Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (1991) - full transcript

This live-action version of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball. A villainous king known as Emperor Horn has stolen the mystical power of the "Dragon Pearls" in an attempt to possess them all and rule the world! When all but one of the pearls has been stolen, the former rag-tag group of guardian heroes (led by Goku) of the mysterious magic jewels decides to band together and take some big action! Led by a pig-headed wizard and a half-turtle martial arts master, the team first takes on King Horn's army in a desperate bid to stop him from gaining control of the Dragon Pearls.

This dragon ball

has been with our village for more than
a hundred years.

It is our village's most precious treasure.

Now I will transfer its ownership to
our village's new leader.


Get out of here, everyone! Hurry!

Get Jen out of here first!

But what about you?

Now that I am the new leader,

I must protect the dragon ball.

Get out of here, now!

Go! Hurry!

My lord, the dragon ball is inside the hall.

Go in there!

What do you want?

Who are you?

I am Lord Horn,

and I want that dragon ball!

The dragon ball belongs to our village!

We can't give it to you!

I, Lord Horn, always get what I want!

Hand it over!

You try to take it away from me

and I'll smash it!

Calm down, everyone. Calm down.

Protect our leader!
Protect the dragon ball!

There are seven dragon balls total.

And two of them are now in my hands.

There will be rays in the sky once

all seven dragon balls are together.

And the Dragon God will appear!

By then, the whole world,
the whole universe,

will be mine!

My lord,
where are the other five dragon balls?

We will find them one by one.

I know one of them is in the East,

somewhere in the woods.

It can be found at San Goham's house.

His is a "4 star" Dragon Ball!



Go and get it for me!


What are you doing, grandpa?

Goku, my life is not important,

but we must never lose this dragon ball!

Why did you say that, grandpa?

What exactly is going on?

Don't worry, I'll take good care of you!

And I will protect the dragon ball
at all cost!

Good boy.

And I love my golden pole.

With the golden pole, grandpa,

not only can I protect you,

I can also protect the dragon ball!

Both dragon ball and the golden pole

are our family's treasures.

We must never let them
fall into others' hands.

Fine, now put down the pole

so we can practice our stances.


You go first, grandpa.

Come on!

The "ground rolling" stance?

Just let go and admit defeat!

No, I won't!

So you won't admit defeat? Fine!

Grandpa, are you all right?

It sure gets dark early today!

Don't' worry, grandpa.
Daylight is coming!

It sure is bright now,
but why are there so many stars?

You've lost, grandpa!


You cheated!

No, I was smart, that's all.

You just watch.

"The arrogant soldier always loses"

We still have one more round!

I'm not scared!

I still have my fist stance!

And I still have my leg stance!

I'll change into an elephant!

And I'll change into a mouse!

I'll change into a superman!

And I'll change into an elephant!

You've lost!

It's your turn to hunt for food today!


I end up losing every time!

We had tiger the day before,

and a lion yesterday.

What do you plan to catch for me today?

An elephant!

My teeth can't handle elephant meat!

Then I'll catch you a fish!


What kind of fish?



How are you, pals?

Come, have some bananas!

Be good now.

I'll bring you bananas everyday, OK?

Take your time!

I had to go get food for my grandpa now.

My breakfast is here!

Let's see if you can smile now! Move it!

I found it!

Don't you know how to drive?

You almost killed me!

Why are they driving
those strange cars around here?

They even dress strange.

And why are they heading

the same way as mine?

Out of my way!

What a powerful creature!

Who are you calling a creature?!

I told you to get out of my way and
you even stopped my car!

There's someone sitting
on the creature!

You must be a devil!

YOU are the devil!

He's still alive?!

It hurts!

What kind of sorcery did you use on me,
you devil?!

You can't escape, you devil!

I'm not a devil! I'm human!


Take a good look.

Do I look like a devil to you?

No, like a human.

But I still feel you're different from me.

Of course we're different.

You're a boy, and I'm a girl!

You're a girl?

So you're a girl!

Haven't you seen a girl before?


But my grandpa once told me that
there're two kinds of human.

One is the male, and the other female.

So you must be the second kind of
human my grandpa talked about.

A female, am I right?

