Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (1987) - full transcript

Goku and Krillin want to be trained in the martial arts by the great Master Roshi. The only way he will agree to train them is if they go to Devil's Castle to find the Sleeping Princess, who is being held prisoner by Count Lucifer, and bring her back to his island.

In the farthest reaches of the west,
in a castle, in a dense forest,

there was an extremely
beautiful princess,

who is said to have been
sleeping for several millennia.

"The Sleeping Princess
of Devil's Castle"

Let's go grab them up!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most
thrilling secrets in the world.

Let's go seek them out!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most delightful
miracles in the world.

This life is one big treasure island.

It's the truth!
Now more than ever, Adventure!

The love of a pounding chest is gissiri,

Multi-colored dreams rain down dossari,

Somewhere in this world,
they are glowing.

Let's go on out there
and find them, boy,

All the while pounding
on mutants and monsters,

And we'll fly through the day
on our cloud machine as well!

Let's fly, fly, fly, how mysterious,

Charging through the sky,
while we overcome mountains!

Let's try, try, try, such an adventure,

Our strange little journey now begins!

Let's get them in hand!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most
formidable gambles in the world.

Let's go chase them down!
The Dragon Balls!

Some of the most
enjoyable drama in the world.

This life is one big treasure island,

It's the truth!
Now more than ever, Adventure!

Let's see, I should almost be...
ah, there it is!

Old-Timer! I'm here!

Very nice...!

Now spread those legs...

All right! One-two! One-two!


Go! One-two! One-two...!



You want to train?


My training is kind of strict.

I don't mind. I'm going to
get even stronger than you,

Old-Timer Turtle Hermit.

I see, you want to become
even stronger than me, do you?

Well, I won't train you for nothing.

Now, listen...


Old-Timer, what's that?

I-ls it a gal?

It's a boat. There's a
strange guy riding it.

What have we here?

Goku, get him out of there.

Thank you.

You are Muten Roshi-sama, are you not?

Indeed I am.

I have come from
a village far to the east.

My name is Kuririn.
Please take me as your pupil.

How good of you to come all this way.

Unfortunately. I don't take
pupils quite so easily. Give up.

Please accept this book,
by way of salutation.

Let me think about it.

This one is nice and bouncy!

Then you have found it to your liking?

So then, who are you?

I'm Son Goku.

I wouldn't expect you to be
involved in the Budo arts.

I like budo. [grapes]

Were you trying to make a joke?

Your head looks like a pachinko ball!

What are you saying?!
Those who presume to undertake Budo

would do well to shave
their heads and sturdy their minds!

Look! Don't you see Muten Roshi-sama?

I'm just normally bald.

Now then, Kuririn, wasn't it?

Goku, you listen too.

In order for you to train under me,
you must bring me a pichi-pichi gal.

What's a bitchy bitchy gag?

Pichi-pichi gal!
That means a cute, lively young girl.

Please leave that to me.
I will bring you one at once.

Now, hold on.

If I leave it up to you, there's no
telling what kind of girl you'll choose.

I will decide in advance
which girl you will bring.

And who would that be?

That would be the
Sleeping Princess of Devil's Castle.

Devil's Castle?

Sleeping Princess?

Long ago, there was an
extremely beautiful young girl

who was kidnapped by a lecherous demon,
and locked up in his castle.

Regrettably, thousands of years went
by without anyone coming to save her,

and they say she has gone on
sleeping all that time in a dark room.

Is she really that pretty?

Of course she is! They say that those who
have seen her are dazzled by her beauty

with one glance,
and are unable to move.

There is no one more shapely, and her
appearance is so majestic and noble,

it exceeds all others.

She is so beautiful,
she even outshines the goddesses.

That's the one.

Y-You want us to get her?

Mm-hmm. Whichever one of you
brings her back here from the castle

will be my pupil.
So, can you do it?

Y-You bet I can do it!

Me too!

Is that right?

But where is this Devil's Castle?

You have to go far west from here...

Old-Timer, that's south.


Go far west from here,

and you will see
a range of five mountains,

which is named Devil's Hand.

Majin-jo, the Devil's Castle, is supposed
to be somewhere in those mountains.

How far to the west?


Far, you say?


This sounds like it will be fun.

I'm not about to be beaten by this runt.

All right then, you'll leave at once.

- Right!
- Uh-huh.

- Hey, Kinto...!

- Wait, Goku!
- Hey, Kinto...!

You cannot use Kinto Un.

Kinto Un?

It wouldn't be fair for you
to get there first, after all.

Both of you will go forward
using only your own bodies.

Oh, okay.



This is a race between the two of us,
so if you get into any danger,

I'm not going to help you out.

