Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (1988) - full transcript

Emperor Chiaotzu's wife has gone missing, and he is told by Master Shen that if he collects the seven dragon balls he can call upon the eternal dragon and wish for her return. Meanwhile, Goku and Krillin attend the World Martial Arts Tournament, which is hosted by the Emperor; Bora and his son Upa attempt to hide the dragon ball they found from the emperor's forces, which are under the control of the evil Shen and General Tao; and Bulma conducts her own search for the dragon balls with the help of Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong.

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Long ago 7 dragon balls were forged
and scattered over the face of the planet.

Once united the eternal
dragon will be called forth

to grant the discover a single wish.

I did it!

Way to go sire.

Wow, look at those golden babies
just waiting for us to snatch them up.

- So Pilaf, - Huh?

I see you have completed
your assignment.

- Master Shen!
- Master Shen! - Master Shen!

Yes Pilaf, I have been watching you
anxiously waiting for this day to arrive.

Gentlemen, this radar device
pinpoints the exact location

of each dragon ball on the globe.

Once we gather them together

we will have the whole
world in the palm of our hands.

Did I mention that our
fee has gone up slightly?

Yes actually it tripled.

That's right, due to the
laws of supply and demand.

Oh? Never heard of it.

Please Tao, do explain.

I supplied these 3 with pay,

and demand they turn the
device over to us for half the price.

- Huh?
- Uh...

So we have ourselves a wise guy.

- You'd be wise to get out of here.
- Yeah and there.

Recognize this?

Dragon Ball¹ (1988) Mystical Adventure

Subtitles By: MightyMike77020

♪ Find the dragon balls! ♪

♪ Look out for them all! ♪

♪ You can search around
the world with me. ♪

♪ Gotta heed the call ♪

♪ of magic dragon balls! ♪

♪ What a great adventure this will be. ♪

♪ You can climb on board,
’cause the Nimbus doesn’t wait! ♪

♪ A fantastic journey for your dreams ♪

♪ a thrilling mystery! ♪

♪ Through the fires of time,
they’ve waited patiently. ♪

♪ When all seven balls you
find, the dragon is set free. ♪

♪ Rising, rising, mesmerizing, ♪

♪ unbridled ecstasy. ♪

♪ Radiant and shining,
hidden somewhere in the field, ♪

♪ luminous and blinding,
with your desire revealed. ♪

♪ Ageless, timeless, what
you’ll find is beyond belief! ♪

♪ Let’s try, try, try, look high and low! ♪

♪ Search the sky and the sea below! ♪

♪ Let’s try, try, try, seize the day, ♪

♪ and make new friends along the way! ♪

♪ Find the dragon balls! ♪

♪ Look out for them all! ♪

♪ Come and hunt those
dragon balls with me. ♪

♪ Gotta heed the call ♪

♪ of magic dragon balls! ♪

♪ What a great adventure this will be. ♪

♪ Set a course for action,
adventure doesn’t wait! ♪

♪ A fantastic journey for your dreams ♪

♪ a thrilling mystery! ♪

Unbelievable! They moved it.

Well that's it, isn't it?

Yeah, you said when we
move the rock you teach us.

That's right. You said when
we're strong enough to move it

we were ready to learn your techniques.

- Yeah.
- Were waiting.

Yeah, lay it on us, Master Roshi.

Well, to tell you the truth.

There's not much more
that I can teach you, boys.

- Huh?
- What do you mean?

I mean I've secretly
included all of my techniques

into the training and exercises
that you've been doing.

You've been learning them all along.

- Huh?
- Huh?

You mean we're done?

Not exactly. It's time to test
what you boys have learned.

How would you two like to try your hand

against some of the greatest
martial artists in the world?

What do you say?

Yeah! Count me in.

Are they bad?

Master Roshi talking about taking us to
the Martial Arts Championships. Right?

- Uh-huh.
- Man!

Man, all the big dogs are gonna be there!

That's right Krillin.

You'll be going up against some
of the best. But I believe in you two.

Now listen up boys.

It's time to shed your shells.


Wow, after all this time.

Thank goodness.

Chicks don't dig turtle shells.


Hey! Wow!

I feel as light as a feather.

Well, check it out.
Jump as high as you can.

- Huh?
- Huh?

Is this even possible?