Right! Male and female

may have biological differences,

but we're pretty much the same.

That's right,
my grandpa once told me that

females have bigger breasts!

But why are they bigger?

Can I take a look?

No! You can't just touch
a female like that!

Grandpa told me about this too.

He said a male can't just touch
any female.

Otherwise he'll be called...

A pervert, right?

What is this creature?

This is a car!

Car? But it runs!

It runs on gasoline!

Gasoline? What's that?

Boy, you are really a hick!

I'm not a hick! My name is San Goku!

And do you have a name, female?

Of course! My name is Ya Tau.

Ya Tau? Sounds like a duck's head!

Why didn't you call yourself cat's head,
dog's head, or lion's head?

Why duckhead?

Dragon ball?!

Don't touch my dragon ball!

It's yours?

Of course it's mine!

My father gave it to me.

I have one in my home too!

You have one too?

Mine have five stars on it.

How many stars does yours have?


I found it! I found it!!!

My "Star-chasing Radar"
was indeed working!

Is your house over there?


Let me ask you.
Who else lives with you?

Just my grandpa.

Your grandpa? I'm afraid...

Afraid? Why?

I just saw two strange cars

filled with very mean-looking people.

They were heading towards
your home.

Heading towards my home? So?

I suspect they're going after
your dragon ball.

If your grandpa is all alone,
then he could be in danger.

Will they kill my grandpa?

It's possible.
Let's go and save him now!

Wait for me! I can give you a ride!!





San Goku!

San Goku!!



Where is your grandpa?

He's gone.

What about the dragon ball?

Goku, my life is not important,

but we must never lose this dragon ball!

Tell me, who were those people?

I've never seen them before,
but they wear strange clothes.

Where are they heading now?

Since they came from the West,

they must be going back
towards the West now.

San Goku!


San Goku! Just sit in my car!

Do you know where they are now?

I don't know.

Then just sit in the car with me

so I can help you find them, OK?

They're straight ahead! Step on it!

Ya Tau! Are you all right?

That foreign lady almost killed me!

I won't let her go that easily!

San Goku! Jump!!

Let's go!

Damn it!

No! Don't go after them! You'll die!

You're so smart, San Goku!

Luckily you found an elephant for us

so we don't have to walk around!

Eat this, San Goku.

I don't feel like eating.

Do you miss your grandpa?

My grandpa picked me up from the hills.

He raised me on his own,
taught me kung fu,

and even taught me how to read.

Now he's disappeared, and

I don't even know if he's still alive.

He's my only family member
in this world.

Your only family member?

So you don't know
who your parents are?


Don't worry.
I'm sure your grandpa is still alive.

Really? How do you know that?

We didn't see your grandpa's
dead body back there.

That tells me that he's still alive!

I hope so too. I hope I can find him.

Maybe you'll find him
once you get back your dragon ball!

You haven't eaten all day.

Here, have some jerky.

This is delicious!

I've never had
such a delicious beef jerky before!

It's not beef jerky.

Then what is it made from?

It's made from lizard and python meat.



You're so pretty and so cute!

You have to marry me!

I can't! I'm too young!!

I can't marry you!

That's all right.
I'll feed you and give you shelter

so that when you grow up,
you can be my wife!

No, I can't! Help!!

If you won't agree to it, then I'll eat you!


What is it?

Someone is crying out for help.

Let me go take a look!

San Goku!


My grandpa never told me

that humans can be this dark!

And his nose and his ears are
just like that of a pig!

- He's a creature!
- Creature?

Out of my way, kid!

This girl here is my future bride!

Bride? What is a bride?

You don't even know what a bride is?
You really are a hick!

Since this creature likes to bully girls
so much

you go ahead and teach him a lesson.

Then I'll tell you what a bride is.


I don't want her anymore!

I want her instead!

How dare you hit me?!

I've been here so many years

and no one dares to hit me until now!

Let me tell you!

I have to eat a cow, two lambs,
and three horses for each meal!

And I'll eat all of you too!


Watch out!

I'm OK...

Not anymore.

Grandpa taught me to kill all bad guys!

Where can you go now?

Don't hit me!
Don't hit me! I admit I was wrong!

