Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 (1992) - full transcript

The death of Dr. Gero at the hands of Androids 17 and 18 prompts the activation of Androids 13, 14, and 15. They try to kill Goku, who fights them with the help of Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan.

The four phenomenal warriors,
representing the four galaxies,

wil l be special participants in this,
the Tenkaichi G rand Tournament,

being hosted by world-class multimillionaire
Gyosan Money, have just arrived on Earth!

Oh, my! Things have
already become more exciting!

This is the first time
I 've ever seen an alien,

and I am quite impressed !

And so, let us ask some
questions of Mr. Gyosan Money.

What is the Tenkaichi
Grand Tournament, exactly?

My adorable, only son, Doll,
badgered me for this, you see. ..

It is our present to him
on his tenth birthday.

Papa, are there real ly going to be aliens?

Oh, of course.

This wil l be a raw battle between
the most powerful Earthlings and aliens.

Papa is going to let you
watch it from these special seats.

Doll, as long as you have money
in this world, you can do anything!

P- Producer, could
we ask you to elaborate?

The richest man in the
world here, Mr. Gyosan Money,

is sponsoring the biggest
martial arts tournament ever!

It' s a tournament where,

regardless of age, gender,
nationality, pro or amateur status,

the most powerful combat sportsmen in
the whole wide world have been invited,

and they can battle with
each other as hard as they want!

The winner will receive
one hundred mil lion zeni!

Runner-up prizes of tour
packages for the entire family

to the hot springs resorts of
the world wil l also be presented!

What 's more, the winner will meet that hero

that saved humanity from
the terror of the Cell Games,

something that my enormous wealth
has made possible for the first time--

the right to challenge
Mister Satan in the ring!

It' s the ultra-gifted, most
powerful combat sportsman on earth,

Mister Satan!

So Mister Satan has become the
one who defeated Cel l, huh?

That' s okay, I guess.

Break through the shining clouds,
and fly away (fly away)

As a panorama spreads itself
throughout my being!

The earth, having been kicked
in the face, gets angry (angry)!

And makes one of its volcanoes explode!

If, within the thawed polar ice,

There is a dinosaur, then I want to
train him to balance atop a ball.


No matter what may happen,
I feel as though nothing can bother me,


However hard your chest pounds,
the Genki Dama will roar!


The emptier your head is, the more
room there is to pack with dreams,


With a cheerful face and an Ultra-Z,
today is ai-yai-yai-yai-yai.. .


There are exactly 200 contestants
here from al l over the world,

confident enough in their abilities to
gather at the Tenkaichi G rand Tournament.

With the chance to challenge
the hero M ister Satan on the line,

the preliminaries are already being held

across eight different battle stages at once!

Each stage has 25 contestants
fighting it out in a Battle Royale format,

and only the last remaining fighter
from each will advance to the semifinals!

As for an explanation to the rules,

contestants who fall from the
battle stage into the sea below,

get knocked out, or give up, are eliminated .

However, one cannot,
of course, kill another opponent.

Also, the use of weapons is
grounds for disqualification.

I wonder who I should
take with me on my tour

of the hot springs of the world .


Gohan-chan, stick it to them!

Huh? Gohan has entered?
But he's a Super Saiyan!

N- not Piccolo, too!

I don 't suppose Trunks
is here as well, is he?

If it was just Yamucha and Tenshinhan,
I figured this could have turned out.

Chichi-san, I ' m surprised
you let Gohan-kun enter.

Gohan-chan does nothin '
but study day in and day out.

If he doesn 't keep his strength up,
it' ll be al l for nothin ' .

I was thinkin ' it wouldn 't be so
bad to let him relax once in a while.

Is that right?
That' s parental love for you.

I wanted to take a tour
of the world 's hot springs

together with the rest of the family,

and here Trunks had just
come back from the future

to report that he had
defeated No. 1 7 and No. 1 8,

so this is a golden opportunity for us!

What 's Vegeta doin ' ?

That man is useless! It 's almost
as if he' s lost the desire to fight,

and he spends his days
just thinking about stuff.