I guess so, we're doing it.

- Wow! Alright!
- Wow! Alright!

- Woo!
- Yippee!

What's all the hubbub?

The emperor's wife disappeared

and there turning the city
upside down trying to find her.

Heaven forbid that anything
happened to that little girl.

What's the big idea!

Search it!

You're responsible for this!


She's not here lieutenant.

You're free to go.

Emperor Chiaotzu,

our men have searched
far and wide for your wife.

Without finding so much
as a clue to her whereabouts.

We fear that whoever kidnapped her highness

may have already taken her
beyond the borders of your kingdom.

Who would do such a thing?

There is one way that I
know of to find your wife.

What! But how?

We can ask the dragon sire.

Huh? The dragon?

On this earth there
are 7 dragon balls sire.

When someone brings these 7
balls together a huge dragon appears

and grant's that person a wish.

Any 1 wish.

Your excellence, we could ask
the dragon to restore your wife to us.

Wow! Great!

But how do we know
where the dragon balls are?

This is a global dragon radar that
tracks the whereabouts of each ball.

Your majesty,

with this device, finding
the dragon balls will be easy.


Gathering the dragon
balls will take some doing.

But if you deploy your
entire army and royal guard.

We could have the balls and wish
your wife safely back to us within a week.


Your majesty!?


Lieutenant Blue, what's
the meaning of this?

As chief of security I feel it is my duty

to warn you about bringing
the dragon balls together.

Master Shen could use them against you.

This is an outrage!

Forgive me sire I had to
say what was on my mind.

Lieutenant, are you calling me...?

Liar! You bet I am.

You insolent runt! Grr...

The emperor is very young
and trusting Master Shen.

But you don't fool me, not for a minute.

Hey Blue, guess who?

Here look, old man!

Stiff as stone.


- Oh!
- Oh!

He should have watched his tongue and mine.

Emperor, I can assure you
that I have no greater concern

than bringing your wife
safely back to your side.

Wow, check it out!

The dragon ball should
be right below us guys.

Oh great, it's at the bottom of the ocean.

Too bad we didn't bring our swimsuits.

Known fact, pigs don't
float! I'm off the hook.

Man, this is going to be a breeze.

Whoa! Hey!

Where did you learn how to fly? Geez!

If you don't watch it we're going to
end up at the bottom of the ocean.

Yep, right.

You hit the nail right on the head.

What do you mean?



I don't know who they are but they
picked the wrong day to mess with Bulma.


That's it.

Come on.


Grr! Take this!


Yes! That'll teach em!

Man, you gotta love it!

Oolong, not bad eh?

Not bad? You nearly got us killed!

Bulma look!

Huh? Wow!

Hold on guys.


Bulma, are you nuts? We're in the water!

Don't be so uptight.

Everything's under control.

Wow, you didn't tell me
this thing turned into a sub.

Cool huh?

Oh look there it is.



Let's hurry. I got the creeps here.

Oh my gosh!

Turn this guppie around Bulma!

Wait Oolong, that's one of Chiaotzu subs.

There peaceful.


Peaceful my foot!

Shut up Oolong.

Go! Go! Go!


this bird can fly without
flapping its wings.

You're so lame.



Suddenly I have an uncontrollable
urge to hijack this plane!

Wow, this place is huge.

I've never seen a house this big.

It's the emperor's Chiaotzu palace, Goku.

Isn't that where the
match is gonna be held?

- That's right.
- Man,

if he's that loaded the prize
for 1st place must be incredible.

Oh it's incredible alright.

What is the prize for first?

Whatever the winner wants.


But I don't want anything, Master Roshi.

Get real bone head.

Man, oh man, this is
the chance of a lifetime.

We're here to learn, you two.

If you want to be the best

you can't allow yourselves to be
distracted by worldly pleasures.

- Right.
- Right.

- Master control yourself.
- Hey ladies I thought we'd get a...

Where ya' going?


We don't know where you stinking Bali is!

Now just leave us alone!

Funny, our radar says it's right here.

One of you must be hiding it.

No! Ahhh!

Hey dad, why don't we
just give him this dumb ball?

Son, we can't do that.

The ball must have some great
power that we don't know about.

If they want it this badly.

Men such as these must
not have this great power.

We are the guardians of the ball.

