Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986) - full transcript

The once benevolent King Gurumes has become greedy after discovering a large supply of blood rubies under his kingdom. His greed causes him to tear up his subjects' crops and homes in search of more, resulting in him being cursed and transformed into a monster. He now scours the earth looking for the seven dragon balls, which, once brought together, summon a mighty dragon that grants one wish - a wish which might ease his unending hunger. The king's henchmen find that it is not so easy to steal the dragon ball from Goku, who, once he discovers the plight of the kingdom, decides to free the land from the king's oppression.

There is a legend that has been
passed down since ancient times.

It says there are seven "Dragon Balls"
scattered throughout the world,

and if one gathers all seven balls
and utters the incantation,

Shen Long, the god of the dragons,
will appear

and grant one wish
for anything at all.


Let's go grab them up!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most thrilling
secrets in the world

Let's go seek them out!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most delightful
miracles in the world

This life is one big treasure island

It's the truth!
Now more than ever, Adventure!

The love of a pounding chest is GISSIRI

Multi-colored dreams rain down DOSSARI

Somewhere in this world,
they are glowing

Let's go on out there
and find them, BOY

All the while pounding
on mutants and monsters

And we'll fly through the day
on our cloud machine as well!

Let's fly, fly, fly, how mysterious

Charging through the sky,
while we overcome mountains!

Let's try, try, try, such an adventure

Our strange little journey now begins!

Let's get them in hand!
The Dragon Balls!

One of the most formidable
gambles in the world

Let's go chase them down!
The Dragon Balls!

Some of the most enjoyable
drama in the world

This life is one big treasure island

It's the truth!
Now more than ever, Adventure!


What the hell?!

Why, you...!

She's only a child. Forgive her.

Shut up! Damn you!

What's going on?!

Bongo-same! This guy's getting in our way!

Oh, you look confident of your skills.

Just because you have the king's favor

doesn't mean you can
tear up our flower gardens!

Wouldn't you agree these Rich Stones

are even more beautiful
than your flowers?

You greedy bastards have
torn this land apart! Leave!

Sure, we'll leave.
If you can beat me, that is.


You'll have to forgive him!


I can't believe this...

They've tricked King Gurumes!

They won't get away with this.
They won't!

Tastier stuff!

That ain't enough after all?

Enough of this.

How can this be?
Only tastier and tastier things satisfy me...

What of the remaining Dragon Balls?

Wonderful news, King Gurumes.
We've located a Dragon Ball.


There must be more rare delicacies
hidden in this world

that I've never heard of before!

I've reached the limit of what
the world's top chefs can make.

My only choice now is to make
a wish to Shen Long.

When that time comes...

I will give you anything you want.

I'm going to starve to death
unless I do something.

All I need is to be free
of this hunger.

Get the remaining Dragon Balls!

I'm gonna catch some food now!



Okay! I think I'll have fish today!

What's a plane doing out here?

It's close. Could that plane be...?

Course correction:
three degrees north-northwest.

It must be inside this hut.

What a big bird...

It's landing by my house...

I hit him...

You stupid monster!

Oh! He's alive!

Oh! A weird creature
came out of the monster!

You're trying to steal my food!
I won't let you!



What was that?! Black magic?!

Whoa! How are you not dead?!

Don't be stupid!
I won't die that easily!

My body's as hard as steel!

Now I'm going to get
rid of you, creature!

Wait! Time-out!
I'm not a creature!

I'm a person!

A person?


Isn't it obvious?!

See? I'm just like you.

You seem different to me.
You look soft and weak!

I can't help that! I'm a girl!

A girl? You're a girl?

What a bumpkin!
You've never seen a girl before?

You're the first person I've seen
besides my grandpa.

Do girls not have tails?



That's my Dragon Ball!

No, it's my grandpa's memento!
You can't take people's things!

Oh! So that Dragon Ball was yours?!

Dragon Ball?

Look closely. The number of stars
is different from your grandpa's, right?

You're right.

My grandpa's has four stars,
but this one only has two.