You admit you were wrong?

Aren't you going to eat me?

I was only bluffing.

Actually, I'm timid and cowardly.

So please don't threaten me anymore.
I'm so scared!

Then why did you bully that little girl?

That's because
I'm a natural born pervert.

Whenever I see a pretty girl,
I'd want to marry her.

Especially a beautiful girl like you!

My perverted self is back again!
I can't help it!

But now that I've met you, brother,
I promise I'll change!

I don't think you'll ever change!

Please don't scare me anymore,

I have a heart condition,
and I have high blood pressure.

I'll follow you. Just don't hit me.

I'm also good at kissing up, brother.

I can comfort you with my compliments.

I don't like people kissing up to me.

That's fine. I have other skills too.

But imitation is my best skill.

I can change into someone else
when you're bored.

I can show you!

Let me do a show for you now.

Watch closely.

Change, change,
change change change...


Choi Kam the singer?!

Anita Mui too?

He's not bad at all, San Goku!

San Goku!

Fooling others is my specialty too!

See you later!

You can't get away!

You've changed into a fat guy now?

Actually, this is how I really look.

I'm the 91st descendant of
the Pig Spirit.

Pig Spirit?

My grandpa said that I'm the 91st
descendant of the Monkey King!

That was a long time ago.

Both our ancestors were brothers.

So you and I are brothers too.

Who's there?

How did we end up here?

Let's get out of here, brother. Hurry!

Who are you?

He's my master, Mr. Lok Ping.

And I'm Pa Bing Bing.

He's the famous bandit Lok Ping!

He knows kung fu and robs for a living.

That's why no one dares to come here.

Since you know who I am,
just leave your money behind

and I'll let you live.

Do you have any money?

What money?

We're finished.

Aren't your kung fu good too, brother?

Can you beat him?

I think so.

We have money,
but we won't give it to you!

Then I'll send you two to heaven!


Your kung fu is not bad!
You even blocked my bullets.

You're great, brother!

I've decided to follow you for life!

Is that all you've got, you bandit?

Wow, master,
you've found a worthy opponent!

You shut up!

Master is mad.
You two are in trouble now!

Keep it going, San Goku!

Keep it going, brother!


Keep it going, master!

Keep it going, brother!

Your brother is in trouble now, fatso!

You dumb bird!

You fatso!

My brother won't lose to your master,
you stupid parrot!

That's hard to say.
My master is powerful!

My master will win!

My brother will win!

San Goku!

San Goku, who is he?

He's Lok Ping.

Lok Ping?

You're so handsome!

Handsome?! You call that handsome??

Go to hell!

Why did you hit him?

Master! Master! Are you all right?

Are you hurt? Master! Master!

Lok Ping!

Two girls?! You're in trouble now,

Are you hurt, Lok Ping?

Can I be your friend, Lok Ping?

I finally realize for the first time

that I can be attracted to a boy.

Master! Wait for me! Master!!

Master!! Wait for me!!

Can I be your friend, Lok Ping?

Girls! Girls!!

Where are you, ladies?

So it was you, Pa Bing Bing!

What are you doing, master?

Come back!!

I'm sorry. I won't trick you again.

Come back here or I'll kill you!

I'm not afraid of everything...

except girls!

I was born to be afraid of girls.

I am so scared of them.

I can never achieve anything!

Master, do you think San Goku's
kung fu is better than yours?

San Goku? That kid??
I'll beat him for sure!

Jen, you're a girl.

So why were you wandering around?

Where is your home?

I no longer have one.

You no longer have one? Why's that?

I used to be in a warm and loving family.

My parents loved me very much.

And our village was peaceful
and prosperous.

But bad people destroyed it
over a dragon ball.

Dragon ball?!

Bad people?
What kind of bad people?

There is this horrible devil.

He and his hundreds of followers

killed all of our villagers
and bombed our homes.

My father tried to protect
the dragon ball,

but he was killed by the devil.

My mother tried to save my father

and the devil killed her too.

He took our dragon ball.

But apparently he already
has one himself.

My parents were killed
and my village was destroyed.

I had no place to go,
so I wandered until I met you.

Ya Tau, was it
the same group of people

that took my grandpa's dragon ball?

