Dragon Ball: The Path to Power (1996) - full transcript

Yet another alternate retelling of the Original Dragon Ball series. Only this time it's longer than the first 3.The story retells how Goku and Bulma first met for their search of the Dragon Balls. Also an alternate retelling on how they met Yamcha, Blur, Oolong, Master Roshi, & Turtle. Along the journey they will encounter representatives of the Red Ribbon Army who are also looking for the Dragon Balls.The cool thing about this movie is it's the 10th Anniversary of the original TV series. The animation is newer and comparable to the GT series. Most of the characters look different including Commander Red, General Blue, & General Silver.It's twice as long as the previous 3, so it has more variety and more elements to watch. Those who are long time or new coming fans of Dragon Ball will agree that this one's the best movie of the original TV series.

This is Mt. Paozu, located
thousands of miles from civilization.

This fantastic tale began
deep within Mt. Paozu.

Alright! Must be a
monkey or a wildcat!


I did it!

It should be
around here somewhere...

A little more west, maybe?

What a big catch!

What's that sound?

You surprised me!

Hey, you!
Watch where you're going!

You evil beast! If you're
thinking about stealing my food...


then come and fight me!

There's a weird goblin
coming out of the beast!

You jerk!


What was that? Black magic?!

This can't be for real...
Why didn't he die?

You're stupid! I wouldn't die
because of something like that!

My body is as
tempered as stainless steel!

I'll put an end to you, goblin!

Hold on a second!

I'm not a goblin! I'm a human!

A human? Really?

See? Just like you. See?

Don't move!

You seem different than me somehow...

You seem softer and weaker...

Well of course, you are a boy.

And I'm just a frail little girl!

A girl? You're a girl?

What a hick you are! Don't tell me
you've never seen a girl before?

You're the first human
I've seen besides my grandpa.

My late grandpa told me something.

He said if I ever met a girl
that I should be nice to her.

See, now?
You have to be nice to me!

Girls don't have tails?

How weird.

A tail...!

A tail?

You have a tail.

My tail surprised you?

You don't have one?

Boys do.

Boys have tails? Is that right?

I've never seen a boy's naked rear,
but I didn't think they had tails.

Come to my house! I'll let you
have lots of food since you're a girl!


Grandpa! I'm back!

What a shabby house.

Look, Grandpa! A girl!

There's a girl here!

A Dragon Ball!

It's my grandpa!

The radar was right!
There was one here!

Don't touch my grandpa!

My grandpa left me this.

Girls aren't allowed to touch it.

Oh well, I guess I'll just
have to explain it to you.



It's Grandpa!

You had him too?

Yeah, something like that.

Grandpa's multiplied...

These are called Dragon Balls.

I found these balls in a
storeroom in my house, you know!

But when I asked people
what they were, no one knew.

Then when I did some research,

I came across a really old book
and finally found the answer.

These balls are called Dragon Balls.

It said there were actually 7 in all.

What makes them stand out is
the fact that they have a soft glow

and that they have 1
through 7 stars in them.


Grandpa's has 4 stars.

That one's called the 4-Star Ball.

The ones I found are the
2-Star Ball and the 5-Star Ball.

Why are you looking for them?

To use them for a magic spell?

Don't be silly.

When you collect all 7
something totally amazing happens!

Something amazing?

When you collect all 7
and chant the sacred words

Shen Long appears and
grants any single wish you want!

Wow! That's amazing!

I read that the people who collected
them long ago all became kings!

Being king wouldn't be bad,
but I already have a wish in mind!

What is it?

What is it?

It's hard to pass up
tremendous prestige and power,

but my wish would
definitely be for a nice boyfriend.

A nice boyfriend...?

So could you give me your 4-Star Ball?

No way!

My grandpa left me this!


Come on! You're not
going to use it anyway, right?


Okay, I get it!
I know just what you want!

How about this?

You can have
a quick feel if you want.

I don't want to
touch your dirty butt.

It is not dirty! How rude!

Then help me find the
rest of the Dragon Balls!

Okay? There's nothing for
you to do here anyway, right?

You're a boy; you need to go
to all sorts of places and train!


And your grandpa did tell you
to be nice to girls, didn't he?


But I'm not giving you this ball!

I'll hold onto it!

Fine by me!

You just need to let me borrow it for
a minute when we're almost finished.

If that's all, then sure.

Yes! Alright!

