Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995) - full transcript

A mysterious being named Hoy arrives on Earth and asks the Z Warriors to use the dragon balls to help him release Tapion. Tapion, an ancient warrior imprisoned in a music box, and Hoy needs him to fend off the monster Hildegarn, who is coming to destroy the Earth. But when they realize that Hoy is the last survivor of an evil race bent on the destruction of those who they consider inferior, and that by releasing Tapion they also released Hildegarn, they must fight alongside Tapion to stop the monster.

Now, for Earth...

Take that!

You bastard!

Who do you think you are?!

Why, you bast-

Spare me!

As long as there is evil in the world...

the light of justice
will burn as a flame.

Great Saiyaman, Mark I...

and Mark II...

whoosh to the scene again!

Nailed it!

- I'm back now.
- Nice work.

Sorry I took so long.
The bathroom was packed.

Gohan, we know who you are...

All right, let's continue.

Here, the writer, Doskevich,
leaves the girls he was in love with.

Yes, this is Great Saiyaman, Mark II.

A strange old man has climbed Raenzel
Tower, and is causing a disturbance.

You can handle something
like that on your own!


Sensei, excuse me,
I need to use the bathroom.


I think the frog I ate
yesterday might have been bad.

Just leave me alone!

My hopes and dreams are all gone!

I'm going to jump from here to my death!

Hey, that's the old guy that was carrying
on about some music box on TV earlier.


It's that strange old man, huh?

Oh, it's the Great Saiyaman!



We're counting on you!

Whoever may come up here,
I'm not coming down!

Old timer, it's dangerous up here!
Come on down with us!

Go away! I want to die!

Then why don't you go ahead?


Come on, hurry up and jump!

All right, watch this!

Y- You're kidding!

Save me!

He did it!

Are you all right?

Couldn't you have saved me sooner?!
What if I had died?!

Strange old man...

You don't know about the hero Tapion?


How unfortunate.

Imagine, not knowing
about the legendary hero,

who saved Planet Conuts in the
Southern Galaxy a thousand years ago...

Gohan-kun, we have to get back soon.

I sure would like to meet him.

- Wouldn't you, though?
- Can I meet him?

I'd like to let you meet him, but I can't.

Unfortunately, the hero Tapion...

is sealed up inside
this mysterious music box.

Inside there? If he's a hero, then why...?

Once the hero is revived, you
will understand everything.

Gohan-kun, let's hurry and get back.

Just a moment.

Old timer, what do you mean?

According to my sharp instincts,
there is a crisis closing in on the Earth!

A crisis on Earth?!

An enormous evil, one that will destroy
the universe, is approaching Earth.

That is why we need the power
of the hero, Tapion, right now!

For that reason, I have spent thirty
years searching for this music box.

Then you could just hurry up
and revive him, couldn't you?

I would do that, if I could!

You can't do it?

Can you turn this?


If you can get the music box to play,
the hero Tapion will be revived.

Oh yeah? Why didn't you say so sooner?

It won't move...

W- Why won't it?

Let me see that a minute.

This thing is rusted.

Miss! How could you do that?!

Let's go. Class is going to end.

Oh, Videl-san!

Shen Long!

Please introduce me to Shen Long.

Shen Long?

Please have Shen Long revive
the hero Tapion! I beg you!

Old timer, how do you...?

I discovered that you people
have had dealings with Shen Long

during my investigations. Please...

This is my lifelong wish...!

Then, that commotion earlier
was just an act to call us out?

You found me out, huh?

Gramps, you wouldn't be
telling us a fish story, right?

Yeah, don't you think so, too?

Miss, are you still saying that?

There isn't a moment to lose. If we
don't hurry and revive the hero Tapion,

Earth is going to be destroyed.

It's no use. I can't
trace out what's inside.

It looks like it's made of
some kind of special material.

Yow. I can't do it.

If not even Goku can handle it,
then I guess it's not completely bogus.

Is this guy strong?

Of course. He is a hero, after all.

Is that so? All right...

What do you say we look
for the Dragon Balls?


This is a real godsend for me,
to find you here on Earth...

