like a man.

Are you angry?

You've got two tigers inside you.
A weak one, who does not believe...

...and a courageous one, who does.

Which one will win?

The one you feed.

Gimme the key. Ever since we run
the Dogs out, it's been good money.

Smooth like mayonnaise,
or a baby cheek.

Where we dropping this money?

I think...fifth row, second stack.

They could have told us all this shit
was gonna be wrapped up.





So, you calling me a liar?

Not calling you a liar.
I call you a cheater!

You know what's your problem is.
You have a habit getting in the way.

Last thing you say before
I beat your ass!

You and your loco friend.
Where's the money?


I use that term with
the greatest liberty.

So we have a dilemma.
The floor's open.

He's getting greedy,
trying to break the peace.

This mierda puta
took the bags.

We made the drop.
You believe this crack head?

Silencio! Basta!

We have a more pertinent and
important dilemma here. My take.

By all accounts, the figure
should start with a three.

But all I've got is a two.

Easy... - Stop crying
and pick up the money.

Now you pick him up. Don't
look at him. Pick him up.

We're going to count the money,
in twos. Ready, set, go.

Two, four, six.

- Eight, a thousand.
- A thousand.

- Are you listening?
- Two, four, six, eight.

- Two thousand.
- Two. Not three.

- Enough.
- Not enough. You fix it.

I don't give a shit what happens
between Spics and Schwartzes.

I don't eat fried bananas and
I don't eat collard greens.

Shut up! Don't ever be short on my
cut again. Fix it by midnight.


Messing up my business.

Where's my fucking money!

Where's my fucking money?

What does this mean?
Where's my fucking money?

We kill each and every one of these
fucking putos. Vamanos!

Where's the fucking money?

Is this a fucking joke to you?
What does this mean?

It's the symbol for change.

- Who did this?
- Think, man.

- Hong?
- Exactly.

Vamanos! Let's kill this puto.

Hey, Djingis. Exactly how do you
expect to get your money?

You can't get bread from a dead man.

Down on your knees!

Legs to the back.
Now, put your knees forward.

Keep your fear inside. Understand?


Use the position...instinctively.

You are in enclosed
space...point of kicking.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

Pow, you have connected.
I will show you.

You kick slowly.

Stop. There, do you see?
Much better.

Guard. Foot.

Breathe, breathe.

That's good. Okay. Now, here.

Pull it back. Use the balance.

Do you have fucking problem?

Hong. Let's go.

Mr. Hong.

My grandfather's name
was Vittorio Cigno.

That's the English bastardization
of a beautiful name.

Victor Swan.
But you can call me Mr. V.

So why are you here?
And not the bad guys.

I arrested you for your protection.

- What protection?
- Same as I give everyone in town.

You want to play rough,
you play by the rules.

- Where's the money?
- At the warehouse.

6th row. 2nd stack.
4th from the bottom.

Is that so?

Check the warehouse. Sixth row,
second stack.

Fourth from the bottom,
call me when you get there.

Mr. Hong, I have to know if I can
trust you. This is Mr. Beech.

He's become a liability.
The address is on the back.

There's only one game here.
My game.

Very good. Well...

Welcome to St. Jude.


Come in.

- How did you get out ofjail?
- They let me go.

Is that how you think you're gonna
solve St. Jude's problems?

- It's a start.
- Until they kill you.

Everyone dies.

My grandfather wants you out.

If you want me to leave, I'll leave.

Just...be careful who you hurt.

I swear to God,
I'm losing my mind.

I'm not bugging,
I heard these things.

They walk around in
little shoes and shit.

They're in the fucking walls, Tony.

The other night, I'm laying here and
I open my eyes. See that?

Those motherfucking eyes are
looking at me!

What's funny?
What are you laughing about?

- Take it down!
- That's sacred shit!

- Calm down.
- I'm not high!

I don't have to calm down.
Don't I look calm?

I didn't come here for this shit.

- Tell me you didn't hear that.
- I didn't hear shit.

- There's somebody here.
- Calm down.

Get down? I'm not dying on my
knees, I'm standing on my feet.

- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Sit down!

- Fuck you. Bring it, bitch!
- Shut up!

- You're bugging!
- Don't forget who I am.

- I'm burning myself.
- Sit down!

Get your ass up and
check out behind the wall.

- You've got the gun!
- I've got your back.

You go. If something happens,
I've got you.

And you're smoking my shit,
look at all the shit you're smoking.

