Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995) - full transcript

When a worker at King Yemma's spiritual check-in station is accidentally covered in spiritual waste, he is transformed into a powerful monster named Janemba, who destroys the barrier between the real world and Other World, allowing the dead to walk the Earth. As the living Z Fighters fend off the dead, it is up to Goku, Pikkon, and Vegeta to stop Janemba.

Contestant Clove from the
south galaxy advances to the semifinal round!

Clove, way to go!

geez, how humiliating!

Kaio of the East, the contestants
from your place are as deficient as ever!

Hmph! For someone who's dead, that's
pretty big talk, you repulsive old geezer!

Who are you calling a geezer, you hag?!

Ah! What was that?!

What was what?!

Now, now, you two,
this is the Anoyoichi Tournament,

to determine the greatest
fighter in Other World.

The winner is obviously going
to be Clove, from my galaxy,

so don't go arguing over nothing.

What was that?
Kaio of the south, don't be ridiculous!

The person who is going to win,

and receive training
from grand Kaio personally,

will be my own son goku!


son goku!

Hey, hey! The next
semifinal match is starting!

He did it!

Contestant son goku, from the North galaxy,
easily advances to the final round!

goku! Way to go! Way to go!

He won! He won!

Contestant Paikuhan, from the West galaxy,

is also strong enough to
advance to the final round!

That's Paikuhan for you!
At this point, I'm rooting for Paikuhan!

His opponent was just too weak.

sure, fine, I know they're weaklings.

The East galaxy has
been eliminated, after all.

sure enough, it looks like goku-chan and
Paikuhan-chan are far and away the best.

goku, today's the day
that I settle this with you.

That goes for me too, Paikuhan.

At that same time, something terrible
was about to happen to Great King Yama,

the ruler over the
whole of the Next World...

The craziness surges toward us.

This is no time for tears.

I will raise my
anticipations a hundred-fold,

and become our party's leading man.

That which you can lose yourself in

will someday make you an incredible guy.


The sky is clear


I am feeling fine.

The trouble is here, so enjoy,

you naughty little boy,

We Gotta Power!

Dragon Ball Z


My head is clear,


Mother doesn't care.

It's the century's end,
so twist and twirl,

you mischievous little girl,

We Gotta Power!

Dragon Ball Z

Okay, all of you spirits,
please stay in line oni. Form one line.

You there, spirit, don't stray off.

Heaven... Heaven...

Hell... Hell...

Hell... Hell... Hell...

Congratulations, all of you
who are going to Heaven!

We will need you to board this
airplane that is bound for Heaven.

Please step this way oni.

For those of you
who are going to Hell,

we will need to have the evil
in your hearts undergo cleaning oni.

Please proceed into that
spirits Laundering apparatus over there.

Hell... Hell...

The great King is being
a bit stern today oni.

Hey, tank clerk!
What are you loafing around for oni?!

Hey, tank clerk!

--Don't you "hey" me!
If you don't start working harder,

I'm going to report you to great King Yama,
and have your wages lowered oni!

If my wages get lowered any further,
they'll be down to nothing oni.

so start working harder oni.

shouldn't you be changing the tank oni?

He really is a busybody oni.
He's not a bad fellow, though...

--What's going on?!
--Bad news oni!

something has gone wrong with
the spirits Laundering equipment oni!

W- What?!

Oni oni... What do I do?
I can't put this out oni...

You moron! You didn't
change the tank, did you?!

Uh-oh oni...!

All of the evil Ki that got washed out with the
spirits Laundering equipment has been released!

This is terrible!

How could something like this happen?

Janemba! Janemba!

Yama-sama! One of the ogres has been
exposed to the gas, and transformed--

so, that's the troublemaker who has raised
a spirit barrier around Yama Castle, is it?

He's been possessed by the evil Ki!

great King, isn't there
anything we can do oni?

Not a thing. something has to be done
about the guy who raised the barrier.

The way things are, I cannot use
the powers we have been given

to rightfully preside over the Next World.

Once that happens, the laws governing
This World and Other World will break down!

The deceased will come back to life,
and there will be great chaos!

Oh, no oni.

I wonder what's going on.

A ghost!

I- It's granddad's ghost!

I was sure I died five years ago.
But I have legs and everything, see?

You're not a ghost?


Are you... Romeo?

Yes, Juliano!

Romeo, you've become an old man.