Huh? Old timer, you mean
you ain't from Earth?

T- T-That was just a figure of speech.

All right, Goten! Let's
hurry and find them!

Mm-hmm! I want to hurry and meet this hero!

Say, if his story is true, what do
you think this hero Tapion is like?

Beats me.

I'm so interested in heroes!

Sure enough, I'm all by myself.

Here it is!

All right! I found the Yi Xing Qiu ball!

Ah, there it is, there it is!

So, how are you going to retrieve it?

Like this!


All right, we should have them all now.

Come forth, Shen Long!

M- Marvelous! This is...

Shen Long?

I shall grant thee any wish.

Now, speak forth thy wish.

I- I'd like you to remove the
seal on the hero Tapion...

That is a simple matter.

I have granted thy wish. Farewell.

H- Hold on, what is this?

Nothing changed, did it?

It's turning!

So it is true, huh?

That's a pretty melody.

There's something a bit
sad about it, though.

Here he comes, here he comes!

He's here!


That's an incredible Ki...

So what the old timer said...

was true.


Isn't he a fine young man?

Stay back!


Are you the one who revived me?

It must have been hard to spend those
thousands of years in such a tight place.

Who asked you to?! Put me back!

That's impossible now.
The music box has been destroyed.

Now, now, you've finally been
let out, so let's try to get along-

Please do not come near me.

You people have done a terrible thing!

A terrible thing?

I want to be like him!

What are you talking about?

Any boy who can't even say a word of
thanks after we revived him is awful.

- Wait up!
- Ah, Trunks!

No! Come back here!

Any impressions?

He reeks of danger, huh?

I don't know...

Trunks-kun, we'd better not.

What are you talking about? He's a hero!

Don't you want to hear all of his stories?

But he said not to come near him.

Yeah, but...

What's wrong?

That's a hero for you!

He's awfully intense.

Huh? Where did that old timer go?

Now that you mention it...

He's probably gone off to flirt
with some pichi-pichi gal!

He's not like a certain dirty
old man I could mention.

If not a pichi-pichi gal,
perhaps it's some older woman.


Huh? They're all gone...

Huh? Ah, here's one, here's one...

Um, Big Brother,

we'll just leave this meat here for you.

U- Um, Mama's seasoning is pretty good.

Well, we're going home now.

I'll be back tomorrow, okay?

Hey, what are you doing?!
Hurry and get going!

What was that?

What the...?

This is awful!

It's the Saiyamen!
The Great Saiyamen have come!

All right, let's let
them take care of this.

What is that thing?!

What is that thing?!

What is that?!

A ghost with legs? No, it's
a monster with just legs!

This could be the enormous evil
that the old man was talking about.

That has to be it!
Gohan-kun, let's do our usual!

Eh? You want to do that?!

Isn't it obvious?

As long as the Great Saiyamen are here,
evil shall not prosper in our world!

Great Saiyaman Mark I...

and Mark II...

as you expected...

Hear us out until we've finished!

Damn it...!

Wreck the city, will you?!
You'll pay for this!

Here goes!

What kind of beast is this?!

All right...!


Gohan-kun, let him have it!

I get it! He becomes solid
momentarily when he attacks!

All right...!

You got him!

No, not yet.

That melody...

The monster disappeared!


Gohan-kun, over there!

B- Big Brother, if you
want, you can use this.

Don't come near me!

Don't get mad, I'm leaving.

Oh, you didn't eat?

Get lost!

R- Right!

Oh, no!

W- What?! What happened?!

Thank goodness! You're safe!

I know.

I'll leave your breakfast here, okay?

Bye. I'll bring you more later.

Apparently, Trunks-kun has
been sneaking food to him.

Oh, yeah? That's nice of Trunks-kun to do.

He's always talking about how jealous he is
of Goten-kun for having an older brother,

so maybe he feels like he's
got his own big brother now.

I know how Trunks-kun feels.
I'm an only child, too, after all.

But you've been so keyed up lately.

It's Trunks-kun's power that is keyed up!

No! No!

That's Big Brother's! You can't eat it!

Aw, geez...