After the Dragon Balls grant
a wish they fly off in all directions!

And to top it all off, this boy's
just perfect for my bodyguard!

Okay, I'm all ready.

Then it's time to set out on
our exciting adventure! Let's go!


I'm Son Goku.

What's your name?



What a weird name!

Shut up!

I don't like it either, you know!

Bulma! Bulma!

Bulma! Bulma!

How annoying! I hate kids!

Let me see here...


Okay, let's get going!


I knew it!
You do use black magic!

It isn't black magic.

Come on, everyone knows
about storage capsules!

Don't touch it with your filthy pole!

It isn't filthy.

My grandpa gave me this Nyoibou!

Okay, whatever, just get on already!

Track down the Dragon Balls at once!

Yamucha-sama! Here comes a sucker!

We're really close now, but...

Leave the girl here.

So this guy's your dad?

He's gigantic!

Stupid! That's not what he meant!

Then who is this cow?


Don't you dare insult me, brat!

Well? I bet you're
shaking in your boots, huh?

If you don't surrender now, I'll
dunk you in this hot soup and eat you!

Go ahead and try, if you dare!


Ow! Hot!

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

Why you...! Now I'm really mad!

I didn't do anything...


Don't tell me you're
actually really weak.

You fool!

Everyone knows I'm the
strongest in the entire world!

Are you sure?

What did you say?!

So what about you? Are you strong?

I am! My grandpa
trained me really hard.





Later days, pal!

Oh no! 5 minutes are up already!

He transformed again.

You sure are a busy guy!

This isn't a transformation!

Before you is the genuine,
in-the-flesh Oolong-sama!

That's your normal form?

Listen and be surprised!

I can only transform
for 5 minutes at a time!

You were too dumb to surprise me.

Ugh. If I had known he
was just a stupid little pig,

I would've run him over!

Why did you do those bad things?

That girl's pretty hot,

and she's got big boobs to boot.

I just wondered if she
would let me, you know...



did that?!

I did!

It wouldn't be right to fight a kid.

If you want to make it
out of this desert alive

you'll hand over all
your money and capsules.

Yeah! Hand it over!

Who are you guys?

If it isn't Pu-erh, the big crybaby!


You know him, Pu-erh?


We went to the Southern
Transformation Kindergarten together!

Oolong always picked on me!

Crybaby Pu-erh! Crybaby Pu-erh!

He's a big pervert!

He was kicked out of school
for stealing a teacher's panties!

Why'd you have to go and
bring that up, you jerk...

Pervert! Pervert!

Whatever. Just make with
the money and capsules already.

I don't want to.

Oh, it sounds like you're
wantin' to take a trip to heaven.

Here I come!


Way to go, Yamucha-sama! Yay!

What is up with today?!

Now you've done it!

Still alive, are ya?

A girl...?!


Pu-erh! Let's retreat for now!


Listen up! We will get your
capsules! That's a promise!

Hey! Who was that? He was a real stud!

And he's the one who
launched the missile!

Oh, really?

How come we gotta use my car?

We've got no other choice!

I don't have any
capsules with big cars in them!

Hey, I'm going to change
clothes now. Oolong! No peeking!

I didn't know there was a girl there;
I know how you're weak around them!

If I don't do something,

I won't be known as Yamucha
the Great Desert Bandit anymore!


Damn it!

How come I gotta look for those
whatever-you-call-them balls?

To pay us back for
those bad things you did!

Plus your ability to
transform is really something.

It just might come in handy someday.

Don't be stupid!
That just means I'm your servant!

To hell with that! I quit!

It's so hot...

Maybe I should sleep only
in my underwear tonight...

It's so hot...

It sure is.

I guess I'll tag along
with you for a little while!

Found it!

It's the 1-Star Ball!

That makes 4 balls!


What's this cold, white stuff?

Don't tell me you've
never heard of snow!

Anyway, it's cold, so come down!

Hey! Is there really
a Dragon Ball all the way out here?

You be quiet!

The Dragon Radar
says it's here so it's here!

What a snob! If I had known she'd
make me be her personal chauffeur...!

At last, the Dragon Ball is mine!

I bet Commander Red
will be just as ecstatic!

General! There are
Dragon Balls approaching!


What was that?

What happened?

Hey! What do you
think you're doing?!

Welcome to Muscle Tower!

Sorry to be so direct, but
hand over your Dragon Balls.

I know that you have them.