Juliano, it has been 60 years since
you passed away. It's no surprise, is it?

Don't you grow any older in the next world?

Pull out the stake! If you don't
pull it out, I'm going to regret it!

What's going on?!
We're not going anywhere!

The world belongs to us!
Kill anyone who opposes us!

How can the dead come back to life?

The whole world is
being turned upside down!

Mother, another serving, please.

Me too!

Are you two still eatin'?!

And I'm goin' to have to clean
all of that up after you're done.

goku-sa sure has it nice. I'm sure
he must be takin' it easy right now

in the Next World, for cryin' out loud...

I'll help you out.

Videl-san, you're our guest.
I can't let you do somethin' like that.

Videl-san, you're pretty good at this.
You're goin' to make a fine wife.

A- A wife, you say...?

I'm sorry!

It's okay, it's okay.
It's just one broken dish.

You're still goin' to be a fine wife.

I'm sorry!

Yes, this is Videl.

The dead are coming back to life,
and the city is in a terrible panic!

The dead...?

Please move at once!
And contact great saiyaman, too.




grand Kaio-sama, what happened?

The cause of this seems to be
coming from Ma-ya-chan's place.

Old Man Yama's place?

You'll find out when
you ask him, won't you?

Right. I'll go see him right now.

Hold on, hold on, Paikuhan!
You still ain't finished with me.

I ain't about to win by forfeit, you know.

goku-chan, why don't you go with him?

We can always hold the
championship match afterward.

Okay, Paikuhan-chan,
goku-chan, it's up to you.


I guess we ain't got much choice.
Paikuhan, let's take care of this

and come back right away.
grab onto my shoulder. Hurry!

Old Man Yama's Ki... Why is it so faint?

Oh well, we'll find out when we get there.

This is the Yama Realm?
It sure has changed a lot, huh?

Old Man Yama must be inside, right?

Is that you, goku?! Thank goodness!

The Yama Realm has been
stuck inside a spirit barrier!

Old Man, we're going to
rescue you from there, don't worry!

Paikuhan, let's smash up that barrier!

All right!

--Our energy is being absorbed.
--One more try!

The cause of all of this is on the roof!
Blow the guy on the roof away!

The guy on the roof?

Wow, that's a goofy
looking fellow, huh?

That's him, huh?
All right, I'll get him!

Hey! Are you the one
who put up this barrier?

Janemba! Janemba!

Janemba? Be a good boy
and lower the barrier, right now.

Hey! Don't make me tell you again!

You'll lower the barrier,
if you know what's good for you!


Hey! Are you trying to
make a fool out of me--


You're pretty strong, huh? Who are you?

goku, watch yourself.
He's stronger than he looks.


I ain't ever felt a Ki
as incredible as that!

Paikuhan, I'm glad we bailed
out of our championship match.

I'll take him on. While I'm doing that,
you help Old Man Yama out of there.

goku, you're trying to keep all the
fun for yourself, but I won't let you!

Janemba! Janemba! Janemba!

Me? It looks like he wants
to fight me. Don't take it too hard.

Hurry and get me out of here!

Ah! I forgot about Old Man Yama!

Paikuhan, I'm going to
get him away from here.

You get rid of this barrier
thing while I'm doing that.

You're "it"! This way!
Follow the sound of my clapping!

Over here! Follow me!

Huh? Hell has changed quite a bit, too.

He sure is a funny fellow.

You're silly, but you can
sure do some amazing things!


gohan-kun, what on earth is going on?

good question.

But no matter what
kind of ghost comes along,

as long as you and I are here,
Videl-san, it'll be all right!

You're right.

Don't get too full of yourselves, you two!


Oh, this is an honor! To think that
a stranger like you would know my name...

I met you when I was a child, after all.

I suppose it isn't surprising
that you wouldn't remember me.


You're son goku's--

Right! son gohan!

He who does not abide evil-- son gohan!

gohan-kun, that was so cool!

The sins of the father
shall be answered upon the son.

I'm going to get you back good!

Well, we'll see about that!

see that he suffers!

That's my gohan-kun!

So long as the hero of justice,
Mister Satan,

remains in this world,
you will not have your way!

Isn't the media here? Where is the press?

The hero of justice, Mister satan,
is teaching evil a lesson! Damn...!

It's no use. I guess I'll
call them up later to tell them.

We found the Four-star-Ball!

We did it! We did it! We did it!

see? The Four-star-Ball!