Okay, Big Brother, I'll leave
tonight's stuff here, okay?

That flute sounds nice.

Play it some more.

Then again, never mind.

Boy, give me the flute!

Trunks, the flute!

- R-Right!
- Wait boy!

Tapion is no hero! He is the very
monster that ran wild through the city!

Trunks, don't let him fool you.

If you give him the flute,
then the whole earth,

to say nothing of the universe,
will be completely destroyed!

Now, hand it over to me.

Trunks, trust me.

Come on...

That's it, hurry and give me the flute.

Big Brother!

W- What?!

Big Brother!

I know... I'm going...

I sure am hungry.

Would you eat with me?

This is really delicious! Try some!

Trunks brought his big brother
over to spend the night.

Isn't that amazing? I mean,
becoming friends with a hero...

He is absolutely delighted.

See? See? See? This is awesome!

They bought it for me for
my birthday last year. Look!

Well? Isn't this fun? And look,
when you do this here, it does this!

Say, Big Brother, you try it.

And actually, after that, you know what?

Say, Big Brother, do you have any brothers?

Yeah, one younger brother.

Wow, that's great! What kind of boy is he?

He was a kind boy, like you, Trunks.

Say, tell me about your
planet, Big Brother.


My home is a place called Planet Conuts,
in the Southern Galaxy.

It was a beautiful planet, which, like Earth
here, was blessed with greenery and water.

But then, one day, there was a
warlock who raised this phantasm...

named Hildegarn, which attacked us.

People were killed, and cities
were demolished and destroyed.

Just as everyone had
resigned themselves to die,

a miracle happened.


you've been killed, huh?

Take care, Trunks.

Where are you going?

If you'd like, you're welcome
to stay with us from now on.

Please, feel free.
Trunks would be thrilled, after all.

I can't do that.

Why not?

There is a phantasm
locked away inside my body.

Huh? A phantasm?

I'm afraid I don't know what you're
talking about. Explain it to me.

What is this "phantasm"?


There was a sect of warlocks
that drifted in from somewhere...

They took the spirit body of the totem that had
absorbed all of the evil will on Planet Conuts,

infused it with wicked energy,

and transformed it into
the phantasm Hildegarn.

Those warlocks must have had
incredible demonic powers, huh?

Yes. Hoi was one of their order.

Then we were all completely
taken in by that old man.

But why is the phantasm within your body?

It's because there was a legendary sword
and flute that could control the totem.

By any chance, do you mean those?


These items were given to us by God.

While we suppressed the
phantasm's power with the flute,

a priest who was in the service of
God split the phantasm's body...

into an upper half and a lower half.

And then, Hildegarn's upper
half was locked inside my body,

and the lower half was locked
inside my brother's body.

Peace returned to Planet Conuts.

As a result, my brother
and I were hailed as heroes.

But you were inside that music box, right?

The warlocks tried to retake the phantasm,
and began coming after us. And so...

to lock away the phantasm forever,

we had ourselves sealed up
inside those music boxes.

However, with the two
of us near each other,

the upper half and the lower half resonated
with each other, trying to reunite.

In order to keep the phantasm
from ever being revived,

the two of us were each sent away
in pods to different galaxies.

However, Hoi wants to make
the whole universe his own,

so he located both of our music boxes.

Where is your brother?

He has probably been killed already.

We can't let Hoi get away with this.

As long as I keep his
upper half locked away,

Hildegarn cannot be
revived in his complete form.

You mean, you haven't slept in all
these days since you were released?

N- No.

All right, let me take care of this.

All I have to do is make
something like that music box,

to keep that power under control, right?

C- Can you do that?

I haven't thrown out the broken
music box yet, so I think I can.

Please make it, I beg you!

You got it. Hang in there until then, okay?


There you go!

It's all done!

Tapion's bedroom!


Inside here should be just like the
music box. Go on inside and see.

You can go in there and sleep
without having to worry.

Thank you very much!

Once Hildegarn is reunited,
this will be nothing!

I will hold the whole universe
in my hand, starting with Earth!


Is that right? So that's
what the story is, huh?

Big Brother!

