Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (1989) - full transcript

In order to wish for immortality and avenge his father, Garlic Jr. collects the dragon balls, kidnapping Goku's son Gohan in the process. Goku, Kami, Piccolo, and Krillin unite to rescue Gohan and save the world from being sucked into a dead zone.

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this time I'm going to
wipe the mat with your face.



Who are...

I'll find you.


Finally Piccolo and Kami
are one in body and in spirit.

Because now they're both dead.

I can't believe what I see!

Piccolo killed by Goku!

He wouldn't!

No, it can't be!

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Some cicada's are larvae for 13 years

but most of them are larvae for 17 years.

That's just crazy.

I couldn't do it.

Living underground for a
day would be enough for me.

They must really have it hard.


Dinners ready!

Time to eat.

And I bet they don't get home-cooked meals.


Hey Gohan. Looking good!

Grandpa, hi.

Papa, what are you doing here?

Visiting my grandson.

Uh-huh, just like you promised last time.

Well, of course, I always keep my word.

And, I've got a present for you.

Cool, thank you.

Your mother told me I shouldn't
get you anything but books.

She never told me how darn heavy
they are when you get them in a bunch.

Papa stop joking around.


What's wrong? Are you ok?

Hey, it's not funny.

Wait! Watch out!



So, just who do you think you are?

Come on answer me!

I came for the thing on the kids head.

I want the Dragon Ball.

Gohan, go inside! Now!

But mommy.

Get going.

Mommy! There's another one!

Up there! Up there!

That's it!



Gohan, go. Go now. Hurry.

Quick, run, hurry!



What happened here Chi-Chi!?



I tried but...

They came and kidnapped Gohan.

Gohan! Who kidnapped Gohan!

I don't know but

he said he was after the Dragon Balls.

Dragon Balls?!

Where did they go?!


We have 5 of the dragon
balls in our possession, do we not?


That means there's 2 more we must get.

And then, I will have
all 7 Dragon Balls

and I will ask for
the gift of immortality.


We are so close.

We know the position of the other 2, sir.

It's only a matter of time
before we obtain them.

That's just what I wanted to hear.

Kami is said to be mortal but when I
have the power of the Dragon Balls,

I will live for eternity
through every battle.

And the first battle is here when
we take revenge on our enemies

by destroying this
worthless planet

and every last
living thing on it.

I wanna go home!

- Take me home now!
- Hum?

If you know what's good for you,

you'll keep that mouth of yours shut!

My dad is Goku and he's just
strongest fighter in the world

and when he gets here he's
going to teach you a lesson!

What's that?! Goku?!

Are you telling me that your father
is the one who defeated Piccolo

at the world's martial
arts tournament?

That's right! I'm his son,
so you better let me go.


What a baby.

You know, we defeated Piccolo too, kid.

We're not that shabby.

You did? Really?

Like taking candy from a baby.

I sense a mysterious power
coming from that boy I cannot place.

But such power should be cultivated.

He could be quite useful to me if
he's trained according to my wishes.

Gohan, you will become my new disciple;

What's that?


Dummy, you get to live.

He's going to train you.

Soon you'll be as powerful
as my three elite warriors.

Those three?

They kidnapped Gohan.

But Chi-Chi said they
came for something else.

They came for the Dragon Ball.

Look! They've already collected 5 of them.

At least we've got a location.

- Where is that?
- It in the south.

Yeah, somewhere around the Red Sea.

Mind if I borrow your radar?


Goku these villains are tough!

They cut through Chi-Chi and Ox King
like they were speed bumps.

- Don't forget that!
- I won't.

Goku! Be careful!


Come back here you runt!

No wait! I wanna go home!

That brat.

All this running around
and I missed my lunch.

How unfair.




All that exercise made me thirsty.

And I'm hungry too.

No! Don't eat that thing!

Why not? You ate it, didn't you?


That's good!

Ah, taste like apples.

Kids aren't supposed to have those!


It'll... make you... weird.

Wait you! Stop! Come back here!


You rotten kid!

I hate this kid.


Come here! Stop!

That kid will uphold my reign.

He something special.


That kid is the worst child ever.

Sir, you must come quickly,

we got the last 2 Dragon Balls!

Now that the gathering is complete

I can summon the eternal
dragon and have my wish granted.



Ha! That's gotta be it!

Eternal Dragon!

So they summoned the dragon.

``You awakened the dragon

and so you have been granted one wish.

What is your desire?

I asked to be made immortal!

As you wish.


The people of the universe
better hear my voice now.

From this day forward I,
Garlic Jr. will rule the world!

I command all evil spirits to come forward

and take on their physical form once again.

You are free to walk.

A new dark age has finally begun.

Vengeance will be mine.

All who live will fear my wrath.

Let this world be drenched
in the blood of the righteous.

Now that I'm immortal I
will rule the universe forever.

All creatures will obey me or perish.

With every power I possess my
reign of terror will be everlasting.

``Your wish has been granted.

I bid you, farewell.


I have nothing to fear anymore.

No one can defeat me now.

I will avenge my father's death
by destroying all of our enemies!

Then I will rule the universe with the
fury of the blood that runs in my veins.

All hail Garlic Jr. master
of all that we witness.

Hurray! Hurray!

Give back my son!

Give back his son!

Huh? Hum?

You must be the famed Goku.

That's right.