The Four-Star Ball!

That was easy!

Come on! Hurry!


I can explain later!
Your grandpa's in danger!

Wait for me!

Well?! Is it still here?!

Grandpa turned into something different.

Did they really think they could
swap the Dragon Ball for this?!

That must be them!

That bird did it?

That's not a bird! It's a plane!

Plane? What's a plane?

Come on! Let's go after it!

But I can't fly...

Let's see here...

Number 5!

Here! Step back!

Hurry! Get in!

B-Black magic!
You are a sorcerer after all!

It's not black magic!
Everyone knows about Hoi Poi Capsules!

Come on! They'll take your grandpa
away if we don't hurry!

Here we go!

Are we really giving this
to King Gurumes?

Yeah. Rich Stones are
more valuable to us.

Still, where did he hide
his other Dragon Balls?

We'll find out when we have 'em all.

Land! Give back the Dragon Ball!

I'll give you this back!

Yeah, right!
Give 'em a reply, Pasta!

Yes. We even left payment, too.
Talk about greedy.

What the... What the...?!

All right!
If that's how you want to play...!

Here we go!

...Are you okay?!
...The Dragon Radar...!

She's pretty good.

Now to finish you!

Don't be getting cocky!


Greed is dangerous.


I peed myself...

Thanks. You saved me.

For someone so puny,
you're actually pretty helpful!

I'm hungry...

Marry me.

Take this!


...That hurts!
...Help me! Someone!

Do what I say or I'll eat you!


A monster!

You will marry me!

What's "marry" mean?!

Who are you?

I'm Goku! My dead grandpa told me
it's wrong to bully weaker people!

Are you stupid?!

Don't make me laugh, runt!
Stand up to me and you'll get hurt!

I'm really strong, you see!

Now run away.

Why?! Bring it on!

Cheeky runt!

Okay, then!

Well?! Are you scared yet?!

I'll dip you in this hot soup and
eat you if you don't run away!


Now you've done it!

I didn't do anything...

Are you actually really
weak or something?

D-Don't be stupid! My strength
is known throughout the world!

...Are you sure?
...Yeah! So what about you?!

I'm strong.
My grandpa taught me kung fu.

You're pretty confident of yourself!
In that case...

...can you knock this tree over?!

This one would be a cinch!

Show me a liar and I'll show you a thief!



See ya!


Wait! Son-kun!
Where are you going?!


Damn! He's stubborn...!

Huh? He changed again.

I'm actually... a cute little pig!

This is a bad place to be...!

Hows it bad?

Th-There he is!

It's Yamucha!

Say hello to the great
bandit Yamucha-sama...

...and Pu-erh-sama!

Hey, kid. If you want
to leave this forest alive,

leave all your money
and Hoi Poi Capsules.

Who are you?

That's Yamucha, a really bad guy!

He wreaks havoc
on the peace of this forest!

You're in no place to talk.

He was kicked out of
Transformation Kindergarten

for stealing a teacher's panties!

Ha, ha! Pervert! Pervert!

That's it!

Hey, you're strong, right?

Yeah, I'm strong.

Yamucha! I ain't giving you nothin'!

Get lost before you get hurt!


You two want to visit
heaven that badly?

O-Okay, he's all yours!
Beat him up!

Why do I have to beat him up?
Is he bad?

Weren't you listening earlier?!
He's bad! He wants to kill us!

Hey! Why are you trying to kill us?!

You dumb bastard!





Damn you...!

Raga... ["Wolf Fang"]

...fufu-ken! ["Gale Fist"]

I'm hungry...

That's nothing compared to my Jan-ken!




No good... I'm so hungry
I'm out of strength...

Damn kid!


Pu-erh! We're running away for now!

Oh! Yamucha-sama! Your tooth!


Transformation into a mirror!

My manly face!

You'll pay for this!

Hey! Son-kun!

Hey! Who was that?!
He seemed like a pretty hot guy!

I can't believe you're actually so puny.

You sure are cheeky for a pig,
acting like a pervert...