Smoking shit, you're popping pills.
Get the fuck out, man.

What the fuck? You're throwing
fucking guns at me?

From here, I'll get that reach
and knock you out.

Don't trick me.

Towel. Oh, fuck.


- Don't shush me!
- Shut up!

Look in the wall! Tony!

Yo, Beech.

- Your door is open.
- What are you, retarded?

- I did shut it when I got here!
- Then close it again!

- What the fuck? Tony!
- There's a guy over here!

- Who'd be in here?
- A fucking ninja!

- A ninja?
- I'm out of here!

You're goddamn right, you're outta
here. Get the fuck out.

No, don't kill me!


I killed you, understand?

Get out of town and
never come back.

You're late, douchebags.

The old man don't like late.

- Spit it out.
- Where's our protection?

What are we paying you for?

The protection I provide is from the
police. You complain to me.

If you two can't handle
your own shit on the street-

- I'll find somebody who can.

From this day forth, you are in
partnership with Mr. Hong.

Split three ways.

- It's not your call, Mr. V!
- Everything in St. Jude is my call.

What the fuck, this is bullshit!

Oh, take it easy.

There's a saying from the people
where I come from.

Fritto il pesce, aperti cosce,
tutto va bene.

It means: Fried fish. Open thighs.
Everything's fine.

You work with Hong.

- What do you have against Hong?
- Nobody knows who he is.

Or where he came from.

Does it matter?

I don't trust anything
that's too good to be true.

Do you know what
SIuder's Syndrome is?

It's when a person with a chronic
disease is cured.

And they missed the disease.

Because they don't know
how to live without it.

Mr. Lord, you're looking fit. I wish
you hadn't chosen this shithole.

Apologize. I hear you have
problem in St. Jude.

- You're hard of hearing.
- Devil Dogs can take care of ninja.

The one who give you the problem.

Problems? Mr. Lord, we've got no
problems in St. Jude.

Matter of fact, in St. Jude,
we have no problem.

The kids are swinging and the roses
are growing in the town square.

I got no business with you.
You got no business in St. Jude.

Okay, bro. Whatever you say.

Alright, bro.

It is because he did not understand.

Bang. Don't think about the gun.
Think about the man.

Come in.


The neighbors are just very happy.

Tell them I said "thank you".

Fuck you!
Don't mess with the Devil Dogs.

What the fuck?

I'll fuck you up now.

Three rules you live by.
One: don't harm civilians.

Two: no dealing to kids. Adults only.

The price of a bag goes up by half.

All transactions are pushed
to the borders.

Three: no guns.
Only cowards use guns.

- And the Devil Dogs.
- Shut up when the man is speaking.


You heard him?

- Is it too much to ask for a croissant?
- Perfetto.

Mr. V!

- Sgt. Howe here is very very upset.
- So?

So? So. What's all this
about a "new way"?

- What do you mean, "new way"?
- Let him finish.

Disarming your men.
Are you fucking nuts?

It's too damned close
to the Devil Dog territory.

They can't afford the prices,
but are buying anyway..

That's just bad business.

- The floor is open.
- If I may...

The people of St. Jude feel safer.

They say we cleaned it up.

Is that what they say?

It seems to me the police force
should be keeping the people safe.

Sol have an idea. You do your job
and you do your job.

And don't come here telling other
people how to do theirs.


I say let's eat.

Come to Papa.


Howe. Stop whatever you're doing
with that bitch and call me now.

Call me. I don't know where you are,
but get to your phone.

Dial my number, call me.

Something is missing.
I think you know what it is.

So get to the phone and
call me now. Got it?


Where's Feldman?

Yes, it's Mr. V,
now where's Feldman?

- What would I want with him?
- I don't know.

There's something happening. I don't
know what it is. Stay by your phone.


- You're so fucking hot.
- Shut up, pig.

I'm naughty.

You slut, you can do better than
that, bitch. Come on.

Shut the fuck up.

- What the fuck?
- Where's my money?

I don't know. Watch what
you're doing, man.

- Step aside.
- What the fuck?

- Come on, man.
- Wear this. Let me show you how.

- Where's my money?
- I don't know what the...

You and Feldman know where the
money was. Where's Feldman?

- I don't know.
- Hold your fist like this.

- Are you learning something here?
- Yes, sir.

- Take one. Spin that.
- I don't know where Feldman is.

I swear to God, I'm not that stupid.

- Lay off the croissants, Howe.
- Please, please. Come on!

- I'm going to shoot your weewee.
- Please, I swear to God.