You're the Red Ribbon Army!

The Red Ribbon Army? The Red
Ribbon Army famous for its cruelty?!

I've heard all kinds
of rumors about you!

You've got a totally
horrible reputation!

If you know so much about us,
then this shouldn't take long at all.

Hand over the Dragon Balls.

Like I would ever give
anything to the Red Ribbon Army!

Son-kun! Please!

Beat them up!




Get 'em!

Get 'em! Take care
of those stupid robots!


Go, Son-kun, go!

Wow, you're huge!

You did well to come this far.

But can you get past me?

Not there...

Where did he go?

Here I am!

Here I come!

Jan-ken Rock!

I never expected
Metallic to be beaten...

But there are still plenty of
other perils in Muscle Tower.

Come and get me! That is if you can
defeat all the robots on your way up!


I'm here!


I don't think jet scooters
are suited for cold regions.

I don't think so either.

Let's put the pursuit on hold
for a bit and get some rest.


Sorry to crowd your home.

I have no choice but to
bring out my ultimate weapon!


Number 8! Take care of the brat!

Kill him!

That's it! Crush him like a bug!

No more.


What are you doing?!
Finish him off now!


Killing living things is bad.

I hate bad things.

What foolishness is this?!

Fight him this instant!
Exterminate him!

Get fighting, you
worthless piece of junk!

Crush him now,
you stupid android!



Don't give me "no"! It was the
Red Ribbon Army who built you!

I cannot. I am sorry.

If you absolutely
refuse to listen to me,

then I'll blast you into smithereens!

We installed a bomb inside your body.

If you know what's good
for you, you'll do as I say.

No, I cannot do bad things.

You're a complete failure!

So now I'll blow you up
since that's what you want!

Ready to die?



Thank you for saving me!

I am happy!

You should've beaten
them up by yourself!

Fighting is bad.

I hate fighting.


What is your name?


I'm Son Goku!

What about you?

I have no name.

I was referred to as Android #8.

Something-or-other #8,

that's complicated.

It's a pain to say, so I'll just
call you Ha-chan! [Hachi: 8]


It's a lot easier
to say your name now!

Ha-chan! Ha-chan! Ha-chan!


I like it!

Hey, Goku!

It's time to leave!

With this 7-Star Ball, that makes 5 now.

Hey, Ha-chan!
Why don't you come with us?


Thank you.

But I will stay here.

How come?

I must take these
people to the authorities.

I also must take care of Muscle Tower.


Later then.




Your face is all white!

Was that funny?

Okay, then!

Why you...!

Take that!

Take that!
Take that!

You are a kid, Goku!



Missed me!

Time out, Ha-chan!
Hey, come on now!

It's all over!

What the heck was...

What on earth are you doing?!

But there was a sea turtle...

Hey, you! Sea turtle!

Sea turtle? In these mountains?

The truth is...

The truth is...

I'm Umigame.
[umigame: sea turtle]

I think that's pretty obvious.

Despite being a sea turtle,
I came to pick mushrooms.

And in doing so, I inadvertently
strayed from the others.

I have been wandering for the
past year in search of the ocean.

Hey, what's an ocean?

Geez, Son-kun,
you're way too softhearted.

In my opinion, the Dragon Balls are
much more important than Umigame!

I'm sorry...

What?! Muscle Tower has fallen?!

And the Dragon Ball?

Someone took it.

Damn it!

Whatever it takes, we
must steal it back, Black!

I told you not to stand next to me!

Please forgive me.

That way you can't tell my size.

Forgive me.

Really, now!


What a gigantic river!

We did it!
It's the ocean! It's all ocean!

Well, obviously!

You live in a really big place!

I am very grateful. Thank you.

It would be nice if you appreciated
our help a little more than that.

Hey, hey...!

If you want to thank us,
a gift's better than words!

A gift? Oh, right! Of course!

All right!

Please wait here for a short while.

Huh? Wait here? So you're
going to take us to Atlantis?

I will go get your
present and bring it back.

I see. I guess you could do that.

How long is "a short while"?

I will return tomorrow morning.


Goodbye for now.

Tell the Sea Princess "Hi!" for me!

We don't need
any Pandora's Boxes!

That hurts... And you're too loud...

It reminds me of when I used
to sleep in my Grandpa's lap!

It's been so long,
I guess I'll try it again.

It's different than Grandpa's...



What's the matter?! What happened?!