But of course.

So they took the villagers' dragon ball

and also the one from
San Goku's grandfather.

They now have three dragon balls,

and I have one with me.

There are seven dragon balls total,
San Goku.

- Seven dragon balls?
- Don't you know?

I don't know. Grandpa only told me

He never told me that
there are seven of them.

Not only are there seven dragon balls,

there's an even bigger secret
behind them!

Legend has it that, when all
seven dragon balls are together,

a huge dragon will appear in the sky.

When you see the dragon,

you can make any wish
and he will make it come true!

Is that so?

I've heard about that too.

So that devil's goal is to get all
seven dragon balls.

That's right!

Since he's so ruthless,

we can't let him succeed his goal.
We must stop him!

But he is very powerful.

My mother had told me that
only one man can stop him.

He is the Sea Turtle God.

The Sea Turtle God?

That's right.

You mean Master Roshi?

You know him, fatso?


Then why are you chiming in??

But I know where he lives!

- Then tell us, fatso!
- Yeah, tell us. Hurry!

This Master Roshi?

His kung fu is great and
he's very powerful!

However, he's even more of a pervert
than I am!

Just tell us where he lives, fatso!

I've heard that he lives on
one of the islands in the south sea.

What are you digging for, master?

I'm digging for a treasure!

This is the dragon ball that
I stole in the past.

I never realize how powerful it is.

I must get all seven of them
and make a wish to the dragon!

Master, you will be the king of the world
and the seven seas!

I'm not that ambitious.
I don't want to rule the world.

Then you must tell the dragon to

give you all the fortunes of the world

so that you will become
the richest man on earth!

Why do I want so much money?

I don't want fame,
and I don't want fortune.

I only want the dragon
to give me courage

so that I will no longer be afraid of girls.

I just don't get you!

News from Maria.

She said a girl named Ya Tau

has a dragon ball on her.

Where is she then?

They've gone to look for help
from Master Roshi to fight us.

Fight us? Then we'll fight them first!

Master! I can't keep up! Wait for me!!!

Magic power!

Magic cloud!

I order you to take me on
a girl-finding mission. Away!

Damn it! Why aren't you moving?

You bastard! I'll teach you a lesson!

Damn cloud,
I'll show you who's the boss!

How dare you get away from me?!

Master!! Wait for me!!

What's with you?
You attacked me for no reason!

How unreasonable!

You were trying to
steal my magic cloud!

It won't be easy!

I'm not here to steal your magic cloud!

I'm looking for someone.
I'm looking for Master Roshi!

Looking for me?

You're Master Roshi?

You must've come to learn from me.

I don't take students. Go home!

I'm not here to learn from you,
Master Roshi.

I've heard that your kung fu is invincible,

and that someone wants to
challenge you.

He wants to defeat you
and make a name for himself!

Someone wants to challenge me?!

Who? Tell me now!

He should be here any time now.

Good, then I can teach him
a lesson right away!

Look, there's an island straight ahead!

Right, that's the island where
Master Roshi lives!

Lok Ping, are they the ones who
want to challenge me?

Yup, that's them.

You just watch.

That's Master Roshi's house.
Let's find him.

I heard that one of you
wants to challenge me, right?

It must be you!

Me? No, not me!

Not you? Then it must be you!


See what I mean, brother?

He's hundreds times hornier than I am!

Beautiful... so beautiful...

What a perfect figure!

You make me itchy all over!

I'm itchy here, and I'm itchy there.

My whole body itches!

I'm sure it's not you, miss.

Don't worry, little girl. You're so cute.

I'm sure it's not you either.

It has to be you!

Me?! I have nothing against you,
Master Roshi,

so why would I want to challenge you?

That's right, Master Roshi.
We've come here to seek your help.

No one here wants to challenge you.

Don't believe her!

I'll believe anything you say!

But why did that guy Lok Ping say that

someone wants to challenge me?

Lok Ping?! Where is he??

I know! I know! I'll tell you.

He's hiding in my room!

Lok Ping!

Lok Ping!!

Lok Ping is hiding underneath the bed!!

Lok Ping!

Lok Ping!

Lok Ping, you told me that
one of them wants to challenge me.