Upa we must leave for the city.

Don't move you're under arrest!


He's well done!

- What the...!?!
- Here!


6 dragon balls already.

Pinch me. I need to make
sure this isn't all just a dream.

Master Shen!

Sir, our men have spotted the seventh ball.

It's as good as ours.

You have it?

Almost sir.

Almost? I see.

Colonel, how does it
feel to be a private again?

General Tao, please
collect the colonel's stripes.



Who dares to spy on me!?

How's it going?

You know, I'm not sure but I
think he may have seen me.

Oops! I've been spotted alright!

Take a dive Spybot.

Blow it away!

Na Na you miss me.

Now we know where they
have the dragon balls stashed.

Yeah? Well, I don't care, you
can get them yourself, Bulma.

Hey, I'll tell you what Oolong,

you can use my Spybot to
watch the volleyball tournament.

- Yeah?
- But,

you have to help me get the dragon balls.

Yes! You can count me
in. Look at those athletes.

Huh!? You dork, am I
your girlfriend or what?

Duh... but it's not the girls
I'm interested in Bulma,

it's the serving and the spiking.

- Yeah, I'm a big fan.
- Really?

Yeah, he's a connoisseur.

What a ham.

Bulma, you mean, you'd break into
the emperor's palace to get the balls?

After those jerks fired torpedoes at us?

You bet I would.

Eh??? Where does it all go?

Goku, I think you've had
enough dinner there son.

Huh? Ok.

Sir, how about some
dessert for you tonight.

Yes please, I'm all finished.


- 2 for dinner?
- That's right.

- Here you are sir.
- Thank you.

No trading. Cash only sir.

Just bring us something to fill
our bellies. We've got money.

But dad we don't have any money.

That's right son, but we have gold.

Oh my. Ho ho.

At your service sir.

Hey Launch, it's ok.

Oh yeah, you're right.

There not after me I've
never been here before.


Alright, everybody freeze!

Where conducting a search
by order of the emperor.

We're looking for a tall
native man with a boy.

You there, you seem to fit the bill.

But you said a tall man.

And I'm just a short guy.

You don't look short to me. Stand up!

Eee! It's him!

Upa, make yourself scarce.


Come here, you little runt!

Why you little punk!

Sir, I'm no punk.

My name's Goku!

Kid, you just decked a
member of the royal guard.

He swung first.

Lady, you should have
taught your kids some manners.

He's not my kid ya' idiot!

Cool it Launch!


Major Metallitron! Sir!

- Who is causing the problem here?
- Ay yi yi!

They are! They attacked us.

They need to be taught a lesson, sir.



Wow! Did you see that?

What a kid!

Goku! Look out!


Hey, that's enough.

Let's just be friends ok.

Ow! That felt like solid granite!

Malfunction. Malfunction.

General Tao,

that boy and his friends attacked us
while we were trying to search this man.

You fools.

Major Metallitron, I
guess you'll need this.

Although it doesn't seem
to be doing you much good.

Let me at him general, it was just luck.


Boy, why are you here?

To fight in the championships.

Oh... you should do well.

I'm afraid that you and
your son must come with me.

- Forget it!
- Then I'll have to kill you.


Your move.

How can I fight with that
thing pointed at my head?

We don't have to fight.

No, I'm afraid we do.

Huh! Uh-oh!

You should not have opposed me.

Now, you must pay.

Please allow me to
show you how to use this.

General wait. Is this how an official
guest of the emperor is treated?

With all due respect it doesn't seem fair.

Master Roshi.

Yes of course, it's unmistakable.

He's with the boy.

I know that the emperor
cares about all of his citizens.

It would be a tragedy
if one of the athletes

here for the tournament met with any harm.

I didn't realize he was
here for the tournament.

Sure, I can vouch for that personally.

- Well then, here.
- Dad!

You will be treated as an
official guest of the emperor.

Until after the competition.

You don't scare us. You can't beat my dad.

Is that so?

So the Indian and the boy have the
ball and there right here under our noses?

Yes Master Shen, I could have
had it but it would have been messy.

There were too many witnesses.

No matter.

We can wait until the tournament is over.

I do have one small worry.

The native and his son are
friends with Master Roshi.

What! He's in town?


Then you might as well dispose of him too.