What's wrong with a perverted pig?

What were you doing
out this late anyway?

I'm sorry.

I'm actually on my way
to an island in the south

to visit Muten Roshi-sama.

Muten Roshi?

Oh, I've heard of him before.

Supposedly he's a big-time
martial arts master

and the most powerful guy in the world.

He's also called the Turtle Hermit.

Oh! I wish I could meet him too!

The south, huh?
We're headed in the same direction, but...

Please! Take me with you!

So why do you want to meet
the Turtle Hermit anyway?

I want him to save our land!

Your land?

Yeah. People are making us suffer
while they try to dig up Rich Stones!

Rich Stones?!

What are those?

They're the most valuable
jewels in the world!

What are jewels?

Be quiet. They're pretty rocks,
like the Dragon Balls.

I said be quiet!

I didn't say anything.

Go on.

I'm going to ask him to beat up
the bad guys making everyone suffer!

After the Rich Stones were discovered,
King Gurumes started turning

into a monster that can only
eat fancier and fancier things!

And supposedly he needs lots of
Rich Stones so he can eat fancy food!

A monster?!

So he had people dig up mountains,
lakes, and everything else.

They even destroyed
our fields and houses...

But he has a strong army,
so we can't stop him!

So everything... the flowers, mountains,
and even the sky... died!

They say he's now looking
for the seven Dragon Balls,

which can supposedly
grant any wish at all.

The Dragon Balls?!

Then they're the ones who
took my grandpa's ball?

So that's why I detected
so many of them to the west!

That's why I really want
Muten Roshi-sama's help!

...Hear that, Pu-erh?!
...Yes! I sure did!

They can grant any wish at all...

Do you think this will really work,

Leave it to me!

No one in this world can beat
the Turtle Hermit.

First we have the Turtle Hermit
take care of that brat,

then we steal the Dragon Balls.
Two birds with one stone.

What will you wish for, Yamucha-sama?


I'm going to make it so I can
keep my cool in front of girls!

Maybe asking for lots of power
or money would be a better idea?

Nonsense! I have no interest in power,
and I can always steal money!

But I am helpless when it comes to girls!

To be frank, I long to be married!

You really like girls...

...Let's go, Pu-erh!
...Right, Yamucha-sama!

Two more.

When that time comes, the most delicious
food ever will quench this hunger!

Oh! There it is!

What a huge river that was!

You don't even know what an ocean is?
What a bumpkin.

Muten Roshi-sama! Right...?

I am.

Th-The Turtle Hermit...

Boy. Are you the one here to kill me
and make a name for yourself?

I won't be done in that easily, though.
Now's your chance to reconsider.

No! He saved my life!
He doesn't want to kill you!


Did you hear that?

Don't let them fool you!

These guys are really bad!

Oh! You're the guy from yesterday!

Especially this one!

He's a really strong brat!

Oh, he's cute!

No matter. It will be easy enough
to tell whose story is true.

Come, Kinto Un!

Nothing's coming.

Oh, it's this direction!

What's that?

The Kinto Un. With this, you can fly
through the sky as you please.

Really?! You can fly?!

Cool, huh?! But only people
with a pure heart can ride on it!

In other words,
you need to be a good person!

Here! I'll demonstrate!

...Are you all right?
...That's odd...

I'll try too!

Wow! I'm riding it! I'm riding it!


He handles the cloud very well!

Now it's clear who's lying!

Oh! They ran away!

Oh, pretty, isn't it?

I found it at the bottom of
the ocean about 100 years ago.

No doubt about it!
That's a Dragon Ball! Can I have it?!

Well, I can give it to you...



...o-o-only if you let me
poke your boobs!

I-I can't believe the Turtle Hermit
would ask such a thing!

Give me a break! Sometimes even
hermits want to poke boobs!

Now I understand why you
can't ride the Kinto Un.

F-Fine. But you have to pay first.

What?! Get real!

Why do I have to do it for you?!

That geezer's creepy!

I'll give you my panties later!


What?! You're an ugly cow!
Look closer!