Let's go, goten!

Now we've got all seven of them!

Ee-yow! Yow! Yow! Yow! Yow! Yow!

goten, hurry it up!

Wait up! Don't tell anyone...!

H- Hole-in-one! I've never had one before!
It's a good thing I got insurance!

Okay, gohan-kun, call forth shen Long.

Come forth, shen Long!

It's shen Long!

That's shen Long...?

I shall grant thee any three wishes.
speak forth thy wish.

shen Long!

Right now, dead people are coming back
to life on earth, and things are in chaos!

Please put things back to
the way they were before somehow!

Is that it?

It's no use. I cannot grant that wish.

Why not?!

shen Long, you cheapskate!

The fate of the deceased is entirely
within great King Yama's hands.

It is a matter that
greatly exceeds my own power.

What do we do, gohan-kun?

Is there some other
way we can wish for it?


U- Um... do you have anything to wish for?

Not even my super energy blast works, huh?
Why, you damned, stupid barrier!

It broke up when I
used verbal abuse on it...

This goes against my principles, but...

You dumbass!
You blockhead! You numbskull!

Is there anything else I can
call this barrier to provoke it?


I don't know how, but it's as if he
can read exactly how I'm going to move!

This guy is strong!



You're a magician, huh?

What am I going to do with you?
I'll have to settle this all at once.

You big lamebrain!

goku sure is going at it royally.

It looks like goku-chan is
working himself up as hard as he can.

You're the second one who has
pushed me this far, after Majin Boo.

The fight starts now!

I did it.

What kind of guy is this?

The world is mine!

stop that!

What are you doing
something so stupid for?!


They'll hit us! They'll hit us!
goten, dodge them, dodge them!

Advance! Fire!

Wah! I'm scared!
I'm about to wet myself!

Advance! Advance!

Wah! I'll be run over!

Kill the rebels! Kill them! Kill them!

goten, it's about a hundred years
too soon for them to face us, huh?

Yeah, you're right!

goten, how about we turn
super saiyan and shake them up a little?

Delinquent boys,
who have dyed their hair, huh?

goku, you interloper!

Why should I, Paikuhan-sama,
have to do something like this?

goku, you big bonehead!

"Bloody Pond"

Look at the mess
you've made of this, Kakarrot!

Have you forgotten that I am
the one who is going to kill you?!

Vegeta... Vegeta, are you...?

The reasons don't matter. It's not clear
why my body has been returned to me,

after I had become just a spirit.

Once I came to, I had flown here.

Maybe it's because
Old Man Yama has been locked up.

Kakarrot, I'm going to defeat this guy.

Listen to me! Do not interfere!


It's been a long time since
I ran wild, you miserable monster!

Vegeta, don't!

You have no way of knowing how
much pain I've gone through in Hell!

When I think of that pain,
I can withstand anything.

There you are!


"Mountain of Needles"


K- Kakarrot, mind your own business!

I have no intention
of being helped out by you!

Yeah, I know. I ain't ever
seen anyone that strong, either.

I'm starting to shake with excitement.

Are you telling me that not
even the two of us can beat him?

No, there is one way
that we can beat him.

W- What?!


Fusion? Merging together?

That's right.

You're going to merge with me.

With you? Impossible!

You expect me to do that?!

There ain't any other way
to defeat him! You must know that!

That's just how strong he is.

If it means merging together
with you, then I choose death!

Vegeta, you're already dead!

There's absolutely no way
I can perform Fusion with you!


Vegeta! Hang on!

Even in the Next World,
I'm still inferior to Kakarrot, am I...?


That ain't surprising.
Here I've had my body,

and have been training this whole
time on grand Kaio's World, and all.

It's only natural that
there'd be a gap between us,

what with you becoming just a spirit.

Don't you try to console me!

I guess Fusion is out, huh?

You have your pride as the
saiyan prince, and everything.

Vegeta, I understand. In any case,
let's get out of here. Here, grab my arm.

Vegeta, hurry!
He ain't going to wait for us!

Don't touch me!



Kakarrot, perform Fusion with me.

If it has come to being
pitied by you, then I...



Vegeta, we ain't got much time,
so I'll explain this quickly.

This is a technique where the two of
us have to have our Ki match exactly,

or there ain't any way it will work.

After that, the issue
becomes the Fusion pose.

If the two of us go through
the pose exactly the same,

the Fusion will be successful.