So who is it?

Lok Ping!

Right, besides this pretty girl,

who could it be? Tell me! Hurry up!

It's him!

You lied to Master Roshi and now you
want to frame me?!

I'll teach you a lesson!

Lok Ping!

Stop fighting!!

Right. She says to stop fighting,
so I won't let you two fight!

I wouldn't have lost to you
if those girls weren't here!

Then why did you lie to Master Roshi

and told him that
I want to challenge him?

You guys came here to look for him!

Right, but we didn't come here
to challenge him!

That's enough, no more arguing.

One of you must be lying.

I have a way to find out

who among you two is the liar!

Magic Power!

I change, change, change!

What kind of a move is that?

Hocus Pocus!

Magic Cloud!

What's that?

Don't you know?

And you do?

That's the Magic Cloud!

That's right.
This Magic Cloud was the result

of my decades of efforts in Chi!

There's one special thing
about this Magic Cloud.

Whoever that lies or doesn't have
a pure heart

can never stand atop it.

Then, can you stand atop it,
Master Roshi?

Me? Of course I can! I'll show you!

See? Because I am honest and
have a kind heart,

I can stand atop this Magic Cloud!


Damn, you bastard!

How dare you make me lose face
in front of the ladies?!

Master Roshi, your heart isn't pure
because you're too horny,

am I right?

My heart isn't pure?!

My heart has always been pure!

It's because I saw these two pretty girls.

And you got horny because of them,

That's right.
You can't stand atop it if you're horny.

Your turns now, you two.

Whoever that falls off from it

is the one who lied to me!

Lok Ping, you go first.



Lok Ping! Are you hurt?

Lok Ping!

See how bad you are?

The Magic Cloud wouldn't
even let you get on it.

You're such a bad kid!

So, Master Roshi,
you have your proof now.

He was the liar.

Shut your mouth!
You may be even worse!

Get up there!


See? I'm standing on it now!

Bravo, brother!

Not bad, not bad.
Where are you going?

Kid, try to see if

the Magic Cloud will obey
your command!

That's great! That's great!!

Where did San Goku go?

He's back!

You're great, brother!

See, Master Roshi? I wasn't lying.

Yes, yes. You weren't lying indeed.

What do you think of my Magic Cloud?

Not bad! He listens to me.

But he never listens to ME!

You bastard!

I'm so mad,
I'm going to let you have him!

You'll let me have the Magic Cloud?!

He doesn't listen to me anyway.

He even plays tricks on me!

But it looks like you two are meant
to be together.

Fine, he's yours!

Thanks, Master Roshi!

Magic Cloud, you can go now.

I'll summon you when I need you.

You bastard!

It took me years to create you

and it took me so long to summon you.

Now you just come and go

whenever he asks you to!

You traitor! Traitor!

Lok Ping! Why did you betray me too?

You better tell me the truth now.

Otherwise, you can forget about
leaving this island!

I didn't mean to lie to you, Master Roshi.

I overheard that they're looking for you,

so I provoked you to fight them.

Actually, I didn't mean any harm.

I just wanted to create a chance
to steal their dragon balls.

Dragon balls?
You guys have dragon balls?

That's right.
I have a "Five Star" dragon ball.

My grandpa has one.

But some evil creature had taken it.

Our village had one too,

and the same evil creature took it.

That devil now has three dragon balls

and he's been plotting
to take the remaining four.

We've heard that
your kung fu is powerful,

that's why we're hoping
you could help us

and stop the devil from more killings.

He has already destroyed our village.

Master Roshi,
please help us save our homes!

Miss! Get up, please.

Don't you worry. That devil might has
three dragon balls,

but he needs all seven dragon balls
to make it work.

Besides, he can't do a thing without me!


Because I have in my possession
a "Two Star" dragon ball.

Without this dragon ball,

how can that devil unite
all seven of them?

So we've found another one!

There are now five dragon balls.

Where could the remaining
two dragon balls be?

My master has one!

My master has one! He has one!!

You and your big mouth!

You have a dragon ball too, Lok Ping?

That's my business!

It has nothing to do with you!

Lok Ping, you have one too?
Let me see!