And you must be the guys who
thought you could mess with my family.

- Hum...
- Humph!

- Soon you'll be crying too.
- Humph!

Ya' think so?!

- Hum?
- Hum?

What! Kami?

Does this mean that Piccolo isn't dead?

Kami, this isn't your fight.

Goku you haven't changed one bit.

Hmm, Kami, how are you?

Garlic Jr.

Back here after 300 years.

I should have known you'd do
anything possible to get what you want.

You're exactly like your miserable father.

I'm what?!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I competed with your
father for the throne of Kami.

By the end,

I was the one chosen
to ascend to greatness.

The one who sat on the throne before
me saw your father's evil ambition.


But your father wasn't
satisfied with the decision

and decided to take the throne by force.

And so my predecessor had no choice.

But to seal Garlic and his
dark power away for eternity.

Your father vowed that within 300
years he would have his revenge.

Even if he'd told me then I
never would have believed

he'd be so tenacious as to seek
revenge through his only son.

He-he, then you should have
passed my father the throne.

It would have saved me the
trouble of having to kill you myself.

I only came here for one reason!

Where's Gohan?!

Don't worry about him, he's dead tired.


Is he inside there?

Stop him before he gets too far!


If you wanna see the kid you're
gonna have to get through us first.

And now with the formal introductions

- I'm Ginger.
- You can call me Nicky.

I am Sansho.

Let's go!

- Gingerbread! - Tutti frutti!
- Cheese!



This just figures, not only have
these guys grown but there faster too.

Come and get me!

You're a fool if you expect me
to give up based on your word.

Wait, didn't I tell you, I was granted
immortality by the Eternal Dragon.

Now nobody can kill me. Not even you.

You're just the arrogant child of a fool.

Those fancy moves won't work on me!




Now where's my son!

- Huh!
- Ahh!


- Huh!
- Huh?

Krillin, hey!

Looks like you could use some help.

It still 3 on 2.

Goku, why don't you allow
me to even those numbers.

- Piccolo?
- Piccolo!

What are you doing here?

Keep cool I didn't come here to help you.

I got a score to settle with these 3.


Great! That kid's loose!


Krillin, take care of my son.

You're dead!

You're gonna pay through
the eyes for what you did.


Well well, it seems you don't have
near the power you do in a group.

You should never judge
a fight on the first fall.


You can't hit anything!



He's a monster!

You and your pals are nothing but talk.


Once I finish with you

I'll be free to realize my father's
dream of washing this world with evil.

Now it's time for you to die.

You'll pay.

Power pole extend!






So Kami, I see you still
got some fight left in you.

It's just not enough to save you.

It is my duty to protect this planet

and you made it clear the suffering
you would cause in your reign.

I cannot allow that.

No matter what.

I will stop you!

You old idiot,

you'd die to save this planet?

Yes I would.

But you won't.

You'll die and I'll live still.``.

When I finish with you Garlic
you'll wish you were dead.


You'll be completely helpless.

Try to imagine how it would feel

to live on forever unable to do
anything with all of your power.

An eternity where there's nothing but you.


Krillin, get Gohan out of here.

You got it Goku.

Look at this,



2 truly great fighters sacrificing
themselves for the inevitable.

What a waste.

His power level is growing fast.


Kami, stay here and don't move.

Finish him Goku.


Coming Piccolo!



If you haven't figured
it out yet, you can't win!

There's gotta be some way to stop him.

Well, talking about it won't work.

We gotta fight.

You seem like you're serious.

But with the power, he's producing you
have to fight harder than you ever have.

I hope you're planning
on taking your own advice.


I've been training harder than
you could ever imagine Goku.

I can't believe we're
fighting on the same side.

Don't get too comfortable.

After this fight you're next.






We've won.

Piccolo, nice work.

Keep your distance!

I believe Goku and I have
some unfinished business.


If this is how you want it.



I told you, I will never die!






What happened to Gohan?

Oh no! I hope he's not in there!


Garlic, this is for you!

You cannot stop me!

Everything will be sucked
into the dead zone I've created.

Including you!

You will all be locked away in
darkness for the rest of eternity!

Just like you did to my father!




What the...?

Just do it Gohan!

What is this? You gonna
stand there or you gonna fight?

He's as strong as I thought.

I knew there was
something unique about him.

I'll show you real power!




They haven't beaten me! I cannot die!

I been given immortality!

Kami, what happened to Garlic Jr.?

He fell into the dead
zone of his own creation.

And he will live forever there.

I can assure you now,

he would have rather wished
for anything other than eternal life.


How ironic Garlic Jr. suffered
the same fate as his father.



I knew you'd come to rescue me.

Huh? Uh...

Wait a second, don't you
remember what happened?

I remember my dad's the
strongest fighter in the whole world!


Well, you have been through a lot Gohan.

Let's go home.

I know your mommy misses you a lot.


So my battle'l have to
wait for another day, Goku


I hope you're ready.

Thanks to Goku and the others.

Garlic Jr’s dark ambitions
were never realized.

And the world with say from destruction.

Goku did consider telling Chi-Chi.

That their son Gohan was
responsible for this victory.

But he wasn't sure that Gohan
should be a world hero just yet.

He still has a few more years
of being a regular kid first.

Chi-Chi would never believe it anyway.

But still, I think I'll tell her.

When Gohan's a little older.

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