I'm going to do the pose right now,
so be sure you memorize it.

First, the two of us will line up
with a certain degree of space between us.

Then we do this.

You have to be careful
about the angle of your arms.


As we switch our arms,
we move towards each other.

At this time,
we move our feet three paces.


Carefully watch the angle of your legs!


Then we put our fingers together like this!

Again, carefully watch
the angle of your legs!

Make especially sure to
stretch your left leg out.

I'm supposed to look like that?!

We've got to do the pose
symmetrically. got it down?

There ain't any time.
Come on, let's practice it once.

Huh? Vegeta, what are you worried about?

Or was there something in
my explanation you didn't get?

Paikuhan! Come on, just a little more!
stop loafing around and snap to it!

Yama, you foul old geezer!

Fire! Fire!

Take them out! Take them out!


goten! If you've got
enough time to whine,

then you've got enough time
to wipe out even more of them!

But there's no end to them.

All right! Our Ki are the same!

Let's do it, Vegeta!

Fu-- sion!


I'm sending you to Hell!

Ah, you blew it, goku!

That's a gogeta reject!

goku's partner's hand was still a fist.

That doesn't make him gogeta;
that makes him Veku!

He'll be done in with one shot, I'll bet.

He looks awful.
How about they do it again?

I doubt he's going to
hold out for 30 minutes.

He'll just have to
take him on the way he is.


That was pretty good.
But this is where it ends!

I, gogeta-sama,
am going to finish you!

Ooh, my stomach is upset!

Looks like it's lucky he
turned out as a defective creation.

As someone who is adept at
seeing through his opponent's techniques,

Janemba isn't used to this sort of thing,

so it looks like he can't
predict gogeta's movements.

He just might surprise us
and last for 30 minutes.

I sure hope you're right.

No sweat! Now, to finish you off!

Don't get carried away!

This has been just a rehearsal up to now,
but it's time to start the real thing!

Has it been 30 minutes yet?

10 minutes left!

Hey, you! I'll overlook this today!
But don't ever do anything bad again!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Vegeta, now!

Kakarrot! You call that Fusion?!
We were positively weak, you know!

Did you trick me?!

How can you ask me that?

It wouldn't have been sporting
enough if we could beat him like that!

goku! Vegeta's hand
was in the wrong position!

so that's it.
Vegeta, you made a mistake.

Nonsense! I did it just as you said!

Vegeta, you extend your pointer
finger out from your fist at the end.

We're going to go through
that disgraceful performance again?!

Of course we are. This is the only
thing that can defeat him. Let's go!

Fu-- sion!

goku! Let me handle this!
Hurry up and perform your Fusion!

Paikuhan, I'll leave it to you!

Vegeta, let's go!

I have just the finishing move for you.
You're not going any farther.

You mental defective!




They... did it...

That Ki-- it's Father!

That's Papa!

Fusion! Ha!

Paikuhan! I'll get him back for you!

I am neither goku nor Vegeta!
I am he who will defeat you!

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!
100 ghosts total!

Fall in!


No sweat!


Kakarrot, I don't ever want
to go through Fusion again.

Vegeta, I'll see you later.

Now then, let's put the laws
governing the Next World...

...back to normal.

It has been a strange day, huh?

That's the truth.

Big Brother gohan, we know who it was
that put an end to all of the commotion!

Right, Trunks-kun?


Who was it?

That's a secret, of course!

Do you really know who it was?

--sure we do!
--sure we do!

Then you can tell us, can't you?!

Wait up, you two!


We're not waiting!

goten-chan knows a secret!

I said wait up, you two!

gohan-kun! Wait for me!

Are you ready with your wish yet?

Dragon Ball!

Alter the history of fighting!

The mightiest Fusion!

Yes! Within the depths of my soul,

Yes! There is a flame being suppressed.

Who is that, ripping through the silence,
shaking it awake?

Yes! Though time may pass,

Yes! Though our dreams may overflow,

so long as there is sorrow,

we are still being called on!

The mightier the foe he encounters,

the stronger the hero becomes!

(Here we go!)
Get ready for this!

(Now's the time!)
When you appeal to love,

a storm will rage!

Dragon Ball! (I am the sun!)

Dragon Ball! (You are the moon!)

Blending together, it's a miracle power!

Dragon Ball! (Fingers joined,)

Dragon Ball! (Hearts combined,)

Alter the history of fighting!

The mightiest Fusion!