Your balls are gone! Peepee too!

The balls?!

What are you talking about?
They're all right here.

Now I'm completely awake.

I guess I'll take
a walk along the beach!

What is it, Bulma?
What's going on?

Wow, it's so pretty!
Oh, wow!

What could that be?

Sorry for the wait.


A gaudy old man?

No lovemaking
with the Sea Princess?

I hear you rescued Umigame.

I'm the Turtle Hermit!

Some call me Muten Roshi!

I thank you!
I have a wonderful present for you!

Boy! Isn't that the
Nyoibou on your back?

That's right.
My grandpa gave it to me.

Your grandfather? Does that mean your
grandfather's name was Son Gohan?

That's right!
You know Grandpa, Old-timer?

I don't just know him,
he was my #1 pupil!



What's the present?

The present?

Oh, yes, that's right!

Come to me, immortal Phoenix!

Nothing's coming.

Come on!

Turtle Hermit-sama. The Phoenix
died of food poisoning last year.

Oh, that's right,
now that you mention it...

Even though it was immortal?

I was going to call the Phoenix
here to give you all eternal life, but...

Very well! In that case...!

Come to me, Kinto Un!

What is that cloud?!

This is a Kinto Un!

I'm giving it to you!

How do you eat it?

Don't be eating this prized cloud!

Listen! If you ride the Kinto Un,
you can fly freely through the sky!

I can fly in the sky?

Amazing, huh?

However, you can't ride on it
unless you possess a pure heart.

A pure heart?

In other words, you can't ride
it unless you're a good person.

Now then, watch me get on it!

Ouch! Now that isn't right!

What happened? Ow...

I'll get on it this time!

You can't. He said you can't
ride it unless you're a good person.

What are you talking about?
I'm always pure and honest!

Why can't I ride it?
Is being too beautiful a sin?

My turn next!

Forget about it.

It's pretty obvious what'll happen.

I'd even bet my life on it!

You don't have to
be so nasty about it.

Okay, then I'll try getting on!

Yay! I'm riding it!

How awkward for me...!

Fly, Kinto Un!

That looks so fun.

Goku sure is lucky.

He handles the cloud rather well!

I knew Goku-san
would be able to ride it!


Hey! Let me see that!

This? Pretty, isn't it?
I picked it up a while ago.

Oh my god! It's the 3-Star Ball!

Hey, Goku, check it out!

It's a Dragon Ball! The 3-Star Ball!

Is it worth a lot?

They say that if you
collect all 7 Dragon Balls,

a dragon appears to
grant any wish you want.

Is that so?

Did you hear that?

Yes! It was worth suffering
so much to follow them this far!

To put it bluntly,
I yearn to be married!

Okay! I'll collect all
those Dragon Ball things

and make it so I can
keep my cool in front of girls!

Yamucha-sama... So you like girls...

Please? Come on...

I will let you have it,
but on one condition.

On one condition?

Show me your panties!

My panties?!

No, just, you know, a little peek...

Panties? Count me in!

Hermit-sama, this
isn't becoming of you.

Shut up! Can't hermits feel the need to
look at girls' panties too sometimes?!

Alright. It's for the
Dragon Ball. I'll do my best.


How embarrassing...

By all means, please
take this ball! I insist!

That makes 6 now!

Son-kun! Oolong! Only I left!

Let's go look for the last Dragon Ball!

I'll go change clothes!
Then we hit the road!

I don't have any panties on!

Alright, who was it?!
Who took my panties off?!

What's going on?

I don't know.

Turtle Old-timer! You were my
grandpa's master, weren't you?

Yes, but...

Then beat those guys up!
You're super strong, right?

There's no way this old crackpot
could do anything all by himself!

No, I can.

You have grossly underestimated me.

You serious?

Stay there and watch!

I'm sexy, don't you think?

Just hurry up and do
whatever you're going to do!

Watch! This is the Kamehameha!

What? The Kamehameha?

What's the Kamehameha?

It's an amazing technique in which every
bit of latent energy within your body

is condensed and
unleashed all at once!

I never imagined I'd get
to see it with my own eyes!






See, I told you I could.

So you're not an
ordinary old pervert after all!

Now you've done it!

Attack! Attack I say!

What happened to
all that power you just had?

I used it all up in that attack!

Where's Son-kun...








That's incredible, Turtle Old-timer!

That was my first time too!

Yay! We did it!