That' s because of Goku-sa dyin ' .

Ten-san, go get them!

You too, Kuririn,
as long as we' re at it.

Oolong, there aren 't any
pichi-pichi gals around!

Gramps, what are you looking at?

We came to watch a
martial arts tournament, right?

We don't need to watch to know that Gohan
or Trunks is obviously going to win, do we?

That' s why I ' m on the lookout for
gals with D-cups and T-back thongs!

There they are!

'' Bounce " ''Jiggle "

This is even more incredible
than the Tenkaichi Tournament!

You wish you could enter, huh?

But you ' re a dead man now.

A fight between Gohan and
Trunks is sure to be awesome!

I never would have thought that
Gohan and those guys would enter.

And here I borrowed
money to take a plane here.

I was going to earn a
hundred mil lion zeni, too.

It looks like Yamucha-san
doesn 't feel like fighting at all .

There' s no helping him, huh?

He's given up on winnin ' , after all .

That' s right. He can 't beat Trunks.

Or Gohan-chan, either!

Disqualified !

Over already?

A long time ago,

Father also entered the Tenkaichi
Tournament and worked on his skills,

so that goes for me, too!

Contestant Son Gohan has
passed the preliminaries!

Contestant Trunks has
passed the preliminaries!

How come?

Contestant Kuririn has
passed the preliminaries!

Contestant Piccolo has
passed the preliminaries!

Contestant Tenshinhan
has passed the preliminaries!


Contestant Dosukoi, Contestant Udo,
and Contestant Kung Foon have passed !

Mister Satan,

having seen the preliminaries,
what are your impressions?

N- none of them have
had enough training. ..

The semifinals wil l consist
of the eight contestants

who passed through the preliminaries
fighting one-on-one against each other.

With Piccolo as my opponent,
luck is not on my side.

Geez, this is the worst!

The first match of the
semifinals will be a fight

between Contestant
Son Gohan and Contestant Udo.

What is this, a kid as my opponent?
This isn 't my day.

Hey, kid !

I ' m not holding back on you,
just because you ' re little, got it?

Right, understood !

What? Jerk me around, wil l you?

Why, you. ..

Attaboy, Gohan-chan!

The second match of the
semifinals will be a fight

between Contestant Trunks
and Contestant Tenshinhan.

I ' m not letting you go easy on me!


T- they' re floating in mid-air!

It looks that way to me, too!


M- Mister Satan, how can this be?

Hmph! I- it's all tricks!

Like the quick costume changes in
a Kabuki play! Something like that!

W- what are those guys doing
at a dinky tournament like this?

Sheesh, how worthless!

Contestant Trunks wins!

I- I have to do something!

My, Mister Satan,
you ' re looking pale.

M- my stomach hurts!

This won 't do! Producer,
take Mister Satan to the dispensary.

I- I ' ll go by myself.
I- I ' ll be right back. ..


I 'd better just go on and scram .

They say that only fools rush in
where angels fear to tread, after all .. .

Oh, it' s Mister Satan!

Satan! Satan!

T- this is no time for me to be doing this!

The third match of the semifinals

wil l be between Contestant Kuririn
and Contestant Piccolo.

Ficcolo wouldn 't use his
Makankosappo blast on me, would he?

Piccolo-san! Good luck! Piccolo-san!

Gohan doesn 't need
to be cheering Piccolo on.

After al l, there' s no way Kuririn can win.


If this is how it 's going to be,
then I 'm going to go out big!

What 's with that indifferent stance?!

He's doing that to make a fool of me!
He's definitely making a fool of me!


I thought there were going to be
some guys here with a little fortitude.

I ' m not about to stay here and
hang around with you any longer.

As a result of Contestant Piccolo
forfeiting the match,

Contestant Kuririn wins!

Lucky! Bonus, bonus!

Contestant Dosukoi narrowly
turns the tables and wins!

The four contestants who wil l
proceed to the finals have been decided !

Kaio-sama, what's the situation?

Oh, Gohan and the others are
winning their way through smoothly.

I suppose they would be, huh?