- Where's Feldman?
- Please, I don't...

Ready? Oh, that was one.

- Here's two. No.
- I didn't. I didn't.

- Where's Feldman? Here's three.
- Please, you're making a mistake.

- No!
- Say goodbye to weewee. Click.

- Here comes four.
- No!

Shut up.


This is a mistake. Please don't.
No, God, boss.

Hang up your makeup, fat boy.
We've got work to do.

Thank you, doll.

Mr. V wants to see you.

Come on, Hong, don't bust my balls.

- What's going on?
- I don't know, he don't tell me shit.

Feldman ripped him off. Now he don't
trust no one but you.

Maybe he wants you to kill him.

Get in the car. Please.
It's been a long day.

Here we are.

Mr. V's right over here. I'm getting
hungry, you want a sandwich?


Hey, there he is.

You sleep okay?

You got a phone call.

I'm disappointed, Hong. I thought you
were a man I could trust.

I was mistaken.

You didn't deliver on
a single favor I asked you.

You know this guy? Hey, asshole!

- Is this the guy who killed you?
- I don't know him!

Let me talk, please!



Officer Fizar.

I'd like you to meet Mr. Hong.

Hello, Mr. Hong,
it's nice to meet you.

Hard head, right?

Here's your phone.
Keep it in your pocket next time.

Let's get these guys in a box.

Mr. V? Feldman. Yeah, we got him.

Did you put a bullet in his brain?

I'm sorry?

Feldman, tell me
you put a bullet in his brain.

- Mr. V, he's dead, no question.
- Are you fucking kidding me?

You stay where you are.
I'm coming down there.

-It's been a good day.
- Where is he?

Where's his head? Here?

Open it.


No, no, no! Howe, come on.
Mr. V, the guy put him in the box.

We got him. Mr. V, we got him.

No, you didn't.

What you guys want?

Motherfuckers got business here?

- You're trying my patience, Mr. Lord.
- It's what I do.

You don't have to try any longer.

- What about the ninja?
- He's gone.

Do we have a deal?

We have deal, bro.

Yes, bro.

You're the man now.

You think your life is over?

- I killed her.
- And there's no changing that.

But that doesn't mean
you should also die.

I made a mistake once in a
moment of fury.

I killed my own son.

On that first day, in the yard,
I thought of my son.

They say my rage is inside of you.

I will never forgive myself.


But I must still
do good in this world.

And so should you.

You have the dragon eyes.
The spirit of the grand masters.

But you have strayed from your path.

When you get out, there is
something I need you to do for me.

There is a town called St. Jude.
A town that has fallen into darkness.

You must go there.

Okay, Hong. Wherever you are.

Back in Da Nang, there was guy
in the platoon... Coakley.

We didn't pay much attention to him.

And one day we got ambushed.
Six of us pinned down in heavy fire.

Then... a VietCong hand grenade
drops in to finish us off.

We were six sitting ducks,
everyone kissing their ass goodbye.

Except Coakley.

He goes gung-ho, dives on it
and covers it up with his helmet.

And then boom.

Not a scratch.

Damndest thing I ever saw.

Platoon got so inspired,
we jumped up and started firing.

Standing there in the wide open,
fighting back.

Fighting back.

In that moment, we were invincible.

I know who you are. You're Coakley.

- I'm not Coakley.
- Yeah, well. I'm not Tiano.

You kept calling me that last night.

I haven't heard that name in a while.

Your car, that's his ride.


He was from St. Jude. The only one
that could stand up to the gangs.

Nothing's been the same since he
went away.

Who is this guy? Word on the street
is he's a fucking ghost.

Word on the street,
this is your job, to find the ghost.

I know you'll take care of it,
move out of the way.

Mira esta!

Make money instead of losing money.
Your bro just lost his damn money.

Whose Timex watch is this?
I don't take Timex.

- We were just talking about you.
- I heard.

- What the fuck!
- I decide when you breathe. Understand?

Goto hell!

Call Mr. V.
Tell him we want to meet.

What? Who the fuck
do you think you are?

Okay, stop. Stop, stop!

- Call him.
- Okay. Just loosen your grip.

Mr. V? Seargent Feldman.

Lazarus, risen from the grave.

Albeit it a little bloody.

Where's my money, Hong?

I got your money.

- Where is it?
- You'll leave St. Jude?

Then I'll give you your money.

I capito.

Better go now.

Where's my money?

Or what?

You're going to shoot me with that?