Geez, you're annoying!


Hows that?

You surprised me!

For a second, I wondered why there
was such a pretty actress out here...

Don't flatter yourself.


What are you doing, you idiot?!

I-I can't wait!

Here I am!


Okay, let me poke!

Oh, is that all you want?

Wouldn't you much rather
do a pafu-pafu instead?

A pafu-pafu...?!

You put your face between
my breasts and then go "pafu"!




That moron! He doesn't need
to do that much for him!

Here we go!

Oh! Just perfect!
The two of them are together!

Living a long life is worth it!


Pasta! It's the Three-Star Ball!

We missed the other one.
We'll have to go straight for it ourselves.

Got it!

That belongs to King Gurumes!

My Kame House!

Curse you!

It's too dangerous, old man!







That was great, old guy!
Can you teach me how to do that, too?!

Forget it! It takes fifty years of training
to master the Kamehameha!

Fifty years?!

You really are our only hope after all,
Muten Roshi-sama!

Please save our land! We're willing to...



I did it! It wasn't as strong
as the Turtle Hermit's, though!

...Incredible! What an amazing kid!

That geezer just had to act all big...

I am far removed from
worldly life and desires now.

Besides, you already
have wonderful friends.

I'm certain there are
times you feel all alone.

But helping each other
is what people do!

I believe that bringing friends
and strength together

can always make any wish come true!

Hah! Just how is that pervert
removed from worldly desires?!

C'mon! Cheer up! You can count on me!
I'll make Gurumes pay!

Yeah, sure. You just wanna
make a wish of your own.

Come to think of it, you haven't told us yet.
What's your wish, Bulma?

I didn't tell you?
A handsome boyfriend!

...I'm hanging out with someone that lame?!
...What do you mean, lame?!

...A pig wouldn't understand!
...Hah! I call it like I see it!

What? The final Dragon Ball?

Yes. The Dragon Radar indicates
that it's heading this way.

I see! At last, my wish will be granted!

Leave it to us.

There it is!

Shoot 'em down if you have to!

We can look for the Dragon Ball afterward!

What's that?

The pain...
Why haven't they found the last one?!


W-Wow! Look at all the Rich Stones!

You know this is no time for that!

You really want money, huh?

Good job, Oolong!

Here come some more!
You know what to do, Oolong!







Now hand over the Dragon Ball.

You wish!

You have guts.


I'm sorry! You did that for me...!

Cheek rub! Cheek rub!

Extend, Nyoibou!

Here it comes!

The pain...

King Gurumes!

I can't bear it...



One more... Just one more!

Bongo! Are you okay?!

I'm feeling hungry...

Why, you!



Could they be...?!


Huh? My Kamehameha was no good!

No doubt about it! The Dragon Balls
are in King Gurumes' stomach!

It's sink or swim!

Come forth, dragon!

Speak your wish!

I shall grant you any
single wish you have.

What is the matter? Say your wish!

...I wish for...!
...I wish for...!

We don't need the Rich Stones!

Just turn my land back to how it was!

My... My Rich Stones!

Your wish has been granted!

Fare thee well!

Sh-Shen Long...

My dream of having
a handsome boyfriend...!

My dream of getting married...!

Grandpa flew away.

I'm hungry...

I need something tasty...


...What is this?!
...An apple.

An apple? An ordinary apple?

That's right.

It's one of the many things
you trampled all over.


Is that true?



You can have this back.

Hey, Kinto Un!

Bah. This is ridiculous.

Hang on, Grandpa!
I'm gonna look for you now!


Grandpa! The world sure is
big and full of neat stuff!

Come along, fantasy

I enjoy a mystery

Don't you go hiding your youth!

Wanting to perform the mysterious

Wanting to pursue the adventure

Everyone is itching to go!

if you act like an adult and give up

You'll never unravel
the mystery of the miracle!

Go on and try to live
even more wild and strong!

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance

if you will show me your true courage

I'll give you a romance,
I'll give you a romance

I'll give your pounding heart
a glittery, shining dream!