It doesn't make sense that be emperor would
hurt so many people to get the dragon balls.

He such a kind-hearted young man.

He might not know what his men are doing.

It's important that we speak with him.

I have heard that the winner
of the martial arts championship

gains an audience with the emperor.

Then we'll just have to win the tournament.

Right Goku?

- Sure.
- Now,

winning isn't everything.

But if we don't care about the prize

and we just want to win to help others

- then that's ok, right?
- Yes.

Of course son.

I'll bet they have one of those
radars that track the dragon balls.

If we can't stash it, then
will have to carry it with us.

We never let the ball out of our sight.

Huh? Where is it?

- Upa?
- Right.

One dragon ball coming up.

Hey! The 4-star ball! That's
the one grandpa gave me!

Wow! Oh boy!

He seems to really like that ball.



Help me!


- Oh Tien!
- Your majesty!

It was just a bad dream.

The guards don't have to stay.

Gosh. Thank you.

I-I-It was so real

I've never had a
nightmare like that before.

I'm so glad you're here, Tien!

Yes, me too, sire.

Me too.

A dreamed someone was trying to kill me.


Promise you'll always
stay close to me, Tien.

Please! I just don't know
who to trust anymore!

- Promise!
- Yes.

- You will?
- Always.

Yes, sire.

Thank you. But somethings wrong.

Something you're doing.

Look, sometimes you call me, sire,

and sometimes you call
me, your majesty or emperor.

Please call me by my real name.

Yes, Chiaotzu.

Looking good. Tear um up.

Thanks, I'll do my best, Launch.

- Me too.
- Great. That'll work.

Hey dad, do your best.


- What are you doing kid?
- Bulma!

Hey what's up guys?

Hey, why are you here?

Never mind why...

Hey, ha haha.

Same old toad!

Are Yamcha and Oolong here?


- Hey!
- Yo ho!


- Hey, check this out Goku.
- Huh?

Oh wow, the other 6 balls
are right here somewhere.

You got it.

They're right up there.

And, you must have the
seventh one. Am I right?

- Guilty as charged.
- Cool.

Man this is going to be a breeze.

There just waiting there
for me like eggs in a nest.

Ooh oh!

Wow! This is awesome!

- I'm gonna get a wish.
- Hey look, the emperor!

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready?

Welcome welcome.

Boy, we got a big show tonight.

The greatest athletes from around the globe

are here for the world's
martial arts championships.

The first match will now begin.

To win you must knock out your opponent or
cause him to fall out of the fighting area.

Now, Yamcha and Gregor, match one.


Too bad it looks like you got a bad break.

Oh yeah? Well, I think
it's the other way around.


Just a reminder folks

you can pick up your world championship
t-shirts up at the gondola for 10 bucks.

And there's free chili dogs and
nachos compliments of the emperor.

Tien it seems so cruel.

Imagine it's hard to spring sire. ``.

So Tao,

which one has the ball?

That big muscular native man.

The boy with the big hair is with him.

After the competition is over I will
personally dispose of both of them.

I'm tired of waiting.

Fighters ready? Begin.

Wolf fang fist!



That guy never knew what hit him.

Oh my gosh, he did it!

Will the next challenger please
step on to the fighting area.

I guess it's our turn.

Yeah, Yamcha gonna be surprised.

Guys, I'll go if you don't mind.

Sure, you bet.

Hey yo, sock it to him, pop.


let the match.


- Yamcha's been training too.
- Yes.

Careful dad!

Ho ho! It's a wild one
ladies and gentlemen.

Well, what do you think Oolong?

Can you do it, big guy?

I don't know. This pretty
face has never been that ugly.

I'm ready.

Wow, great job Puar.

Well how do I look there, girls?



Yamcha your, MightyMike77070 buddy boy!

Yamcha your fly's undone, buddy boy!


Bora wins!

Yes mommy.

He did it! He did it!

He's that strong and he still lost?

No biggie. We just need to make
sure that we keep our flies up.

It appears that Bora has frightened
away all the other challengers.

We could have a new champion here folks.

Wow, he could win it all right here.

Yeah, then he could talk to the emperor.

It looks like it's all over folks.

I think we got a new grand champion.

- Wait.
- Huh?

- It's him, that guy.
- Man!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a challenger

6 time champion General Tao!