Good grief, there's no way my pupils
could beat those outrageous guys.. .

I made it! There' s the exit!

Mister Satan!

The dispensary is that way.
This way is the exit to Battle Island .

That' s fine!
My stomachache is chronic. ..

It would be best if I had
my personal physician look at me.

B- but what about Mr. Money?

It' s al l right, it's all right,
I ' l l be right back.

I ' l l just dash on over the bridge,
here, and then dash on.. . dash on.. .


Am I starting to get dizzy, too?

It' s gone! It' s gone!
It' s gone! The bridge is gone!

Satan! Satan!

For the finals, we' re relocating
the arena to Battle Island I I .

We' re currently underway.

With the battle stage
now on Battle Island I I ,

we are just about ready

to hold the finals with these
four powerful competitors,

with a chal lenge to
Mister Satan at stake!

Gohan-chan! Stick it to them!

This is embarrassing .

Trunks! Take me along on
that world hot springs tour!

Kuririn! Hang in there
as reasonably as you can!

And now, I shal l explain the rules.

There are four special ly-built
underground tunnels here,

each one leading to one of the north,
south, east, or west Battle Zones.

The contestants have drawn lots

to determine who will go ride in the
machines for each tunnel and continue on,

until they arrive in their
respective Battle Zone.

Once they do, there will
be a phenomenal warrior,

here all the way from the North,
South, East, and West Galaxies,

who has come here
especially to participate

in the Tenkaichi Grand Tournament,
waiting there for them!

The system continues so that
after defeating that warrior,

whoever gets on
the elevator above them,

and is the first one back here,
at the ground-level center stage,

wil l be the glorious winner,
and will challenge Mister Satan!

If I can get by without
having to fight Gohan directly,

there's still a good enough
chance left that I could win!

Al l right, al l I have to do is
be the first one back, right?

The final round now starts!
1 0. .. 9. ..

8. ..

7. ..

6. ..

5. ..

4. ..

3. ..

2. ..

1 . ..


Please enjoy the fight in the
Battle Zone on the monitor screens.

I- I ' m going to wet myself!

So this is the Battle Zone, huh?

Are you my opponent?!

I 've already faced Piccolo today,
and my luck is running strong .

It sure is unlucky for you to
have to fight me like this.

S- she' s so cute!

B- but stil l,

just because you ' re a woman,
you won 't get any mercy from me!

I ' m going to be the first one back!

W- who are you?!

K- Kuririn!

Dosukoi! Dosukoi!

Dosukoi! Dosukoi!

Dosukoi. .. Dosu... koi.. .

He killed him !

What 's going on here?!

Dear, this is going too far!

P- Producer,
what is the meaning of this?!

I- I didn 't invite those guys!

The Galactic Warriors I arranged
for were M ister Satan 's pupils!

How could they have
switched places so quickly?



Haven 't you got things backward here?!
This is just a game!

We' re not out to kill each other!

Who are you?!

Would it be enough if I said
I was just a Galactic Warrior?

Stop that! This is a
martial arts tournament!

You ' re saying this is a game?

What 's going on?

Mister Satan!
Everything depends on your power now!

Please help us somehow! We beg you!

J- just hang on a second !
My stomach still hurts!

If I can buy some time here, then those
other guys should defeat them for me.

They defeated Cell, after all.

Are you finished already?


W- what is this?

That' s an incredible ki!

Mister Satan! H urry! Hurry!

Don 't be so impatient!
I ' m just wiping now!

Satan! Satan!
Satan! Satan!

Thank goodness!

Ladies and gentlemen, please be at ease!

Our hero, Mister Satan, is setting
forth to put down these bad guys!

Everything is al l right now!

Please observe the monitor
screens to see Mister Satan in action!

H- hurry up and start this thing !


Wait! I haven 't fastened the seatbelt!

Earth is in a great pinch.

Who would have figured on Bojack?


Long ago, he was a thug,
brimming with an evil Ki,

who wandered the North,
South, East, and West Galaxies,

attempting to destroy each one of them .

You mean someone like Piccolo Daimao?