Yeah, that's fine.


Off we go!

Whoops, pardon me!
Well, I'll be going on ahead.

I ain't going to lose!

Sleeping Princess, eh?

I'm going to make sure
I rescue the Sleeping Princess!

How fast he is!

I'm going to train with
the Old-Timer, whatever it takes!


- What?
- What's that there?

Hmm? Where? Where?

- There! There! There! There!

- What?
- There! There! There! There!

Ah! Why, you...!

Don't think too badly of me.


What is that?

N-Nothing at all!

Well if it isn't Bulma.

It has been too long, Muten Roshi-sama.

- Good afternoon!
- Hey there!

What, you guys are here, too?
What's up with all of you?

It's our summer vacation. We figured it's
been a while, so we'd come see Son-kun.

Oh, I thought maybe you'd
come to let me have a pafu-pafu.

Who, me?!

Roshi-sama, where is Goku?

Oh, he was here this morning.

He isn't here?

Mm-mm. He left for a little while.

Where to?

I'll bet you've sent him off
on another indecent errand.

That's absurd! He's gone off
with another boy, named Kuririn,

to Majin-jo Castle...

Er... O-Or was it called
Mahjongg-jo Castle?

He went to have fun
at an amusement park.

Where's that?

Far to the west.



I wonder if he's reached the castle yet.


We're finally here, huh?

Look, over there.

You will see a range of five mountains,
which is named Devil's Hand.

That's Devil's Hand...?

Okay, I'm going!

S-So am I!

There's a huge hole this way.

Oh, it's just a sculpture.

Say, isn't this the place?

Even so, an amusement park
wouldn't still be open, would it?

This is eerie.

I'm sure this must be the haunted house.

The miserable sun
has finally disappeared.

Is that right?

This is some pretty dense fog, huh?
It's making it hard to pilot...


T-This is creepy.

What's wrong?

Never mind, it's nothing.

Are you awake now, miss?

Who are you?

I am Lucifer, the master of this castle.

I'm Bulma.

I am so glad you were not hurt.

N-Now, listen, you...

Yes, what is it?

That was a terrible thing
to do to your guests, you know.

Even if this is a haunted house,
you've gone too far.

I'm terribly sorry about that.
It isn't much, but as a token of apology,

I should like to invite
you to a dinner party.

Dinner party?

Well, that doesn't sound bad.
And I was just getting hungry, too.

Well then, we shall go at once.

Yes, sir.

I shall escort you. Come.

By the way, where are Yamucha
and the others I came with?

They did not seem very appealing.

- Ee-yow!

- What are you kids doing here?!
- Ee-yow!

- What are you kids doing here?!

Are you the one?!
That Sleeping Princess...

I'm not the Sleeping Princess!

No, that's not what I meant!
Are you the one...

...that the Sleeping Princess
was taken away by?!

Still, I'm not the Sleeping Princess!

Where is she?!

If I may ask?

Why, you...!

Here they come again!

Why, you...!

Extend, Nyoi-bo!



Now's my chance!

This is pretty elaborate, huh?

By the way, if you'll
pardon the question,

Miss, how old are you?

I'm a spirited 16.

It sure has been a long time
since we've had a 16-year-old vintage.

What do you mean?

He is talking about the drink
that will be served tonight.

Okay, this is the hall.

Even for a masquerade party,
this is a little too real.


Gentlemen, allow me to
introduce our main guest!

Miss Bulma!

Everyone's costumes are so well done.

That is because we do this every night.

S-Say, where are
Yamucha and the others?

Like he said, only delicious
treats are brought in here.

You don't mean me?!

Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

For the first time in ages,
it looks like we're going to be able

to toast with the
live blood of a young girl.

Cut it out! No!


I-I'm sure I just heard Bulma's voice!


Help me!



Kinto Un!



Here, ride on Kinto Un.

You can't ride Kinto Un,
because you think bad things.

How was I supposed to know that?!

You can ride on my back.

So this is Kinto Un? This sure
is a handy thing to have, huh?

Uh-huh. It flies wherever I want it to.

Even so, Goku...


I don't consider that
I owe you any favors, okay?

You did this on your own.

What's that?

Goku, behind you!

Why, you...!

That tickles, you know!

What are you doing, you letch?!

This is the area closest to the heart.

Enough of these bad jokes.

Gentlemen, I have kept
you waiting for so long!

Tonight, when the Sleeping Princess
will awaken from her 5000-year slumber,

her beautiful radiance will grant
us eternal prosperity and darkness!

What do you mean?

Now, let us toast the Sleeping Princess!


Stop! Our lives will be in danger, too!