What happened to you?

Where's Hildegarn?

I somehow managed to lock
his upper half inside my body,

but his lower half is
running loose in the city!


The power attracting his upper half and
lower half together has gotten stronger,

and there's nothing more that I can do!

Big Brother!

I can make something even sturdier!

It's too late now!

N- Now, while you still can, please, you
have to kill me, and Hildegarn with me!

Big Brother!

- Now! Hurry!
- I won't let you do that!


Big Brother, play it!

All right!

Big Brother!

His body...!

It's reunited!

After a millennium's worth of time,

the phantasm Hildegarn has
now been completely revived!

Now, suck dry as much energy
from the Earthlings as you like!

Damn it!

Big Brother!

That thing won't do you any more good!


Behold, the power of the
completely restored Hildegarn!

You'll have to face me!



Leave it to us from here on, okay?

Big Brother, don't you move from here.


We ain't letting you have your way!

His power and speed have
risen to a whole new level!


I can't get a bead on his solid form!

Smash up another man's house, will you?!

I am in a foul mood today!

Don't come too close, or you'll get burned!


I was too easy... on him...


- Papa!
- Father!

Goten, Fusion!

All right...!



Yay! Super Saiyan 3, right out of the gate!

Yo, yo, monster! You're finished now!

Gotenks-sama is going to send
you off to Yama-sama's place!

Now! Continuous Die-Die Missiles!

Hmm? Finished already?
Aw, that was disappointing.

What are you doing?!
Hurry and finish him off!

Okay, okay...

I- It can't be...!

You're kidding!

Goten! Trunks!



What incredible power!
He really is a monster!


Oh, crap!

All of our attacks are
going right though him!

Damn... No matter how much power we have...

it's no use against him...

Destroy the entire universe!

It will all become power
for you, Hildegarn!

If this is a bad dream, then wake up...

Big Brother...!

You fool! You think that thing
is going to work at this point?!


A hero...

Big Brother is a hero, all right!

I cannot allow this planet to get
caught in the middle of this, too.

How much longer will you feed on the suffering
of others like this, until you've had enough?


You did it!

You did it, Big Brother!


Kill me, and Hildegarn with me!

You have to protect Earth!

I- I can't do that!

Kill me! You want to be
a hero too, don't you?!

I- I can't!

Trunks, if this keeps up,
Earth will be destroyed.

Please, let me die as a hero!

If he is revived one more time,
there will be no stopping him.


Thank you. I'm glad to have met you.

S- Stop!

Big Brother!

Fool! You do not have the power to
contain Hildegarn in his complete form!

Get them!

There ain't no way you're
going to get away with this!

Trunks, stay out of this!
I'm going to defeat him!

Father! His weakness is...!

I know!

I can only beat him during the instant
he becomes solid as he attacks!

That won't work.

This sort of punch won't work!
Fight like you mean it!

Hey, what's the matter?
Come and get me!

If I don't do it...

If I don't do it...

If I don't do it...

who will?!


You did it!

It's my fault that so many
people were made to die.

If only I had been able to
fully control Hildegarn...

Don't worry. We'll ask Shen Long to
bring those who were killed back to life.

There. Now you should be able to go
back a thousand years, to your time.

T- Thanks.

Aww, and here I had
finally gotten a Big Brother.

As long as we have the time
machine, you can see him again.

Oh, that's right!


You're giving it to me?

Yeah. I don't need it anymore, after all.

- All right! Yay! Yay!
- How nice!

Okay then, everyone, take care!

This blue world

now shines, embraced in love.

I wouldn't lie to you!

I won't stand by and let anyone
destroy the earth, where dreams dance!

With a bang-up passion, Dragonball!

When I throw a punch,

he disappears like smoke.

My foe this time has me bowled over.

(Go!) Don't let your guard down!

(Jump!) Gohan and Videl!

(Go!) Even if your friends...

(Kick!)...get taken down,

in the end, if I don't do it, who will?!

I wouldn't lie to you!

I'm through playing around!

I'm going to show you

my Super Saiyan power!

With a knock-down-drag-out
fight, Dragonball!