He was a bloodthirsty devil,

with an evil Ki far
greater than Piccolo Daimao.

As such, the four of us Kaio,
from the north, south, east, and west,

put our powers together,

and sealed him up on a planet
at the far end of the galaxy.

Sealed him up on a planet at
the far end of the galaxy?

Goku, this is your fault.

By wrecking my Kaio World
during the fight with Cell,

and causing me to die,
the seal has been broken.

But to think that Bojack
would set his sights on Earth!

But then, Kaio-sama,
Earth still has Gohan!

K- Kuririn-san!

Trunks-san! Kuririn-san!

Hey, kid, Earth is a nice planet, huh?

What an incredible battle power!


A- are these the guys who kil led
the four Galactic Warriors?

From now on, this planet
belongs to Bojack-sama.


You think we' re just going
to let you have it your way?

Bojack-sama is invincible
throughout the galaxy!

For Earth, the greatest planet
in the Northern Galaxy,

most beautiful of all ...

...he is the most deserving
being to rule over it.

We will kill anyone who defies him .

Don 't go downplaying us!

You ' ll pay for this!

Not bad, kid .

But with that level of fighting power,
you ' ll never beat us,

no matter how hard you try!

This is going to be a problem!

Gohan! Get angry!
Show them your true power!

D- damn.. .


Looks like someone with a bit
of a backbone showed up.

Damn it!


I ' m going to get you back
good for what you did earlier!

Dad !

I ' l l defeat this one!


Dad had utterly lost the wil l
to fight after Goku-san died,

and yet here he is, helping me
and Gohan-san during this crisis!

Trunks, you keep out of this!

Dad, you can 't do any
more in your condition!

I- I thought I told you to stay out of this!


D- don't concern yourself
with me, defeat that guy!




You ' ll have to face me!


W- wait! I stil l haven 't
fastened my seatbelt!


Take this!

Our telekinesis gives rise to a
containment zone, binding your power!

The more you strugg le,
the more your power drops!

Kid, you fought wel l. I commend you.


It looks like your life got
extended just a little bit.

Damn you!

Kaio-sama, ain 't there
anything we can do?!

Can you see your father
in the Next World yet?

The two of you will enjoy the show
of carnage that is about to begin.


F- Father. ..

I can 't take it any more!

Goku! You ' re dead !

You ain 't going to get away with this!


Gohan! Show him your true power!

Father.. .

Stop acting like such a pampered baby!
You have to protect the earth!


W- what was that just now?!

Father saved me!

And he said you weren 't
going to get away with this!

He told me to protect the earth!

Bujin! Bido!


D- damn!

How could a kid like you do this to me?!

And then. .. and then. ..

...he told me to stop acting
like some pampered baby!

Gohan, you did fine!

Goku, you still acted recklessly, huh?

Kaio-sama, did I do something?

Oh, I must have blinked,
so I can 't be sure.

'' Satan saves the earth a 2nd time, '' huh?

Just once, I ' d like to give
him a good talking-to.

It' s okay, isn't it?

There' s no question that he
did help me out there, after all .

In the end, he defended his
title of ''World ' s G reatest Fool! ''


Gohan, all things considered,
you were something else!

You sing le-handed ly defeated the guy

that neither Piccolo nor
Vegeta could stand up to!

It wasn 't sing le-handed . Father--

Goku came back to life?!

I ' m joking ! I ' m joking !

Why, you scoundrel !
At a time like this?!

''At tbe second Tenkaicbi Grand Tournamentr
you too can challenge Satan! "

You 're moving on,
beyond the galaxy,

Toward the land of light,
you 're rising high!

Summer brings its light with it for us.

It 's new, and yet
for some reason, familiar.

We feel the strong sunlight
hitting our cheeks,

And our courage flows through us now!

Let 's fly!

The blue of the brightly shining sky
and sea swims within our eyes!

Net sky!

Raising our hands high, up to the light,
we connect with it!

Some day, our smiles
will reach there, too.

I 'm moving on,
beyond the galaxy,

Toward the land of light,
I 'm rising high, rising high!