Shut up and get the match
going you half-wit or else.

Right. Let the match begin.

Well friend, are you ready to die?


- Well done.
- At ease men.


Oh, your majesty? I thought
you were watching the match?

I was, then my guest came.

I see, new girlfriend?

Where not girlfriends. Where nuns and
we're on a pilgrimage to your great state.

Um, hi.

Welcome sister.

May I ask exactly which
order of nuns you belong to?

Look! Who cares! We’re nuns, got it!


How about a donation. Yeah, this will work.

Bless you, man.


you not such a tough guy after all.

He's hurting my dad!

Where is the dragon ball?


Bora bailout!

Will take him on! Give up!

Tell the referee!

The dragon ball.

Tell me.

Where is it?

I don't have it and neither does my son.

- Ugh!
- How sweet.







Oh no dad!

Ow! Daddy!

Hey! This is sport! It's not a war!

Quiet, or you're next.


Everybody freeze!

We're looking for a dragon ball
and nobody moves until we find it!

Search them!

Tien, what's going on?

How could this be?

Please tell me you're not a part of this.

- I am!
- Tien!

Young punk, all bark, and no bite.

Hey, don't go yet.

So, you're still alive.

And I have a gift for you...







Wha!!! Uh-oh.

Dodon! Haaa!

Ha! So Roshi, your pupil was no
match for General Tao, was he?

Shen, you haven't changed a bit!

Oh well, now that I
have all the dragon balls

you'll see some big changes.

Shen, why do you want the dragon balls?

You don't know?

Sire, I want to use them
to take over your kingdom.


Wow, I don't even have one true friend.

Sir! It's gone!

It was here then it jumped
300 miles to the east.

It moved like lightning on
the radar then it just stopped.

A dragon ball.


Why do people want these so badly?



I... guess because they
want to wish for something.

But you don't want anything do you?

Uh... well not really.

Just to beat a guy up.

He must've done something really
horrible if you wanna hurt him.

Yeah! He did! He hurt someone!

Here, this will pick you up a bit.

Huh? What is it?

It's a Senzu bean.

It restores power and strength.

Just eat it. Don't worry it's all-natural.

If you say so.

Wow! Super! I feel like brand new!


Oh yeah, I forgot, I got work to do.

- Leaving so soon?
- Yeah.

Gee, thanks so much.

Oh yeah, can I have
that back? I really need it.


Hey, why'd you do that?

Captain, we need a jet plane and fast!

Yes sir!

That won't be necessary.
It'll take too long.

Why bother with a jet when
we have a nice pillar like this.


So that kid had the
dragon ball the whole time.

Give me a half an
hour and I'll have it back.




Come on you open up!

Oh no!

You don't fool me. I've seen
that big beautiful smile before.


I did it!

The dragon balls! Guards!


Well, what do you see?

I can't really see anything.

Wait. Watch.

Now I see the dragon ball.

Yes, you get it now?

Not really.

Look kid listen...

When you fought and lost
you are pretty angry, am I right?

You bet I was!

That's why you lost. Don't you get it?

- You couldn't see clearly.
- Huh?

Your mind is like the water.

And your anger is just like the
ripples that disturb the water.

Calm your mind so you can see clearly.

Yeah, now I get it.

Gosh, you're really wise.

Oh, thank you.

My name is Korin the cat.

I don't get many visitors up here.

That's why I live so high up.

Only sincere seekers manage to find me.


Yeah, I can see how this would
cut down on unwanted guests.

And yet, I sense there's an
unwanted guest on the way.

You mean General Tao's coming here!?

Yes, he's approaching at a very
high speed from that direction.

Right, then I'll catch him off guard.



Bye, thank you so much, Korin.

See ya!

Wow, what a really great kid.

Hey, I forgot the dragon ball.

What is it?

I don't know but I'm catching a bad vibe.

It can't be!

Hmm, there he is.

It is!

Huh!? Ahhhh...

Wow! There he goes.

I believe these are yours.



No! The balls!


No laying down on the job
Major! Grab that little kid!



Master Roshi! What have you done?

He still alive but he'll be
in a coma for a long time.


Excellent work Tien.

Now get rid of the emperor.


Master, you said that
he wouldn't be harmed.

Yes, I know,

but this is a precaution that we must take.