Lok Ping!

Lok Ping, you can't leave this island

without my permission!

Let me ask you.
How did you get your dragon ball?

I stole it!

You stole it?

Your kung fu is good and
you're still so young.

But you always do bad things!

I'll make you do a good deed
today for once!

You will give your dragon ball
to this young lady

so that she can rebuild her home.

Then I'll let you leave.


A "Six Star" dragon ball! Thanks!

Lok Ping!

That's all it takes to knock him out?
How useless!

I wish I could've gotten a kiss!

Lok Ping? Lok Ping!

Lok Ping!

Master! Wait for me! Wait for me!!

He's always like that in front of girls.
What a blockhead!

Pretty girl,

do you want my dragon ball too?

Of course! Will you give it to me?

Sure, but on one condition.

What's that?

I have been all alone on this island

for so many years now.

And I've never seen
such a beautiful girl like you.

So I want to...

I want to see you naked!

You pervert! How could you
even ask such a question?!

That's too much, elder!

My boy, this is only natural.

When you're lonely,
you'll get horny too.

Besides, you won't lose much
by letting me see your body.

How about this? I'll compromise.
Half naked only.

Just show me your top half.
Well? What do you think?

Just the top half?

Fine, give me two minutes to consider.

Ya Tau!

Take your time!

I'll give you two minutes.

In fact, you can have twenty minutes!

"Hey, balik balik. I'm your old man!"

Ya Tau, don't give in to that old pervert!

That's right.
You can't take off your clothes for him!

You should take it off for us!


Sister Ya Tau,
we can give up on the dragon ball.

You can't let him see you half naked!

I don't want to do it either,

but if I don't,
then we won't get his dragon ball.

I've got an idea!

You can take off your clothes for me,


Even if I take off all my clothes

AND pay him, he'll never want to see it!

I want you to change into me first.

He'd think that he's watching my body

when in fact he's watching yours!

That's a great idea! Hurry, fatso.

You want me to strip naked for him?!

I'll do it on one condition too!

What's that?

I get to see the bottom half!


San Goku!

How stupid of you, fatso!
Once you become me,

you can take your time
looking over my body!

Why didn't I think of that?!
I'll change now!

I change, I change,
I change, change, change!


What are you doing?

I'm going to seduce that old pervert now.

He'll definitely fall for me!

I don't think so!

You look really ugly!

Fine, fine. I'll change into her then.

I'll change now.

I change, I change,
I change, change, change!

Do I look like her now?

Not the voice.

That's easy!

What about now? Anywhere else?

You look like me now,
but your chest is bigger than mine!

But that old pervert like big chests!

This will please him to no end.

I'm going to strip for him now.

I'll make sure he's well taken care of.


Master Roshi!

So, have you decided?

Yes, come on.


Why can't he just show him?

Why does he let him touch him?

Smells so good!

That damn fatso!

I can't take this anymore!

Hurry, take it off! Take it off!!

All too easy!

"Two Stars" dragon ball!

That was so sexy. So sexy!

I haven't been that excited for decades!

That was so good!

I can die now.

So how was it, Master Roshi?

Good, very good. I could hardly take it.

Master Roshi,
now that I have three dragon balls,

can you tell me
where the last dragon ball is?

What did you say?

The seventh dragon ball!

What dragon ball? I have no idea
what you're talking about!

My mind is all blank right now.
I feel so good.

And I feel so high, so high...

Elder, please tell us
where the last dragon ball is.

Master Roshi, where is it?

Elder, where is it?

Where is the last dragon ball?
Please tell us!

Elder, please tell us.

Tell us, elder. Hurry!

What's that?

Oh no, they're here for the dragon balls!

Ya Tau! Watch out!

How dare you attack my home?!

San Goku! Are you all right?

They killed my grandpa!

I will take revenge for him!!

San Goku! Get your friends out of here!

I'll stall them!

San Goku, we should listen to elder.

Use the magic cloud!

But what about my revenge?

As long as we're still alive,
we'll still have the chance.

Turtle power!

Magic cloud!

Get up here! Magic cloud! Fly!

Brother! Wait for me!! Brother!!

We have the dragon balls!


Turtle power!!