The ceremonial blood!


What's going on?!

The altar!

W-What? What?

Protect the Sleeping Princess!

Where is the Sleeping Princess?!

You don't mean...

Who's there?!

They call me "Easy Pickings Lunch."

It's all mine!
The legendary treasure, Sleeping Princess.

So that is the Sleeping Princess!

That's the bitchy bitch gag?

Seize them! Do not let them escape!

Hold it!


He's here!

Son-kun! Son-kun!

- Why is he leaving?!

- Bulma!
- Why is he leaving?!

It's Yamucha! Yamucha!

Who are you?

Uh, we were just keeping
an eye on the sacrifice.

We're definitely not up
to any funny business.

She sure looks like a delicious girl.

I wonder what part
of her meat I'll take...

Your transformation time has run out!

Oh, no!

Move it! Move it! You monsters!

Hold up!

This is bad!

What happened to me?

You're all mine!

Now I can train at the Old-Timer's place.

Hold it!


Y-You're hurting me!

Return the Sleeping Princess,
unless you want your friend to be killed.


All right! Here.


Let Kuririn go!
I did like you told me to!

What are you doing?! Hey!

Stop it!

Let go of my tail... My power...


Don't kill him. They grow
unappetizing at the moment of death.

And now, Sleeping Princess,
bathe in the full moonlight, and awaken!

You will now return to life
from your 5000-year slumber!

To put an end to the reign of the sun,
which has lasted for too long,

and to bring about a
world of eternal darkness...

Awaken, Sleeping Princess!
Our tranquility is in darkness!

The bitter cold is our desire!

The Sleeping Princess has awakened!

Return the Sleeping Princess, unless
you want your friend to be killed.

All right! Here.

How is this an amusement park,
for crying out loud?!

Turtle Hermit, you idiot!

Er, what am I doing here?

I don't know.

Hey, what are you doing?

The full moon is pretty.

Full moon?

Isn't it pretty?


What? What's the matter?

You're not going to look at the full moon
and turn into a werewolf, or anything...

K-Kuririn, enough with
the bad jokes, okay?

G-Goku! Goku!

Oh, no!

Goku, stop! She's not our enemy!

I know! His tail is his weakness!


Pu-erh! Change into
a pair of scissors and cut his tail off!



What in the world was that?!

Lucifer-sama, please look.

Oh, the dawn is coming!

It's the sun.
This is the end of the sun.

Hold on, what do you mean?

What happened to me?
How come I'm naked?

There's something strange here.

Woah! My tail is gone!

Wah! It's gone! It's gone!

- About that...
- lt's gone! My tail is gone!

- I'm sorry.
- Lt's gone! My tail is gone!

Oh, well.

You're an easygoing one.

Anyhow, let's hurry, Goku! It's Bulma!

Sleeping Princess,
with your limitless power,

lay our sworn enemy, the sun, to rest!

What?! What are you doing?!

You don't mean you're going to
use that machine on the sun...?

That's right!

I'm going to blow it away!

Don't do anything stupid!

If you do that, we won't be able
to go swimming at the beach!

Watch closely.
This is the end of the sun!




Why, you!



All right!

Son-kun! Hurry and bust that thing!

Otherwise, we'll lose swimming
at the beach... I mean, the sun!

Ka... me...

ha... me...


Yikes! Run!

Nicely done, Goku.

Thanks to you, the sun
didn't get wiped out.



Never mind, it's nothing.

You're a strange one.

Well, in any case,
thank goodness we're all safe.


Very nice!

There's the Sleeping Princess for you!

As beautiful as the
stories said you'd be!

Um, my name is Lunch...

That sounds yummy, too!

It's not like that, Roshi-sama...

you're drooling, you're drooling.

I know!

So, we weren't able to bring
you the Sleeping Princess...

What are you talking about?
You did good, good, good!

How do you mean?

You two have a lot of promise.
I will make you my pupils!


Now then, Lunch-san, was it?
You must be tired.

Come on inside and make
yourself comfortable!

Right in here.

- We did it! We did it! We did it!

- Yay for us, right Kuririn?!
- We did it! We did it! We did it!

We did it! We did it!

Who the hell are you?!

Hold it right there!

Er, did I do anything bad?

N-No, not especially.

Come along, fantasy,

I enjoy a mystery,

Don't you go hiding your youth!

Wanting to perform the mysterious,

Wanting to pursue the adventure,

Everyone is itching to go!

If you act like an adult and give up,

You'll never unravel
the mystery of the miracle!

Go on and try to live
even more wild and strong!

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance,

If you will show me your true courage.

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance,

I'll give your pounding heart
a glittery, shining dream!