Until we have all 7
dragon balls in our hands

the emperor still poses a threat to us.

Surely you understand.

Pity though, now we'll have
to find another shoeshine boy.

I wonder if he's alright?

Oh! He moved!


What the heck’s going on?

That kid, that brat how?

I threw the rock.

You threw the rock? Don't be silly.

It was a big rock, real big.

I know, that rock was this big.


What an annoying child.

If she wasn't so little
I'd squash are like a bug.

- Mmm.
- Huh?



Huh? Good.

Wow! Cool!

I think we have some business to settle.


Yes but first tell me how you
managed to survive my Dodon ray.

The dragon ball was in my shirt
and it kept it from hitting my heart.

I see, how ironic.

You are very lucky.

Well now it's your turn.

Will just see how lucky you are.

I love you kid.

It's a darn shame that
I have to destroy you.


That does it!

Daycare escapees, you're done.

Dodon ray!

Oh no! Poor little girl!

Ooh, he plays too rough.

Darn kids.

How did they get those powers?

Yay! You did it! You won!

Why don't you just give
up Tao, while you still can!

Kid, there couldn't be any greater
pleasure than tearing you to shreds!

- Grr.
- Alright.

Now your through.


Dodon ray!




What!? No way! My ray!

You should be dead right now!

Yeah, just like my friend's dad right?

In your dreams pal!

Oh, like such a stud.

Man! What a day!

Somebody tell me I'm dreaming this!

Let's finish this up, shall we?

Wait a second. I can't beat these kids.

Not with force.

Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

I quit! It's all over! I quit!

- I surrender!
- Huh?


But if he so big and
bad, why is he leaving?

All bad people know when to run.

Kid, you're really great.

I haven't had an opponent
like you in 25 years.

Does this mean you'll stop being a bad man?

Of course it does.

Aah! Come back here!


Come back!

Suckers! Take this!

Barbecued kids.



Goodbye! Come again sometime!

I don't care how deep that chasm is.

Find your way down there
and get me those balls!

Now Tien, let's finish our
business with the emperor.

Sorry Chiaotzu, we didn't plan it this way.

You called me Chiaotzu.

We're still friends.

It's not that I don't like you...

Don't you know what martial arts are for?


It's you!

But it can't be!

It's Master Roshi!

There not for gain.

There to protect what we hold sacred.

Enough Roshi!

One more word out of you and I'll
have Major Metallitron crush this boy!


Quickly now Tien,
before we lose our chance!

Well, come on! You're a professional!

Do it! Don't let your
emotions cloud your judgment.

Tien! I commend you!

I can't do it!

I should have known.

You are not a warrior.

You're just a little pussycat.

I had a place for you Tien.

You were going to be my right hand.

Yeah, in a way I can understand
your feelings for the emperor.

You don't have to get rid of him, Tien.

I'll do it myself!


Major, if anyone moves just give a squeeze.

Got it.


Dodon ray!








Son, you rule!

Hey Goku!


You're all fired.

Sire, look.

Ran ran it's you!


I hope you can both
forgive me someday, sire.

I know I don't deserve it.

Tien, I never lost faith.

I believe in you.


Hey guys, look what washed
up on shore over there.

Yamcha! Bulma!

Hey Upa,

what do you say we try using the
dragon balls to wish your dad back. Ok?


It might not be too late
to undo their evil deed.

What'd ya' think, Bulma?

Sure, it's a great idea.

But I don't think we can get
those other 6 dragon balls, Goku.

They fell into the chasm, Goku.

That chasm is too deep and
narrow for even our best submarines.

- Huh?
- Oh!

Hey, we don't have to go down.

Goku! What are you doing!?

Are you nuts?

Don't worry Bulma, I have a plan.

I get it.

If we can't bring those 6
dragon balls up here to us,..

Right. Then will throw this one down there.

Hey dragon!

Come out, come out wherever you are.

We're ready to make a wish.

♪ Dragon ball. ♪

♪ Dragon ball. ♪

♪ Dragon ball. ♪

♪ I've got it! ♪

♪ Dragon ball. ♪

♪ Dragon ball. ♪

♪ Dragon ball. ♪



Come on Upa. Don't be scared.

- Huh?
- Uh-huh

I wish that my dad was alive!




My son.



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