Good! Once we find
the seventh dragon ball,

my wish will become a reality!

My lord, where is the seventh dragon ball

I'm sure the last dragon ball
will show up in no time.


Master Roshi!

You're still alive, you old turtle!

Of course! I can't be killed that easily!

But they destroyed my home
and took my dragon ball.

I'll make sure they pay for it!

Who's there?!

It's me.

- Lok Ping!
- You bastard!

Lok Ping,
why do you keep following us?

Have you forgotten?
One of the stolen dragon balls

belongs to me!

I have all the rights to join you
in getting them back!

Fine. You do have the rights to join us,

because now all of us

have something to do
with the dragon ball, right?


You too?

No! I have nothing to do
with dragon ball!

I have nothing to do with it!

Then please leave, because

we're about to have
a dragon ball meeting.

Fine. I'll leave.

Let me tell you.

If two of the seven dragon balls
touch each other,

then there will be disaster.

But the other five should be fine.

Now that Lord Horn has six of them
in his hands,

I feel that one of you must be hiding
the last one!


What about you?


I don't have it!

Where could
this seventh dragon ball be?

"Everyone talks about the dragon,
but nobody notices the pig"

Dragon ball!

Fatso! Why didn't you tell us
you have one on you?

My master told me not to tell anyone!

Who is your master?

My master?

Everyone knows who he is!

He is respected and feared among
the martial arts world!

Just tell us!

- Pig Spirit!
- Pig Spirit?

My master told me that
everyone will go after my dragon ball,

and said I should only meet up
with you guys.

That's why I teamed up
with Jen to join you.

I feel that now is the time

for me to take it out.

We now have the last dragon ball!

Let's go and find Lord Horn!

My lord, they're heading our way.

They should be here any moment.

Tell Maria to guard the front

and you the rear.



Lok Ping! Behind me!

Brother, let's treat them to my grenade!


Brother, what should we do now?

Give it to me!

Lok Ping! You're great!

You're so stupid, just like a pig!

Fatso, give me the sword!

All right!

Careful, everyone!

They have a hundred men?

Then I'll kill all one hundred of them!

Watch my Turtle Power!

Fatso, you watch over the girls.

We'll go help them.

Let's go!

Hand over the last dragon ball!

Come and get it. I dare you!

San Gohan?


San Goku!


Are you all right?

Don't come any closer
or I'll kill your grandpa.

Elder, I am begging you.
Please save my grandpa!

Give me the dragon ball and
I'll hand him over.

No! All of us will die if you do! Go!

Elder, please give him the dragon ball

and save my grandpa. Hurry!

Your grandpa is right.

If we give Lord Horn the last dragon ball,

then none of us will live.

Give me the dragon ball now!

Roshi! Get the kids out of here!


Don't worry about me. Just go! Go!!


So you think I won't kill him if

you don't turn over the dragon ball?


Grandpa! Are you all right? Grandpa!

San Gohan! Untie him first.

I'm fine.

You devil! I will kill you!!

San Goku...

You're not his match...

Get them out of here. Go!

Father! Mother!!

No! Their souls are now under
Lord Horn's control.

They've lost their minds.
You can't help them anymore.

Let's get out of here!

So many of them!

What do we do now, Master Roshi?

This way!

This way too? That way then!

Why aren't they moving now?

They're moving again!

Father! Father!

No! Father, no!

Help! Help!!

Help me! It hurts!!

Magic Cloud!!

Out of my way!

San Gohan.

Do you know where Lord Horn
hides the six dragon balls?

He must have hidden them
in his stomach!

are you going to stuff this dragon ball

down his throat?

That's right.
I want all seven of them to unite

and destroy him!

San Goku! Use your golden pole!

Let's get out of here!!

The dragon!

You have summoned me here.

What wish do you have for me?
Tell me now!

Jen, make your wish.

Dragon, I wish to see our home
and village restored

and that all evils will disappear.

Fine. Your wish will be granted.

We're fine now.

Father! Mother! Father!


- Father! Mother!
- Jen!

I have a wish too.

What's that?

I want to fight you.

Your wish will be granted.

Come on!

Good luck, San Goku!

Good luck, master Lok Ping!