Goku learned in a few
moments the technique

that took me 50 long years to master!





Hand over the Dragon Balls!

Be my guest!

You'll pay for decimating my fleet!

Now what do we do?

It's him...

A girl...?!

He's here to rescue me!

Hey! Yoo-hoo!



I've got a lump...

Colonel Blue has returned.

I told you not to stand next to me!

It makes me look small.

I'm sorry, sir.

I have just returned, sir.

You're quite worthy of
your reputation, Colonel Blue.

Thank you.

This makes 6.

Only I more until the world bows
down before the Red Ribbon Army!

However, you made a grave mistake.

You overlooked a Dragon Ball
that was located near the others!

What happens to people
who make mistakes, Black?

They are executed.


Let go! Let go!

Commander Red, please!
One more chance! I beg you!

Commander Red! Commander Red!

What beautiful sounds!

Kinto Un!

I wonder if they can follow this?

So hungry...


Hey, I got it!

Oolong! Transform!

You just want me to transform
so you can eat me, huh?!

Of course not!
I want you to turn into a key!

A key, huh?

I see! Good idea!

Don't you think? I wonder why
I didn't come up with it earlier?

Kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy!

That's not a key, that's a crab!

That's paper!

Gimme a break here,
I'm trying my best!

Is that so?

I'm getting close now!

That's it!

It's open!

Where are Bulma and the others?!

Nyoibou, extend!

Commander! You must
evacuate to a shelter while you can!

We did it!
We did it!

What is this? It's all in ruins!


Bulma! Everyone!

Are you okay?

Look, up there!

He's got my Dragon Balls!

Damn it! And I was so close!


I was so close to becoming taller!

Is that why?

Don't tell me we were collecting the
Dragon Balls so you could become taller!

That's right! You got
a problem with that?!

The Red Ribbon Army's world conquest
was the reason I chose to serve you!

Absolutely not because
of someone's height!


I'm the commander.
I can wish for whatever I want!

You're all small fries; all you
need to do is follow my orders!

From now on, I'm the commander!

I, Black-sama, will
be this world's ruler!

My Dragon Balls...

This isn't real, right?
I can't believe it!


Gather before me,

and bow down!

I killed that traitor Red!
Which makes me the commander!

What the...?!

Who needs the Red Ribbon Army?

Say hello to the Black Ribbon Army!

I'm too young to die!

You're making
an old man run too much!

Stop it!

Stop it! You're going too far!


Go, Goku! Get him!

Alright, Goku!
Show him who's boss!

That was close! Okay, then!


It seems you're no
match for this giant robot!

What do you say? Will you
join my Black Ribbon Army?

I don't wanna join up with bad guys!

Then I have no choice.


This is the end!

Stop hurting Goku!

What the...?


Goku! Wake up! Goku!


Look out!

Ha-chan will make the
one who hurt Goku pay!

You impudent little...!

Stubborn fool!

You're not dead yet?

Goku... Goku...


It's a pain to say so
I'll just call you Ha-chan!

Hey, Ha-chan!
Why don't you come with us?

Goku will not be hurt!
I will protect him!



Goku. Are you all right?


That is good!


So he finally kicked the bucket!

But being able to hold out for
that long was impressive indeed!

For a worthless failure of a monster!

is not a worthless failure!

The worthless... failure... of a monster

is you!

You know that doesn't work on me!



Come forth, Shen Long!

At last!

State your wish. I shall
grant any single wish you have.



Weren't you going to wish that you
won't lose your cool in front of girls?

That was the plan, but...

A nice boyfriend...
is what I should ask for, right?


What is the matter?
Have you nothing to wish for?

I have a wish!

Please, Shen Long! Turn Ha-chan
back to how he used to be!

But take out
the bomb inside his body!

So be it.

Little by little I'm being charmed
by that bright smile of yours.

Let's spring out of this
never-ending darkness.

Hold my hand.

When I first met you,

it brought back memories of
scenes I treasured from my childhood.

Won't you dance with me down the
winding road of light and shadow?

Are you still
fascinated by him even now?

There are a few times when
I feel like looking back on the past,

but I'll fight with love,
courage, and pride!

Little by little I'm being charmed
by this piece of hope for the world.

I'm sure everyone would
want to acquire the infinite.

I pretend not to notice, but can't you see?
I'm head over heels for you.

Let's spring out of this
never-ending darkness.

Hold your hand.